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Friday Funnies: Government in Your Bathroom


Chip Bok, Creators Syndicate

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  1. I agree. Ross Perot ensconced in the red, white and blue there doesn’t make him any less a perv.

    1. Explains that great sucking sound.

      1. That’s why I LOVE REASON.COM.

        Haven’t laughed this hard in weeks.

    2. Let’s not play coy, you know that’s Obama and you can plainly see he’s been drawn with monkey ears. We all get it, Bok’s a racist and that’s the only reason he’s opposed to Obama electing himself to the position of National Bathroom Monitor. If that was a white guy checking out Bok’s junk before deciding what bathroom he should use I’ll bet he wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  2. Ordinarily I’d say, ‘Lights John signal’, but in this case I’m betting he’s sleeping off last nights CJW rage bender.

    1. I have to say, Uncle Sam looks a lot worse with that Dirty Sanchez. Big mistake, you old fuck, shoulda kept the beard. It obscures the rosacea.

    2. Let’s cut John some slack – I seem to recall him saying one time that he voted for McCain but drew the line at Romney so I suspect he’s still exploring his political identity, still a little bi-curious. However much he might be attracted to libertarianism, he’s still carrying a torch for his old flame, somewhere in the back of his mind he still has a fantasy that the GOP would wise up and live right if only she had a strong man to guide her along the straightened arrow. He still clings to the Right Top. Men. theory of government instead of letting go of his schoolboy crush and admitting that all political parties are filthy lying whores out to blind your eyes and steal your dreams. You can’t just wish for the right one to come along and save you from yourself, you have to grow up, take matters into your own hands and admit only you can save yourself, set aside the dangerous notion that relying on government to fix anything is even healthy or desirable. Then just walk away from it all. All the drama everybody else has got going on, not really your concern. As long as you’re still stuck with the idea that government is there to help you, there to fix the problems, you’re still part of the problem.

    3. Question for the principled bathroom integrationists.

      10 years ago, did you favor getting rid of “separate but equal” men’s and women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, etc., in favor of integrated ones?

      Or did you just start deploying this argument when it became a PC left-wing cause?

      1. Nice strawman

      2. I think you’ll find most people here think the business should get to choose their own bathroom policy.

        1. Before you go there, seperate but equal was a government forced issue, not private businesses choosing how to use their own property.

      3. 40 years ago, the feminists were pushing for the ERA and scoffing at the retards who were raising the silly suggestion that a ban on sex discrimination would invariably lead to a ban on segregated bathrooms and some of us were thinking “Huh. They’re right you know – going by the literal interpretation of the words, having separate but equal bathrooms for men and women would be unconstitutional.” And here we are, turns out we didn’t need a Constitutional amendment to outlaw segregated bathrooms, we just needed a creative interpretation of an existing statute to effect the same thing. And won’t it be fun when all the thousands upon thousands of government employees out there start realizing their imagination’s the limit on re-writing the Constitution. You think it’s horrifying to consider that Obama has a pen and a phone to authorize turning his every whim into the Law of the Land? Every petty bureaucrat in the entire government now has a pen and a phone. Let the games begin!

  3. Also, are those supposed to be popping drunk bubbles coming from Unkie Sam’s head? Sniffing glue in the ladies room?

  4. The social leftists (which includes much of Reason’s staff apparently) are well on their way to shooting themselves in the foot on this bathroom issue. They managed to drive the “get the government out of my bedroom” wedge deep enough that it eventually justified killing babies and punishing wedding cake makers and photographers for thoughtcrime.

    Now they’re trying to do the same thing with the bathrooms. They think that women will accept sharing showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc with random men. Unlike fetuses women (and men with daughters and wives) vote, and unlike Christian wedding cake makers they form enough of a bloc to matter.

    1. Yep!! Don’t fight for personal liberties, because the people who want personal liberties might want to turn around and oppress people through government!!

      While we’re at it, we shouldn’t grant Christians religious freedoms because they might turn theocratic!!

  5. When someone uses a GUN to do harm, it’s the person’s fault.
    When someone uses the GOVERNMENT to do harm, it’s the GOVERNMENT’s fault ?

    GUN and GOVERNMENT are both tools, the way I see it.
    And it’s the assholes that misuse these tools.

    1. If we had direct democracy I would agree that the people that vote for a bill are responsible. In this republic you get one vote to cast your preference for a rainbow of beliefs. Politicians lie, so even if you vote for the one that you agree with the most, you’re not really responsible for their behavior. This is why I prefer anarchy. Everyone is responsible for their own choices.

      1. Alice Bowie is both tool AND asshole.

    2. She’s right – government is a gun. Laws, rules, regulations – those are not suggestions, they are commands. Disobey the commands, resist following orders, and sooner or later the gun will come out. Guns perform a very useful and a very critical function when they’re used for self-defense, using them to help yourself to other people’s property is not their proper function.

      But there’s nothing quite like the rush of power you feel when you’re holding up a liquor store, is there? And it’s so easy to tell yourself you need the money more than Boolah Doolah there behind the counter needs it and that heck, liquor really does a lot of damage to society so really you’re doing everybody a favor by making it harder to distribute liquor to people who really shouldn’t have it anyway, and selling alcohol to helpless addicts – isn’t that really like the liquor store was just stealing the money in the first place so what’s wrong with you stealing the ill-gotten gains from these low-lifes anyway. And so you justify using the gun to steal other people’s property by convincing yourself what you’re doing is truly good and noble and a selfless act of kindness. We need a stronger lock on the gun cabinet.

    3. When someone uses the GOVERNMENT to do harm, it’s the GOVERNMENT’s fault ?

      To be fair, the gun usually works as it’s advertised, while the government never does.

      But, to answer directly, yes, anyone who uses the government as a weapon against someone who hasn’t initiated violence, it is their fault. So all those “do gooders” who know best how to run our lives, they are all guilty of the same murder, rape, assault, and theft when they either vote for someone who will do these or vote “guilty” on a jury for an unjust law someone broke.

      Just like the Nuremberg trials, you are responsible for your own actions, even if ordered to, or simply convinced to by a majority. Scary, ain’t it?

  6. *Slap*

  7. Claire says that “straight guys just can’t get over you having the male parts” and expresses hope that when he “gets the surgery,” his life will be better. Until then, he can’t “get physical” with straight guys.

    First, the contradictions. For the last decade, the American public has been told that sexual orientation is a fixed, immutable characteristic ? like skin color. Now we’re told that “gender identity” is much the same. Psychology is fixed. Biology has to adjust.

    But observe the lamentation in the video: A transgender boy wants other boys to change, to reject the “born this way” of their own sexuality for the open-mindedness of “getting physical” with a girl with a penis. Claire is desperate for their psychology to change, for their minds to open, and for their sexual identity to change in response to Claire’s allegedly unchangeable desires.”…..liberation

    1. There’s no sex like transsex?

      1. + Crying Game

    2. Interesting article, but the source articles were very interesting. Thanks!

      Also, for the record, it’s disconcerting how effective those ‘transition therapies’ are at confusing the physical characteristics of gender. That ‘girl’ seems like an attractive young woman, when in reality they’re actually a teenaged boy. When gene therapy is a thing, this stuff is going to get really weird.

  8. The two rubes are fooled by a Banksy graffiti piece on the brick wall.

  9. I recently paraphrased Ben Sasse’s remark on another website, to the effect that “government has no business, or competence, micromanaging the lives of a free people.” Whatever else you may think of him this remark just rings true for me.

    The responses I got were generally positive but many were amazing; not just because I was called an “idiot” and worse, but just how much some actually want theirs, and everybody else’s life, micromanaged. They are used to it and apparently are hungry for more. All the way to the toilet, and beyond.

    Enter the next presidential candidate [doesn’t matter which], with a willing populace. And a pen and a phone they have no problem with.

  10. you don’t have the right to impede on other people’s privacy and you certainly don’t have the right to force others to enable or play along with your delusions. Pretending you’re a woman doesn’t make you a woman. Neither does surgery or hormone therapy. Biology does. These lunatics need to use the correct fucking bathroom.

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