Gary Johnson in the Spotlight, Harvard Retaliates Against Finals Clubs, Students Punished for Hoax: P.M. Links


  • Gary Johnson
    Screenshot via ACU / Youtube

    Harvard University will punish students for enrolling in single-sex finals clubs (the campus's version of fraternities), due to perceived sexual assault problems in the clubs.

  • The University of Albany has expelled two students who falsely claimed they were the victims of racially motivated violence.
  • Scripps College gives students bad advice about how to be a social justice "ally." It turns out an administrator came up with the guidance.
  • This could be Gary Johnson's libertarian moment.
  • Salon's Amanda Marcotte laments that Captain American has been re-made into a "douchey libertarian."
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  1. Aren’t these links great? You’re welcome, commenters.


    1. Looks like someone has been reading our harassment constructive criticism. Hey Robby, you aren’t so terrible after all.

    2. Oh Soave. I wish I knew how to quit you.

    3. Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud, Rico.

    4. Aren’t these links great? You’re welcome, commenters.

      SF’d the link.

      1. I think he was just trolling us, again.

          1. very sad.

        1. Can you blame him?

    5. God how I love Robby’s trolling.

      1. +1 or maybe it’s the hair

    6. Caption that photo:

      Gary Johnson stares at McAfee, after McAfee claims that he climbed more mountains and is even more in love.

    7. Cute how the little guy thinks there’s more than one commenter here.

      It’s still just only me and my many socks – Tulpa.

    8. We prefer “comentamiacs”

  2. Aren’t these links great? You’re welcome, commenters.

    [citation needed]

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  3. Salon‘s Amanda Marcotte laments that Captain American has been re-made into a “douchey libertarian.”

    NO SPOILERS. Oh, wait, we already knew about Marcotte.

    1. Her tears are so yummy and sweet.

    2. Yes, well, “Cunty” was already taken, AmanDUH.

    3. At this point, I don’t even think she knows what a douche is.

      1. I feel like this is, so far, the best burn. Let’s see if there are any more submissions.

        1. Since douche is typically used by women (not that I know much about it) wouldn’t her comment be considered vagina shaming or something?

    4. Now I want to see it just to spite Amanduh and Salon.

        1. You know you would.

        2. That is a serious power shit.

    5. “a douchey libertarian”

      So Hitler? Bill Cosby? A Chik-fil-A sandwich? You’ll have to help me out here, I have no idea what these people think “libertarian” means beyond “something we don’t like”.

      1. I’m guessing from context clues and the comics story it’s based off and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cap has a concern about government overreach and loss of civil liberties. So I’m sure that’s close enough to radical libertarianism for her. Might as well call him Captain Un-America.

        1. Cap doesn’t like government registration, therefore libertarian.

          That’s my guess.

          Oh, SPOILERS.

        2. So Eugene Debs? I’m pretty sure he was concerned about government overreach and loss of civil liberties. Don’t recall that many people called him a libertarian, though.

  4. Oregon standoff singer faces abuse charges after 5 of her children flee

    The oldest daughter, Victoria Sharp, 18, had been riding with LaVoy Finicum and three other militants when
    Finicum ran a roadblock and was shot and killed by Oregon State Police.

    Local (Kansas, where the family lives) coverage hier.

    Tim Sharp, the children’s father, attended the hearing and asked that the children be placed in his custody. The couple divorced in 2012, and he now lives near Denver in a two-bedroom apartment.

    But the children’s department workers said the state needed more time to determine whether he would be an appropriate caregiver.

  5. This could be Gary Johnson’s libertarian moment.

    He’s just now coming to a libertarian moment???

    1. These euphemisms…

    2. Oh God David French. Why is he of all the NR people poking his slimy head into the world of Libertarians. Pretty sure he’s the most hated NR writer by Libertarians if Reason commentariat is any guide.

      1. There was actually a post over at the corner the other day that said, time for a 3rd party.

        Maybe I’m too lazy and it was French who wrote it.

        Some of them will come around, but people like French have to choke down on their intervention pills.

      2. French is too much of an apologist for police abuse. I mean, he went into absurd overkill defending the cop who flung across a girl classroom because authority or some bull.

        Stew on that.

        1. Yes, I got tired of reading shit like that at NR. I just noticed French seems like he’s more an interventionist because he served in the Army or something (not that being a veteran should make you like that).

          1. Witnessing war’s wasted blood and money made me a decided non-interventionist, in that I’d rather not die in a tribal shithole, fighting for people who generally despise me and my way of life.

    3. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it.

    4. With his embracing of public accommodation laws I thought he had already had his libertarian moment and is through to the other side.

      “Only for a moment
      And the moment’s gone

      Dust in the wind…”

  6. “I’ll make the PM Links great again!” — Robby

    1. [wild applause]

  7. Boaty McBoatface looses to David Attenborough, famous Malthusian.

    1. Bastards have no appreciation for the majesty of British science…..David Attenborough indeed…..

      Oh Boaty how we’ve wronged you!

      1. TOO LATE YOU SAID LOOSES. Comment=invalid.

  8. Good job, Robby.
    Even some sarcasm in there.

    1. I sort of feel like we’re starting to get to him, you know?

  9. Daily Caller FTW:

    “Faust denounced the clubs for entrenching “privilege and exclusion” at Harvard, which she said went against the school’s “core values” although it has an acceptance rate of less than 10 percent and costs more than $63,000 a year to attend.””

    1. Boy – don’t they use the words “privilege” and “exclusion” with some frequency in their marketing materials even?

    2. Get with the program, Irish. Haven’t you heard of Newspeak?

    3. Sounds like she was out the day they taught irony.

    4. Faust – now *there’s* someone who knows The Art of the Deal.

  10. Harvard University will punish students for enrolling in single-sex finals clubs (the campus’s version of fraternities), due to perceived sexual assault problems in the clubs.

    “Ha! What about single-*gender* finals clubs?”

    1. Anne the stoopid thing is that it will encourage co-ed clubs, instead. So yeah, that should help cut down on sexual assaults.

  11. Plus-Size Male Model Sheds Light on Guys’ Body Image Struggles

    It’s not every day that you hear a male model talking about his body image issues. But Zach Miko is no ordinary model. At 6’6″ and 275 pounds, Miko is considered plus-size, and he recently opened up to the New York Times about his struggles with size growing up and how he’s learned to embrace his body ? just like female plus-size models before him, including Ashley Graham, Robyn Lawley, and Tess Holliday.

      1. Yeah, definitely. 6’6″ 275 and fairly normally proportioned doesn’t strike me as plus-sized in the way that it’s used in advertising though.

        Although for fashion he’s not a 5’6″ hairless rail, so who knows.

        1. Dude, I’m 4 inches shorter and I could easily hit 275 after a couple months of donuts. These people have no idea what fat means.

          1. Eh, I’m quite a bit shorter than that and broke 230 in college. I was definitely fat (am much less so now).

            1. Yeah, but to get to the point of the article that you chubby chasers missed, are guys turning all girly and asking do I look fat in these pants?

        2. I thought that for men’s clothing “big and tall” was the euphamism for fat.

          1. I shop Big and Tall sometimes, but only for the tall part (6’6″, 195). I’m on the Big and Tall fringe.

      2. Me too, y’all

    1. Someone’s gotta make money doing the “before” pictures.


    2. At 6’6″ and 275 pounds, Miko is considered plus-size,

      Or he could be a tight end.

      1. Not after he opened up to the NYT.

    3. He’s fat? Oh come on!

    4. He looks like someone glued a fake beard on an infant.

      1. He’s a model, ya know what I mean?

        1. And he does a little dance for some cat chow.

    5. Also, what’s this bullshit about accepting your fucking bodies? You hate your body for a reason, fatty. Now eat another donut and cry about it, why don’t you?

    6. He looks like fat American hero Marcus Luttrell.

    7. Good lord–a male model who’s six and a half feet tall and 275 pounds would be considered to have an athletic build unless 100 pounds of it was in his gut. Someone like that can hardly be compared to a walking fat cell like Tess Holliday.

    8. It’s not every day that you hear a male model talking about his body image issues.

      Damn! It’s like they know me!

    9. I have never heard the term “plus sized” applied to a man before.

      And if you are 6’6″ and 275 and somewhat muscular, I think you are just big.

      But I neither know anything nor give a shit about modeling, so what do I know?

      1. “husky”

      2. What does the Mountain weigh?

        Looking at wiki, he’s 6’9″, nearly 400 lbs. I hope he’s come around to accept his body.

            1. Would, indeed.

  12. The University of Albany has expelled two students

    Most likely a private school (too lazy to look up).

    1. It is not. It is one of New York’s many lovely state universities.

      1. Shit. I remember back when colleges were proud to call themselves STATE universities. I guess they now know how shameful they really are.

        1. I remember back when colleges were proud to call themselves state COLLEGES.

        2. As I’ve said before, I live near the University of West Georgia and those people really were dumb enough to first call themselves the State University of West Georgia until somebody pointed out to them that you probably don’t want your school referred to as SUWG. (But it was funny because they do offer a waste-water engineering program of some sort and have a waste-water treatment plant on site.)

          1. Carrollton in the house?

        3. Most of the NY ones still seem to have SUNY in their name.

  13. The whole point of coming to college is to learn and grow. What’s a better way than to start by looking inward?

    And the best way to look inward is to scream at the top of your lungs at the people who think wrong.

  14. My selective reading eyes may have interpreted this headline at a glance as “Gary Johnson in the Club”.

    1. I think she never had cancer.

      1. She will.


  15. “This could be Gary Johnson’s libertarian moment.”

    IDK, his statement that the government can force a jewish baker to bake a swastika cake kinda turned me off.

    1. I think I have read this statement ten times on reason. Was this really a deal breaking moment? Is someone in America really voting Trump instead because of this comment?

      1. Nah, it’s not making me vote Trump, but I might just right in Ted Cruz for the hell of it.

      2. If only there could be a President who was wrong wrt only one libertarian issue…

      3. Not me. I’ll still probably vote for him, assuming he is the libertarian nominee.

        But I do still reserve the right to bitch about the jewish baker whenever I want. This isn’t even a lifeboat problem. Or one of those issues where I think there are multiple ways to approach it as a libertarian. It’s an easy one. And as the top of the libertarian ticket, I’d prefer to hear the guy give the answer libertarian answer.

        1. Jewish baker. Ok… here’s a thought for the PC police:

          Is it OK for me to have a Kosher Jewish deli cater my reformed Jewish wedding and force them to serve grilled ham and swiss on rye?

          No? Why not? How is their explicitly religious prohibition different from any other explicitly religious prohibition? How about a Baptist wedding photographer and a nudist, polyamorous wedding?

  16. BTW, I have been watching the YouTube video of “The Triggering” and have a new respect for Christina Hoff Sommers. Also, that comedian dude who was on. Thank you to whoever linked to that (Wed PM links?).

    1. Crowder or someone else?

    1. “It was not a concern of mine at all because most animals, including humans, usually don’t like to defecate while they are exercising,” Riley said.

      Well, they don’t *like* to ….

      1. It’s not about “liking” with pigeons. It’s just something that happens.

      2. Yeah, doesn’t it really depend on if the gym is too crowded that particular day?

      3. Has he never seen a Boston Marathon qualifier? I’ve seen people shit and pretend it’s not happening.

        1. Kona qualifiers too. They will stop for nothing.

          1. Man, I have a friend who does marathons and he talks about jumping off the course to pee, but never heard of shitting in your pants. Seems like Tri people should do it in the water.

  17. Royal Navy fires warning shots as Spanish vessel harasses US sub in Gibraltar

    The Royal Navy fired flares to warn of a Spanish patrol boat approaching an American nuclear submarine off Gibraltar.

    The fast patrol boat HMS Sabre fired warning shots across the bow of a Guardia Civil vessel as it twice tried to cut across the path of USS Florida during an incursion into Gibraltar’s waters.

    Gibraltar says Spanish vessels regularly stray deep into its territorial waters and the Foreign Office has attacked the incursions as provocative.

    1. Are we sure the Royal Navy isn’t just a really poor shot?

        1. Please, ‘bell bottoms’

          1. Damn. I thought I was going to get a link to the South Park ‘Fingerbang’ boy band and all I got was Family Guy.

    2. Remember the Maine!!!!!

  18. The University of Albany has expelled two students who falsely claimed they were the victims of racially motivated violence.

    I hope the university isn’t defining violence too narrowly.

    1. Indeed, the expulsion itself is probably acially motivated violence.

    2. Albany is the “local” TV news for me. When the students (there were three, but one dropped out before the school could expel her) were going to go before the schoo’s disciplinary system, one of the stations had a prominent defense attorney on talking about how bad it is that the students wouldn’t get to have the sort of defense you get in a normal court of law.

      I wanted to smack the guy and remind him of Title Ix.

  19. Amanda Marcotte is so fucking stupid:

    “Which is why I was sorely disappointed that the latest installment of the Marvel cinematic universe, “Captain America: Civil War,” decided that, for no reason whatsoever, Steve is now a guy who believe it’s cool to belong to a secretive paramilitary that rejects oversight and accountability to the public. Because while we all know and love them as the Avengers, hero squad, the brutal truth, which the movie does admit, is that is exactly what they are: A mercenary group who has resisted even the most basic oversight from democratic governments, oversight that would allow the people that the Avengers are supposed to be protecting some say in what this militaristic police force is allowed to do.”

    Yeah, if there’s one thing that would make the Avengers less dangerously militaristic, it would be coming under the purview of the US government. I’m sure the feds would never dream of doing anything untoward if they had access to an alien god, a super soldier, a man in a metal battle suit, a guy who can shrink to the size of an ant, a woman who can shoot lasers from her hands, etc.

    I think the real problem here is that progressives like Amanduh have become such mindless authoritarians that they now mindlessly support the US military over well-meaning freedom fighters.

    1. “But this is exactly the position he was arguing against in “Winter Soldier”. When Nick Fury tries to hide behind the “we know we mean well, so we don’t need oversight” argument, Steve wisely argues that it’s not enough. Unchecked power is bad, no matter who has it, because, of course, once the system is set up, it can fall into the wrong hands. (Which is exactly what happens in “Winter Soldier.”)”

      Wait, wasn’t the problem in The Winter Soldier that the *Secretary of Defense* betrayed everyone? Based on Captain America’s experiences with the Secretary of Defense fucking everything up, isn’t it reasonable that he’d then conclude that it’s not a good idea to wind up under the thumb of the Pentagon?

      1. Amanda doesn’t understand. All she understands is ball-gag and rape obedience to the state.

        1. As long as Repub (or Gary Johnson) is not in charge.

    2. I was flabbergasted too at the premise she’s pushing. Crediting libertarianism with blind faith in police and massive unaccountable NGOs. Even summarizing Ayn Rand philosophy as “making unilateral decisions for other people”. Except for the part about acting individually outside the government, it was literally the opposite of libertarianism she described.

      1. Of course it was, Glide. The most vehement critics of libertarianism consistently misrepresent us, or speak from positions of willful ignorance.

      2. I’ve noticed that people like that often attack a straw libertarianism that is 180 degrees off from what libertarianism actually is. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost start to think that they are not entirely intellectually honest.

        1. What Amanda gets wrong (about everything), we could almost cram in to the Grand Canyon.

        2. “I’d almost start to think that they are not entirely intellectually honest.”

          It’s not that Marcotte isn’t honest, it’s that she’s really dumb

      3. Oh, come on. You’re being unfair. If you had to know something about a group of people in order to attack them, then that would just not be fair.

      4. NOTE: have not seen the movie yet

        While I disagree with Marcotte’s assessment of which side of the civil war is right, I think she does have a point that both Captain America and Iron Man are acting opposite of their previous characterizations in the movie.

        Iron Man spent the whole of Iron Man 2 resisting the military having control of the Iron Man tech and resisted working with SHIELD until more or less forced into it by the events of the Avengers. Even then, he keeps trying to tear himself away from it. Now suddenly he wants the government in charge of everything?

        Meanwhile, Captain America was always a “we’re all in this together/the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the one” type. He was the one who, up until the very end of Winter Soldier was happy being a full employee of SHIELD and just following orders. Now suddenly he doesn’t want to be under any control but his own?

        1. The problem is that Captain America and Iron Man have had their views change *for a reason.* Iron Man had PTSD from the Avengers (which happened after Iron Man 2) and has been looking for a reason to get out of the game. Captain America has been stabbed in the back by the government as a result of Winter Soldier.

          I think it makes sense as character development.

          1. I think it makes sense as character development.

            Yes. The fact that someone like Cap has been disillusioned is the whole point.

          2. Who gives a shit what that ignorant hack cunt thinks? I bet she never read a comic.

            Motives in comics change all the time.

          3. I could probably buy that if Age of Ultron had been introduced and concluded differently to reflect it.

            Iron Man spends the whole movie messing with stuff on his own while Captain America keeps telling him he shouldn’t be making these decisions unilaterally.

            Then Iron Man storms off in a huff at the end to do his own thing, while Captain America ends up leading the government agency super hero team.

            Maybe they should have put Antman before Age of Ultron. Keep Pym as the creator of Ultron (like in the comics) so you can have Iron Man doing all the “you shouldn’t be doing that without talking to everyone else first” stuff. Then have Captain America storm off in a huff at the end and leave Iron Man in charge of the Avengers. So we see Iron Man is consistently becoming the “company guy” and Captain America is consistently become more of a loner.

            As it is now, it doesn’t seem like “character development” so much as “characters swing between one extreme and the other to serve the needs of the plot rather than for organic reasons”.

            1. Continuing on that line:

              1. Avengers recover Loki’s scepter from HYDRA just like before.
              2. Captain America knows government lost it once already and doesn’t trust them with it again, so he gives it to Pym, who he knows through Falcon/Antman now. Pym begins monkeying around with it, create Ultron the same way Iron Man did.
              3. Iron Man flips out “how could you just do this without letting other people in on it” Captain “I did that after New York and they decided to give it to Hydra”.
              4. Pym monkeys around more and makes Vision. Avengers + Vision save the day
              5. Iron Man “just because you got luck this time doesn’t make it okay. You could have made Ultron-squared this time” Captain “We saved the day, what’s your problem?”
              6. Iron Man “that’s it, you’re out of the Avengers!” Captain America “You can’t fire me, I quit!”

    3. Yeah, if there’s one thing that would make the Avengers less dangerously militaristic, it would be coming under the purview of the US government. I’m sure the feds would never dream of doing anything untoward if they had access to an alien god, a super soldier, a man in a metal battle suit, a guy who can shrink to the size of an ant, a woman who can shoot lasers from her hands, etc.

      Why, that’s almost a tacit admission that maybe you can’t trust government. Try, Amanda, try harder, you’re so close.

      1. Oops, totally fucked up the tags. The second paragraph is mine, not a quote.

        1. The first paragraph is not what Amada wrote, but a commentary on it by Irish.

          1. Fuck. Me.

            1. It’s okay. My lack of block tags was bound to confuse someone eventually.

              1. You do realize that they are called block tags and not black tags, right? You can use them and still respect yourself in the morning.

    4. Wait until the WRONG TOP MEN are in charge.

    5. Wasn’t SHIELD a government agency? I wonder if they address this in the movie, but it would only be recently that the Avengers aren’t under government control. Which is a good thing, because the whole point of destroying SHIELD is that it was infiltrated by the bad guys. Presumably, that is why Steve is a lot more skeptical of getting back under the thumb of an international government agency.

      1. The Avengers movies have actually been surprisingly good at character development. The early movies had Captain America being a GI Joe whereas Iron Man was a rich playboy who was skeptical of the government. Since then, Captain America’s become progressively more disillusioned with the government because he’s seen the military establishment in particular as corrupt, capricious and dangerous, particularly as a result of the events of Winter Soldier.

        Iron Man, meanwhile, basically had PTSD as a result of the first Avengers and became closer and closer to the military through is friendship with War Machine.

        The characters have completely changed their views of the state as a result of character development and Marcotte is whining that Captain America is no longer a good little soldier of the state.

        1. I think Tony’s problem is less the PTSD incurred during the Battle of Manhattan and more an awareness of just how badly he fucked up in AoU (probably exacerbated by Wanda’s mind-whammy). He blew off Bruce’s caution about dicking around with the Scepter Stone — because Tony f’n Stark — and Ultron was the result. His total self-assurance that he (and only he) was smart enough to do the right thing was shattered, and now he wants to shuffle the responsibility for any future bad decisions onto someone else’s shoulders.

    6. In Civil War, it’s actually the UN being proposed as the overseeing body, not the US, so her knickers have probably ascended her colon in response to Cap’s flipping off (metaphorically that is, Cap’s not the one-finger-salute type) the tranzis. The character who really does the bootlegger 180 flip-flop is Tony, who went from libertarian (telling Congress where they could shove their attempt to co-opt him and his armor in IM3) to obedient state lackey (‘we need to be put in check’). Some of that can be marked down to his own reckless arrogance being to blame for the creation of Ultron and resulting devastation in AoU, but there’s still a bit of whiplash involved.

  20. Its refreshing to see that people still do things the Old Fashioned Way

    1. Proof that the current wave of immigration is no different from previous waves of course.

  21. Revisiting the AM links for a moment…

    A large new study contradicts previous research showing that being slightly overweight may help people live longer.

    Several of you seemingly mentally inserted a comma where there was none. The mentioned study does not purport to support the notion that slightly overweight people live longer; it contradicts it.

    An interesting piece on the general issue, albeit not this specific study

    1. Fuck the studies. What’s the consensus?

      1. /applause

      2. What does that source of all scientific truth, the California legislature, say?

  22. Aren’t these links great? You’re welcome, commenters.

    Robby is only reflecting our own self-loathing back onto us. We deserve this.

    1. Soave classico! Soave bolla!

    1. One thing the ultra-orthodox and the palestinians can agree on!

      1. Oh I think they agree on a few things.

        1. But which ones will kill the fabulous?

        2. They both agree that they prefer their guys circumcised.

  23. The policy is intended to strongly discourage joining such organizations, while also pressuring them to become co-ed as a means of escaping school sanction.

    I feel this is anti-Muslim.

    1. Seriously. Sunni Muslim prayer is properly sex-segregated.

  24. Sort of interesting

    Panama Papers Source Speaks

    Of particular interest to me is the claim =

    The source was critical of banks, financial regulators, tax authorities, the courts, and the legal profession, as well as the media, saying he had offered the documents to several major media outlets that had chosen not to cover them.

    Wondering if they will be named.

    1. Wondering if they will be named

      Maybe via anonymous Tweet.

  25. Small U.S. military team in Yemen to aid UAE push on al Qaeda

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. military said on Friday it had deployed a very small number of forces to Yemen to offer intelligence support for the United Arab Emirate’s so far successful push on the ground against al Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate.

    Around 2,000 Yemeni and Emirati troops advanced into the seaport of Mukalla late last month, taking control of its port and airport and meeting little resistance in what had been a stronghold of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

    Reuters was first to report UAE’s planning for the offensive and its far-reaching request for U.S. assistance.

    Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis told a news briefing the U.S. military had so far provided everything from intelligence support and advice and assistance with operational planning to medical support and aerial refueling.

    1. I thought I just read how President Obama Rhodes was feverishly tricking us into disengaging from the traditional alliances in the ME?

  26. America has been drinking out of ‘the worst thing that ever happened to beer’

    “If a bar is serving an Abbey-style with 11 percent alcohol content, that’s not something you want to drink out of a big pint glass,” says Oliver. “It’s a traditional beer, and should have the right glass.”

    That glass is a tulip, Oliver explained, in which the beer’s complex flavors and aromas can escape, and where a nice head of foam can form. The shaker glass, detractors point out, functionally negates both of those things from happening, with its wide mouth and straight edges. Fancier glasses do more to promote the beer’s aesthetic qualities.

    That link is for you, Florida Man.

    1. What’s the ideal glassware for Flint tap water?

      1. Something with a bunch of charcoal between your lips and the water.

      2. Whatever Obama’s holding.

      3. A sieve.

      4. Sudden|5.6.16 @ 4:47PM| block | mute | #

        What’s the ideal glassware for Flint tap water?

        duh. This

    2. That glass is a tulip, Oliver explained, in which the beer’s complex flavors and aromas can escape, and where a nice head of foam can form.

      Maybe he’s right, but every time I see those tulip glasses in a hoity-toity craft beer place, I see it as a way for them to charge me pint prices for three-quarters of a pint of beer.

      1. Yeah, as long as they give me the bottle i don’t mind.

        1. A 12-ounce bottle is 3/4 of a pint.

          1. Yes, but most of the places I went where they served fancy-beer, they’d list the bottle sizes available. Often you’d get a 25oz and split them.

    3. Every brew pub I go into uses the right glass for the brew. Don’t know what this guy is complaining about.

      1. I seem to remember there being more tulip glasses and mugs back in the seventies.

    4. I like how the chart tracking per capita consumption of different types of alcoholic beverages thinks alcohol consumption in the US actually hit zero during Prohibition.

  27. Salon’s Amanda Marcotte laments that Captain American has been re-made into a “douchey libertarian.”

    Cuz, liberty is UN-American.

  28. Hot mic picks up MSNBC’s Chris Matthews creeping on Melania Trump

    Matthews, who did not realize his mic was on, was caught saying, “Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God, is that good” while covering the Indiana primary for the network.

    1. Leg tingles

      1. If Barack gives him leg tingles, what does HIllary give him?

        1. Wet nightmares.

    2. That actually makes me like Matthews more. The fact that his sperm count might possibly be higher than a hamster’s.

      1. Didn’t help his wife win her primary.

  29. Been watching the news for 15 minutes, and they’ve been covering the Montgomery County shootings the whole time. How many times have they mentioned the suspect is in law enforcement?

    1. THe reporter at the scene of the last shooting, fucking lies and says “I really haven’t been able to find anything out about the suspect other than his name”.

    2. Federal government, not a white guy… this story will be completely dead and buried within 24 hours.

    3. I just did a Google search, and the only source to mention in the bit of the blurb that appears on Google News that the guy is a federal officer was the NY Daily News.

  30. Salon’s Amanda Marcotte laments that Captain American has been re-made into a “douchey libertarian.”

    At least he’s not “Boaty McBoatface”.

  31. Salon’s Amanda Marcotte laments that Captain American has been re-made into a “douchey libertarian.”

    Why did she feel it necessary to add “douchey” to the descriptor?

    1. Petulance?

      1. I dunno, I guess I thought “douchey” was implied when describing us.

  32. Old mega-derp that I forgot to post:

    US Attorney Suggests Solution To Open Source Encryption: Ban Importation Of Open Source Encryption

    Earlier this week, University of Michigan hosted a debate on the whole “going dark/encryption” fight with the EFF’s Nate Cardozo (disclaimer: he has represented us on certain legal issues) and US Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade. […] However, it appears that Cardozo (not surprisingly) raised a key point that has been raised many times before: a US law against allowing unbroken encryption would have little impact on bad people using encryption, since there are many open source and non-US encryption products worldwide. But McQuade had a response to that… and it was kind of insane:

    McQuade: “I think it would be reasonable to ban the import of open-source encryption software” #UMichTalks

    1. Babs thinks it is reasonable, and Babs knows because Babs went to law school. Thanks for keeping us safe, Babs!

    2. they mean, “bar people from looking at things”?

      how do you ‘bar the import’ of information that’s widely distributed?

      1. You throw people you catch using it in jail – meaning that some random sample of people using it get locked up, much like a random and small sample of the people who buy gravity drop knives sold in Home Depot stores in NY state will end up being jailed for carrying an illegal switchblade.

      2. Great Firewall of China America!

        1. One of the other aspects of Progressives which i never cease to be shocked by is their assumptions about how “Laws have no consequences other than what they say”

          As though simply passing a law means that the problem is solved. The reality the law decrees simply ‘comes to be’ sans any other effects.

          The fact that ‘enforcement has costs’ and requires resources for investigation and punishment etc. seems to blow completely past them.

          This came up recently re: the minimum wage, where someone said,

          – “But there’s nothing about Minimum Wage laws saying anyone else will be given a raise!”
          … in response to the question “what do you think happens to the people currently making $15 an hour?”

          they refused to accept that there was any wage-increasing effect on anyone except the theoretical-min-wage-earner. Because the “law didn’t say so”

      3. They read everybody’s mail – if they can’t read yours, you go to jail. It’s like the state of Ohio banning hidden compartments in your vehicle. If you’ve got nothing to hide then why do you need a way to hide stuff? But I do like their implication that the only people you’d possibly be trying to hide something from is the government. Crooks, thieves, robbers, spies? Nah, we ain’t worried about any of them, we feel fine just leaving our stuff laying around right out in the open. Government? Oh, shit, I’m scared now! Hide your stuff quick!

        1. Yes, now they will have to search my USB drive when I come through customs and bust me for some illegal encryption.

          Another joke law to put on the books.

          1. They won’t have any way to know if it’s illegally encrypted unless they attempt to decrypt it first. Which is what they’re really after.

    3. So one day, mailing large sequences or random bytes might be a form of civil disobedience.

      That’ll be weird.

  33. Aren’t these links great? You’re welcome, commenters.

    Goooood, Robby. Embrace the spite. Let it become you. Own it and make it your slave.

  34. Jellyfish

    You inhabit the same planet as this thing.

    1. Photoshop.

        1. The GIMP.

      1. Noobs…After Effects

    2. That’s pretty tits.

    3. Damn. That is really cool. Just showed the kids. Thanks.

  35. Meanwhile, in the peoples paradise of North Korea:

    North Korean leader hails nuclear success in opening congress

    PYONGYANG (Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday hailed the country’s recent nuclear test and launch of a satellite into space, as he opened the first congress of the country’s ruling Workers’ Party in 36 years.


    “In this year of the seventh party congress, the military and the people accomplished the great success in the first hydrogen bomb test and the launch of an earth observation satellite, Kwangmyongsong-4, to brilliantly illuminate the prowess of Juche Joson,” he said, referring to the North’s home-grown founding ideology combining Marxism and extreme nationalism.

    “Unprecedented results have been accomplished.”

    1. the prowess of Juche Joson

      DPRK exports its first porn title.

    2. “I launched the satellite myself with our giant Juche Slingshot.”

    3. How does Dear Leader maintain his boyish good looks? Simple: Juche.

      Order Magic Bullet today!

  36. Local-ey-local corruption, write large:

    The city of Seattle officially took ownership of the Pronto bike-share system about two weeks ago and is holding Pronto Week to encourage people to sign up for discounted annual memberships.

    The city’s own employees might need some encouragement: Fewer than 1 percent of them hold memberships through a city-subsidized corporate-membership program.


    Not even Nicole Freedman, who leads the city’s biking efforts, or transportation director Scott Kubly is a Pronto member.

    “I am actually not right now,” Freedman said, declining to comment further on what she said was a “personal question.”

    That makes Freedman and Kubly pretty typical of Seattleites at large.

    Kubly is under an ethics investigation over his dealings with the company paid to run Pronto ? Motivate ? which had employed Kubly under a different company name. Emails show Kubly was directly involved in negotiations with his previous employerwithout a waiver from the city’s ethics commission.

    In an interview last month, Kubly said he meant to disclose his potential conflict of interest when he mistakenly sent an email that addressed ethics questions to himself rather than to the mayor’s legal counsel. But months later, he continued negotiations without a waiver even after being reminded he needed one.…..ill-pedal/

    1. They must all be Republicans, rite? Must be.

  37. Huh, the new Battlefield game is “Battlefield 1,” set in WW1. Trailer.

    And Overwatch was mentioned yesterday. I downloaded the beta and played a few rounds; pretty fun. A lot like TF2, but more classes to play around with. It might be too many classes, depending on the max size. I only saw 6v6 games.

    1. Just signed up for the battlefield beta. They missed pretty bad with hardline and battlefront. Even 4 was buggy as hell.
      I’m hoping they put out a good game.

    2. the new Battlefield game is “Battlefield 1,” set in WW1


      I think a ‘realistic’ 1st person shooter in WWI would be one of the most depressing experiences in the world. “Die 100,000 times trying to cross one field! Only to have your army retreat once you get there.”

      1. But there would be so many fun ways to die! Gas, and trench foot, and flamethrowers, and barbed wire, and mortars, and machine guns, and trench foot, and barbed wire, and airplanes, and trench foot. And the mud! Goodness the mud!

        1. A first-person shooter where 30% of the time you die of dysentery and/or get shelled by your own side FUCK YEAH

          1. If they wanted to make it *really* realistic, it could involve French children playing in a field in 1927, until one of them periodically gets blown up by buried munitions at random intervals

        2. We’re talking about a game, Crusty, not your upcoming weekend.

      2. WWI did give us some pretty sweet poetry though

        “War broke: and now the Winter of the world
        With perishing great darkness closes in.
        The foul tornado, centred at Berlin,
        Is over all the width of Europe whirled,
        Rending the sails of progress. Rent or furled
        Are all Art’s ensigns. Verse wails. Now begin
        Famines of thought and feeling. Love’s wine’s thin.
        The grain of human Autumn rots, down-hurled.”

        1. That and Flanders Fields, alluding to the reason for the war…

      3. Trenches will be hard.
        I think it beats another WWII game.
        And modern has been done to death. I was hoping for a full Vietnam game, based off the BC2 expansion.

        1. The modern in-game dialog would be awsome, where “Charlie” would be referred to in culturally appropriate language”.

    3. My experience so far is that the classes are so different and specialized that they’re not intuitive. I spent a half hour running around with Lucio and finally had to watch a youtube tutorial to even understand what I was doing and how to do it.

      I think this is actually a good thing, when compared to other shooters where the differences in class is “kill people but drop a health pack” and “kill people but drop an ammo pack”.

  38. Salon commenters realize why Amanda Marcotte is an idiot:

    “This is hilarious. This movie is based on a comic book that was published in 2006 during the reign of Bush. When the comic came out, it was clear that Tony Stark and the registration act was a stand-in for the progressive right’s agenda and the patriot act. Steve in turn was the liberal opposition to Bush’s overreach.

    Fast forward ten years. The same story is told and the only thing that has changed is the real world. Democrats have the white house and Republicans are the opposition. Most of the story elements from the comic have been changed, but the position the two main characters hold over the issue of superhuman registration and oversight (their view of the proper role of government and how much it can be trusted or manipulated) has not changed at all.

    Now, I knew in 2006 when I read the original Civil War comic book that what Captain America really represented was the libertarian position that the Democratic party had used to attack Bush, not the Democratic party itself. But that was lost on most people. Most folks I knew who voted for Bush sided with Iron Man and most of those who leaned left sided with Cap. I think it speaks to what a great storyline Mark Millar and the rest of the Marvel team came up with, when the story can be presented ten years later with exactly the same setup and viewpoints, but bring people to different conclusions. We’re the only thing that has changed.”

    1. She’s really the only person who is so dumb she makes Salon commenters seem brilliant:

      “WOW did you miss the point of the movie…

      Captain America’s objection is directly tied to the events of Winter Soldier (you know, when a government agency with full accountability that is corrupted from within and nearly destroys the world?) – he even states his issue clearly and succinctly: any panel or entity is run by people , who have their own agendas. When S.H.I.E.L.D. fell he realized this was the case. The Avengers were designed as a collective to protect.

      Stark’s character – still suffering from PTSD – is desperate to find someone else to make the tough decisions. (minor spoiler alert) He has been isolated and then faced with a direct reminder of the human costs of war…. he puts it succinctly as well: this is no different than when he realized what his munitions did to innocents; so he promptly got out of the munitions business.

      There are numerous other points I can make but if one sees this movie as part of the larger Marvel narrative (as Disney clearly intends) the overall picture becomes very clear.

      PS: S.H.I.E.L.D. is (was) not an international organization. It was U.S.created, funded, and drove its oversight directly from the U.S. President. “

      1. I think its partly the fact that Amanda Marcotte has outlived her own usefulness.

        1. to the left, that is.

        2. She is also creating a controversy where one doesn’t exist from a film series that is designed to not be controversial so it can appeal to as many people as possible. Then again, “Tries Too Hard” is a large component of the modern media.

          1. When someone is so breathtakingly stupid the controversy will go nowhere except into the arms of other remedial minds.

    2. “What Star Wars gets wrong about Space Blacks and Space Women” –Michael Moynihan.

  39. This could be Gary Johnson’s libertarian moment.

    Whoa, can a brother get a David French Trigger warning on that shit? What the in the name of Ten Voss is going on? You have trolled me too far, Soave.

    1. LOL

      “This being 2016, the world has gone mad, and there are no easy choices left. Johnson is a Libertarian, and that means he’s for drug legalization. That’s not necessarily disqualifying. After all, his views are similar to those of the founder of National Review, William F. Buckley Jr., and are shared by a number of conservatives. Johnson, however, is an actual drug user ? boasting recently that he’d just consumed “Cheeba Chews,” a form of “marijuana-infused taffy.””

      Does David French throw a similar freak-out if he hears a politician drinks beer?

      1. Sure, because you know which politician drank beer?

  40. Was spider-man any good in the movie?

    1. Sonny Bunch says he had some good scenes:

      Civil War Review

    2. Talk about douchey.
      Spider-Man is the most douchey superhero ever.
      I cant even understand why he exists. All he ever does is whine and get his ass kicked.
      Who needs super powers to be able to do that?

      1. The Rami movies were the best and will remain so.

  41. Obama = Trying to Close ‘Tax Loopholes’, He Says

    ‘*Why Not* give Government more power to confiscate stuff’ = why can that be bad?

    Notes that Rand Paul has been persistent opponent on this.

    He singled out Senator Rand Paul, a Republican and libertarian, who in years past has single-handedly blocked tax treaties or treaty updates between the United States and Spain, Japan, Britain, and other countries. Paul has been “a little quirky on this issue,” Obama said, and urged him “to stop blocking the implementation of tax treaties.”

    1. I thought he was trying to block *ratification.*

      There will be nothing to implement if a treaty isn’t ratified. Problem solved.

  42. I can’t believe no one noted this story just for the associated pictures.

    Washington Post explains =
    A gunman opens fire in your building. What do you do?

    there are detailed (if contradictory) explanations of how you should best “run/hide/or ‘fight'”

    none involve having a gun, obviously. This is my favorite ‘helpful graphic’

    1. I hope he has a permit for that concrete trowel.

    2. So beat him with a copy of An Inconvenient Truth, block the bullets with a char made from sustainably sourced material or what looks like a small hotel iron.

      1. Really, a chair is more likely to be used against you than to be used successfully against your attacker.



      Nope, books, envelopes, chairs and dilbert calendars.

    4. Jesus, not to sound like a TEAM RED dickhead, but to sound like a TEAM RED dickhead, I think the terrorists just won.

    5. “said that even children can be taught to move”

      I have no response.

    6. Eames will save me! And if not, at least it will be a stylish death

  43. Lovely links, but should the talentless, princessy accusation machine known as “amanda marcotte” be favored even with a hate-click linkage?

  44. Salon’s Amanda Marcotte laments that Captain American has been re-made into a “douchey libertarian.”

    Cap wins the culture war!

    1. Yeah, people who just leave you alone and mind their own business are such douche bags.

  45. What, I missed another libertarian moment?

  46. I’m laughing so hard, Robby. Love you. Unfortunately, now you’ve set the bar, and you’ve got to maintain or build on this saltiness!

  47. The National Review piece was really an act of vandalism against Gary. Observe that what GOP pundits care about is every pretext, however flimsy, for sending men with guns to force young women to reproduce against their will. This, according to Freaconomcs, guarantees a surge in violent crime two decades later.
    Their economic policy? Asset-forfeiture crashes and depressions. Foreign policy? Bomb OTHER religious conservatives whose Sharia law is just a tad different from Republican Blue laws the LP helped repeal back in the 1970s. Thank goodness the population is abandoning the coercive exercise of superstition.

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