Must-Win Night for Cruz and Sanders, New York Politician Goes to Jail: P.M. Links


  • Jon Snow
    Screenshot via Entertainment Weekly

    The Indiana primary is tonight, and the most likely result is the long-awaited coronation of our 2016 general election candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

  • Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption.
  • Journalist who criticized conservative writer for age-shaming Madonna previously fat-shamed a random person.
  • "When everything is bullying, nothing is bullying," writes Jezebel.
  • Red State: "I lied to myself for years about who my allies were."
  • Jon Snow apologizes (but not because he offended anybody).

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    2. No Rufus and Longtorso is posting his links. Everything goes to hell when links are late.

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      But it was a decent effort.

      1. The alt-text redeems him and strengthens his plot armor.

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  2. …the most likely result is the long-awaited coronation of our 2016 general election candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    Who will then mate.

    1. Late links and recycled jokes? Reason (and Fist) are really going downhill.

      1. I’m just trying to desensitize people to the idea. I don’t know what Reason is doing.

        1. Smashing my head on my desk desensitizes me everyday long before PM links come along.

          Reason is just cueing up the next Trump article.

    2. And their child will bring forth Ragnarok.

      1. You credit them too much, I think.

    3. “the most likely result is the long-awaited coronation of our 2016 general election candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

      This is a stupid statement. Nobody gets coronated until the convention.

  3. I knew the late lynx were Robby’s fault!

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  4. Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable
    …In a covetous quest to attain the power that men had, women were advised to work like men, talk like men, party like men, and have sex like men. There’s just one problem: women aren’t men. Instead of feeling happy with their newfound freedoms, females today are tied up in knots, trying to strike a balance between their natural, feminine and traditional desires and what modern society dictates?and demands?through the commandments of feminism. …

    New Book on Rape Culture Hysteria
    …Chapter Four: Data, False and True. The rape culture myth is based on untrue and unfounded “facts,” which have been repeatedly refuted. Yet they lumber on as zombie stats, kept alive by those to whom the lies are useful and so are repeated like a mantra that drowns out contradicting evidence. This chapter examines of some of the more prevalent zombie stats such as “one in every 4 or 5 women will be raped in their lifetimes.” Where did the faux “facts” originate? What evidence, if any, supports them? Which stats better reflect reality?..

    1. females today are tied up in knots, trying to strike a balance between their natural, feminine and traditional desires and what modern society dictates

      This describes zero of the females that I know. Well, the human ones, anyway.

      1. Really?

        /Can’t tell if sarcasm that went over my head or serious and has never met a woman outside of a nightclub

    2. So trying to force people to act contrary to their nature causes depression. Go figure. I wonder how much depression is cause by people acting contrary to how they evolved?

      1. We evolved for tribalism. The reason radical individualist libertarians are depressed? I think you cracked the code.

        1. It’s also an important thing libertarians need to understand if they’re going to have any success. You want liberty to succeed? Maybe you need to fight the culture war, make liberty a part of the culture, make it what it means to be American. Make it part of their identity.

          1. Pretending the care about other people’s Liberty goes all the way back to the founding. Actually voting that way is a different story.

        2. I AiNT DEPRESSED !!!!!!!!!

          1. I’ll check back with you in January.

  5. Wait, no link to the story on gay-only bathrooms? Slipping, guys.

    1. Slipping guys

      That’s what she said.

  6. The Indiana primary is tonight, and the most likely result is the long-awaited coronation of our 2016 general election candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    If we get the government we deserve, what did we do to deserve this?

    1. Elected FDR 3 times?

      1. Add Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. We’ve been electing ourselves to death for a long time.

        Could have been worse. Suppose Henry Wallace had still been Vice President when FDR kicked it

    2. All the previous regimes, going back to just before Jefferson.

    3. Allowed the Kardashian show to be shown on television for over a decade.

    4. Laughed about it when we first heard The Donald was running for president.

      And slapped our forehead in disbelief when we heard The Pantsuit Burglar was running.

  7. “When everything is bullying, nothing is bullying,” writes Jezebel.

    Haven’t read the link. Have the progs finally out-progged themselves?

    1. No. The article is “when right-thinking people mass-attack a regressive, that is not bullying. We know bullying. It’s what we say it is.” I lasted half-way through, and fuck you Robby for the link. Please never work with food in any capacity. It’d be like Crunchy Frog skit.

    2. “When everything is bullying, nothing is bullying,” writes Jezebel.

      You hear that, Hihn?

      1. We have another bully: alert the Kochs!!

      2. I don’t think he reads the links.
        He’s more a 3am and weekends guy.

    3. Bullying is only bullying when powerful people attack less powerful people for something they can’t change. So those mean girls who made fun of the kid with the polka dot shirt and striped pants weren’t bullying. Yeah, I don’t think the author thought through her own definition in her rush to excuse her own behavior.

      1. Bully stabs student in eye with pencil:…..-1.3562682

      2. Is there a consensus term for when a prog takes a common word and assigns it a new definition that exists specifically to make a tautological argument appear to be something meaningful?

        1. Yes, obfuscation

          1. Also, pomobabble

            1. If the pomobabble article interests you, here’s the whole thing.

              1. Oh, pomo. I read that as “pornobabble”. That might be more fun.

    4. tl;dr

      1. tb;dc

  8. Man, I was going to feel really bad for making fun of Robbie if it turned out he really wasn’t late with the links and it was someone else’s fault.

  9. The Indiana primary is tonight, and the most likely result is the long-awaited coronation of our 2016 general election candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    And #SMOD2016 is thinking: “This will be my year!”

    1. We’re pulling for ya, SMOD.

  10. “When everything is bullying, nothing is bullying,” writes Jezebel

    Jezebel for President!

    1. ugh, formatting

  11. Journalist who criticized conservative writer for age-shaming Madonna previously fat-shamed a random person.

    Well, what can you shame someone for in modern journalism?

    1. Being Republican. Being libertarian. Being a Koch.

    2. Voting Republican

    3. Owning a gun

  12. Alright, the alt-text soothed me. This time. But you can’t keep getting by on your good looks and witty self-awareness, Soave.

    1. Watch me.

      1. That shit ain’t gonna fly when you jump ship to the Daily Beast. Those are real professionals over there.

      2. We can’t take our eyes off of you. Hair, mostly, yes.

  13. I posted this in the SEALs thread, but I’d really like feedback from some of the ex-military types around here:

    I wonder how the troops themselves react to this sort of stuff. They must hear their political leaders lying through their teeth and know it is BS. At the very least I would think it would make them cynical as hell. Or are the ones over their now the kind of guys who like being deployed and being secret soldiers?

    1. The dirty secret of war is that if you are lucky enough not to get blown up, it can be fun. This is a shitty little war but it is the only one we have. Most of those guys don’t give a fuck about the politics of it. They love their job and are happy to go and do it. The reluctant damaged warrior bullshit is in most cases just that, bullshit.

      1. Fighting and killing is probably far closer to human nature then working in some shitty little office all day. I’m not surprised that people enjoy it, but I feel that admitting that would hurt some people’s delicate sensibilities.

        1. They think we’re cruel when we arrange cockfights. Are we really, or just giving them what they want?

          I used to think how awful it must be for cats to fight. Later I realized they must get an endorphin rush from it that we could scarcely imagine.

      2. My experience led me to agree with Winston Churchill, “There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at without result.”

        1. Isn’t that what Fight Club was about?

          1. That movie remains an effective retard detection system.

      3. The reluctant damaged warrior bullshit is in most cases just that, bullshit.

        One soldier every 65 minutes deviates from this narrative pretty emphatically.

        1. I said most cases, not all. And not all of them do that because of the war. Sadly, people of this generation seem to do that a lot more than people used to.

        2. Deployed Veterans had a 41% higher suicide risk compared to the general U.S. population.
          Non-deployed Veterans had a 61% higher suicide risk compared to the general U.S. population.
          Deployed Veterans had a 25% lower overall risk of death from all causes compared to the general U.S. population.
          Non-deployed Veterans had a 24% lower risk of death from all causes compared to the general U.S. population.

          Apparently, not being deployed vastly increases that suicide risk.

          1. I can see the lower numbers from all causes resulting from retained habits resulting from the good exercise, monitoring by superiors, and the fact that they were employed and engaged in something that, like John says, they probably enjoyed to a certain extent.

            Which makes the suicide numbers stand out even more, considering the baseline for death from all causes is substantially lower than the general population.

            The dramatic lowering of the suicide risk for non-deployeds, though, is puzzling. Could it include those kicked out, or early terminated for some reason, adding to the risk? I’m not sure.

            1. Could be that some soldiers viewed as risks are assigned rear-echelon duties.

            2. May be all the build up for combat with no pay off getting to them. Being broken down to be built back up is stressful, if you don’t get to go ‘be a part of something bigger’ afterwards it could feel like a whole lot of pain and work for nothing.

              1. I was going to say something along those lines. Combat is very purpose driven. If you come home and are stuck meandering through life at a job that is not very purpose driven, you can lose a sense of purpose, which can gut your soul.

      4. John, are you military or ex-military?

      5. Well, there is the retarts that sign up under the belief they will never actually have to fight someone to death, thinking it’ll somehow launch them into a life of ease and success onced they served their time. But generally, the sorrowful reluctant warrior bit seems to be a total fabrication, probably some part related to that nonsense about how regular folks aren’t capable of murder. I find it hard to belief that any but a very uncommon sort of person is incapable of murder, yet all the time I hear folks go on about how they could never ever kill somebody, no matter what happened. The problem isn’t that it happens, but the reasons behind it. People ought to kill each other for considered reasons based on basic principles and for pleasure. Instead, it seems like it’s almost always reactionary lunacy, often with a heavy measure of baseless fear and paranoia.

    2. I wonder how the troops themselves react to this sort of stuff. They must hear their political leaders lying through their teeth and know it is BS.

      I suspect that hasn’t changed since the hoplites. Part of the gig.

      1. If the soldiers are agonising about the politics instead of doing their job, it makes for a bad effort.

  14. From the alt-text

    “I had to come back from the dead to write a comment at making fun of Robby for forgetting the links again.”

    Forget? Forget!!?! One does not forget the linx. It’s like eating dinner and drinking beer after work, it’s part of the day.

  15. “Journalist who criticized conservative writer for age-shaming Madonna previously fat-shamed a random person.”

    So what?

    What, are we social justice warriors now?

    1. Live by the word, die by the word.

  16. Ann Coulter, Gateway Pundit, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, Breitbart News, Matt Drudge, and scores of others, too many to list here. They are all people that at one time or another caused me to bury my face in my hands. Caused me more than once to say “wait?we ARE the stupid party?”

    I’m done with it and I’m done with all of them. They are in this for money and power and influence and they think Donald Trump is their ticket. Hell, they may be right. And I’ll go down in flames with my principles before I join them.

    From the Red State link.

    That is some classic butt hurt there. is it bad that I enjoy this guy’s misery?

    1. Yes, but that’s just more fun that way.

    2. I was gonna copy that bit, too.

      Only I was going to mention that the people he lists are a bunch of grade A buttholes.

      I don’t care what anybody on that list thinks about anything.

      1. They are all such self absorbed losers. Stop crying for God’s sake. Trump kicked your ass. Get over it. The country has survived worse than you dumb asses not getting your way. It will survive this too.

      2. Grade A buttholes? Some of them aspire to be Grade B at best. Trump’s stamping his tiny little feet ’cause he’s pretending to be mad at the GOP establishment – and here’s these clowns pretending they’re mad too when they’re the damn GOP establishment. They know which side their bread’s buttered on but they’re as phony as Trump.

        1. Now that its clear that the only way they are going to land phat contracts or tony invites is to lick Trump’s starfish, they are all panting like dogs to get to it.

  17. “When everything is bullying, nothing is bullying,” writes Jezebel.


    So the house I’m buying is apparently in the process of being foreclosed on. Question: should I burn down the seller’s realtor’s office for failing to tell me this, or should I satisfy myself with skullfucking the seller to death?

    1. Your attorney is completely innocent?

    2. Question: should I burn down the seller’s realtor’s office for failing to tell me this, or should I satisfy myself with skullfucking the seller to death?

      Why not both?

    3. If the seller is an attractive divorcee, then ask for a compensatory BJ.

    4. Can you not back out now?

    5. If you do one, the other, or both, I recommend a last-minute walkthrough of the house before closing to make sure the seller didn’t fuck up anything before signing the papers. Or better yet, just walk away and buy a different house to save yourself the headaches, and tell the seller’s real estate agent they just lost a fat commission when you do so.

    6. /So the house I’m buying is apparently in the process of being foreclosed on. Question: should I burn down the seller’s realtor’s office for failing to tell me this, or should I satisfy myself with skullfucking the seller to death?/

      Meh. Might not be a big deal at all. What state do you live in Warty? Besides the state of [enormity, arousal, pumped, etc].

      Being in foreclosure might just be their motivating factor. They might be selling for less than they owe. They might have a short sale in place already. Don’t panic without details.

      Let me know if I can assist. I’m am a real estate genius. Is says so on my business card. (or it would if I weren’t too self-important to have business cards) And business partners with the Real Estate Goddess.

      1. PA. And now that I have more information, it looks like it shouldn’t affect the sale, after all, so that’s good. But I am not pleased to only now have this information. For one thing, I would have lowballed the seller. “Pleasure doing business with you, by the way, I’m desperate and I don’t pay my bills, LOL.”

        1. That’s pretty much why no one disclosed it to you. The seller won’t, the seller’s agent can’t and your agent is too stupid to think to check. Agents are basically dimmer than normal sock puppets.

    7. The bank may be okay with stalling the foreclosure procedure for a straight sale since they should be able to get their money back in full rather than losing money on a short sale (plus the costs associated with it).

      That’s probably what the seller was counting on.

  18. “When everything is bullying, nothing is bullying,” writes Jezebel.

    Hopefully they go on to list the accepted types of bullying.

    1. It’s all in the comments.

      “making fun of a bigot isn’t bullying the bigot”


    2. There’s some social theory–I forgot whose–that employed a decent definition of bullying, where it was defined not by the specific act but by the social context of more brutish members of a group essentially given license to apply levels of force not otherwise permitted to defend the group from threats to the social order, that is, motivated (as opposed to involuntary) deviants. Without this context of allowing the use of force that would otherwise be prohibitted, it’s just somebody brutalising someone else and not really “bullying”. Bullying, rather, is a mechanism for discouraging attacks on the social order and so aims to reform the victim rather than to simply fuck with him. So bullying is never a problem, but instead it is always a solution to an incipient problem. If the threat successfully withstands efforts to bully him into conformity, a dialectical resolution occurs. So, however it turns out, the problem is stabilised. The current “problem” of bullying is the conflict within the culture which simultaneously ensures an almost phobic response to deviants and at the same time valorises victimhood. The system is fucking itself this way. Bullying is not a problem in an honour based culture.

      1. For what it’s worth, I grew up about the most motivated deviant in the community, and I really can’t point to any incidence of bullying that did not ultimately aid in my social development. But then there wasn’t any augment in status if one was able to claim to be a victim.

  19. Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption.

    Shouldn’t the people who voted for him be executed?

    1. He’s just Goldfinger’s fall guy.

  20. SJW shows us how not to internet

    This young lass, named Jenny Chenkin, is friends with that morbidly obese lunatic who lost her shit at the Milo Yiannopoulos speech. Jenny, being none too smart herself, first threatened to sue a blog because they posted her ‘copyrighted’ Facebook posts and then sent a letter to campus administrators asking them to remove a college student’s free speech rights because the student filmed her friend making a spectacle of herself in public..

    “Again, I demand that Kassy Dillon be made to remove the humiliating youtube video and Campus Reform article from the web. I demand that Kassy Dillon issue a public apology to the person who she has chosen to harass and humiliate. I would like a mediated meeting with Kassy Dillon to address the harm she has caused and work through any other relevant outstanding issues. I demand that Kassy be prohibited from publishing anything further about “The Triggering”, the protests, the protestors who attended, and this complaint about her behavior. On the basis of engaging in cyberbullying and libel, I request that Kassy Dillon be prohibited from writing or publishing anything for Campus Reform or any other Mount Holyoke-affiliated publication in the future. “

    1. When I saw the original video the only thing I could think of was Boromir saying this “They have a cave troll!”

      1. “Peecha chakka no wookie bonowa tweepie Solo? Ho ho ho hoooo…”

        1. This makes me laugh every single time.

    2. I demand! Also, isn’t her friend totally proud of her behavior?

    3. Damn, Kassy Dillon just got some of the best advertising she could desire for an early career reporter.

      1. She is pretty, too. She’s looks pretty small. That shrinking maniac could’ve eaten her.

    4. Speaking of which, what’s SJW the Hutt’s name, anyway?

      1. Trigglypuff

      2. More than you ever wanted to know

        1. “Cora”??? What is this, 1904?

          1. It can’t be 1904, if she were alive back then Boston whalers would have harpooned her and cut off her blubber

      3. You stop that. She is stunning and brave.

    5. I demand! I demand! Welcome to the real world, cunt. Sit down and shut the fuck up.

    6. Bitch is so fat she can’t even type her own complaint letters without getting exhausted and needing someone to do it for her.

  21. Jon Snow apologizes (but not because he offended anybody).


  22. You know nothing, Rico Soave

  23. Donion Lannister gets murdered by his dwarf fingers and Ted cruzatheon has Carly the Red Witch bring Reagan Stark back from the dead, but Reagan is rather surley and vindictive after he is brought back.

    1. Having nothing to do with whether Hillary gets indicted or not… oh never mind, everyone here knows why the FBI hasn’t contacted her.

      1. They can’t find her fucking email address?

      2. Ummm, I’m not actually sure why they wouldn’t have contacted her for questioning. I thought they had already done so for some of her staff, but I guess I was wrong.

        1. Because according to actual real life people who’ve been involved in serious investigations like this, they all say that the target of the investigation is the last person you contact. You gather all the evidence and statements first, then get the target’s statement.

          1. Huh, interesting, makes sense. Easier to fact check what they are telling you then.

            1. You don’t ask a suspect a question you don’t already know the answer to?

          2. That’s the way Gibbs does it.

          3. Normally they’d have made her the *first* person to talk to.

            That’s the best time to get the suspect to open up, get put on record – and then you have specific, concrete statements you can go out looking for information to disprove, *plus* it allows the maximum amount of time between when the person made their statement to the FBI agent (who hand wrote it from dictation, don’t allow you to make a recording of the interview, and will not provide you a copy) and any eventual court case allowing the maximum latitude for sec 1001 prosecutions when the FBI inevitably fucks up their investigation, finds no usable evidence of wrongdoing, but the prosecutor is damned if he’ll let it go.

        2. I thought they had already done so for some of her staff,

          Well, sure, but not her staff-staff.

          1. They didn’t interview the men?

    2. That’s not a staff though it makes a bulge.

    3. A month or so ago, my liberal friends began posting that the FBI had dropped its investigation of Clinton’s emails? around the time Guccifer was brought to the US.

  24. Wreckage of Captain Cook’s ship found

    Researchers believe they have found the wreckage of the HMS Endeavour, vessel of legendary British explorer, James Cook.

    Cook commanded the ship from 1768 to 1771 on his famous voyage mapping the uncharted waters of the south Pacific Ocean, but for years its whereabouts have remained a mystery.

    After exploring far-flung lands the boat passed through a number of different hands before it was renamed the Lord Sandwich and used in America’s revolutionary war.

    Later in the article:

    Now the Rhode Island Marine Archeology Project (RIMP) says it has managed to identify the wreckage of the Lord Sandwich in Newport harbor, off the state of Rhode Island.

    1. No kidding. He was probably

      /dons sunglasses

      cooked by cannibals.

      1. Yup,
        /borrows Rufus’s shades
        He was toast.

    1. He does not look in mirrors?

    2. Nor has this guy.…..cebook.jpg

  25. At the core of the tea party was a principle that I agreed with so much that I became a conservative activist during that time period. That core was principled, fiscal conservatism and a desire to return to the things that had made America great.

    Uh, were we witnessing the same Tea Party? Or were we in different realities? The Tea Party was never about fiscal conservatism (though fiscal conservatives rode the Tea Party wave to power).

    It was arguably about a “return to things that had made America great” but you know what the fuck made America “great” decades ago? Something that will in all probability never happen again: the rest of the civilized world gutted out by two horrific destructive world wars in 30 years.

    1. Bah. War is hell, but the economics wounds heal in a lot less than 30 years.

      The real advantage was half of Europe and most of Asia deciding against economics and going full-on Socialist. THAT will probably never again.

      1. If you meant “only half”, I would agree.

      2. The economic wounds took a lot longer than 30 years to heal. The UK was a *poor* country until the ’80’s. A good chunk of Western Europe is *still* poor.

        How long it takes the economic wounds to heal is very dependent upon the regulatory climate and Europe has always been highly regulated.

        1. The UK kept rationing food until 1954?

    2. but you know what the fuck made America “great” decades ago? Something that will in all probability never happen again: the rest of the civilized world gutted out by two horrific destructive world wars in 30 years.

      No, we can arrange that.

    3. And prior to that the United States grew from 13 tiny colonies to span across a continent, and experienced so much economic growth we emerged in the world stage as the #1 industrial power just in time for WW1. The key to our success was always liberty.

      1. Having a large and sparsely populated continent to expand into probably helped a lot. Though that ties into liberty as well. It’s hard not to have a lot of liberty in a situation like that before modern communications and transportation.

        1. Two things set us up for success. First, we didn’t have a long drawn out revolution the way much of Latin America did. Partisan conflicts do damage to a society that is almost impossible to undo. Second, we had a huge continent with a lot of farm land but not an overwhelming amount of natural resources or enormous amounts of gold to be stolen from the Indians. This made us build an economy instead of getting dependent on essentially free money that comes from abundant natural resources.

          1. Nothing fucked Spain harder than Potosi.

        2. The closing of the frontier was the beginning of the end of the awesomeness* that was the US. They built up so much economic momentum in the first 90 years of this country that we’re still riding the wave today. It didn’t hurt that we were still the most libertarian country in the world for almost 100 years after the close of the frontier, but now that we’ve fallen back into the pack, we’re just coasting on our momentum.

          *Yes, slavery and discrimination and all that shit, but for the average US citizen, the US was amazing.

    4. I think you’re mistaken. The Tea Party *started out* as a tax protest movement. It was *all about* fiscal conservatism (and lower taxes). At least fiscal conservatism that didn’t affect any of the Tea Partiers’ favorite government handouts (like agriculture subsidies).

      Later on, the ‘Make America Great Again’ started glomming onto what was a popular and widespread protest against excessive regulation, government spending, and taxation. The Progressive crowd spent (and spends) a lot of effort trying to paint those guys a ‘bitter clinger racists’ because of how popular that message was.

      Unfortunately, it got diluted pretty quickly as every other conservative movement tried to dilute the TP’s message with their own concer-du-jour.

      1. I agree. The Tea Party had zero “culture war” position in the beginning. It got morphed into a ‘Murica! right-wingism mostly by the culture-cons who co-opted it.

      2. You got it Aggy.
        The tea party was primed by:

        “Too big to fail” bailouts
        and the resultant tax burden for the above.

    5. Taxed Enough Already? Named for Boston Tea Party? How was that not about fiscal conservatism? It was exactly about that.

  26. Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption.

    It is hard to express how much this pleases me.

    This guy has been the most powerful man in NY state for most of my adult life. Scumbag politicians in NY remain the norm… but seeing Sheldon get sentenced means that all of them should live in fear of being ratted out at some point.

    Along with the state Senate majority leader and the governor, the Assembly speaker was one of the “three men in a room” who control virtually all major legislation in the state capital of Albany. (between 1994 and 2015)

    Silver’s counterpart in the state Senate, the former majority leader Dean Skelos, was also found guilty of corruption just 10 days after a jury convicted Silver of seven counts in December.

    So that leaves the Governor… who of course must be as clean as driven snow….

      1. Otisville is a country club, but I hope he suffers immensely while in there.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up. The Supremes look set to gut the anti-corruption statutes in the McDonnell case. What is a little quid pro quo between friends, after all?

      1. The Supremes look set to gut the anti-corruption statutes in the McDonnell case.

        bullshit. That federal statute was abysmally vague, and doesn’t apply in the NY case anyway. McDonnell never actually got even charged with any “quid pro quo” behavior.

      2. What Gilmore said. You should worry more about due process and vague laws than you should about getting some politician in prison.

    2. Now let’s also hope for the AG Schneiderman….guy seems crooked as hell. Anyone know much about him other than his witch hunts under the guise of protecting the consumer?

    3. In Chicago you can get a tour of corrupt politicians:

  27. OT:

    TONIGHT only in Scottsdale, Arizona!
    Learn how we can Reform our Criminal Justice System, making Arizona safer and more just!
    The Arizona Liberty Caucus is hosting our flagship event, Liberty on Tap.
    Marc Victor proteg? and Criminal Defense Attorney, Charity Clark will be our guest speaker.
    7PM at American Legion Post 44 in Old Town Scottsdale.

    1. Good luck. Nice to see people working on liberty not just being snarky. *Self flagellates*

      1. Are you that flexible?

      2. The Arizona Liberty Caucus is very active. We won two national delegate spots at the Arizona Republican Convention this past weekend. To get that far, we had to win Republican Party leadership positions across the state. My next immediate goal is to help one of our members win a city council position.

  28. Man Hijacks Metrobus, Fatally Hits Gas Station Employee

    Lanier said it was uncharacteristic for a person to take a bus and attack a bus driver.

    *** facepalm ***

    TW: Autostart

    1. He was doin’ it wrong.

      You’re only supposed to get pregnant when you get hit by a bus, not dead.


  29. Detroit Teachers = Not Teaching. Again

    Want more money.

    Noted: Detroit City Schools per-pupil spending is 80% higher than the national average. And unlike its other Urban peers, it surely aint because of “Cost of Living”.

    1. fuck, both links SF’d

      one, two

    2. NOT TEACHING is what they do every day anyway. NOT SHOWING UP is new. And a yuuuuuuuge cost savings!

      1. Those little brains won’t scrub themselves. Little Billy always misses washing behind his medulla oblongata.

  30. Last night I saw a child who had been left in the car while her mother went grocery shopping.

    No police were called and nothing else happened, because I’m not an ass.

    1. And then she died because of your apathy, right?

      1. No, I called OMWC to babysit her.

      2. He took the child to Target and diddled it in the ladies’ bathroom, because that is what happens in Target bathrooms.

        1. “Target bathrooms.”

          Or as I call them “the hunting grounds.”

        2. It’s legal there now right?

          1. It is not only legal, it is encouraged.

            1. Yup. Target policy, from what I hear.

    2. When else will you have a good excuse to smash in the window of a random stranger’s car?

      1. French labor dispute?

        1. I mean, that might happen incidentally when you flip a Citro?n, but do you see yourself being in the middle of a French labor dispute? Or alternately a ’90s anti-globalization demonstration performed by anarchists in the Pacific northwest?

          1. Dunno, maybe. I’m trying to broaden my horizons. Are there hot chicks?

            1. at ’90s anarchist rallies? I usually assume upper middle class white chicks with nordic looks, great skin and white-girl dreads, but I think that may just be a romanticization.

              1. nordic looks

                psh, I only go for white girls with Slavic looks.

                1. Nordies are more pink drab than white.

              2. Try pudgy lesbians with short haircuts, endomorphic body shape, and lot’s of flannel.

                1. I’ll be in my bunk

          2. If there’s one thing the French dispute, it’s labor.

            1. Narrows le gaze

            2. Le travail dur n’a jamais tu? personne, mais pourquoi prendre ce risque?

      2. Trump rally?

        1. Hey now, you’ll wake the kraken with talk like that.

      3. His favorite sports team wins a championship?

        1. I don’t think he’s English, or a Raiders fan.

      4. “Random stranger”, is that like “armed gunmen” or “ATM machine?” Seems odd but I’m not quite sure why.

        1. Probably unnecessary, but it it emphasizes a characteristic of the stranger. Like “assless chaps”. Chaps are by definition assless, but the assless descriptor makes that the first thing you conjure in your mental image, so there’s artistic value in it.

        2. Well, not everyone harasses strangers at random. Irish, for one, has criteria.

          1. criteria

            Skin color?

            1. And location within a Target bathroom

        3. Seems odd but I’m not quite sure why.

          Classic case of ‘random’ abuse. IDK about you, but random doesn’t jive with owning a car and parking it, with a baby inside, at the local grocery store.

          The same way people will use the term ‘random coworker’ to describe someone who shows up and works with them everyday but whose name they don’t know/remember.

  31. Damnit, I still haven’t finished Sunday’s GOT episode. I guess I could guess what was going to happen though.

    1. You pretty much have to stay off the Internet until you are caught up.

  32. “I think my biggest fear was that people were not going to care,” actor says of character’s death

    Oh please, the only characters people enjoy more than Jon Snow are Tyrion and Daenerys’ boobs

    1. I enjoyed some of the other boobs quite a bit as well.

      1. The casting director(s) of that show deserve some kind of medal.

      2. John Bradley or Kristian Nairn?

    2. Daenerys’ boobs

      Have not made an appearance since season 1.

  33. Ace: David Frum: Trump Has Exposed Just How “Pitifully” Few Conservatives Exist in the Republican Party; the “Social Issues Veto” is No More
    …[H]ere’s something that traditional ideological conservatives will want to consider: Trump rose by shoving them aside. Trump’s rise exposed the weakness of social conservatives in particular. For a third of a century, social conservatives imposed a pro-life litmus test on Republican nominees for both presidency and vice presidency. They pulled the party into confrontations over sexuality and religion that many Republican elected leaders would have preferred to avoid. And then, abruptly, poof: The social conservative veto has vanished. New York values have prevailed, with a mighty assist from Jerry Falwell Jr. and other evangelical leaders. It seems unlikely the religious right will return in anything like its awesome previous form. A visibly conscientious objector to the culture wars easily defeated candidates who elevated the defunding of Planned Parenthood to the top of their agenda. That lesson, once demonstrated, won’t soon be forgotten…

    1. It’s all about popularity with the right crowd. They’ll turn on a dime to follow…uh…each other.

  34. Glen Beck has lost his fucking mind, lol.

    1. When did he have one?

      1. He was always sort of on the edge, but he’s done jumped the shark now.

    2. He’s got that earnest thing down pat, however.

      1. He’s just drenching in sanctimony. His sarcasm is god awful. Nothing is worse than the banter between him and his sycophants. I can’t do more 5 minutes of his show.

        1. Let’s hope his fast never breaks.

    3. Somebody else who has sunk in my estimation because of Trump.

      Ponder that on the tree of woe, Glenn.

    4. The thing to understand about Genn Beck is that deep down, he is just an addict. Since he can’t have alcohol, he is binging on Ted Cruz.

  35. U.S. families struggling with teens’ phone addiction

    The majority of parents concurred, with 59 percent of those with children between ages 12 and 18 saying their kids cannot give up their phones, according to a poll of 1,240 parents and children by Common Sense Media.

    About a third of those polled said they argue every day about screen use, the San Francisco-based group said.

    “It is causing daily conflict in homes,” Common Sense Media’s founder and CEO James Steyer said in a statement.

    Obviously, “not paying the @*$@ kids phone bill” is ‘not an option’. WE JUST CANT STOP THEM?!?

    While i think pretending behavior is an “Addiction” is a retarded way of trying to replace ‘being a parent’….

    ….there is clearly some objective evidence that people have gone way beyond Full-Blown Fucking-Moronic as far behavior with portable devices is concerned.

    There have been lots of recent “protests” which seem more a contest between Smart-Phone-Camera-wielding millenials for “Who will do something stupid first”.

    1. local news spent all last night talking about kids addicted to electronics. it’s an epidemic. Seems like there is an epidemic of epidemics

    2. You take the phone away from them. Talk about first world problems.

      1. But then they can’t call you if they get a boo boo or if they’re sad and want their mommy.

    3. Parenting doesn’t come with federal funding. Addiction, on the other hand…

    4. I can’t believe there isn’t an app that turns the off, and back on again, at times programmed in by a parent. Maybe with an exception to allow the phone to call a handful of numbers (parents, 911, etc.).

      1. There is, most of the major service providers have ways that you can actually shut off data based on a schedule.

        “But then they get on WIFI at home!”

        Find someone who understands your router, and have them set up a wifi schedule, or get a more sophisticated one that offers multiple SSIDs (guest networks etc). Give the rugrats access to the guest network, then when you want their faces out of the LOLpics, twitter and Buzzfeed, turn the guest network off entirely.

        1. If I had kids, I’d want to cripple their phone at school, too. They don’t need their noses stuck in their phones when they are supposed to be working.

          1. I can’t speak for school across the nation, but my daughter’s school seems to be pretty good about it.

          2. I guess we’re going to be the evil parents. Our (hypothetical) kids don’t need a phone until high school. Even then, fuck if we’re paying for them to eat up all of our fucking data. No, they’ll get a prepaid shit phone. That’s what I got, that’s what they get.

            Oh, and get off my lawn!

    5. Obviously, “not paying the @*$@ kids phone bill” is ‘not an option’.

      You know, there’s maybe some middle ground here. Set down some stringent rules about usage, like no phones during meals or homework or “family time” (do families still spend time together?). Violating those rules is immediate forfeiture for some length of time. But aside from those iron rules, usage is mediated by just how much the kid spends toward his bill (with a deficit for the cost of the phone). Does big shot want to pay the entire bill himself? Then big shot gets to decide for himself when it’s appropriate to pay the bill. Obviously big shot is going to have to find a source of income, and that alone is probably worth it to big shot’s parents in the long run much more than confrontations over screen time.

      1. when it’s appropriate to pay the bill use his phone

      2. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re trying to send the message that cell phones and data plans aren’t free, fine. If you believe that your 14 year old shouldn’t have unsupervised access to the internet (porn), a camera (sexting), and a bazillion in-app purchase enabled apps (massive bills), setting monetary ground rules only accomplishes part of the mission.

        1. Oh, I’m sure that’s another issue altogether. As far as time management, giving the kid a stake in how much access he has to his phone is probably the best way to go about it.

          1. Agreed. My mom was very restrictive about such things… to the point that it affected my personality. I became a very closed off and private teenager. Then my parents got divorced (which was one of the best things to ever happen to me), and I began to emerge from my shell. Whaddya know? I’m not an extreme introvert! I’m just mildly introverted. I didn’t discover that until college.

            I’m a big believer in letting kids, even younger kids, manage their own time (to an extent) and suffer the consequences of their poor time management. Parenting like a drill sergeant didn’t work for me, and I think it leads to massive long-term issues.

      3. You know, there’s maybe some middle ground here.

        Of course there is. I was just saying that parents are pretending that they have no means to change the behavior of “Addicted” kids

        I think one of the most powerful behavioral forces that goes unused by modern parents? is simply “shame”.

        My dad was always of the view, “Do whatever you want = but don’t expect me to applaud you for being an asshole”. Behavior that was disapproved-of was given more than a frosty-reception; it was given snarling rebuke.

        Things like “look people in the eye when talking with them” don’t happen by ‘gentle encouragement’ and ‘suggestion’. They become norms when if “you dont”, you either get smacked in the head and/or you get told you’re being a little selfish douchebag. It only sticks when its repeated to the point where they internalize that mechanism and *feel bad* without being told when they fall short of any given standard.

        1. I think it’s deeper than that. It’s not just that shame isn’t employed. It’s that it’s practicly trained out of people. And there’s no value placed on honour. Without the drive to behave honorably and a horror of shame, what the fuck is left to drive any sort of property and decency? Fuck, I think that’s where all the lilyliveredness and idiot fear that’s coming so commonplace is growing out of. Dishonour is the only real legitimate fear (and one case where fear is a reliable driver to more preferable action), and in its absence suddenly anything is fair game as a thing to be afraid of. Used to be, parents was able to teach this crap, seemingly without effort, to their children, as a matter of course. Then in a couple generations, everyone’s a moral nitwit and all the children is getting raised by a lot of pinheads that couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag with the instructions writ on the heel. What the blazes happened? I was there, but I missed it, whatever made everybody stupid.

          1. Then in a couple generations, everyone’s a moral nitwit and all the children is getting raised by a lot of pinheads that couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag with the instructions writ on the heel. What the blazes happened?

            A few factors:
            1) It takes a few generations to bleed out tradition and cultural values. The catalyst for this happened decades ago.

            2) It’s now all but mandatory to get an Edjumacation degree in order to teach children, and a Masters in Edjumacation to teach children over the age of 10. Education degrees are 50% drinking so much that you wake up in some random frat without pants on, 40% SJW indoctrination, and 10% learning how to instruct children.

            3) Back in “the day,” parents still took on a partial role in raising and educating their children. Whether it was apprenticeship work, theological study, honor building extracurriculars (e.g. Boy Scouts), or chores, children were expected to learn what hard work meant, and learn what was expected by their family and their culture.

            4) Dual income families/Rise of the extracurricular. When a child’s day consists of mommy or daddy waking them up at 6am, dropping them at the bus stop at 6:30, picking them up from interpretive flag dancing practice at 7pm, they have 3, maybe 4 hours to spend time with their child each night before bed. The kid has an hour of homework, plays video games for 2 hours, and now mommy and daddy have 1 hour for dinner and any “quality” time.

    6. Well, I thought “technology addiction” was bullcrap, then this frnd of my give me this really amazing heavy bladed, short hoe. It rips up sod almost effortlessly, and weeding is a dream. The design relies almost entirely upon upper body strength, and so is much more attune to my physique than a lot of landscaping tools which demand a lot of leg power and lower back torsion. I was out there hoing the dickens out of the place every day, till I started collapsing from heat exhaustion and then soon as I could move again I’d be creeping out there and at it again. At night, I would dream of it, and first thing in the morning I’d be at it again. I eventually hooked it on something and broke it, and it was like some kind of drugs withdrawal syndrome. So, I got to change my tune. Technology addiction is a real thing. Thinking it over, it’s probably what drove the neolithic revolution, moreso than actual improvements in food productions or anything–some guy got hold of an ard and couldn’t ever put the fucker down again. I remember my first disk harrow as a youngster. It wasn’t quite as extreme, but still pretty obsessive. I was disking the fuck out of every spot I could possibly make an excuse for it in.

  36. Kenyan court to hear case against alleged gay anal examinations

    Obama said, “Not cool”…. but i’ve noticed that there’s hardly the furor over African homophobia as there was over Russian examples during the previous Olympics.

    1. Crusty filling out online application right now.

    2. Of course not. Africans are a preferred group, right along with Muslims. If I were gay, I would be very worried about Muslim immigration. If Muslims ever become an important part of the Prog coalition, the gays are going back in the closet.

      1. Its going to be a more interesting situation if the rise to power occurs fast enough that there are a couple of generations of gays who don’t really have that option. Not to mention people with official marriages, etc.

    3. There will be a furor if there’s some evangelical preacher that this can be tied to.

  37. Better late then never Robbo.

    Dear Commentariat,
    Jesse helped me get the Firefox version of reasonable back, now I need learned on how to link in orange. All help will be appreciated.

    1. I thought all links were orange.

    2. I didn’t know there was a Firefox version. Thanks for the tip.

    3. Less than symbol href=”link address WITH THE HTTP:// in it” greater than symbol

      [followed by]

      shit you want to say in any text you want including quotes

      [followed by]

      less than symbol /a greater than symbol.

        1. [a href=””] Video of Puppies and Kittens [/a]

          Replace the square brackets with angle brackets and you get this:

          Video of Puppies and Kittens

          1. I was expecting that video to be something more like this

    4. “”the Firefox version of reasonable back,'”

      You mean “Greasonable” in Greasemonkey?

      It still doesn’t work for me. What did you do?

      1. fascr…ask jesse to send link again.

        1. No, i’ve got Fascr working OK

          I was wondering if there were a Greasonable fix (it seemed to have crapped out when Reason’s http prefix vanished)

          1. It was updated very shortly after the switchover.. I actually thought you fixed it yourself, it just needed the pattern changed near the top of the script ..

            Now, what might have happened is it might have stopped auto-updating, you might need to follow the instructions again to install in order to update. (ie click this link )

            1. “Could not parse script

              Ignoring @ match pattern http*://* because:

              Error @ match: could not parse the pattern”

            2. FYI –

              I removed GM, Copy-pasted the script to Notepad++, re-downloaded GM, entered manually… etc.

              and it still gave an error.

              I then noticed that for some reason it then had a “*” in ‘excluded pages’.

              Which i removed, and voila! it worked.

      2. Fascr

        Reasonable should be working in Chrome (and related browsers) again. Brymck, the original developer kindly updated it.

        I don’t have a Greasemonkey setup anymore, so I don’t know much about Greasonable.

    5. Tap the “a” button in fascr, it’ll bring up the HTML for a link [a href=”your url here”]Your link text here[{slash}a]

      and that should give you a link

  38. Le Quebecois Libre suspends publication indefinitely.


    Something about libertarian moments.

    1. A Quebecois Libertarian magazine; damn talk about a tough audience.

    2. Anglaise, motherfucker, do you speak it?

    3. BTW, the moments are so libertarian, we don’t even need a publication. Just soak in real life, bitches.

  39. Camping in Nagano during this Golden Week with a large group of Japanese people. Gas stoves, electric heaters, folding dining tables, and literally a kitchen sink. They bring everything. Spending half the time setting up. I used to just toss a sleeping bag in the car and drive up some random dirt road in the Rockies until I found an empty patch to camp.

    1. “”Golden Week””

      … i can never be sure with the japanese….. but… does that involve people peeing on each other?

      1. He said “Japanese”, not “German”.

        1. Have you *seen* Japanese porn? Its like German porn but with more rope and fewer smiles.

          1. Have I seen Japanese porn?

            Does the Pope scheisse in the woods?

            Disclaimer: I genuinely don’t get the appeal of the elaborate rope thing that seems so popular. Seriously, is there a chick under there somewhere?

            1. Its about power, coercion, and humiliation. Those are fairly common themes running through Japanese porn. You’ll rarely see an actress who looks like she’s enjoying the sex – because that’s not what the punters want to see.

              Its interesting to look at the differences in what’s popular in sex media between different groups. In Europe MMF, DP, and anal are big. In Asia coercion and dominance. In the US it looks like incest and near incest are the big keywords with tons of videos about mom jumping your bones or getting it on with your father or step-sister. Apparently an otherwise bog-standard sex scene is spiced up with some B-S action to a lot of people nowadays. Millennials are weird.

      2. Tentacles, too.

      3. That would be a welcome bit a entertainment in this tedium.

  40. I think libertarians are starting to make a difference in the world. I was just reading, finally, about the bus hijacking in DC, on NBC. It makes me happy to commenters use such lines as:

    No one needs a screw driver. Ban screw drivers.

    And then someone else respond:

    Especially those scary assault screw drivers, ban them now, for the children!

    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Our beautiful sarcasm is filling the world with love.

  41. New York Politician Goes to Jail

    For a second there I got my hopes up that maybe Hillary…

    1. Hillary is still a long shot, but DiBlasio is a real possibility.

    1. And that about sums up what this Shit Show of an Election, and the so called Libertarian Moment is all about. Hey. I’m still positive though. Things need to get really shitty before people want to change.
      Salute Bitches.
      Love, The Shit Pyrate. =D

    2. I saw over 200 code and safety violations in that video.

      1. Ya know. in my business I get to work with a few part timers who have degree’s in Engineering. The one thing I have learned from them is when you have to live with inefficiency, never let it become the new normal. Though you will never have the opportunity to fix a problem until that problem completely fucks everything. Well… Because inefficiency has become the new normal =D

  42. Off Topic: (with a big middle finger up to that dumb prick who yelled at DenverJ a few days ago)

    Question about the NAP:

    I was just in a very casual restaurant with my 7 year old girl. A woman came in and started bitching loudly that her carry-out order was wrong. The old Geek steam table man started to make a new order without complaint. Then she started yelling that he was doing it with attitude. Not kidding.

    She demanded her money back in a stream of obscenity and vulgarity. The old guy came over and opened the register to get her dough and get her out as she got louder and louder.

    I interjected and asked her to recognize that she was in public and there were little kids around (including the two she had in tow) and, let’s just say that did not improve her attitude.

    I’m pretty sure that I’m not justified putting violent hands on her (even to just eject her from the place) but here is the crux of my question?would it be a violation of the NAP to be SO threatening, without touching, that she reigned herself in out of fear of my reaction?

    1. At some point, I think you cross the line without actually touching her.

      But, she gets a vote on the ROE. If she is being a loud, unmitigated asshole, then you get to be one, too, in my book.

      See, I do everyone the courtesy of assuming they follow the Golden Rule. Whatever they do to unto me, they presumably want done unto themselves. I think “an eye for an eye” and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” are basically two sides of the same coin.

      1. I dig you but I’m not willing to go there in front of my little bunny. I have a foul mouth, always have. Under all circumstances. But having a little girl somehow finally got me a filter.

    2. would it be a violation of the NAP to be SO threatening, without touching, that she reigned herself in out of fear of my reaction?

      Your reaction to “what” I think is the question here.

      1. My reaction to her screaming that she didn’t “give no fuck about [that little kids were present]” and continuing to hurl obscenities all around her.

    3. (with a big middle finger up to that dumb prick who yelled at DenverJ a few days ago)

      Que? What happened? Related: Fuck the people who attempt to destroy any semblance of civility on H&R.

      RE: your situation

      There seems to be a place for “micro”-aggressions here. Madame Bitchalot has microaggressed everybody around her by causing a nuisance. Therefore, as a response, you should be able to respond in kind. Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to shoot her or to hit her, or even to forcibly escort her out of the restaurant. However, it seems that matching her intensity would be appropriate.

      I’m not sure that I can philosophically justify that, but it is how I would respond.

      1. I’m not sure that I can philosophically justify that,

        See above; the Bible gives you all the justification you need!

        1. See above; the Bible gives you all the justification you need!

          I saw that. I’m still uncomfortable with it because “turn the other cheek” and all that jazz. However, I don’t think that “turn the other cheek” is omni-applicable, so I’ll have to do some reading.

          1. “Turn the other cheek” works in just fine.

            “An eye for an eye” and “do unto others” are consistent with the NAP and self-defense. In short, don’t start it, but once it starts, its on.

            Turn the other cheek basically means the same thing, only with a refinement. Don’t start it, still,, but give the other guy one chance to back down if he does. You have two cheeks, after all. The first slap is free, but the second slap brings on the do unto others, eye for an eye thing.

            1. Turn the other cheek basically means the same thing, only with a refinement. Don’t start it, still,, but give the other guy one chance to back down if he does. You have two cheeks, after all. The first slap is free, but the second slap brings on the do unto others, eye for an eye thing.

              That’s an interesting take. I also think that “turn the other cheek” needs to be read in context, which likely means that it applies to situations where there is a legitimate dispute between two people who have an otherwise healthy relationship (business, family, neighborly). IOW, don’t piss away a good relationship by getting hung up on whether they owe you $15 or $20. Even if they get pissed off, you need to be the calming influence and try to accommodate them because your continued positive relationship is more important than winning the argument or getting what is “rightfully yours.”

              With that in mind, it doesn’t even seem to apply when there is a complete stranger harassing an innocent third party.

      2. (with a big middle finger up to that dumb prick who yelled at DenverJ a few days ago)

        Que? What happened?


        1. No shit. We’re all here to echo chamber the hell out of stuff, and to uh… STAY ON TOPIC! GUNS!
          Fortunately, we never get all echo-chambery.

          1. Dude, I’m still having trouble believing that guy (SkyeGay?) was for real. That was trippy.

            THIS IS A COMMENT SECTION! NOT A CHAT ROOM! /runs sobbing from room

    4. I think the NAP is a good (if insufficient) “rule of thumb” for political philosophy.

      I’m not sure it should be some universal concept that covers any and all aspects of human existence. I’m probably in the minority here though.

      As for your example, I think the restaurant should have handed her the money and thrown her out on her ass as a bonus.

      Out of curiosity, re: “let’s just say that did not improve her attitude” – how much worse did she get?

      1. Yeah I agree, using the NAP in this and most real life scenarios seems odd to me. Politics is not life.

        1. The personal is political! /fascist

        2. The NAP is exactly for daily living. It’s nothing more than The Golden Rule. You can only use violence to protect yourself or others.
          Screaming back at someone is what I usually do, but I’m not proud of it. Adding to the noise, swearing, and anger in the room isn’t the best solution, especially around kids.

          1. This. In its entirety.

            I try my hardest to approach people like that as calmly as possible. More often than not it pisses them off to no end that they can’t amp you up to join them in their hissy fit. There’s nothing more inflammatory than calmly saying “I understand that you’re upset, but you’re disrupting the experience of the other paying customers. You’re also confusing the children. We are trying to teach them that it’s inappropriate to have temper tantrums in public.”

      2. /Out of curiosity, re: “let’s just say that did not improve her attitude” – how much worse did she get??

        To get it really right I’d have to try to transcribe in dialect and I don’t want to make Irish happy.

        Basically she started to explain to the empty space around her that she didn’t give a fuck and frankly, lots of random cursing. She was even getting her money counted out to her by the old guy and didn’t shut up. It was like she was showboating.

        I gave her my version of The Look. It is not exactly aggressive but perhaps more threatening. Turn to face the person full on, look irate and incredulous that they are bringing this on themselves, but no movement towards them.

        Understand that I’m not a…neighborly looking guy. Over 6″1′, over 300lbs, scarred, scruffy, ponytailed, earringed, tattooed. Oh, and I usually dress like I just mugged a hobo for his clothes. I’m a huge hit at my kid’s Montessori Academy on event nights.

        That turn and look got her yelling down to a mutter and she got her money and left, still muttering curses.

        It felt great, then I felt kinda bad. She was a bitch…but…something. I didn’t really aggress her but…maybe I did? I was threatening, kinda?

        I’ve always hated people who used intimidation to (please forgive me the use of this word in our current times) bully others. Was I being aggressive or just defensive? Where is the line?

      3. I doubt an aggressive reaction would be necessary, that escalation could be reversed with the right response. People like that are generally acting out some motherfucking scenario from way back that actually has nothing to do with here and now and are unable to maintain the show if reactions are inconsistent with how the little show is supposed to play out. But I wouldn’t fault anybody for handling her a bit more directly.

    5. As someone who used to work in customer facing jobs and dealt with people like that on a regular basis, being calm and efficient in getting them out of there is the best strategy. Your calm demeanor contrasted with their asshole-ishness causes everyone else to sympathize with you, while focusing on making them go away minimizes the damage. You can only win with people like that by protecting your time. Stooping to their level wastes your time and is counterproductive.

    6. I’ve found being a sarcastic asshole tends to get the message across.

      I once was in line behind a woman at a Jamba Juice who was verbally berating the person behind the counter for screwing up her order. It was a new person, and she was practically in tears because of this mega-bitch. So when she finally turned to leave, I stepped up to the counter and said “Wow, if she’s hear, who’s running hell?”

      She looked at me as if she was about to launch into a tirade at me and before she started I said “I don’t work here, so I don’t have to put up with your shit with a smile, so whatever you’re about to say, you’d best reconsider,” then kind of stared her down with a “go ahead, give me an excuse” look and she left in a huff.

      1. Ah, the dead-eyed stare. I find it more useful all the time.

        1. Same here, but I still don’t really get why it works. Some guy gets a big mouth, acts like he’s ready to escalate things to the absolute if anybody gies him an excuse, and I say, “Come on, Man. Why you wanna do this?” and regard him for a moment, generally considering how likely it’s gonna be he’s gonna force me to kike his arse, and after a mo he’s dropped his gaze and muttering about how he’s just fooling or something. A couple times I had some tough guy that come on like he’s going to fire up ragnar?k and go off like a bucket of skunks actually break down into some kind of collapse of psychic organisation after getting regarded with a considering stare for a few moments. It’s hard to believe they’re reacting to an honest assessment of my physical threatningness, which should be pretty low except for the fact that I’m not posturing in some territorial display like a lot of these pigface cretins seems to be doing, generally. People are very disappointing and being careful is no way to live.

          1. I think there’s a certain *type* of deadpan stare that gets people to think/realize that this certain person isn’t to be fucked with. Think Mike from Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad. The kind of stare that says the person isn’t at all intimidated, and is ready to deal out a world of pain, not out of fury but out of cold efficiency.

            Maybe you possess that type of stare.

    7. I’m pretty sure that I’m not justified putting violent hands on her (even to just eject her from the place)

      If you have the owner’s blessing you could put your hands on her to force her out of the establishment without violating the NAP. You couldn’t do more than is necessary to get her out of there, but you could use force.

  43. Ok, so what now?

    The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence wants to literally erase the names of mass killers from major web sites.
    To do that, the group is releasing a plugin for the Chrome web browser. “You can wipe away the killer’s name and image from your screen, and replace it with something that truly deserves our attention — the victims,” the plugin description says.
    The marketing firm Ogilvy & Mather is the Brady Campaign’s partner on the project, dubbed “Zero Minutes of Fame.”
    The project is independent of the “No Notoriety” campaign, but carries the same message. “No Notoriety” is a concept promoted by Caren and Tom Teves, whose son Alex was killed in the attack at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater in 2012.….._tech_pool

    1. I don’t think these people understand how this works.

      1. “But now you have to get everyone, including prospective mass murderers, to install the plugin.”


    2. Do the same for people on death row. Why not?

    3. That’s a great idea! /ESPN

    4. Not a bad idea. It is certainly a good way to put your ideology where your eyes are. Best of luck to these guys.

    5. The Gun Control people know they can’t do shit legislatively, so they’re going to turn their efforts to stupid ‘campaigns’ in other areas of social life. Expect more of this.

  44. RE: The Indiana primary is tonight, and the most likely result is the long-awaited coronation of our 2016 general election candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    Oh goody!
    Heil Hitlery will win the socialist party’s endorsement.
    Trump the Grump will win the fascist party endorsement.
    Thank God for 12 year old scotch!

  45. RE: Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sentenced to 12 years in prison for corruption.

    Too bad Mr. Silverman doesn’t live in Illinois.
    He would have gotten a big fat raise instead of a prison sentence.

  46. Looks like Hillary and Bernie are pretty close in Indiana early on. Trump is way up on Cruz.

    1. Rooting for Sanders for the lulz.

      1. Looking at exit poll data is interesting. Top 2 issues, government spending and jobs/economy, combined around 70%. Isn’t that interesting. I don’t see gun control or climate change on there. What are these people, radical libertarians?

        1. I was reading that the Usual Suspects were pumping out econ data trying to convince people in Indiana that they’ve never had it better!

          Huh. Its almost like people prefer to believe their lying eyes over what a bunch of paid propagandists tell them.

          1. Well, Indiana, a lot of it, I mean everything north of Indy is just mostly agriculture. But there used to be a big mfg base there. I worked for a mfg company there for 10 years. I hate Indiana, but it’s just mostly because it’s an ultra shitty climate. Anyway, most of those jobs are gone. And they’re not coming back no matter what Trump or Bernie says. They’re gone forever. I also worked a couple of years for a small private college there, right before I left. The problem that was always being discussed is that as soon as students graduated, I mean the ones who got real degrees in STEM fields, left the state. Well, what the fuck, there’s nothing there but corn and hogs!

            1. And, apparently, idiots who believe some moronic bloviating asshole from New York whose every utterance is either a lie or mistaken is somehow going to personally reinflate their moribund economy.

              1. Are you talking about Trump or Hillary? I can’t tell.

              2. And I’m not saying that it can’t be done. But if jobs can be brought back to Indiana, it’s not going to be those same mfg jobs. They just don’t even exist now, they’ve all been automated. I mean don’t lie to people just because they’re dumb enough to believe it.

            2. The problem that was always being discussed is that as soon as students graduated, I mean the ones who got real degrees in STEM fields, left the state.

              Well hello! (Purdue grad who moved to TX with his STEM degree)

              The brain drain has a lot to do with local recruiting, as well. I was a 3.5 GPA computer engineering major with 18 months of work experience, and 90%+ of my interviews were out of state. The only in-state interviews I got were for grad school, working at a steel mill, and working at some tiny electronics manufacturer on the east side of Indy. A couple of my Mech E friends ended up at Rolls Royce, and some of my Chem/Chem E friends ended up at Lilly. Other than that, most people ended up in Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, or further away.

              I do have to say that as much as the climate in Indiana sucks, the only thing I’m really not liking about Texas is the climate. That’s the main reason we’re moving back north when I graduate law school. Summer was my favorite season until I moved down here.

              1. not liking about Texas is the climate

                And the damned traffic. My wife and I bought a place on the edge of the suburban sprawl, and it was almost immediately consumed by suburbia once Toyota and State Farm announced their intentions to move down here. I fucking hate the suburbs.

              2. I’m a compsci guy too, software engineer/analyst who moved out too. Funny thing is, I almost moved to TX. Sometimes, I really wish I would have though I did find a lucrative career here in the people’s republic on Murland.

                And don’t even talk to me about traffic. I remember the first time I took my wife to IN to visit my relatives who are still stuck in that god forsaken place and she says to me ‘honey, where are all the cars?’, lol.

                1. I remember the first time I took my wife to IN to visit my relatives who are still stuck in that god forsaken place and she says to me ‘honey, where are all the cars?’, lol.

                  Haha, I completely understand! Mine said “oh, now I understand why you drive like you do.”

                  I really wish I would have though I did find a lucrative career here in the people’s republic on Murland

                  I’m gonna be up in that area for a couple weeks this summer (On the VA side of DC) scoping it out for a potential move. If I could transplant TX to a more temperate climate (and leave half the people behind), I’d do that instead, but the climate down here drives me nuts.

                  General comment for clarification: I didn’t put my GPA in my above post just to be a prick. I originally wrote that post to show that I wasn’t getting passed up for better candidates by the Indiana companies, but that part got edited out. Forgot to pull the GPA out.

  47. Speaking of crooked politicians, here’s an interesting tidbit:

    The Hillary Clinton campaign made multiple payments to a company that specializes in hard drive and document destruction, campaign finance records show.

    The payments, which were recorded in February and March of 2016, went to the Nevada-based American Document Destruction, Inc., which claims expertise in destroying hard drives or “anything else that a hard drive can come from.”…..n-company/

    Could be innocuous, but who knows? Its a shame no reporter will ask her why her campaign was destroying hard drives in the middle of the primary election, while a federal investigation of the candidate was underway.

    1. More grist for Trump’s campaign mill….

  48. It looks like Ted’s last stand was a lot like Custer’s last stand.

    1. Massacred by someone opposed to mass immigration?

      1. Yeah, that was quite a fucking beat down. Cruz may as well hang it up. He had a much better chance of winning IN than he does CA. He’s toast.

        1. Wow, Bernie and Hilldawg are within a few points. I think we know how that story ends.

          1. But Hilldawg is 3.2M votes ahead of Bernie.

            1. Not in Indiana.

              But, who are we kidding. “Its not who votes that counts”. No way does Bernie beat her, no matter how many people vote for him.

              1. Bernie’s going to win IN.

              2. That’s exactly what I was trying to say, RC. It’s Hillary’s turn. That could be a disaster for Dems, it’s probably good for Trump though.

              3. Well, spank my monkey. Drudge is showing Bernie with a lead!

                1. Like this?

                  Audio is a little NSFW

                2. Yeah, and he’s up almost 4 points now.

      2. lol, I was texting the wife and watching Faux News at the same time and I just now see what you did there.

        +1 invasion of the white devils

        1. Well, I try.

          *modestly buffs monocle*

  49. So was JS’s resurrection necessary to discharge his pledge honorably?

  50. The Berninator is going to beat Hillary in IN.

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