Barack Obama

The 2 Million People Who Will Elect the Next President

And what politicians don't understand about them.


"Politics should be peer-to-peer, it shouldn't be a top-down lecture," says Hot Air's Ed Morrissey, whose new book is titled Going Red: The Two Million Voters Who Will Elect the Next President—and How Conservatives Can Win Them.

 Morrissey recent sat down with Reason's Nick Gillespie for an extended interview.

Click below to watch the video, or here for the original writeup.

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  1. OT: It’s Sunday. A good kid

    Warning: Auto-play video.

    A kid shoots a home invader. The kids says the home invader, “… started crying like a little baby.” after being shot.

    1. Good kid.

      And when will child services be showing up?

    2. Except that it sounds like he shot at the burglar after the guy was out the door and trying to run away. It’s legit to use deadly force to protect yourself inside your house, but not to stop somebody in your yard who’s trying to run away with your stuff.

      1. I vote to acquit the 11 year old.

      2. That varies by state.

      3. let’s see – who do I hold more responsible, a grown-up who broke into a home or a kid who lived there? I’m going with grown-up, and by the way, there are numerous instances of the ‘running away’ being a non-starter. Of course, that’s in sane jurisdictions.

      4. If by “legit” you mean legal/lawful you’re probably correct, If you mean simply reasonable/justifiable then I’d beg to differ.

      5. Find 12 alabamians who would vote to convict.

        1. you might be surprised; even AL has grabbers. I specifically remember a case in NC where a lady shot to death a guy running away. The sheriff’s office elected to not press charges. I doubt CA would have had the same reaction.

        2. I believe they prefer “Alabamaniacs”

          1. And they’re zany to the max.

            1. They love the govner.

      6. It’s legit to use deadly force to protect yourself inside your house, but not to stop somebody in your yard who’s trying to run away with your stuff.

        Is it?

        1. Depends on the state, doesn’t it?

          1. Frankie asked the question down thread: is legit referring to legally or morally, because there is a distinction between the two.

          2. Depends on if you’re a cop or not, doesn’t it, as to whether or not you can shoot a fleeing suspect in the back and successfully claim a ‘feared for my life’ to avoid even a prosecution, let alone a conviction. Hell, it doesn’t even need to be an *armed* fleeing suspect.

            I don’t see how, if they indict an 11-year old kid for an unecessary use of force in this situation, you can escape the conclusion that 11-year olds are held to a higher standard of restraint and calm, reasoned, dispasssionate examination of the situation than cops.

      7. He was apparently able to stop him without killing him, even many cops seem incapable of doing that. He should receive a medal

        1. Seriously. He seems more responsible and less of a pant shitter than cops who shoot poodles, kids and unarmed people all the time.

      8. It’s legit to use deadly force to protect yourself inside your house, but not to stop somebody in your yard who’s trying to run away with your stuff.

        Define legit.

        Legal or moral?

  2. Well, apparently Obama “dropped the mic” after his final correspondents dinner last night and this is pretty much the most badass thing anyone has ever done.


    1. From what I’ve read there were two remarks made by host Larry Wilmore that pissed people off because they were too edgy:

      1. “It makes sense for the president to hang out with Steph Curry. Both like to rain bombs down on people from long distances.”

      2. His closing statement where he genuinely thanked President Obama for breaking the color barrier. He concluded with, “Yo Barry, you did it, my nigga.”

      A ton of white liberals were horrified.

      1. Obama didn’t do shit. Voters did. There is no color barrier or the POS would have never been elected.

        1. Do you understand what breaking the color barrier means?

          1. Baloney. I think we’re both old enough to remember that, in 2008, plenty of people were voting for him specifically because of the color of his skin. I remember people saying as much. That’s not the sign of a person breaking some sort of barrier.

            1. You could have just said no.

    2. Not quite ‘tear down this wall’.

    3. Obama “dropped the mic” after his final correspondents dinner last night and this is pretty much the most badass thing anyone has ever done.

      Obama has a staff devoted to meme-research; he keeps the white house on fleek

      1. They have to do something with the 400 or so staffers he has on the NSC now.

    4. The derp-worship is even more insufferable than the source.

    5. Chocolate Jeebus is even less self-aware than we imagine:

      During Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, President Obama told the media they have a “responsibility to dig, and to question,” and “It has been an honor and a privilege to work side-by-side with you to strengthen our democracy.”

      Obama told the press, “[I]t’s not enough just to give people a megaphone, and that’s why your power and your responsibility to dig, and to question, and to counter distortions and untruths is more important than ever. Taking a stand on behalf of what is true does not require you shedding your objectivity. In fact, it is the essence of good journalism.”

      He concluded, “I want to close my final White House Correspondents’ Dinner by just saying, thank you. I’m very proud of what you’ve done. It has been an honor and a privilege to work side-by-side with you to strengthen our democracy.”

      ..just NOT my distortions and untruths.

    6. Nuh uh. I mean, that’s pretty badass, but Caitlyn Jenner using the ladies restroom, that’s the most badass thing ever.

  3. OT: It’s Sunday. NH’s first medical marijuana dispensary opens

    On its first morning of operation Saturday, Sanctuary ATC (alternative treatment center), the state’s first therapeutic cannabis dispensary, had about two dozen people with various ailments waiting on its patio, many sitting on stools with canes or crutches at their sides.

    It wasn’t clear what the mood was inside the dispensary. The only people allowed inside were customers who had registry cards from the state health department. Outside it wasn’t a celebratory crowd. Each cardholder had stories of physical pain. Many told of daily, extreme pain.

    Live free or die! On the other hand, it is better than what existed before the law change.

    1. Huh. Learn something new every day. I was not aware cannabis had uses as a pain therapy. Interesting.

      1. Over the past 15 years I tried about every category of painkiller, and cannabis is easily the single most effective. On the other hand, it’s easier to maintain higher levels of function with opioids.

    2. Better, but the NH law really sucks.

      Not only could only people with cards get in. The cards only allow you to go to one dispensary. So people who have cards, but for the other places that haven’t opened yet, are still screwed as far as I can tell.

      1. Another reason why I say “Live free or die!” is a joke.

        1. It’s getting to be. I still feel like I am more left alone here than I would be living in a lot of other places (that aren’t far away from absolutely everything). But it seems like our government is doing their best to fuck it up. Hassan can’t be gone soon enough. I wonder if the NH Republicans will manage to come up with a plausible candidate this year.

          1. Getting to be? I starting saying the state motto is a joke pretty quickly after I moved here. Sure, in some ways I’m much freer here than I was in Pennsylvania, but in other ways Pennsylvania was freer. If the motto wasn’t a joke, I’d be freer in all ways.

          2. Hopefully she’s not gonna be our next Senator , not that Ayotte is peaches and cream or anything.

    3. Enjoy. First, it will become easier and easier to obtain the medical card, until eventually the opposition just gives up and they legalize it. Took about 7 yrs in Colorado, if I recall correctly.

      1. I expect this process to accelerate much quicker IF Maine and Mass move to regulate the demon weed marihuana as alcohol on their upcoming referenda.

        1. I think Maine will. MA, no. They’re way too statist, like NJ and MD. And there’s only like 10 people in Maine, so no one cares.

    4. Next door in vermont, the latest version of the legalization bill has a $125 annual permit to grow on your own property. Your name goes on a list, the state gets its money, you lose all gun rights was my fist thought.

    5. I don’t get excited about medical weed at all. I mean, I’m not against it. But just legalize it already, cut to the chase.

      1. Decriminalize it! Legalization is just another way to say regulation. Although I agree that legalization is better by every metric than the current criminalization scheme, it still means that there are laws that the state can use to deprive people of their liberty. I get the baby steps and so on, but laws get entrenched, especially if they are “tolerable”.

  4. Happy May Day!


    1. No beer or toilet paper day?

    2. May Day is about weaving ribbons around poles and leaving little baskets of flowers on people’s doorsteps and running away. What’s all this socialism nonsense?

      1. ^This, I don’t let the god-botherers co-opt my pagan winter celebration with their X-mas crap, And I’m not letting the commies take my pagan summer celebration with their Labour crap.

        1. That’s right. International Workers’ Day and May Day are distinct holidays.

        2. Mayday is also the traditional start of Summer (hence the maypoles and flowers). The sun is approximately halfway between the equinox and the solstice.

          And it’s snowing here.

          … Hobbit

          1. We’ve had gusty wind all night and well into today. April showers brought May windstorms.

    3. Wait a minute… May Day is all about socialism! All hail the great revolution! They’re celebrating in the streets of Caracus, without beer of course.

  5. Remember how the Obama administration refuses to give a religious exemption to the Little Sisters of the Poor, threatening to cripple them financially over the contraceptive mandate?

    Well, it turns out that the Obama administration *is* in favor of granting religious exemptions. Specifically, it wants a private hospital to grant certain employees a religious exemption from taking the flu vaccine.

    1. h/t religionclause blog.

    2. Christian Scientists?

    3. Some quotes from the lawsuit here:

      “Religious beliefs by former Mission employees Christine Bolella, Melody Mitchell and Titus Robinson forbid receiving vaccines, according to the complaint.

      “Bolella is a practicing member of the Christian Church of the Nazarene, according to the complaint.

      “”Based on her religion, Bolella believes that the human body can naturally fight illnesses with prayer, and that she should not receive vaccinations or immunizations,” the lawsuit said….

      “Mitchell is a Christian who believes that her body is a temple based on her interpretation of the Bible, according to the complaint.

      “”She believes that putting vaccinations in her body is wrong and disrespectful to God. Mitchell believes it is God’s job to protect her from illnesses,” the lawsuit said.

      “Robinson is a Muslim who believes “that his body is a temple and natural herbs are used for healing the body,” according to the complaint.

      “He also “believes vaccinations and inoculations are artificial, unproven, and unsafe medical processes which are contrary to his religious beliefs,” the lawsuit said.”

      1. But remember – the Little Sisters of the Poor are religious fanatics who want to ignore public-health regulations because of their superstitions!

        1. “One former employee, Chelsea Kouns, ultimately obtained the vaccine in December 2014 so she wouldn’t lose her job ? even though doing so conflicted with her religious beliefs ? but hospital officials informed Kouns they already had fired her, according to the complaint.

          “Kouns follows Daoism and is a strict vegan who does not believe in killing or consuming other living beings, based on her faith, according to the complaint. She objects to receiving the flu vaccination “because the majority of flu vaccinations contain eggs and other animal products,” the lawsuit said.”

          1. “Under federal law, employers must attempt a fair balance between an employee’s right to practice his or her religion and the operation of their business,” said Lynette A. Barnes, regional attorney for EEOC’s Charlotte District Office. “An arbitrary deadline does not protect an employer from its obligation to provide a religious accommodation. An employer must consider, at the time it receives a request for a religious accommodation, whether the request can be granted without undue burden. This case demonstrates EEOC’s commitment to fighting religious discrimination in the workplace.”

            The case does not sound unreasonable.

            To the left, Eddie, this is the government. Americans handed power to hypocrites only interested in power, and tasked these power-mad hypocrites with carving out special rights for religions, which gave the hypocrites the power to define those special rights as well as “religion”.

            And now we’re shocked – shocked – that hypocrites with no interest in right or wrong, or anything besides feeding their own power, are using these tools to write contradictory laws to be used as bludgeons to increase their power.

            1. special rights for religions,

              Would a repeal of the 1964 CRA, while keeping the ‘free exercise’ clause, fix this, you think?

              1. Partly, I’d say. But you can’t get all the way to real free exercise unless any law that is found to violate anyone’s right to free exercise cannot be applied to anyone, regardless of their religious belief. And even then, you still have to depend on courts to decide what is and is not religion. So you really need to have only laws forbidding things that directly harm other people to which there cannot be any reasonable religious exemption.

                1. But you can’t get all the way to real free exercise unless any law that is found to violate anyone’s right to free exercise cannot be applied to anyone,

                  I don’t really understand your point.

                  It might be helpful to point to a ‘religious freedom’ court case prior to the Civil Rights Act which clarifies what you mean.

                  The issue seems to me that the 1rst amendment bars Govt from interfering with religious practices; it doesn’t mean that “anybody anywhere can’t be discriminated against by anyone”, which seems to me what the CRA added.

                  1. Sorry, I thought we were talking about something else. Not feeling great today.

                    There’s really only one problem: the government interfering in any arrangements between private individuals.

          2. Perhaps they should find another line of work. The rights of the many patients they come into contact with have some weight here, I would think, and requiring people who work at the hospital to be immunized is well within the hospital’s right.

        2. All science is explained in the Quran don’t you know.

      2. “Mitchell is a Christian who believes that her body is a temple based on her interpretation of the Bible, according to the complaint.

        Reminds me of the stereotype patient we sometimes see in the ER.

        They come in screaming and combative, unable to relax or sit still. A tox screen shows them to be positive for methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates and probably other things we don’t test for, as well as an alcohol level of .24.

        We offer a gentle sedative to help them calm and give them time to detoxify. But the patient’s response is:
        “I don’t want any of your ‘drugs’ doc. My body is a temple.”

        1. the patient’s response is:
          “I don’t want any of your ‘drugs’ doc. My body is a temple.”


          Does that present a legal bar to treating patients? You’d think that the tox-screen would show that The Temple has been suitably ransacked, and that claims of Religious Drug-Free Observance were so much baseless rants.

          Or is there a right to refuse treatment in all cases? I have no idea how that works. Can people bleed to death in an ER if they keep repeating that they have a (religious or otherwise) objection to tourniquets, coagulants, etc.?

          1. Unless you are committed, you have the right to refuse treatment, yes.

            1. It differs from state to state, but if you can document it is a life-threatening emergency and another physician will concur, you can save the life over a patient’s wishes.

              In the case of the patient described, unless you could somehow determine his life was in jeopardy, no, you couldn’t treat

              1. Sounds sort of like you’re describing a case where the patient is unable to communicate their wishes.

                1. Yes, that, or when they are too incoherent or psychotic (in the MD’s opinion) to adequately judge between the risks and benefits of a life-saving procedure.

        2. ‘My body is a temple’.

          Thanks for giving me a phrase to annoy my wife with.

          I’m so gonna use it.

          1. My body is a Pope.

            1. My body is a wonderland.

              1. My wife used to like that no-talent ass clown.

                I utterly ruined it for her by whispering in a raspy voice:
                “My body is a wonderland”.

                Mission accomplished.

                1. Mayer is an extremely talented guitarist. His songwriting may suck, but dude can play.

                  1. But he isn’t just a guitarist.

                    He loves him some US Constitution, though, so I like him as a person. I’d buy him a few drinks.

      3. A religious exemption here would just be saying that the vaccine is not needed *at all*. In which case you would need to drop the requirement for *everyone, irrespective of their religions*. A flu vaccine is a medical treatment – you don’t get to specify unneccessary medical treatments as a condition of employment.

    4. Science man, they freaking love science.

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  7. I see there are no comments on the post.Keeping with that line I will say I am making fish taocs for lunch with a brown ale.Happy ‘ 100 million dead day’.

    1. “Happy ‘ 100 million dead day'” …and counting!

    2. What kind of fish tacos?

    3. What is this, a chat room?

      1. Yes. Room topic: Fish Tacos.

        I like ’em beer battered and deep fried with cabbage, lime crema, and hot sauce. The hotter, the better.

    4. What was the post about? 2 million people… libertarian moment?

  8. Today in the Post (sorry reason won’t take the link) George Will writes the most bizarre major media opinion piece since David Brooks’ infamous “he will be a great President, his pants are perfectly creased” column. He doesn’t just want Hillary to win. He thinks conservatives should try and give her a 50 state mandate. I am not kidding.

    If Will thinks it is strategically better for his cause for Hillary to win, that is his call. I won’t call him unreasonable even if I think he is wrong about that. It is one hell of a tell, however, that will wants her to win all 50 states and achieve that kind of mandate. Wouldn’t Trump be just as much of a private citizen if he lost 35 states to Hillary?

    The fact that Will wants her to win 50 shows it is not about defeating Trump. Hillary winning 35 states would do that. What Hillary winning 35 states would not do and her winning 50 states would is completely discredit and delegitimaize Trump’s supporters.

    I wrote an email to Jonah Goldberg a couple of weeks ago saying the belt way conservative pundits have a viseral loathing of the white working class. He responded with “how dare you!!”. It seemed to have struck a nerve. Now I see will openly hoping for a 50 state Hillary win and understand it didn’t seem to strike a nerve, it hit one. The truth tends to do that.

    1. There’s a certain logic to it.

      If you are committed to the two-party system, or, at the very least, you’re committed to a certain restricted class of “acceptable” candidates, it’s Trump or Clinton in your mind. If, further, Trump is unacceptable to you, you have to support Clinton. Wholeheartedly, in fact. Because the alternatives are to go outside your list of acceptable candidates (but that violates the first principle) or support Trump (ditto the second principle).

      That mainstream candidates are the only acceptable ones is a pretty common opinion. That Trump is just unacceptable as a candidate is a reasonable opinion. So, there you go.

      You’d think having to support Clinton would convince people like Will that, just maybe, something radical should be done about our political system. That ought to be the lesson of the Trump candidacy – if this guy is getting so much support that he’s going to be the Republican candidate in the general, maybe you should do something to make sure the party doesn’t nominate shitheads like Romney, McCain, W, Dole…how long have these “fuck you”s to the base been put up by the party elite as the only acceptable candidates? Trump is a counter “fuck you” and it’s only going to get worse if you keep ignoring the base.

      1. I personally think we deserve a completely ridiculous candidate like Trump, and that American politics deserves to have a complete idiot like him win.

        Just to let everyone else know how shitty they are.

        When he finishes his 1-term, hillary will be too old (and/or in jail, or defected, or something), and the GOP will have lost the senate, and there will be a Great Cleansing which at least makes the New Political Scumbags feel less secure in their roles.

        1. I think the professional political class’ greatest fear is that if Trump were to win, nothing catastrophic would occur. It would be a term or two without much deviation from the others, effectively erasing the veneer of specialness the political class loves to paint itself with.

          1. if Trump were to win, nothing catastrophic would occur.

            I think that’s right. (aside from maybe losing 1 of the houses in congress, maybe)

            Which is sort of exactly my point. The theoretical “upside” of a Trump win would be a huge-devaluing of the cachet and authority of people in political office. People would think, “If an idiot like Trump can keep the lights on, why the hell are these morons in Congress so incapable?”

          2. I think the professional political class’ greatest fear is that if Trump were to win, nothing catastrophic would occur.

            You will not be able to tell this from reading the press. It will be homeless explosions, poison water catastrophes, global warming plagues, gun murders 24/7, and the stars and bars over the white house in the NYT and WaPo et al.

        2. Isn’t Anonymous on Hillary’s back?

          Yet she keeps ticking. And crawling.

          Like a cok-a-roach.

      2. Interesting. So it’s very similar to parties falling in line behind their candidate after the primaries (in more normal years).

      3. But what does “the base” really want? All sorts of different things or persons. So the tendency is to nominate the least offensive candidates, the type you call shitheads. What do you get when you mix all the paints? The compromise is grey.

        Trump’s winning the nomination because there are people who’ve very enthusiastically wanted him for many years. They overcame the grey-making tendency. This time it was enthusiasm for, not lack of feeling against, that decided it.

        1. There is no indication that the shitheads were a compromise. It was just what the establishment wanted, and let the base be damned.

    2. I loath Trump as much as any libertarian, but the response of the GOP establishment to his campaign certainly reveals the fraud that the two major parties significantly different. The GOP establishment pays lip service to limited and decentralized government, conservative values, etc. while speeding along the road to serfdom at 70 mph. The Democrat establishment pays lip service to competent governance, civil rights, etc. while speeding down the road to serfdom at 90 mph. Meanwhile both parties advance a permanent warfare state, line the pockets of cronies, and usurp the inalienable rights of individuals. The only difference is in speed; the destination is the same. The only disagreement between the parties are which foreign enemies to bomb first, which cronies should benefit first, and which individual rights should be usurped first.

      1. Look up – Uniparty –

    3. Republican voters, particularly in Indiana and California, can, by supporting Cruz, make the Republican convention a deliberative body rather than one that merely ratifies decisions made elsewhere, some of them six months earlier. A convention’s sovereign duty is to choose a plausible nominee who has a reasonable chance to win, not to passively affirm the will of a mere plurality of voters recorded episodically in a protracted process.

      Trump would be the most unpopular nominee ever, unable to even come close to Mitt Romney’s insufficient support among women, minorities and young people. In losing disastrously, Trump probably would create down-ballot carnage sufficient to end even Republican control of the House….A Democratic Senate probably would guarantee a Supreme Court with a liberal cast for a generation. ….

      The minority of people who pay close attention to politics includes those who define an ideal political outcome and pursue it, and those who focus on the worst possible outcome and strive to avoid it….Both sensibilities have their uses, but this is a time for prudence, which demands the prevention of a Trump presidency.

      His argument is that “If Trump gets the nomination… the only way to protect the House & Senate is for him to lose as badly as possible”

      I don’t necessarily agree with him, but its not as crazy as you make it seem.
      its not as crazy as you make it seem

      1. DO I STUTTER!??!


      2. His argument is that “If Trump gets the nomination… the only way to protect the House & Senate is for him to lose as badly as possible”

        He has just told Trump supporters to vote D down ballot.

        If the parties are different……

        1. “If Trump gets the nomination… the only way to protect the House & Senate is for him to lose as badly as possible”

          This makes no sense at all. The GOP cannot say: “Don’t vote for our presidential candidate, just our Congressional ones!” Voters do not think that way. The GOP has to support all GOP candidates, period.

          The Senate, I don’t know. It’s leaning against the GOP this time. But there is no way the Democrats take the House, Trump or no Trump. And I still think it’s absurd to think Hillary’s inevitable. Her health, the FBI, her terrible campaigning skills, her lack of full-throated supporters (most are of whom are the “she’s a Democrat, so OK” variety): all bode ill for her.

          On the other hand, Trump supporters are very motivated, he’s getting more black support than other recent Republicans, lots of blue-collar Dems like him, he’s got the benefit of a reverse Bradley effect, and has top-notch persuasion skills. The pundit consensus was that he’d never get this far, now it’s that he can never win. I think they’re still wrong.

          1. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s just wishful thinking from the left. This is what they do. I still remember when they were predicting that the Democrats would pick up 100 seats in the Senate in 2010. That tells you all you need to know. The GOP ‘might’ lose control of the Senate in 2018, but not the house. Democrats have went way too far left, but they don’t realize that yet.

            1. Sorry, not 100 seats in the Senate, I meant 100 seats combined in congress.

              1. Yeah, if you started with some & picked up 100 seats in the US senate, that means you admitted a bunch of new states!

                1. Like I said, that was an error on my part. I meant to say ‘congress’, not senate.

                2. 57 states?

    4. If you are a crony capitalist or war monger, then Hillary is definitely your candidate and you would want a mandate. Otherwise, this would probably make you at least somewhat insane.

  9. Spot the Not: Anthony Weiner

    1. And you’re a perfect person? You’re my judge? What rabbi taught you that you’re my judge?

    2. Pictures get manipulated, pictures get dropped into accounts. We’ve asked an internet security firm and a law firm to take a hard look at this to come up with a conclusion about what happened and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

    3.We’re trying to get to the bottom of where the picture came from, and we’re trying to get to the bottom of what it’s of and who it’s of.

    4. Last Friday night, I Twitted a photograph of myself that I intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in Seattle. Once I realized I posted to Twitter I panicked, I took it down and said that I had been hacked. I then continued with that story, to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake.

    5. As a public figure, I am a lighting rod for personal attacks, both in person an now online. These cowardly attacks show we need tougher laws against hackers.

    6. There’s no doubt about it, earmarks are not very popular. There are good earmarks and bad earmarks. The good earmarks are the ones I get for my district.

    1. Tough one, 3?

    2. I’ll go with 5 though 3 was my first instinct as well.

      (*psychological aversion to me-too betting)

    3. “I Twitted”= awesome, I want that one to be true. Yes, you did.

      1. 5 is my guess

    4. 4. Sounds too honest. As does 6…

      4. Final answer.

    5. What, no al queda’s sword?

  10. Spot the Not: Damnatio Memoriae

    1. After Peron was deposed, the new govt made illegal to speak his name.

    2. After Hollande divorced his wife, all pictures and documents referring to her were removed from the official web page of the president.

    3. It is illegal in Iran to speak the name of Israel. It must always be called “the Zionist entity”.

    4. It was illegal in Uruguay to say the name of the Tupamaro rebel group.

    5. The Hitler statue in Madame Tussaud’s wax museum is the only one without an identifying label.

    6. The uniforms of disgraced Canadian general Russell Williams were burned and his medals destroyed.

    1. I’ll go with 3. The Iranians are too-easy a mark.

      1. Curses! I’ll get you next time, GILMORE.

        Next time.

  11. Remember when we could totally believe climate change was real because all of the smart people on Wall Street were certain of it and investing and making sure insurance companies took it into account?

    Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have overwhelmingly rejected a resolution calling for the company to write a report about the risks climate change creates for its insurance companies.…..0-20-36-16

    1. WAWT has a post on this as well as a good post on James Hanson’s visit to Omaha to try to convince everybody there that we’re all gonna die!

      Hansen in Omaha

      1. My Mom (96) is in Omaha Am I going to have to give her the bad news?

          1. I knew you were going to say that.

  12. OT: I went to the Monterey aquarium yesterday and learned something neat about the fall of the fishing industry on cannery row. They used to catch so many sardines that they started selling them for fertilizer an animal feed instead of food. But then the sardine population suddenly collapsed and all the canneries shut down. The conventional wisdom at the time was the collapse was from over-fishing, but later research showed it was mainly due to a change in ocean temperatures that follow a 25 year cycle.

    So a problem that was thought to be man made turned out to be from a natural cycle. Huh. I wonder if there are other cases where that might be true….

    1. I also saw that Agile Cyborg has taken to painting portraits.

  13. High Class

    – Media Hacks get into bitch-slapping fight at the correspondent’s dinner-party; HuffPo Douchebag Starts Shit with Fox News Douchebag, Douche-fight ensues.

    No cinematic sparring or broken beer bottles, witnesses said, but the two flailed around a bit, upending a table and bumping into several people.

    “Punches were definitely thrown,” said one witness.

    The WaPo charts the origin of the scuffle back to this event, 7 years ago… where a HuffPo reporter accused Bill O’Reilly of being a ‘rape apologist’ and was then subsequently “harassed” by (unethical!) O’Reilly Factor reporters who had the temerity to try and ask said accuser questions…. which are themselves obviously a form of rape.

    This sort of thing would never happen at Reason cocktail parties


      1. But what if they wrote a catty, insider column about how STEVE SMITH dress?

    2. This sort of thing would never happen at Reason cocktail parties

      Where the fist fights are even nerdier, but everyone is drunker.

      1. “Austrian school!”

        “Chicago school!”

        *slapfight ensues*

        cocktails are spilled…

        1. SOMALIA SCHOOL!

      2. But alcohol is more dangerous than pot, so no, no one will be drunk. Because alcohol legalization and pot legalization are zero-sum. /reason

        1. Which no one has said ever (besides the objective fact that alcohol is more dangerous than pot).

          Get your goddamn memes straight, man. How do you have cocktail parties without alcohol?

          1. Yes, alcohol is more dangerous than pot, and guns leap out of their owners’ holsters and shoot people.

            Animism – not just for progs!

    3. What a bunch of dorks. I am surprised this stuff does not happen more often, especially with the Twitter catfights they all seem to engage in.

      1. There is a video of the altercation on youtube.

    4. Soooo. Huffpo are more douchey in the end?

      I’m good with that.

    5. Sometimes I fantasize that all the conservatards and commies kill each other off and leave the planet for we libertarians. It could happen, but then we’ll probably wind up collateral damage. Sigh… one can dream.

  14. Raising kids without diapers is apparently a thing now.

    There’s some Chesterton quote about before you tear down a fence, you should learn why it was built in the first place.

    1. Pretty sure it’s been a thing since animals started shitting. (Sorry).

      Reading the article, it seems like not a bad idea if you have the time for it. They aren’t just letting the kids crawl around naked, shitting where they will or anything like that. I can only imagine less time spent with dirty diapers on can only be a positive thing. And I bet it make potty training a lot easier when you get to that point.

      1. I can only imagine less time spent with dirty diapers on can only be a positive thing.

        We came up with an ingenious way of avoiding dirty diapers.

    2. So when her son was four days old, she held him over a toilet. To her surprise, he peed.


      (of course, if she held the child over their new Mercedes, or their Labrador Retriever, the child would ALSO have peed. and peed some more.)

      Colon said her son was 4 months old when he sat on his grandmother’s lap in a library as they read a book about the alphabet. As they turned the pages, they made a sound for each letter.

      When they got to “S,” he peed.


      1. Lol, my grandmother would set her grandkids on the toilet and turn the faucet on. She didn’t have an elaborate name for it or forego diapers. A lot of these parenting strategies just seem to be taking potentially decent ideas to ridiculous extremes, the “attachment parenting” thing being another example. “If my child doesn’t breastfeed for 6 years and remain glued to my side for 10, his soul will turn into a bottomless pit of despair!!!”

        1. Parents are constantly reinventing the wheel.

          Every generation seems to think that no one who came before them actually knew shit, and they’ll latch onto the most insane things they think might give little snookums a sliver of advantage vs the overwhelming evil poisons of the world.

          1. The reinventing the wheel shit really bothers me.

            It takes a special kind of arrogant idiot to discard the sum total of parental knowledge accumulated over the centuries and replace it with “I know better”. No, you fucking don’t know better.

            1. It takes a special kind of arrogant idiot

              Maybe. You seem like a good parent, but most seem absolutely insane to me.

              Case study = my brother and his 2 girls.

              he’s not ‘an idiot’ (….well, debatable)… but he’s actually asserted to me, “Its not like when we were kids!” when i asked him why he’s such a protective control-freak. I pointed to a 50% lower crime rate etc., less risk, more information (all the kids have smart phones), etc. and he still shakes his head like “i don’t get it”.

              They basically can never be in any kind of ‘unsupervised’ environment at all. I once suggested the older one (11) walk down to the corner store (3 blocks) and get some milk & other sundries and they all looked at me like I was recruiting her to to join ISIS. I tried to take them upstate to do some hiking and his wife actually thought they’d “need shots” for Lyme disease or something. Its embarrassing. Our parents literally kicked us out the door at age 7 or so, and never asked what the hell we were doing with our free time until maybe 16, when we’d start ‘borrowing’ the car without telling anyone, or came home bloody and/or drunk.

              1. They basically can never be in any kind of ‘unsupervised’ environment at all.

                And, while I have no actual proof, I suspect we are seeing the results of these practices manifest themselves in the forms of “safe spaces” and an inability of young people to meet their employer’s expectations…

                Snowflake syndrome?

                1. One million Marcel Prousts!

                  1. Wait, that was supposed to be a billion

                    EDIT BUTTON!

              2. Gilmore – slap! – our parents were IGNORANT.

                Don’t you get it?

              3. I fight this battle constantly with my wife.

                She had an incredibly shitty mom, so she seems to think she can make up for it by over-mothering. That’s not how it works.

                My oldest is 8 now, and she treats him about the same as I was treated when I was 5 or 6.

                I was allowed to go to the beach with my friends (without parents) to boogie board when I was 7. If the waves were giant, I knew to stay out of the water. I rode my bike to school starting at 8. No fucking helmet.

                My 8 year old doesn’t cross the street by himself yet. My wife keeps him in a bubble, so his situational awareness sucks. It’s self reinforcing at this point.

                Time for a beer.

                1. My 8 year old doesn’t cross the street by himself yet. My wife keeps him in a bubble, so his situational awareness sucks. It’s self reinforcing at this point.

                  Maybe she’s smarter than you think and just doesn’t want a visit from the cops or worse, social services. Keep in mind that most of your neighbors are likely statist sociopaths who will call the cops the minute they see any kid walking alone.

                  1. I live in a gated community, on a cul de sac, where all of the other kids run around unmolested.

                    It’s fine for an 8 year old to play in the neighborhood with his friends here. If he’s doing anything wrong, my neighbors will tell me.

                    1. I live in a gated community

                      You one percenters. So do I. And even better, we have no kids living at home.

                    2. Ah, so you’re just perching there unassumingly, waiting for the moment to kidnap all the unwary kids and initiate them into your freakish Satanic cult.

                      People without kids living in gated communities! Sickening! Creepers.

                    3. What? Are you crazy? I’m going to make those kids into perfectly respectable monocle polishers!

                    4. Kicked your kids out, eh?

                      I’m considering it.

                    5. Yeah, I kicked them both out when they were 18, but they’ve come back several times. It’s a work in progress.

                    6. Tell the guard not to let them in.

                      You’re welcome.

                    7. Actually one does live in a home I own, but it’s 600 miles away and she’s still in school so it’s ok. The other one came back a couple of times, but we’re living in childless utopia once again.

                      When you said that, it reminded me of several years back, my wife dropped me off at her/our place in Brazil right after they picked me up at the airport, so her and her daughter could go shopping for something. The guards wouldn’t let me in. So I’m standing in the street after 13 hours of travel, I was pissed. I had to call her and have her call them to let me in. It was only the 2nd time I had been there and apparently they didn’t recall this gringo.

                    8. What about you orphan child labor?

                    9. Orphan child laborers are all busy in the toxic metal mines.

              4. Unless you got a bruise on your tush, you’re abusing the word “literally”.

            2. One trillion Norman Bateses!

              1. My contributions to this forum are truly indispensable.

        2. As I suggest above, a lot of these things are probably good things if you have time for them (not breastfeeding until the kid is 6, but maybe till 2 or 3). And as you say, really aren’t new. But it turns into another of these stupid things that mothers can use to show how superior they are to lesser mothers.

          We also tend to hear mostly about the more ridiculous extremes.

          1. I find it unusual how so many women self identify as a mom first. And it annoys me when it is used in advertisements. “This busy mom…” Like fathers aren’t busy? Like people without kids aren’t busy? Like being a mom makes you special, not exactly the same as what, maybe 80% of every woman whoever lived?

        3. Next you’re gonna tell me listening to Beethoven in the womb is gonna make kids retarded.

          Maybe that’s why Bernie is so popular? A deficient intake of classical music!

          1. I heard that if you recite Schopenhauer to the pregnant mother’s belly, the child will be congenitally well-equipped to dread and despair the apparent meaningless of existence.

            Can’t believe more people don’t do this. We need more neighborly shame of (would-be) parents, I think!

      2. Colon said

        Is this a Wm. Burroughs revival?

    3. Once again Brooklyn was ahead of everyone else:

      But “elimination communication,” as the diaper-free method of child-rearing is called, is finding an audience in the hipper precincts of New York City.

      Ms. Shapiro, who is a doula, a birth and child-rearing coach, says it is practically now a job qualification to at least be able to offer diaper-free training as an option to clients. Caribou Baby, an “eco-friendly maternity, baby and lifestyle store” on the border of artsy Greenpoint and Williamsburg, has been drawing capacity crowds to its diaper-free “Meetups,” where parents exchange tips like how to get a baby to urinate on the street between parked cars.

      Parents are drawn to the method as a way of preserving the environment from the ravages of disposable diapers, as well as reducing the laundering of cloth diapers and preventing diaper rash. Many of them like the thought that they are rediscovering an ancient practice used in other cultures, though they tend to gloss over the fact that many of those cultures had never heard of Pampers. But mostly, they say, they like feeling more in touch with their babies’ most intimate functions.

      1. Could this violate the NAP? Oh yes.

        “I have absolutely been at parties and witnessed people putting their baby over the sink,” she said. One client took her baby and her bowl to a party, held her naked baby over the bowl, “and she just did it at this person’s party in the corner, but obviously they were close friends,” Ms. Shapiro said.

      2. how to get a baby to urinate on the street between parked cars.


        Seriously, my biggest complaint living in Williamsburg? Was the fucking drunk hipsters who pissed on the sidewalk right in front of my building at 2am.

        1. in case you think i’m exaggerating =

          Gothamist, for reasons unknown except for LOLs we’re guessing, got all the data the NYPD keeps for public urination tickets and made a handy map out of it. The place with the most citations in Brooklyn? Williamsburg, of course, with 1,181 people getting caught with their pants down. It makes sense, because there’s plenty of nightlife in Williamsburg, but it also doesn’t make sense because there are so many bars you could just slink into and use the bathrooms. What, you’d rather take your chances with the cops making jokes about the size of your dick than get stink-eye from some bartender you’ll never see again? Not that you should take advantage of bars’ kindness either. You should always just make a pit stop before you leave.

          The last 2-3 sentences there are a reasonable summary of what I’d be yelling at the guy while i pulled him off the wall mid-piss and threw him in the garbage/middle of the street. My block was particularly bad because there were construction sites on either side of me.

          1. 1,181 people getting caught with their pants down.

            When has any man, durnk or sober, every dropped his pants to pee. So 1,181 WOMYN have been caught pissing in the street in Williamsburg. Stay classy.

            And they wonder why everyone hates new york.

            1. yes, you’re very smart

          2. Seriously, my biggest complaint living in Williamsburg?

            I thought it would have been the Hasidic’s.

            Each time I was in Williamsburg or Bushwick while drinking, I was told to “pee anywhere I could.” It is pretty damn romantic.

            Related: Gavin McInnes’ “how to piss in public” video. It is the Citizen Kane of the public urine instructional video world.

            1. God damn Hasidics and their out of control kids.

            2. I thought it would have been the Hasidic’s.

              ….the Hasidic’s WHAT??

              no, seriously… they stay in their enclave south of Broadway and never the twain shall meet. In 14 years i hardly noticed them aside from the mini-vans cruising for middle-aged prostitutes, or bumping into them on subway platforms. They were otherwise invisible.

              Each time I was in Williamsburg or Bushwick while drinking, I was told to “pee anywhere I could.”

              As opposed to anywhere else? as the piece noted, there’s not really a shortage of *bathrooms*, its just that no one likes waiting in line for the toilet while the hipsters are doing their cheap coke off the toilet.

              Because there are a lot of industrial-blocks, people seem to feel like ‘peeing on the street’ is de rigeur. I was quite the meanie about it.

              Gavin’s video wasn’t so much an ‘instructional’ as it is a David Attenborough-esque analysis of “how people did it” in the hood.

              1. I think of worse ways to spend an evening than terrorizing drunk hipsters trying to pee on my building.

              2. People really do the coke in bathroom stalls thing? I thought it only happened on movies about the disco era. I’ve never felt so Midwestern.

                1. ew, btw

                2. People really do the coke in bathroom stalls thing?/em

                  It doesn’t require a stall. They use the ceramic toilet lid (if there is one). or just lock themselves in and do bumps from Keys.

                  OR SO I’VE HEARD

              3. I was not being serious about the Hasidics, although their apparently universal bad driving freaks me out.

                As opposed to anywhere else?

                The unofficial (in some minds) “pee anywhere” policy cannot be common. I know a lot of it is related to the city being a large area for walking.

                1. The unofficial (in some minds) “pee anywhere” policy cannot be common

                  maybe i was misreading the difference between “pee anywhere you CAN” versus “pee wherever you want”. I thought you meant there was a shortage of legit places to pee.

                  Yes, people in the Wburg area seemed to take a particularly lax attitude about it. Which i blame on the fact that many blocks were still pretty industrial. I never knew if the attitude was from people outside the neighborhood, or people who actually lived there (which struck me as sort of insane).

                  My theory is that most of the ‘pissers’ were suburban kids who were new transplants to the City, and saw it as one big playground rather than a place other people saw as ‘their home’ and considered behavior like that monumentally disrespectful.

        2. I look forward to seeing 2 year olds put on the sex offender list for urinating in public and for the next outbreak of the plague. 1000 years of modern sanitation efforts down the drain.

        3. Doesn’t this happen in every city? (or at least hipster enclave)

          Leave me alone! SF is one giant lake of piss anyway. One time I saw a homeless guy walking along the sidewalk with his dick out, peeing in a sort of sine wave motion, covering the entire width of the sidewalk.

          I was like, ‘yep.’

          Then I walked to the other cot? de la rue and slipped onto the pavement, into a pool of stagnant urine. I was all, ‘yep.’

          The last thing may or may not have happened. But it COULD HAVE.

      3. Good training to get them on the sex offender registry for life!

    4. I’ve been saying for yrs. that the best thing to prevent diaper rash was to use diapers as little as possible, but I thought that meant letting them run around the yard or putting newspapers down in the playpen.

      I’ve also read that potty training comes anomalously late in North America, maybe abetted by Big Diaper.

  15. A modestly funny song about transgender bathrooms:

    1. lololololol

    2. I just learned about Crowder the other day. He’s alright. He did smack down the trigglypuffs at UMass.

  16. The 2 million people who decide the election are a lot like the other 100 million—They want free shit, and they want someone else to pay for it.

    Oh! And they want things they don’t like to be illegal.

    1. About 2 million people usually vote libertarian for president. We should let that 2 million decide.

  17. So Planet Fitness gyms have a special alarms to signal against “lunks”, that is bodybuilding types.

    And to top it off, they call themselves “judgement free”.

    There is no peak derp.

    1. – Warty Hardest Hit

      1. Someday I will go to a Planet Fitness and deadlift. I wonder if they’ll call the cops immediately or ask me politely to leave first.

        1. Just tell them you identify as a non-binary pansexual. They will apologize to you.

      1. went to after Planet Fitness.

      2. We need to pump you up, girly man.

    2. Wait. That’s a real gym with a real retarded policy like that?

      And that girl. Oof.

      1. I give them ten dollars a month.

  18. Dolphins’ new beginning continues with drafting of ‘alpha players’

    They’re turning the roster, acquiring “alpha players,” as Grier said, and a big part of that process continued with the three-day draft that concluded Saturday.

    I blame Trump.

    1. They could reduce the draft by closing the doors and windows.

    2. They’re turning the roster, acquiring “alpha players,” as Grier said

      ‘Alpha’ players are ones that know the alphabet.

      1. Miami GM “we are looking at drafting you son, but we have one important question for you; how many times did you fuck one of your teammate’s girlfriends or wives while you were in college?”

        Draft prospect: “I never did that sir”.

        Miami GM, “Sorry son, you are just not alpha enough to be a Dolphin.”


    Nerd fight!!!

    Whenever the mask slips, our political and media elites are always revealed to be worse classless douche bags than even their worst critics thought they were. What a couple of whinny ass man children.

    1. That fight sounds stupid, but not as stupid as the whole concept of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


    Tracy McCain has a profile of the Orca last seen screaming at that event at Hampshire College. I think she just needs to get laid. Any volunteers? Anyone? Cursty?

    1. An orca is a beautiful, intelligent mammal that is well-adapted to its marine habitat. The screaming feminist at Hampshire College is an objectively ugly and deranged mammal who is poorly adapted to civilized human society. You disparage orcas everywhere by that comparison. In fact, such inter-species comparisons are entirely inappropriate in this case for any genus higher than Limax.

      1. I was going to say the same thing, but I think you have it covered.

    2. She’s lovely, no?

    3. Trigglypuff! visits a closed McDonald’s.

      1. Holy shit, that does look like Trigglypuff! You know, that Trigglypuff actually exists is really fucking creepy. God must have one hell of a sense of humor.

    4. Sorry, but Fat Positive radfems are also extremely hostile to fat fetishists, which presumably one must be in order to find a, er, creature, such as Ms. Segal sexually desirable.

      1. There’s no way any normal person could be around that thing for more than a few minutes at a time. That would bring out homicidal tendencies in the most mild mannered person.

      2. Prioritize Fat Liberation with Trigglypuff

        1. Note the flow of the bullet-points


          #2 – Fatness* has little to nothing to do with health
          #3 – Health is NOT a moral obligation, nor is entirely within our control….

          …its almost like they’re aware of their own lies and bury their own doubt with rationalization.

          meaning = if #2 were actually true? THEN WHY FEEL THE NEED FOR #3 – which instantly acknowledges that a lot of fat people are unhealthy?

          And then why insist its ‘not entirely in your control’…. if there’s no moral obligation?

          It reminds me of my joke about “The Japanese Rationalization of the Rape of Nanking” =

          – Firstly?… It NEVER HAPPENED… Secondly? …. they DESERVED IT

          iow, each point assumes the other is a lie.

      3. Fat Positive radfems are also extremely hostile to fat fetishists

        Part of me is afraid to know how you are so assured about this.

        1. I’ve ready about their take on it. Fat fetishization turns the woman into a sex object who exists only for the pleasure of the male gaze.

          Ideally, a man should want to fuck any liberated woman and have zero aesthetic preferences since all aesthetic preferences are more or less formed by our deeply misogynistic and patriarchal society.

    5. And I made the trigglypuff reference above. And here she is.

    1. Morrissey recent sat down with Reason’s Nick Gillespie for an extended interview.

      I felt so cheated when i actually watched the interview

      1. We know he’s unlovable. We don’t have to hear him tell us.

      2. He wears black on the outside because black is how he feels on the inside.

        One time he went to a club to try to meet someone who really loved him, but he went and stood on his own, and left on his own, and he went home and cried and wanted to die.

        Death for no reason is murder, he said. If a death was not murder, there wasn’t a reason for it.

        The sun shines out of his behind, he alleged.

        He doesn’t like music that says nothing to him about his life. Bit egocentric, even narcissistic.

        When he was 16, he was clumsy and shy and booked himself into the YWCA. He liked it and wanted to stay.

      3. What a beta cuck, amirite

        1. Yes, Morrissey is indeed pretty lame.

          1. He’s my only friend.

            1. Maybe get a dog?

              1. I’ll name him Moz

        1. Brilliant

        2. Yeah, that’s pretty much how i felt about the guy 20+ years ago, and how i still feel now. He’s so whiny, Robert Smith from The Cure would smack him and tell him to act like a man and suck it up.

  21. I watched about half of that and I couldn’t go on. I don’t have any idea what the guy is actually trying to say, it sounds like meaningless meandering to me.

  22. Damn, I must be a little drunk. Funny, I don’t feel drunk. So I was making myself another gin and tonic. I put a double shot of gin in, some ice, lime, like always. Then instead of grabbing the tonic water and finish filling up the 8 oz glass, I picked up the gin and filled the glass the rest of the way. I didn’t even realize it until I took a drink. Holy fuck.

    1. But the obligatory olive. I added 4 and a little splash of the juice.

      1. Better that way anyway.

  23. Warning, do not listen to this guy. Bernie kids know better:

    Cuban says America going down the communist path

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  25. RE: The 2 Million People Who Will Elect the Next President
    And what politicians don’t understand about them.

    Only two million people will be allowed to vote?
    Oh yeah.
    I forgot.
    Amerika isn’t a democracy any more.
    Silly me.

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