Cop Car Smashed Outside Trump Rally, Ideal New York Times Staffer White and Childless?, Trump to Keep Playing the Woman Card: A.M. Links


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  1. Will Carly Fiorina overshadow Ted Cruz?

    Lipstick on a pig?

    1. Buon giorno.

      She’ll have to change her name to Mystery Babylon.

    2. Hello.

      “Two long-term advertising account managers with The New York Times have accused the paper of having an ideal staffer (“young, white, unencumbered with a family”) and filed a federal lawsuit alleging age, race, and gender discrimination.”

      Is this an example of eating their own?

      1. “Young, white, unencumbered by a family” = somebody fresh out of college loaded with student-loan debt who’ll work for minimum wage and feel so guilty for taking a job away from an underprivileged minority they’ll never have the guts to complain about the pay or the working conditions.

      2. Did they make a recruiting poster with those helpful hints, like UW cheerleading did?

    3. That picture, sooooo wrong

      1. It looks like Emperor Palpatine with hair.

        1. I thought it was Large Marge from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

          1. I think it looks like the child catcher fron Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

      2. Yeah, I can see why Keisling had ENB alter the spelling of his name. He should stick with infographics.

      3. It looks like the dead boy they fished out of the river that one time.

    4. You can’t overshadow Lucifer. The hellfire casts shadows away from him.

    5. I love Popeye. I love Popeye.

  2. Will Carly Fiorina overshadow Ted Cruz?

    If she’s taller… yes.

    1. That article is so stupid, it almost sounds sexist. The whole take-away is that Ted isn’t afraid to pick a team-mate that’s smarter and better than him even if that’s a ‘strong woman’. Ted chose well – if Trump plans on playing the woman card, it’s Fiorina who will fight back. If you feel the need to vote for a vagina but strongly suspect Hillary ain’t got one, well, there’s an alternative. Let’s see the feminists put their money where their mouth is. So to speak.

      1. It didn’t work for Mrs. Palin and that was sane and fun Sarah, not the batshit crazy one that emerged a couple years after the election.

        1. I have no doubt the leftist feminists will viciously attack Fiorina should Cruz get the nomination, but I suspect she’ll handle it more deftly and aggressively than Palin did.

        2. Yes, I’m sure we can look for a lot more misogyny from the left.

  3. 172) So there’s this boycott against North Carolina for their transgender bathroom law. I can’t help but notice that boycotts are a favorite tool of SJWs nowadays. (You know who else used a boycott?) I wonder a couple of things.
    First, are boycotts actually effective? Do they ever actually change people’s minds or behavior? I guess they did during the Selma bus boycott, but I’m not sure I can think of another success.
    Second, are boycotts morally legitimate? I tend to think they unfairly target people just trying to make a living, and they seem a lot like bullying to me, especially these nation-wide boycotts against specific communities. But maybe I’m missing something.
    Disclaimer: Yes, I believe on an individual level, any person should be able to shop, or not shop, anywhere they want based on whatever criteria they choose. I’m talking here specifically about group boycotts.

    1. Boycotts are only effective when used by people who currently do business with the targetted entity. This is a necessary, but not sufficient precondition for effectiveness. A second condidition is that enough of those who qualify for the first condition participate to be noticed, and a third is that not enough people who had not previously done business with the entitiy start because of either the policy or the boycott.

    2. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with boycotting. I do think they are generally ineffective, particularly these days when the next outrage is just a day away. Plus most of the people “participating” in the boycotts seem like they don’t actually use whatever it is they are boycotting in the first place.

      1. It’s a lot easier and much less inconvenient to boycott something if you don’t actually use it.

        1. That’s why boycotts are so effective – their primary purpose is to make the boycotters feel morally superior. They don’t do much to the target – if your business policy is so offensive to such a large group of people that a boycott is going to hurt you, the mere threat of such a boycott is probably going to be enough to get you to change your policy. Businesses generally don’t have a policy of pissing off large segments of their customer base and anything that potentially would is avoided or reversed real damn quick. If you’re being boycotted, it probably means you’ve done something that’s pissed off a vocal group but you already know they’re pissed off and you’ve looked at the situation and decided they’re not big enough or vocal enough to get you to change your policy.

          1. They don’t do much to the target

            Not true.

            Target Boycott Crosses 1 Million Signers, Stock Sinks by $1.5 Billion

            1. So, that’s a “buy” on Target stock? I’m betting the fundamentals aren’t any worse than right after the credit card debacle.

    3. For one thing, you can’t boycott something you were never going to buy anyway.

      I have mixed feelings on the boycott strategy. It can be an acceptable and non-violent way to demonstrate your dissatisfaction with a person/company/whatever that is more effective than shouting shit and holding a sign.

      On the other hand, however, I am increasingly disgusted with the SJW’s over-politicization of everything. If I disagree with someone’s political views (especially on an issue that was illegal in the majority of the country just a few years ago and the president and all of Congress openly agreed with), I do not think that that individual should be forced out of the public sphere, lose his livelihood, and become a social pariah. I think it really comes down to degree and how the person supports the cause with which I disagree.

      If, hypothetically, the CEO of a major corporation takes a position on a cause that I find morally repugnant, gives large amounts of money to candidates in support of that particular cause and is actively involved in one of the two major political parties, I have no qualms about refusing to give him my money to fund such causes. In contrast, if I disagree with a business owner about tranny bathrooms or gay marriage or guns or whatever, but they are generally not politically active or it is a small-scale issue (going to war or the death penalty vs. where girls who think they are boys are allowed to shit), I’m not going to get worked up over it.

      1. In other words, it’s not the method, but what it’s being used for.

      2. Speaking of ineffective boycotts, the NAACP has been “boycotting” South Carolina for decades. This is retarded for several reasons, one of which is the demographics and employment status of the state are such that every big event the NAACP prevents from coming to SC ends up hurting their own constituency far more than anyone else.

      3. SJW’s over-politicization of everything

        You see!? This is how we got Trump. Without SJWs Trump wouldn’t have gotten the free press rocketfuel for his campaign. Trump is the consequence we must face. Sometimes I think we get the leaders we deserve. Fuck.

      4. I think the term “vote-buying” would be more appropriate in North Carolina’s case.

        “Vote the way we want, and we’ll invest in your state, otherwise we won’t.”

        If a large corporation told a state, “pass a right-to work law or we won’t come here,” then the SJWs would be shrieking about corporate power and Citizens’ United.

        In this case the message is “pass laws to let the gents use the public ladies’ rooms and vice-versa, and also empower local governments to hassle businesses with ‘civil rights’ and labor laws over and above the federal and state laws the businesses already have to obey.”

        I know Lenin didn’t actually say that the capitalists would furnish the rope for their own hanging, but some companies are acting to fulfill that prophecy.

        Look at the New York Times – do you think they ever believed that the ‘civil rights’ laws they wanted to impose on others would ever apply to *them*?

    4. Most boycotts seem to be more about signaling or punishing people than they are about trying to genuinely change policies or minds. They also are short lived. Anyone being boycotted who can hold out for two weeks will probably see things return to normal.

      1. Whoa!
        /Keanu reeves

    5. The boycott itself is pointless in this short term memory, 140 character age. It’ll be forgotten soon enough. Calling for the boycott and thereby signalling is the whole point of this.

    6. I find the idea of boycotting a state for passing a law protecting a business’s right to choose what terms they do business with a customer to be deliciously contradictory.

      1. Most SJWs lack the self-awareness and critical thinking skills necessary to recognize that.

    7. Best boycott ever was the boycott of The Masters sponsors.

      Response: no sponsors, commercial free golf.

      You cant boycott people with fuck you money.

      1. “people with fuck you money.”

        Love it

        That scene with John Goodman and Marky mark was great. rest of the movie was OK, but that scene alone is great. Goodman is way underrated as an actor

    8. As far as I’ve been able to tell, boycotts are effective when they’re well-targeted: they have a specific, limited cause, a specific, limited target, and the cause is reasonably popular. In the case of the recent “bathroom laws”, it actually has worked, as in the case of North Carolina’s governor. Other times, like “let’s boycott France for not supporting us in Iraq!” or “let’s boycott Russia for not respecting gay rights!”, it doesn’t really work out, because most customers don’t care that much and it’s not even that clear what the target of the boycott would have to do anyway.

    9. Remember that boycotts can only work one way. If I’m a racist (and as a libertarian, of course I am!), I can choose not to go to a store owned by a black person. If I’m a racist store owner, I can’t choose not to let black people into my store.

      Remember too how California decided to boycott Arizona after they passed their harsh immigration laws, and when Arizona responded with ‘Fine, in response we won’t be selling you our electricity,’ California went apeshit.

  4. Trump plans to play the woman card a lot more.

    He’s going to have to wrestle it away from Hillary.

    1. Hopefully he’ll draw the Dead Man’s Hand.

      1. These masturbation euphemisms aren’t very abstract anymore.

    2. He’s in the process of neutralizing Hillary’s schwerpunkt for the campaign. Textbook spoiling attack. Nicely done, IMO.

      I think that if he pivots (as suggested by Scott Adams) to asking what women object to in his actual positions, Hillary is going to be flailing for a message.

      1. But is Trump right? If Secretary Clinton were a man, would she be struggling to hit double digits in support? Or would she still be the best qualified presidential candidate EVAR, as her supporters claim?

  5. Trump plans to play the woman card a lot more.

    As long as these cards aren’t in binders, the media won’t care.

    1. Are these the sexy cards with naked ladies on them? I approve!

  6. Roosh: Why You Should Not Have Sex With Girls Who Hate Donald Trump
    …If I was in the United States dating market right now, I would announce from the beginning of a conversation with a girl that I’m a Trump fan. I would put it in all my dating profiles and bring it up within five minutes of meeting a girl using one of the following lines:

    “Today I’m actually having a good day because my Donald Trump hat came in.”
    “Excuse me, I was on my way to a Trump supporter meeting but you have a happy walk and I wanted to know if you were also going to the same Trump meeting.”
    “What do I do? I support Trump. I’m doing some work now to make sure he gets elected this November, because it’s time to make America great again.”…

    1. Johnny, sometimes I have conversations with chicks that aren’t based around trying get laid.

        1. Yeah, why? Explain yourself, sir.

          1. “There’s some people who if they don’t know, you can’t tell ’em.”

          2. Not everyone communicates solely via smell, Crusty.

          3. I would think that the most desired method would be to get laid without actually having to engage in the conversation.

            1. I met a Scottish dude at a bar in Vienna, Austria, one time. He was there with a woman whom he introduced as his wife, explaining that she was Romanian and they didn’t speak a common language. Seemed like a pretty sensible arrangement to me.

              1. So she only spoke Romanian and English?

                1. Aye. Heid doon arse up!

        2. They’re butterfaces and chubsters.

      1. To be fair, most of the PUA crowd don’t actually talk to women except for their mothers and their dakimakura pillows.

      2. No female human will actually give Johnny Longtorso the time of day. Even his mom dodges his calls.

        1. If telling yourself that helps you deal with your beta inadequacies, go ahead.

          1. There’s nothing more beta than treating a woman like an actual human being, am I right?

              1. Man, you ARE a stud. Your ideas intrigue me and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter!!

          2. Idiot is deservedly mocked for obsessive PUA drivel, responds with additional PUA drivel. Thanks for playing, but i’m happily married to an awesome woman, and am generally pretty satisfied with my life. Maybe one day you’ll throw out the fedora, shave the neckbeard, sell your sword collection, and find a similar situation for yourself. There’s hope for almost everyone!

            1. Spoken like a true cuck.

            2. You married your super hot Canadian girlfriend? Good for you.

              How often do you have to clean her before the silicone starts to smell?

              1. Sorry, Johnny, i don’t have any cake for you.

              2. Masturbating while dressed as your Japanese female alter-ego doesn’t count as “having a girlfriend”, Mr. Tagliaferro.

              3. How’s Suki doing, Johnny?

          3. your beta inadequacies

            Pedantic peeve:

            The kind of man labelled as a “beta” is actually more of a “gamma”. In packs, betas are wannabe alphas, and are very aggressive with each other and occasionally get into it with the alpha.

            The gammas are the ones slinking around the edges, utterly submissive.

        2. Of course. There’s a reason why so many of that crowd are pining for sex bots.

    2. This shit is really getting old.

      1. Wait, Johnny posts this shit seriously? I had assumed it was done ironically, to mock the idiots at that site.

        1. He thinks it is fun to keep posting it, probably because of the reaction he receives, but it is more fun to mock his idea of fun. He also seems to spend a decent amount of time on those websites, which is telling.

      2. Bro, Longtorso is just sarging the commentariat. He is a sargaholic, bro.

        1. I had to look “sarging” up. Thank you, I feel dumber now.

          1. I have met one of them out in the wild. It was hilarious.

          2. Don’t leave us in suspense.

            No, never mind.

            Probably don’t want to know.

            1. It just means going out with the stated purpose to get laid. They obviously invented it.

              1. My google fu tells me that it also involves taking handwritten notes and appearing genuinely interested without actually being interested.

                1. They also invented that maneuver.

                  1. “She *did*? She *did*? Why, the nerve, you should have scratched her eyes out…uh huh…uh huh…you’re so right…she *did*?”

                    1. “I told you that bitch crazy!”

              2. Why else would you talk to females?

    3. Wrong. You are supposed to get it on with them and at the moment of climax, you keep yelling “Do you want America to be great again?” until they scream out “YESSSS”!

      1. You are supposed to get it on with them

        Will never happen.

        and at the moment of climax

        Will never happen.

        IF they could sleep with a woman and IF they could bring her to climax, they wouldn’t be PUA Trump fans in the first place.

    4. You know, it’s not unimaginable that his techniques actually work. There are as many dumb or insecure women looking for a good time as there are dumb or insecure men courting them, and in a libertine hookup culture, signaling one’s confidence and social adroitness probably goes a long way toward closing the deal. The whole process is so short-circuited by alcohol and guiltless sex that men like Roosh’s disciples are likely giving the women they score something they already want: attention, trivial patter, casual sex, and moving on. Of course, Roosh and his followers are fooling themselves if they thinks they’re pulling a fast one over women.

      That said, making a lifestyle of casual sex and romantic isolation is a little sad. Maybe that’s just my low-T cuckness on display. I know a guy who does remarkably well with women. Beautiful, successful, educated women. It certainly helps being attractive, affluent, and confident in himself. What’s his technique? Being fun to be around. He leads a libertine, casual, aromantic sex life, but that’s not his entire life. He’s a successful corporate lawyer and deeply intellectual, ambitious, and genuine. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t have to think about it or try too hard that he doesn’t fall into the sleazy PUA lifestyle, but in any event, sex isn’t central to his life the way it is with the Roosh people.

      1. I pity him. If you’re not having sex regularly, as the center of your existence, you might as well be dead.

    5. The implication, of course, is that women are lining up to have sex with his readers like eager maidens for their king. But the ones who hate Trump must be banished to the scullery like the pitiful wrenches they are. It’s good to be king in your imagination.

    6. Roosh: Why You Should Not Have Sex With Girls Who Hate Donald Trump

      Now hold on a goshdarm minute. What kind of cuckfag asks a woman about their political opinions?

  7. “Colorado will vote next November on whether to replace Obamacare with a more expansive “ColoradoCare.””

    This sounds absolutely brilliant.

    1. “Take two tokes and call me in the morning.”

    2. Misspelled expensive.

      1. It will pay for itself in administrative efficiencies and savings. [snicker]

        1. They keep touting the ‘efficiencies’ of single-payer healthcare without understanding that the efficiencies of standardized mass production only apply to the product and not the consumer. How is increasing your customer base to “everyone” supposed to bring down the cost of producing healthcare? You’re focusing on producing customers, not the product. Producing healthcare involves producing doctors and nurses and medical schools and hospitals and clinics – let’s get cracking on increasing the supply of those and see what happens to costs. (I know, legislators are bound and determined to ignore the laws of supply and demand and their first priority is serving the interests of their donors and cronies, not the general public, but can’t we dream?)

          1. The consumer would see benefits from efficiencies if there were competition for their business. Of course, in this situation, they are probably minimizing competition.

            What progressives never seem to understand is that economy of scale doesn’t happen automatically. People need to work hard to figure out how to take advantage of scale. Otherwise, you will get diseconomy of scale.

      2. It can and will be both expensive and expansive.

    3. But-t-t what about teh lines?!?

    4. I read their proposal and how it would be paid for. Suffice to say, it’s a lot of rhetorical smoke and mirrors, but essentially they want to replace the bloated private sector insurance system with a public system that will require the same amount of bureaucrats to process all the claims. Not really seeing how that would lower the costs of healthcare given that insurance companies already negotiate paydowns from the initial charge if the provider is in the network.

      There’s also no demands for price transparency, which is critical to even hoping that it would bring the costs down. I also couldn’t find how federal government plans would be affected by this law, something that’s pretty important considering all the federal employees in this state. Given that this would raise their taxes too, would they be allowed to opt out of their federal insurance plan in order to take advantage of the state plan? Or are they just stuck paying for two different insurance plans, one of which they won’t use?

      If Vermont–a small scale, homogenous, hyper-progressive state–couldn’t figure out how to make it work, I don’t see how Colorado is going to pull it off.

      1. Not really seeing how that would lower the costs of healthcare

        Once they have a monopoly, the cost of healthcare will be whatever they say it is. And the amount of healthcare will be whatever that cost provides.

        For great freedom!

        How does it go? “Well, we have state-provided healthcare now, and we aren’t going to get rid of it, so we might as well expand it to everyone, because equality trumps liberty in the New Libertarian Order”. Something like that?

  8. Two long-term advertising account managers with The New York Times have accused the paper of having an ideal staffer (“young, white, unencumbered with a family”) and filed a federal lawsuit alleging age, race, and gender discrimination.

    I’ve read this twice and still don’t get it.

    1. Two old ad managers are pissed that little kids can do their job better + cheaper, and that because no one actually wants to advertise in the NYT, that their jobs are wasteful and unnecessary.

      Plan: litigate before you get laid off/down-sized

    2. Progs are shocked to discover that employers actually want employees who will be devoted to work. Progs thought jobs were like, a right, man.

  9. When it comes to the women’s card, Donald holds all the Trumps. He knows What Women Want, and it isn’t Hillary
    …The Women-Hate-Trump theory dictates that if he IS the nominee and comes up against Hillary Clinton, then he’ll be crushed not just because women loathe him but also because they all love Hillary.


    As Goldfinger used to say to 007: ‘Not so fast, Mr Bond?.’

    I suspect Trump’s a lot more popular with women than people think, and Hillary a lot less so.

    I spent well over 100 hours observing Trump in his former Celebrity Apprentice boardroom lair. First as a (winning) contestant in 2008, then as one of his advisors in every subsequent season.

    He was whip-smart, very funny and brilliantly provocative at creating compelling television drama.

    He was also extremely charming when he wanted to be, especially with the female contestants. Many of them, including sports stars, actresses, supermodels and rock stars, ended up melting like fawning putty in Mr Trump’s famously delicate hands….

    1. I don’t think Goldfinger uttered that line in the whole movie…

      Maybe in the book….

    2. I suspect Trump’s a lot more popular with women than people think, and Hillary a lot less so.

      Well, can’t argue with that.

      1. There are a number of illnesses I’d rather have than a Hillary presidency

  10. People are in an uproar about a campus poster advising cheerleaders to look pretty.

    Ooooo, I sure do hope this article quotes people on Twitter!

    1. Well aren’t I salty. It did include a Twitter quote but it was only one and it was a legit use since it was Women’s Health Mag and not some non-descript person.

      1. What are you, some kind of Twit elitist?

      2. Probably by a non-descript person working for Women’s Health.

  11. Watch this guy jump on top of a police car, because #NeverTrump, or something.

    Doesn’t he know his taxes paid for that car?

    1. Does he even pay taxes?

    2. What makes you think he pays taxes?

    3. Here are anti-Trump protesters waving Mexican flags and chanting Mexico, Mexico, Mexico. I am sure that Trump supporters will now change their mind about Trump and his immigration policy.

      1. Nothing like helping to make Trump’s immigration agenda look reasonable. Are they Trump plants, or just that stupid?

        1. I go with stupid.

          1. The first would be indicative of the 2nd.

            So stupid, either way.

        2. Look what happened when Congress was trying to pass an immigration reform law 10 years ago. Hispanic activists took to the streets waving the flags of their home nation, until they realized how bad that looked and started taking American flags to the rallies. By then it was too late and anyone who might have been on the fence about reform saw that the demonstrators had no intent of assimilating outside their little enclave.

          The “Day Without A Mexican” didn’t help much either, as people saw first-hand that traffic was lighter, government services were easier to obtain, hospital waiting rooms were largely empty, and shopping was easier in places like Walmart. There’s a reason the La Raza types haven’t tried that tactic again.

    4. And Trump will be blamed for inciting a culture of violence. Even if the actual violence comes from leftist protestors.

  12. Dalrock: Why doesn’t this 28 year old manboy want to become respectable?
    The Daily Mail has a new article about a 28 year old man who doesn’t want to grow up and start a family of his own. Instead, he chooses to live with his mother and go to grad school for a degree in experimental cinema.

    This is the kind of case Traditional Conservatives regularly wring their hands over. Why are so many men refusing to man up? The answer is obvious, but not something most want to talk about, or even admit. In the West we have spent the last 50 years tearing down the position of husband and father, and now we are surprised that more and more men (on the margins) don’t aspire to become husbands and fathers….

  13. Unmasking the Men Behind Zero Hedge, Wall Street’s Renegade Blog

    Ivandjiiski disagreed with the suggestion that personal worth or lifestyle precluded them from donning the mask of Durden (the character who quipped “the things you own end up owning you”) to deride the prevailing order. “We’ve never said that we are pro-socialist,” he said.

    Lokey, who said he wrote much of the site’s political content, claimed there was pressure to frame issues in a way he felt was disingenuous. “I tried to inject as much truth as I could into my posts, but there’s no room for it. “Russia=good. Obama=idiot. Bashar al-Assad=benevolent leader. John Kerry= dunce. Vladimir Putin=greatest leader in the history of statecraft,” Lokey wrote, describing his take on the website’s politics. Ivandjiiski countered that Lokey could write “anything and everything he wanted directly without anyone writing over it.”

    1. And Zero Hedge’s Response

      1. I find it interesting that they went immediately to the personal attack mode. It may well be justified, but still interesting.

        I have definitely noted what I consider a strange pro-Putin ring to many articles there, but it is obvious that the viewpoint changes depending on which “Tyler” is writing any given article. There appears to be no consistent principle at ZH other than disruption for its own sake. They publish a hell of a lot of interesting info that few others would, but you have to pick your way through conspiracy theories and predictions that seldom come to pass to find the gems that they frequently bring to daylight.

        1. I’ve always enjoyed it for its tabloid-style take on finance and markets. A fun alternative source.

  14. Alpha Mail: 10 percent
    …Regarding the “bad boys” post at AG today, I found a Canadian article stating that 33% of U.S. prison workers are women, but they account for 70% of the sexual misconduct cases. So, the extrapolated number for the percentage of women affected by hybristophilia is about 10%.

    This topic interests me, because I would categorize myself as having a mild case of hybristophilia. One of the things that attracted me to [REDACTED]… he is just bad enough to be appealing without any significant drawbacks. I don’t understand it, because I consider myself a highly refined, moral, and gentle woman, but I am very attracted to violent men.

    Interestingly, some of my female colleagues go out of their way to [help out in] prisons in their spare time. It seems rather noble at first, but now that you’ve posted this article, I wonder if some of them aren’t motivated by feelings of attraction for the inmates….

    1. Admit it: how many of you guys were running to the dictionary after reading this twaddle?!?!



      1. It should be obvious from the context what the word means and it often helps to know a little Greek and Latin (Latin being the base of the Romance languages like French and Spanish and Italian) when you run across words you aren’t familiar with.

        “-philia” of course means “love of”, “hybri(da)” means “intercross”, “sto(a)” means “porch” or “entryway” – put them all together and you have someone who loves transgresssing boundaries – a troll, in other words.

    2. So granting the premise of the article, ~10% of women are romantic thrill-seekers, likely the sort who goes clubbing and goes home with a stranger or gets it on in the restroom, or whatever. And PUAs are surprised by their success in bagging women who want to be bagged? I mean, I assume they’re surprised because they’re so goddamn vocal about it, but it really just seems like they’ve fitted a peg in the right hole, so to speak.

  15. SlashDerp: Does More Carbon Dioxide Mean Increased Crop Water Productivity?
    For the most part, we think of rising levels of carbon dioxide as an environmental problem. But atmospheric CO2 can also boost agricultural productivity by helping plants grow. How do these potential issues balance out? In an investigation recently published in Nature Climate Change, scientists have looked into the global implications of carbon dioxide’s ability to enhance agricultural productivity. Increased levels of CO2 can enhance photosynthesis and reduce leaf-level transpiration, the process by which some of the water that plants draw from the ground gets released back into the atmosphere. These changes can reduce growing seasons and water loss. The result could be an increase in what’s called “crop water productivity,” i.e. the amount of food produced for each unit of water expended. If elevated CO2 levels increase crop yield and reduce water consumption at large scales, this could help ensure water and food security despite the climate disruptions. By combining data from a massive network of field experiments and global crop models, the scientists claimed that depending on the crop type, global crop water productivity will increase by 10 to 27 percent by the 2080s. Arid regions exhibited large increases that were based on crop type….

    1. I wonder if a good strategy for Republicans would be to accept the claims of global warming at face value, only drawing attention to the beneficial aspects. If it is happening, it may very well turn out to be more of a boon to mankind than a disaster, so long as we take advantage of the changes.

      1. Dale: I say let the world warm up. Let’s see what Boutros Boutros Ghali Ghali has to say about that. We’ll grow oranges in Alaska!

        Hank: Dale, you giblet-head, we live in Texas. It’s already a hundred and ten in the summer, and if it gets one degree hotter, I’m gonna kick your ass!

      2. Don’t give an inch. There is no pleasing the religion of Climatology. Anything less than full on belief in making Gaia whole again is heretical.

  16. SlashDerp: Rise In CO2 Has ‘Greened Planet Earth’
    Carbon dioxide emissions from industrial society have driven a huge growth in trees and other plants. A new study says that if the extra green leaves prompted by rising CO2 levels were laid in a carpet, it would cover twice the continental USA. Climate skeptics argue the findings show that the extra CO2 is actually benefiting the planet. But the researchers say the fertilization effect diminishes over time. They warn the positives of CO2 are likely to be outweighed by the negatives. The lead author, Professor Ranga Myneni from Boston University, told BBC News the extra tree growth would not compensate for global warming, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, ocean acidification, the loss of Arctic sea ice, and the prediction of more severe tropical storms. The new study is published in the journal Nature Climate Change by a team of 32 authors from 24 institutions in eight countries….

  17. SlashDerp: Global Warming Has Made the Weather Better For Most In US — For Now
    Since Americans first heard the term global warming in the 1970s, the weather has actually improved for most people living in the U.S.. But it won’t always be that way, according to a new study. Research shows Americans typically — and perhaps unsurprisingly — like warmer winters and dislike hot, humid summers. And they reveal their weather preferences by moving to areas with conditions they like best. A new study in the journal Nature has found that 80% of the U.S. population lives in counties experiencing more pleasant weather than they did 40 years ago. “Virtually all Americans are now experiencing the much milder winters that they typically prefer, and these mild winters have not been offset by markedly more uncomfortable summers or other negative changes,” writes Patrick Egan, a political scientist at New York University, and Megan Mullin, professor of environmental politics at Duke University. However, if greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked, 88% of the current population will live in areas where the weather is less pleasant than it was before. The paper does not predict how changing weather patterns will influence migration patterns over the coming century….

    1. If global warming is primarily responsible for conditions in the mid-Atlantic over the past few years (which I don’t believe, but let’s go with it), it’s apparently causing wet, moderate winters and cool, rainy summers. Basically, if it continued, it would turn us into temperate rainforest.

      1. This past year was relatively mild. The two previous years were bitter cold and had big blizzards in New Jersey. I’ve seen milder winters in Maine than last year here.

    2. You know what plants really crave ?

      1. Hillary questions?

      2. Brawndo, it’s Got Electrolytes!

        1. I ain’t never seen any crops in toilets.

      3. Soylent Brown?

        1. That’s brilliant. I wonder who’d donkey punch you first, semiliterate progs or semiliterate Trumpalos.

  18. Colorado will vote next November on whether to replace Obamacare with a more expansive “ColoradoCare.”

    Not every idea you have while high is a good one.

  19. Antagonist in new Ghostbusters movie to be angry, aspy nerd

    Feig recently dropped some info on what the evil force that Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Kristen Wiig will battle will be. And in a development that won’t be wholly surprising to anyone who’s been following online coverage of the movie over the last few years, it turns out that the villain in the all-female Ghostbusters is nerds. Angry, lonely nerds.

    Specifically, a nerd, named Rowan, played by former SNL writer Neil Casey. According to Feig?who was talking to Empire for a big feature the magazine is running on the upcoming movie this week?Rowan is an “ultimate loner” who “wants to trap ghosts, but for a different purpose.” (Presumably, so that he has someone who can feign sympathy as he rants about his beloved childhood franchises being ruined.) One of the movie’s screenwriters, Kate Dippold, also chimed in on the character, telling Cinema Blend that he’s a “very smart genius type,” who’s apparently set up as a villainous foil to the ghost-busting team, and who probably doesn’t have a problem with ghosts, per se; it’s just that he thinks that they should go ahead and stay in their proper place.

    Admittedly I find the idea inspired given the predictable backlash. And it’s kind of refreshing to not have a cardboard corporate villain for a change.

    1. angry, aspy nerd

      This is a problematic phrase. The correct, non-hurtful nomenclature is either “person of Asperger’s” or “Longtorso.”


        1. Needs more negging

    2. “””And it’s kind of refreshing to not have a cardboard corporate villain for a change.”””

      The next Magnificent Seven is going to have a business man as a villain.

      1. Yeah, it’s real refreshing to have the feminist womyn battle against a smart but socially awkward guy who is the villian. Jeez, how many feminist/SJW tropes can they stuff into this abomination?

    3. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess this won’t be a very good movie. Well, relative to the original anyway.

      1. That’s a pretty thick limb

        1. I think you may be standing on one of the roots.

    4. Take that GamerGate!
      Wait, is gamergate still a thing to be outraged about?
      I’ll go check on the twitter.

    5. I expect going out of the way to insult the existing franchise fandom will create no ill will whatsoever and have no negative effect on the box office success of the film.


    6. I wonder if the only reason Feig picked that particular black woman for the token part was because she can stand next to Melissa McTrigglypuff and still look like Andre the Giant.

  20. Glenn Reynolds: Plea for Mattis run reveals national troubles

    In my most recent column, I wrote about the so far unsuccessful effort to bring in retired Marine general James Mattis as a Republican candidate for president, in place of the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. I noted that Mattis says that national security matters are a “mess,” and that he doesn’t seem inclined to clean up the mess that President Obama has made.

    But the Mattis bubble is indicative of another mess, too, of the domestic variety. When one of my law school buddies got named as managing partner of his law firm, he responded to my congratulations by pointing out that lawyers “don’t put a 40-year-old man in charge because the firm is doing well.”

  21. Two long-term advertising account managers with The New York Times have accused the paper of having an ideal staffer (“young, white, unencumbered with a family”)…

    An employer choosing its staff based on its own criteria? Just wait until they find out the Grey Lady once defended its property with military assault style weapons.

  22. Elite NFL Prospect Tweets Bong Video Minutes Before Draft Begins

    In a bizarre turn of events, the Twitter account for former Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil posted a video appearing to show Tunsil smoking out of a gas mask bong minutes before the NFL draft was set to begin.

    Shortly after the video was posted, it was taken down. Tunsil has since deleted his Twitter account.

    1. It’s almost assured he didn’t tweet it himself. I mean, there’s stupid, and there’s that stupid. Plus his stepfather sued him yesterday morning, plus there were more posts going up on his instagram that were posted while he was being interviewed on live TV.

      1. My guess as to Tunsil’s social media password?


        1. Same combination as on my luggage. But the story is almost assuredly that his stepdad got a hold of his computer and was posting from there.

          (his stepdad sued for assault and defamation. Last summer Tunsil beat the shit out of his stepdad for hitting his mom)

          1. Oh I know. It is a fucked up story all around. However, Ole Miss is going to get hit the hardest.

          2. I’m starting to like this Tunsil kid more and more. He is going to a decent team now anyway, so he should be happy. Though he did leave about $10 mil on the table.

            Probably make it up on his next contract, assuming he works out. And with the chip on his shoulder, he probably will…

            1. Decent team?

              He was not drafted by the Dolphins then?

              1. They have serious potential. Their QB is maturing. They should have a decent defense, but MAN did they overpay for Suh.

          3. I had heard about the stepdad suit, and can’t decide whether that shows lack of control, or just plain common sense….

          4. Why would the stepdad want to make someone he is suing poorer by hurting his draft status?

            Maybe it was the Miami Dolphins hacking his accounts, to scare other teams away, so they could draft him.

      2. His stepfather sued him?

    2. He is certainly being severely punished for his indiscretion though; the poor guy is a Miami Dolphin now.

      1. At least Richie Incognito isn’t around to bully him when he arrives.

  23. On Thursday, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign appealed for donations by offering supporters their “very own official Hillary for America woman card” ? a hot pink credit card with the words “Congratulations: You’re in the majority!”

    “Girls just want to have fun.”

    1. Hillary! Because there’s nothing more feminist than riding the coat tails of a serial rapist and sexual assaulter and smearing his accusers to secure your own wealth and position.

    2. Chicks love credit cards.

      Yeah hillbots, don’t feed into the stereotypes.

    3. Jeebus. She just can’t help but step on her own dick with her messaging.

      Remember #LoveTrumpsHate? That was supposed to be her Twitter killshot. *facepalm

      Now, “You’re in the Majority” is supposed to drum up support for the supposed oppressed female “minority”? *eyeroll

  24. Students view ‘unacceptable’ movie in classroom

    Students in a classroom at Jackson Central-Merry High School viewed part of a film that has been referred to as “torture porn” and banned in some countries.

    Superintendent Verna Ruffin confirmed to The Jackson Sun that students had viewed “Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)” after a parent called the paper to report the incident.

    Ruffin would not say why the students had seen the movie, or whether the teacher in that classroom had been suspended or otherwise disciplined.

    “The matter has been addressed,” Ruffin said. “It’s inappropriate and unacceptable.”

    1. When I was in 9th grade, we got to see the legendary 1960s Romeo and Juliet movie. I mean, that’s borderline, but appropriate for high schoolers. But… Human Centipede? Really?

      1. I feel sorry for anyone subjected to that dreck.

        1. Yeah when we watched it they skipped over the tits, so it was a complete waste of time.

          1. At least it wasn’t the one with DeCrappio in it.

            1. I concur, especially since I was stuck with the Crappio version.

              being a 70’s-80’s kid wasn’t ALL good

              1. oh, duh. it’s been a long day. I did see the Zeffirelli version.

                You can tell it really had an impact on me ;-).

      2. Our history teacher showed us Platoon and then talked about how he had plans to move to Canada if he was drafted.

        1. I’m guessing this history teacher was 40+ in age and out of shape and about the last person who would be called up in a draft.

          1. He was reminiscing about being in his early 20s while Vietnam was going on.

            1. I never really thought about it growing up but it occurs to me that most of my teachers were about that age too. It does explain a few things.

      3. Jesus, when I was in high-school we only got to watch 1950’s b+w B-movies of the “Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein” variety. Of course, those were first-run movies at the time, so….

    2. Yeah we saw the Zeferelli R&J too, and I remember the (female) teacher rewinding the tape because the girls in class wanted to see the scene with Romeo’s bare ass again. We also saw 1984, which has some nudity and sex. You know what? The world didn’t end…
      Human Centipede does seem out of line, though–for one thing, there’s no possible way you can claim it’s educational.

      1. “there’s no possible way you can claim it’s educational.”

        I recall hearing that the second Human Centipede even opens extolling the fact that the movie is “medically inaccurate”.

      2. Examples of “never do this” can be educational.

      3. HC2 won “worst movie” awards and was roundly denounced by critics as a loathesome, disgusting, horrible piece of shit – and yet a lot of people were paid good money to produce this movie. If that doesn’t teach you something, something along the lines of how there’s a sucker born every minute and two to take him, or no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public, well, you’re just unteachable. You take a classroom full of ninth-graders, show them this movie, point out to them that people actually got paid for this, and you don’t think those kids are going to feel inspired to say “holy cow, it doesn’t matter how stupid I am or how stupid my dreams are – if these people can succeed with this level of crapitude, I can, too” ?

  25. Twenty people were arrested during protests outside a Southern California rally for Donald Trump Thursday.

    You can’t make a free speech omelette without causing destruction to some eggs.

  26. A Man in a ‘Hedgehog Onesie’ Got Shot by Cops Outside a Baltimore TV Station

    On Thursday afternoon, a man in a quirky animal suit approached a local TV station in Baltimore. Besides a onesie, he was also said to be wearing a surgical mask and a slew of wires, as the Washington Post reports. In one hand was a flash drive, which the man apparently told the outlet’s news director?who happened to be passing through the lobby?contained information on a massive government conspiracy involving outer space.

    The man didn’t get past the lobby before the police were called. Now those officers suspect the same man is responsible for a car catching fire in the station’s parking lot while he was on the premises. A few minutes after 3 PM, the mysterious animal figure was taken down by a sniper, according to the Baltimore Sun, suffering what appeared at the time of publication to be non-fatal gunshot wound.

    1. Pajama Boy snapped and they didn’t kill him?

      1. At least he has health insurance.

    2. Hedgehog Onesie

      Nice band name.

    3. What about the panda suit candy bomber? Has he been shoved down the memory hole with John Doe #2?

      1. Same guy. Initial reports was that it was a panda suit, but video footage showed that it looked more like a hedgehog.

        1. This is exactly why you tune out the first twelve hours of coverage. They couldn’t even accurately describe the f’ing onesie, for God’s sake.

    4. Sanic, what have you done?

      1. That joke works better if you spell sonic correctly.

        1. I see you’re not up to date on your memes.

          1. Us old people played Sonic on Sega Genesis and ain’t got time for your silly memes.

            Now step the fuck off my lawn.

  27. Did you notice the idiot who jumped on the pop mobile limping and hobbling away from the scene after busting his ass on the hood ?

    That idiot has has probably never even registered to vote in his life.

    1. Are you telling me Satanists don’t know that Satan and Lucifer are two different beings? That’s a stupider religion than I thought if they don’t realize that ‘The Dark Lord’ and ‘The Lightbringer’ are quite obviously not synonymous.

      1. +1 Luciferianism

  28. White powder mailed to Trump Tower not harmful

    A suspicious white powder found inside an envelope sent to Trump Tower was harmless, but raised questions about whether the mail had been handled properly.

    The powder was discovered around 8:15 p.m. Thursday in the fifth-floor mailroom. An envelope containing the powder was mailed to Donald Trump’s campaign office and addressed to Trump.

    It appears to law enforcement that the established protocol for opening letters was not followed.

    Mail is normally opened in the basement mailroom and then brought to the fifth floor.

    Damn Trump!

    1. Why is it always *white* powder?


      1. Because Black powder is too incendiary.

          1. paging Switzy on the white courtesy phone . . .

            1. paging Switzy on the white courtesy phone . . .

              White phone?

              1. The white discourtesy phone.

            2. Swiss posted earlier that he’s got the crud.

        1. If this doesn’t get a narrowed gaze soon I’m going to assume that something happened to Switzy.

          1. Somebody go blow the alpenhorn.

            1. You know who else had to blow the “alpenhorn?”

            2. Euphemisms…

    2. “A suspicious white powder found inside an envelope sent to Trump Tower was harmless”

      …unless you snort it.

      Ha ha, just a little joke.

  29. became a tense political confrontation that left about 20 people arrested.

    The passive tense finds it’s way into another sentence about the police.

  30. Rational Male: Fempowerment
    …So, we get socially acceptable default presumptions of ‘male privilege’ without qualifying what it even means, or we get catchy jingoisms like ‘mansplaining’ to give a name to women’s need for silencing men’s inconvenient observations of women’s ‘correct’ perceptions, decisions and the reasons they came to them. We get default presumptions of male guilt for sexual assault and sexual consent as fluidly defined in as convenient a way that serves women’s imperatives. As I’ve mentioned before, the true intent of feminism has never been about establishing a mutually agreed ‘equality’, rather it’s always been about retribution and restitution for perceived past wrongs to the sisterhood….

    1. …Several years ago Dalrock had a post detailing the sentiment of feminists that feminism would be a success if only men would cooperate with the ideology by abandoning their own interests and sublimating their own biological impulses. The fact remains that feminism and egalitarianism are failed ideologies because at the root level those ideologies ask men to participate in their own extinction. Not only this, but they ask men to raise successive generations to accommodate and participate in their own degradation.

      The narrative expects Yellowed Pearls to be prized by men, or respected as Spinsters, or pandered to as ‘Cougars’ while still maintaining men sublimate their own imperatives by willfully ignoring the fact that their own sexual strategy is what is being asked of them to abandon….

    2. “we get catchy jingoisms like ‘mansplaining’ to give a name to women’s need for silencing men’s inconvenient observations of women’s ‘correct’ perceptions”

      extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy.

      So…what does this guy *think* jingoism means? Because that doesn’t seem to fit.

      1. I would guess he’s probably using it to mean extreme devotion to the feminist agenda, but it’s just a guess.

      2. I think he was reaching for “neologism” and failed, because he is a moron.

        You can imagine my surprise to find a lack of intellectual rigor in one of these articles.

        1. I think he was just mis-using “jingoism” the same way feminists mis-use “chauvinism”.

    3. Speaking of feminism, when is Reason’s resident sex-obsessed feminist Elizabeth Nolan Brown going to have something to say about child molester Dennis Hastert?

      Oh right, I’m almost forget that she only cares when women are victimized. Hastert’s victims were all boys, so as a man-hating leftist she simply doesn’t give a flying crap.

      1. Don’t you have a Momma to block or something?

      2. Yeah, A-Liberal Moron Clown probably rapes little boys herself just to express her man-hating leftoid tendencies.

        She’s worse than Block Yomamma and Shrillary Cliton combined. I’m with you, Mike.

      3. Dude, you’re doing this negging thing all wrong. Johnny can give you some pointers. You two should start a club! You can kick out all the icky girls and spend your days shopping for RealDolls together.

        1. Ha! I originally read that as ” …spend your days shtupping RealDolls together”.

          1. That too.

            1. But you gotta shop first.

        2. The first rule of PUA club is that you blog and talk about PUA club constantly, because apparently that’s more fun and fruitful than actually picking up women.

          1. Well, girls are scary and gross! And it’s weird how they pee out of their butts!



  31. Portland homeowner forced to plant trees because of kitchen remodel project

    A Portland woman has to plant five trees outside of her home or she’ll face a $1,000 per tree fine.
    Lori Colbert received a letter from the city demanding she plants the trees by July 19 because her kitchen remodel costs more than $25,000. If she doesn’t comply, she faces a $5,000 fine, plus a charge from the city to come out and do the work themselves.

    1. Those don’t strike me as related.

      1. Forget it, UnCiv, it’s Rip City.

      2. I eagerly await the wailing as these ridiculous regulations start to hit the millennial class as they attempt to save and make a more permanent home for themselves.

        1. You don’t need to remodel your kitchen to microwave ramen.

      3. even though Colbert’s project is completely on the inside of the house, it triggers a requirement to plant street trees in the right-of-way between her home and the street

        I’ve read this several times and it still doesn’t make any sense.

        1. Let me explain: “Fuck you, that’s why”.

          1. I get it now. Thanks!

    2. It’d be a damn shame if those scrawny saplings died.

    3. Years and years ago the city tried to force my neighbor to put a tree on a small patch of grass on her front yard. She didn’t want a tree there so she refused. The city planted it anyway. She cut it down. The city tried TWO more times. She cut it both times. Finally, they got the picture.

      She’s a machete wielding Sicilian by the way. I mean, a fucking tough, tough woman. Like I mean, picks up blocks of cement tough. She used to laugh at us growing up for being to ‘brittle’.

      1. too

        1. One time I spotted my sisters discreetly looking out the window murmuring to each other. I asked what they were doing and they replied, ‘Watching Luciana in the garden.’ My younger sister was floored by her chopping abilities. ‘She’s all woman – and man’. Classic.

          1. When men were men, women were men, and the city didn’t threaten draconian fees for planting trees.

    4. She should plant a cottonwood tree, and score the bark on the side of her house so that the branches growing towards her house are blighted, and the healthy branches are growing out over the street.

      Then when a nice big storm hits (thanks to evil deniers like me disrespecting gaia), an the tree falls in the street; the city gets to clean up the mess.

    5. Plant Sequoia’s. They grow slowly.

      1. Dig a hole, put an acorn in, cover it. Mow over the spot every weekend.

    6. She should plant a bonsai tree. Is that technically a tree?

  32. Asylum seeker dies after self-immolation in Australian camp

    An Iranian asylum seeker has died two days after setting himself alight in an Australian detention center on the remote Pacific island of Nauru.

    The 23-year-old man was first treated at Nauru Hospital before being flown by air ambulance Brisbane, Australia, where he died in hospital from his injuries, according to a statement from Australia’s immigration department.
    “Appropriate support is being provided to his wife and friends,” the statement said.

    The man, named as Omid, had been held for three years in the Australian center on Nauru, according to the Asylum Seeker Resource Center.

    1. Rage Against the Machine’s next album cover.

    2. I bet that guy would’ve liked the ending to Snowpiercer…

    3. What’s the death toll ratio for people trying to reach Europe and people trying to reach Australia? I still think Australia might have it right.

      1. Don’t feed the bears welfare shoppers.

  33. Pentagon disciplines 16 for deadly attack on Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan

    One officer was suspended from command and ordered out of Afghanistan. The others were given lesser punishments: Six were sent to counseling, seven were issued letters of reprimand, and two were ordered to retraining courses.

    The punishments follow a six-month Pentagon investigation of the disastrous Oct. 3 attack, which killed 42 medical workers, patients and other Afghans and wounded dozens more at the international humanitarian aid group’s trauma center in Kunduz.

    The 16 found at fault include a two-star general, the crew of an Air Force AC-130 gunship, and Army special forces personnel, according to U.S. officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the internal investigation.

    1. Six were sent to counseling

      Hah! Being counseled as a disciplinary action isn’t the same thing as seeing a therapist.


    “People are like, ‘Ew, we don’t like when celebrities get involved in politics,’ and I hear you, and I feel the same way,” says Schumer.

    But I met with people, victims’ families, and they have buttons with the pictures of their children and their parents, and they’re like, “Can you help us? Because no one listens to politicians; they listen to you idiots.” And what, are you going to be like, “No, I don’t want to annoy people on Reddit”?

    Hence a new, deeply political sketch from tonight’s episode, in which Schumer and comedian Kyle Dunnigan play hosts on a home-shopping show who eagerly educate potential customers on America’s insanely lax gun laws.

    “You can absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies as long as you buy it on the internet or at a gun show,” Schumer chirps when a convicted felon who believes that he’s not allowed buy a gun calls in. Just like one ofLast Week Tonight’s extended monologues, the sketch doesn’t hide its moral outrage or educational mission, but Schumer and Dunnigan keep things entertaining by perfectly embodying the manic mood of home-shopping TV personalities. Keep an eye out for the ridiculous (if terrifying) promotional chyrons..such as “Keep It Under Your Pillow So You Can Shoot At Shadows In A Half Dream!”

    1. People are like, ‘Ew, we don’t like when celebrities get involved in politics,’ and I hear you, and I feel the same way,” says Schumer.


      She is too courageous not to get involved in politics. I LOVE YOU AMY!

    2. Well on her way to destroying her career I see

      1. ^^This

        Her early stuff is raunchy funny, but since getting her CC series picked back up, it seems like there was some brainwashing or a contract rider for her to be more PC.

        1. Well, she is related to Chuck Schumer…

    3. You do realize George Clooney is angling to be your President right? I mean, if Reagan did it and Trudeau managed to slide in, why not Clooney, right? It’s all a ruse anyway.

    4. LAFF. RIOT.

    5. She’s just helping to demonstrate that female comedians really aren’t that funny.

    6. You know when It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia handles a political issue with more nuance, you’re doing it wrong.

      1. It’s Always Sunny is the gold standard. Not hard to believe that they’d handle it with more nuance.

    7. “You can absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies as long as you buy it on the internet or at a gun show,”

      Yes – MAYBE – and that’s called “committing a felony”.

      So, is her point to prove that gun laws DON’T WORK in keeping guns out of the hands of criminals?

      And – if criminals ignore the law (hint: look at the definition of the word “criminal”) – then how are more gun laws going to make us safe?

      What “help” is it that these “victim’s families” are looking for?

        1. This is why I love Cooke…don’t even have to hit the link…

    8. But I met with people, victims’ families, and they have buttons with the pictures of their children and their parents, and they’re like, “Can you help us? Because no one listens to politicians; they listen to you idiots.”

      Yeah, I’m sure the families with dead kids just got together and spontaneously reached out to a lady known for a show where she jokes about her promiscuity.

    9. You can absolutely get a gun if you have several felonies as long as you buy it on the internet or at a gun show,” Schumer chirps when a convicted felon who believes that he’s not allowed buy a gun calls in.

      It’s Always Sunny did it better, you hack.

    10. “They were like…. and I was like…”

  35. Two long-term advertising account managers with The New York Times have accused the paper of having an ideal staffer (“young, white, unencumbered with a family”) and filed a federal lawsuit alleging age, race, and gender discrimination.

    ‘Sup New York Times ideal staffer

  36. I see so many conservatives and libertarians smashing shit up at anti-Sanders rallies.

    1. It’s the violence inherent on the Right!

    2. Shhhhh… we don’t talk about that.

      /the left

    3. We’re too busy hiding our assets in case he wins.

  37. Ransomware: A New Crime for a New Century

    This cyberthreat is called “ransomware,” and the computer pathogens that make it possible have been circulating for several years. Here’s what happens if you’re the victim of one of these attacks: Your computer becomes infected by a virus. But instead of using your email to send spam or attempting to steal your passwords, this virus encrypts the data on your computer, locking you out until you supply the key to decode the encryption. And you can only obtain that key by paying ransom to your attacker.

    In a bit of irony, this crime is made possible by the same strong encryption that is used to protect personal information when we shop online or when we lock the screen on an iPhone. Data encryption is effective at keeping intruders out because the “key” needed to decode the data is such a large number that it would take years of guessing to stumble onto the right value. That’s why even the FBI needed help finding a work-around to get past the encryption on the iPhone of San Bernardino attacker Syed Farook.

    Ransomware criminals take the benefits of strong encryption and turn them on their head. Instead of keeping your data safe from intruders, it treats you as the intruder and keeps you out of your own computer.

    1. A lot of people don’t seem to agree, but i think REAMDE was a really fun book.

      1. I liked it, and I am not even a super nerd like the rest of you.

        1. You’re the Booger of the group.

            1. Hoping for Long Duck Dong, but ok.

              1. Donger, where’s my automobile?

          1. THIS.

            I couldn’t find the clip i wanted on the You Tube but this one will do.

      2. REAMDE was a really fun book.

        It’s his weakest, but not without some charm. I may give it another go.

    2. Dude, just stop clicking on exe email attachments.

  38. Cops shoot, kill dog at public meet and greet

    Columbus, Ohio – Shots fired on a crowded downtown Columbus sidewalk Thursday afternoon sent small children running for cover.

    A crowd had gathered at a display hosted by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office when witnesses say an unleashed dog attacked, and deputies opened fire.

    1. Good. Kids got to see the cops for who they really are.

    2. They literally can’t help themselves. The cops I mean, not the dog, who was probably trained.

      1. The cops were trained too, they were heard yelling, “Stop resisting!,” while shooting the dog.

    3. witnesses say an unleashed dog attacked,

      I shall remain skeptical until there is video.

      1. As I thought, the dog was not attacking anyone. Assholes.

    4. I agree that the dog should absolutely not have been off the leash. But watching the video, it doesn’t look like the dog was threatening in any way when it was killed – it was walking away. And look at everyone’s body language: do they look alarmed or threatened? They’re just standing around, and the cop puts a few bullets into the dog while it’s walking away.

      1. You guys see the video of that dog that got loose on a soccer field in south america. Just running up to players and trying to play and then running off? Just the happiest dog you have ever seen – cute as hell.

        THIS IS WHAT DOGS DO. 99% of the time they are not trying to feast on your throat…

        1. You guys don’t understand. This whole “Cops vs. Dogs” thing goes deeper than you think.

          Dogs fired the first shot in this war, the cops are just fighting back!!


          1. I approve of this message.

      2. Obviously it wasn’t obeying verbal commands. That made the officer fear for his life. He had no choice but to open fire.

        1. Any cop who shoots a dog that isn’t actively ripping his partner’s guts out should be fired and arraigned for animal cruelty. Any police chief who excuses such behavior should be fired and prevented from working for any public entity.

  39. KC Fire Dept Rescues 12 Cops Stuck in Elevator

    When 12 police officers got stuck inside a stalled elevator at their academy in Kansas City, Missouri on Wednesday, they just had to suck it up and call their friendly foes for help.

    The Kansas City Fire Department soon arrived on the scene and freed the cops ? with whom they enjoy a healthy rivalry ? from their predicament. But not before one of the crew members, Tony Pisciotta, thoroughly milked the moment by posing for this photograph:

    The rescue probably earned the city’s fire department bragging rights over the police service for at least a decade.

    St. Louis Fire Department Captain Gregg Farve posted the image on Twitter with the caption: “This shot of @KCMOFireDept #Firefighters rescuing @KCPolice from a stalled elevator wins the Internet for today.”

    The Kansas City Police Department later shared the image, along with the sheepish caption: “Well that was embarrassing.” The photograph has since gone viral.

    1. That *is* a great photo.

      1. It looks like the firefighters are about to button up the elevator now that its full of cops.

  40. Andrea Tantaros booted from Fox News – at least for now

    Initially hired as a political contributor in 2010, Tantaros’ quick wit and keen intellect saw her as a frequent guest on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and The Five. Eventually, she was a full time panelist on the everything politics noontime show Outnumbered. Tantaros had quite the reputation as a hard core conservative, and wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion.

    While not cited by FNC as a reason for her extended vacation, Tantaros recently claimed during a taping of Outnumbered that certain GOP Establishment-types were coming down hard on her for supporting Donald Trump; “They have been doing this. Specifically, Charles Cooke, who is a writer for National Review, he tweeted out that I should give my job to somebody else. Also, I saw a tweet, it was a meme by Kevin Williamson of National Review trying to make me seem stupid. There’s a girl talking about biorhythms, or something. So I’ve gotten my fair share as well from folks on the right and the left and in the media calling me stupid and Trump supporters as well? Exactly I should give up my job according to men in the Republican Party.”

    1. She should spend more time working on her brand. Also, whining about mean boys. Also, wearing shorter skirts.

      1. And write a book. Tits’n Trump.

    2. “Initially hired as a political contributor in 2010, Tantaros’ quick wit and keen intellect saw her as a frequent guest on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and The Five.”

      Given that Andrea Tantaros is incredibly stupid, I suspect ‘quick wit and keen intellect’ were less important than ‘cup size.’

      She’d probably whine that I’m being a sexist for pointing that out, but if you don’t want people to think you were hired because you’re hot, you should probably say something smart once in awhile.

      1. I find the Fox monotone boobs brigade to be irritating. They just line them up in different colors and have them shriek at each other.

        1. Are you not entertained?

    3. Um… when you have made enemies of Charles Cooke and Kevin Williamson…. well, let’s just say that it says a lot more about YOU than it does about THEM…

  41. Another hate crime committed by authorized haters so no charges filed

    Salisbury University’s library racist drawing was drawn by blacks so its not a crime.…..t-drawing/

    1. All I got from that article is that the school is a horribly racist place for “students of color” and there needs to be more dialog and the school is totally down with all of that. If it takes black people planting a false flag here and there, well so be it.

      1. “Fake evidence is still evidence!!11!!!”

  42. Venezuela now doesn’t have enough money to pay for printing more money.

    While hilarious for the socialism-bashers like everyone here, that shortage arguably is a bitter medicine that may help them pull out of it in the long term.

    1. #FeelTheBern

    2. The Franklin Mint allows for installments. Pewter standard would be more stable.

      1. I’m not melting down my wizard and dragon statuette collection!

    3. Damn those Republican obstructionists that wanted to shut down the government!!!

    4. I saw a Zimbabwe Ten Trillion Dollar note being sold in the Wangfujing walking area the other day. They were selling them in souvenir-type packaging along with other examples of foreign currency.

      This was the same area selling 300-Yuan 1 kg silver coins for…a lot more than that. Basically admitting that the current currency is worth 1/25 of the silver currency.

  43. Brexit after Obama

    The first opinion-poll results on President Obama’s intervention in the Brexit debate since he left London for Germany and the EU summit have now been published. They show two things of interest: a small movement toward the Leave campaign, and a clear majority of voters who disapproved of the president’s intervention.

    Of four polls, all four shifted toward Leave, by between one and four percentage points. That still left Remain ahead in two polls, and Leave in the other two (but by smaller numbers, in or close to the margin of error). Probably the fairest interpretation is that Remain is slightly ahead but Leave is closing a small gap and that Obama helped to close it further.

    Disapproval of Obama’s intervention is far clearer, however. Majorities of 55 and 60 percent were critical. This popular response was expressed in a cartoon of Obama seated opposite the Queen at a Palace dining table, saying airily, “She’ll have the fish” ? as the Queen winces and the butler staggers back in horror.

    1. It would have been worse if Obama had said he’ll have the fish.

    2. Has this narcissistic douche learned nothing yet, after being crowned the gun industry salesman of the year for 8 years running?

      1. I’m guessing he hasn’t heard of Barbara Streisand.

      2. The supreme irony that no one has done more to put legal guns in the hands of the American people than Barack Obama…

    3. “They show two things of interest: a small movement toward the Leave campaign, and a clear majority of voters who disapproved of the president’s intervention.”

      The best way to ruin support for a policy is to have Barack Obama argue in favor of it. He’s about as persuasive as a drunk hobo.

      1. He’s about as persuasive as a drunk hobo.

        Drunk hobos are amazingly good salespeople – they just drink their incomes.


  44. Twenty people were arrested during protests outside a Southern California rally for Donald Trump Thursday.

    The natives are getting restless, m’lord.

  45. Transgender Schoolhouse Rock Parody

  46. “Watch this guy jump on top of a police car, because #NeverTrump, or something.”

    Trump micro-aggressed his safe space–which is supposed to be the whole goddamn world.

        1. its almost like Trump is paying these people to do this or something. If some Trump operative had paid a few hundred Mexicans to protest and live up to every negative stereotype Trump wants to advance about his critics and about immigrants, would the protests have looked any different? Other than a few “fuck you its still Mexico” signs, I can’t see how.

          1. I am an open borders-inclined kind of guy, and I changed my registration to Republican to vote against Trump here in Pennsylvania, and that makes me feel sympathy for Trump.

            (Trump got 56% in Lehigh County so as usual I am out of sync with the electorate.)

        2. In 1994, there was a protest of people marching down the middle of Hawthorne Blvd, past the hospital where I was working, all in protest of Prop 187.

          It looked like this:


          They lost the vote on Prop 187. Carrying the Mexican national flag around to try to persuade American voters not to send Mexicans back to Mexico is a demonstrably losing strategy.

        3. on the second photo: “Yo bro, that’s not how you spell ‘fascist’… write over it.”

    1. Yes, the Reason writers are baffled about the motivation for the riot at a Trump rally. If only the “protestors” had given us a clue what it was they wanted.

  47. Sloppy game, but Caps win.

  48. So…between Trump’s legions of bitter angry manchildren, and the hordes of even dumber anti-Trump Bernie communists, we seem to have the makings of some nice little Weimar-style political street fighting. And the amazing thing is, things aren’t even bad. The economy is basically fine, more or less, kinda sorta. What happens if there’s some actual unemployment in the next few years?

    1. There’s a currency crisis brewing globally. I think people feel that something is wrong but can’t really put their finger on it. When it actually comes to a head, there’s going to be some major fallout. Unfortunately, I don’t see any evidence that the rational solutions are going to be the popular ones.

    2. Tonight seems to be the night of the longtorsos.

    3. Not yet. The Trump people are not violent. it makes the people who write for Reason and National Review and Huff Post feel good to think they are but it is not true. All they have is an 80 something guy punching someone at one rally. That is it. Meanwhile, the left is what it always has been; a political movement that will rely on mob violence and the threat of such to advance its political agenda whenever it can.

      The Republicans could somehow nominate John Kaisich and it would make no difference in the behavior of the left. The problem is what is any Republican going to do in response? Do nothing and it just encourages more of it. Fight back and people like you buy into the false equivalence of people who show up hoping to incite or inflict violence and those who make the mistake of fighting back. The left would love nothing better than the right to fight back because they know they could then spin that to make the right look like the aggressors.

      Eventually of course someone will and it won’t be some 80 year old guy. Basically we are fucked.

      1. “All they have is an 80 something guy punching someone at one rally.”

        And the black dude who beat down the anti-Trump protester dressed as a Klansman.

        1. Well, that one is problematic, so we don’t talk about it.

    4. I don’t think it matters if things are bad. Were things in Europe bad in 1848 prior to the continent-wide revolutions that year? I think every few decades societies just need to let some steam off. If there’s a good excuse for it, great. If not, it happens anyway.

      1. Every few decades society’s elite get so insufferable that they must be reminded how close they are to hanging from light poles.

        1. If we actually hung a few, maybe we would get extra time next round.

          But probably not. Didnt help France.

        2. The same could be said for society’s lumpenproletariat.

        3. John, are there a lot of these “light poles” in your world. Could you describe one? Or were you just going for “lamp post” and whiffed?

            1. Damn… way to kill the “joke”, RC.

              *wanders off, confused….*

              1. Sorry. Editing policies today. Full pedant mode engaged.

        4. John-

          Not gonna happen…

          Reminds me of Larry Niven (paraphrased)- America once had a full-fledged rebellion about an 8 cent tax on a gallon of whiskey. They would have strung them up from lampposts, but we were too poor to afford them…

    5. Here’s my guess: Payroll and income taxes rise. Unemployment and food stamp payouts go up. Disability applications rise. Basically Venezuela but slower and more painful because our socialists are dumber than a bag full of hammers.

      1. The only thing that will save us from that is our federal system. If we didn’t have a federal system and the entire country was Californian, we would turn into Venezuela. Thanks to our federal system, people will be able to escape to states that are not destroying their economies and states that are will face paying the bill before things completely fall apart.

        1. Perhaps you are right, John. I hope so. I really do. But personally I see so much willful ignorance, the flat out denial of reality on a personal level, that my expectations are rather low. Part of my bleak outlook is fueled by the fact that the amount of taxes [income, property] I paid last year went up so dramatically that I sat in stunned silence.

          The second reason is that, in personal conversations, I hear so many people say ‘I don’t care and I don’t pay attention’ who then turn right around and complain about something, like health insurance, that is making their life difficult. And they follow their complaint with ‘That should be illegal’, or ‘There isn’t enough regulation of insurance companies’.

          They can’t even define inflation.

          So my outlook is a little bleak.

        2. California is prospering like mad though. Hard to figure out.

      2. I would add seizure, in one form or another, of 401(ks). Probably stealth, by requiring that they have X% invested in Treasuries.

        1. I’m good. I’ve aready written off the tax benefits and employer contributions to not have any more money in the pot the government is going to steal from next.

        2. I’m good. I’ve aready written off the tax benefits and employer contributions to not have any more money in the pot the government is going to steal from next.

    6. When we’re talking Bernie bros. vs Trump people, we’re really talking about socialism vs. mercantilism. They’re not that far apart on what to do about a bad economy.

      They just get really upset at each other over perceived wedge issues. And I’m not sure registered Democrats outside of California are really that much into supporting things like illegal immigrants anyway.

    7. “The economy is basically fine, more or less, kinda sorta.”

      It’s not for the people joining those groups. Trump’s support comes from largely form unskilled people in former steel towns who feel they’ve been left behind in the modern economy and Bernie’s support comes from young people, many of whom are allegedly ‘educated,’ but don’t have an education in a subject that allows them to make much money and are overburdened with student debt.

      1. Trump’s supporters are not low skilled. Even Politico admits that is a lie.…..ers-220158

        The think they are “unskilled” you have to believe that only those with college degrees are “skilled”, because we all know a guy with a degree in gender neutral puppetry is skilled while someone who has a trade is not.

        1. Nothing in this contradicts what I said. Trump dominates among workers without a college degree and dominates even more among people who drop out of college. I’m not disagreeing that many people have skills you don’t get taught in college, of course, but people who didn’t graduate from college tend to make far less money and have fewer career opportunities in the modern economy.

          There are many exceptions but that doesn’t change the basic trend.

          “The think they are “unskilled” you have to believe that only those with college degrees are “skilled”, because we all know a guy with a degree in gender neutral puppetry is skilled while someone who has a trade is not.”

          I don’t think that, which is why I included the part about Bern victims.

          Also, Trump’s entire campaign is based on the idea that ‘you’re poor and your life sucks and I will fix that for you.’ Skilled workers who are doing well financially are not the ones buying into that.

          1. ” Trump dominates among workers without a college degree and dominates even more among people who drop out of college.”

            I meant ‘drop out of high school.’

          2. Trump’s support comes from largely form unskilled people

            It completely contracicts that assertion. Proof that he gets a lot of support from people without college degrees, doesn’t prove your point unless you think college degree equals skilled which you admit you don’t.

            His supporters are not unskilled workers. And the link also puts lie to your contention that it comes ‘largely” from those people. It doesn’t. A large minority are college educated.

            I get it, you are not one of those people. You are better than that. You are smart and skilled. don’t worry.

            1. “Proof that he gets a lot of support from people without college degrees, doesn’t prove your point unless you think college degree equals skilled which you admit you don’t.”

              In the modern economy, college education and skilled worker are highly correlated. Like I said, there are exceptions, but even the people running factory floors or running farms are often college educated these days. I went to a mid-western college and had many friends who were getting agricultural degrees. When 35% of America has college degrees, the majority of skilled workers have them. Sorry.

              “And the link also puts lie to your contention that it comes ‘largely” from those people. It doesn’t. A large minority are college educated.”

              A large minority are not college educated. Look at polls on this subject. Less than half of college educated Republicans have a positive opinion of him, whereas something like 80% of high school drop outs like him. Fewer college educated people like him *than all of his competitors.* Are you really going to tell me that high school drop outs are just as skilled as college graduates?

              1. “A large minority is is not” “largely and you admit the majority have the magic college degree. Your initial condition was a gross and inaccurate stereotype.

                1. “Your initial condition was a gross and inaccurate stereotype.”

                  No it’s not. He dominates the uneducated and performs far worse among the educated *and that’s just among Republicans.* The issue becomes even more pronounced if you add in educated independents and Democrats.

              2. When 35% of America has college degrees, the majority of skilled workers baristas have them. Sorry.


            2. “I get it, you are not one of those people. You are better than that. You are smart and skilled. don’t worry.”

              And don’t play this game with me. I have a lot of family members who did not graduate college, including some very successful people who own a construction company. They’re absolutely skilled. You know who they hate though? Donald Trump.

              I’m willing to bet if you were to break down people who didn’t graduate from college into skilled people and unskilled people, you’d find the unskilled people without degrees are more pro-Trump than the skilled ones.

              1. I am sure you know a lot of black people too. Good for you. Knowing those beneath you or at least claiming to is an essential part of proper social signaling.

                If you don’t want to play this game, stop being so obvious when you play it.

      2. The economy has been pretty stagnant for nearly 8 years now. Obama is the only President in history to not have the economy post growth of 3% or more over his entire term. And if you account for the labor participation rate, which is the lowest it’s been since the 70s, unemployment is not good, either.

        1. Yup. Strip out the growth driven by inflation and government spending funded by borrowing – it’s probably closer to zero.

          1. Interesting question.

            2009 GDP: $14,419 billion

            2015 GDP: $17,947 billion

            Increase in GDP: @ $3,500 billion


            Debt in 2009: $11,909 billion

            Debt in 2015: $18,150 billion

            Increase in Debt: @ $6,250 billion

            Strip out the debt, and the economy has shrunk by @ $2,750 billion, and that’s without accounting for inflation.

            1. Left out the second link:


    8. Yes, Warty. Compared to the economic catastrophe that was Weimar Germany, conditions in the US are virtually boom-times. What happens when the shit hits the fan? There are a lot of people that think they are going to be getting something from the government that are going to end of with nothing – whether through drastic benefit cuts or a sharp rise in inflation. When that happens – I dunno but I’m guessing the suddenly un-entitled will not just say, oh well, guess I have to get a job and make my own way in life.

      I suggest a stockpile of guns and ammo.

      Speaking of – what kind of calibers does everyone here prefer? I love my .45 ACP pistols but the 9mm HK I have is really growing on me. Thinking of getting rid of two of my three .40 SW’s – I’m just not as good with it as the other two.

      1. They all work. I would stick with the .45. The 9mm just burns through someone and doesn’t have near the stopping power of a .45. The .40 is just a compromise to give more stopping power than the 9 mm but be easier to shoot so women and fat, stupid cops can handle the weapon. If you can handle the .45, stick with it. If you ever have to use it, you will only have to shoot them once. I don’t care if you only hit them in the hand, the shock and the kinetic energy hitting their bodies will be enough to ruin their day.

        1. Ironically, the .40 is, at least for me, harder to hit a target accurately than the .45 or the 9mm. I figure I’ll keep one .40 but sell the other two in favor of a more compact .45 – the full size, 5″ barrels aren’t ideal for carrying around. One nice thing about the 9mm is the ammo is cheaper than the other two calibers.

          1. Yeah, the .40 is a hotter round than the .45, so the percieved recoil can actually be greater, depending on the gun. I have both, but I prefer to shoot the .45.

            1. I do really enjoy shooting my .45’s. My .40’s – not so much.

              1. Glock 40’s with 9mm conversion barrels. Best of both worlds. You can silence a 9 – a 40 not so much. But the 40 is a hitter. but jerky, as you note.

        2. I find .45s to be easy to shoot. So are 9mms, but then, so are .22s.

          9s have an advantage for carry, no question.

          For terminal ballistics, I just have a preference for heavier bullets, even if they are going slower. This is mostly from shooting different bullet weights while hunting. I had several lighter, faster rounds (180 grain .300 Win Mag) punch right through, resulting in long blood trails. When I went back to heavier rounds (230 grain .300 Win Mag), I was seeing more ‘drop in their tracks’ shots. Of course, everything wound up dead, but the heavy/slow rounds just seemed lethaler.

          Hopelessly small sample, of course, but there you have it.

          1. A fine perspective, RC, thanks for sharing.

            1. Could have been bullet design, but I was getting perfect .30 caliber exit wounds with the lighter bullets. Even through bone.

              The heavier ones either stopped if they hit bone, or left exit wounds that were . . . impressive. On one hog, I measured a cavity over six inches in diameter.

              1. Jesus, how many cops are you shooting in a given year?

      2. The only things that really matter are the depth of the holes and the number of the holes. (That’s what she said.) Go with the 9mm – it can reach vital organs just as well as the .45 and you can shoot the goblin a lot more times.

        1. I have to say – watching some ballistic gelatin tests at, the 9mm does look devastating. Is it safe to safe with hollow point rounds the bullets won’t exit the goblin at hand?

          1. I think in general any bullet that reliably penetrates enough to kill is going to carry a risk of overpenetration. But it seems to me that if you need to be shoot someone, you don’t need to care about whether your bullets stop in his torso.

            See here for some data. Or look up the tests of Dr. Fackler.

        2. you can shoot the goblin a lot more times

          These euphemisms, etc.

      3. For what purpose? Carry?

        A 38 revolver is more than sufficient. Double action, hammerless J-Frame is hard to beat

        1. Not necessarily just carry but ease of handling, cost and availability of ammunition, ease of care and reliability. I don’t have a revolver but am considering a .357 magnum as it can also shoot .38 special.

          1. When and if I have to pull the trigger in an emergency situation, I want to be absolutely certain of what the gun is going to do. Revolvers fit the bill. If it doesn’t fire, just pull it again.

            1. *goes to, begins choosing a revolver*

              1. Get one with a shrouded hammer. It will come in handy when you want aimed fire out of a snubnose.

            2. I am sorry, but absolute faith goes into my Glock. That gun is as absolutely reliable as a revolver, even if it is mechanically different.

              BET MY LIFE ON IT!!!!

      4. I suggest a stockpile of guns and ammo.

        Speaking of – what kind of calibers does everyone here prefer?

        Bullets are the least of your worries. Too many people neglect the “beans and Band-Aids” part of the equation. Those two require a lot more thought and preparation.

        1. That’s true, especially a stockpile of potable water.

          1. Rule of thumb is 1 gallon per person per day for drinking, washing, and cooking. Say it’s just the two of you, and that’s a little over one 55-gallon drum for one month. Personally, I would consider a 3-months supply to be a minimum. Depending on where you live, that could be easy or difficult to store. For bug-in, I’ve always liked the larger Berkey filters, assuming that one can collect water from an outside source to filter. If one is forced to bug-out, then it’s a much greater problem. The Berkey Go claims to be portable, but it’s a bit unwieldy for my tastes. Considering the importance of water, I need something that I can store in my pockets. (You should have the essentials in your pockets in case your bag has to be left behind for some reason) Something like the Lifestraw makes sense, especially if you do have your bag, the Lifestraw Family makes more sense then the Berkey Go, imo.

            1. Check out the MSR Guardian. It’s a game changer.

              1. Well, I know what I’m buying myself next birthday.

          2. A water source is much more important than a stockpile. And if you want to be a true prepper, you want to have antibiotics and Fentanyl handy. And for fuck’s sake, get an EMS certification if you’re serious about being a prepper.

            1. A water source is much more important than a stockpile.

              If you live in the desert, a rainwater tank is both source and stockpile.

              While it is true you need to absolutely locate a source (or better, multiple sources), remember that any good source is going to be like a watering hole in the African savanna, a conflict spot. Now, if you have the numbers to control it, it’s to your advantage, but if you’re alone or just a small family, a stockpile of water is going give you some leverage, either time to find another water source, or to bug-out to less populated/unclaimed area.

              1. True. We forget what a precious resource running water is. I’m thinking of my German ancestors who came over in 1830-something and built the farmhouse into the side of a hill such that the kitchen was also a springhouse.

                But if you’re not lucky enough to have a spring, having your gutters drain into a rainwater tank is a pretty good approach, I think.

              2. Easy way to take care of it – if you’re a lazy prepper like me – is the waterBOB that allows you to fill your bathtub with potable water that stays sanitary.

          3. The first thing I would do that I haven’t is put in my own water well. I have plenty of guns and ammo to give me access to just about anything else I need (kidding! probably).

            Solar power would be next on my list.

  49. For your edification, Andrew Montford has published a little blurb about what’s happening on Airstrip One:

    The liberal society and its publicly funded enemies

    In my absence, readers will no doubt have been aware of the attempt by several noble peers of the realm to silence dissenting voices on climate change. Headed by Lord Krebs, they wrote to a letter to the Times with the normal mealy-mouthed line of “we are in favour of free speech but you shouldn’t publish people who disagree with us”


    The admission of the involvement of the ECIU in the letter really does stink. Krebs is the chairman of the Adaptation Subcommittee of the Commmittee on Climate Change, and is therefore a paid government adviser. Lord Krebs and his gang of environmentalist chums are therefore doing their anti-liberal-society dirty work on the public payroll.
    It seems to me that his position is entirely untenable. Amber Rudd should sack him.

    1. we are in favour of free speech but

      I’m sorry, but….

      1. Anytime I hear someone say, “I believe in free speech, but….” I just stop listening. The only thing that can possibly follow is “not really.”

        1. Or, “I just lied” also works.


    Police three times more likely to shoot unarmed white people than blacks. The facts just refuse to fit the narrative. We need new facts.

    1. This study isn’t that meaningful; it tests cops in a use of force simulator.

      1) The police officer knows he is going home and it’s just a game.
      2) The police officer knows he is being monitored.

      Both factors are enough to significantly alter behavior.

      In fact, I would expect this result; a guy doesn’t want to get branded as a racist and who only has to face ribbing for a poor judgement call would be expected to give blacks a greater benefit of the doubt in the simulator; even if in real life he is far more scared of them than he is of white people.

      So, the test is more a test of the question do cops engage in socially unacceptable discrimination when being monitored and the answer is no, that they instead bias themselves to engage in socially acceptable discrimination to reduce their chances of appearing to engage in socially unacceptable discrimination when being monitored.

      1. That is a good point.

      2. I dunno. I figure cops would be more hesitant to shoot a black person vs a white person because they know that the dead black guy will get heightened media attention, while the dead white guy will be completely and totally ignored by the media.

        1. This is kind of what I like to stress to my “black friends”. It is not about black or white with cops – it is about BLUE vs EVERYONE ELSE. And blue knows they can get away with it.

      3. “This study isn’t that meaningful; it tests cops in a use of force simulator.

        1) The police officer knows he is going home and it’s just a game.
        2) The police officer knows he is being monitored.”


        This issue is so hilariously politicized that basically ever study on the subject is useless.

        “In fact, I would expect this result; a guy doesn’t want to get branded as a racist and who only has to face ribbing for a poor judgement call would be expected to give blacks a greater benefit of the doubt in the simulator; even if in real life he is far more scared of them than he is of white people.”

        ^ This

        1. Zed: May I ask why you felt little Tiffany deserved to die?

          James Edwards: Well, she was the only one that actually seemed dangerous at the time, sir.

          Zed: How’d you come to that conclusion?

          James Edwards: Well, first I was gonna pop this guy hanging from the street light, and I realized, y’know, he’s just working out. I mean, how would I feel if somebody come runnin’ in the gym and bust me in my ass while I’m on the treadmill? Then I saw this snarling beast guy, and I noticed he had a tissue in his hand, and I’m realizing, y’know, he’s not snarling, he’s sneezing. Y’know, ain’t no real threat there. Then I saw little Tiffany. I’m thinking, y’know, eight-year-old white girl, middle of the ghetto, bunch of monsters, this time of night with quantum physics books? She about to start some shit, Zed. She’s about eight years old, those books are WAY too advanced for her. If you ask me, I’d say she’s up to something. And to be honest, I’d appreciate it if you eased up off my back about it.
          James Edwards: Or do I owe her an apology?
          James Edwards: That’s a good shot though…

    2. Hmm. Got a better link?? The one provided doesn’t have a link to the actual study. While I would not be surprised if this was true, since we live in an age where people torture data to suit their needs, I refuse to believe any stats until I can see the actual study and examine the methodology.

  51. The secret sex parties of North Korea’s elite

    Welcome to the secret high-class sex parties for North Korea’s elite, where schoolgirls as young as 13 are allegedly forced into servitude for their leaders’ pleasure.

    The girls are picked out at random by soldiers ? sometimes from their own school classrooms. Their family and medical histories are closely examined, and routine check-ups are performed to ensure their virginity is intact.

    Over the following decade, these girls are expected to service the small military circle of North Korea’s elite. They are known as the leader’s Pleasure Squad ? or Gippeumjo.

    1. Well that’s unsurprising

    2. From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

      Those girls are just feeling the Bern!!!

      1. Yes, all must contribute what they can to the glorious betterment of the State!

    3. +1 Joy Division!!!

    4. From each according to their ability; to each according to their need.

      Marxism 101.

      1. Predictably, that was originally French, and was stolen by a German.

  52. German right-wingers are cozying up to Putin’s Russia.

    Not quite as bad as Merkel going after German citizens on behalf of Islamist autocrats, but it’s interesting that we can’t seem to go a generation without Western useful idiots helping out Russian dictators.

    1. …right-wing populists…

      …anti-liberal, anti-American and homophobic ideology…

      It’s telling that in a European publication all these buzzwords actually seem to be an accurate portrayal of the subject matter – as opposed to an American publication where I automatically assume it’s just slander.

  53. A PSA: “Ladies” and Gentlemen: next week I’m heading out for vacation. Play nice, drink copiously, and stay frosty.

    1. Play nice, drink copiously, and stay frosty.

      You could have just said “carry on.”

      1. We’ll welcome you back with a hearty, “you were gone?”

        Seriously, have fun.

    2. Brexiting us? Enjoy.

  54. I love the Washington post’s headline on the anti-Trump riot story.

    “Trump critics clash with police at California rally”

    The first para mentions 20 arrests, then the second paragraph says:

    “There were no reports of serious injuries at the event in [the] Republican bastion of Orange County. But at least two police cars were vandalized, and one Trump supporter had his face bloodied in a scuffle as he tried to drive away from the arena after Trump’s speech.”

    Then this: “The fracas marked the most recent flash of tensions that have followed Trump to campaign events around the country.” My online Webster’s defines “fracas” as “a noisy argument or fight.” The insinuation is that (a) it was on both sides and (b) it’s the sort of disruption which Trump seems to cause in some way.

    Go down a few paras and you get this:

    “The situation escalated when a protester smashed the back window of a police cruiser. Soon after, someone jumped onto the vehicle and aggressively stomped on the top. Others began to jostle the car back and forth as people in the crowd egged on the action.”

    Oh, those frolicsome protesters, with their fracases and no major injuries!

    1. They’re just protesters, like MLK, Jr. Why would you have a problem with protesters?

      Looking at how much violence the “protesters” have been causing lately (there seems to be more from them than from Trump supporters), I think ‘fascist street thugs’ is probably a more accurate term.

      1. Seems to be? Did I miss the pictures of Trump people stomping on police cars?

        I get it Irish. You are the most upper crust educated bastard I have known. You piss fine Bordeaux and shit Tiffany Cuff links you are so high end.

        Can you just admit reality now? Is is that hard?

        1. What on earth was that about?

          1. here seems to be more from them than from Trump supporters

            It relates to that rather grudging admission on Irish’s part. He is not sure but he thinks perhaps there might be a little bit more violence coming from the protestors than the Trump people. He doesn’t know of course but he has gotten that impression.

            In other news Irish notes that the Patriots seem to be a better run organization than the Cleveland Browns and Tom Brady seems to be a better quarterback than Johnny Manziel.

            1. John, I think you’re really going out of your way to be offended here.

              1. Criticizing Trump supporters or pointing out that they’re disproportionately low skill and uneducated makes John so mad that he will then parse all of your posts for the rest of the day desperately searching for something to yell about.

                Also, according to John it’s wrong to point out that high school drop outs tend to be lower skill workers than college graduates. See, there are some highly skilled welders and entrepreneurs who didn’t graduate college, and when you bring up the fact that *in general* the more education you have the more skilled you are, that must mean you’re saying everyone who didn’t graduate college is stupid.

                You’re not allowed to point out correlations between education and skill level because then you’re an anti-blue collar bigot.

                1. And don’t get him started on BODY ARMOR!!!

          2. *awkwardly looks at dinner plate as daddy tears mommy’s head off*…

        2. “Seems to be? Did I miss the pictures of Trump people stomping on police cars?

          I get it Irish. You are the most upper crust educated bastard I have known. You piss fine Bordeaux and shit Tiffany Cuff links you are so high end.”

          Holy fucking shit, I criticize the *anti-Trump protesters* and you find something to bitch about.

          Take a Valium.

          1. I think he likes you…get him a valentine.

            1. They’re like Beatrice and Benedict. So cute.

    2. I miss the giant papermache puppets.
      They really round out the protest.

    1. Trump will let that one slide, I’m sure.

  55. Nothing is ever Obama’s fault. The public just does not appreciate how great he is.…..213830?o=0

    1. Welch, Gillespie, and company basically share that same outlook as most of the rest of the media.

    2. the Benghazi furor, which is mostly a furor about talking points.

      And a youtube video! Don’t forget that!

      never mind the whole ‘dead diplomats’, ‘civil war’, and ‘weapon smuggling’ stuff.

      1. I love the way “They knowingly sent an ambassador into a highly dangerous weapons smuggling operation with no security and he got killed, and they issued misleading talking points to deflect blame” gets boiled down to “they issued misleading talking points”.

    3. Obama had real talent at inspiring the masses with fantasies of an egalitarian utopia, directed by a big, benevolent, and wise government, and powered by green energy, youthful exuberance, and good intentions. Progressive media did a great job of turning this into a narrative that celebrated Obama’s wondrous hope and change as he proceeded to fundamentally transform America. The narrative initially blamed Bush for Obama’s failure to deliver utopia in reality; when that became tiresome, the media shifted blame for the Obama Administration’s failings to reactionary conservatives and corporations. The narrative even singled out libertarians as particularly blameworthy, the first time libertarians were ever noticed by the progressive media, and even directed daily two-minute-hates at the Koch brothers.

      1. Obama’s time is drawing to a close, and the retrospective is not happy. A sagging economy. Utter chaos on all sides in the Middle East. Crumbling relations with Russia and China. Universal surveillance and permanent war. Crushing debt. A failed and unaffordable health care plan. Record participation in welfare programs and record low work force participation rates. Deteriorating race relations. States and municipalities in bankruptcy. An EPA that is on one hand devastating industry to save the environment from potentially imaginary problems, and on the other directly involved in polluting rivers and poisoning city water supplies.

        It’s hard to sell a happy narrative about Obama’s leadership to anyone who is paying attention.

  56. I’ve made $64,000 so far this year working online and I’m a full time student. Im using an online business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great money. It’s really user friendly and I’m just so happy that I found out about it. Heres what I do,


    1. You probably justify your ‘work’ by calling it ‘sociological investigation into cultural sexual mores’.

  57. Two long-term advertising account managers with The New York Times have accused the paper of having an ideal staffer (“young, white, unencumbered with a family”) and filed a federal lawsuit alleging age, race, and gender discrimination.

    “Unbeknownst to the world at large, not only does The Times have an ideal customer (young, white, wealthy), but also an ideal staffer (young, white, unencumbered with a family) to draw that purported ideal customer,” the lawsuit says.”

    Yeah, Men’s Health should not hire these two fine ladies. “Unbeknownst to the world at large…” — ooh, story time.

    1. Another story, fat fitness instructor settlesment (“lookism”, “weightism”, “sexism”):

      1. I’m pretty sure I wanted to avoid the image of a whole settlement of fat fitness instructors.

    1. I blame Bush

      1. What, all of them?

        1. I thought that was Longtorso’s schtick.

    2. William Henry Harrison did not have a year of 3% economic growth…

  58. I quit my office job and now I am getting paid 56 Dollars hourly. How? I work-over internet! My old work was making me miserable, so I was to try-something different. 1 years after…I can say mmy life is changed completely for the better! Check it out what i do…Ui3


  59. Far left agitator punks 1, Nazi agitators 0. Isn’t weimar democracy great?

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