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Revealed: Donald Trump Got His Immigration Policy From Ann Coulter

And catch Nick Gillespie appearing with Coulter & Dan Savage on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday, May 8.


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If you ask #NeverTrump conservatives, one thing that they'll tell you about the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination is that he's a b.s. artist and flip-flopper that can't be trusted to deliver on all his conservative promises.

As right-wing eminence Brent Bozell writes in a public letter posted at (of all places), Trump has in recent memory favored single-payer health care, government funding for abortion, and not bombing every country on the planet. He's donated money to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, failed to pop a blood vessel over unisex bathrooms, and—worst of all—"endorsed 'touchback' amnesty" for filthy Mexicans.

You really gotta love conservatives bitching about Trump: They consistently claim that the guy who equated Mexican immigrants with rapists and drug dealers and murderers and said he would deport all of them is actually soft on immigration. Why? Because after he cleared them all out, he's said he would "let the good ones" back in. 

Conservatives are right to say that Trump wasn't always so hostile to immigrants and writing in the Miami Herald, Reason's TV critic Glenn Garvin has identified a potential source for Trump's born-again nativism. In a new interview with Ann Coulter, the author of the anti-immigration tome Adios, America! recounts that Trump's campaign got in touch with her after a 2015 shit-storm interview she had with Jorge Ramos of Fusion. From Garvin's account:

Before June 2015, Trump's musings about immigration were rare and contradictory: He sneered about the "self-deportation" plan that Mitt Romney proposed during his 2012 presidential campaign, but also sent out a few tweets in 2013 criticizing a Senate bill that would have offered clemency to illegal immigrants. In early 2015, as Trump began hinting he might run for president, his main issue was foreign trade, not immigration.

Coulter tells Garvin that after her interview with Ramos—and even before her nativist screed was available—the Trump folks got in touch with her and asked for a galley copy, which she happily supplied.

"I was on my way back to the airport to fly to New York City when I got an email from Trump's office requesting that a copy of the book be overnighted to him," recalls Coulter. Two weeks later, Trump delivered his famous — or infamous — speech about Mexico dumping "criminals, drug dealers, rapists, et ceterera" into the United States and was on his way to knocking 14 of the other 16 Republican candidates out of the race.

"He's the only person I ever needed to read it," says Coulter happily. "Now my work is done." (Though she graciously gives the Mexican-born Ramos some probably unwanted credit: "Yay, Jorge! He can stay.")

Garvin notes that the Trump campaign says it's grateful for her support but won't actually say whether her book is the blueprint for his eliminationist rhetoric regarding forcibly deporting 12 million illegal immigrants and up to 4 million children (many of whom are U.S. citizens). Or rather, what conservatives say is nothing but "a poorly disguised amnesty" program.

Read full Garvin interview with Coulter here.

And click below to watch Garvin interview an Ann Coulter action figure, which is pretty damn funny.

Programming note: As it happens, I'm scheduled to appear with Coulter and "Savage Love" advice columnist Dan Savage on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher on May 8. More on that here. The last time I was on Real Time was back in 2012, and I mixed it up with Rachel Maddow and Mark Ruffalo. Watch here.

As it happens, also back in 2012, I debated Coulter under the auspices of Denver's great Independent Institute. The topic was whether libertarians and conservatives could (or should) get along. Check it out here (scroll down to middle of text, after the transcript of Matt Welch's tussle with Jonah Goldberg in a different forum).

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  1. As it happens, also back in 2012, I debated Coulter under the auspices of Denver’s great Independent Institute.

    A transcript isn’t going to cut it, Gillespie. Where’s the video?

    1. Why the long face Ann?

    2. I’ll have to watch Maher next week. Having Nick and Annie on together is awesome. They can both tell Maher really How wrong he is.

  2. Hey, quick OT question, Nick, can you get one of the veterans (or Shackford would do nicely) to cover this?

    Lots of libertarian-ey, socialist-ey, economic-ey implications in this story. Plus funny how the BBC frames the problem:

    Venezuela’s government has imposed a two-day working week for public sector workers as a temporary measure to help it overcome a serious energy crisis.
    Vice-President Aristobulo Isturiz announced that civil servants should turn up for work only on Mondays and Tuesdays until the crisis was over.
    Venezuela is facing a major drought, which has dramatically reduced water levels at its main hydroelectric dam.
    But the opposition has accused the government of mismanaging the crisis.
    The measures announced on national television by Mr Isturiz affect two million public sector workers.
    “There will be no work in the public sector on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, except for fundamental and necessary tasks,” he said.

    Deeper down in the article, they somehow manage to blame Venezuela’s economy on the weather.

    1. Get Bailey to cover it. This sounds like something he and the other Global Warming believers could frame.

    2. “There will be no work in the public sector on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, except for fundamental and necessary tasks,” he said.

      Once, just ONCE, I want a reporter to ask a politician that says something like that why the government is taking money from citizens to do anything that wasn’t fundamental and necessary.

      1. You would think that could have been sold as an increase in services.

        “On Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the public sector is now charged, for the first time, with performing fundamental and necessary tasks. The rest of the week, you’re on your own, but at least now it won’t be the entire week.”

    3. If they just make that a 7 day no government work week, then things might start to improve on their own.

      1. Then they’ll be like Somalia. Which would probably be a step up.

  3. Anybody hear Trump foreign policy speech? Sensible? Crazy?

  4. You know how I know Ann Coulter is a man? Because her hands are as big as Andre the Giant’s and her Adam’s apple is as big as her balls.

      1. That’s a Crusty question, not a Sloopy question.

        1. So, yes?

          1. If’n ye want yer sloopy seconds from Ann Coulter, check out her picture at the top of…..n-20110809 and consider well… She is a man-trap for any man to think twice of, especially if’n they, um, value their “manhood”…

    1. Cisgendered shitlord! Check your white male privelige!

      1. Would ye entrust yer manhood (ye cisgendered white-male shitlord!) to the Loverly Lady as is pictured at the top of…..n-20110809 ?!??!?!

  5. lol no surprise at all, none whatsoever.

  6. Last night I heard a story about immigration that moved me. I’ll try to make it shorter than I heard it.

    Three mainstream Republican guys were on a hunting ranch in south Texas about 40 miles north of the boarder. Typical Repubs, not foaming at the mouth, but anti-immigration. One came back from his blind in the dark to find a young Mexican woman huddled by his pickup. The poor thing was covered in thorns. She had gotten separated from her group and found the pickup and basically gave up, taking whatever was going to come her way.

    She didn’t speak English, but he calmed her and got her in the truck. I kept waiting for the storyteller to say that they called INS right away, but they didn’t. He brought her back to the lodge, and they called his friend’s employee who spoke Spanish. They found out she was trying to get to her brother in San Antonio. So they called the brother and he came down in 3 hours. In the meantime, these three guys helped the girl clean up, and helped pull the thorns out of her legs. The brother got there, and he took his illegal immigrant sister to San Antonio.

    I asked the guy about the INS, and he said, well, when they saw her, they did what they did because it was “the right thing to do”. Things are different when you’re dealing with an actual human being in front of you and not watching Coulter on TV.

    Fuck you Donald Trump. Fuck you Ann Coulter.

    1. Most Americans have no desire to mass murder innocent Afghans attending a wedding. They still vote for Obama.

      1. Americans like to outsource their violence.

        1. I would like to be free to deal more of it myself.

      2. Let’s not even get into people believing in due process but going silent when Obama has American citizens, minor children even, assassinated without them even being charged with a crime.

        And Hillary supported that, by the way.

        1. Can we please steer the conversation back to Trump?

          1. If you’re going to apply for a job writing at reason, just send them your resume. No need to solicit for it here.

    2. Amen, brother.

    3. I’ll try to make it shorter than I heard it.

      You failed. 😛

    4. One deserving foreigner admitted, Six billion or so similarly deserving more to go.

      1. Logical consistency is a prejudice of meanies. I’m caring. I’m a nice person.

    5. That’s a real nice story. So lets’s abandon any concept of sovereign borders and destroy the country. Good idea.

    6. Things are different when you’re dealing with an actual human being in front of you

      Very true.

      And pretty irrelevant to what makes good policy. General rules always have individual cases where they produce suboptimal results. What makes a good general rule is that it produces better results overall.

      1. As an example: The widely derided laws named after some poor innocent victim. Such laws are made when legislatures are thinking about an actual human being. And they nearly always produce bad policy.

    7. I asked the guy about the INS, and he said, well, when they saw her, they did what they did because it was “the right thing to do”. Things are different when you’re dealing with an actual human being in front of you and not watching Coulter on TV.

      In other words, most people are incapable of acting on principle over feelz. And you approve. Mommy values run amok. “I’m a nice person.”

      These same “nice people” demand wars. They demand nationalized medicine. They demand an ever expanding welfare state. They demand an ever expanding police state. They demand drug wars.

      Because muh feelz; I saw an actual sad human being on tv. Do Something!

    8. For all of you saying we shouldn’t make policy based on individual anecdotes or feelings, I agree with you.

      However, the value of this story for the mainstream, keep-them-foreigners-out Republicans is to make them think of actual human beings instead of the abstraction of “foreigners”. It might provide some nuance to their simple-minded thinking.

      Another thing – how many of you were toting this “no anecdotes” line when we were dealing with the story of Christie brushing off someone in a crowd saying that their kid was going to die without medical marijuana?

      And Suicidy’s hyperbole about “destroying the country” is just stupid.

    9. How does it follow logically that a nation has to have open borders just because some pathetic woman needed help because she was covered with thorns? Maybe if rat bastards like you hadn’t encouraged her to leave her own country and come to a place where she had no legal right to be she would not have needed so much help? Did you ever think of that? No, of course not, because you are a doofus who has no respect for nations or laws or right and wrong. It’s against the law for her to be here, but you say let her come. Well, what if I decide that, even though it’s against the law, to shoot you in the head with a .45, I do it anyway, because it seems right in my own eyes? It will work both ways, dude, whether you want it to or not.

  7. While it seems conceivable that Donald Trump chooses his platforms based on the latest thing he read about that topic, I have no particular reason to believe Ann Coulter’s story about how awesomely influential Ann Coulter is.

  8. They consistently claim that the guy who equated Mexican immigrants with rapists and drug dealers and murderers and said he would deport all of them is actually soft on immigration. Why? Because after he cleared them all out, he’s said he would “let the good ones” back in.

    Well, he did say “and some, I believe, are good people.” Which logically means he believes just less than half of all immigrants must be good people. That’s a lot of good people.

    It was also a LOT of rapists and drug dealers once one made a Venn diagram out of his stupid rant but people only heard “Mexicans BAD!” and started to applaud like trained seals instead of looking into the logic of his statement, so…

  9. Ann Coulter is the hottest transgendered Republican I have ever seen. Who says the GOP isn’t an inclusive place?? If Ann wanted to use the loo in North Carolina, they would probably arrest her if she went in the ‘girls’ room.

    1. The tranny joke was already made!

      1. You have to wait 24 hours to make another one, right?

        1. Wouldn’t that be othering to them?

      2. I just saw that – my bad. And he mixed in a reference to Andre The Giant too. Well done!

    2. Basically, she’s the Elizabeth Nolan Brown of the right.

    3. Yeah you Concher-Dude… If’n ye be a MALE that is… Anne-Baby will transgender YE TOO if’n ye are inta the “oral sex” thingee… See the pic at the top of…..n-20110809 …

  10. you idiots refuse to call them what they are – ILLEGAL ALIENS

    up to 60 million of them……some of you people would sell your…………..

    1. Illegal humans?!?! When humans are outlawed, only outlaws will be human!!!

  11. Garvin notes that the Trump campaign says it’s grateful for her support but won’t actually say whether her book is the blueprint for his eliminationist rhetoric

    And here I thought Reason had given up on the “You’re for Open Borderz or You’re a Nazi” articles. Silly me.

    By the way, thanks for giving Trump a few more votes. Keep em coming.

  12. Nick, May 8 is a Sunday.

    I’m mortified that no other commenters noticed this. Oh, wait, this is the Reason comments section. It’s the only place that will give Barrens chat a run for its money.

  13. Man, it’s going to suck if Trump goes through with this “boot them all out” policy.

    1. It’s like a hangover Reason gives me.

    2. It will be terrible to get rid of all the illegals.

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  15. Clearly the only way to fight idiot religious extremists with guns and knives is to build submarines and trillion dollar airplanes.

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  17. so, is this article about how reasonable the Trump policy actually is, or am I completely miss reading this?

    Because this somewhat comes across as “Trump is more reasonable on immigration than most other Republicans”.

    1. Damn it and the lack of an edit button. I had one more line to write damn it.

      Am I supposed to have pre-conceived notions on who Anna Coulter is? Because this is literally the first time I’ve consciously heard about her.

      1. The crypto-Marxist pseudo-libertarians of Reason hate Ann Coulter because she is Nationalist with a capital N. Pseudo-libertarian crypto-Marxists hate Nationalists and Nationalism because they equate Nations with the State. They are either too stupid to know or too dishonest to admit that without Nations, there can be no Libertarianism.
        Reason people are lacking in reason because they don’t realize that liberty has to be enforced with violence same as tyranny has to be enforced with violence. For some reason the Reason guys assume that Liberty is all nothing but sweetness and light and chocolate unicorns and rainbow lollipops.

        1. You win the Internet this week.

  18. Regarding my comment about Liberty needing to be enforced with violence same as tyranny, I want to say that the difference between liberty and tyranny is Liberty needs truth whilst Tyranny needs lies. The violence is the same, but the moral context is what is completely different. Liberty walks in the Light whilst Tyranny lurks in the Darkness.

  19. How far Reason has fallen, using unprincipled arguments to hide the existing circumstances of an American welfare state in which all taxpayers are exploited to enrich politically favored, legal and illegal, poor and minorities, as well as their political enablers, so as to present an equality destroying, but ego enhancing, as well as politically profitable position as a champion of civil rights.

    This is the scam played by wanna be leaders who decided that integrity must give way to deceit, to successfully buy the votes of today’s greedy, racist welfare state thieves, currently using the irrelevant differences of race and incomes to claim all American taxpayers “owe” a work free living to any group of parasites successfully gaining the requisite political favor.

    So welcome to welfare state politics, Reason, but you’ll need another label for your agenda since “Libertarian” is taken by those recognizing that all of the contentious issues of today are caused by the American welfare state’s confiscation of incomes and its lives and property control, and are resolved by freedom’s welfare state destroying universal protection of honestly earned incomes and property. What about “Crony Libertarians” to declare your allegiance with tax funded public service providing corporate billionaires and their tax sucking clientele. Or for an international flavor, the WorldWideWelfaretarians would do.

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