Donald Trump Gives Foreign Policy Speech, Cruz to Announce Fiorina as VP Pick, Bernie Sanders Does the Math: P.M. Links


  • NBC

    Donald Trump gave a foreign policy speech.

  • Ted Cruz is expected to announce Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential selection.
  • Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge things aren't adding up his way.
  • Dennis Hastert has been sentenced to 15 months in jail.
  • Venezuela is introducing a five-day weekend in response to an electricity shortage.
  • A female suicide bomber in Turkey wounded at least 13.
  • Police in Paris are considering using drones to conduct crowd surveillance.

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  1. Ted Cruz is expected to announce Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential selection.

    That campaign is in for more than one long face.

    1. Hello.

      “Donald Trump gave a foreign policy speech”

      More about walls?

      1. [SugarFree fodder]

        Ann Coulter had multiple spontaneous orgasms over the speech:

        Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 3h3 hours ago

        Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 3h3 hours ago

        1. WET ANNE COULTER.

          1. Eeeeewww!

            1. Moist Anne Coulter?

              1. I don’t know why I keep adding an ‘E’ to Ann.

                1. “I don’t know why I keep adding an ‘E’ to Ann.”

                  You obviously picture her with a strap-on.

              2. Fully erect Anne Coulter?

                1. Ann Coulter in musth?

                2. “Fully erect Anne Coulter?”

                  Both hemipenes?

              3. From the spring molting.

              4. Humid Ann Coulter

          2. I thought Ann Coulter was a staunch conservative.

            The candidate she is backing wants to raise taxes on the wealthy who make more than $150K a year.

            I know I’m missing something but I can’t quit put my finger on it.

            Perhaps I should look at Coulter’s bank deposits in the recent past or her future job opportunities ?

            1. Yes. Yes, you are missing something.

            2. It makes more sense if you look at her as an entertainer that plays the role of outsized conservative pundit instead of principled conservative.

            3. I’d again like to offer my theory that Anne Coulter is really Andy Kaufman.

          3. It’s gotta come out sooner or later that Coulter is a guy. No woman has an adams apple like that.

          4. Wet as October. /Titus Pullo

        2. First trans Secretary of State?

      2. DId anyone sit through all of that speech? I got through a few minutes.

        How was this speech better than him winging lines like “we spent a trillion in Iraq and we got nothing”? I like that style a lot better, not to mention I agree with him.

    2. Oh-h-h-h Wilbur!

    3. Never look a giftTed in the mouth.

    4. Female suicide bomber WOUNDS 13?

      See what happens when you send a woman to do a MAN’s job!?

  2. Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge things aren’t adding up his way.

    Seems that happens a lot with socialists.

    1. +1 Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth.

    2. You don’t necessarily need two Democratic candidates when children are hungry in this country.

  3. Venezuela is introducing a five-day weekend in response to an electricity shortage.

    I could use one of those right about now.

    1. I don’t think you’d like an electricity shortage.

      1. I live in CA, we’re short on power surprisingly frequently. After the gas leak we’re supposed to be looking at something like 17 days of projected rolling blackouts in CA this summer.

        1. But… but… that’s unpossible!!!!

          They’ve been building all these sustainable solar power plants and windmills!!!!! How could they run out of electricity if the supply is sustainable?!?

          1. Eh, the worst of it was in 2000/2001, but a lot of that was because of Davis’s crazy-corrupt “deregulation” scheme, but we’re definitely tight on energy in the Golden State and bleeding off nat gas into residential neighborhoods for weeks was not exactly helpful.

            1. All my prog friends told me that was PROOF YOU CAN’T DEREGULATE UTILITIES EVAR

              1. Every time I reread the details about how all of that went down I get angry.

                1. David Cay Johnston has a chapter in one of his books about the regulations involved in this deregulation scheme. He realizes that companies captured the PUC and gamed the system but his diagnosis and solution are the natural leftist ones ? market failure which needs regulations to fix it ? all the while noting that regulations caused the energy companies to game the system.

            2. I never smelt the gas even when I was in the middle of the neighborhood…

              1. Natgas is completely odorless until it’s been processed and the sulfery smell has been added so people can easily detect leaks.

                1. Not only that, the added smell filters out if there is an underground break that is very deep at all.

                  I know this because we had such a break on a major gas line that was only discovered when the gas company had their sniffer gizmo out for a different purpose altogether. We probably came pretty close to having a major gas explosion about 50 yards from our ED.

                  1. Not only that, the added smell filters out if there is an underground break that is very deep at all.

                    That’s good to know, and a little terrifying.

              2. Methyl mercaptan isn’t added until delivery.

          2. Jesse’s penis pump is a real electricity hogger.

            1. It runs on power? I thought it was one of those hand jobs.

              1. You people are terrible. I only use artisanal jelquing to get a bigger dick, none of these mass produced gadgets.

              2. These mastur…

                oh forget it.

              3. It has one of those crank levers.

                1. More like pedals.

            2. wheel with a cockerdoodle mix running in it.

          3. Why you ask question when you know answer, Comrade tarran?

            Wreckers and kulaks. Wreckers and kulaks always.

            1. The fucking kulaks and wreckers! Always destroying our chance at a socialist paradise!!!!

          4. And everyone is always complaining about how they still aren’t getting free treatment under Obamacare. Why, it’s almost like there’s a “structural” problem with Socialism….

          5. They’re too busy hooking up new data centers, attracting and growing new businesses, and generally not depending on the government to worry about trifles like water or electricity.

            Just ask Tony, AmSoc, et al.

            1. Haven’t seen much of thoose gys lately.

              Maybe the puppet master went on to better things and the sockpuppets went with xer.

        2. If people could grow pot outside with free sunlight you probably wouldn’t need rolling blackouts.

    2. Are hat tips pass

    3. *** pulls plug on jesse flips jesse’s switch ***

      1. We’re saying nothing at all
        But we’re saying nothing with *feel*

    4. See, Marx is being proven right, the State will wither away after communism is implemented. Running out of energy and money does reduce the state.

      1. Then anarco-capitalist paradise, right?

      2. I think it was Vladimir Voinovich in Moscow 2042 who had a line that went something along the lines of

        “Marx was right when he predicted the mass impoverishment of the working class. His only mistake was that it happened in socialism, rather than capitalism. In fact, entire Marxist theory has only one problem: all its predictions came true in socialism rather than capitalism.”

        1. I keep telling you guys that mass impoverishment of the working class is a feature, not a bug.

          Think about the reduction in CO2 emissions that mass impoverishment of Venezuela will achieve!

    5. A two day work week for socialist bureaucrats does sound like a ruthless application of “From each according to his ability”

  4. Venezuela is introducing a five-day weekend in response to an electricity shortage.

    So with all that spoiled food they won’t be using so much toilet paper.

    1. I think you have that backwards, Fist.

        1. Quiet, you. Fist can figure out the joke for himself.

        2. Don’t start that shit again.

          1. What? Rectal prolapse?

          2. It’s insulting. Fist is Number One.

          3. Given the circumstances…

      1. I don’t explain my art.

        1. This scene was pretty much how your job interview went, right?

            1. Ziggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I was expecting something like this.


    2. Well, they won’t be using much toilet paper, but maybe some of this?

      1. “We ran out of toilet paper before food so that was kind of awkward. But once we ran out of food we started eating the couch stuffing, which solved that problem, it just wiped itself on the way out.”

      2. They must be running out of leaves, too.

  5. Bernie Sanders Does the Math

    Oh, so NOW he learns how to do basic arithmetic?

    1. Maybe he only just found out about the calculators with the giant buttons and screen?

      1. Somebody took screencap of calc.exe and made it Bernie’s iPad wallpaper. Always stuck on zero no matter how Bernie mashes the socialist buttons.

    2. It’s hard to carry the one when you do air (head) math.

    3. Complex arithmetic. Lots of imaginary numbers.

  6. That presidential fraternity/sorority thing has me intrigued.

    1. Toga Party!!

    2. Rating presidents by their rapeyness?

      1. George Washington had dentures… Just saying.

  7. “Retired Cop Mistakenly Fires Gun While Showing It to Doctor” The bullet hit both him and the doctor. Isn’t there a Call of Duty achievement for that?

    1. That’s one magic lugie?

    2. Police say no criminality is suspected.

      “Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity.”

      1. If your a cop, intent apparently still matters.

      2. Police say no criminality is suspected.

        Really? Shooting somebody accidentally isn’t reckless endangerment, assault and battery, or negligent
        discharge of a firearm?

        And here I thought NY had strict firearms laws. Sounds like a frickin’ libertarian paradise!

    3. Nassau County police say the 77-year-old retired officer took out his licensed 10 mm semi-automatic pistol inside the Long Island office on Wednesday morning.

      You know what kind of people pack a 10mm?

      1. FBI agents from the late 80s? People with very strong forearms?

      2. I bet he did Nassau that coming.

        1. Does that county as a pun?

      3. People with small hands?

      4. Vanessa Del Rio?

        1. The porn actress from the 80s?

  8. Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge things aren’t adding up his way

    Once again demonstrating his poor understanding of math.

    Also, good work with the spell-check, Ed.

    1. acknoweldge

      “Dearwy bewoved ?”

  9. Venezuela is introducing a five-day weekend in response to an electricity shortage.

    Sounds like a worker’s paradise to me!

    1. All of that electricity was killing the planet anyway.

      1. +1 satellite photo of the Korean peninsula

  10. Police in Paris are considering using drones to conduct crowd surveillance.

    Dropping le white flags as it goes.

    1. But do the drones only go in reverse?

  11. Venezuela is introducing a five-day weekend in response to an electricity shortage.

    Thank you Ed. Now if we could maybe get the 2000 word think-piece sometime later this week, I’d feel like I was back in old-timey Reason.

  12. The bison is almost our national mammal. Bears wept.

    1. NOOOOO!!!

      1. They’ll always have California, grrizz.

    2. What?! Not Dolly Parton?!

      1. National mammal, not mammary.

      2. On the Dallas marathon course, around halfway are the Dolly Parton hills. A pair of hills that are shaped and proportioned like tits. At that point in the race, you need something, because you still have a lot of running ahead of you. In order to make runners feel better, there’s an aid station on the hills.

        1. “It costs a helluva lot of money to look this cheap”-Dolly

          1. Bless her heart.

        2. She should shave her stomach.

    3. See, this is why congress needs trillions in tax payer dollars.

      1. NOTHING LEFT TO CUT!!!!!

        1. Hey if congress limited itself to arguing about national mammals, birds, and reptiles, we would all be much better off.

          1. True that. Unfortunately, they’ll be back to their lying and stealing soon enough.

    4. Bears do not weep; they seek vengeance.

      1. Bears, when not attacking you, are much more charming.

        1. Yes, I’ve been told that.

          1. What you did there, I was expecting it for minutes.

      2. No, you’re thinking of crows.

    5. It’s some sort of land-cow!!

    6. The bison is almost our national mammal.

      It’s nearsighted; consumes a hundred pounds of food every day; produces an incredible amount of shit that it drops wherever it happens to be when it gets the urge; easy to stampede; and prone to following its leaders off cliffs.

      Clearly American politicians recognize it to be their kindred spirit in the animal world!

      1. And they taste good ground up and eaten rare! Just like, uh, hmm, forget I said anything…

    7. It’s time to move to Canada.

      A Conservative senator says it’s time Canada was symbolized by something more majestic than a buck-toothed rodent.

      Senator Nicole Eaton wants the polar bear to replace the beaver as an official emblem of Canada.
      She says the polar bear is Canada’s “most majestic and splendid mammal,” and a powerful symbol in the lives of aboriginal peoples in the North. She believes the furry white carnivore’s “strength, courage, resourcefulness and dignity” add up to an appropriate symbol for modern-day Canada.

      By contrast, she derides the lowly beaver as a “19th century has-been,” a “dentally defective rat,” a “toothy tyrant” and a nuisance that wreaks havoc on its environment.

      1. The polar bear is also a ruthless asshole.

      2. I thought all the polar bears melted?

        1. Those heart warming baby seals are the cause.

          1. +1 Canadian Club on the rocks.

      3. Maybe they’re just tired of all the beaver jokes. [snickers]

        1. I probably still have somewhere the very last issue of The Beaver magazine, right before they renamed it.

          1. I had a few of those.


      4. I thought the maple leaf was the national symbol of Canada. Kinda like our national symbol is the golden arches.

        1. I don’t know anymore. Just like lacrosse is officially are national sport.

          Canadians are messed up.

      5. Oh sure, of all the bear species they just *happened* to choose the white one.

      6. Beavers are Losers.

        Canada should elect Trump and HE would make Canada’s National Animal great again.

    8. I’m our national mammal.

      1. No, you’re Nicholas Cage in National Treasure.

        1. I consider that a compliment.

      2. Mr Lizards doesn’t give a shit about your mammalness.

    9. Not the mastodon?

  13. Are you prepared for the bloodcurdling tales of super-racist horror from the desolate North? I beg you, kind sirs (TANLW), if you have a weak heart, do not look upon
    ‘To be a Muslim in Canada is to be a person of scrutiny’: Young Muslim Canadians feel singled out

    Among young respondents who said their citizenship and their faith were important parts of their identity, 61 per cent said being Muslim was the most important part of their identity and six per cent said being Canadian was the most important. Twenty-six per cent said both were important.

    Some experts suggest that’s because young Muslim Canadians feel a strong societal pressure to have to answer for violence perpetrated by extremists in the name of Islam and are struggling to reclaim their Muslim identity for themselves.

    I don’t even know how they can live up here. It’s like Reconquista every day.

    1. young Muslim Canadians

      Nice band name, although perhaps too much like “Fine Young Cannibals”.

      1. They drive you crazy?

    2. And Canada bends over backwards to accommodate its “other” communities. Didn’t Canada pass a religious exception to the helmet law? Allowing a Sikh to go helmetless ’cause of his Turban?

    3. 61 per cent said being Muslim was the most important part of their identity and six per cent said being Canadian was the most important

      Gee, why would they be put under any scrutiny?

      1. But it’s all Canada’s fault, for being so fucking racist! If Canada just wasn’t so fucking racist they would TOTALLY be Canadian first!

  14. Maine governor calls college protesters “idiots” and storms off the stage during a speech

    Another story where I hate everyone involved. I mean, I don’t hate the governor for this, I just hate him for everything else.

    1. Did he get to a safe space?

    2. They were obviously D-Money, Smoothie, and Shifty’s kids causing problems.

    3. Gov. Paul R. LePage of Maine stormed off the stage in the middle of a speech on Tuesday after seeing two students holding up signs that criticized him

      I was expecting campus hysterics, screaming, crying, shouts of “Allahu akbar!”, etc.

      If LePage can’t take 2 students holding signs in silence, fuck him. You should hate that thin-skinned pussy.

      1. Agreed.

        I too was expecting hoards of SJWs shouting the usual nonsense. But for only two protestors simply holding signs, he was the one to play the overreaction game. I like that he called them idiots, but shame on him for bailing.

        1. Yeah, this isn’t a heckler’s veto protest.

          Grow a pair, already. Hell, one would probably be plenty for a couple of students holding signs.

  15. Gangs of New York! More than 100 members of two rival groups are arrested at dawn in biggest takedown in city’s history

    I shared the link for the number of photos accomping the Daily Mail story. It is fun to play “find the physically fit federal agent/police officer.”

    1. At least with regards to the Feds, they used to have very strict and fairly high physical fitness standards. Then along came affirmative action. Thanks to that, they really couldn’t enforce the standards against women and minorities because it was virtually impossible to fire them. Once they couldn’t fire women and minorities for not meeting the standards, they no longer could do much to anyone else because of the union and civil service rules.

      1. Judging by the pictures in that article… whatever form of affirmative action that federal department is using clearly isn’t working.

        1. That guy with his ass hanging out has backwards feet! Umm.. wait a minute…

      2. Yeah, or it could be that optimal foraging theory applies to federal agents as well.

      3. Does this explain the reliance on firepower? They are fat and weak?

    2. I hope bedchambers were festooned with guts!

    3. Gangs of New York! More than 100 members of two rival groups are arrested at dawn in biggest takedown in city’s history

      So the NYPD’s going to have to go on a recruiting drive to replace some officers?


    15 months for Hassert. But remember, we can never let a guy like Trump hold high office in this country.

    1. We will.

      1. What is he going to do? Start sodomizing high school students and then pay hush money while he is in office?

        1. Worse, he may do some of the things he’s been promising.

        2. Vote Trump. Don’t let the child molesters win.

          1. That might be the best, most truthful and compelling campaign slogan I have ever read.

          2. Never Trump. Because he might actually keep his campaign promises!

          3. Don’t let the child molesters win.

            FUCK YOU.

    2. Where is the bar for acceptable national public servant? Who can we look at and say, “This. This is the person who did the least amount of damage with his dipshittery.”

      1. William Henry Harrison?

        1. Pneumonia’s a helluva drug.

      2. the bar is very low. That is why we need to stop considering these assholes anything but the most contemptible sort of hired help.

      3. Is Almanian still running?

        He sort-of, kind-of, almost partially claimed that he might do the least harm.

    3. Brought down by the Patriot Act he insisted get passed and signed into legislation.

    4. On the bright side, Hastert no longer has to pay the blackmail.

      1. Not so. His “victim” is suing for the remaining blackmail payments.

  17. This thing with Hastert is pretty outrageous. Not from a morality perspective, but from a legal perspective.

    The guy admitted to abusing the boys on his wrestling team when he was the coach. 11 ways from Sunday that is reprehensible.

    But the government didn’t charge him with that. They charged him with taking his own money out of the bank in increments less than $10k. The idea that the government has the ability to make this a crime is laughable – except it isn’t and they did. But even that isn’t the bad part.

    The prosecutor initially recommended a 0-6 month sentence in accordance with sentencing guidelines. Then came back and asked for a much longer sentence, specifically in order to deter other potential molesters. And then the judge imposes a sentence beyond the guidelines, specifically because he’s a dirty molester.

    I thought this was specifically disallowed in criminal cases. Bringing in entirely irrelevant information is supposed to be off limits, isn’t it? (they had him testify on the stand about past acts of abuse against his students ) I don’t get it. There should be some significant outrage from the legal community over this thing – even though a powerful man managed to skate on some pretty heinous crimes for most of his life.

    1. Strangely, they’ve decided that anything goes when it comes to sentencing. Hell, on sentencing a judge can take into account a charge you were acquitted of.

      1. In addition to the prison term, the judge also ordered Hastert to undergo sex-offender treatment, spend two years on supervised release from prison and pay a $250,000 fine to a crime victims’ fund.

        So …. uh… Judge just went full rogue.

        Just because the asshole deserved it doesn’t make it right. Plus, taking random money for the state to pass out to random other people having no relation to any of this guy’s crimes is kinda the opposite of justice.

        1. Or the judge knew it would get overturned on appeal and didn’t want the heat to be on him.

          1. Hastert might be OK with it. He was in for $3.5 million. But because of all of this he’s paid out about 900k and has another $250k to go. So around $1.2 million and a year and a half at most.* He saved his estate over 2 million bucks by taking the fall.

            * Poor health and/or early release could reduce that pretty substantially. Do the frail and elderly do well in prison? I’d think not.

            1. My father-in-law lost 30 pounds that he really shouldn’t have been carrying and got taken off all his blood pressure meds (by a doctor who said they were no longer needed) in his first 6 months in prison. My wife says he looks as good as she’s seen him in a decade. So, I guess anecdore is still not data.

              1. I have known a couple of people who went to prison and all them came out looking healthier for it. It seems to agree with some people.

                1. From everything I’ve seen and heard, you would have a real hard time getting or staying fat eating prison food.

            2. Nope. His “victim” is suing for the rest of the blackmail payment.

              1. Isn’t blackmail illegal and therefore not subject to contract law? As in oral contracts.

                Or is he calling this a “settlement”?

                1. He’s calling it a “settlement”.

        2. So …. uh… Judge just went full rogue.

          Judges can’t go rogue. They ARE the Law.

    2. The guidelines only fuck people who might have gotten a break. they never save anyone from getting a harsh sentence. The judge can always ignore them and go higher and as long as he can give some articulable reason, that is the way it goes.

      And I can’t figure out why the state isn’t prosecuting him for rape. The feds can’t do that because rape isn’t a federal crime. But where is the state? Is the state of Illinois just that corrupt and deferential to politicians?

      1. “Is the state of Illinois just that corrupt and deferential to politicians?”


        1. Apparently so.

      2. Is there a statute of limitations?

      3. In the article the prosecutor claims statute of limitations on the sex crimes.

        I’m also not sure how they got Hastert to testify against himself on the sex crime angle. Per the AP article the judge questioned him directly on the abuse – and he answered with admissions.

        1. If the statute of limitations has expired, then Hassert couldn’t claim his right against self incrimination. You can only plead the 5th if your testimony puts you in legal jeopardy, which it wouldn’t if the SOL had run out.

          1. Considering that the judge gave him a harsher sentence because of the molestation charges, then it seems like the 5th should still apply.

            1. You would think that but it doesn’t. The courts have ruled courts can use crimes that you haven’t been convicted of and can’t be convicted of as “sentence enhancers”. It is real bullshit.

      4. The state can’t go after him for the molestation charges because the statute of limitations has expired.

        1. That makes sense.

    3. There should be some significant outrage from the legal community over this thing,/i

      But there won’t be. Because RETHUGLIKKKAN.

      1. Well and to be fair, molester. Molester is probably at least as bad as Rethuglican. But legal types should be worried about defending the law from abuse – even if it is getting abused in the correct direction.

    4. This piece of crap admitted of his own volition to being a child molester.

      Fuck him right in the rear end. He deserves a bullet in his head, and instead he’s getting off a lot easier than most of his ilk usually do

    5. I thought this was specifically disallowed in criminal cases.

      The analysis goes like this:

      (1) Does the prosecutor want to do it?

      (2) If yes, then its allowed.

  18. A female suicide bomber in Turkey wounded at least 13.

    Was she one of the 13?

    1. On the other hand…

      Switching from antidepressants to mindfulness meditation increases relapse

      I don’t know/haven’t bothered to look at the relationship between the Lancet article that the above post criticizes and the JAMA article the Independent regurgitates via press release, except that they are by the same author.

      1. This has been known since the time of Buddha. Buddhist canon contains strong admonishments against the depressed starting meditation. It was recognized even back then that meditation can actually make things worse for the depressed.

        1. “I’m depressed. Maybe meditation will help.”

          *thinks deeply*

          “Wait a minute…I’m a asshole!”

          *hangs self*

    2. What order was that in?

  19. Donald Trump gave a foreign policy speech.

    “Everybody outside SUCKS!” – drops mike.

    Ted Cruz is expected to announce Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential selection.

    And all rumors about them in the N.E. are garbage.

    Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge [sic] things aren’t adding up his way.

    Not enough subscribers to your Democratic Socialism, Bern?

    Venezuela is introducing a five-day weekend in response to an electricity shortage.

    Let them eat carbon credits!

  20. I hope my Man Shitty friend enjoys Guardiola.

    1. No spoilers.

      Such an amazing group of managers in the PL next season. Guardiola, Klopp, Ranieri (have to include him now, right?), Conte, LVG (HA HA HA), Wenger (for the first 2/3rds of the season until he sucks like always)…

      1. Any idiot who hates on soccer saying it’s low-scoring and boring needs to watch that game.

  21. Dennis Hastert has been sentenced to 15 months in jail.

    Prison, not jail.

  22. Bernie Sanders Does the Math

    There’s a first time for everything…

  23. I’ll forgive Jesse, Tonio, & any others not into the female form for not visiting the Kristin Tate article, but the rest of you…get over there and creep dammit!

    1. No link, no creepin’.

      1. It’s on, I believe you know it.

  24. Proggies pissed that AA woman loses to white man, pissed about being called out on identity politics, pissed about everything. So much delicious butt-hurt. NOTE: The Nation and pay-walled (you might get one free read, but don’t leave the page).

    Black women are the bedrock of the party, and yet Edwards’s loss is a sign that they still don’t have a place at the table.

    Riiiiight. She lost because she was black. Not because she was the more progressive candidate which spooked the more moderate voters.

    The insurgent Edwards would have been only the second African-American woman in history to serve in the Senate. Her campaign placed that argument front and center, and in the end [the winner] used it against her with allies decrying “identity politics.”

    Yep, the voters rejected identity politics and her inevitability. They put it out there first. Sure, her opponent used that, but only to the extent that it gained traction with the voters.

    1. The Dem primary campaigns in Maryland would be funny if they were not for positions of official power. Every candidate’s campaign boils down to the same message; “my opponent doesn’t sufficiently hate guns and corporations”.

      1. Except Kathleen Matthews, whose entire campaign was “Vote for me because WOMAN!”

        1. a WOMAN who hates guns and CORPORASHUNS!!

    2. “Black women are the bedrock of the party”

      Black women are like 6% of the entire country and they vote less than several other Democratic constituencies. In what sense are they the bedrock of the Democratic Party?

      1. “The insurgent Edwards would have been only the second African-American woman in history to serve in the Senate. Her campaign placed that argument front and center, and in the end [the winner] used it against her with allies decrying “identity politics.””

        That’s funny. ‘Her entire campaign was based on the fact she was a black woman and it’s outrageous that voters cared more about ideas than race and gender!’

        1. Even her black colleagues in the House hated her. She lost, basically, because she thinks being an ambitious black woman in politics entitles her to getting whatever she demands.

      2. In what sense are they the bedrock of the Democratic Party?

        Poster children aren’t bedrocks?

      3. I think they meant “they vote for us more reliably than anyone else”. That strikes me as not so much “bedrock” as “floating straw to grasp at when flailing”, but you know, potato, nuclear reactor.

    3. Nevermind that Maryland is something like 30% black. Edwards lost because (1) she was a bad candidate that didn’t work well with anyone, as evidenced by (among other things) the Congressional Black Caucus’s refusal to endorse her, and (2) Van Hollen is the golden boy of Maryland Democrats, well-funded and supported by the party and its mouthpieces, including the Washington Post.

      1. If you are a hard left black Democrat, how big of a bitch do you have to be to get the Congressional Black Caucus not to endorse you? Wow.

        1. I know stupidity doesn’t turn them off – Sheila Jackson Lee is still part of the in crowd.

          1. Stupid and crazy are not a problem for them. I really want to know what Edwards did to piss them off. It must have been something epic.

    4. Black women are the bedrock of the party

      If the bedrock of your party is a fraction of a fraction, you’ve got problems. Black women are, what, 7% of the electorate?

    5. The insurgent Edwards would have been only the second African-American woman in history to serve in the Senate. Her campaign placed that argument front and center, and in the end [the winner] used it against her with allies decrying “identity politics.”

      Yes, The Nation, voters heard Edwards’ identity-politicking and rejected it. Too fucking bad for you. Maybe she should have tried to appeal to something besides soft racism and sexism.

    1. What do you call HIIT with just one interval?

    2. What do you call HIIT with just one interval?

      1. Squirrels fucking you?

    3. That’s not even a subtle euphemism…and would imply that most males should be toned sculptures of man meat.

      1. You should see my right arm.

        1. I call my left “the stranger”.

          1. Camus would be so proud.

            1. The mess of Sisyphus.

    4. Sprinting gets you jacked. It is known. Whether you call it cultfit, P90X, or you’re Walter Payton doing wind sprints up the side of a levee, it works way better than any pussy-ass jogging bullshit.

      1. I am pretty sure those fit military fellas were intimidated as I slowly passed them today while going around a dirt trail.

        1. Training for the AARP half-marathon, eh?

          1. A 10k, you pompous whippersnapper!

  25. Defending His Daffodils, an Eighth Avenue Gardener Keeps a Busy City at Bay

    1. Well, premarital sex is wrong.

    2. Alright, now THAT’S an abstract euphemism.

  26. “Venezuela is introducing a five-day weekend in response to an electricity shortage.”

    Jack was here flogging an article on Germany’s ‘new techniques’ to deal with the intermittent delivery of electrical power, which included using ‘Supply Allocation’; rationing.
    Looks like Venezuela beat ’em to it.

  27. So my roommate is paranoid that Trump will be hitler against brown people and be unsafe for his family, so uh yeah guys you have to vote hilary!

    Seriously, some people need help. Wouldn’t you have more to fear from hilary?

    1. So the left’s ban on referring to candidates as “Hitler” is over now that Barry is leaving office? What an amazing coincidence!

  28. Someone linked this Vox thinkpiece about how The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt isn’t progressive enough, and it’s glorious.

    “Alex: What’s interesting to me is the dissonance between Fey’s projects and the image she projects. When Fey’s advice book, Bossypants, came out in 2011, she became a patron saint of feminism. Now she’s behind the scenes of projects that fall short of that image. As a result, her fans are faced with a serious question: Is it okay to like Fey’s feminism when you don’t like how insensitive she can be about race? It comes back to that saying, “My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.”‘

    These people must be fun at parties.

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Parties? Those fonts of cultural appropriation? They’d never be seen at such a place.

      1. Some people spend a little too much time freaking out over parts of T.V. shows they don’t like.

        I think Law and Order: SVU has a horrible editorial position on police brutality, but I couldn’t imagine writing 3000 words whining about that.

        1. And yet I could imagine you doing that. Just not all at one time.

    2. Fun to poke or poke fun of at parties?

    3. These people must be fun at parties.

      Only if the parties are held at safe-spaces and full of goodfulthinkers. And so long as the fun is not insensitive or triggering.

      1. And so long as the fun is not insensitive or triggering.

        Or fun.

    4. When Fey’s advice book, Bossypants

      Wait.. what? … this is actually a thing? These people are just real life parodies of themselves.

      ‘Like, OMG, I like read this book, Bossypants, and I like just suddenly, I mean my whole life changed…’

      1. There’s no way if anyone said that to me, I mean told me about reading a book named Bossypants, I would just burst out laughing, I don’t care where it was. Hopefully I wouldn’t have just taken a big gulp of beer.

        1. I know a lot of Progs. You can’t live in Washington without knowing a lot of Progs. Thank God none of them are like this.

        2. Bossypants has some funny parts, but i’m not sure how anyone could take it as a feminist manifesto, aside from the fact that it’s a memoir written by someone who has achieved a lot of creative success while being a woman.

          The new season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has some pretty awesome takedowns of SJWs in it, which is probably why Vox is all butthurt.

          1. I never got why conservatives hated 30 Rock so much. Maybe I was missing the joke, but Fey’s hapless white liberal felt like a skewering.

            1. I never got why conservatives hated 30 Rock so much.

              You see the whinging from Hit ‘n Runpublicans at least 5 times a day in this fora over the most mundane bullshit and you still ask yourself this question?

              1. I mean, I’m not surprised by it, I just can’t fathom it.

                1. She made fun of Sarah Palin. That alone will make you enemies.

              2. Really? I am considered the arch Hit and Run Republican and i never watched the show or cared about it one way or another. I never hated it.

                1. I am considered the arch Hit and Run Republican

                  Don’t be so hard on yourself, bro. HnRepubs don’t read Camus.

                  1. Yes they do HM. They just don’t understand Camus.

                    1. The central message of Buddhism is not “Every man for himself.”

                2. I don’t think many conservatives ever watched it. Fey’s association with her Sarah Palin impression and liberal Alec Baldwin’s character being a conservative Republican businessman turned off a lot of people who probably would’ve really enjoyed Baldwin’s character’s very smooth businessman being the only sane one in the room and Tina Fey’s character being completely hapless.

                  1. Jessee,

                    I never watched the show but I read several reviews that said the show, whether intentional or not, was a pretty big indictment of the type of person Fey’s character represented. A lot of the plots seemed to revolve around that fact that Fey’s character was neurotic and unhappy and Balwin’s, though loathsome for comic effect, was ultimately the more realistic and satisfied one.

                    I have no idea if that is true. I never watched the show. But I read it claimed to be true in several places.

                    1. Jack: “Sure. I got you. New York third-wave feminist, college educated, single and pretending to be happy about it, over scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says “healthy body image” on the cover, and every two years you take up knitting for… a week. “

                    2. Baldwin is a nut but he is a really good actor. Its too bad he is apparently such an asshole no one will work with him, because he is good in about everything he does.

            2. They probably assumed Fey’s politics were a bigger part of the show then they actually were. Even when it did get political, it wasn’t like it treated liberals as the select enlightened. And I’m pretty most Republicans would prefer Jack Donaghy as the face of the party then Trump.

              1. Fey unfairly I think became the face of all of the smug douchbaggery over Palin. All Fey did was play her on SNL, which was Fey’s job at the time. It wasn’t Fey’s fault Progs actually believe that Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house. But Fey kind of got stuck with all of that bullshit.

            3. I never got why conservatives hated 30 Rock so much.

              I wouldn’t have a clue, although they were probably all wee-wee’d up about Palin.

              I watched it intermittently. Not bad, for a sitcom. I thought Fey was definitely sending up the insecure single white urban woman. And I thought her boss was funny.

            4. Favorite thing


              (Actually, I think it might’ve been posted here before, and that’s how I found it)

              Tina Fey strikes me as a pretty family-oriented, unobtrusive kind of person. I appreciate that she’s shrugging off this SJW criticism and just doing her thing. Identity politics and social media activism are irrelevant to an individual life if you choose to ignore them. I remember when she left SNL, she talked about not keeping up with current events (trivial outrages du jour) because she didn’t have to? she wasn’t doing Weekend Update anymore. I appreciated that. And I like her work. Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Kimmy Schmidt; even that dumb movie with Amy Poehler from last December was fun to watch.

            5. Because conservatives are culturally tone-deaf whiners.

    5. Modern leftism has taken people who used to be ordinary annoying and grating people and raised them up to be some of the most apically unpleasant people in the history of mankind. If you didn’t have to be subjected to them, you could almost admire the shear scope of the achievement.

      1. apically

        Not a typo, believe it or not:

        Of, relating to, located at, or constituting an apex.

    6. I’ve read the book and it’s not as “feminist” as it’s made out to be. My theory is that she was just popular and successful and paid enough lip service to feminism that feminists fell all over themselves to call her their patron saint. Crazy cat ladies tend not to become successful businesswomen, so they take what they can get for their role models.

      1. Her character in 30 Rock was frequently the foil for Alec Baldwin’s, so at the very least she used the whiney feminist stereotype to get laughs.

        1. She makes fun of feminism a bit in her book too, like the chapter where she defends Photoshop
          “If you’re going to expend energy being mad at Photoshop, you should be mad at earrings too. No one’s ears are that sparkly!”

          1. Yes. The perpetually offended love to project on to easy targets.

  29. Katherine Mangu-Ward ?@kmanguward 4m4 minutes ago
    Now @reason staff is speculating about Trump VP pick: We are currently mining past Real World contestants for possibilities. Also Tara Reid.

    So, who will be Trump’s VP candidate?

    I’m going with Chris Christie. Trump will lead him around on a leash with a spiked collar.

    1. I am sure Christie is getting fitted for a spiked collar as we speak. I don’t think he is going to get to live out his fantasy however. Trump will go for Rubio or someone from the right to try and sooth the butthurt conservative wing of the party and let them keep a little bit of dignity when they inevitably fold and support him for President.

      1. Yeah, I think you are right on this. Christie negotiated for some role in the Trump administration, though, but my money is on AG. Rubio or some other favored conservative will likely get the nod in a show of “unity.”

        1. Christie would be good as Secretary of the Posterior.

      2. It might be Rubio. I don’t think him and Trump get along too well, though. It might make sense for someone who is only thinking of presenting the best possible case for winning, but Trump is going to do things his way, no matter what. I really don’t even have a guess at who it will be.

      3. Plus, with Trump from NY, adding someone from NJ doesn’t help you a whole lot. Jan Brewer endorsed Trump back in February.

      4. “when they inevitably fold and support him for President.”

        Ha ha ha

    2. We are currently mining past Real World contestants for possibilities.

      Vote Puck for Veep: He will stick his dirty fingers into ISIS’ jihadi peanut butter.

      1. Or

        Puck for Veep: He will dig his fingers into ISIS like it’s a gay guy’s peanut butter.

    3. He could do worse than Tara Reid.

      1. Her depressing downfall invigorated me.

        1. Euphemisms, abstract, etc

    4. I don’t think Trump is that stupid. Christie is the kind of person who can make pretty much everyone hate him without much real effort. You just look at him and think ‘slimeball’.

      1. Pretty much everyone hates him already.

    5. Christie’s gunning for AG so that he can personally go after those dirty potheads in CO, WA, OR, AK, and DC.

      I say the ticket’ll be Trump/ Kardashian.

      1. Hadn’t thought of that. Rescheduling is supposed to be on the AG’s portfolio. If Trump nominates Christie, it ain’t gonna happen.

    6. I’m hoping for Ben Carson. Or at least Alan Keyes.

    7. Hitler?

    8. We already know who Hillary’s VP will be since she frequently says voting for me is voting for Mike Hunt.

      It makes sense for Trump to pick some centrist party member in good standing to re-assure the establishment he’s not such a big threat to them and one that can help deliver a battleground state – like Kasich or Rubio – but I can’t see Trump picking anybody that in any way might be perceived as better than him in any way at anything and I can’t see him passing up an opportunity to gig the establishment so I’m guessing somebody more like Debbie Stabenow.

      1. If Trump’s concern is making sure his running mate is never perceived as being better than him, it looks to me like Kasich is his man. Kasich would also have the added advantage of being the one guy who is a big enough insufferable asshole to make Trump seem nice and reasonable by comparison.

    9. Jeff Sessions, Jeff Miller or Marsha Blackburn?

    10. Trump will lead him around on a leash with a spiked collar.

      As long as the spikes are on the inside of the collar, I’m good.

    11. Omarosa!

      1. Hilarious and terrifying!

        I was thinking Condie Rice

  30. So the Cruz press conference is a little embarrassing to watch, since it is obvious that Cruz isn’t going to be the nominee…

    It looks to be an attempt to get some free Press and mitigate the talking heads’ coverage of Trump’s victory yesterday.

    Alternatively, it is evidence that Cruz has scattered his marbles across the floor, and is now living in Pretend World, which makes me feel embarrassment for Fiorina as well….


    Is it possible that Cruz pulls out a win? In which case this looks like a decision born of confidence, not desperation, but people won’t be able to see it until after the national convention.

    1. Cruz really fucked himself when he started bragging about winning primaries in a landslide where there was no vote. If he doesn’t realize by now that this is an anti-establishment year for the GOP, he’s pretty out of it.

      1. Where did this happen, exactly?

        1. It was all over the news. Colorado was one state, right?

          1. Delegates were assigned in Colorado without any votes?

            1. Several states. Cruz got all of the delegates in all of them and then bragged about winning landslides. It was a pretty stupid move. Google it, you’ll see.

              1. Huh. My understanding of what happened in Colorado is that Cruz started organizing for the state conventions eight or nine months ago, and won a lot of delegates to the national convention. Every one of those delegates were voted for, several times, if I understand the process correctly.

                I don’t know about “bragging”, but if Cruz was successful in working the process, I can’t find fault with him relating that information. He is, after all, trying to win an election, and talking up one’s success on the campaign trail is part of the game. Is Trump “bragging” When he talks about his primary wins, or when he declares himself the presumptive nominee?

                1. t wasn’t that Cruz did anything wrong in Colorado. Those were the rules and he won. The mistake Cruz made was bragging about it and letting Trump spin it as being this big injustice. Cruz should have just said “yeah the rules are stupid but the Colorado GOP made them not me.” and left it at that. Instead he and his dip shit followers tried to claim that his winning somehow made Cruz the better candidate because apparently “our guy knows how to make the rules work for him” was thought to be a winning message.

                2. Every one of those delegates were voted for, several times

                  Those weren’t “vote” votes, In a legitimate vote the Trumpkins can shut that whole thing down.

                  1. Every one of those delegates were voted for, several times

                    Were the votes that mattered by a committee of insiders, or by the public/members of the party in general?

            2. Keep in mind Hyperion is a Trump fanboy and the idea that there was no voting in Colorado is one of the Big Lies the rubes believe because the clown said so. Just as he insists Colorado changed their procedure at the last minute just to screw Trump when that’s not the least bit true either.

              1. I’m a Trump fanboy? Yeah, everyone knows that, right.

              2. On another thread, Hyperion noted that Trump was the new GOP establishment, which doesn’t sound to me like a fan. I think his comment above was more ant-Cruz than pro-Trump.

                1. I think I said that Cruz is the new GOP establishment, not Trump. I’m not sure exactly what Trump is, but the one thing he’s not, is someone who I would support or vote for. Not sure where he got the wacko fucking idea that I’m a Trump fan.

                  1. And if Colorado did indeed hold a primary or caucus and I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, has nothing to do with Trump. I just know that a lot of people seemed to be pissed at Cruz over the deal. Didn’t matter to me, I won’t vote for Trump or Cruz. I’ve stated clearly here several times that the LP nominee has my vote, which I’ve assumed will be Johnson. But no matter, I’ll vote for either of the other 2 guys as well. This is about the most fucked up presidential race I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’ve heard lifetime GOP voters say they would vote for Bernie and Democrats say they will vote for Trump. Frogs leaving the water, locusts, dogs and cats sleeping together, all that shit.

                    1. It weren’t no primary or caucus, just the delegate selection process. One had to attend the precinct convention, get nominated and win as a delegate to the county convention. Then one has to get nominated and elected as a delegate to the state convention. Then one has to be nominated and elected as a delegate to the national convention. Each of those conventions involves people voting for the delegates to the next convention. As far as I know, any member of the Republican Party can participate, at least at the precinct level.

                      In 2012, I lived in Mississippi, and was elected as a delegate to the county convention, but did not succeed in becoming a delegate to the state conventions. Usually, the people who get to the state and national conventions are involved in their local chapter of the Republican Party, and so are known quantities, as they say.

                    2. ^^My point to all that is, the Trump folk seem angry that Colorado involved actual work, instead of the drive-through democracy process tof which they are accustomed. Grab a six pack and then swing into the Quiki-vote on the way home.

                    3. This is how Texas does the convention, but it isn’t for presidential delegates it is for setting the state platform. I got myself nominated to the county convention and then as an alternate for the state convention but I had better things to do and skipped the state.

                    4. My understanding is that they didn’t have a primary, but they haven’t had one since 2002 or something, and they stopped for the libertarian reason that the state couldn’t afford it. The Gop did however have meetings? caucuses? I dunno the term, but people went and voted for who they wanted to send to the national convention and thus who would get Colorado’s delegates.

                    5. I wasn’t ever trying to make any argument about whether or not anyone was violating any GOP rules or not. I was trying to say that Cruz fucked up by bragging about it in a year that is clearly anti-establishment. I mean I don’t really care if the GOP wants to nominate their candidate without a single vote. I’m not voting for any of the statist pricks.

                    6. But, Hyperion; if the prince had to leave the room, and we were with him…

                    7. And if Colorado did indeed hold a primary or caucus and I’m wrong, then I’m wrong, has nothing to do with Trump.

                      A lot of delegates aren’t assigned based on primary or caucus voting. I don’t know what they did in CO, but if no delegates were assigned based on the “general membership” vote, then I think its not inaccurate to say no delegates were assigned based on voting.

                      There was voting in the proverbial smoke-filled rooms of yore, but nobody thinks of that as voting-voting.

                2. Hyperion is forever apologizing for that asshole and saying, with no evidence, that he’s not as bad as he seems.

              3. This.

        2. 60,000 people voted to elect the delegates in Colorado.

          It’s just that none of them voted for Trump delegates.

    2. Is it possible that Cruz pulls out a win?

      Any convention can be brokered, so anything is still possible.

    3. Too bad. I was all-in for Cruz after Peter King pledged to poison himself.

    4. Cruz could win if Trump falls short enough of clinching the primary.

  31. “Bernie Sanders does the Math”

    Lets hope its not common core math.

    1. It’s socialist math, IOW, it doesn’t work at all, it’s not even intended to work.

    2. There’s a reason it took him this long.

    3. was tutoring my middle school cousin, couldn’t do the mental math for 8 times 13, and I had to explain that 8X13 is just 8X10, which you know is 80, and 8X3, which you know is 24, so it’s 104.

      “Oh that’s so easy”

      Yeah why can’t you just teach shit that way. In 10 more years they will come up with a NEW system EVEN BETTER than common core. It’s all a scam to get schools to buy new materials and training programs

      1. The best explanation I’ve seen for the push to try to teach kids how to do math in their heads is that because the people pushing for it didn’t understand that correlation != causation. They noticed that people who are good at math tend to do a lot of math in their heads, so therefore they should teach kids how to do math in their heads.

        The problem is that most of the people who do that kind of math in their head were originally taught how to do it long division and multiplication, like what you described, then after a while they got so used to doing math that it was quicker to do it in their heads.

        1. People have a lot of different ways to do math in their heads. Trying to teach any one of them as “the” way to do math is a mistake.

        2. Also, drills. If you want to be good at math, being able to multiply or divide by up to 12 x 12 automatically is really helpful. You can raise it to 15 or 20 if you want.

          1. That was kind of my point. Back in elementary school I had to memorize the multiplication table up to 12×12, and for any numbers bigger than that I had to show my work. As I got older and did more math, I figured out a bunch of shortcuts, so for the example presented of 8×13 I can think of about 4 different ways to solve it in my head besides rote memorization.

            Trying to teach kids how to multiply in their heads is like trying to teach them how to speed read when they’re still working on ‘Go Dog, Go’.

  32. In the Religious Zealots front:

    Democratic senator says “Global Warming” is the moral challenge of our generation

    “We know what the stakes are,” the senator said. “We don’t need computer models to look 50 years into the future because the impacts are here today.” Sen. Jeff Merkley D-Or

    At least the senator conceded the computer models are meaningless.

    1. And the most recent entry observed impact is a greener planet, right?

    2. Supposedly a think tank in Denmark came up with the brilliant notion that global warming is a moral issue. So they’re proposing a tax on meat. We want to be more like Denmark, right? I mean just ask Bernie supporters. I wonder if that’s where he got this brilliant idea from.

      1. We want to be more like Denmark, right?

        Closing our borders to more Muslim immigrants, and offering to pay those already here to leave?

    3. WUT A BOOK… (Am I doing this right?) BOOKLERNT FAGGOT!


          1. Christ, it’s like those grade-school boys who think flirting with girls means “tugging their pony-tails” on the schoolyard at recess.

            If he wants Warty to cuckold him and then raise his two sons as his own (growing up calling Warty “Stronger and Better Daddy” as he lifts them up on his shoulders), he should just come out and say it. I mean the moral fabric of Western civilization has already been rent asunder; what does he have to lose?

            1. I don’t know if that fantasy would work. Wouldn’t I need to get a really dark spraytan first?

              1. Just shave your head and bump this, he’ll make it work.

              2. Yes, yes, you need some of that sweet sweet Vitamin D…

              3. Nah, some go for hairy white guys. The cuckold community is quite racially inclusive or so I have heard.

                1. What makes you think Warty is hairy? I’ve heard he’s as smooth as a tadpole, hence the name.

                  1. I’ve heard that he’s 12 feet tall and eats kittens for breakfast.

                    1. I have heard that Slender Man has nightmares about Warty.

            2. I honestly didn’t realize this was a Warty-specific meme. I thought it was just how we chastised Luddites and science deniers that we disagreed with here at Reason, my mistake.

              But he is more than welcome to watch the kids if he likes. I’m sure they’d value his opinions about potty mouth, foul language, and racial slurs as seriously as they value mine.

            3. I think, if I remember correctly, you only pull their ponytails because actual contact with the alien species could give you the ‘cooties’ and nothing is worse than cooties.

              1. Asking a girl to the high school dance is the worst thing ever.

      1. I can’t even tell what you’re trying to do. So…no?

    4. We see it in our own States. We see it through the impact of droughts, the impact of wildfires, the impact of heat waves, the storms, the hurricanes, the tornadoes.

      Senator Merkley does not look like a weather babe and he is not a meteorologist. Not that AGW isn’t real, but he’s 0 for 2 in getting my attention.

      1. “the impact of heat waves, the storms, the hurricanes, the tornadoes.”

        There have been some notable droughts and wildfires in the US (most notably in California) in the last few years, but there have been no major heat waves and we’re in an all-time low for catastrophic storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

        Look up hurricane stats. There have been substantially fewer hurricanes over the last few years than normal, so he’s just flat out lying about this.

        But yeah, they’re pro science. Hurr durr.

        1. Couldn’t say for CA, but the recent drought in Texas wasn’t nearly as bad as the ones in the ’50s and ’30s.

          1. We had a drought? I remember the seven year one while I was growing up, but this past two years has been amazing. All our lakes are full and they’ve started doing boating events again.

  33. Can we just have a contested convention with Mike Rowe being the republican candidate?

    Read his op-eds on his facebook page. He is light years ahead of both parties’ candidates and he is far more libertarian too

    1. I’d vote for him. His “Safety Third” bit is fantastic. Plus, that man can sing.

      1. Rowe would win at least 75% of the vote. Republicans would love him and every woman I know, even the most leftist ones, has a huge crush on the guy and would vote for him. Hillary would be left with people who she would give a job in her administration, their families, the bull dykes and gay men who prefer twinks. Everyone else would vote for Rowe.

        1. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that he’s a Democrat.

          1. Not that that would matter. He would walk away in a landslide.

            1. And being a Democrat doesn’t seem to be stopping Trump from getting the R nomination.

          2. Then maybe the Dems should indict Hillary and bring Rowe in as her replacement. He would no matter which party nominated him.

            Considering that he works in the entertainment industry, I seriously doubt that he is a Republican or publicly admits it if he is.

            1. if you read his sorta-columns on facebook, it’s pretty clear he is a republican or libertarian, or a really conservative democrat. Heavy on opportunity and personal responsibility

              1. Heavy on opportunity and personal responsibility

                That doesn’t win you elections in the United States.

                1. Good-paying CLEAN jobs are a human right!

          3. “I vaguely remember reading somewhere that he’s a Democrat.”

            That would seriously surprise me. Maybe he’s a Democrat in the way Zell Miller was a Democrat – he was born that way and just kept calling himself a dem even though he really wasn’t.

            1. He is from Baltimore after all…

              1. There are 3 Republicans and 2 libertarians in Baltimore. I’ve confirmed this myself.

                1. Libertarians will be sweeping Baltimore City Council I imagine…

                  1. Heh, that’s funny. All 2 of us are going to be elected to City Council?

                  2. Doubtful. Anyone sweeping the Baltimore City Council is going to be an SEIU member, after all.

            2. We’d all be better off to an immense degree if Rowe took over the Dem party.

        2. every woman I know, even the most leftist ones, has a huge crush on the guy and would vote for him.

          I imagine most every guy has a crush on him too. The man looks good.

      2. Plus, that man can sing.

        True fact: Did you know Mike Rowe learned to sing opera as a way to short cut union rules in order to get into television.

    2. Plus he has narrated a bunch of shows on the Science channel, so you know he fucking loves science.

  34. A female suicide bomber in Turkey wounded at least 13.

    And for 78% of the cost!

    1. You know Trump has a brilliant plan to take care of these terrorists, a simple, easy plan, this one weird trick – but he refuses to tell anybody what it is because he would rather see more people keep dying from terrorist attacks just so he can get the credit for ending them than to end it now simply by telling Obama how to beat the terrorists. How evil is that, that you’re going to continue to let people die unless they allow you to be President? Is that really how hard-nosed a deal-maker he is, that he doesn’t care if people die if he doesn’t get what he wants? What a slimy bastard! I really think you could make an argument that Trump has some moral culpability in these terrorist attacks since he knows how to easily defeat them but refuses to tell anybody how.

      1. How about we just kill them wherever we find them?

        1. Can we do that with out blowing up 50 innocent civilians?

          1. You can have ‘UUUUGE explosions, or you do without killing innocent civilians, but you can’t do both.

  35. You Know Which Other Republican Candidate announced his VP pick before he was assured of the nomination?

      1. Damn it. I was going to guess that.

    1. Good Jeopardy question! As usual, I don’t know.

    2. The Answer is Ronald Reagan:…..lternative

      Reagan had promised, if nominated, to name Senator Richard Schweiker of Pennsylvania as his running mate, in a bid to attract liberals and centrists in the party. This move backfired, however, as many conservatives (such as Senator Jesse Helms) were infuriated by Reagan’s choice of the “liberal” Schweiker, while few moderate delegates switched to Reagan. Helms promptly began a movement to draft Conservative Senator James L. Buckley of New York as the presidential nominee.

      1. At the convention Reagan wanted Paul Laxault but the parties elders bullied him into picking George HW Bush. Had Reagan not agreed to Bush, Bush is likely never President and neither is his son. Chew on that counterfactual for a while.

        1. Not sure about W. I don’t know how much his old man helped him win the nom. As governor of Texas, he had a decent base on his own.

          1. Governor of Texas after father was President…

            1. Also, I think governor was the first election he ever won…

        2. And, if Ross Perot had never ran, Bill Clinton most likely would have lost his first presidential bid, and may never have been nominated again, in which case Hillary would most likely not have been elected senator nor ever ran for president.

  36. So teh yutes reject capitalism and socialism, don’t want the government to spend so much money but want to keep free shit flowing. This plays into my fear that the public sentiment is angling for some Technocratic TOP MEN who will rise above petty partisanship and Get Things Done by creating a booming economy and keeping the Free Shit flowing. How exactly this is going to work is unclear. For example they are cynical about lying politicians and vague platitudes yet they want the politicians to stop bickering and Do Something which by its very nature will have to involve politicians backtracking on campaign promises and “doing whatever works” IS a vague platitude. So what are the chances this attitude will result in the Libertarian Moment or some Fascist Strongman taking power?

    1. That took a long time to get to what you really wanted to type.

    2. You’re allowed to post about other subjects, you know

      1. No. No he isn’t. Never stop being you, Winston. Don’t listen to these assholes.

    3. Well Winston, all you have to do is tax the hell of middle-class working stiffs and give the booty to the poor to create more consumers to feed the bank accounts of our overlords. We already have these TOP MEN here in California. I pay about 39% of my income in taxes here. That’s right off the top. This does not include sales tax (~9%) which is taxed on retained earning, or property tax which (still deductible to be fair), and myriad fees. It’s near 50% and smells a bit like serfdom when the accounting is all said and done.

      We’re told that Mark Zuckerberg and top 1% is hardest hit (a libertarian meme). With my wife’s income included, the widget family is in the top 2%, AND BELIEVE ME, we pay taxes out the nose to live in a beat-up house with a postage-stamp lawn. Show me that Zucky pays anywhere near 50%.

      Yes, I know, I could just move. Where to? where they won’t track me down and catch me. Uruguay is interesting.

      1. That’s probably top 2% in the US, not top 2% in California?

        1. Earned income (subject to payroll taxes) or total income (investment income is not subject to payroll taxes)? It’s gets complicated.

      2. All in (state, federal, payroll, sales), I paid enough that I should have at least one, maybe two, full-time government employees doing my bidding.

        Fucking pisses me off.

        1. The percentage of my total income that I paid in taxes is somewhere north of 40%.

      3. Visit Colorado. I love Denver, but other places are pretty cool too. With that kind of income, you could buy a nice sized house on a corner lot.

  37. I find it interesting that Damon Root complains that John Paul Stevens “gets the constitution wrong” when he is a supporter of judicial activism which means that the constitution means whatever at least 5 SCOTUS justices say it means.

  38. Speaking of the living constitution we can thank Viscount Sankey for the basic idea.

  39. Stossel article comments is crazy town.

    1. So PsychoMike?

    2. Someone said it’s been hinfected?

      1. Is he even close to a libertarian? I have no idea what he thinks, other than that were all wrong.

        1. What libertarianism he has seems to have been subsumed by his desire to call everyone lying socon goober bullies.

          1. He’s just about as much libertarian as buttplug.

            1. Austrian theory=garbage.
              Any short way to get a complex point of the lp= double garbage.
              Anyone who disagrees=bully.

          1. (Chuckles)
            You’re aggressing me, CJ!

            1. Matt Welch, alert the Koch brothers!!

  40. Are we going to get an article on how Alexander Hamilton was an enemy of Western Civilization?

  41. Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge things aren’t adding up his way.

    Socialists can’t add, they can only divide.

  42. Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge things aren’t adding up his way.

    Not enough TOP MEN in his campaign.

  43. Check out the promoted comments on this article:…..ul#comment

    1. “You do NOT have the right to use my country’s pain in order to push your rhetoric against Bernie.”

      I ain’t much for rhetoric but I am damn sure I can use it if I conjure up some.

  44. So recently saw an old Harold Lloyd short called From Hand to Mouth in which he punches and throws rocks at a bunch of cops and survives unscathed. Fantasy, have things changed or is this just Lloyd’s white privilege speaking?

    1. D00d, that film is almost 100 years old! A lot has changed in that time!

      For one, it came out before Prohibition.

    2. In Buster Keaton’so “Cops”, he manages to lock all the police in the prison, but then his girl snubs him, so he opens the prison door and is mobbed. I think the next scene is not either a hangman’s noose or a tombstone.

  45. Before diving off the damn, Harrison Ford made a furtive movement toward Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, and he lived to fight on another day.

  46. Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge things aren’t adding up his way.

    In response, Sanders is calling for redistribution of votes from the top 1% winner to the lower candidate class.

    1. And for the disqualification of Candidates with violent treasonous ideologies (e.g. everyone else).

  47. Bernie Sanders is starting to acknoweldge things aren’t adding up his way.

    **cue the music**

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