Watch Matt Welch Talk About Prince on Tonight's Kennedy

Honoring a prodigy/genius who made the world a better and weirder place


Sexy motherfucker shaking that ass…IN HEAVEN. ||| Fox Business Network
Fox Business Network

Nick Gillespie put it very succinctly: "Prince took us all to a strange new place that was better than the one we came from." I could try your patience with many thousands of words about the strange new places that the late artist took me, or you could just read Brian Doherty's superior efforts, then watch me struggle to explain live on tonight's Kennedy at 8 p.m. on Fox Business Network (with a repeat at midnight). Then make sure to stay up and watch Anthony Fisher on Red Eye!

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  1. I prefer listening to the podcast. Which is excellent and insightful.

  2. I was going to record it until I saw that horrendous green blouse..


      1. She's a nerd sex tiger. I'll bet she is dynamite.

        But seriously, America - can we stop with the musicians are geniuses crap?
        Tesla was a god damn genius. The VC guy that started PayPal and Lyft is a genius.

        Prince was really good guitar player who once changed his name to the guy formerly named his name.

        This gratuitous ass kissing of musicians is so embarrassing coming from people who otherwise seem to be smart.
        How the fuck did Prince change the world?

    2. It's actually a good color on her. Do you like women? DO YOU???

      1. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing her in plaid.

        1. There you go. Plaid skirt, tight non-green sweater. That pale green makes her look anemic. A nice emerald might be a better shade if she wants to go that route.

          1. What say you of this idea, Almighty?

            1. Dang it.

              I'll make another attempt.

              1. She can leave those on.

                1. I hope that's a Mr Plow reference.

      2. I'm glad I wasn't the first to say it.

        1. I know you like women. From a particular continent.

          Personally, I fish with a wide net.

  3. "Honey, I wouldn't talk about taste if I was wearing a lime-green tank top."

  4. "Prince took us all to a strange new place that was better than the one we came from."

    He was OK, but he didn't take me anywhere new, not even Peoria.

    1. Sometimes he took me to a new radio station. He had some good songs. That's it.

  5. Might as well. This Rangers game is turning to shit.

    1. Yep, I hope Vigneault isn't creating a nice straight downward trend.

      1. The Rangers are the strangest team in hockey. I can't figure out the personality of this team.

        Vigneault is a solid coach though. Among the best in my view.

        That being said, when Crosby is on, the Pens are on.

        1. They don't really have one. There's plenty of talent there, but I never thought the skillsets complimented each other all that much; even with good results it always feels like they've underachieved. I'm a massive Ranger hater though, so you may want to discount my opinion.

    2. Fuck the Rangers, and fuck the Most Overrated Arena on Earth.

      1. This right here.

        One thing to give MSG credit for: lids on beer cups. It's absolutely brilliant.

  6. As for Prince, I'm in the camp that didn't care for him at his most popular but appreciate his talent much later on in life. The only tract I own is "When Doves Cry" but wow - what a track that is.

    1. His double album sign-of-the-times was really his best. Avant Garde chord structures... I strongly recommend The Ballad of Dorothy Parker as a true genius piece of work.

      1. I will pile on to others about his SB appearance - that was outstanding.

    2. They don't play "Kiss" in gay strip clubs? That's surprising. It has a great beat for air thrusting.

      1. Gay men have terrible taste in music, so... no.

        1. Do you have iTunes? Listen, and tell me you've never heard it in a strip club.

          1. I really don't remember. That's the only song of his that I really dislike, so that might affect it.

            1. Dude, either you saw a cock in a thong jackhammering to "kiss", or you didn't. I'd remember if I did.

        2. I disagree with your overly generalized opinion on principle, Rhywun, despite a buddy of mine's claim that Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive" was a type of Gay Man's Anthem.

          1. That is a great song. But before my time.

            I'm thinking more of anonymous house music that has dominated the scene for the last couple decades.

    3. prince's death has apparently turned into a competition to use the gayest vocabulary to praise a guy who wore pirate shirts.

      Stop it everyone please. Beck and Lennie Cravitz are really good too but no one shines their balls while they're alive.
      Well, except for the throngs of beautiful woman that shine their balls, no one shines their balls while they are alive.

  7. Hey, the alt-text reminds me of something.

  8. Are you kidding me! Why is this important, the "non gender specific" person with the earring and the mink coat died, well that's a bummer.
    Fuck it I give up....


      1. The converse being:


        1. Right you are. My ridicule of one is not however an endorsement of the other.

      1. Nice and catchy. Practical message too.

    2. Prince has nothing to do with libertarianism, and frankly - his music sucks. I don't care if he was a talented musician. Purple Rain sucks to listen to.

      1. Prince has nothing to do with libertarianism,

        Really? Prince and Metallica were two of the most notable proponents of intellectual property protection in the American music industry.

        What are your thoughts on Prince's argument that covering a song claims derivative rights that someone who is not the copyright holder has no proper claim?

        1. There is a strain of libertarian thought that believes intellectual property rights are nonsense on their face. I lean towards such a view.

          1. I'm sympathetic to the Kinsella-ian school, myself.

            1. Stephan Kinsella? The patent attorney who thinks there shouldn't be patents? Haven't read his book.

              1. Isn't he the guy who wrote Field of Dreams?

        2. My thoughts are that you are making Prince's and Metallica's arguments very principled. I also only noticed one blurb in any Reason article on that subject (or maybe I'm mistaken). Tying that into libertarianism is possible, but hasn't really been done. Reason's coverage is just fawning over him and his music which has no libertarian bent to it that I see unless gender bending is considered libertarian these days.

          Putting Prince at the forefront of the crackdown on music thieves seems like a weak connection to me.

        3. It's fair to say he took advantage of a system that was trying to take advantage of him.

    3. There's no way you could compete with Prince on a guitar. No way you could record all instruments in records that were not only his, but others'. No way you could amount to his efforts and lengths he put into having a responsible contract that allowed him creative control. No way could you ever have the privilege of being born into a family of talented musicians.

      You're favorites were musical hacks that sold out before they could show the world that they held their own.

      You're a beta. Everyone in your family are fat, lazy fucks. You have no one to draw inspiration from. Keep hating greatness, it's apparent he was going to be money since he was little, because he and his family WORKED for it.

      Keep bitching, I love pointing you out.

  9. Well, all I'm gonna say (since we're on the topic if music), I watched those videos Tarran linked to earlier about Dee Snider being hauled in before a Senate hearing and arguing against the PMRC.

    What remarkable pieces of pompous, paternalistic, projecting shits those politicians were. Clearly it wasn't an exercise in 'protecting children'. It was more to put Snider in his place. They kept trying to trip him up with bull shit questions to expose him as being a bad parent. Twisted Sister is angelic compared to what we've seen in the arts in the last 30 years or so.

    Pure evil pond scum and that goes double for Al Gore and his wife.

    At one point Gore's arrogant nature shone brightly when he told Snider he indeed liked the music of Zappa and Denver better than Twisted Sister meant to be an insult. Problem is Zappa probably hated fuckers like Gore and the PMRC more than Snider did.

    Sad thing is, even though Snider's overarching point of parents need to watch their kids properly (a point Gore absurdly challenged because, you know, he's an asshole) was correct and on point and still relevant today. For example, we still see crusading zealots like Bloomberg who believe they need to rescue people from themselves.

    1. Sorry: Sad thing is, even though Snider's overarching point of parents need to watch their kids properly (a point Gore absurdly challenged because, you know, he's an asshole) was correct and on point and still relevant today, we still see crusading zealots like Bloomberg who believe they need to rescue people from themselves.

    2. The most impressive moment is when one of the dipshits tried to tar Snider by accusing him of attacking Al Gore's wife and he pointed out that he insulted Tipper Gore, called her Tipper Gore while doing so, and criticized a member of the PMRC.

      The most paternalistic moment came when the same douchebag tried to call Snider a bad parent because he was on the road 11 months in the last two years. Because a parent on the road that much couldn't possibly have the time himself to oversee what music their child listens to. Ergo, it is unreasonable to expect the average American parent to supervise their children. Government has to do it. These people have no concept of freedom.

      Also, bonus points to the sack of shit with the weird accent who wanted to silence people complaining about the first amendment and the right to free speech by pointing to a court case that allowed the FCC to censor.

      1. Disgusting.

        On that note, it occurs to me that it might be instructive for everyone to be under the watchful gaze of government apparatchiks at least once in their life. Say, an attorney general.

      2. Yeh he was some piece of work. He basically said 'fuck you, the SC allows me to regulate music'. Asshole.

        All that is true but my personal favorite was at the end when he said, 'you expect me to believe that?' in response to Snider's perfectly legit and sane, well watch:

        Tell me you don't want to punch that asshole in the face?

        And fuck Al and Tipper Gore.

        1. Who is that twirp anyway?

          1. From what I heard via the link you provided, Rufus, Snider seemed to accord himself quite well.
            I find it rather telling that the Congressman resorted to verbal personal attacks toward the end of his time.

            1. They're grandstanders, putting on a show for the folks back home. They don't give a shit what they do to the people they dragoon into appearing before them.

              1. I think that there's a great deal of truth in your observation, Ted.

                Completely off topic and admittedly far too personal to mention details here, yet for some time I've been wondering how you've held up since the dark times you experienced a while back. I'm not sure if you read my response to what you wrote at that time, but we experienced similar losses. If you did catch it, you'll know what I mean, and if you didn't you'll easily understand my meaning today.
                I'm glad to have seen you post with greater frequency in these unhallowed threads.

                1. Judging by his hatred of the EPL and the Rangers, I'd say he's back on track. Of course, I surmise and interject without invitation.

            2. I think he did more than that. His arguments still stand up well TODAY. While Gore came out looking like the disingenuous hack we've come to know and loathe.

              1. His arguments still stand up well TODAY.

                Your statement echoes one of the thoughts I had while listening.


      3. How many months of the year are congress on the road?

  10. Prince has nothing to do with libertarianism. And his music sucks.

    1. I'll put you in the "future Prince fan" category. ......check!

    2. What say you, Brochett, with regards to the time?

      Admittedly, a stretch.

    3. Do you even know anything about bruschetta?

  11. I wonder how Prince voted.

      1. 15 pieces of flair plus.

  12. TMZ is reporting the emergency plane landing was for an OD, and Prince was administered a 'save shot'.

    Is that a hockey term or something?

    1. Nothing's going to save the Rangers tonight.

      1. Welch linked something at the end of the Maine article

      1. I've seen a few people get clean for a while and then dose like they did before, or with really good shit, and get real close to dying.

        1. Just my two cents, for whatever it's worth: if last week you ODed, survived, and then this week they find you dead, maybe from kinda means you were trying to.

          1. I think it's a little more complicated that that.

            1. It sure is.

        2. That's how my buddy died. Prohibition.

          If you're outside of a comfortable environment, or buying from an unfamiliar source, things can go badly very quickly. And they do.

  13. Just watched Prince's interview where he talks about Dick Gregory and chemtrails and manganese. White man is poisoning our malt liquor! Good luck explaining Public Choice theory to a public where more than .02% of the public believes such nonsense.

  14. Prince Trivia for the Non-Prince fans here:

    In 1994, Prince featured the Chicago educator Marva Collins in his music video "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World." He also donated $500,000 to her Westside Preparatory School Teacher Training Institute, which was created to teach Collins' teaching methodology.

    Marva Collins was an amazing woman and educator. Despite not being a fan f his, Prince went way up in my estimation when he provided support for her and her institute.

  15. She wore a raspberry beret,
    The kind you find in a secondhand store.
    A raspberry beret, and if it was warm
    She wouldn't wear much more.

    1. I take all of my jabs at prince back. That's good image to go to work with

  16. I missed it; did they play Matt's rendition of Purple Rain? Or was it at least "spoken of"?

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  18. "Prince took us all to a strange new place that was better than the one we came from."

    Is Nick spooning with his corpse? He was good but he was no stevie ray Vaughn for Christ's sake.

    I think the best way to put it succinctly is to ask:

    Was prince black or white?

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