Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Whines About Ted Cruz Whining About Running for President

It's whining all the way down.



An Elizabeth Warren Facebook post blasting Ted Cruz for a campaign missive about the "sacrifices" he's made running for president has gone viral, being shared more than 40,000 times.

In the campaign letter, Cruz writes about the "significant sacrifice" involved in running for president, including "constant attacks" from the media, non-existent family time, limited health and sleep, and lack of personal time.

"Are you kidding me?" asked Warren, a Democratic Massachusetts senator, in her post. "We're supposed to pity him because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! I've got two words for you, Ted: Boo hoo."

Warren then went on to what she and her ideological fellow-travelers do best, demonize their enemies while exploiting their bases. Warren talked about "working families" and Muslims, immigrants, LGBT people, and women who faced Ted Cruz's "constant attacks."

"They don't throw tantrums or try to shut down their workplace because they don't get their way," Warren wrote, apparently deciding her followers would be too dim to recognize that as a basic definition of a labor strike, "and then turn around and demand promotions."

Cruz may have some awful positions on Muslims and immigrants but so does the president of the United States, who has overseen a record amount of deportations and waged drone wars that have killed an untold number of Muslims around the Muslim world.

Cruz wrote a stupid campaign letter because that's par for the course for stupid campaign. Warren's sent similar missives.

Even President Obama noted ("whined about") the "sacrifices" he made running for president, including a loss of family time and a lack of privacy.

Warren's rank partisanship and hypocrisy, and the way her followers eat it up as if it represented some kind of enlightened position to claim that you are the one who "fights" for marginalized people by imposing more rules on them while people who disagree with you are obviously against marginalized people, works as an illustration of why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been so popular.

A lot of Americans aren't interested in debating or thinking about policy. They just want to blame someone, preferably someone they've already been socialized to despise, be they the rich, the poor, the white, the black, as long as there's no blame left for them.

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  1. She speaks with forked tongue.

    1. Don’t be mocking Speaks With Forked Tongue’s native name, Tonio.

  2. “They don’t throw tantrums or try to shut down their workplace because they don’t get their way,” Warren wrote

    That’s actually exactly what they do.

    1. ^This. Lack of self-awareness or cynical dishonesty? Ima go with dishonesty.

      1. Alex, I’ll take “Too Fucking Stupid to Live” for $1000

    2. It’s different when they do it because iintentions.

    3. Depending on her sources for information, it’s entirely possible that she has no idea just how disruptive her base actually is.

    4. They’ll also try to shut down other people’s workplace

  3. And the alt text could have been reduced to just “how”.

    1. *giddily signs in to make

      hi how are ya


      *Sees WTF already did*

      *runs from H&R crying*

  4. In all fairness to Warren, there is probably no one in the country kicking themselves as hard as she is right now for not throwing her hat into the ring for 2016.

    1. Yep, she’s going to die bitter about that. But she couldn’t have won.

      1. She won’t be older than Clinton is now if she runs in 2020 and she won’t be older than Sanders is now if she runs in 2024.

        Does she have some terminal illness I’m unaware of?

        1. I don’t think Warren would mount a challenge to President Clinton, but it could happen. No idea what the country will be like in 2020 if Trump wins. Can certainly see her running against President Cruz.

          1. Clooney/Warren.

            Bank it.

        2. Does narcissism count as an illness?

        3. Does she have some terminal illness I’m unaware of?

          Based on her behavior, imma say brain tumor or a series of mini-strokes causing senile dementia?

      2. Maybe it will ease her pain when she gets that Cabinet post of Supreme Court justiceship from Hillary.

        1. Yeah, there is that. Thanks for ruining my lunch, Eddie. A cabinet appointment would be the lesser of evils, of course.

      3. Let’s face facts, people of her philosophical bent are gonna die bitter regardless.

        1. She seems to have an extra does of bitterness.

          1. ugh, dose

            1. Meh. Works either way in her case.

          2. I dont get bitter. All I get is schoolmarm nag with an extremely inflated sense of self-importance. I imagine she is extremely pleased with herself.

      4. Paleface must wait for right time.

    2. Is this the place where I whine about Libertarian whining about Ed’s whining about Warren whining about Cruz whining about whatever?

    3. LIbertarian, it wasn’t her turn and Warren knows her place is at the kids table.

      1. She scares the hell out of me. A Bernie sanders who isn’t so ineffective

    4. can we get her to throw her head into the ring?

      1. she’s obviously not using it!

  5. “They don’t throw tantrums”

    I guess the Perfessor hasn’t visited a college campus lately.

    1. Making a list of reasonable demands that foster equality for all is not a tantrum!

    2. I could have sworn Obama’s entire Presidency was a hissy fit.

  6. Yeah, but her whining sure made my liberal FB friends hard/wet.

  7. She’s just pissed that she would have had a chance if she had run this time around. She’s also probably taking notes, god help us all.

    “Cruz may have some awful positions on Muslims and immigrants but so does the president of the United States, who has overseen a record amount of deportations and waged drone wars that have killed an untold number of Muslims around the Muslim world.”

    Y’know, I keep seeing this appear here at reason yet all of us know the statistics for Obama deportations are a farce. So why do you keep repeating the lie? I mean, I agree with the Drone bit (because it’s factually true) but the other is the ‘lie’ variety of statistics.

    1. I’d like to see a clear debunking of the statistics, with some explanation of why it was reported as such.

  8. “They don’t throw tantrums or try to shut down their workplace because they don’t get their way,”


  9. Irish whines about Ed Krayewski whining about Elizabeth Warren whining about Ted Cruz Whining about running for president

  10. I have a general indifference towards politicians because they are all shit, but Warren for some reason makes me incredibly angry.

    1. This. She seems like a I know better than you control freak

      1. Not “seems”, rather “is”.

      2. She’s that particular mix of righteousness, fraud, and total lack of self-awareness that pushes my buttons. And not in the fun way.

  11. shared more than 40,000 times.

    in internet-speak, that basically means “no one cares”. Tweets from Yeezy about his breakfast get more press.

    1. Yeah, I think it’s time we do a re-think on what’s “popular” on the internet.

    2. Yes. I came here to point out what 40,000 divided by 307,000,000 was.

      Social media is not news. Social media is not action. Social media is a hobby.

      The only reason we hear about social media is because lazy journalists find it easier to discover something was “shared more than 40,000 times” on Facebook than it is to discover that it was “discussed more than 40,000 times” at quilting bees.

  12. My email to her

    Dear Senator Squaw,

    Hihowareya hihowareya! That is a Native American word for hello which you should know well….seeing how we are both in the white man tribe. I saw you recently whining about Ted Cruz whining. Don’t like him myself but I have some questions for you.

    1. Weren’t you looking to shut down the government recently?

    2. Speaking of shutting down workplace when you don’t get your way….that sounds like a labor strike. Curious do you support labor union strikes?

    Your lack of self awareness amuses me.

    1. Didn’t she recently propose something that would prevent companies to criticize or lobby an enlightened policy hammered down by the government?

    2. Hihowareya hihowareya

      I find it hilarious that the same Simpsons episode that had this joke talked about Lisa succeeding Trump as President. The Simpsons used to be brilliant.

      1. I also find it somewhat sad that I have essentially encyclopedic knowledge of the first 15 or so seasons of the Simpsons.

        1. Should’ve stopped after 8

    3. Oh great, now you have gone and blown her mind.

  13. Stop whining about Warren whining about Cruz’s whining, Ed.

  14. Only to hammer all the typical liberal platitudes

    1. What is it about the modern left and their desperation to win the 100 yard dash to victimhood?

      1. It gives them power.

    2. That wasn’t a whistle. Someone was attempting to speak Wookie.

      1. Or perhaps someone’s testicles retracting so quickly that they actually made a sound.

    3. How dare men from the 1980’s not know what would be socially acceptable today. Just like Lovecraft, Twain, and other authors not realizing what our modern society would find acceptable and adjusting their work accordingly.

    4. It’s not wise to whistle at Michelle.

      That’s cause she’s been known pull people’s arms out of their sockets when they whistle.

    5. yeah, that happened

      1. In Chicago? Its actually possible.

        Although not in any neighborhood that she would actually set foot in.

    6. It’s all narratives now.

      A progliar will look back on their past and dig up all sorts of things that happen to them and refit them for the narrative.

      I’ve officially reached a point where I don’t believe a single word they because they’re just doing it for the…altogether now…narrative.

      1. they say

      2. “A progliar will look back on their past and dig up all sorts of things that happen to them and refit them for the narrative.”

        You mean like this?
        “Back in MY day, I had to walk 7 miles to school, and it was uphill in both directions! On my way there, I would get whistled at, and bakeries would refuse any business from me, and all the public restrooms were off-limits to me. And as soon as I got to school, I’d would be gang-raped at a drunken party. It was the same thing, 5 days a week! It was so bad, it’s a wonder I made it to graduation… But I can still read, write, and do arithmetic better than you damn young’uns these days.”

        1. Heh.

  15. At least Cruz’s voice doesn’t hurt my ears like my dear senior senator’s does.

  16. I think warren would be a totalitarian as president

  17. I don’t like Warren. She’s silly.

    1. She’s a silly goose.

  18. “We’re supposed to pity him because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! I’ve got two words for you, Ted: Boo hoo.”

    Isn’t this a perennial progressive complaint? “Running for president is hard and stuff, because you have to like, convince people to give you money for ads and stuff. It would be so much better if I could force everyone in the country to fund my campaign.”

    1. The biggest whining, liars around are progs.

    2. What’s this bullshit about trying to be the leader of the free world. He’s running for President, the head of the executive branch and the commander in chief. Ask anyone from any other country if they see the President of the US as the leader of the free world, especially recently.

  19. They don’t throw tantrums or try to shut down their workplace because they don’t get their way

    The pot calling the kettle negro…

  20. So I was reading the RSF piece about the US being ranked 41 in the Free Press rankings and they mainly criticize two things – Obama’s jihad against whistle-blowers and certain presidential candidates restricting press access to their campaigns. The first I agree with, the second not so much – freedom of the press doesn’t trump freedom of association and just because you want to report on what’s going on in my house doesn’t mean I can’t stop you from coming into my house anytime you want – but I do think the press itself can be blamed for not publicly hitting on the candidates for their restrictions.

    1. Specifically, I’ve seen Trump many times bashing the TV news for never showing the yuge crowds he draws to his rallies and how unfair that is – and never once do they point out the reason they don’t show the crowds is that Trump specifically forbids them from doing so. Trump rallies are private and if you want to film it, you have to agree to film it the way he wants you to film it. So no broadcasting the announcements made beforehand warning the crowds to be on the lookout for “subversives” – like reporters within the crowd talking to people or taking notes – that need to be thrown out before the show starts. The press are confined to one area, you can only film his hair from straight on, you have to keep the camera on him, no talking to his fans, etc.

      Of course, the reason they never tell why they don’t film Trump’s crowds and how full of shit he is for blaming them for something he specifically demands they do just so that he can then blame them for doing it is because if they did they’d never get to go to another Trump rally. And then you might catch on to the fact that Trump’s got a good gig going bashing the media and the media’s got a good gig going reporting on being bashed by Trump and the whole thing’s just really, really fucked up.

      1. you can only film his hair from straight on

        Actually, no matter where you’re standing in relation to Trump, you will ALWAYS see his hair from straight on. The hair exists in only one spatial dimension.

  21. “An Elizabeth Warren Facebook post blasting Ted Cruz for a campaign missive about the “sacrifices” he’s made running for president has gone viral, being shared more than 40,000 times.”

    When something is shared on Twitter, however many times, how much of an indication of interest is that, really?

    When Rachel Maddow pulls a million viewers, that’s less than one-third of one percent of the American people.

    #winning? I don’t think so.

    Somebody shares something Liz Warren tweets with me, and I’m blocking that person. I’m not necessarily like the average American in a lot of ways, but I think very few people care what Liz Warren says . . . about Ted Cruz or anything else. It’s boring.

    And that’s not just because Liz Warren is a pus stain. It’s that what Liz Warren said about something Ted Cruz said becomes geometrically more boring. Politicians talking about each other is fucking boring.

    Unlike my comments, which are fascinating as hell.

    1. Basically, a small town in flyover country was interested in what Warren wrote. Film at 2:30pm, when no one is home.

  22. barf.

  23. The Native American in her knows when White Devil talks, White Devil whines.

    1. The Native American in her

      Eeew. Leave that to SugarFree, please.

  24. who has overseen a record amount of deportations

    No, he hasn’t. They started counting turnbacks at the border as deportations.

  25. I think she was done a disservice by the guy who translated it from her native Cherokee.

  26. She’s clearly an adult sufferer of the Zika virus.

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