Trump and Clinton Expected to Win New York, Shaun King Accused, Ex-Cop Avoids Prison: P.M. Links


  • Trump

    It's the New York primary. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to win.

  • Bernie Sanders has moved on to Pennsylvania.
  • Ex-NYPD officer Peter Liang will not go to prison for shooting an unarmed black man.
  • A professor doesn't want to write a letter of recommendation for a student… because the student is pro-gun.
  • Shaun King plagiarized an article, The Daily Beast alleges.
  • Hate crime, or art project? Art project, it turns out.
  • Transgender teen wins in federal appeals court.

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  1. Bernie Sanders has moved on to Pennsylvania.

    A campaign wilts in Brooklyn.

    1. Hello Rufus

      1. Hey, don’t mess me up like that!

        /regains footing.


        1. You’re late.

          1. Take it out on Robby.

            1. I just noticed, no alt-text.

    2. Hope Bernie gets there before Sunday. Their liquor laws are byzantine, at best.

      1. Passover starts Friday, so he had better.

      2. We can by booze on Sunday now, at least.

  2. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are expected to win.

    And then, as always, mate.

    1. What ever happened to barfman?

      1. Stomach acids made his head cave in.

  3. Ex-NYPD officer Peter Liang will not go to prison for shooting an unarmed black man.

    The man lost his badge. Isn’t that a fate worse than prison?

    1. Yeah, we can’t focus too much blame. I mean, if a non-officer with his finger on the trigger “accidentally” fired a bullet in a stairwell that killed somebody, they’d avoid prison, right?

    2. Is shooting an unarmed black man even a crime?

      1. 3/5ths of one…max

    3. Maybe he can work for the union now

  4. Hate crime, or art project? Art project, it turns out.

    Can’t it be both?

    1. Is there anyone here besides Fist and me?

        1. If you link it, they will come.

          1. I didn’t link anything.

            1. If you link it, Eugene will have already posted like six comments by the time you hit ‘Submit.’

              1. This sounds like a euphemism for something.

              2. Well they came anyway.

                I sure did!

      1. Well, Tulpa, of course.

  5. OT: I’m in a discussion group on DerpBook (I’m an idiot I know, but put that aside for the moment), assess how to respond to the following statement which was written in the context of a discussion of George Monbiot’s column today about the failure of Neoliberalism (which to Monbiot is the philosophy of Friedman, Hayek and Von Mises):

    “Somehow we granted the ‘invisible hand’ of the market a pass and assumed it had good intentions, or at least priorities similar to those of our society. But I think we, as humans, have better priorities than the market”.

    1. Neoliberalism.


    2. (which to Monbiot is the philosophy of Friedman, Hayek and Von Mises)

      Arguing with anyone economically illiterate enough to make that mistake is a fool’s errand.

      1. That’s pretty much the standard European use of the word.

        Well, that and, like “fascist”, a catch-all word to mean anything they don’t like.

        1. Yeah, I mean that’s actually a fair classification of Friedman and the Chicago school, but the Austrians are a breed unto themselves and don’t necessarily fit into the same mold. I was thinking of “neoliberal” more like “neoclassical”.

      2. Monbiot is a doofus.

    3. I wonder if your correspondent realizes the “invisible hand” are the sum of the decisions of millions of humans?

      1. Clearly not. I wonder what he thinks, if that’s that the right word, the “market” is.

        1. He probably think the wealthiest 1% making decisions for us.

          Not that a planned market isn’t the wealthiest and most powerful 1% making decisions for us explicitly.

      2. Probably thinks it’s a coded religious reference to get religion past the censors and into textbooks.

      3. But I think we, as humans, have better priorities than the market.

        You are free to be as cheerfully optimistic as you like about human beings, but I’d advise staying off internet comment boards if you hope to maintain that delusion. “The market” is the aggregate of all human choices and human beings seem to have a thing for envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, wrath, ignorance, violence and 2 girls with 1 cup. Welcome to Planet Earth, my child.

        1. Idiot needs to read Bacon a little deeper.

        2. You forgot cat videos and world star hip hop vine compilations.

        3. Lasik, breast implants and sugary beverages.

    4. If humans act on those “better” priorities they claim to have, the market will reflect that.

      1. Yes.

        But this takes effort. Work. Failure is possible. Scary.

    5. The market is human priorities. He just wants disproportionate influence on it.

    6. It’s soooo incredibly disingenuous to make such a specious claim.

      The bottom line is we’ve never been healthier and wealthier than any point in human history.

      1. And that’s not even scratching the surface of the issue of how much healthier and wealthier we would be in the absence of these state worshiping buffoons with political and cultural power.

        1. That’s some heavyweight derp.

    7. Link it to evolution. Evolution and Markets are not thinking things. They do not have priorities or goals. They are simply terms we give for how systems made up individual pieces work.

      1. Link it to evolution. Evolution and Markets are not thinking things. They do not have priorities or goals. They are simply terms we give for how systems made up individual pieces work.

        They’re algorithms.

        1. Ah thanks. The market as algorithms is the most succinct explanation he might understand.

        2. Al Gore has no rhythm, sir.

      2. I don’t know why people don’t appreciate self-regulating systems more. They almost always work better than when someone is in charge and are responsible for pretty much all complexity in the universe.

        1. Because no one is in charge and no one can take power/money/sex from others by force and justify it because God/Science has made them better than their fellows.

          1. Yeah, of course that’s it.

            But the world is such a beautiful and amazing place because of exactly that kind of process. It’s sad that people can’t appreciate that more in human interaction.

    8. “Somehow we granted the ‘invisible hand’ of the market a pass and assumed it had good intentions, or at least priorities similar to those of our society. But I think we, as humans, have better priorities than the market”.

      Our iron fist doesn’t know what our invisible hand is doing!

        1. By the way, happy Hitler’s birthday, er… 4/20.

    9. When was it last tried outside of Hong Kong and Singapore? U.S. GDP grew 7.3% in ’84.

    10. What you mean we, Kemosabe? The market has no intention or morals. It is simply the most efficient way of allocating resources which are limited. The effect has been that over time more efficient producers and consumers allow for more to be done with less raising everyone’s standard. And that has been good.

    11. Here’s the Monbiot piece for those gluttonous of punishment:…

    12. But I think we, as humans, have better priorities than the market

      What does he think markets are? Does he think there is a literal invisible hand out there with it’s own goals and desires?

    13. Moment’s up. You’re an idiot.

    14. The invisible hand doesn’t have intentions or priorities. Blaming it for the ways things are is like blaming gravity that you’re fat or genetics that you need to wear glasses.

      1. Corollary: if you want to fly, you do it by figuring out how to build an airplane, not by refusing to fall.

        1. *applause*

    15. But I think we, as humans, have better priorities than the market

      Could you tell me what market priorities aren’t also priorities of the humans in the market?

      Thanks. I’ll wait, but I won’t hold my breath.

  6. Bernie Sanders has moved on to Pennsylvania.

    Let’s see how he feels about York values.

    1. A former roommate was from that area. A Chomsky-loving Socialist. Sanders will find some fellow travelers in the York area.

      1. I was born there. It’s a shit hole. They deserve the Bern.

        1. I’d link to “Shit Towne” by Live but I’m still at the office. Listening to youtube videos to pick out a good recording wouldn’t be a good idea.

  7. Fuck this lateness shit!

    1. You had that comment ready 28 minutes ago!!!

  8. Shaun King plagiarized an article, The Daily Beast alleges.

    Warren/King 2020!

    1. Shaun King is no shit crazy. So yeah, he’d be in good company on that ticket.

    2. He was a terrible quarterback *and* a terrible journalist?

      1. Some people have it all. NYDN should hire Tebow after they can King.

      2. Ok seriously is that the same dude?

  9. Someone found out that Biomedical also has a reproducibility crisis. Interesting factoid the author just glossed over though. We know there is a problem because the private run labs retest everything before using the data. Somehow big pharma can run a lab without a reproduciblity problem but the colleges can’t. It’d be nice if someone interviewed the pharma labs and asked them what they do to make sure their studies are accurate.…..ology.html

    1. The private labs have to answer to the FDA and the courts. The university labs don’t have to answer to anyone. It is no surprise they don’t care too much about how good their work is.

      1. University labs are often where pharma gets ideas from too. And part of it is that publicly funded labs have more of an obligation to share whatever they come up with. But lack of accountability and what Spartacus says play into it too.

        University labs also aren’t usually developing things to market, so the FDA and courts don’t really enter the picture unless there is some outright fraud going on. So there isn’t really anything wrong there. I’d say the biggest problem is what Spartacus says. Pharma labs are run to make things that they can sell and make money. Uni labs are run by people looking to publish the results they were hoping to get.

        1. I don’t think we disagree Zeb.

    2. You don’t get tenured/promoted for negative results.
      Plus, “peer review”, more often than anyone will admit, means that the professor tosses the mss to the nearest grad student and says, “take a look at this and tell me what you think. By Monday. I’m already 3 months late getting it back.”

    3. I suspect the reproducibility issue was discovered in original/”pure science” research.

      Most pharma labs are doing something more in the realm of applied science research. They aren’t “discovering” new compounds with the vast majority of their lab projects. They are testing compounds for effectiveness. That’s a much different, narrower kind of work.

  10. Shaun King plagiarized an article, The Daily Beast alleges.

    Tweets and clicks at 11.

  11. “Shaun King plagiarized an article, The Daily Beast alleges.”

    Checks out. I hear that white writers are nothing but plagiarists.

    1. I wonder if I could pull off the fade and the pencil thin mustache.

  12. Shockingly, that totally legit “Love Wins F–” cake turned out to be a hoax. Never saw that coming.

      1. Damn, good on Whole Foods. If these hoaxers start paying out fines, it may stop looking like the free money and publicity scheme it does today. Nah, who am I kidding. They are pathological liars, they don’t care.

      2. a lot of that is just hoax 101 common sense. SJWs need to step up their games.

    1. “Shockingly, that totally legit “Love Wins F–” cake turned out to be a hoax. Never saw that coming.”

      Well, it was exposed faster than usual. That’s something.

    2. Don’t fuck with Whole Foods. They have teeth.

      They’ve already released security footage of the guy paying for the cake, and the UPC label was clearly moved. The guy is absolutely fucked, and so is his lawyer (if he knew about it, which he probably did).

      1. Lawyer is going to be fine, beachboy. “Zealous advocate for the client” is stretched to outrageous lengths in Family law and the Civil system in general. Unless they can affirmatively show some form of joint behavior, lawyer is just doing his job, according to most Grievance Commissions.

        Not to mention that attorney’s fees in Title VII and IX cases are statutorily included in the damages award. It’s free money for hungry lawyers, and righteous cases are essentially free to the claimant. Which is why we don’t see these cases as much any more. The money well of systematic racism is pretty much dried up, relative to companies or individuals that can afford to be racist pricks.

        People aren’t that stupid anymore or they settle the iffy cases for cheap. In my view, settlements are extortion, and that is likely what was attempted here.

        1. I’m saying that they’ll be able to show joint behavior.

    3. What a twist.

    4. The Whole Foods in Austin, TX isn’t a hotbed of anti-gay sentiment? My whole worldview is… Unchanged. I remember in 1999 working for a freshman state representative and him making tongue-in-cheek remarks about how he and the other freshman (Republican) representative he was with weren’t the only male pair in business suits shopping together there.

      1. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the employees there. Chatted with the butcher about Korean BBQ for about 10 minutes yesterday.

        A lot of the customers suck, though. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to punching an old lady in the face. And I would have been right.

        1. “A lot of the customers suck, though. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to punching an old lady in the face. And I would have been right.”


          1. Some Diane Feinstein looking old lady with a full grey bush (I assume) in a Prius almost ran me over in a crosswalk while I was carrying my (then) infant son. The tires came inches from my toes, but I managed to kick the rear panel and fuck it up pretty badly.

            Her excuse: “I was in a hurry”.


            1. I did the same to a Civic at FSU. The dude stopped for a second, saw I had handed my infant son to my wife and was looking to continue my discussion on his driving, and kept going.

  13. On the other side are my memories of growing up in a situation where guns, people, and bullets had to be rigorously kept apart, lest they find each other in a tragic moment of instability.

    On second thought, professor, I won’t be needing your recommendation letter after all.

    1. “…lest they find each other in a tragic moment of instability.”

      Or, “How I met my Wife” by Professor Tenure.

  14. My Worst Nightmare – What If I Raised The Bully?

    […]I’m sure there are parents out there who will say I overreacted. But, I firmly believe we’ve got to start to address our country’s bullying epidemic right at the heart; by re-defining bullying at its very core. To me, the rejection and complete lack of interest my daughter and her “clique” displayed toward Bethany was the beginning of a subtle type of bullying. It is true, (confirmed to me by Bethany’s mom and teachers), that there was no overt unkindness or name-calling etc., just rejection; a complete lack of interest in someone they wrongly concluded had nothing to offer them. After experiencing childhood myself and raising five of my own, I’ve been on every side of the bullying social dynamic, and I am convinced this is where it begins. A casual assessment and quick dismissal of an outsider.

    Not giving is taking has crossed over from the economic to the social realm, I guess.

    1. I walked her through my ATM Machine Analogy.

      Aliens, if you are up there, please forgive the majority of our population for being too lazy to self-critique and too arrogant to believe they are fallible.

      Someone help us.

      1. The aliens that are actually listening don’t particularly care about your shortcomings…only your unique tastes

        1. Like pork, from what I’ve heard.

    2. Nope, as someone who narrowly avoided becoming a bully, then became the person standing between bullies and their victims, I can say the lady is crazy. Being a bully is about exerting social power. Getting what you want by tearing down others. What you want can vary and how you choose to tear other down can vary as well, but the victim isn’t chosen because they have nothing to offer you (there are hundred of people with nothing to off you that you interact with everyday). The victim is chosen due to being in the right place at the right time to get you something you want.

      Considering that one of the easiest things you can get by bullying is approval of your peers, forcing children to put more priority on socialization with everyone will probably make the issue worse. Cutting off individuals you aren’t interested in lowers the amount of people to impress and provides the ability to make social groups on shared hobbies. Socializing with all individuals despite lack of shared interests increases pressure to impress peers through social maneuvering and bullying.

  15. The pro-gun student link goes to something with the title “Bigoted, Garbage Teacher Is Bigoted Garbage”. Linking to clickbait? That’s not okay, Robby.

    So, let’s follow the link and go to where we should have gone. And it’s stupider than even the stupidest clickbait can upstupidify. And that’s not okay.

    How can I say that I don’t want to support students who are gun enthusiasts, without getting put on some sort of list? You know ? Santa Shoot 2.0. I mean, she’s applying to a teacher-credential program, for God’s sake. I wish the way forward was more black and white to me ? that I knew what to do in this situation. But I don’t.

    1. I wish the way forward was more black and white to me ? that I knew what to do in this situation. But I don’t.

      Well, you could start by changing ya drawers.

      1. “I wish the way forward was more black and white to me…”

        Is it just me, or does that sound racist?

        1. Yellow journalism.

        2. Totally. That phrasing wouldn’t be out of place in one of Irish’s comments, honestly.

    2. There’s a lot of stupid in that article.

      1. I half suspect it’s a parody, for what it’s worth. It reads a little too perfectly like a conservative caricature of a pussy liberal.

        1. On further thought, I could too. I knew a couple of professors from my undergrad that could pull off such a parody.

      2. What else do you expect from a college professor?

        1. Oh, tell us more.


            1. YEAH! WHY SHE NO LEARN STE…oh.

              Myrtle Lynn Payne is the pseudonym of an instructor in the sciences at a college in the western United States.

              1. HUMANITYS R FOR FAGGOTS

                1. IF U NO LIKE 1 ROBBE U NO LIKE ALL ROBBE!

      3. “For a long time, Sarah didn’t follow up about the recommendation. Recently, however ? with at least 14 more people dead and 17 more injured in college campus shootings ? she emailed me again, updating me on her plans and repeating her request.”

        Unless Sarah shot those 31 people, I don’t see how it has any bearing.

        1. I take it you’re not an animist. That might explain the disconnect.

    3. She actually thinks that her student will hunt her down and kill her if she doesn’t give them a recommendation. Holy cow is that woman stupid and neurotic.

    4. She seems to be a good kid, Sarah. And I don’t know what she really thinks of gun advocacy and political failures that have cost us all these lives and our sense of safety as educators.

      I admit I’m reading from the bottom up (don’t aks why) but what in hell?

      1. I would also like to know why. That is the opposite of the normal practice of reading. Are you also reading right-to-left?

        1. Maybe he has a problem. Paul, do you need help? Do you need to talk to someone?

        2. You know, I do that sometime too. Just skip to the bottom to see if the conclusion warrants reading the whole article.

    5. The comments are letting the idiot have it.

      And she really needs to change the title of her blog if she wants to play this game because it’s anything but ‘higher education’ logic.

      I notice a new tactic by anti-gun people is to open their arguments stating how they’ve been around guns all their lives and that their fathers and brothers were noble and responsible hunters. But today somehow their minds changed because there isn’t any good reason to own an ‘assault’ weapon because you can’t hunt deer with them. They have their logical points all mixed up they get tripped up by their own, unsubstantiated drivel.

      In other words, their using anecdotes to their past as proof that their present position on guns is sound logic.

      1. And she’s quite the projectionist.

        1. I just went through the comments.

          Wow. What a sound thrashing she got.

          And deservedly so.

          1. You know, I can’t imagine one time I factored political or social views (when I even had a hint of them) when either a student or a colleague asked me to write a letter of recommendation.

            1. “Can this person do the job they are asking me to recommend them for?”

              My sole criterion. And I will tell people if I don’t believe I would be a good reference. It’s just courtesy. “Thanks for asking me. I’m not able to recommend you for this at this time.”

      2. their using anecdotes to their past as proof that their present position on guns is sound logic.

        Logic is just one of three modes of rhetoric. Appeals to Ethos and Pathos are also necessary at times; what she is attempting to do is establish a sense of phronesis in her audience.

        It didn’t work.

        1. Consider me enlightened.

  16. IRS chief: Agency encourages illegal immigrant theft of SSNs to file tax returns

    The IRS is struggling to ensure that illegal immigrants are able to illegally use Social Security numbers for legitimate purposes, the agency’s head told senators on Tuesday, without allowing the numbers to be used for “bad” reasons.[…]

    “What we learned is that … the IRS continues to process tax returns with false W-2 information and issue refunds as if they were routine tax returns, and say that’s not really our job,” Coats said. “We also learned the IRS ignores notifications from the Social Security Administration that a name does not match a Social Security number, and you use your own system to determine whether a number is valid.”

    Asked to explain those practices, Koskinen replied, “What happens in these situations is someone is using a Social Security number to get a job, but they’re filing their tax return with their [taxpayer identification number].” What that means, he said, is that “they are undocumented aliens ? . They’re paying taxes. It’s in everybody’s interest to have them pay the taxes they owe.”

    1. “It’s in everybody’s interest to have them pay the taxes they owe.”

      Indeed. *Someone* has to pick up the tab for those undocumented aliens.

    2. “they are undocumented aliens ? . They’re paying taxes. It’s in everybody’s interest to have them pay the taxes they owe.”

      No one ‘owes’ taxes. They can be incurred, but “owing” is the incorrect way of framing the issue. Reason 1,934,211 why the income tax should be abolished.

      1. Yeah, but you’re not John Koskinen, the worst person on Earth outside of ONDCP.

    3. If they are getting returns then they aren’t paying taxes. Maybe nix money back and you’d have an argument.

      1. If the government withhold $10k from your paycheck and then gives you a $1k refund, the remaining $9k they kept are not taxes?

      2. Are they getting a 100% refund? Highly doubt it.

      3. You really want to trust an agency that considers an 85% error rate acceptable with deciding which refunds are legitimate and which ones it just gets to keep?

  17. German goes on trial for mean speech, President Erdogan not involved.

    Lutz Bachmann, the founder of German anti-immigration movement PEGIDA, will appear in court today on charges of inciting racial hatred. Bachmann was arrested for calling migrants ‘filth’ and ‘cattle’ on Facebook. And, if convicted, he faces up to five years in jail.

    While commentators have been shocked to discover that German law restricts ‘defamation of organs and representatives of foreign states’, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Alongside criminalising Holocaust denial, Germany has some of the most extensive hate-speech laws in Europe ? which Bachmann is now on the sharp end of.

    1. “This has nothing to do without our cultural albatross whatsoever. Show me your license that allows you to critique the government, Herr Mohatman.”

  18. The right-wing laughter over the Great Cake Bigotry of 2016 is hilarious.

    Especially great: Whole Foods plans to take legal action against the cake hoaxer. I like it. You have to make this costly to people like him.

    1. Can someone explain to me why cakes have become the fulcrum upon which gay rights rest?

      1. What else would it be? Cream puffs?

        1. Twinkies?

        2. Weinerschnitzel?

      2. Because they all want cake?

      3. Yeah. Gays have disposable income for cakes.

      4. Can someone explain to me why cakes have become the fulcrum upon which gay rights rest?

        ‘Cause, love wins, FAG!!!

        It’s just so damned obvious!

        /Whatever the hell the slur is even supposed to mean…

    2. Mackey is going to slowly lower this guy feetfirst into a cauldron of lava. You don’t fuck with Mackey.

      1. You’re right. Natural lava is much more environmentally friendly than a woodchipper.

      2. I thought libertarians like Mackey would have orphans involved somehow.

    3. Whole Foods plans to take legal action against the cake hoaxer


    4. Grab a motherfucking slice.

  19. Trump and Clinton Expected to Win New York, Shaun King Accused, Ex-Cop Avoids Prison: P.M. Links
    Robby Soave|Apr. 19, 2016 4:45 pm


  20. Immigrant kids placed with adults who are in US illegally

    LOS ANGELES (AP) ? The vast majority of immigrant children who arrive alone at the U.S. border are placed by the government with adults who are in the country illegally, federal data reviewed by The Associated Press show.

    The government has long said that it places the children with family and friends regardless of immigration status. But since more children began arriving on the border in 2014, officials have not revealed how often those sponsors lack legal papers.

    In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the Department of Health and Human Services provided data showing that 80 percent of the 71,000 mostly Central American children placed between February 2014 and September 2015 were sent to sponsors who were not here legally.

    Six percent were placed with adults who had temporary protected status, which has let some Central American citizens stay and work in the country legally for more than a decade. Four percent were sponsored by American citizens and 1 percent by immigrants facing deportation proceedings.

    1. If the sponsors are undocumented, HTF did the government find them?

      1. The kids told them. Dad is in the US illegally. Mom pays to send the kid through Mexico with instructions to turn himself in at the border and tell the Border Patrol where his dad is. Border Patrol then sends the kid to dad.

        Obama has basically stopped enforcing immigration law.

        1. “Oh, and Papa is totally *not* a criminal! No way, Jo–I mean, he’s not.”

  21. Bill Gates: There’s a simple way the next president can create jobs

    Presidential hopefuls love to say how great they will be at boosting the economy and creating jobs.

    But exactly how they do that is a bit of a conundrum in a capitalist society, where most of the nation’s jobs are in the hands of businesses, not the control of government.[…]

    So listen up. The world’s wealthiest man, tech-mogul turned philanthropist Bill Gates, has got a fairly simple answer: The federal government needs to increase its spending on research.

    In an essay, he says that the federal research budget has been “America’s Secret Weapon”:

    “Investing in R&D isn’t about the government picking winners and losers. The markets will do that. It’s about doing what we know works: making limited and targeted investments to lay a foundation for America’s entrepreneurs. This approach has been fundamental to U.S. leadership for decades, and it will become only more important in the years ahead.”

    1. Reason won’t even let me link to a google search page for the title of that article title, btw. Keeps giving error code 877. But if you google search the title yourself it’s easy to find.

    2. Mr. Gates, I have this idea for a cylindrical solar collector. It’s totally going to be great. I just need $600 million to make it commercial. Whaddyasay?

    3. You mean just like how the government created Windows, and Microsoft Office and put PC’s into most homes and now into most people’s hands? Like that Bill?

  22. I was kinda hoping to see a link about Whole Foods suing the gay activist who lied that Whole Foods made him a cake with an anti-gay slur on it.

    Or did I miss H & R covering this story already, too?

    1. Irish has a link above.

      1. Protip: all of Irish’s links go to Stormfront-affiliated websites.

        1. I fucking knew there was something fishy about Vox.

          1. You didn’t know it was named after Vox Day?!?!?

  23. Rosenhaus fired Manziel I see.

    1. He’s busy at Coachella right now.

      1. It’s amazing. He must be really sick or just that dense and arrogant.

        1. No Rufus, he is sick.

          His father came out publically a month a go saying so. His father said he fears his son will not live to see his next birthday if he doesn’t get help. That got very little press coverage.

          TMZ and the click happy media vultures are making their headlines on this guys sickness and throwing fuel onto the fire for their benefit.

          It’s sad really. The boy is sick and needs help. The gossip rags and click hunters are fueling his mental illness and allowing him to think he is a male Kardashian. He has his own money so the family can’t do anything to stop it and force him into a hospital.

  24. United Health, the country’s largest insurer, plans to exit almost all of the ObamaCare exchanges.

    It’s currently operating on the exchanges in 34 states, but it plans to cut its participation to “only a handful” in 2017.

    United Health expects to lose $650 million on the exchanges in 2016. For completely unforeseeable reasons!

    What unforeseeable reasons, you ask?

    Mr. Hemsley [CEO of United Health] said that the “smaller overall market size and shorter-term, higher-risk profile within this market segment continue to suggest we cannot broadly serve it on an effective and sustained basis.”

    UnitedHealth said it also steepened its projected loss on the 2016 exchange business to $650 million from around $525 million, amid signs that new enrollees’ health status appeared worse.”…..1461062440

    So, the unforeseeable reasons are:

    1) Small market size – not enough young, healthy people enrolling.
    2) Short-term, higher risk profile – people buy in when they’re sick and then stop paying after treatment
    3) The chronically ill (extremely expensive) patients are disproportionately represented on the exchanges.

    See? All those reasons couldn’t have been foreseen by anybody; in fact, they weren’t foreseen by anybody!

    Barack Obama is an incompetent jackass, and the people who voted for him are the dumbest people of all.

    1. Sure a lot of people said those things were going to happen. But they were all just racist tea baggers who wanted Obama to fail. How could anyone have known they were right?

    2. Hey, you leave Barry alone. He’s had a rough go of it. The Mummified Queen and the Duck of Edinburro are going to pat his head later this week.

      Also, Ken, is your argument essentially that hard stuff like Math and Logic shouldn’t be left to the American Electorate?

      Because, like, dude, the Insurance fatcats are like the 1% bro.

      1. Of course, the entire country hated this thing. They hated it so much Massachusetts elected a Republican Senator to stop it. Of course our political and media class knew better. They knew we had to bend the cost curve and this was the only way forward.

        Our country is ruled by an elite class of complete morons.

        1. The collapse of Obamacare, and therefore our healthcare system, is a feature not a bug, methinks.

    3. I divested myself of all healthcare stocks on Friday. It was a tough decision, but the right one.

      1. Funny, I laid in a big stock of healthcare on Saturday. Rum and vodka mostly.

        1. Not sure if that’s a poop reference.

          If so, Rum and Vodka are fuel for a cannon shit. It’s a regular shit that looks like it has been shot out of a cannon and into a brick wall.

      2. I disagree. I see no reason to believe there will be anything resembling cost containment on healthcare over the next several years.

    4. So death spiral in the locations it’s pulling out of? All those unhealthy people they’ve been subsidizing are going to descend on whoever is left driving up their costs, and so on and so forth.

      1. The Obama Administration calls that “market competition”.

        You see, the insurers are in competition to see who can lose the most money, and the company that’s left holding the bag and losing the most money in the end? Well they win at “market competition”.

        Do you or don’t you care about people?

  25. “Shaun King plagiarized an article, The Daily Beast alleges. ”

    Whitey trying to keep a brother down.

    1. Shaun King did say as much with Culpepper and Leftwich and himself having a hard time getting picked up by new teams that it was all about the “black QB” thing. If John Kitna could find work why the hell couldn’t they? (I do have to wonder how much they were asking vs what Kitna was willing to work for, though.)

  26. Formerly fat progressive loses 100 lbs in a year by basic exercise and eating in moderation, is unable to shake his progressive indoctrination and declares individual decisions can’t fix someone’s obesity.

    “Obesity is a societal and environmental problem, not an individual one”

    “The numbers are staggering: The latest data says that a third of all adults in the United States are obese, and another third are overweight. The obesity rate in particular has skyrocketed in the past half-century, so this is still very much a new problem. And the obesity epidemic doesn’t exist because more than 200 million individual people lack willpower, or love food too much, or are too lazy to exercise, or whatever other crap is routinely trotted out to explain why any one person is fat.”

    I got off my ass, exercised a bit, and controlled my food intake. As a result, I lost 8 lbs a month for an entire year. For some reason, I still don’t think obesity is an individually solvable problem, even though my own experience proves otherwise.

    1. Obesity is a societal and environmental problem

      Obesity is a social construct; one self-identifies as “obese” or not.

      Is that about right?

      1. No, it’s a problem of not enough socialism. You don’t see an obesity epidemic in those countries, do you?

        1. That’s true. You don’t see the scourge of 30 different kinds of toilet paper on the shelves either.

      2. No. The guy just lies about social trends that don’t exist and blames them for obesity. For example, he claims people have ‘less leisure time’ which is why obesity has increased, but in fact people have MORE leisure time today than ever before. The issue is that they spend that leisure time eating shit while they watch reality T.V.

        So yes, obesity actually is caused by lazy decision making. A lot of people say the poor are more obese because of their diets, but you also have to consider issues of sedentary lifestyles. The richer you are the less time you spend watching T.V.

        People earning over $75,000 watch 6000 fewer minutes of T.V. per month than people making under $25,000. What would happen to obesity stats if low income people took time to go for a run instead of spending 100 more hours in front of the T.V. than the rich?

        1. What would happen to obesity stats if low income people took time to go for a run instead of spending 100 more hours in front of the T.V. than the rich?

          Maury Povich and Jerry Springer wouldn’t be able to afford to eat?

    2. I blame affluence.

      If we weren’t so wealthy, we couldn’t afford to eat so much food.

      Also, people in the Netherlands don’t have as high a standard of living, so they don’t buy cars. They bicycle everywhere

      Put two and two together, you bunch of capitalist lard asses!

      P.S. I saw a documentary in the wake of the Asian Flu back in the ’90s There was this guy from Indonesia, and he was trying to emigrate to the U.S. The reporter asked him why he wanted to go the U.S. instead of somewhere else, and he replied that he wanted to go to a place where the poor people were fat.

      Leftist politicians worry that the poor are too fat. We live in Bizarro World.

    3. As far as it being an environmental problem, these people almost have a point in the sense that literally every packaged food is filled with sugar in the form of heavily subsidized high fructose corn syrup. If you eat a non-trivial amount of fat fuck food, you can’t avoid being a fat fuck. But that’s not really what they mean when they say things like that.

      1. Its almost like subsidizing corn and artificially raising the price of cane sugar was a really bad idea.

        1. Cane sugar will give you the beetus just as fast as HFCS. They’re the same thing. But yes, subsidizing it was a bad idea, and so was the government supporting 50 years shitty halfass research that eggs will give you a heart attack.

          1. research *claiming* that

          2. But cane sugar is more satisfying than HFCS. I think part of the problem with HFCS is that not only does it make you fat, things made with it really don’t satisfy you and you wind up eating more of it than you would had it been made with sugar.

      2. I don’t think it’s a fructose problem, Warty. Fatness is a direct product of Intake Output. Metabolism affects Output, sure, but no one compels people to eat as much as they do, regardless of what they eat.

        How can we have fat Vegans?

        1. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          1. Oh good, a gym rat on the internet is going to explain nutrition to us. I hope there’s lots of links to pubmed executive summaries.

            1. You may call me Doctor Gym Rat, you mewling illiterate.

        2. “How can we have fat Vegans?”

          I’m willing to bet if you looked at the weight of the average vegan and compared it to the weight of the average person eating processed food, the processed food guy would be fatter. That food is useless when it comes to nutrients and basically just gives you empty calories that get you real, real fat.

          1. Skittles are vegan.

            1. True. I do think vegans tend to be more conscious of what they eat though, so veganism probably correlates heavily with eating more healthy food as well.

              1. No, vegans just want to make sure everyone else is conscious of what they eat. More healthy food is high fat, high protein low carb food. IOW, meat.

            2. Skittles are vegan.

              Now they are- it’s a recent change. Formerly, they used gelatin.

      3. The environment makes people eat those food products.

        Global warming strikes again !

    4. They want to illegalize things they don’t like people doing. If people are doing it of their own free will they can’t illegalize it. If people are mind controlled by McDonalds then they are saving people from non-consensual eating not being busy bodies.

    5. “MA! Little Debbie keeps pushing her honey buns right in my face and making me eat ’em! Make her stop!”

      Funny, for all the Kardashians keep trying to push their honey buns in my face, I’ve had no trouble resisting that nasty shit. Must just be that you learn to not pay attention to stuff that ain’t good for ya.

    6. Right, Vox. No comments. But I did see this:

      First Person is Vox’s home for compelling, provocative narrative essays.

      Right, a false consciousness argument by a boring former fatty is compelling and provocative. I assume Vox doesn’t pay for these?

  27. New York City watchdog decries ‘irregularities’ in primary voting

    The irony = Hillary trying to keep the turnout low to benefit herself. The selfsame democrats who routinely castigate the GOP for ‘voter intimidation’-tactics and violating people’s human rights by asking for ID, etc., seem to be whipping out every trick in the book to limit the participation in the areas most likely to go for Bernie

    Stringer said his office had received reports of polling stations that failed to open on time and were unable to tell voters when they would be operational. A voter in the borough of Queens reported a broken machine and staff instructing voters to place their ballots in a “slot” for processing at a later time.

    Of particular concern, Stringer said, were allegations of widespread removal of eligible voters from registration rolls and incorrect party affiliations on voter records. Stringer said eligible Democratic voters in Brooklyn fell by 120,000 from November 2015 to April 2016 without explanation.

    1. Stringer said eligible Democratic voters in Brooklyn fell by 120,000 from November 2015 to April 2016 without explanation

      They will ALL be back on the voter rolls next week.

  28. Hate crime, or art project? Art project, it turns out.

    “I never wanted to use macram? to kill!” – Lulu Fishpaw.

    1. A rainbow noose…symbolizing the latest “social justice” initiative?


    Conservative political operatives blacklisting anyone who works for Trump. Does the IRS count never having to speak to any of those assholes again as a taxable benefit?

    1. The who is more corrupt contest contest continues in Brazil…lol.


    Cruz people try to put Phyllis Shafly in a home. Claim she is senile and try to remove her as head of her organization.

    These people are as big of assholes as the progs are.

    1. That’s totally unfair to Ms. Shafly.

      She’s been senile and clueless for at least a couple of decades now.

    2. It’s a reasonable claim.

      1. The one time I take your side in things, you still can’t give me any credit. You think it is a good idea to declare old people who say stupid things senile? Is that your final answer?

        1. Well, since you’re not old, I attribute it to the multiple concussions.

          1. You describe yourself as old. And I don’t think you will like that rule very well.

            I am just trying to keep you out of the home old man.

            1. The day I get as senile as Schlafly and as retarded as a Trumpie, I’ll go get my law degree and sit at a desk at DHS collecting a paycheck while not working.

  31. Shaun King is a crazy person. There, I said it.

    1. I think somebody already said it.

  32. Interesting Tete-a-Tete between politician and companies exercising their free speech rights =

    GOP leader vows retribution for transgender ‘blackmail’

    The Republican leader in the Tennessee House vowed retribution Tuesday for companies that spoke out against a transgender bathroom bill, suggesting that lawmakers should consider limiting tax incentives and grants to them.

    “All these companies who tried to blackmail us for this thing, when they come for their corporate welfare checks next year, we need to have a list out and keep an eye on them,” Rep. Gerald McCormick said to applause.

    (never mind the AP conflating ‘speaker of the Tennessee house’ with the National GOP)

    1. If companies want to get into the business of politics, then they can’t complain when they make enemies.

      1. If companies want to express their right to freedom of association/speech, then they should complain when state officials vindictively threaten to ‘punish’ them.

        1. If companies want to buy votes, they should do it with their own money and not reach their hand out for government incentives.

          1. If you would otherwise give a grant to a company, you can’t say ‘we won’t do that now because you disagreed with us.’ That’s a wonderful way to force businesses to toe the political line – just say ‘we’ll only give incentives to people who agree with us.’

            They shouldn’t skew the market by giving incentives to anyone, but if they’re going to skew the market, they shouldn’t then use those incentives to also force businesses into line with the political class.

            1. They shouldn’t skew the market by giving incentives to anyone, but if they’re going to skew the market, they shouldn’t then use those incentives to also force businesses into line with the political class.

              Lol. What else would be the point? Do you honestly think this is the first time such a nefarious scheme has ever been hatched?

              1. No. If it’s not the first time it happened, that doesn’t mean it happening this time is okay.

                1. What I’m saying is that it happens *every* time, by definition. Politicians don’t hand out corporate welfare out of the generosity of their hearts – there are always political strings attached. If this particular instance bothers you it’s not because of the principle of the thing.

        2. They are not punishing them. Since when do they have a right to tax funded bennies. No one is talking about punishing them. They just can’t get their tax payer goodies anymore, which they shouldn’t be getting in the first place.

          And if you are okay with the gay fascist mafia using the power of coronations to extort states into toeing the line, then dont’ come and talk to me about freedom of association. There are more ways to lose your freedom than the government. The gay movement is doing everything it can to make the country less free. the fact that they are using mob tactics and corporatism rather than the police doesn’t make it any better.

          I get that the gays are sacred and special. But, maybe not everything gays do is so great. Maybe it might be good to stand up to them once in a while. Just a thought.

    2. when they come for their corporate welfare checks next year, we need to have a list out and keep an eye on them

      If cutting them off the teat over something as trivial as who pees where is not a deal-breaker, why are they on the teat to start with? This sounds like the “non-essential travel” ban or the “non-essential employees” furloughs – why is any of the non-essential stuff there to start with? Why are these companies getting welfare checks in the first place?

      1. If cutting them off the teat over something as trivial as who pees where is not a deal-breaker, why are they on the teat to start with?

        that was the implied point of me posting it.

        The fact that they’re openly talking about “shutting companies up” by refusing them corporate welfare is a direct admission that He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune.

        This should be (but never will be) a wake-up call to progressives to get the government the fuck out of their social issues. Of course, it goes way over their heads.

      2. exactly..

    1. Do you know what a tweaker is?

      1. I realized my mistake soon after I hit submit, but in my defense I felt I needed to add to the link.

      2. Do you know what a tweaker is?

        Isn’t that the App which allows people to write really stupid short messages (while in the depth of a meth binge, presumably) and broadcast it to the general public?

    2. I don’t understand the connection. They could legalize opiates and marijuana at the same time, solving the opiate crisis, reducing prison crowding, massively helping state budgets and making people freer. What’s the downside? Or can government just not do two things at once?

  33. Iceland’s Water Cure

    These public pools, or sundlaugs, serve as the communal heart of Iceland, sacred places whose affordability and ubiquity are viewed as a kind of civil right. Families and teenagers and older people lounge and chat in sundlaugs every day, summer or winter. Despite Iceland’s cruel climate, its remoteness and its winters of 19 hours of darkness per day, the people there are among the most contented in the world. The more local swimming pools I visited, the more convinced I became that Icelanders’ remarkable satisfaction is tied inextricably to the experience of escaping the fierce, freezing air and sinking into warm water among their countrymen. The pools are more than a humble municipal investment, more than just a civic perquisite that emerged from an accident of Iceland’s volcanic geology. They seem to be, in fact, a key to Icelandic well-?being.

    1. This is a local beach bro!

    2. That’s been going on for a long time.

      It used to be called the “Dirty Underwear Gang”.

  34. Did you vote yet?
    Did you vote yet?
    Did you vote yet??
    Did You Vote Yet?

    I’m a young guy with a beard and glasses, so I guess I was supposed to vote for Bernie this morning. I think I’m supposed to feel so uncool for not having the ribbon sticker. Please comfort me, friends.

    1. Shave the beard, wear looser pants, get some contact lenses, buy a few Affliction t-shirts and start using a lot of self-tanner and Axe body spray.

      1. Is Affliction the new Ed Hardy?

    2. “Don’t rush me, I’m still hesitating between Trump and Cruz.”

    3. I’m a young guy with a beard and glasses

      You sound like a prog

    4. You’re too young for a beard. Enjoy your yoot.

  35. I haven’t been paying much attention to the agiprop dispenser but the last I heard Trump was “expected” to sweep NY – has the narrative changed or are they still sticking with the script so that when Cruz keeps Trump below 50% in some of the fly-over districts in NY they can claim Trump lost by not winning as handily as expected?

    1. when Cruz keeps Trump below 50% in some of the fly-over districts in NY

      I have a hard time picturing this. Trump’s schtick plays well in economically-depressed areas that lean Republican.

      1. Here’s the deal dumb shit, city dwellers like you are clueless about where the electricity that powers your iphone comes from, which makes you uninformed.

        We have an abundance of retards in this race and Trump is a retard, as is Hildog.

        That you think one is more retarded than the other is telling…

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