Brickbat: Sweet Home Alabama


Credit: Jayel Aheram / photo on flickr

Officials with the University of South Alabama say that a campus police officer should not have issued a citation to student D.J. Parten for wearing an empty holster on campus during a gun rights protest. The officer was caught on video admitting that wearing the holster did not violate any laws or school rules but telling Parten that he should be "polite and respectful" next time then citing him for "causing alarm."

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  1. ‘Skinner say’s it’s a real a real sweet home but it an’t nothing to me’.

  2. “University Police are conducting an internal investigation of the matter,”

    This is my favorite bullshit line anytime this kind of thing happens. I’m sure that Wojo and Dietrich will be working around the clock on this puzzler.

    1. to be disseminated at an appropriately obscure time in an appropriately obscure location!

    2. But L&O shows all these internal investigations are handled with utmost care and professionalism with the thought of justice in mind.

      1. I’m even putting aside the bullshitness of cops investigating cops, I like the idea that there is something to investigate. What are they gonna do? tape off the folding table and dust for prints? Follow the money? Someone needs to make a deadly serious short film where some minor interaction like this is given the crime of the century treatment.

        1. I’m even putting aside the bullshitness of cops investigating cops,

          I’d be happy with instead of internal affairs, there would be an entirely separate institution called “Inquisitors” or something who are not considered cops, don’t break bread with cops, but are tasked with investigating them and keeping the peace among them. I would want the Inquisitors to have the same “us vs. them” mentality that cops have with “civilians” and the same virtual prosecutor immunity. The Inquisitors would have no power over non-police with their jurisdiction strictly limited to LEOs.

          1. Checks and balances, nice.

    3. “It’s spelled just like it sounds.”

  3. Crazy idea, I know, but maybe the “civilians” would be more “polite and respectful” if you didn’t shit all over their rights and treat them like cattle?

    1. Getting home safe is more important than your feelings!

      /cop spouse

      1. That’s my line


  4. Parten said he believes his rights were violated by the University.

    “They stopped the activism of two others to deal with me and tried to silence me in the process by asking me to remove my holster and not continue with what I was doing,” Parten said.

    I bet if the internal investigation wasn’t such a shame and legitimate, these two law enforcement professionals would be invoking their unalienable rights endowed by their contract negotiator.

    1. If only the People could have had that kind of representation back in the day, everyone could get ten days to get their shit together before their first interview (NOT interrogation).

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