A.M. Links: New York Presidential Primary Today, Bernie vs. Hillary, Trump vs. Cruz vs. Kasich


  • CNN

    Voters in New York head to the polls today for the Empire State's presidential primary election.

  • At least 28 people are dead and more than 100 wounded after a suicide car bomber struck in Kabul, Afghanistan.
  • "A former New York City police officer convicted of manslaughter in the shooting of an unarmed black man in an unlit stairwell is due to be sentenced on Tuesday, after prosecutors recommended no prison time."

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  1. Voters in New York head to the polls today for the Empire State’s presidential primary election.

    Quite the Sophie’s choice for NYC.

    1. NY Post had a great cover today

      1. “Cops took gun permit bribes.” Those weren’t bribes, those were consulting fees.

      2. I’ll bet you didn’t like this one.

      3. The Post is illustrating SugarFree stories now?

    2. Hello.

      Every time you say ‘Hillary v. Clinton’ it should be followed with, ‘Cripple Fight!’

      1. Every time you say ‘Hillary v. Clinton’

        Well, she is her own worst enemy.

        1. Argg. Hillary v. Bernie.


          1. No, you had it right the first time. Excellent.

            1. Great things are discovered accidentally.


              1. What sort of ditz walks around eating out of an open container of peanut butter? What grown man eats a full bar of chocolate? What creep stalks around offering strangers candy?

                1. And they eat each other! I mean, they eat each others food! Ewww!

                2. What creep stalks around offering strangers candy?

                  I don’t think OMWC gets up this early.

                3. Are you new here?

                4. What creep stalks around offering strangers candy?


                5. Umm… me? Though I eat an open jar of peanut butter at home. With a spoon.

              2. Rufus,

                The girl in that advertisement is Diane Franklin.

                I’m sure of it (primarily due to the fact that I just confirmed this via IMdB.

                Keep your tentacles off of her.

                1. Heh. I was wondering whatever happened to them!

  2. What the polling says: Trump vs. Cruz vs. Kasich.

    I think the ballot said that, too.

    1. I’ll find out – the polling place opens at noon.

      1. Don’t go just on my account

        1. I was already going in order to vote.

          This is the first time in my voting live that my vote can actually matter. (The primaries are usually over and the blue tide from NYC drowns it out in real elections)

          1. Are only Ds and Rs holding primaries? (I’ve never voted in one, so not sure.)

            1. The rest of the NY Parties tend to nominate whoever is on their big party line. (the cons put the repub, the WFP put the dem, etc) They don’t hold primaries.

              1. I was thinking of real 3rd parties, not the fusion parties. I’m independent, so can’t vote anyway. Just curious, like I don’t even know if the LP has a primary.

                1. The Bull Moose party has been defunct for about a century. They were the last third party to draw electoral votes that I know of.

                  1. Dixiecrats.

                2. The Republicrats won’t fund inclusion of the Libertarian Party on the ballots. Good cop, bad cop strategy. But the taxpayers fund these dog and pony shows.

                3. In new York, I’m not sure. The lp has a primary (caucus style) in most states.

            2. The primaries are partisan events, not elections. The Democrat and Republican Parties love the primaries because they give ordinary voters the impression that they select partisan candidates and they reinforce the notion that the two-party system is essential to American democracy.

              In Texas, the state runs the primaries only for the Democratic Party and the Republican Parties. Libertarians, Greens, and others need not apply. For that reason, minor-party presidential candidates are determined at their conventions. LPTexas delegates are selected at the LPTexas state convention, and are not bound in any way to any particular LP candidate at the national convention.

              Texas taxpayers supply about 60% of the state’s funding for the primaries; the filing fees by candidates, including minor party candidates, pay for the rest.

      2. Your polling place doesn’t open until noon? Is this one of those areas that ends up with hundreds of people still in line when the polls close, making themselves look bad?

        1. I don’t know, I tend to vote early.

          1. It’s just weird because I think the latest I’ve ever voted was about 8 am. (2008 crowds were ridiculous. Thanks Obama.)

  3. What the polling says: Hillary vs. Bernie.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world Bernie stands a chance.

    1. I thought the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was getting away with the private email server.

      1. That remains to be seen…

      2. Satan’s greatest trick is the War on (some) Drugs.

        1. We Satanists always berate our Dark Lord about this.

  4. 167) Somehow I seem to be missing the envy gene or busybody chromosome or whatever it is that motivates so many around me.
    Why would I care if somebody else makes more money than me? Good for them. They probably earned it. And even if they didn’t, it doesn’t burn me up.
    If other people want to have sex with each other or marry each other in some way I wouldn’t choose to, why is it my business? So long as it’s not my spouse they’re doing it with, go ahead.
    Drugs? I simply cannot muster the least bit of indignation that somebody might “abuse” (whatever that means) alcohol or meth or crack cocaine.
    In truth, I don’t really support other people’s liberty out of some higher conception of human nobility or whatever. I feel like my libertarianism is not based so much on principle as inclination: I just can’t bring myself to care what other people do if it doesn’t affect me. Maybe this makes me a bad libertarian, I don’t know. Maybe it’s a personality flaw that I have so little interest in others that I don’t care about their vices and sins. But whatever it is, I don’t have it.

    1. I’m in the same boat. I’ve never understood why people care so much about what other people have/say/do, so long as they’re not directly harming others.

      1. In a society based on caste and status, the individual can ascribe adverse fate to conditions beyond his own control. He is a slave because the superhuman powers that determine all becoming had assigned him this rank. It is not his doing, and there is no reason for him to be ashamed of his humbleness. His wife cannot find fault with his station. If she were to tell him: “Why are you not a duke? If you were a duke, I would be a duchess,” he would reply: “If I had been born the son of a duke, I would not have married you, a slave girl, but the daughter of another duke; that you are not a duchess is exclusively your own fault; why were you not more clever in the choice of your parents?”

        It is quite another thing under capitalism. Here everybody’s station in life depends on his own doing. Everybody whose ambitions have not been fully gratified knows very well that he has missed chances, that he has been tried and found wanting by his fellow man. If his wife upbraids him: “Why do you make only eighty dollars a week? If you were as smart as your former pal, Paul, you would be a foreman and I would enjoy a better life,” he becomes conscious of his own inferiority and feels humiliated.

        von Mises, The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality

        1. Seems like Murray runs with that in Coming Apart.

        2. Lee,

          I think that these are the two paragraphs which first caught my attention and drew me to the ideas of von Mises.

          1. I’ve got way too much von Mises reading to do. Human Action is a daunting endeavor that requires digesting it in small portions. The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality is a nice quick read that makes sense.

            1. “…small portions.”

              Read. Think/digest. Read (or re-read). Think/digest. Repeat.

              1. Hold up, you’re going too fast.

    2. It’s good because I read that Melissa Meyer is set to get a $48 million pay out. Spectacular pay out for spectacular failure.

      1. That was expected.

    3. The only time I have ever been mad about my salary was when I was working during the dot com boom. Someone at the fucked company I was working at leaked a spreadsheet of everyone’s salaries and I discovered that a guy who had just started was making more than 5K more than me. I had been working there about 4 years by that time.

      What made it worse was that I had been stuck with unfucking several projects that the n00b had screwed up.

      I ended up blackmailing my bosses into a much bigger raise so that I made more than the jerk.

      So I guess I have a soft spot in my heart for people who are urinated off when they find out that they are making less than someone who is supposed to be doing the same job as them but are worse or have less experience.

      1. I don’t get too emotional when I see how well some people are doing, but in a sense, wealth is relative and to judge how well I’ve done, I’ve got to look at other people. If I were in Havana, I’d probably be very happy if I could drive a 2005 Corolla and live in a comfortable house with central a/c and 24-hour electricity and a swimming pool in the backyard. Here in the USA, I’d be “meh.”

      2. I’ve never really cared much what other people make, or what they have. Just . . . don’t, really, see why I should get all worked about it.

        1. In my case above, I was pissed because someone who was less experienced and doing a worse job was getting more than me. If he had worked for a different company or done some other job, I wouldn’t have cared.

          It also didn’t help that the guy who was making more than me was a total ass.

    4. I had quite a bit of envy, probably inherited from my leftist parents, but learned to ignore the impulse after reading libertarians, and feel much better now.

    5. Well, some people have the nosey gene.

    6. You’ll hear “progressives” rant and rave about how conservatives can’t mind their own business with regards to gay marriage, but they have the same complex when it comes to economic matters. Even when they can’t prove that a certain economic situation is actually hurting anyone, they still want the government jackboot to be grinding some rich guy’s face.

      They have the same disease of the mind – the one that renders them incapable of saying, “well, that guy is doing something differently than I think it should be done, but he’s not hurting anyone, so I support his right to do it.”

  5. Pearl Jam, Boston, Circue du soleil cancel NC performances due to anti-LGBTQ law. Geez, maybe my state should pass a law like that. Seems to keep out the riff-raff. Wait, “There’s still hope for music-loving North Carolinians, however, as long as they’re Parrotheads.” Never mind. If it doesn’t keep out the worst riff-raff of all, what’s the point?

    1. Being transgender is More than a Feeling.

      1. Also a lack of feeling.

      2. Being transgender is More than a Feeling

        Sure, once you get the operation, but until then…

        /refusing to acknowledge what you did there.

    2. I wonder if any of those acts have played muslim countries, where they throw people in jail for being gay.

      1. Yes, that was the first thing I googled when that story came out. Cirque does a lot of business in the gulf states.

        In 2008, Lalibert? split 20% of his share equally between two investment groups Istithmar World and Nakheel of Dubai, in order to further finance the company’s goals. In partnership with these two groups, Cirque du Soleil had planned to build a residency show in the United Arab Emirates in 2012 directed by Guy Caron (Dralion) and Michael Curry.[10] But since Dubai’s financial problems in 2010 caused by the 2008 recession, it was stated by Lalibert? that the project has been “put on ice”[11] for the time being and may be looking for another financial partner to bankroll the company’s future plans, even willing to give up another 10% of his share.[11] Several more shows are in development around the world, along with a television deal, women’s clothing line and the possible venture into other mediums such as spas, restaurants and nightclubs.[12] Cirque du Soleil also produces a small number of private and corporate events each year (past clients have been the royal family of Dubai and the 2007 Super Bowl).[13]

        1. Like I mentioned yesterday, Bryan Adams performs a lot in Arab countries.

          Their full of shitness is through the roof.

          1. Like most progs, they aren’t motivated by love for gays, or trans people, or PoCs, or whatever. They’re motivated by hate for the wrong sort of white people.

      2. I know Pearl Jam has played Dubai and Singapore. Selective outrage.

        1. I truly don’t get it. Do they think people won’t find out?

          1. They think people won’t care, because the media won’t make anything of it. And they are largely correct.

          2. Who cares? Honestly. Gays had their day in the sunlight, and now they’re back on the bottom of the deck. Now is the time for transgenders to enjoy the top of the progressive stack. This is no violation of principle for progressives because it was never about exercising a right to associate, it’s about inflicting pain on their enemies. Cirque du Soliel et al. can be forgiven their past sins because they’re proving useful now.

            Also, what’s this nonsense about losing money? These companies are presumably selling tickets primarily to Carolinians. Did they not refund their ticket purchases? Does that money not now exist, unspent, for former ticket-holders to spend on other things? Or were they expecting that simply throwing a show that generates money for these companies also generates material wealth for the state? Probably the latter, since the state doesn’t get its take from entertainment taxes. Well, boo hoo, the state doesn’t get its chunk of coin from these venues.

            At least Paypal can make the claim that withholding their business means foregoing wealth, although it seems kinda dick to punish prospective employees for policy decisions.

            1. /paypal waving away questions about Indonesian service center…

    3. I saw a pretty great response someone made to Michael Moore talking about pulling whatever his newest movie is out of NC: “Feels great to refuse to do business with people you disagree with, doesn’t it?”

      1. A lot of the other responses were “Thank you”.

      2. Dennis Miller said, “They’d fly to Havana as long as the stopover wasn’t in North Carolina”

    4. The gallingly cruel bill he just signed doesn’t just transgress basic norms of decency and morality. It also violates federal law and the U.S. Constitution.

      Right because the basic norms of decency and morality call for gay wedding cakes to be baked at gun point, forced association and slavery are decent and moral.

      1. I wonder what article of the Constitution he thinks guarantees such things?

        1. Magic Penumbra?!

        2. That’s the true meaning of the second amendment!

    5. Just so they don’t drink Fanta soda.

  6. Minister Pours Cold Water on ‘Boaty McBoatface’ Plan

    Asked what was unsuitable about the name Boaty McBoatface, Johnson said: “I think we were clear when launching the competition that we were looking for a name that would be in keeping with the mission.

    “This boat?[is] going to be doing science on some of the most important issues facing humanity. Global warming, climate changing, rising sea-levels, these are issues which affect the lives of 100s of millions of people around the world and these are very important themes.

    “So you want a name that fits the gravity and the importance of the subjects that this boat is going to be doing science into.” Johnson did not directly confirm that the name would not be adopted.

    1. “Jo Johnson” criticizes silly name…LOL

      1. Jo and Jeh — “But ya doesn’t has to call me ‘Johnson’!”

    2. Don’t ask questions if you won’t want the answer. Hmmph.

    3. “doing science”?

      Should’ve named the boat the HMS GLaDOS.

      1. The warming is a lie.

    4. “on some of the most important issues facing humanity. Global warming, climate changing, rising sea-levels, these are issues which affect the lives of 100s of millions of people around the world and these are very important themes”

      Sounds like voters treated this with exactly the level of seriousness it deserves.

    5. Aren’t those all, you know, the same issue? Also, I thought they affected everyone. Now we’re just down to hundreds of millions?

      1. Technically “everyone” is just a lot of hundreds of millions of people…

        1. Over half a dozen tens of hundreds of millions of people.

      2. Let us all pray that it doesn’t get stuck in the ice somewhere.

    6. “So you want a name that fits the gravity and the importance of the subjects that this boat is going to be doing science into.”

      HMS Inoperable Brain Tumor it is – you can’t get much more serious than that.

      1. The HMS Children’s Leukemia Ward might edge it out.

        1. HMS It’s Either Trump or Clinton

    7. “So you want a name that fits the gravity and the importance of the subjects that this boat is going to be doing science into.” Johnson did not directly confirm that the name would not be adopted.

      I think he has a lot more faith in his subject matter that I do. BoatyMcBoatFace seems a perfect fit for his definition.

    8. The name should be “Ignorant motorhead atavists”, or maybe “Dopers”. Whatever fits the particular circumstances. I happen to fit both qualifications.

    9. It’s like he doesn’t even know that millenials exist and they Internet.

    10. Perhaps “Sciencey McScienceface” would be an acceptable compromise?

    11. So the “Goodthink” it is.

  7. “A former New York City police officer convicted of manslaughter in the shooting of an unarmed black man in an unlit stairwell is due to be sentenced on Tuesday, after prosecutors recommended no prison time.”

    I think a few months of community service ought to do the trick.

    1. They ought to grab its leg, drag it to a First Amendment zone, and trigger the everloving shit out of it.

    2. Then a promotion to sergeant. And a medal.

  8. …after prosecutors recommended no prison time.

    They didn’t really recommend he be convicted but you never know with juries and a China-man.

  9. Vancouver School Board reminds students 4/20 is not a day off

    The notices ? sent directly to schools ? outline how schools have reported students skipping school to attend 4/20 gatherings or have used it as an excuse not to show up.

    Brennan says the protocol for taking attendance will be no different this Wednesday.

    “We follow the same attendance procedures,” she said. “Which usually involves a call home and follow-up.”

    The material also includes a tip sheet from Vancouver Coastal Health designed to get students to think twice before smoking pot or indulging in cannabis edibles.

    1. Shit yeah that’s tomorrow. I’m not totally not going to school and I’m going to smoke weed and I’m not going to tell my mom. Because I’m 30 and tomorrow is a Wednesday.

    2. “It’s OK, eh, the school sent out a special notice about the holiday. Something about taking the day off, eh? I don’t remember every detail.”

    3. She should be glad the kids aren’t taking Bicycle Day off today .

    4. How could you not celebrate Hitler’s birthday?

    5. I just pray there won’t be any squirt gun tomfoolery.

  10. What the polling says: Trump vs. Cruz vs. Kasich.

    [voter looks at ballot] Oh, Kasich is in this?

    1. Actually the response is “Who?”

    2. Colbert — yes, I admit it — had a gag about all the Jewish voters seeing “Kasich” on the ballot and going “Passover”.

  11. The commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John W. Nicholson, said such attacks are a sign of Taliban weakness. “Today’s attack shows the insurgents are unable to meet Afghan forces on the battlefield and must resort to these terrorist attacks,” he said.

    *** facepalm ***

    1. Nurse in Emergency: “General, did you recognize the assailant who was beating you mercilessly before the MPs arrived?”

      General Nicholson: “Beating ME?! Let me tell you something, kid. I nearly shattered his kneecap with my groin and slammed my face into his fists so many times his knuckles were covered in blood! Of course he fled from me before there were any witnesses to his humiliating defeat. Beating me indeed.”

      1. “Using my torso and some vital organs, I managed to grab and hold his knife. It took five or six attempts to wrap my intestines around the blade with enough force to take control of his weapon.

        1. You know, if they’re using suicide bombers you can use the Captain Zapp Brannigan strategy. Sooner or later, they run out of suicide bombers.

        2. “That’ll teach him to tangle with the likes of General Nick!”

          *blood spurts from wounds*

          “I am bleeding, making me the victor.”

        3. Heroin helps.

    2. Burrrrnnnn. Yeah, now they’ll be too embarrassed to try anything like that again.

  12. Senator Gillibrand to Bernie: Come to Jesus on Guns

    New York’s junior senator, a passionate Clinton backer and feminist, broke down during an emotional sit-down here for POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast when I asked her about her own conversion from an upstate House member with a 100 percent NRA rating (who once stored a shotgun under her bed) to an upper-chamber anti-gun crusader.

    “I was somebody who was not as focused on this, as I should have been, as a House member. Meeting these families devastated me, broke my heart,” said Gillibrand, when I suggested she switched positions as a matter of political expediency in a deep-blue state where most Democrats favor stringent gun restrictions.

    Gillibrand, a 49-year-old mother of two young sons not prone to public expressions of emotion, began to cry in mid-sentence. “It’s so crippling ? I mean, I sat down with a mother last week in Brooklyn, and she lost her 4-year-old baby ? she took her kid to a park,” she said. “Every mom takes their kid to a park. And she took her kid to a park and the kid was killed, a baby, a 4-year-old. ? [Sanders] doesn’t have the sensitivity he needs to the horror that is happening in these families. I just don’t think he’s fully getting how horrible it is for these families.

    Well shit, why doesn’t Kirsten just make shooting 4 year olds illegal?

    1. I can’t take anybody seriously that thinks gun manufacturers should be liable for all gun deaths. It’s just completely ridiculous.

      1. It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s approaching involuntary commitment levels of derp.

      2. But she’s crying. That means everything she says is extra important.

        1. Yes, because we should all be governed by the emotions of a hysterical woman.

          1. Hey, it worked on her husband. Next stop, world domination.

            1. Well, her husband married her, so his judgment can’t be much better.

      3. Alinsky’s pinkos are trying to adopt a new strategy to nullify the second amendment: the thousand dollar gun tax.

        1. So I guess they would have no problem with a $1,000 dollar abortion tax, or a $1,000 dollar free speech tax, or a $1,000 voting tax.

          1. No, see, nobody needs a gun, like they need those other things.

          2. As long as it’s not a racist free-ID tax!

          3. But the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply the 2nd Amendment to the States!!!!!!!!

            1. Just celebrate Hitler’s birthday tomorrow. Pieces of churned up earth and good death and slaughter to everyone. Happy 420.

        2. That’s a great idea – since they’ve made handguns more expensive, people will buy fewer of them! I wonder if this principle applies elsewhere… Nah, probably not.

    2. Because then that shitbag cop in Columbus would have to do time.

    3. Is she still hanging out with mattress girl?

    4. So, did she get rid of the shotgun or does she just store it in a different location? Or maybe she pays someone to provide armed protection for her.

    5. She is absolute scum. A pro-gun upstate NY Rep who did a 180 on guns the second she inherited Hillary’s Senate Seat (where she intends to spend the rest of her life).

      1. What Drake said. I just watched a panel of 5 Fox people discussing this and the question was: Why did Gillebrand change her position. Not one of them even came close. (Brett Bair and 4 chicks).

    6. “It’s so crippling ? I mean, I sat down with a mother last week in Brooklyn, and she lost her 4-year-old baby ? she took her kid to a park,” she said. “Every mom takes their kid to a park. And she took her kid to a park and the kid was killed, a baby, a 4-year-old. ?

      My Google-fu must be weak this morning, I’m not finding a story about a 4-year old shot to death in a Brooklyn park. I haven’t yet checked on shitthatneverhappened.com because I’m sure that shit like this does happen, but you’d think that with such an emotionally gut-wrenchingly life-changing experience you might get the details of the story right so it’s easy enough to Google lest somebody suspect maybe you’re, you know, making shit up. Not that I suspect such a thing, of course, I’m just curious to find the details of the story to see if it has a paradigm-shifting effect on my life. For science.

  13. In Defense of “Pick-Up Artists”
    …If anything, this is the real “art” of pick-up artistry: appearing effortless, disguising your conscientiousness, and just coming off as real. The idea of “realness” or one’s authentic self is one of those myths that could only have been perpetuated by women. Women believe in a “real” self because they believe their feelings are reality. But is there anything more fluid and subjective than feelings? To a woman, whatever she feels in the moment is her “authentic” self? to suggest otherwise would be taken as an extreme insult by any woman.

    1. But when men hear the phrase “just be yourself” they imagine an idea of a fixed, central identity that is buried somewhere in their soul. Women’s solipsistic perspective on this must necessarily include an unspoken subtext of “Just act like however you feel in the moment (so I can judge you).” A man who can disguise his emotions and intentions is powerful, and therefore is a threat to women. They want to be able to weed out the weak men, and if he disguises himself just well enough to seduce her, that is the worst-case scenario. If a woman is tricked by a man and then “discovers” he is not as attractive (high-value) as she thought he was, she might become stuck with a sub-optimal fetus parasitically growing inside her. Thank goodness we’ve protected Women’s God-Given Right to head down to Planned Parenthood and vacuum that little motherfucker right out of there….

      1. If a woman is tricked by a man and then “discovers” he is not as attractive (high-value) as she thought he was, she might realize several days or weeks later that she might have been raped.

        1. I know a guy that got a year in state prison because he puked in a girl’s bed during sex and about 3 days later after speaking to her Women Studies professor, she decided that she hadn’t signed up for icky drunk sex, therefore she was raped.

          The guy would never have been convicted if he wasn’t such a profound dumbass. The cops asked him to sign a pre-written “apology letter” to “his victim” in exchange for making it all go away. They then used that letter as a confession.

          1. Well, that’s… as far as unforced errors go, that’s a pretty dumb one, but that’s really fucking shady.

            1. Dear Pukegirl:

              I’m really sorry I sobered up enough to realize how disgusting you are before I got home, and super sorry that this made me projectile vomit uncontrollably on your bed. It won’t happen again, believe me.

      2. Guys – Blame An Entire Gender For Your Own Defective, Off-Putting Personality With This One Weird Trick

    2. Longtorso post?

      *takes notes*

      1. Opinion, Crusty?

        1. Would if she was successful. I do not commiserate with failures.

        2. That’s a rough 24

          1. Probably not her best day.

        3. We really need to teach women not to rape.

        4. She’s a solid 4, but the tears kick it up to 5.5.

  14. Trump candidacy: Where some fear to tread others see a path to victory

    But less than two years ago, Eric Cantor, then the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives, was also considered a rising Republican star. He suffered a shock defeat in the 2014 congressional elections in Virginia to an obscure conservative college professor, David Brat. Cantor, too, had looked unbeatable.

    “That race is what reinforced in my mind this is possible,” Nehlen said in an interview.

    Trump has frequently criticized Ryan for the $1.1 billion budget deal struck with Democratic President Barack Obama last December. And Ryan’s support of trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and comprehensive immigration reform is squarely at odds with Trump’s positions.

    Nehlen said those two issues motivated him to mount his challenge to Ryan, although he stopped short of saying he embraced Trump’s candidacy.

    1. If only Ryan cut a 1.1 billion dollar deal.

    2. This is the thing I don’t get – the TEA Party primaried out several RINO’s including Eric Cantor, the Number #2 guy, a pretty damn big dog, and somehow Trump is the Captain Messiah, Champion Of The Disaffected, getting credit for starting this whole Angry Revolt Against The Establishment thing. Bullshit, he hijacked the TEA Party from the Bible-thumpers who hijacked it from the libertarians. Trump had fuck-all to do with starting the revolution, he just rode to the front of the mob and claimed to be their leader. He’s a lying sack of shit blathering half-baked half-assed platitudes just like the people he’s claiming he’s opposed to and he’s never done one damn thing in his entire life to indicate he actually believes a word he’s saying and plenty of things that indicate he believes just the opposite. People are sick and tired of lying, cheating, scum-bag bastards doing whatever it takes to get elected just so they can fuck people over so we’re going to elect the biggest, lyingest, scum-baggiest bastard doing the most whatever it takes to get elected – because we trust he’s not going to fuck us over. How does that make any sense? The guy fucking brags about how he fucks people over! How goddamn stupid do you have to be to vote for a guy who’s openly running on a platform of “You’re So Goddamn Stupid, You’ll Vote For Me”?

  15. White Privilege conference triggers accusations of being too white, supporting white supremacy.
    Fun times.

    1. I’m not ok with using oppressive & racist language by a white man in the “service” of learning

      Time to burn those Twain books.

    2. “She said Loewen’s rhetoric, which was solidly progressive throughout, actually entrenched white supremacy, partly because his speech allegedly lasted too long.”

      White people just don’t when to STFU.

      1. White people just don’t when to STFU.

        Usually true, but it’s universal.

      2. I guess being attacked and denigrated based on your too-pale skin color is just more of that White Privilege.

      3. Pro tip: elide words to reduce the length of your speech.

    3. How can you mock these people?

      Any novelist who came up with this stuff would be told they’re being unrealistic (and racist).

      1. I have had to tone down the SJW rhetoric used by some characters from “what they really say” to “mild” to avoid being accused of using caricatures.

    4. 17th Annual White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia,

      17 years? This PC stew has been brewing a while.

      1. “We don’t subscribe to the racist cis-white hetero definition of a year”

        1. “But we totally subscribe to the racist cis-white hetero definition of race.”

    5. Disaffected participants in the 2016 White Privilege Conference (WPC) have taken to Twitter to complain that the conference was, ironically, too white and was actually filled to the brim with white supremacy.

      She said Loewen’s rhetoric, which was solidly progressive throughout, actually entrenched white supremacy, partly because his speech allegedly lasted too long. When Loewen attempted to defend himself, Ashlee said that any defense was invalid and only further showed his white supremacy.

      Aeriel A. Ashlee ?@aerielashlee
      A white woman telling a black woman to close the door at a workshop session. Another example of #WPCsowhite

      Alejandra P?rez ?@aleistalking
      @SusanaPhD so much. It’s ridiculous how unsafe @got_privilege #PHLWPC17 is for POC and indigenous ppl.

      Heather Heater ?@heaterMPH
      I’m not ok with using oppressive & racist language by a white man in the “service” of learning @JamesWLoewen

      As if there were any doubt that SJWism is about hating white people.

      1. “Unsafe”?? What the fuck?

      2. Good. More conferences. Let’s rope these people off in a thunderdome and let them tear each other apart.

    6. Love to watch ’em eat their own. That’s the problem when your philosophy isn’t logically consistent.

    1. I suspect she’s about to be really let down.

    2. Johnny Manziel dosed in a ball pit. Guy really let me down.

    3. The link below has my favorite ball park video from way back in the 90’s



      1. “Kiss Cam!”

      2. Also the Skydome sex romp video is pretty good



  16. Love Wins Fag

    A gay pastor is suing Whole Foods after he claims the company wrote a gay slur on top of his custom cake.
    Jordan Brown of Austin, Texas, says that he ordered a cake at the upscale grocer and asked if they could write ‘Love Wins’ in icing, but when he received the cake it read ‘Love Wins F**.’
    The openly gay founder of the Church of Open Doors filmed a video of the cake after he received it from the store, which showed the slur as well as the fact that the seal on the box had not been broken.

    The cake saying makes zero sense to me..if it’s true WTF is it trying to say? The whole thing sounds like BS.

    1. Everyone is calling “hoax” on that claim. It was at a whole foods of all places. And there have been claims that the writing is inconsistant between the ‘love wins’ and the addition.

      1. The “Love Wins” part is raised above the cake in a way that you’d expect if it was written by a professional. The ‘fag’ part looks like it was put on later by an amateur.

        It’s obviously fake.

        1. I’ve never seen an uncensored image, so I’ve been reporting on what people have said about the penmanship.

          1. Writing in icing is quite difficult. Unless you know how the keep the pressure smooth and consistent, there’ll be a bunch of breaks and splotches. It takes practice.

            1. http://www.cakewrecks.com/

              I’ve seen the effect of poor frosting penmanship…

              1. GAH keepscrollingkeepscrollingkeepscrolling

                Lulz were had.

            2. “Writing in icing”…euphemism of the day

              1. You know what else is quite difficult, requires consistent smooth pressure, and can result in breaks and splotches if done wrong…

                1. Yeah, pie crust can be a real bitch.

                  *floury fistbump*

        2. “The ‘fag’ part looks like it was put on later by an amateur.”

          How can you tell, with the pixellation?

          1. I’ve seen other pictures of it.

            1. And you weren’t too triggered to post? Shitlord.

      2. Whole Foods should sue the hell out of him. And what’s with the pixelation on a BRITISH website? Really????

        1. It’s probably required by anti-smoking legislation.

    2. It’s not even in the same writing or the same frosting. It’s as big a joke as all those “I got stiffed on my tip and they wrote *insert slur here*”, which always turn out to be BS.

    3. How did he know to video it if the seal hadn’t been broken?

      1. Top of the box is transparent plastic letting you see the cake without opening the box or breaking the seal.

        There are plenty of reasons why this looks to have been falsified, but this is not one of them.

        1. Well, shows what I know about cake boxes.

          In any case, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal even if legit. At worst it’s one asshole who deserves to be fired. I very much doubt Whole Foods has a policy of calling people “fag” on cakes.

          1. I think the most likely scenario (besides a hoax) is that some disgruntled employee decided to quit and sabotaged the cake on his way out.

            I used to work at an auto parts plant, and some guy decided to walk off the job one day. On his way out, he drew a bunch of dicks on some subframes that were about to be shipped out. Honda was pretty pissed about that.

  17. FBI-Themed Stripper Triggers Panic, Security Alert in Frankfurt

    A male stripper sparked panic in Frankfurt’s red-light district after being spotted with what appeared to be an assault rifle and bullet-proof vest emblazoned with “FBI.”

    “A significant number” of police officers were deployed to the area after Saturday night’s sighting, officials said.

    The 30-year-old Hungarian man was later found in a table-dance bar, where he revealed the suspicious items were part of the costume for his act.

  18. Rufus, your king is so dreamy!

    1. At least he held his own there.

      He could have really messed that up.

      1. Is Prime Minister Zoolander not quite as stupid as he seems or is the reporter just that stupid?

        1. Someone who knows that stuff better needs to chime in here.

        2. He’s a parrot. A skilled parrot, but a parrot nonetheless.

    2. http://www.slate.com/blogs/mon…..lists.html

      Author J.K. Trotter soon updated his post with comments from Trudeau’s press secretary, who maintained (rather convincingly, I think) that nothing in the episode was “staged”?at least, not in the sinister way that the word implies. Rather, Trudeau had joked that he was looking forward to someone asking him about quantum computing; a reporter at the press conference jokingly complied, without really expecting a response (he quickly moved on to his real question before Trudeau could answer); Trudeau responded anyway, because he really did want to show off his knowledge.

  19. Voters in New York head to the polls today for the Empire State’s presidential primary election.

    Stop, put your head on the poll, and let yourself be frisked.

  20. College’s ‘Zoolander 2’ screening canceled because movie mocks ‘marginalized identities’

    Students at a private college in Southern California recently canceled plans to screen “Zoolander 2” on campus, saying in an email to The College Fix they were concerned over the way in which the movie portrayed those in the LGBTQ community, as well as how it mocked “marginalized identities.”

    The movie was scheduled to be viewed Friday, April 15, as part of the school’s “Screen on the Green” entertainment line up. But a last-minute decision by Claremont McKenna College’s student programming board canceled “Zoolander 2.” Instead, they screened “Deadpool.”

    1. marginalized identities

      Nice band name.

    2. They could just come right out and say it probably sucks and they wanted a better movie.

    3. Are stupid people a marginalized identity?

      1. We should be so lucky

      2. Stupid people are, apparently, Students at a private college in Southern California.

    4. ‘Instead, they screened “Deadpool.”‘

      Ultimately a good decision. Stupid reason for the decision, but a good decision none-the-less.

  21. Rainbow-colored nooses on campus ‘disturbing’

    According to a statement posted on social media Monday night, the nooses were found on campus near the Trahern building, where most of the university art classes are held.

    In a statement, President Alisa White called the display “deeply disturbing.”

    “This incident is deeply disturbing and is hurtful to our University community,” White said in the statement. “Regardless of the intent, the display has no place on our campus. I am saddened, and I am sorry for the hurt and offense this has caused and want our students, faculty, and staff to know that it will not be tolerated.”

    1. “This incident is deeply disturbing”

      Then the artist has accomplished her mission.

    2. They look like yarn. Are they yard? Yarn rainbow nooses? Are they threatening gay black students that knit?

      Tighten up your symbolism, college noose hangers! An ambiguous threat favors no one.

      1. I took it as anti-Leprechaun.

        1. They’re always after me Lucky Yarns?

          1. Go directly to the nearest mirror and narrow thy gaze.

    3. Yeah, they should hang the creator of such hate.

    4. Another false flag.

      Almost no one gives half a shit about any of this and that is what hurts. These people have nothing outside of their victim status. The crime is that no one is really victimizing them.

    5. “Regardless of the intent, the display has no place on our campus.”

      Really? REGARDLESS of intent? But without intent, we cannot prosecute hate crimes.

      1. I say “Irregardless”.

    6. “Regardless of the intent, the display has no place on our campus.”

      So she’s saying that no noose is good noose?

  22. It didn’t have a lot of public support, I’ll put it that way,” Warrenton City Commissioner Henry Balensifer III said Friday?

    Under Oregon LNG’s plan, an 87-mile pipeline would have shuttled Canadian natural gas from Woodland, Wash., to the Warrenton terminal, where it would await export to Asia.

    But Oregon LNG lacked support from key elected officials whose votes were needed to move forward. Clatsop County commissioners voted unanimously to reject the application to build the terminal, a decision later upheld by the Land Use Board of Appeals.

    U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Oregon, and state Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose, had also come out against the project.

    Wyden said he was “relieved” to hear the project would not move forward.


    I know Ron Wyden has done some good things on privacy and the NSA and he deserves credit for that. Wyden remains a socialist crap weasel. That part should not be forgotten.

    1. And yet he’s still one of the best we have in the Senate. That statement says nothing good about Wyden though.

      1. He is good on one issue. That is better than no issues. It is not like he is Chuck Schummer. But its still one issue and not even the most important issue.

        1. …that doesn’t invalidate my statement. Again, it says nothing about Kasich being decent and more about the majority of the Senate being godawful.

          1. Wyden, not Kasich. Don’t know why I did that.

            1. Yeah, Kasich is or was, wrong on every issue

          2. I am not saying it does.

    2. Wyden remains a socialist crap weasel.

      Has he met Glenn Greenwald?

    3. “It didn’t have a lot of public support, I’ll put it that way,”

      Aye, there’s the rub. Who in the world is going to go agitate FOR something like this, other than the direct beneficiaries? People, including libertarians, are not going to spend an inordinate amount of time protesting for permission for a company to build something.

      1. And that sucks. Libertarians should do that. And make the case why freedom is important. It is not just about porn and pot. It is more about the freedom to make an honest living.

        1. Too bad we are all occupied with making an honest living.

          1. Speak for yourself, pendejo.

        2. But Mexicans is another story, right?

          1. They have and should have the freedom to whatever they want, in Mexico. The US government doesn’t owe them shit.

        3. “Libertarians should do that.”

          But there’s no employment opportunities for Libertarian protesters. The Left has a monopoly on the protest industry.

  23. In the Future We’ll All Be Identified by Our ‘Brainprints’

    Each subject was fitted with an EEG headset called an “electroencephalogram” that measures the electrical activity in a person’s brain through electrodes attached to their scalp. Subjects were then shown a series of 500 images that were specifically chosen to elicit neural responses, such as “a slice of pizza, a boat, Anne Hathaway, the word ‘conundrum.'”

    What the study’s authors discovered was each person’s brain wave responses to the visual stimuli were unique enough to identify them by?very much like fingerprints or DNA.

    “When you take hundreds of these images, where every person is going to feel differently about each individual one, then you can be really accurate in identifying which person it was who looked at them just by their brain activity,” lead author Sarah Laszlo, an assistant professor of psychology, said in a statement.

    1. Hmm. Maybe. How do we know brainwaves wouldn’t change significantly if a person is on medication, or in a bad mood, or didn’t get enough sleep?

      1. Of course they do. They’re liable to be the least consistant biometric.

    2. What about those student who have been molested by pizza or a boat or Anne Hathaway or by Hathaway with a pizza on a boat or by a boat with a pizza made out of Anne Hathaway? Or who have been faced with such a conundrum?

      1. I would love to have been molested by Anne Hathaway in her prime, pizza or boats optional.

        1. “Dear Penthouse, I always thought your letters were fake, but let me tell you about the time I delivered a pizza to Anne Hathaway…”

          1. Love & Other Drugs was a pretty terrible movie, but ‘holy shit!’

    3. They said that I’m Hitler and Stalin’s offspring. I can’t prove otherwise.

  24. Immigrants Explain What Shocked Them the Most About Canadian Culture

    I don’t mean to be rude because I love Canada, but I was, like, really bothered and scared by how boring you can be! America is much more exciting?I have been there many times. I feel a great emptiness living here in many ways because all of the great stuff happens in America. I can’t think of any Canadian movies or music that I like. I like Justin Bieber and the Weeknd. Yeah, I can’t think of anything else. And everyone is so OK with it! Everyone is very into hockey here, but I can’t see many Canadian things here. At home, everyone came for the Eiffel Tower, Paris and all of our stereotypes like cafes, wine, cheese. What is Canadian to be proud of other than everyone being nice?

    1. They are famous for traveling the world explaining to everyone who will listen how they are not Americans.

      1. Good one.

    2. So Canada is so boring it’s shocking? But…isn’t that in itself kind of exciting?



        1. You’re not the only invisible Canukistani on these boards. I forget the others, but they’re around somewhere.

        2. Canada should include you in their tourist advertising campaigns.

    3. “I feel a great emptiness living here in many ways because all of the great stuff happens in America. I can’t think of any Canadian movies or music that I like. I like Justin Bieber and the Weeknd.”

      Given your taste in music, I think it speaks well of Canada that not many Canadian musicians impress you.

    4. “all of the great stuff happens in America”! That one must have really burned!

    5. Aaannn misplaced Canadian smugness in 3…2…

      “Vanessa Varga
      I can’t believe a French person is praising American culture lol I think we do pretty good, we aren’t concerned with celebrity culture and we have amazing performers that aren’t flashed in our faces endlessly but discovered at our own pace. Plus, quality over quantity. We are a small country population wise but we turn out a lot of performers who stand the test of time, even south of the border.”

      Yes, Canada. Standing the test of time. Jesus Christ.

      1. “we have amazing performers that aren’t flashed in our faces endlessly but discovered at our own pace”

        citation needed

        1. And if the citation is to Neil Young it doesn’t count….

          1. Well, to be fair, Hollywood from its inception has had an incredible amount of Canadians.

            It’s just that how do you know if you don’t come across it or look it up since Americans and Canadians are pretty much the same?

            1. The biggest problem facing Canada (and likely will always be so) is our best in all fields and walks of life leave for the U.S. thus leaving us with CANCON rejects.

              1. No, the biggest problem facing Canada is this: it could have had British culture, French food, and American technology, and instead it ended up with American culture, British food, and French technology.

        2. I think it’s a veiled reference to the forced canadian content ‘guidelines’.

      2. “We are a small country population wise but we turn out a lot of performers who stand the test of time, even south of the border”

        Canada has like 35 million people. They’re the 38th most populous country on the planet.

        You are not that small a country.

        1. But as usual, they are comparing themselves to the US.

          1. And, inevitably, ours is bigger.

            Suck it, Canucks!

    6. So your big complaint with Canada is that they don’t have a large, decorative tower?

      By the way, you do realize that Canada is fucking huge, right? Maybe that one city you live in is boring, but how much of the country have you even seen?

      1. “I’ve seen the ice. I’ve seen it all” – Disappointed Immigrant.

    7. My older brother married a Canuck – mysteries to me: When traveling, even to the U.S., they often stay at hotels and resorts that cater to the “Canadian tourist”. Say what now?

      His wife thinks that any mid-sized on up U.S. city is a haven for gangs and gunfire. My brother and I were going to go see a band in Lansing, which is a college town, and she was afraid for his safety.

      1. Maybe that means that they have poutine on the menu and the NHL network.

      2. resorts that cater to the “Canadian tourist”.

        Ham for breakfast.

    8. I wonder if a Dane would fine Canada or Denmark more boring…

  25. Could a super-volcano under Yellowstone National Park erupt soon?

    Since Yellowstone is located in a seismic active zone, little tremors occur often. However, seismologists believe that one day there will be a strong earthquake, like the 7.3 that hit the area in 1959. When measuring the reservoir, scientists discovered that it is tilted from northwest to southeast. It is measured by 55 miles by 20 miles on each side and is about and about 6 miles deep, which scientists say is roughly the same size as it was when it last erupted thousands of years ago. Scientists believe that when the volcano erupts, the reservoir will be emptied. It will then take a long time to refill.

    *Gallic shrug*

    1. This is “soon” in geologic terms, which means “sometime in the next 100,000 years or so”

      1. Every year there is, if the science is right, a 1 in 73,000 chance of it going off. The entire history of human civilization is only about six thousand years or less than one tenth of that. It will go off some day but it is not likely to happen in our or our great grand children’s lifetimes.

        1. I would love to see this discussed in the debates.

          “As President, how would you deal with the imminent Yellowstone super-volcano eruption?”

          1. We would make proper sacrifices to the volcano god, and it will be appeased.

          2. Each candidate would then launch into a diatribe on the important issue of Climate Change.

          3. That would be funny. Better than talking about Megyn Kelly’s vagina’s concerns. In all seriousness, I wish someone would ask about the resiliancy of the power grid in light of solar events, emp attacks or hacking. That is a very serious subject that the feds ought to be thinking about but are not.

            1. I, for one, would like to hear more about Megan Kelly’s vagina.

              If you think any of the candidates could discuss those topics with any kind of actual insight, you’re probably celebrating 4/20 too early.

            2. Considering any measures they take would be hopelessly inadequate, terribly expensive, and would probably be botched anyway, it’s probably just as well it’s off their radar.

          4. Well, that super volcano, it hyooge. I mean, that’s why it’s called super. But I’ll get my top park rangers on it. Good guys, smart guys. We’re going to pave over the volcano, except for a few glass panels, and build a Trump hotel on top. Turn it into an attraction. Classiest national park ever.

            1. Damn… Are you his speech writer?

        2. Damn. I hate to miss this geological stuff.

        3. “less than one tenth of that”

          1 in 73,000 per year doesn’t mean that that it will happen sometime in 73,000 years. With those odds you supply, and doing some math we only have a little over a 63% chance that the volcano will erupt sometime in the next 73,000 years. And over the course of 6,000 years, you mathematically had an 8% chance of eruption over that given time period. As you say, yes, it is unlikely that it will erupt by the time our great grandchildren our dead (my estimated great grandchildren being dead by 2130) with my math indicating a less than .3% chance of eruption over that period of time. Very small, but higher than the chance of winning any pure game of chance, like a slot machine or a lottery.

    2. The thing about it is , if it does erupt, it may be a low end extinction level event.

  26. Snyder: At work, at home, I’ll drink Flint water

    Gov. Rick Snyder said he visited a Flint home on Monday and drank filtered water out of the family’s kitchen tap, adding that he plans to continue drinking filtered Flint tap water for the next 30 days to show it is safe.

    Snyder told reporters in Flint that he filled three, gallon jugs with the water. “I’m going to start drinking that tonight and do it for the next 30 days,” Snyder said during a visit to a water distribution station at Greater Holy Temple Church in Flint.

    Asked if his family also would be drinking the water, Snyder said his wife “Sue is on board with this.” His three children no longer live at home.

  27. Cruz won the April 5 Wisconsin primary decisively with the help of Gov. Scott Walker and other establishment allies.
    That single state’s voting tally accounted for more than 82.5 per cent of the 1.3 million votes Cruz cited.
    Another 13.6 per cent came from Utah, where the state Republican party opted to hold caucuses instead of a secret-ballot primary election.
    The rest were spread across North Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming, which awarded him delegates on the basis of party-insider conventions in which his campaign aides worked behind the scenes to win support for their hand-picked slates.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/new…..z46HH1h7FP
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Lost in the Trump can’t win narrative is the question of whether Cruz can win. Those are pretty depressing statistics. Its great to h ave a good “ground game” and to “know the rules” and all but eventually you have to win votes and win votes from someone other than the true believers.

    I am almost to the point that I hope the establishment does give it to Kaisich. Kaisich is a total asshole and a sell out. But he is marginally better than Hillary and he might actually win. It doesn’t matter how dreamy Cruz is to conservatives if he can’t win. Same goes of course for Trump.

    1. Give the nomination to Walker. If you want to cheat, cheat big.

      1. I could live with that. If the decision is not to give it to the guy who won the most votes, I think you are better off going with someone who didn’t even run or in Walker’s case run for very long. Give it to Walker or even Rick Perry. Someone not from Washington, with some experience. The Cruz and Trump people hate each other so much at this point that I think they might be able to get over their guy not getting the nomination if they at least get the pleasure of knowing the other guy didn’t either. If it is Cruz or Trump, the winner’s supporters are going to rub it in so badly on the loser’s supporters that there will be no fixing the bad blood.

        1. I see have you figured out John Kasich’s strategy. Don’t win, don’t even come close to winning, but kiss enough asses…

          1. Yes I have. And I stand corrected on thinking he was wasting his time. I was wrong. He might not be. August is a long ways away. I have a feeling a whole lot of people are going to get weary of the Trump Never Trump cat fight and want the whole lot of them to just go away and will be willing to take someone else as the nominee.

    2. It doesn’t matter how dreamy Cruz is to conservatives if he can’t win.

      If a guy who says “leave it to the states” can’t win, it doesn’t really matter who does.

      I don’t think Cruz can win because too many people are too happy with the idea of a federal Total State giving them safe spaces and “free” stuff.

      1. I think you can win with “leave it to the states”. To do so, however, you have to understand most voters are not ideologues. You need to give them a reason to vote for you beyond “the ideology”. And its not that they all want free shit. It is more subtle and emotional than that. They want to feel like the guy they vote for cares about their interests and is willing to work with the other side and solve problems.

        People make fun of Trump’s “I am a deal maker schtick” but that is kind of what most voters want. Most of them are not ideologues and they just want the people in Washington to get along and figure out a way to solve problems. That is the big advantage the media gives Democrats. The bias towards Democrats more than anything helps to make Democrats look pragmatic and Republicans look like ideological fanatics. You can’t win a national election on an ideology. Americans just don’t think that way.

        1. I don’t know what the voters want, but I can console myself by the thought that most of the people who are paid to know or pretend to know what the voters want don’t know either.

          1. I just judge from what the non politically obsessed people I know say. And most of them voted for Obama because they were convinced he was a pragmatic moderate. Yes, the honestly believe that. That is how complete and effective the media’s efforts to cover for his sorry ass were.

            1. If they follow the media narrative, they probably won’t vote for Cruz *or* Trump.

    3. related: Conservatives shouldn’t kid themselves about Ted Cruz

      Yes, he respects conservative institutions and competently sings the dearest lines from its standard songbook in a way that Trump can’t. Yes, Cruz wants the presidency so badly that even television viewers can feel the humidity rising from his flop sweat. Yes, he is working for it as if he is the chairman of his personal Make a Wish Foundation. But like Trump, Cruz would be a shockingly unpopular pick in a post-Goldwater national election. Although not as badly as Trump, Cruz generally repulses women, according to all polls. Republicans can’t do well in a general election unless they win ? and win big ? among married women.

      Compared to Trump, Cruz may look like a normal Republican, sure. But the mainstream of the party and the big wallets of the donor class are never going to support Cruz in the same way that they’ve supported Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush before.

      1. I don’t think the big donor class has the muscle they used to. So, I don’t think that will matter. What will matter is whether Cruz can explain why he should be President other than he really wants it and can talk in conservative buzz words with the best of them.

        1. I don’t think the big donor class has the muscle they used to.

          Exhibit A: Jeb!

          Possibly the biggest waste of $100mm in political history.

      2. “Successful national Republicans usually have a few “heresies” to advert to the center. The Bushes portrayed themselves as compassionate conservatives and triangulated on issues like education. McCain made himself a scourge of the corruption of money in politics, even when it brought him into conflict with typical conservative views on free speech. Romney was a businessman and technocrat, not merely a creature of politics. By contrast, Cruz is a man who seems to have received his entire political formation within the ideological hothouse of the conservative movement.”

        Yes, he should be more like Bush and keep education nice and centralized, he should be like McCain and gut the First Amendment, he should be like Romney and support a program that’s the model for Obamacare.

        “an up or down vote for “conservatism” is a losing one for Republicans. That’s why the party historically tries not to nominate people like Ted Cruz.”

        If the voters want to reject conservatism, that’s the meaning of representative government.

        If the voters want a candidate who guts the 1st Amendment, or keeps education under central control, or paved the way for Obamacare, then that’s the kind of candidate they are entitled to support – don’t try and trick them into voting for a squishy “love me, I’m a conservative” lamewad.

    4. Hillary the crook, Bernie the Commie, and Trump the blowhard can’t win either.

      1. Someone has to win. But “Trump sucks too” isn’t a very good response to the very real weaknesses of Cruz. The worst part is that Cruz and his supporters seem to think it is and don’t seem to even be aware of how weak their candidate is much less trying to fix any of the problems.

        1. I think Cruz is a smart guy and if he gets the nomination will switch into a general election mode. I think the craziness of this election year is just ramping up.

      2. Ever since the race got down to Trump, Cruz, Hillary, and Bernie it has been crazy because every single one of them is someone I would say had absolutely no chance of winning the general election in a reasonably normal election year and yet, barring some convention shennanigans that puts some unnamed 5th party into the general election one of those 4 is going to be the next POTUS

  28. Airbnb is forming an alliance with one of the nation’s biggest labor unions

    Under the terms being discussed, Airbnb, which has previously been at odds with unions, will endorse the union’s Fight for $15 and encourage vendors who provide services to homeowners on the Airbnb platform to pay their staff at least $15 per hour. The platform will also direct Airbnb hosts to cleaners who have been given a seal of approval from SEIU. The cleaners will be trained, certified and provide green home cleaning services to Airbnb hosts, according to documents reviewed by The Washington Post.

    1. And what did Airbnb get out of this deal?

      1. Still-functional knees.

      2. Probably SEIU agreed to lay off or not support hotels trying to get politicians to regulate Airbnb out of existence.

      3. How consequential is this? Airbnb hosts won’t get $15/hour (obviously, since they don’t get wages), and if they aren’t under any obligation to use union labor, why would they eat into their own profits or risk being undercut by other hosts?

  29. “”A former New York City police officer convicted of manslaughter in the shooting of an unarmed black man in an unlit stairwell is due to be sentenced on Tuesday, after prosecutors recommended no prison time.””

    If I shot someone in a stairwell by accident and was subsequently convicted of manslaughter, I suspect prosecutors wouldn’t recommend no jail time.

  30. Why this genetically modified mushroom gets to skip USDA oversight

    For the first time, a food product created using CRISPR ? a promising but controversial gene-editing technique ? could be on track to be sold and eaten. And it might be the first of many.

    Few scientific issues are more divisive than the regulation and labeling of genetically modified organisms, otherwise known as GMOs. In 2015, a Pew Research survey found that more than half of American adults consider GMOs “generally unsafe.” In contrast, 88 percent of scientists surveyed think GMOs are “generally safe.” That kind of staggering schism between scientific consensus and public opinion — mixed in with a deep mistrust of Monsanto, the company most publicly associated with the push to grow GMO food crops — makes it seem at times impossible to have a level conversation about the real risks and rewards of the technology.

    Science, brah.

    1. So the agitprop has made people suspicous of the best advances in agriculture in recent decades?

    2. So, more than half of American adults are scientifically illiterate. Shocked, I am.

      1. . The result is a mushroom more resilient to automated harvesting and long storage periods. Much of the $165 billion in food waste in the United States each year is the result of cosmetic “defects” such as excessive browning, so more attractive mushrooms would be good news for everyone.

        Fucking GMO’s are killer.

        1. If my mushroom were more attractive, people would be more likely to put it in their mouth?

          Sign me up!

    3. 88 percent of scientists surveyed think GMOs are “generally safe.”

      Is this just a random selection of scientists, or specifically scientists who actually have some actual specialist knowledge of the field?

    4. Interesting how the public tends to fetishize science but also fears it to irrational extremes. Pretty much what people have been doing throughout all of history, but somehow the people of today fearing GMOs think themselves much more rational than the illiterate medieval peasants who feared the magical powers of the written word.

  31. Inconceivable! Women aren’t making it through the Marine Officer Infantry course – so now the Corps is being pressured to lower standards.


    1. Well, who didn’t see that coming?

    2. Great, they are going to ruin one of the few government institutions left that is worth a damn.

      This is the first time I have ever heard of the “Dempsey rule”. So idiotic.

      If women cannot meet a standard, senior commanders better have a good reason why it should not be lowered.

      Because you want the best fighting force available. If your standards are so high that only two people in the country can meet them, then you won’t have the best possible fighting force because two guys can’t fight a war by themselves. But the standards should be as high as possible to allow you to still hit your target number of combat ready troops within some comfort margin. I would think a top military commander would understand that.

      1. If women cannot meet a standard, senior commanders better have a good reason why it should not be lowered.

        They say that like there’s no possible reason. When the reason is glaringly obvious: Lower standards for officers mean more dead soldiers.

        1. They’ve already lowered the standards for high command given recent evidence.

        2. And that the Marines style themselves as an elite outfit. They are supposed to be better than just getting by.

    3. Remember that time a female Navy Seal candidate passed the seal training with flying colors? Oh right, she got a special officer to specially train her under special standards to become a special Navy Seal. Because equality.

    4. Shit like this defies all logic and reason. Why should the standards for military personnel be lowered? Why is “moar wimminz” more important than actually formulating an effective fighting force? Is the enemy going to stop shooting for a second to allow the women to catch up? Will they hold off on that next salvo because they understand that on average, it takes a woman more time to carry a wounded comrade to safety? They do this crap for fire departments too. Is the fire going to burn slower because some women (who were placed on the squad to make a more “equal” gender distribution) are having trouble carrying the hose?

      Most importantly: they say that these standards should be lowered for the sake of equality between the genders, but by doing that, aren’t they basically ADMITTING that women are, on average, physically inferior to men and require special accommodations?

  32. Yesterday’s record rainfall and heavy flooding in Houston is responsible for at least five deaths.

    You know how many deaths guns were responsible for yesterday?

    That’s right – just about the same number of deaths as the rain and the same as every ice storm or weather event that makes driving extremely dangerous.

    I saw a report on one of the people that nasty old rain murdered – the guy drove his truck into a flooded low spot in the road, his truck got swept away and he drowned. Meanwhile, people who weren’t trying to drive through the flooded spot stayed perfectly safe. Funny how bad weather seems to attack stupid people the most often.

  33. On the chilly morning last October, roughly 60 people ? mostly older white men ? sat at long plastic tables beneath the fluorescent lights of the auditorium in the Forrest County Multipurpose Center in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to attend a “Tribute to Constitutional Sheriffs and Peacekeepers.”

    You people aren’t the only ones who can bring in outside links.

    1. What do you mean “you people”, huh?

    2. What do you mean “outside links”, huh?

  34. One part of the Republican establishment actually loves Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

    “How could you have two better candidates than Cruz and Trump?” said Arthur Laffer, the godfather of supply-side economics, who last year co-founded an advocacy group to push presidential candidates to adopt his preferred tax policies. “You can’t get a better primary than this, from my perspective.”

    The praise has alarmed some other conservatives, who say the supply-side crowd is showing itself to be chiefly concerned with cutting taxes for companies and high earners, at the expense of its other principles.

    “Trump is the caricature of supply-side economics that supply-side enthusiasts have fought against for decades,” said James Pethokoukis, a columnist for National Review who has criticized Trump and who has pushed GOP candidates to focus their economic policies on helping the middle class. “And now they’re embracing him.”

    1. We should listen to Laffer after he nailed the subprime meltdown in 06.

    2. The federal government currently collect more tax revenue than at any time in history both as a percentage of GNP and in real inflation adjusted dollars. If we are not at the top of the Laffer curve we are pretty damn close.

      1. shriek hardest hit

        1. Well, after the taxpayers, anyway

      2. I don’t think that’s true, there are many countries out there that get a lot more revenue as % of GDP, although they do use more broad-based taxation in addition to higher marginal rates. The problem with Trump’s plan is that he has made no proposals to control spending, which means he would just create even worse deficits than we have had and are going to have on the current track.

    3. “supply side economics”= anything other than nationalization, gubmint stimulus and price controls.

  35. A special gift for youall.

    What it means to be gender-fluid.

    Trigger warning: link was done on iPhone and may not work.

    1. link was done on iPhone and may not work

      Sadly, we were not granted such tender mercies.

      CNN: We’ll grab all 8 of those MSNBC viewers, which will totally make up for the thousands we are going to lose in the process

    2. Oh, I thought that was going to be a quiz. Disappointed.

      1. It’s an advert for a new stain remover with a pleasing odor?

  36. Guns, Pancakes, and Ambiguity
    A professor has second thoughts about writing a recommendation for a student gun enthusiast

    So what do I do? Do I write her a recommendation because I originally said yes? Do I say no and explain myself? Do I ignore her email?

    Certainly my predicament raises the whole issue of what letters of recommendation mean. But this whole thing just feels so, so ? so much like creeping up the attic stairs, unzipping the padded case and running my fingers over the tendrilled grooves etched into the barrel of that old Browning shotgun. Peering down the chamber, I didn’t know how to say it then, but tools for killing will always be sacred.

    How can I say that I don’t want to support students who are gun enthusiasts, without getting put on some sort of list? You know ? Santa Shoot 2.0. I mean, she’s applying to a teacher-credential program, for God’s sake. I wish the way forward was more black and white to me ? that I knew what to do in this situation. But I don’t.

    1. If only he had some sort of principles or code to give him direction right now…

      Yes. It’s a facer.

    2. So Myrtle is a self-involved asshole who wants to hinder others’ careers because they disagree politically?

    3. Guns and Learning Don’t Mix

      That’ll be news to the military.

    4. On the other side are my memories of growing up in a situation where guns, people, and bullets had to be rigorously kept apart, lest they find each other in a tragic moment of instability.


      1. You don’t understand, it’s like the fire triangle.

        1. Ahhh, I was looking at it like a Venn diagram.

        2. I’m more confused how she is so traumatized by living in a household with guns where everything was done responsible and no one ever got hurt.

          1. Myrtle realized that signaling fear is like professing victimhood and gains her proggie cred.

    5. Myrtle Lynn Payne is the pseudonym of an instructor in the sciences at a college in the western United States.

      1. And which sciences would those be? Victimology, Identity Studies, Gender Normatology?

    6. wish the way forward was more black and white to me ? that I knew what to do in this situation.

      Pretty simple: 1) If she has demonstrated the same level of competency as others you have written recommendations for write her the recommendation, regardless of her politics or what perfectly legal permits she has applied for. 2) Once the semester is over, quit your job, since you’re obviously too biased to keep your own irrational fears out of your work.

      And holy shit the projection:

      It seems to me no person who has truly experienced the full impact of their own emotions would ever go near a gun.

      If the only thing preventing you from killing someone is not having a gun on hand, get yourself into therapy lady.

      Way too many people think that their fear is automatically a justification for whatever it takes to get rid of it.

      1. “It seems to me no person who has truly experienced the full impact of their own emotions would ever go near a gun.”

        BUT MY FEELS

        Emotions are the most important thing. All that matters is that you feel something is wrong.

      2. I don’t even think she is trying to hide the projection. The whole piece is based on it.

    7. Stop being an asshole?

    8. running my fingers over the tendrilled grooves etched into the barrel of that old Browning shotgun.

      This could only be written by somebody who has never held an actual shotgun.

      1. I have seen shotguns with engraved barrels. Mostly extremely expensive ones.

    9. I wish the way forward was more black and white to me ? that I knew what to do in this situation. But I don’t.

      My recommendation? Go up into the atttic and put your lips around those ‘tendrilled grooves’.

  37. I think the red state AGs should come to go together and investigate the climate activists for fraud.

    1. I think you are right. This shit will never stop until it goes both ways. As long as it is only the left who get to criminalize politics, it will only get worse.

    2. Bingo.

    3. Why would they? Climate activists are promising to give the government, and that includes AGs, a lot more power. After all, how can the climate be fixed without giving the government the power to control what kind of energy we use, how much we may use, on what we may use it, and then enforce those rules? No one in government is going to get in the way of that.

  38. VW Cheating Code Words Complicate Emissions Probe

    The probe, which was expected to wrap up by the end of April, has been slowed by the use of dozens of code words, including “acoustic software,” for the illicit technology Volkswagen used to turn off pollution controls when cars were on the road, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the investigation is confidential. The obfuscation along with partly insufficient and outdated computer systems made it difficult to find evidence concrete enough to hold individual employees accountable, they said

    “The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall.”

    1. About the only thing I take away from this is that the private sector has learned crisis management from the government.

      Call the investigation “confidential”? Check
      Yet leak details to the press? Check
      Feign ignorance on the part of senior management? Check
      “Just learned about it in the papers”? Check
      Vague explanations for “unexpected” delays and failures? Check

  39. You know Minnesoda if screwed when Al Franken is not our worst politician.

    Nope, the worse – aka Keith Ellison – has penned a column for the alternative news site here saying that our long lines are all because because of Congressional budget cuts.

    Never mind that our other hack Democrat pol Amy Klobuchar has said publicly that that is BS because the TSA actually has gotten more money than they asked for and had not used all the money given to them for hiring.

    Or the fact that the lines went from OK to horrible the very same day that they closed 6 checkpoints and consolidated them into 2 big checkpoints. Staffing was the same exact level, but somehow the TSA keeps insisting that the consolidation isn’t the cause of the snafu.

  40. After finding out that “Offers due Tuesday at 1” actually means “lol, we already committed to an offer Sunday night”, I come to HnR to try and relax, and instead I get no alt-text. Disgusting.

  41. Like I said yesterday, the Flyers turned into the Philadelphia Goon Squad at home yesterday. I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. The boarding on Orlov made all the highlights, but that was hardly the only example–just the worst.

    The thing I said I was worried about yesterday was injuries. What’s it matter if we make the second round but lose key players? The good news is that the Flyers were such goons, the league is going to come down on them so hard for what so many of them did last night, they’re likely to ease up come Wednesday. The guy who boarded Orlov will probably be suspended for the rest of the season (not that the rest of the Flyers’ season is likely to last very long).

    There was one point where I saw multiple Flyers crosschecking Capitals after the whistle all at the same time. The play by play guy was actually counting the stick blows across the Caps player’s back. Meanwhile, another goon started slashing other Caps–and none of them stopped until they were escorted to the penalty box. Players don’t do that unless they’ve been told to by the coach.

    The NHL is gonna come down hard on Philadelphia before Wednesday. If it doesn’t, the game on Wednesday night is going to be a riot on ice.

    1. First time the Caps have ever been up 3-0. That is amazing. Maybe this year really is different.

    2. The referring was shit, but it was a terrible boarding penalty and I’m embarassed by the fans.

      Though I will say that after the announcement that the Flyers would get a penalty if the wristbands continued to be thrown, there were a certain number of Caps fans throwing…

      1. Also, can we trade for a goaltender before Game 4? Love Mason, but… yeah, this has been a horrid series for him.

        1. “Though I will say that after the announcement that the Flyers would get a penalty if the wristbands continued to be thrown, there were a certain number of Caps fans throwing…”

          They pelted Orlov with wristbands when he was sitting on the bench–after he was boarded.

          That’s so awful, I gotta respect it. That’s like Montreal level awful.

          1. I was thinking of the delay of game penalty after the Ovie goal.

            It was all awful. Way to enforce the Philly fan stereotype, assholes.

            1. Next game; D-Cell Battery Night?

        2. They should have started Neuvirth last night anyway. Mason has been psyched out–especially after that soft goal he let go by in game 2. And Neuvirth would be psyched to beat the team that let him go anyway.

          If the Flyers don’t want to be swept at home, they better start Neuvirth. Isn’t he healthy now? He was supposed to be out for three weeks five weeks ago.

          1. He’s healthy. I’m hoping he starts in Game 4. I’d be surprised if he didn’t.

            Not that it makes a damn bit of difference. Flyers are ok if it’s 5-on-5, but their PP/PK play has been … I can’t think of a word to describe how bad it’s been.

    3. Bellemare will be suspended for the boarding on Orlov, but not too long. He doesn’t have a history. And he probably didn’t intend to send Orlov head-first into the boards. It was just incredibly reckless and dumb.

      1. They’re gonna make an example of him. And the coach is gonna get a private call from the league. If they goon out like that in game 4, the league may come after the coach.

        1. Meh. Orlov wasn’t injured, and Pebbles got a 5&10; already. He’s probably out for Game 4 (I’m assuming we’ll lose) and maybe the first couple of games of 16-17, but that’s it.

          1. How many five on threes were there last night?

            When’s the last time you saw that many five on threes?

            The coach was telling them to do that. Players don’t do that (especially in the playoffs) unless the coach tells them to do it.

            The league doesn’t want marginal fans seeing that in the playoffs. My bet is they make a big example. Not just because of what happened in the game but to send a message to all the other teams in playoffs.

            The playoffs are supposed to be the kind of thing that makes Soccer Moms when they watch it want to let their kids play hockey instead.

  42. UnitedHealth to trim ACA exchanges to ‘handful’ of states

    CEO Stephen Hemsley told analysts Tuesday morning that the company cannot continue to broadly serve the market created by the Affordable Care Act’s coverage expansion due in part to the higher risk that comes with its customers.

    The state-based exchanges are a key element behind the Affordable Care Act’s push to expand insurance coverage. But insurers have struggled with higher than expected claims from that business.

    UnitedHealth Group Inc. has estimated that it could lose as much as $475 million on its public exchange business this year. It has already decided to pull out of Arkansas, Georgia and Michigan in 2017.

    1. Another example of greedy corporations putting profits before people. This is why we need single payer. It doesn’t waste money on profits to the rich. That makes it cheaper and more efficient than capitalist insurance. All reality-based people know this.

    2. In the great state of Virginia we’re looking at the following:

      Anthem is asking the Bureau of Insurance to approve an average premium rate increase of 15.8 percent for its various Healthkeeper plans for 2017.

      United Healthcare, Aetna and Optima forecast prescription price increases of 10 percent this year and a similar amount in 2017. They’re seeking average rate increases of 9.4 percent, 13 percent and 37.1 percent, respectively.

      Guess which provider I use.

      1. Say whatever else you want about Obama, at least he made the price of health insurance more affordable.

        Oh, and he also closed Guantanamo.

        1. And he killed Osama with his bare hands. Ripped his through out with his teeth after raping his woman. Oh, wait. Wrong movie.

          1. *throat*

        2. And he freed the gays from the gulags.

          1. He improved race relations.

            1. Ended the War on Drugs.

        3. I hope to never meet Pelosi, Reid, or Obama in person. I might punch them in the face and get myself arrested. My insurance rates and deductibles have already doubled and it’s only going to get worse.

          1. All of the pay raises I have gotten in the last eight years have been eaten up by rising insurance costs, and the insurance doesn’t cover anything until you hit the $3K deductible, which is another $500/month hit. Fucking sucks. I’ve been pushing for a $10K/yr raise and will hopefully get it next month. Though I’m sure the whole thing will be eaten up by health care and insurance before long.

            1. $250, not $500. Math fail.

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