Little Girl Asks Another Child for Candy, Mom Fears Sex-Trafficking Ring

Is that an overly-friendly 9-year-old or a tiny sex trafficker? Who can tell?


The Rocketeer/Facebook

The propaganda-created panic over sex trafficking in your own backyard!!!! has claimed yet another victim. In previous paranoid fantasies about sex traffickers in suburbia—the Hobby Lobby incident, the suspicious woman in the supermarket—we've seen how even the slightest attention from adult strangers can prompt fear in the soccer-mom set. In this latest incident, a few words from a strange child are enough to set one Oklahoma mother off. 

According to Oklahoma's, the woman, Amanda Kalidy, was shopping at Target with her 4-year-old daughter when another young girl began following them and repeatedly asking her daughter for candy. Kalidy says she asked the other child where her mom was, but the girl, who looked about 9 years old, did not answer. Later the girl offered her daughter some gum. That's when Kalidy noticed a "strange" man nearby. 

Obviously, the only explanation for the situation is that the man wanted to steal Kalidy's daughter so he could sexually exploit her and was using this other child as bait. Or so it seemed to Kalidy, anyway. She reported the incident to a Target manager, who allegedly told her that that's "what [sex traffickers] do is target places like Target." 

For the record, there have been zero reported cases of sex traffickers kidnapping children from Target in the history of the United States. 

Michael Snowden of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics' Human Trafficking Division came close to admitting this truth, telling that "we don't generally see people snatching children from their parents or women being abducted from a retail store of some sort. Human trafficking is much more subtle than that," with victims generally coerced over time by someone they know.

Snowden suggested that if the "strange" man and child had been up to no good, their candy and gum diversion was more likely a tactic to steal the woman's purse or car keys, behavior that has actually been known to happen at surburban shopping centers. 

Kalidy's post about the Target sex-traffickers has been shared thousands of times.