It's Equal Pay Day, Obama Dedicates a Monument, Paul Ryan Isn't Trying to Be President: P.M. Links


  • Game of Thrones
    Screenshot via Youtube

    It's "Equal Pay Day," which means everyone is supposed to talk about how horrible and sexist it is that modern society permits employers to pay women 22 cents less for every dollar a man earns—an argument that ignores the very different choices working women make. Anyway, Obama dedicated a national monument to the struggle for female equality.

  • Paul Ryan is definitely not running for president… or so he says.
  • More violence between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters.
  • North Carolina Gov. pat McCrory issued an executive order making some changes to the controversial transgender bathroom bill.
  • Watch the most recent trailer for Game of Thrones season 6.

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    1. In the new season, Hodor says “Hodor”.

      1. Hodor kills Dumbledore. When asked for a statement he replied, “HODOR”.

      2. They changed it for this season.

        Quoth the Hodor “Nevermore”

    2. Hello.

      It’s Suck My Dick day.

      It’s more rewarding.

      1. Don’t you run a daycare? I don’t know how they do things in Canuckistan but that seems a bit too edgy.

        1. Look at this guy.

          1. my best friend’s step-aunt makes $64 /hour on the computer . She has been unemployed for nine months but last month her paycheck was $21229 just working on the computer for a few hours. read this article ????????????? Click this link

        2. No, no, it’s cool. Canada largely inherited its cuisine from Britain, and a “dick” is a sort of greasy popsicle with raisins in it.

          1. +1 Spotted Dick

          2. I thought Canada was still Britain or some shit. Don’t they worship a queen?

            1. That’s a capital ‘Q’ to you mister.

              1. Freddie(sic) Mercury?

            2. They do, but she is not beautiful and terrible as the Morning and the Night! Nor is she Fair as the Sea and the Sun and the Snow upon the Mountain! Neither is she Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning or Stronger than the foundations of the earth.

              Yet still the Canadians love her and despair!

          3. Those aren’t raisins!!!

          4. a sort of greasy popsicle with raisins in it.

            Which also describes Rufus’ junk.

            1. I’m getting the distinct feeling I’m just a big joke here.

              1. At least you’re not Mike Smith!


      2. You’re flexible enough to suck your dick?

      3. Upheaval in Serie A.

        1. About Milan?

          1. And Palermo – on to their 9th manager for the season (although only the 7th different person).

            1. Meh. Just another day…

              Palermo has a crazy owner I believe.

            2. They’re being run by zombie George Steinbrenner?

            3. Jesus, another one?!

              I almost had to laugh when Benitez showed up at Newcastle. Who are they kidding? What’s next, Mourinho saves Aston Villa?

              1. I thought Mourinho was going to Man Ure.

                I can’t wait to be rid of Pep, though.

                1. Mourinho was offered the Syria job but turned it down.

        2. Italian football? Remind me, how many of their teams made into the Champion’s League quarter finals?

          1. Tread carefully pal. Tread. Carefully.

            1. Well, they are better than the Canadian teams….

              1. One decade of so-so play despite its historic excellence leaves it open to Canadian jokes. Pft.

                1. Just for the record, they had a team in the finals just last year!

    3. Neither game ended goalless.

    4. More like NO ALT TEXT!

      I guess Shackford’s alt-text game is so on point, Robby doesn’t even try.

      1. Robby quit trying after the 35th ‘Master’s from Columbia’ jibe.

    5. Oooh, I can’t wait for all those articles about which House is the most libertarian.

    6. Fatso couldn’t get it in gear so now I don’t have spoilers.

    7. DT + GRRM = CA

  1. More violence between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters.

    Everybody wins?

    1. The day when the last Trump is strangled with the entrails of the last Clinton?
      Or too specific?

    2. Maybe all of the Trump supporters and the Bernie supporters will kill each other.

      1. Are you saying that The Purge was actually a documentary?

    3. If that’s violence, then I can finally file charges against my wife for punishing my bitching during The Great British Bake-off.

      Man, media sure is hungry for action.

      1. You know else was hungry for some action?…

        1. You forgot to capitalize Else.

  2. ….an argument that ignores the very different choices working women make.

    Let’s not bring that into it.

    1. They’re no choice at all, really.

    2. They’re pro-choice … except when it costs them 22% of their pay.

  3. Paul Ryan is definitely not running for president… or so he says.


    1. Inside the House, eh? That is very clever.

      1. They don’t pay me more than my female counterparts for nothing.

        1. Do they pay you? I have often wondered…

          1. If anyone’s worth it, right?

          2. Rufus does get paid, but in weird colorful Canadian money, not in, like, REAL money.

            1. Goddammit, the HELL did i get Eugene mixed up with Rufus. I need a drink.

        2. You have a female counterpart? Should we be scared?

          1. Bust of Etiquette, and she’s loverly.

          2. You should be excited.

    1. I think it’s frabjous.

    2. I like it.

      1. It’s really not terrible. Maybe a bit garish. But not puke-ish.

    3. Makes my hungry for Jujubes.

      1. Do you feed “thy hungries” with Jew-Jubes or Jew-Jew Bees?

        1. Jew Jew Bae = Israeli lesbian porn?

    4. Who’s the old bag on the bill? Paging Mr. Juggler

      1. I was wondering what prediliction Aussies have with Julia Childs?

  4. Completely OT. Is it reason or Chrome on my phone that causes the whole Web page to be black until I scroll randomly?
    I know, mobile is dumb, and I’m dumb for using it.

    1. Re: DOOMco,

      Is it reason or Chrome[…]

      Reason. It’s always Reason.

      1. Except when Steve Chapman posts, then it’s the Chicago Tribune.

    2. Racist.

      I usually use Firefox on my phone, but just went to H&R on Chrome and didn’t see an issue. So it’s just you.

      1. It’s not constant. Usually during a refresh. Page will load, then go black. Scrolling will let me see some of the page. Then all your heartless woodchipper words reappear.

    3. Mobile isn’t dumb. Reason on mobile is dumb, and that’s not mobile’s fault.

  5. Watch the most recent trailer for Game of Thrones season 6.

    I posted that in the PM Links yesterday.

    My first missed hat tip. I’m so proud. Hang on, let me call my mom.

    1. Do you really want her visiting here?

      1. By “my mom” i meant “your mom.”

          1. Oh come on, the joke wasn’t that funny.

          2. Hence, his interest.

    2. Was it intentional to follow a story about toilets with one about “thrones”?
      Shame on you and your bathroom humor.

      1. I’ll have you know that my bathroom humor has won several awards!

    3. Don’t be surprised if Epi picks up

  6. President Obama paid homage Tuesday to those who had fought for women’s equality, designating a historic house on Capitol Hill a national monument…

    Or at least the kitchen portion of it.

    1. Did they make him a sammich?

    2. +1 make me a sammich

      1. she’s making mine first 😛

    3. A couch and TV?

    4. For some reason I was reminded of this commercial.

      1. And that commercial made me think of this one.

    5. How much do Wookies make for each dollar a man makes?

      1. Near as I can tell, they work for room and board.

  7. How a Hipster City Planned to Survive Nuclear Armageddon

    Portland had a plan to evacuate the city if Soviet bombers were on their way to nuke the metropolis. What’s more, Portland officials even proved that their plan might work.

    It was called Operation Greenlight. On Sept. 27, 1955 at 3:05 in the afternoon, air raid sirens wailed in downtown Portland, signaling the beginning of a drill.

    By 3:59, 29,423 vehicles and 101,074 people in the urban core were ? gone. The majority of the people and cars in downtown Portland cleared out ? and civil defense officials across the nation hailed Operation Greenlight as proof that similar programs could save lives during a nuclear war.

    1. “Alright everyone great job! Now back to work. For our next trick, we are going to ask that the blacks be the only ones who respond to the air raid sirens. We are calling it Operation Keep Portland Weird.”

      Something in the water.

      1. Isn’t that “Operation Get Behind the Darkies?”

    2. Snake: Could this town be any stupider?

      – “Marge vs. the Monorail” (Season 4 Episode 12)

    3. Maybe they’ll evacuate ironically.

    4. By 3:59, 29,423 vehicles and 101,074 people in the urban core were ? gone.

      Portland, the way you’ve always wanted it.

  8. “North Carolina Gov. pat McCrory issued an executive order making some changes to the controversial transgender bathroom bill.”

    Too bad he’s not running for President. Sounds like a natural to follow Obama and signing statements, etc.

  9. ENB mentioned Neil Steinberg’s article arguing against letting people sell alcohol in strip clubs in her article, but it’s even more retarded than I could have imagined.

    “And men. Emma Mitts never returned my call, so I couldn’t ask her if she knew why Chicago pried alcohol away from stripping in the first place. It had nothing to do with specific anatomy being displayed. It had to do with booze. Back in the day, when strippers weren’t on stage, they were hustling drinks among the clientele, who, drunk themselves, had the tendency to spend big, thinking they were getting on great with the gal sitting next to them and not just pouring money into the bar’s till. Then the jaw-dropping check arrived, which the dupe could either meekly pay, sadder but wiser, or raise a stink and risk ending up being beaten in the alley until the wisdom of paying up became clear.”

    We must save incredibly stupid people from the consequences of their own actions.

    1. The progressive solution is for the State to impose stiff fines against anyone caught engaging in this behavior, which the dupe can either meekly pay, sadder but wiser, or raise a stink and risk ending up being beaten by the cops until the wisdom of paying becomes clear.

      We call this compassion.

    2. Then the jaw-dropping check arrived, which the dupe could either meekly pay, sadder but wiser, or raise a stink and risk ending up being beaten in the alley until the wisdom of paying up became clear

      At least they weren’t shooting each other!

    1. Is “Gay” a name or a descriptor?

    2. Yes. It was retarded that the week the motel story was published, everyone was concerned instead that Talese didn’t have female role models.

  10. It’s “Equal Pay Day,” which means everyone is supposed to talk about how horrible and sexist it is that modern society permits employers to pay women 22 cents less for every dollar a man earns

    Let it not be forgotten that this argument should be conducted while eating a grilled cheese and celebrating strong breezes

    1. society permits employers Society permits me to, society forbids me to, society is sovereign!

      For these words to make sense we have to start from the idea that society owns us. But it doesn’t. It isn’t even a thing without us.

      1. “Sir, it will cost us at least 200k per month to litigate these Title VI infractions you insist upon making.”
        “Nonsense, women are inferior! Pay them less for no reason whatsoever! The only way you become successful in the business world is to be an outrageous sexist; ask any feminist.”
        “But Sir, you don’t see the huge losses we are taking, and how exposed we are to outrageous claims?”
        “I won’t hear of it! Pay them less or you are fired and I will hire a woman at 77% of your salary!”

    2. I put extra beans in my chili to celebrate strong breezes.

      1. Beans in chili? What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you also into that hotdish abomination? I’LL REMIND YOU THAT YOU ARE UNDER OATH.

      2. In your casserole, maybe. It ceased being chili when the beans landed.

        1. Beans in chili are good!

          Pasta in chili are goulash.

    3. Oh. I figured this was some joke about making sandwiches and… well, I’m going to say it: queefs. That or letting one loose without a care for the lady-folk present.

      Instead they’re competing names for the day. Meh!

    4. Although I would think 93% works out to a factor of 13, not 11, I’ll be sure to include this wikipedia factoid in the discussion, so help me god:

      “The majority of occupational deaths occur among men. In one U.S. study, 93% of deaths on the job involved men,[4] with a death rate approximately 11 times higher than women.”

      1. Although I would think 93% works out to a factor of 13, not 11, I’ll be sure to include this wikipedia factoid in the discussion, so help me god:

        11 men, 1 woman, and 2 other (trannies, whatever). Duh!

    5. Oh hell no, bitching about “equal pay” is one thing, doing it on grilled cheese day is another.

    1. I feel like i don’t even have to read the article – and yet, i really, really want to.

    2. I wonder if the “plea” was, “do it again! Do it again!”

    3. It’s believed that Bryant Christopher Watts shot dead Panzica, after Panzica bragged to his brother, Aaron Jones, about the $4,000 he was getting paid to speak on Inside Edition

      These people really plumb the depths.

    4. I have no idea what happened there.

    5. Since when is on a Ferris wheel in public?

  11. It’s “Equal Pay Day,”

    How horrible is it that women are paid much less than men for the same work!

    an argument that ignores the very different choices working women make.

    But women are simply too stupid to make correct choices, which is why we need pay equality!

    Anyway, Obama dedicated a national monument to the struggle for female equality.

    You see? El se?or presidente gets it. It wouldn’t be a monument to women’s choices, right? Because, deep down, he and everybody else just know women are too stupid to make correct choices, like men do.

    Paul Ryan is definitely not running for president… or so he says.

    “I’m never going to get married! E-ver!”
    “We’re never getting one of those!”

    More violence between Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters.

    Let’s hear those violences! And a one! And a two! And a one, two, three!

    North Carolina Gov. pat McCrory issued an executive order making some changes to the controversial transgender bathroom bill.

    The changes are that business owners are required to change the signs on the restroom doors to “Dick” and “Snatch” as a way to resolve the controversy.

    1. 4. Number 4 is the not, right?

      1. Steve G, when the walls fell.

    2. The changes are that business owners are required to change the signs on the restroom doors to “Dick” and “Snatch”

      Donald E. Westlake wrote stories which included a bar where the rest rooms were marked “Pointers” and “Setters” with the appropriate dog silhouette on each door. I always thought that was how they all should be marked.

      … “Pointer” Hobbit

  12. In case you hadn’t found a stupid opinion piece to make your blood boil today:…..ricas-poor

    Shorter version: We can make poor people live longer by passing laws forcing them to behave and make choices like “urban liberal elites”.

    1. until we shoot ourselves because someone makes us eat wheatgrass.

      1. Why are people so desperate to kill themselves? Wouldn’t it be more productive to shoot the people making you eat wheatgrass?

    2. They never talk about the quality of life of being left the hell alone.

    3. Elysium, bitches!

    4. Think of low-income Americans with longer life spans as people who have won a kind of regional lottery.

      Again with the “it’s not their fault” meme.

      They live in a blue state or big metropolitan area with a healthy ethos;

      Sad thing that those places the author thinks live with a healthy ethos actually drive the poor out through taxes and zoning laws, but whatever.

      […with] tougher regulations against surgery [sic] drinks

      Yes, we need to ban those. Imagine a drink that can take your spleen out without realizing.

      tougher bans against smoking in bars, offices, and restaurants; and higher taxes on cigarettes. Is it really any surprise they benefit accordingly?

      If it were true, those who live inside prisons should benefit as well.

      1. “Surgery drinks banned. Doctors hardest hit!”

    5. Check out the author. I am guessing young, self-righteous, insufferable douchebag fascist that calls himself a liberal.

  13. It seems that people of my identity categories are underpaid relative to people of various Asian ethnicities and to Reform Jews. Will the nearest SJW please pick up the white courtesy phone.

    1. Dude, just identify as something else. Easy.

      1. That would be cultural appropriation, dude.

        1. Stop othering him.

    2. You racist jackass! White phone! White?

  14. Millions of Civil Rights Activists Now Owe Royalties

    The lawyers who successfully challenged the copyright to “Happy Birthday” have a new target: the civil rights anthem “We Shall Overcome.”

    In a class action filed on Tuesday in New York federal court, the makers of a planned documentary film have asked a U.S. judge to declare the protest song in the public domain, allowing anyone to use it without paying licensing fees.

    1. Eyes on the Prize basically can’t be re-shown because of the heavy use of archival photos that are under copyright.

  15. The real issue in campus carry concern trolling.

    In addition to these relatively abstract considerations, there remains a need for more concrete philosophical work concerning campus carry ? situated work that draws on gender, race and labor theory. We need to ask: What bodies are at greatest risk? What disproportionate harms might the law visit on people of color? What sorts of psychological and physical threats can employees be subjected to in the workplace? And what is the significance of this law for academic freedom?

    Finally, those of us who teach on armed campuses will need to confront pedagogical problems. As a philosopher, I work with questions that are challenging, controversial and even upsetting. As a teacher of philosophy, I try to animate these questions for students, and to provide them with the critical tools to pursue independent inquiry.

    I’m sorry. LABOR THEORY? WTF?

    Also- I marvel at the open contempt the “academic community” displays toward their clientele.

    1. As a philosopher, I work with questions that are challenging, controversial and even upsetting.

      Such as: should the rubes be allowed to carry firearms?

      1. That’s the problem with philosophy, the lines between real thinking and stupid smugness is thin.

    2. No, we don’t need to ask any of those questions.

    3. translation:

      I need a grant to pay me so I can sit around and think of shit that I can progsplain it to hoi poi.

  16. Saving rain: How much is too much?
    Collecting large amount runs afoul of ‘archaic’ law

    Technically, rain that falls on your roof isn’t yours for the taking. It’s a resource of the state, which regulates the use of public waters through an allocation process that can take years to navigate.

    The state has long allowed people to collect a small amount of rain without asking.

    Although no one wants to police homeowners harvesting a few hundred gallons for a backyard garden, the state hasn’t defined where that regulatory threshold lies. Someone collecting rain in larger quantities to irrigate a farm or wash laundry in a new condo building without a state water right could be breaking the rarely enforced law.

    “We’re not going to start issuing permits for a pickle barrel in the backyard. But what if it’s four pickle barrels or a system that has 20,000 gallons of storage?” said Brian Walsh, a manager in the Department of Ecology’s water resources program.

    1. and yet when you bill the State for its rain damaging your house they never pay up.

      1. I’m not allowed to cut down healthy trees in my own yard, but if a hurricane blows one onto my house, do you think the city is going to chip in to fix it?

        1. Healthy, you say?

          “I saw a really tall guy with a power drill and a bottle of Roundup concentrate, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

        2. Well, I can cut down any tree on my property and keep all the rain water that falls.

    2. The state has long allowed people to collect a small amount of rain without asking.

      I think I see the problem.

    3. That article was published in 2008. Maybe the author is dead by falling inside a pickle barrel full of rainwater.


    So Trump’s support among registered Republicans is up to 47%. Trump is down by two of Clinton and Cruz is down by seven. A hypothetical third party does very well in both elections.

    1. Whaddya mean? Trump can’t be down just 2 against Hillary. Trump can’t win! The Elites tell me so!

      About a quarter of both Trump and Cruz supporters say they will vote Third Party if the other guy is the nominee.

      Libertarian Moment!

      What should be very encouraging for both Trump and Cruz are the huge numbers of Republicans threatening Third Party or No Vote in the general. 6 percent of Cruz voters claim they’ll vote Hillary over Trump. Not gonna happen. When those people come home, that’s a huge chunk of votes that would certainly push Trump over the top, might even push Cruz over the top.

      1. What about this: Cruz/Johnson
        Would you vote for this ticket?

        What about Trump/Johnson?

        … Hobbit

  18. Anyway, Obama dedicated a national monument to the struggle for female equality.

    What a goddamned hack.

    I wonder if he wilfully misleads and lies to gain more political power, or if his head is so far up his rectum that he consumes his own fecal matter without realizing it.


    1. Hi, Injun, welcome back.

    2. I remember some months back a story about either Britain or Scotland dedicating life-sized bronze statues costing upward of 10’s of thousands of Pounds in honor of single mothers. That’s right, they celebrate and encourage the deterioration of the healthy natural family unit.

      Someone tell me again this isnt plain, old-fashioned demoralization.

      Of course Obama did this, but he is totally not a Marxist.

  19. This week in sexual equality!

    “A crock of shit and it stinks” says the combat soldier.

    1. She’s a police officer?

      The Army will have to train her to shoot less often and more accurately.

    2. Tammy Barnett, a 25-year-old police officer from Robeline, Louisiana

      “I want to deploy, see action

      Yep, she’s a cop.

      1. I am familiar with the town and some of the people who live there. It is slightly smaller than…well…if you blink, you miss it. No traffic light, not a single operating business. It is a small community of residences and one hell of a speed trap. All she does is write speeding tickets, fleecing non-residents. It is also on the route from Natchitoches to Texas, so I am betting 99% of the tickets are to cars with Tx plates. She isnt a cop, she is a highway robber.

        I am looking at her and I don’t think she will make it without them lowering the bar quite a bit.

    3. “I want to deploy, see action…”
      As one who has deployed, I can confidently say she’ll see action alright. As much as she wants.

  20. How’s Mizzou doing you ask? They’ll be closing 2 dorms next semester due to falling enrollment.


    1. S-E-C


    A new ride share service aims to ban men.

    1. You got scooped by ENB, broheim.

      1. I guess all women look alike to you, brosephus.

        1. Damn! I’m 0 for 2 on correctly identifying people in this links thread. I’m out.

    2. Pelletz, whose wife, Kelly, is the company’s president, said he came up with the idea after a scary experience with an unstable passenger. He imagined how much more terrifying it would have been if he were a woman, and remembered that his wife had thought about driving for Uber but was too afraid to.

      There it is folks. Instead of teaching your wife about her Constitutional right to arm herself, training with her, enrolling her in self defense courses, and evaluating all non-lethal methods of self defense in ergonomic fashion for her, he simply says, “I was scared, and my female, who is weaker than me, is also scared.” Strong genes getting passed on here, guarantee it.


      1. I thought gender segregation and saying that women were too fragile to be out in public alone was one of those things that was no longer allowed anymore? Maybe someone should suggest to this guy that his wife should never go out in public without being escorted by a male relative. Perhaps Wahabbi Islam is the right choice for him and his little snowflake.

    3. Fair enough: you remember the reports about the army of make Uber drivers who just worked for the service in order to rape women. Right?

      1. Nothing says profit like raping your customers.

        1. Well, if you value opportunities to rape more than money…

          1. “Rape, murder, arson, and rape.”

    4. I have no problem with this. It’s a stupid justification, but if you want to have a ride share that caters to one gender, that’s fine by me.

      1. I would have no problem with this if I knew the people doing it wouldn’t have a stroke if someone started a male only ride share company. And you know they would.

        1. That would be difficult. But how about a ‘whites only’ or an ‘Asians only’ service? Blacks are 9x more likely to commit crimes, so it’s a safety thing.

  22. I had a brief chat with an extended family member on the 2016 November Disaster.

    The summary of the conversation was: “It’s high time we have a woman president.”

    This country is f***ed.

    Sorry for the rant. But seriously, WTF.

    1. And on the right, we have Trump.

      Enjoy “2016: The Reckoning”.

      I’m going to stay home and get blackout drunk the 1st Tuesday of November, 2016.

      1. I will wait for the Tuesday following the first Monday.

    2. It’s high time we have a woman president

      Can I assume the unspoken second adjective was “progressive” or “Democrat”?

      1. Well it can’t be a libertarian. And if they are a Republican, they can’t get a woman.

        1. Be. Fuck this auto correct

    3. “It’s high time we have a woman president.”

      Vote Vagina!

      It’s really the only campaign slogan Hillary ever had.

  23. Ready to lowercase ‘internet’ and ‘web’

    During a panel at the American Copy Editors Society national conference in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, it was announced that the 2016 AP Stylebook will lowercase the words ‘internet’ and ‘web.’

    Take notes, people. There will be a quiz on the material later this year.

    1. I notice they also verbed ‘lowercase.’

      1. But when did they verb ‘verb’!?

    2. I will continue to capitalize The Internet when I remember to in order to distinguish it from other internets.

      1. The Intertubes!

  24. US = STILL Bombing Somalia

    it never gets old!

    Plus, its OK to wage one-sided murder-campaigns against countries you’re not technically at war with when our president has made such great strides “ending” our wars elsewhere….

    1. But it’s all Bush’s fault!!!

      Oh, wait. Shit.

    1. But she makes up for it by being fat and homely.

      1. They all are, John. They all are.

        That’s probably why they become SJWs. Being able to bully random people probably appeals to those who aren’t very smart or very attractive so they are incapable of gaining power in any way except through mob harassment.

        1. My mother used to say feminists where nothing but ugly women pissed off that the pretty girls got all of the attention and decent husbands. The older I get the more I realize how right she was.

          1. Case in point.

            Seriously, she’d as stupid as she is hideous, and that’s saying a lot.

            1. TBS runs her commercials on a 24/7 loop. My God is that woman grating.

              1. To your credit, you’re far more mild on her than I am.

            2. Fortunately the network only pays her 78 percent of Trevor Noah’s salary.

          2. On the plus side, does that mean evolution is selecting against them?

    2. What’s funny (*funny-sad? funny-bizarre?) is that the behavior… if watched objectively?… is nothing but teenage-girl-cliquishness injected with “Socio-Politial Pretension”

      She’s not ‘debating capitalism’. She’s just going =

      ugh, you losers are just so not popular and All Us “Cool Kids”? Uhm, we think you’re lame, if you didn’t know… which you didn’t because duh you don’t know anything. And like, you totally dress funny and no one likes your haircut.

      there’s really nothing more to it. Its just teenage social-one-upmanship which has zero to do with “politics or economics or race-relations” and everything to do with “Ingroup vs. Outgroup” signaling.

      The reason i think its funny is because these SJW types *think of themselves* as very-enlightened, and NOTHING like those “teenage-princess” types who pick on all the uncool kids. They think they *are* the uncool kids and that they’re special victims and therefore morally superior… but its really just a inversion of the same exact dynamic. “Who is superior” in the teenage-popularity-cult mind.


    So the Saudis were behind 911. Let me get my surprised face.

    1. Isn’t that unspoken but common knowledge? Saudi Arabia is the enemy, and I’m guessing that straight-up bribery accounts for a lot of the forbearance shown to that ISIS-lite shithole.

  26. Hillary’s Reaction To Claim that Guns Are Making Americans ‘Terrorists’ Tells All

    Just try saying something along the lines of the Quran and muslims.

    She’s going to be the WORST president for the Second Amendment.

    1. Or the BEST for gun sales.

      1. Sig 716 this month

      2. Can you buy options to buy guns?

    2. Go online. Go buy a semi-automatic weapon,” the woman went on to say, the Daily Caller reported. “They’re all available online with not much to prove because mom and pop somewhere out there are making them, and there’s nothing to prevent people who are mentally ill and people who are on terrorist watch lists to making our citizens become terrorists.”

      Wow. That’s some concentrated derp right there.

      1. Funny, when I go online to place like gunbroker, I keep seeing: “Firearms may only be shipped to a licensed dealer (FFL Holder)”.

        1. That’s because you’re not buying your guns from those “mom & pop” gun-manufacturers

        2. It is all bald-faced lies Drake.

          Anytime you hear an anti-gunner speak just assume it is all deception.

        3. Shameless plug for a gun site run by family members. Gunsinternational

  27. Obama dedicated the National Women’s Party house.*

    The head of the National Women’s Party was Alice Paul.

    From her Wikipedia entry:

    “Later in life, Alice Paul played a major role in adding protection for women in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, despite the opposition of liberals who feared it would end protective labor laws for women. The prohibition on sex discrimination was added to the Civil Rights Act by Howard W. Smith, a powerful Virginia Democrat who chaired the House Rules Committee. Smith’s amendment was passed by a teller vote of 168 to 133. For twenty years Smith had sponsored the Equal Rights Amendment in the House because he believed in equal rights for women, even though he opposed equal rights for blacks. For decades he had been close to the National Woman’s Party and especially to Alice Paul. She and other feminists had worked with Smith since 1945 trying to find a way to include sex as a protected civil rights category.”

    Specifically, Smith was *against* the Civil Rights Act, but figured that if it was going to protect black people it should protect white women too.

    Smith was also the author of the anti-Communist Smith Act, which according to Progressives was the most evil thing since the invention of evilness.

    *It was a *political* party, you perverts.

    1. Doesn’t sound like a party house.

      1. There ain’t no party like a woman’s party ’cause a woman’s party don’t stop…talking.

        ha ha, I kid, I kid, I love women’s parties, they hire me as a male stripper.

  28. Question: Is Hillary Clinton obliged to report the cash value of Krugabe’s columns as political contributions? Will he be forced to cease his flagrant HILLARY! boosterism when he hits the contribution ceiling?

  29. Some old Costa Rican dude tries to consume a yucca South Park style, instead finds video of his ass surgery all over the internet.

    Pura vida!

  30. Hoisted by their own petard?

    Liberal law enforcers shouldn’t break the law to shut up climate change dissenters.

    Federal law makes it a felony “for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).”

    I wonder if U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker, or California Attorney General Kamala Harris, or New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have read this federal statute. Because what they’re doing looks like a concerted scheme to restrict the First Amendment free speech rights of people they don’t agree with. They should look up 18 U.S.C. Sec. 241, I am sure they each have it somewhere in their offices.


    Still, I doubt that U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch ? whose own U.S. Department of Justice referred the consideration of legal action against “climate deniers” to the FBI ? will institute criminal proceedings for civil rights conspiracy, though I suspect that a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz presidency might make such charges more likely.

  31. Environmental disaster being used for partisan purposes?

    No, its not Flint =

    Senate GOP to subpoena EPA chief in Colorado mine spill

    the story seems to suggest there’s something highly unusual and partisan about congress trying to get EPA to address its own problems…. which is funny because the press seemed to have zero problems blaming republicans for even passive-relationship w/ the Flint debacle…. here, you have something that is 100% agency-caused, and yet I see this being spun as a particularly “partisan” issue. (they repeatedly say, “Republican lead house” etc)

    A little digging… it appears the actual reason for this (unmentioned in the note there) is because EPA has been completely dodging congress for almost a year… refusing to provide documents or testify in front of committee.

    1. here’s the note from Aug 2015 pointing out how EPA refused to respond to congressional requests way back when

      Its pretty amazing if you compare this thing to Flint how little its been covered, and how little interest people have had in actually holding EPA to account for what amounted to a massive environmental disaster. AND that the angle now seems to be that the Evul GOP congress is being mean and partisan by asking people to actually answer questions.

    1. Basically its taken 20 years for the industry to get its head out of its ass and learn to adjust

      The movie business, by contrast, saw this shit coming and did *a little* better. But I think DVD sales are now suffering the same way CD sales were, and the streaming/netflix revenue isn’t quite making up for it.

      Its a really interesting topic to look at how the Music business dealt (or didn’t) with the transition to digital between the “DMCA” passage in the late 1990s, to the Napster case, to the evolution of MP3 and the DRM-wars etc. and on and on. There’s a lot of interesting lessons there for anyone in an ‘established’ market position who need to adapt to technology-forced transitions. What’s pathetic is that the music business has dealt with similar issues multiple times throughout the 20th century and never really ever learned a fucking thing.

  32. Chemist Who Faked Evidence for Drug Prosecutions Released: People Convicted With Fake Evidence Still in Jail

    Annie Doohkan has been paroled, a spokesman for the Massachusetts prisons system confirmed to the Boston Herald ( ). Nicolas Gordon, the attorney who represented Dookhan during her criminal case, said she was released about a month ago.

    Dookhan tampered with evidence while working as a testing chemist at a Boston lab operated by the Department of Public Health. She was sentenced to three to five years in prison in November 2013…

    But while Dookhan is now free, thousands of people are still in prison awaiting a chance to challenge convictions made on possibly tainted evidence

    1. What she did is evil. How did she get out?

      1. Through the revolving door.

      2. Here in MA the state police run the crime lab. They are painting her as a odd bad apple that they evicted and minimizing the damage she did.

        The reality is:
        1) Her fraud was pervasive and required the managers of the lab looking the other way.
        2) Her fraud took advantage of a very prosecution-friendly approach towards testing samples.
        3) … including a documentation regime that in effect hid exculpatory evidence.

        Remember the medical examiner doing all the autopsies in Mississippi that Radley Balko exposed? It’s probably about that level of a perversion of justice.

      3. She’s on Team Cop.

        Team Cop takes care of its own, capisce?

  33. EPA has been completely dodging congress for almost a year… refusing to provide documents or testify in front of committee.

    They’re very, very busy over at the EPA. No time for those pesky nigglers in Congress.

    1. I thought all the pesky nigglers were in a democratic caucus?

      /What Irish would say.

    2. For the life of me, I don’t why Congress doesn’t just issue a subpoena, and when its ignored, hold them in contempt, and force the US Attorney to take it to a grand jury.

      Goddam. They’ve got all the tools they need. But they refuse to use them. No wonder they are despised by more and more people.

      1. I don’t why Congress doesn’t just issue a subpoena, and when its ignored, hold them in contempt, and force the US Attorney to take it to a grand jury.

        I asked my dad (a lawyer) this back when the IRS thing was happening. He basically said, “won’t the US attorney (beholden to the admin) just drag their feet on it”? His point was that its still ultimately just a political pissing match, and the reason they don’t ever throw down the gauntlet and hold people in contempt is because it wouldn’t go anywhere. Most of their back and forth is bluster just trying to get the press to cover the issues in some moderately fair way.

        Which, as i noted above, they don’t.

        1. Congress should really have its own permanent legal department for internal government matters (such as this). The executive branch cannot be trusted to advocate for Congressional prerogatives, nor to prosecute its own people. IGs should also report directly to Congress.

          1. Congress has an inherent contempt power, at least according to the Supreme Court – in the 20s, the last time either house of Congress tried it.

            Basically each house claims the power to try alleged contemnors and lock them up until adjournment.

            1. That’s a fairly blunt and limited weapon. The IGs should report to the legislative “DoJ”, and be responsible for trying government employees for all abuses/crimes of office, under the theory that misusing powers granted by Congress or deliberately refusing to faithfully execute the laws they pass represent a form of contempt of Congress. If the executive branch thinks Congress is out of line, they can act as defenders for their employees.

        2. He basically said, “won’t the US attorney (beholden to the admin) just drag their feet on it”?

          Its an escalation, which isn’t nuthin’.

          And they could subpoena the US Attorney and ask them in public why they won’t. And if necessary, hold them in contempt, etc.

          Sure, its political, but that means both sides get to play politics. So play it for theater, create some embarrassment, hold hearings and press conferences, and that’s without even doing things like defunding the US Attorney’s office for DC or any exercise of Congress’s actual power.

          Its the astonishing refusal of the Repubs to do so, to do anything, that angers so much of their base.

          1. The fact they held no one accountable for the IRS thing continues to amaze me.

    3. Racist.

  34. From the article on violence at the Trump rally:

    In the video, a group of protesters can be seen clashing with rallygoers, when another man runs up and grabs the protester in the face. As he’s pulled away by the other rallygoers, the man slaps the protester across the face.


    Looks like everybody got what they wanted, to me. The protestors were obviously trying to make as much trouble as they could, and one of ’em got a slapping. All good, as far as I can tell.

  35. So The Donald got embarrassed in Colorado.

    Florida is a caucus primary and no one voted for The Donald. Cruz got 100% of the delegates.

    Therefore it’s rigged.

    Trump won 45% of the popular vote in Florida but got 100% of the delegates. Florida is a winner take all state.

    That’s Democracy and ain’t it great ?

    I think Trump is laying the ground work for a 3rd party run claiming he has been cheated out of the nomination. Most say that Trump running a 3rd party hands the election to Clinton.

    Since it is a known fact that Trump has donated bunches of money to Clinton in the past, is this Trumps motive for running ? To help Clinton win the White House ? Early in the race Trump swore that he would not run a 3rd party campaign unless he felt he was being “cheated” or “treated unfairly” by the RNC.

    Is this simply him claiming a stake in being “mistreated” ?

    Tin Foil Hats abound yet I am just asking a question.

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