Feds Shut Down Acid-Free LSD Ale Because Its Name Is Too Groovy

Don't tell the BATF that supermarkets sell a cereal called "Special K!"


Indeed Brewery/Instagram

Minneaoplis-based Indeed Brewing Co. has been forced to rename one of its most-popular seasonal beers because federal regulators didn't like the name: LSD Ale.

The beer contained no hallucinogenic acid, of course, because that's illegal. The initials stand for Lavender, Sunflower Honey, Date Honey Ale—or LSD Ale for short. Via Watchdog:

Minnesota regulators had no trouble with the old name, and that was fine until this year when Indeed Brewing expanded its distribution across state lines. That's when the federal government got involved and told the company the beer's name was no joking matter, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported this week.

"The feds did not like the name LSD," said Indeed co-founder and co-owner Thomas Whisenand. "They made that clear very quickly."

Whisenand told the newspaper that the brewery tried to come up with a few different labels that downplayed the offending acronym while still maintaining the hippie-themed design.

Yeah, well, that will get you nowhere, right?": "But unfortunately we sell a regulated product and there's not much you can do when the feds say no."

As Watchdog's Eric Boehm asks, "Why are the feds going after LSD Ale when you can still walk into any grocery store in America and buy a box of Special K?"

The answer to that (and many other riddles involving the feds) is simply this: Because they can.

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  1. I hear they kept getting complaints from dyslexics about a Mormon beer.

    1. Beat me too it, i was gonna say that this explains the mormon war, it was just a precursor to the general drug war.

      1. There is room for more than one Mormon joke on this thread. In general, I am “big tent” on Mormon jokes.

  2. Am I still allowed to call the feds “fucking goons”? If I have beer on my breath, maybe they can call my beer-stained breath a brand of “alcohol” and therefor regulate my speech…

    Oh, wait, I shouldn’t be giving them any ideas, should I?!

    1. I agree — they’re BATF-shit crazy.

  3. Picture yourself in a bar by the river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…

    What’s holding up the marmalade? How long until we get a gelatinous splat that crushes all of civilization?

    1. How long until we get a gelatinous splat that crushes all of civilization?

      It’s a long way down; we’re still falling….

    2. Don’t talk about Lucy.

  4. From my understanding, getting label approval is probably the most frustrating part of selling an alcoholic beverage. All labels must be federally approved (if the beverage crosses state lines). That process takes a minimum of six months, and can take more than a year. So if you’ve got some seasonal brew that you want to sell, say, in the spring, you better plan ahead. Like, WAY ahead. Because it just might take a year for your label to get rejected, and then you’ve got to start the whole process over again.


    1. Its actually just 1 guy processing all the labels. And his name is “Battle”.…..tator.html

    2. There’s always kratom. Or Adrafinil.

  5. “The feds did not like the name LSD,” said Indeed co-founder and co-owner Thomas Whisenand.

    With all due respect, that’s too bad.

    Especially because it stands for “Long Slow Distance”. Why do the feds hate beer drinkers? WHY?!

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    1. HA! If we wanted to meat girls, would we be on Hit and Run???

      1. Oh, crap, let the ridicule begin.


        1. Where can one find these meat girls? Are they anything like sushi girls?

          1. It’s a verb, not an adjective. He wants to *snicker* meat them, *snort* heh heh heh he said meat.

  7. Would it be acceptable if they added Vitamin A? Or if they labelled it “imitation LSD product”?

  8. At least the beer doesn’t pretend to be a hallucinogenic drug like that vegan ersatz mayo.

    1. Well that could use some editing

  9. Whisenand told the newspaper that the brewery tried to come up with a few different labels that downplayed the offending acronym while still maintaining the hippie-themed design.

    Do you want your chocolate ration to be reduced further? DO YOU?

  10. Oh fuck you, US Federal Govt.

  11. I didn’t see why the Feds were against the name. Are they afraid people will mistakenly buy this because they think there is LSD in it (i.e. false advertising)? If so, I can only assume that they believe it’s okay to buy real LSD.

    1. Read the article RFID linked to in his reply to my post. It’s one guy who approves all beer labels, and he’s a giant douche.

    2. Or LDS.

  12. POISON BEER!!!!!

    /local politicians during the 80s home brew years

  13. I don’t get this. They approved Sweetwater 420 (one of my favorites). Could this be because 420 is a slang name and LSD is an abbreviation for the actual drug?

  14. I thought it was because no one wants a crappy internet connection. Oh wait…

  15. Considering all the people who ‘Like’ their Facebook page, and all the shares it would get, never really understand why people don’t do something like this.

    Hey LSD Beer fans! We wanted to start selling beer to our friends in Wisconsin but there is an asshole named Battle in Washington DC who wants us to rename our beer because he doesn’t like the name. His office # is 1234567890 Fellow beer lovers, light up his phone and tell him about the First Amendment.

    Five thousand people calling his office every day for a month might change his tune.

  16. Didn’t something similar happen a few years ago when someone tried to sell an energy drink called “Cocaine” ?

    1. still not deserving of regulation, but that one is a lil up the nose. ON the nose, sorry.

  17. Lagunitas got hit by this same rule for calling their beer “The Kronik”

  18. Partner with AT&T and call it DSL?

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