Texas Principal Wants to Arrest Parents Who Let Kids Walk to School

'They have been threatened, if they step one foot on school property, they will be arrested and charged with who knows what.'



The principal of an elementary school in Magnolia, Texas, has forbidden parents from picking up their kids to walk them home. No matter how close the children live to the school, they are required to take the bus or be picked up by car, Fox 26 in Houston is reporting.

If not, the local authorities are ready to enforce the rule with arrests for trespassing. 

The ostensible reason for this step at Bear Branch Elementary is "safety," but parents interviewed by local reporters think it's really about the principal exerting ironclad control over the pick-up procedures. A video of the line of cars at pick-up time looked like a funeral cortege, solemnly inching forward.

Parents are so fed up, a few are yanking their kids out of the school:

"She's threatening to arrest people," says Wendy Jarman about principal, Holly Ray. 

Jarman pulled her children out of the school Monday and placed them in private school. She lives in the neighborhood behind the school. Her kids were walkers, and she escorted them, but they can't do that anymore.

Ray won't allow it. Ray has gotten Montgomery County Constables to be her enforcers.

"This has happened to many parents," Jarman says. "They have been cited. They have been threatened, if they step one foot on school property, they will be arrested and charged with who knows what." 

Frank Young has one of those warnings. He also lives close to the school and he also pulled his children out of it. Young says no effort to negotiate a better policy or even hundreds of signatures on a petition got the district to change the policy or bully tactics.

"Mrs. Ray's policy is implying that a parent doesn't have the ability or capability to decide what is safest for her children and that the school district does," Young says. "I disagree."

He thinks parents have the right to decide what their kids do outside of school? What a nut. The district backs the principal. 

Meantime, you may recall that the number of children walking to school has sunk to a national low of about 13 percent, according to Safe Routes to Schools.

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124 responses to “Texas Principal Wants to Arrest Parents Who Let Kids Walk to School

  1. The parents who are able need to vote with their feet.

    Oh and one more reason we need school choice.

    1. They need to wear hobnailed boots, *then* vote with their feet, I won’t specify where their feet should be doing the voting.

    2. I’ve tried voting with my feet. It’s hard to grasp the little ink blotter thing.

    3. Agreed. This principal is just hungry for power. If these parents wanna feed her, let them do it feet first.

    4. vote with their feet
      I’m writing you up for microaggressive violence against the wheelchair-abled.

  2. So the parents can’t pick the kids up, big deal, the kids can just walk home on their own, right?


  3. Somebody needs to rent a billboard.

  4. Stupid fuckers. It is far more dangerous for those kids to ride in cars than it is to walk home.

    Lenore, are you trying to wreck my day?

  5. The school marm in question.

    Paging Crusty, Crusty to the aging-flesh-toned courtesy phone.

    1. That’s a face only a woodchipper could love.

    2. Meh, I’ve subjected myself to worse examples of your species

    3. That face just screams “joyless harpy bitch.”

      That or “punch me here, please.”

      1. That face just screams “joyless harpy bitch.”

        She is a school principal.

          1. Has he every answered “no” to that question?

            1. My biggest fans* knows that there is a ”no” list. Obviously you are not a fan. I see…

              *They exist somewhere.

              1. *waves Crusty Juggler Fan Club pennant*

                Who’s the leader of the club,
                That’s made for you and me?
                C-R-U-S-T-Y J-U-G-G-L-E-R!

                Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!
                Your as welcome as can be,
                C-R-U-S-T-Y J-U-G-G-L-E-R!

              2. I apologize for impugning your otherwise inglorious character.

  6. You send your kids to public school, this is what you get. Or at least this is what you can get. And these parents are learning that the hard way.

    1. I would agree with you except that the government forces them to pay for the public school. Sure, you can opt out, if you walk away from getting any benefit from all of the tax money they take from you.

      1. God forbid they should be like the rest of us, forced to pay for government schools that we don’t even get free babysitting from.

        1. That’s why universal pre-K is such a great idea. No more babysitter coupons. The multiplier effect would be yuuuuuuge.

        2. God forbid you be like them, pouring blood, sweat and tears into creating little tax/labor units so that whiny emo nihilists can be cared for in their senescence.

          1. pouring blood, sweat and tears into creating little tax/labor units

            And um…. Some other fluids too

          2. I’m sure the kids would be thrilled to be slaving away to maintain the bodies of people who aren’t really there anymore.

      2. You walk away from the “benefit” of the shitloads of money they take from you all the time, John. Do you use food stamps? Medicaire? Do you actually expect to ever get any of your Social Security money back?

        So why would you use an incredibly shitty “benefit” when it comes to your kids, who are ostensibly vastly more important than other things?

          1. American men who make about $20,000 annually are likely to lose as much as 14 percent of their Social Security lifetime benefits because of their shorter-than-average lives, while men making $80,000 per year stand to see a gain of 18 percent in their benefits given their additional years on earth, the report found.

            And American men who make $80,000 annually are going to be federally taxed at a rate almost double of their $20,000 counterparts. Fuck that noise.

          2. Nonsense. The study actually says that if you make around $80k/year (and believe in Santa Claus,) you can expect to get 18% more than you paid in. Making $80k/year does not make one “wealthy” in 21st Century America.

            If you cap out on FICA (currently $119k/year, $9875/mo), you can forget about breaking even because your own and your employer’s additional “contributions” for earnings over $5157/month (in 2015-equivalent $) only get a marginal rate of 15% in their eventual welfare check whereas earnings less than $856/month get a welfare check at the base rate of 90%.

            The actual GAO study commissioned by Bernie Sanders was titled Shorter Life Expectancy Reduces Projected Lifetime Benefits for Lower Earners, which is downright tautological. Notice that it addresses lifetime benefits. It says nothing about survivors benefits whose actuarial value for shorter-lived lower earners would be proportionally higher than those of longer-lived higher earners.

            In other words, this report says nothing about how the FICA tax and benefits schedule actually favors lower-income participants.

        1. Because you are required by law to provide an education of some sort, and can’t afford a better one?

        2. The solution to Social Security obligations will not be withholding benefits. It will be inflation.

          1. That’s only part of the solution. The other part, which I think will be much more significant, will be implemented through the Tax Code. Folks who have responsibly saved for their retirement through IRAs and 401(k)s will get hosed. Social Security will continue to give, and the IRS will take away.

            Roth IRA holders will be the most disappointed with the outcome.

            That retirement account … you didn’t earn that … somebody else earned that, and you’re just lucky to have it. You should be happy to pay more in taxes.

            1. True. Another path might be the addition of a consumption/wealth tax on top of what we already have, but I all of those methods are much more visible than inflation. Some people are really starting to push for growing benefits at the inflation rate, though. If that locks in they may have no choice but to raise taxes and change exemptions and benefits.

            2. I told people that 20 years ago and was called a financial idiot. Those same people today say I still have my communion money. I take the insults as a compliment.

    2. It’s not like that at all around me. Granted, we are in a nice suburb, but kids walk home from school all the time. Shit, the neighbor kids were running around with their airsoft guns yesterday. And nothing else happened.

      I think proggie power works best in urban and/or poorer areas.

      1. I think proggie government power works best in urban and/or poorer areas.


        If you’ve got money to hire lawyers or are a lawyer yourself, government knows better than to mess with you.

      2. Just wait, sooner or later some prog-tard busybody douchenozzle will move into your neighborhood and then call the cops because “there’s some kids playing with guns in the street. They’re probably just toys.”

        Then the dispatcher will “forget” to add that last part when the cops are sent in, at which point some “shots will be fired” and “children tragically struck.” And then people, including people you once respected will say “Well, those kids shouldn’t have been playing outside with toy gunz!11!1!!1!!1!!!!!” Then you’ll feel an urge to shoot as many of your mouth breathing neighbors as you can. Either that or move to a unabomber style hermit shack off the grid.

    3. Back in the 19th Century, when English do-gooders were advocating compulsory government schooling, there was actually an opposition movement that understood that separation of school and state was every bit as important as the separation of church and state. They called themselves voluntaryists. Today they would be called libertarians.

      1. Today they would be called libertarians lunatics.

        FTFY. But then again, to most ‘tards libertarian is synonymous with lunatic anyway.

        1. Same thing.

  7. I don’t speak retard very well so stories about public education can be difficult for me to understand. What exactly is this lunatic’s bitch? If the kids are walking home, how is their parents being with them a “safety issue”?

    And a parent going to their child’s school is not trespassing.

    1. It is if the school deems it so.

      1. No its not. They can call it that. But they could call it murder too, but that wouldn’t make it so.

        1. Yes, it is if they deem it so (which public schools almost unanimously do). It shouldn’t be, but it is.

        2. If the parents get arrested, I guess it’s whatever they say it is. Because if they can use force, then it doesn’t matter what they call it.

          1. EDUCATION CODE




            Sec. 37.107. TRESPASS ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. An unauthorized person who trespasses on the grounds of any school district of this state commits an offense. An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor.

            So if a parent is not authorized, it’s trespassing.

            There ought to be an exception for molesters, but that’s probably too much to hope for.

            1. Why am I not surprised that you’re familiar with school trespassing laws…

              1. Candy ain’t gonna distribute itself.

    2. “I don’t speak retard very often…”

      Don’t be so self-critical. I would say you are quite fluent.

      1. Fat, slow one over the plate and…


        There she goes, folks. Over the wall!

    3. Her logic probably has something to do with monitoring the drop-off and pickup process. When a bunch of people show up on foot at one time it’s hard to keep track of them all, but when they show up in cars they have to queue up and wait so monitors can actually track each individual kid getting in a car.

      I’m just guessing here, and in no way defending this. It’s all I can think of, but I admit I’m glad I don’t think like these people.


    1. So where do I get my hat tip? Is there some sort of line? I’m new here, obviously.

      Okay I’m actually secretly just happy they used my link.

      1. Sorry, man. I’ve got some bad news. Being stingy with hat tips is how the contributors keep us down.

        It’s soft oppression, really.

        1. It’s okay, I’m just glad they noticed me.

          *not worthy*

          1. I do not mean to brag, but I can verify that hat tips do occur because I have received one.

            How did I achieve such an honor? I provided real-time information while being incredibly cool.

            1. Bullshit. I know for a fact that your mom sent it in for you. She told me last night. Well, when her mouth *wasn’t* full, she told me.

              1. She does like her cigarettes…

            2. Please. You got one because Elizabeth took pity on you.

              Now, I got mine for crackerjack timing and a truly pithy description.

              1. It was Shackford, thank you very much. The two of us were sort of a “Woodward* and Bernstein” of the FBI/Oregon shooting.

                *More like would nerd, am I right?

            3. I think you might be confusing hat tips with hat tricks.

            4. Oh yeah? Well, one time I got a letter to the editor published in the New York Times, so there.

  9. I can kind of sort of understand telling parents that they have to wait in the line with the other cars and not just let their kids get in and out anywhere on the property. I can understand the safety consideration in that regard.

    What I don’t understand at all is telling families that they can’t WALK to and from school at all and must ride in a car no matter what. That makes no sense.

    1. I can kind of sort of understand telling parents that they have to wait in the line with the other cars and not just let their kids get in and out anywhere on the property. I can understand the safety consideration in that regard.

      And that safety consideration would be? My old elementary school (public) had at least three different exits where parents could pick up their children. No one died. No one was disappeared.

      1. The one down the street has that now. A single teacher per grade walks a line of students to their walker area and the children cross and go home. If they are K or 1st grade a parent must walk up and pick them up. Now the K or 1st grade rule is dumb, because every teacher doesn’t know every parent and they don’t check IDs, so you might as well just let the kids walk home, but they do well on the rest. You have your blue walkers (they exit the left side of the school), purple walkers (exit the right), car riders wait at the front, and HOV picks up kids around back. It goes smooth as silk and traffic blockage is at a minimum.

    2. (and I ain’t no old, this was the late 90s)

  10. The ostensible reason for this step at Bear Branch Elementary is “safety,” but parents interviewed by local reporters think it’s really about the principal exerting ironclad control over the pick-up procedures. A video of the line of cars at pick-up time looked like a funeral cortege, solemnly inching forward.

    The insane control issues over this are…insane. But of course refusing to let kids leave on their own terms won’t be considered kidnapping for some reason.

    1. Sure, let the kids do what they want, right after you repeal every child welfare law and remove any duty a parent has to take care of a child. Until then, too bad. You can’t hold parents responsible for their children’s welfare and then give them no authority to do that.

      1. Who’s talking about parents?

      2. She wasn’t talking about parents, she was talking about the school. And she’s right. For some strange reason, forcing a kid to stay somewhere without their consent and without their parents’ consent isn’t kidnapping if the school does it.

        I should try this sometime. Hold a kid hostage, say the parents can only pick him up if they obey my commands, then try to have them arrested for trespassing if they show up to my house in a different manner than how I ordered them to. I’m sure the cops would be very sympathetic if I said it was a safety issue.

        1. This is what you get when you have an in loco parentis agent that has gotten it into its head that they are not accountable to the actual parents.

    2. The next time someone asks me what it means for two people to talk past each other I’ll just link them to any Nikki/John conversation ever.

  11. One of these days some parent who is one of the long term unemployed is just going to go down and beat the living shit out of one of these tyrants. They will likely be out of jail before she gets out of the hospital and if you can’t find a job as it is, the criminal record isn’t going to make much difference.

  12. Upon closer examination it seems that the school was saying that those who were walking home were to be dismissed after the car line was finished, approximately 20 minutes later. Somebody got pissy and the school threatened to call the cops.

    Letter from the school

    Lenore, please take the time to report stuff fully. Omitting facts just makes you look like a crank.

    1. I wish she had reported fully, but because that actually makes the school look worse.

      1. I found Lee G’s “schoolmarm” link above to be more useful than Lenore’s article. Of course, I don’t know what standards redhotconservative hews to, but their sight had lots of documentary evidence.

    2. Bah, we don’t need the other side of the story.

    3. This change resulted in a few parents and community members (some not affiliated with Magnolia ISD) making their voices heard through local TV and social media outlets.

      I’m not affiliated at all with LAUSD, yet somehow I doubt I get that stolen money returned to me each year…

    4. So, the school was telling children who were walking home WITH THEIR PARENTS ESCORTING THEM that they had to cool their heels for 20-30 minutes until all the cars left instead of allowing the PARENTS to use THEIR OWN JUDGEMENT to determine when it was safe to walk home.

      Yeah, that’s much better…

    5. So, that principal will show those uppity parents not disrespect her timetables.

    6. “Omitting facts just makes you look like a crank.”

      I agree that Lenore frequently omits relevant facts.

      I also think these facts don’t substantively change anything Lenore said. That’s still ridiculous.

    7. What was the rule on the way to school? Let all the cars unload 1st? No cars unload until all the walkers are in?

  13. Remember everybody, the greatest threat to children these days is global warming. So get in your car, drive half a block and then spend 15 minutes idling in the pick up line at your kids school. It’s for the children.

  14. If I were a parent at that school, I’d set foot on school property and let them arrest me, then I’d sue the school district and retire a wealthy man.

    1. then I’d sue the school district

      You have to get permission from the government to sue the government…

      1. ^AFAIK, pretty much this. IANAL.

    2. Paul, you assume that the jury would rule in your favor. Remember that jurors are easily led by government attorneys. Also, if you get a lot of retirees on the jury their main concern is limiting their property taxes, which they know would be affected by a large settlement.

      Hmmm….just occurred to me that any cases against a municipal government should be tried in a different city so the jurors won’t have their liability for settlements as a conflict of interests.

      1. Tonio,

        A man of middling ambition can dream, can’t he?

      2. He could ask for a judge trial.

  15. I bet some kids called the principal names one day as they drove past them.

  16. The best part of picking my kid up from school every day to walk home was the scoping out opportunities.

    1. I bet things got even better when your kid finally got into high school.

  17. Texas needs a school funding system like we have in Michigan. Here, if kids leave a district, all the funding goes with them — funding that can be used at a charter or neighboring district with open enrollment. Because of that, schools no longer take a my-way-or-the-highway attitude toward parents. Instead they actually treat them almost like…customers.

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately they’ve been known to send the cops after parents for sending kids to a nearby school district for a better education. Unless the kid is good at sportsball, then the schools tend to look the other way about residency requirements.

    2. if kids leave a district, all the funding goes with them

      Same here in CO.


  19. They should just let the kids open carry while walking to school. Teach them how to Mozambique.

  20. Ahh yes, the infamous Lone Star State, where men are men. What a bunch of weenies. Constantly threatening to secede because they’re such freedom-loving cowboys, but they never do a damn thing about it. And now this. Bunch of phonies.

    1. Regional collectivism is stupid. This has nothing to do with “Texas” and everything to do with why public schools are horrible.

      1. That is what an effete northerner would say, you Seattle-living liberal!

        1. I’d regionally collectivize you, JJ, but you’d be retarded anywhere you lived, so I don’t need to.

          1. So now you’re collectivizing retards, eh? Why I oughtta… *rolls up sleeves, rubs bald head, and makes Curley noises*

    2. Ahh yes, the infamous Lone Star State, where men are men.

      Mrs. Ray’s policy is implying that a parent doesn’t have the ability or capability to decide what is safest
      for her children and that the school district does,” Young says. “I disagree.”


      1. A person needs a masters of school administration to know what it is best for children.

    3. Infamous? Like, MORE than famous?

  21. Ray won’t allow it. Ray has gotten Montgomery County Constables to be her enforcers.

    I guess the good news is that apparently the actual crime rate in Montgomery County is 0, right? Why else would the county constables have the free time on their hands to enforce this horseshit?

    1. Why, because it might lead to some arrests and excuses for warrantless searches which might lead to yet more charges. Catching real criminals is hard and dangerous. Leaning on law-abiding citizens is easy.

  22. Public or private, in Illinois it’s against the law for kids under a certain age. My kids are two blocks from their school and can’t walk.

    1. Are those two safe blocks, or two chicago blocks?

      1. 🙂 Small town in the woods blocks, just northwest of STL

        1. Brooklyn? Venice?


    2. So if they miss the bus & can’t call a cab, they’re SOL? Seriously, if they live across the st. from the school, they have to get on a bus & have it make a U-turn? Or do they have to x the st., get on a bus parked in front of the school, then immediately exit it?

  23. Public school is child abuse. They don’t want children to walk, so they wish to contribute to childhood obesity. Fire this fucking principal.

    1. They don’t want children to walk, so they wish to contribute to childhood obesity.

      Nah, not thanks to Michelle Obama and the Hunger Free Kids Act.

  24. As we all know, the safest place for children is inside a car.

  25. The parents should organize and buy a Van.

    All the kids who want to walk home get picked up by the Van, and driven 1 foot off of school property, and then they walk home.

    On the side of the Van should be the slogan “Fire Jarman, vote for : ” and then there is a list of people who will run for school board and hae agree to fire jarman.

    Ya, I know. I’m day dreaming. It was fun for a little bit though.

    1. Hah….you know, that’s not a bad idea at all.

      Count me in as another who is irritated with Lenore eliding certain facts, but who doesn’t see how the truth is anything but even worse. Telling me that my kids have to sit around for 30 minutes with their thumbs up their asses before they can leave the school? Ridiculous.

  26. I’d expect this in NJ or MA, but TX???

  27. If I parent were to go to the office, how could it be trespassing? If they met their child outside the main office as the last bell rings and then walk home, how could the school stop them without committing battery or kidnapping?

    1. The school is a government entity, and the government is never wrong. If you try to find loopholes like this and use them, you will be dealt with in a very aggressive way. Severely beating the parent in front of the child will send a message to both. Resistance is futile.

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