Trump Says Kasich Taking 'His' Votes, Should Drop Out, Documents Leaked About Off-Shore Accounts, Greece Deports Migrants to Turkey: A.M. Links


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    Donald Trump has moved on to calling for John Kasich to drop out of the Republican race for president. Trump complained that he'd "automatically win" if Kasich just quit. Wisconsin Republicans and Democrats vote tomorrow. House Speaker Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin, says he's "not running for president, period, end of story." Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, who has supported murderous communist regimes around the world, accused Wisconsin's governor, Scott Walker, and his "right wing ideology" of killing people.

  • A Washington-based journalism group leaked information from a legal firm in Panama about the off-shore assets held by politicians as well as private citizens from several countries. The government of Great Britain has already demanded the data on assets o identify possible targets for prosecution.
  • Greece has deported the first batch of migrants to Turkey per a new European Union agreement with that country.
  • About 25 people were killed and dozens injured after a string of attacks in Iraq aimed at Shi'ite militias and government forces. The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for several of the attacks.
  • At least 50 people died during flash floods in Pakistan.
  • A second Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia in the last year killed two people, both Amtrak employees working on track. Federal authorities are investigating.

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  1. A second Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia in the last year killed two people, both Amtrak employees working on track.

    Joe Biden hardest hit.

    1. Hello.

      1. It’s close enough to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for you to predict who will be in the finals. GO.

        1. Definitely some combination of Canadian teams

          1. I think you mean Canadian players.

            1. We are all Canadian teams Fist.

              1. USA: Canada’s Nest?

        2. I know this is predictable but I’ll go with Washington (I like the Trotz factor) or Pittsburgh versus Chicago. Dallas, Anaheim, LA (and maybe StL) are really good but one more kick at the can for Chee-ga-GOO!

          Of course, hockey is filled with surprises so it’s never a good idea to go with the favorites let alone a President’s Cup winner.

          1. I don’t think the Blackhawks have enough left in the tank this year.

          2. Goooooo Blues! I feel like we are the Cubs of hockey though…

      2. Conte to Chelsea.

        1. I would’ve loved Simeone but Conte will do just fine.

        2. I hope the spoiled brats phone it in again next year.

          1. Rumors of locker room backbiting aside, I seriously wonder whether Mou’s system can ever work beyond three years. He doesn’t like to rotate the squad and, while intensive pressing works for Barca and Dortmund because they usually end up commanding 60% or more of possession, when you are floating around the 50% possession mark it has to equate to exhausted players, physically and then mentally.

            Having said that, to go from dominating to floundering in such short order is outrageous. At least if Leicester win the league Chelsea’s shitting the bed won’t be the season’s biggest story.

            1. Leicester is doing it with Ranieri which surprises me. I guess he figured it out.

              1. Leicester have the benefit of having been nearly 100% healthy all season with the exception of a couple of games off for Vardy plus I think they will have played nearly 15 fewer matches than Chelsea did last year. I guess my point is more about whether Mou’s system of pressing without consequent increase in possession works in the short term but results in exhaustion after a year or two. N’Golo Kante aside, Leicester seem to be more measured in their work rate, content to be incredibly disciplined and well-drilled defensively in their end and clinical on the break. Mou was having us press really high up the pitch but we still were only getting a little over half the possession.

                1. Makes sense. And good for LC for figuring out a routine that works.

                  Wasn’t that the criticism of Chip Kelly’s offense? That it exhausted the defense?

        3. Conte is disappointing me with his tactics for the national side. A 3-4-3 against Germany? Wtf?

      3. Hello Rufus.

        Were you the one who left the review of Shadowboy under the name “Monocled Libertarian”?

        1. Ah. It’s a secret.

        1. Hey, it’s been a while

          1. Usually I’m at work for AM links, but there is a piece of equipment being commissioned today that will probably last until the evening so they asked me to come in at lunch instead.

            All I could think of when they asked me was AM links.

            1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

            2. As if that is something to look forward to? I usually only go to PM links if I am at home, alone, and a little past my second cocktail. I can only be immunized/exposed to one set of links at a time.

              1. You don’t know what you have until it is taken away from you by your boss making you do work during the 9 a.m. H&R linking hour.

        2. Is that like Pershing’s “Lafayette we are here?”

          1. *narrows gaze*

            /obligatory swiss reply

        1. Guten Morgen.

          1. Tag.

        2. Dzien dobry!

    2. Joe Biden hardest hit.

      We can only hope.*

      *Juvenile bluster and hyperbole; not an actual threat.

    3. “Joe Biden hit hardest”.
      Gah, if only….

    4. Baby Trials and Trippelations was born on Friday at 0817 at 8 pounds 15 ounces. His name is Elias Gabriel (sorry Jesse, Jamal didn’t make the cut). Mother and baby are fine, and Elias remains the only person that is getting any sleep.

      1. Congrats!

        1. Congrats!

      2. Congrats, sir. Derp-o-Matic 6000 is due August.

        1. Congrats to you. Do you know the gender?

          1. That’s entirely up to Derp-o-Matic 6000, you cisgendered [prick.

      3. Congratulations! Enjoy staying in the south, I gather you don’t have snow in April.

        1. Nope, no snow. It seems like more days have been above 60 than not since we moved here.

      4. Congrats.

  2. Donald Trump has moved on to calling for John Kasich to drop out of the Republican race for president.

    Once he found out he was in the race.

    1. Wait, Trump’s running for president?

      1. Who?

        1. I think he owns a motel in New Jersey or something

          1. Is he the guy that’ll leave a light on for ya?

      2. Is that why we keep seeing all these Reason articles about him? I thought Robby was just pushing to get on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

        1. Isn’t one of the requisites to be on that show that your name be recognizable by the unwashed masses?

    2. If they loosen up the anti-Ron-Paul convention rules to allow Kasich’s name to be placed in nomination, can’t Rand Paul jump back in? What about Ron Paul?

  3. 159) Question: My son is 10 years old, but small for his age and lacking common sense. About ? a mile from our house there is a comic book store that sells cards for collectible card games. He asks to go there frequently. If one were to walk there, for much of the way one must walk along a fairly busy road, although not cross it. There are sidewalks the whole way. My wife thinks he is too young to go there by himself, and his lack of common sense means there’s no telling what he would get up to. Plus, other parents who saw a small-ish kid walking by himself might think something is wrong. I think it would be fine. Opinions?

    1. He would be fine, almost certainly, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t end up having some interesting conversations with CPS agents.

      1. It’s not that far plus sidewalks. Maybe worth a shot and see what the kid can do. I’d worry more about snitching neighbors if Lenore’s stories are any indication. Up here, no one would bat an eye but you Americans seem a little freaked by free range kids.

        1. It’s blown out of proportion. Kids run all over my neighborhood with nerf guns and nobody bothers them.

          1. Well, that’s good.

            1. Ex-10-year-old comics maniac, who used to clerk in a comics shop, here:

              @ 10 I rode my bike to every candy store, drug store, tobacco shop, etc, that conceivably had a comics rack to buy what comics I could afford. Half a mile was nothing. Distribution sucked in the 60s and 70s. My parents would have a fit when they heard I was way on the other side of town, scouring the racks. Of course, I was smart enough to stick to residential streets, and only scoot onto business district streets a block or two from the targeted stores. Mind you, comics were contraband in my house, and those “trips to the library” had to be scheduled carefully. [Yes, I would go to the library myself, also.] I was also allowed to ride nearly a mile to school and back on certain days. Besides the mandatory (probably) helmet for someone his age, some sort of pannier, basket or a reasonable-sized backpack/knapsack/rucksack/messenger bag is needed when doing errands.

              Kevin R (TBC)

              1. As of the late 1970s, early-to-mid 1980s, when I was being paid to work behind the counter, or filling in as a favor to a shop owning friend, kids who rode their bikes or walked, or even took the bus were seriously outnumbered by those who had an adult acting as a chauffeur. Every once in a while an angry parental unit would drag a kid in by his ear and demand a refund because what the kid bought was forbidden fruit at that idiot’s house. I sympathized. The boss would buy back stuff that wasn’t too damaged, but if it wasn’t mint it was done at discount.

                I’d recommend walking or riding bikes to the store together the first time, pointing out where it was a better idea to leave the sidewalk and where to stay on, which intersections were most dangerous, and showing how to lock up the bike when going in to shop.

                Kevin R (TBC)

                1. The first comic I ever bought with my own money was with nickels I earned from my Dad when he sent me on my bike about a half-mile to buy the Saturday newspaper. It took three such errands to earn that first ish of ACTION COMICS, then I had to smuggle it into the house.

                  Think of how convenient it will be to ask (tell) young JATNAS, jr, to hop on over to the Quik-E-Mart for a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk, instead of having to put pants and shoes on?

                  Kevin R

          2. Reminds me of a story. We were at Gillette stadium kicking around watching the Patriots practice while were vacationed in Cape Cod a couple of years back.

            My daughter was being a total, stubborn pill that day and causing all kinds of grief for my wife. So I intervened and took aside (under a tree) and sternly scolded her. She at first attempted to scoff it off and walk without my giving her permission so I grabbed her arm and pulled her back under the tree until I saw she was in control of her behavior. Nothing bad at all.

            The whole time I could see out of the corner of my eye a stupid fucking older couple itching – I mean I could sense itching – to step in and give their fucking unsolicited two cents. I was ready to let them have it if they even dared to intervene in a parent disciplining their child. They had no fucking business without knowing the context. I gave them a ‘fuck off’ look and moved along.

            I’m still peeved by it as you can tell.

            1. One of the differences between people. I’d have been looking for any reason to move along and let you take care of things in private.*

              *Obligatory exception: if a person were physically abusing (I mean really abusing) a child I would intervene.

              1. One of my guilty pleasures is grabbing a cup of coffee at the amusement park and watching the kids have meltdowns. I enjoy their tiny tears.

                1. “I enjoy tiny tears.”

                  It is my preferred swimming medium.

              2. Much like every pet in a car is risking heatstroke, any physical contact with a child is abusive.

              3. No kidding. Same here. It was clearly a private matter and they damn knew well we didn’t look like drunken hicks.

                It wasn’t anywhere near abuse – that’s what annoys me. I’ll be damned if a child will show me up in public. It never happened again.

                It jolted her back into place though and the rest of the day was fine.

          3. That’s sounds like an endless opportunity to yell at them to get off your lawn

            1. Eh. As long as they aren’t damaging anything I don’t care. The pool is fenced with two pitbulls, so I’m not worried about any drownings.

              1. Were the pitbulls unnaturally shaped already or did you have to stretch them?

                1. Took me a minute, but I got it. The pool is fenced. There are two pitbulls inside the perimeter of the fence. Better?

                  1. Only if they swim and are equipped with frickin’ lasers.

                  2. So you bought a stolen pool?

                    1. I erected a structure to prevent unauthorized entry to my aquatic play area. Better?

                  3. Don’t let it happen again!

        2. I don’t think anything would happen, but if something were to happen, my money is on the snitching neighbors. I know from past experience we have a lot of busybodies who are very, very concerned with the well-being of all children in the neighborhood.

          1. Yeah, exactly. Snitches need to get stitches, hoss.

          2. Those people show far more interest in little kids than is healthy…

          3. we have a lot of busybodies who are claim to be very, very concerned with the well-being of all children in the neighborhood

            That’s the thing. You don’t know if they really are concerned about that, or just don’t want kids wandering around making noise, getting into trouble.

            The important thing is that they are out there, so doesn’t sound like a good idea unless you want to be the subject of a Lenore Skenazy article. Sorry, bro. Not even obnoxiously numbered posts deserve that type of hassle.

          4. I used to get updates about my son’s behavior on the school bus from my next door neighbor. Her kids would tell her what he was/wasn’t doing. She told us once and it took all I had to not say “my kid doesn’t say shit about yours, so fuck off.”

            Most of it sounded made up anyways, so I disregarded it. I know how my son acts. (loud but not bad)

      2. Walk with him the a few times first, then let him go on his own.

        1. This. And is there an app so he could stream from a phone to your phone so you can see what’s going on?

    2. JTNAS, you know one can spin this into quite a story and neither of it mature or particularly helpful.

    3. Sign him up for a fight club. He’ll get bigger and learn not to make stupid mistakes, like dropping his left.

    4. Walk there with him a couple of times, then let him go by himself and monitor him discreetly one time to see how he does. If he handles it fine, then don’t worry about it in the future.

    5. The way to learn common sense is to let the kid do things on his own and learn from the experiences. Give him the run down on some of the basics and let him at it.

    6. He’ll be fine. Yes, he’s old enough.

    7. You gain common sense by being left unattended. Sometimes painfully.

  4. Stripper performs at 8-year-old’s birthday party

    This kid’s birthday bash looked more like a bachelor party.

    Grainy YouTube video shows a stripper shaking her booty for a boy celebrating his eighth birthday.

    One youngster is seen smacking the dancer’s backside, and another makes it rain dollar bills, during the age-inappropriate bash in Tampa, Fla.

    Tampa cops received calls about the video last week, but cops didn’t act because nothing in the footage conclusively shows when and where the X-rated party happened, a department spokeswoman told The Post.

    1. It’s Tampa.

        1. The stripper’s kid was probably at the party.

      1. You misspelled Tuesday

    2. “One youngster is seen smacking the dancer’s backside”


    3. I didn’t know ProL’s kid had a birthday.

      1. Where is he these days?

        1. I know he had some work stuff that was keeping busy. Maybe he just fell out of the habit.

    4. I can’t look now but in the grainy still I saw the other day you could not tell the age of the person in the chair at all. I’m calling BS on the whole thing.

  5. Bullet Lodged in Florida Man’s Testicle After Wife Shoots Him for Cheating

    A Florida man was left with a bullet stuck in his testicle after his wife allegedly shot him during a recent confrontation over a purported affair.

    According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, 60-year-old Victoria Reid forced her husband to sit on the couch while she threatened to maim him, kill him, and give him post-traumatic stress disorder ? a condition she also suffers from ? to punish him for supposedly cheating on her. The bullet she eventually fired struck him in the knee before traveling up his leg and lodging in his testicle, authorities said.

    1. Ouch.

      1. I was thinking “That’s one tough testicle to stop a bullet.”

        1. Brass balls?

    2. 2 FloridaMan stories in row! Suck it Georgia!

      1. #waytowinit

    3. ” a condition she also suffers from”

      Citation needed.

  6. New Antarctic Melting Study Confirms Voting Republican Would Trigger Worldwide Catastrophe

    However, if Republicans block the appointment of Merrick Garland to the Court, which seems likely, and win the presidential election, which is possible, they can appoint the deciding justice. And that justice could well be seated in time to hear the appeal, quite likely dooming the Clean Power Plan.

    A president determined to keep working to limit climate change could easily regroup in the face of a legal defeat and design a different set of climate regulations. The Clean Power Plan’s requirements do not take effect until 2022. But a Republican president would not do anything to limit climate change. The Republican Party is institutionally committed to blocking any action to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The largest and most influential bloc of thought within the party dismisses the field of climate science as a massive hoax concocted by scientists to increase their own power (a theory expounded by Senator James Inhofe, chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works, author of The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future, and a believer that the existence of snow in February in Washington disproves climate science).

    1. Voting Libertarian will lead to the heat death of the universe.

      1. And the disintegration of the roads.

    2. So TEAMs are color coded by temperature of the reaction their vote causes?

      1. Heat maps Electoral maps

    3. I thought it was an Onion article. 🙁

      1. Some guy named Poe might have something to say about that.

      2. Wait, it wasn’t?!

    4. Yet they don’t mention what plans the democrats propose won’t actually abate said problem (assuming there was a problem) which i don’t think there is.

      1. Mostly pouring billions into failed projects, doing nothing to address that actual causes of environmental harm, restraining the American economy, and congratulating themselves for how morally superior they are to everyone else.

        1. It is important to remember that the ruling elite and opinion leaders of the progressive persuasion believe Krugman when wrote that a fake invasion threat from non-existent space aliens would be good for the economy.

          They really do believe that.

          It is absurd to those who understand that economics is not so much about what is seen as it is about that which is unseen. But progressives prefer Krugman to Bastiat.

    5. It sounds partisan to say, but it remains true: The fate of humanity rests to a very large degree on keeping the Republican Party out of power for as long as possible.


      1. I know we keep saying you can’t reach peak derp but…

      2. Rubio had a soundbite he was fond of that I quite enjoyed when he busted it out. He just said in regards to climate change, “America is not a planet.” This kind of doomsday crap about how the U.S. Congress controls the climate of the Earth is why I wish more people understood that.

    6. Gah, the left is really fucking phoning it in now, huh? What a lazy fucking hack – it is so stupid and vapid it doesn’t even rise to the level of sophistry. This is where Trump gets his support – from people so insulted at “articles” like this that they just want to burn the whole fucking thing down. And I get that…

  7. …Bernie Sanders, who has supported murderous communist regimes around the world, accused Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, and his “right wing ideology” of killing people.

    You call them murders, commies call them growing pains.

    1. You must break eggs to make omelet, tovarisch!

      1. All these broken eggs and I’ve never tasted the omelette

        1. They never figured out step 2 of the process.

          1. So, sort of like the Underpants Gnomes, only with mass murder.

            1. Step 1: Break eggs.

              Step 2: ???

              Step 3: Clean up mess from step one, break more eggs.

  8. And would be a more informed voter…

    Dead cat gets voting letter in the mail

    A local elections supervisor was startled when a voter sent him a photo of a letter sent to her deceased cat.

    She indicated the letter was suggesting her feline should register to vote.

    WESH 2 News looked into what the elections supervisor is doing to clear up any confusion about official mail from his office.

    The woman who sent the photo in a tweet blotted out her address. She said she doesn’t want any more unwanted mail.

    The woman said the note was encouraging her dead cat to be a registered voter.

    1. So the cat will be voting Democrat?

      1. Just like every other election.

      2. I’m pretty sure that cats are libertarians, even when they hang out together they don’t seem to cooperate very much.

        1. An Australian libertarian Senator (and vet) agrees:

          Cats are natural libertarians: nothing less than equality is acceptable to them

        2. Mine hiss and spit at each other and they’ve been together for 10 years.

          So yeah.

        3. Cats have a helluva entitlement mentality, in my experience. And they are natural authoritarians. TEAM BE RULED all the way.

    2. It’s supposed to be a thought experiment. Can Schrodinger clarify?

    3. Damn. I checked out the dateline and found the town was in Florida. I was sure it had to be Chicago…

  9. Death by overwork on rise among Japan’s vulnerable workers

    Japan is witnessing a record number of compensation claims related to death from overwork, or “karoshi”, a phenomenon previously associated with the long-suffering “salary man” that is increasingly afflicting young and female employees.

    Labor demand, with 1.28 jobs per applicant, is the highest since 1991, which should help Prime Minister Shinzo Abe draw more people into the workforce to counter the effect of a shrinking population, but lax enforcement of labor laws means some businesses are simply squeezing more out of employees, sometimes with tragic consequences.

    Claims for compensation for karoshi rose to a record high of 1,456 in the year to end-March 2015, according to labor ministry data, with cases concentrated in healthcare, social services, shipping and construction, which are all facing chronic worker shortages.

    1. Bunch of geisha girls. Look what this guy
      did with much less. I was looking forward to seeing him on the stump.

      1. Here’s a better link. Disability? No arms or legs.

        Author, disabilities champion Hirotada Ototake admits to adulterous affairs.

    2. lax enforcement of labor laws

      What labor laws does Japan have that would prevent overworking?

      I’m assuming as salarymen, that the dead guys weren’t hourly. Does Japan cap the number of hours you can work when you are on salary?

    3. Island nation. Need I say more?

  10. Greece has deported the first batch of migrants to Turkey per a new European Union agreement with that country.

    Poor Turkey. Whoa is the country to gets people who thought it was a good idea to go to Greece. Also, missing link.

    1. The Ottomans went to Greece and stayed for 350 years.

    2. Will they contemplate that on the Tree of Whoa?

      1. Crucify him!

    3. Wait, the Greeks and Turks agreed on something? That’s gotta be a first.

      1. The first seal of the apocalypse.

      2. To be fair they also agreed that they can’t both live on the same land. Their fixes, however were at loggerheads with each other.

    4. Germany tends to overcook their first batch of migrants.

    5. “WHOA is me!!!”

      / Joey from Blossom

    6. If they were migrants to Turkey, how is Greece deporting them? Are these migrants from Greece who fled to Turkey? And how does the EU agreement with Greece make a difference in whether or not Greece can deport people in Turkey? And where are the Greeks deporting these migrants to? I’m so confused by this sentence.

  11. The government of Great Britain has already demanded the data on assets o identify possible targets for prosecution. persecution

    Fix that for them.

    1. Meh. Its for show.

    2. The deliciousness of this is in finding out which of the pols demagoguing fat cats and their tax-evading secret off-shore bank accounts actually have tax-evading secret off-shore bank accounts.

      Much as I applaud anybody that can weasel out of paying taxes in any way they can, there’s still enjoyment to be had in watching the “fair share” bunch get caught not paying the fair share they think fair for everybody else.

      1. Anyone looked at a list of this?

  12. The government of Great Britain has already demanded the data on assets o identify possible targets for prosecution. persecution

    Fix that for them.

    1. And squirrelz fix for you!

      1. The squirrels will have troubles, once we’re all in the camps.

      2. The squirrels will have troubles, once we’re all in the camps.

        1. Goddammit…

        2. Goddammit…

          1. Now I wonder if you’re doing this on purpose…

            1. They hate tiny mammalian competition.

              *holds breath*

              1. YES! Take that, you little tech denizens of evil!

              2. Intra-order grudge match! Squirrels and hamsters both being members of the order Rodentia.

          2. Squirrelz of doom.

  13. U.S. Special Operations units are using faulty rifle sights

    That problem, known as thermal drift because it is weather-related, can cause the holographic weapon sight, or HWS, to be off target by six to 12 inches when a shooter is 300 feet away from a target, a common distance in a combat zone, according to the government’s lawsuit. Missing a target by as much as a foot can be disastrous for a soldier since it can be the difference between landing a fatal shot and missing the target

    1. Missing a target by as much as a foot can be disastrous for a soldier since it can be the difference between landing a fatal shot and missing the target

      In depth journalism.

      1. It’s the depth perception of in-depth journalism that matters. Although “missing a target can be the difference between hitting or missing a target” is just stupid.

      1. Definitely global warming.

        We need a well-regulated Earth temperature to ensure proper rifle functioning.

        I see an NRA-Greenpeace teamup in the making!

    2. I love that their pic of the guy learning “advanced shooting techniques” shows a shooter in prone position using iron sights. That was an advanced shooting technique around the time muskets were invented, genius.

  14. Another Western intervention in Libya looms

    Ben Fishman, who was a White House official responsible for Libya earlier in the Obama administration, said the U.S. campaign against the Islamic State in Libya is likely to be much more modest in scope than ongoing U.S. and allied operations in Iraq and Syria.

    “The wild card is, of course, if there are connections between Libya and terror threats in Europe,” he said.

    1. Are we going to put another Khaddafi in charge?

      1. Khaddaffy Duck!

    2. Another Western intervention in Libya looms

      Because the last one worked out so well. One of Hillary’s many achievements.

  15. Reversible, Condomless Male Birth Control Will Be Here in 2018

    Vasalgel is a gel that’s injected into the penis and, once in there, blocks sperm from leaving the vas deferens (like a vasectomy, but temporary and without the painful surgery)

    1. injected into the penis

      injected into the penis

      injected into the penis


      1. The second question is, if the fluid can’t take the normal route, where does it go? Or are you going to have a massive pressure buildup until you get a painful rupture?

        1. That is what Crusty is hoping for

        2. I believe that is called an “organism”.

          1. -1 “ni”

            1. My old enemy spellcheck is up early on Monday morning.

            2. I’ll allow it.

        3. Geyser.

        4. No. Vasectomy only stop sperm from being added to semen. You still ejaculate, just minus sperm, which are a tiny component of semen. Your testicles stop producing sperm because of a feedback loop. Your nuts won’t explode.

        5. The quote is sperm, not semen. I believe that sperm in the testes continually expire and are replaced so no “issue” there….but you would still have ejaculate, just with no sperm cells in it.

          1. Damn, took to long to compose my thought but what Florida Hipster said.

            1. I always finish early…wait no!

        6. Ruptured eardrums.

          1. Or a runny nose.

      2. injected into the penis

        Yeah, that’s going to have major acceptance problems. And women are going to be all like “we have to put up with gyno exams and you guys can just suck it up.” Sorry, straight guys, sucks to be you.

        FWIW the article wasn’t clear on whether it was an injection-injection (skin-piercing, needles, etc) or whether the meds are simply pumped into the urethra through the opening at the end of the system. Realize there might not be a difference in the “NFW” factor for many of you.

        1. I’m guessing injected directly into the vas deferens. It’s not that big of a deal.

          1. Honestly, I’d rather have a needle than something pumped up the canal. The old STD “swab” is painful enough. The fact that it looks like it’s formed out of twisted paper clips doesn’t help either.

            1. old STD “swab

              *takes one step back*

              1. *takes one step back*

                Look who has to move less than 12 inches.

        2. And women are going to be all like “we have to put up with gyno exams and you guys can just suck it up.” Sorry, straight guys, sucks to be you.

          I find it amusing that you imagine all straight couplings to be between shrill-voiced harridans and Larry David-ian schmoes.

          1. Well, he’s not wrong.

    2. injected into the penis

      Oh yeah – best avoid that “painful” surgery, hmmm?

    3. So I’m reading “Links with Crusty’, and KMFDM’s ‘Sex on the Flag’ immediately pops up on my Pandora station.

      I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure it is profound.

        1. Shake your booty, Crusty. Here is Light.
          Once you see Lucia in yellow and black, you should be busy for the rest of the day.

          1. This is the last time I put my “Lord Humungus hat” on and provide you weirdos with links.

            1. it’s a mask

          2. I should not have Googled “KMFDM Lucia pics” from my work station. My 10:00 meeting is going to be…hard.

            1. Goodness. She scares me, but in a way that i like.

    4. I tried the knockoff Vasaljello. Turned me into a rapist.


    5. So the solution has always been to just put a cork in it? Only with a needle and gel? Brilliant!

      1. For smart parents with sons, this should be the 16th b-day present.

        1. “Really, Johnny, this is for your girlfriend. Its time the poor girl got to do something other than anal. Enjoy, both of you!”

  16. Why Trump’s Antiwar Message Resonates with White America

    The burden of this humiliation fell hardest on Republican strongholds. Demographically, the military draws heavily from the South, rural areas and the working and middle class. And while no racial group has a monopoly on military service, white enlistees make up a disproportionate share of those wounded and killed in action. This is the very same demographic that forms the core of the contemporary Republican base. Whether they were working-class Reagan Democrats like Mamaw or committed middle-class Republicans, the people who made Mr. Bush president are the same people who sent their children to fight in his wars.

    Add to this a Department of Veterans Affairs that failed to adequately care for returning troops, and it’s almost too perfect a narrative: The same leadership that failed to pacify Iraq cannot properly administer benefits to veterans. The product is combustible frustration.

    Yet while the Democrats elected an anti-Iraq war candidate in 2008, the Republicans never addressed the anger of their own voters. At best, they criticized the mismanagement of the war or hauled V.A. officials into Congress for hearings. But in 2008 and 2012, the party ran candidates who refused to rethink the Bush foreign policy that led to Iraq.

    1. Yet while the Democrats elected an anti-Iraq war candidate in 2008

      Sure glad Obama ended all those wars and didn’t undertake any more military interventions.

      1. C’mon, if we judged our elected politicians by any measure other than their empty promises, they’d never get anything done.

        1. What about baffling blather? Most of what Trump vomits up barely qualifies as English, let alone explicit promises.

      2. Yet while the Democrats elected an anti-Iraq war candidate in 2008

        Good lord.

        Obama went to an anti-war rally in 2007, and said he was pro-“good” war.

        JD Vance clearly can’t be bothered with facts.

    2. Using Bernie Sanders own logic, bernie is responsible for the deaths of service members.

    3. I call bullshit. I’ve seen a LOT of Trump fan word vomit on the internet, and I’ve never seen the Iraq War included in their justification for liking him. It’s all immigration, trade, personality, “strength”, and “honesty”.

    1. So can the naturally-occurring sort, but more better maggot is good.

  17. Some really great assimilation going on in Germany. “With Allah’s Help, We Shall Conquer You”…..uer-video/

    1. Nein, nein, es muss auf Deutsch sein!–“Allah, allah, ueber alles!”

    2. I would think Germans would be the last people you would want to piss off.

    1. Its like the result of a joint project of Warty and HM….

      1. It was the only way to escape Warty’s dungeon.

    2. There is such a thing as overdoing it. They’re well past that point.

      1. Mmm, I’d do them.

        Tastes differ.

    3. The furiously fit twosome, who racked up nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram, also revealed that they earned a combined $30,000 after breaking into modeling as the “Double Dose Twins” two years ago.

      That’s $7,500 per butt cheek

      1. Modern-day equivalent of the freak show.

        1. Did you really need a link to a wiki page? Everyone knows what a freak show is. I was thinking it would link me to some pictures of freaks. You’ve let me down.

      2. Eh. Works out to $300 per cheek per month.

  18. Student accused of violating university ‘safe space’ by raising her hand. but…

    “I totally do believe in safe space and the principles behind it,” she told the Telegraph. “It’s supposed to enhance free speech and not shut it down, and give everyone a chance to feel like they can contribute.

    “Safe space is essential for us to have a debate where everyone can speak, but it can’t become a tool for the hard left to use when they disagree with people.”


    1. “I totally do believe in safe space and the principles behind it,”

      Coddling grown adults and treating them like children produces no benefit for anyone. Not the people being coddled, not society, not the people who end up having to clean up the mess. “Safe Spaces” should end when someone enrolls in Kindergarden.

    2. Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme

    3. “It’s supposed to enhance free speech and not shut it down….it can’t become a tool for the hard left to use when they disagree with people.”


      1. It’s like she gets it but doesn’t get it at all.

    4. You know who else violated someone’s safe space? Carlos Braithwaite, that’s who.

      1. Hey, we can answer the question ourselves?

        1. I guess; but seriously, who would have got the right answer?

            1. That was great, but Gagne and Knoblach fucking with Lonnie Smith was better

              1. Love the 87 twins and also the Niekro “I ain’t got nuthin`”

      2. Maybe the Windows can get their shit together in the other formats now… their performance at the last ODI world cup was, um, less than scintillating.

        1. First, great Autocorrect.

          Second, BBC has an interesting piece arguing that T20 is actually helping rather than hurting West Indies cricket.

          1. I can’t be the only WINDIES supporter here, can I?

            1. Fucking autocorrect…

              Nah, I’m a bit of a supporter – I cheer for them second after Sri Lanka. That’s why it would be nice to see them be competitive in the other formats again. I think we’ve had about as much of the Aus/NZ/India/SA quadropoly as necessary.

  19. Lucy DeCoutere Quits ‘Trailer Park Boys’ as Bubbles Actor Charged with Battery

    Bubbles actor Mike Smith was released on $20,000 bail early Saturday, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told CBC. Media reports say Smith allegedly choked friend Georgia Ling during an argument in a hotel bathroom. He now faces one domestic battery charge.

    Both Smith and Ling disputed the charge in a joint statement. “Georgia is a friend of mine and we had a loud and heated dispute. That is all,” said Smith. “At no time did I assault her. I am not guilty of the misdemeanor charged against me.”

    “At no point did I feel I was in danger, otherwise I would’ve called the police myself, which I did not,” reads Ling’s comment. “Police were called by others not present in the room who mistakenly perceived the argument to be something other than what it was. When the officers arrived, I tried to assure them there was no real issue, but they proceeded to arrest Mike.”

    1. Come on Mike, just say your sorwry.

    2. Fuck off, Lahey!

    3. That’s an awkwardly situation. Sounds like Ling wanted to give him escape goats against the false acriminations, but I do trust his judgmental. They should let guy bonds be guy bonds.

    4. I blame the fuckin’ samsquanch.

  20. Study confirms what millions taking statins have said for years

    Dr. Steven Nissen is the lead researcher of the Cleveland Clinic study.

    “We’ve confirmed that this is a problem and it’s real and we’ve given them an alternative,” he said.

    Dr. Nissen said problems including muscle pain and weakness effect up to 10 percent of people on statins or three to four million Americans.

    The study looked at more than 500 patients who reported side effects and are considered “statin intolerant.”

    The patients in the study were given a statin or a sugar pill. About 42 percent who took a statin experienced muscle pain or weakness.

    1. What are the costs per year when talking about the injectable non-statin drugs?

      “It’s about $14,000 a year,” said Dr. Nissen. “So they are quite expensive.”

      The cost for statins is a few hundred dollars per year.

      Dr. Nissen estimates about 36 million people in the U.S. rely on statins. So far, two injectable non-statins have been approved by the FDA.

    2. I stopped taking Crestor because of fatigue. I was doing exercises that I could get through easily, prior to that. Once taking it, I could not make it through the work out. I was winded and had no energy after a few minutes. My doctor told me to stop, so I did.

      Statins are the devil, AFAIAC.

  21. Joe Medicine Crow, a war chief, historian and the last link to the Battle of Little Big Horn, dies at 102

    According to Crow tradition, a man must fulfill certain requirements to become chief of the tribe: command a war party successfully, enter an enemy camp at night and steal a horse, wrestle a weapon away from his enemy and touch the first enemy fallen, without killing him.

    Joe Medicine Crow was the last person ever to meet that code, though far from the windswept plains where his ancestors conceived it. During World War II, when he was a scout for the 103rd Infantry in Europe, he strode into battle wearing war paint beneath his uniform and a yellow eagle feather inside his helmet. So armed, he led a mission through German lines to procure ammunition. He helped capture a German village and disarmed ? but didn’t kill ? an enemy soldier. And, in the minutes before a planned attack, he set off a stampede of 50 horses from a Nazi stable, singing a traditional Crow honor song as he rode away.

    “I never got a scratch,” he recalled to the Billings Gazette decades later.

    1. Those requirements get a bit harder with point and kill weapons available.

      1. And yet I am completely on board with requiring this from our presidential candidates.

        1. Would at least weed out the weak contenders more quickly.

          1. Somehow I think Trump would be good at stealing horses.

    2. That is pretty fucking impressive.

    3. I want to see his biopic RIGHT NOW!

      1. Starring Lou Diamond Phillips.

        1. Starring a Filipino? CULTURAL APPROPRIASHUNZ!!!11!!!! or something.

          1. Yes, it should at least be a Native American actor. So… Heather Locklear?

            1. LDP is Hollywood’s go to actor for American Indian characters.

              1. WHAT MORE DOES WES STUDI HAVE TO DO?!?!?!??!!?

    4. I feel unfit to breath that man’s air. And I am very sorry I never met him. You talk about someone who would have been worth meeting. Wow.

    5. “Medicine Crow heard stories of the Battle of Little Bighorn from people who were there, including his great uncle White Man Runs Him, who served as a scout for Gen. Armstrong Custer.”

      Pretty sure White Man Runs Him will be Chris Christie’s new name in a Trump administration.

    6. That was one badass mofo. Respect.

  22. Equality finally comes to the WWE: A Redefining Moment

    The role of women in WWE has continued to evolve. For the first time in WWE history, Sasha Banks and Bayley became the first women to main event an NXT pay-per-view, and they tore the house down. In fact, their match the month before at NXT TakeOver was voted “match of the year” by our fan base. And earlier tonight, at WrestleMania, Charlotte, Sasha and Becky competed in a triple threat match, which ultimately saw Charlotte leave as the champion.

    Our female performers are world-class athletes, actors, public speakers and philanthropists. They’re role models, inspiring and empowering women and girls to be confident and strong. They dedicate themselves to WWE, achieve great success and earn the same respect as their male counterparts.

    Therefore, from this point forward, all of our performers ? male and female ? will be known as “Superstars.”

    *sheds tear*

    1. Brave new world. Not that I watch wrestling, but I don’t see how female wrestlers will ever be more than a side show… Not that male wrestling isn’t basically a side show.

      1. Hey, whatever sells, supply and demand.

        1. I wish I had come up with the idea.

          I attended Wrestlemania in 2007 in Detroit with some buddies who had an extra ticket. It was entertaining but I was pretty drunk.

  23. Krayewski, your failure to mention baseball opening day is a microagression against nerds, Hispanics, and rednecks.

    Go Nats!

    1. prepare to be infuriated by Werth failing to get to routine flyballs and Dusty refusing to go with Taylor because Werth is a trusted veteran.

      1. but yes go nats.

      2. It can’t be any worse than last year’s shitshow. Or can it?

      3. Eh, if recent seasons are any indication, Werth will be out half the season with injuries anyway.

        1. True.

      4. Gah, Werth makes wish the NL would adopt the designated hitter. He’s good enough at the plate (and gets paid too much) for management to bench, but doesn’t move in the field. Enormous ego, too, from what I’ve heard.

        Still, Rendon/Espinosa will be a huge upgrade from Yuni/Desmond on the left side of the field, so that’s something, I guess…

    2. Baseball is dead

      1. How can you tell?

    3. Yeah, home opener for NY Yankees today, and I ran into snow squalls on the way to work this morning. Of course, a cold April is just weather, not like when there is a mild February, which is prooof of CLIMATE CHANGE!!11!!!!

      1. Some day we will have to tell our children and grandchildren what snow was like.

      2. Game is postponed – they are going to try to get in a double-header tomorrow. Might have been better off starting the season in Houston.

    4. The Angels beat the Cubs on an exhibition game scheduled for opening day, earning another 108 years without a championship.

  24. Sanders runs the best two-minute hates!

  25. Regarding off-shore tax shelters: “Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela issued a statement saying his government would cooperate “vigorously” with any judicial investigation arising from the leak of the law firm’s documents.”

    Nothing brings nations together for vigorous cooperation like allegations that they aren’t getting their proper cut of the people’s meat.

    1. Yeah, and kiss those dollars goodbye, Mr. President. Money goes where it’s well-treated.

      1. But but but….if we raise taxes and vilify corporations and increase the cost of hiring people, they’ll all come back, right? #FeelTehBern!!!

        1. Bernie supporters view everything as if it were an island. The guy drives me crazy.

  26. I think a pattern is emerging.

    Now, as the bumper stickers don’t quite say, stuff happens. But at this point it’s something like a 90 percent probability that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Anyone denying that arithmetic is basically pulling a con job on Sanders supporters.

    So what does that say about appropriate behavior on the part of her rival? Two things, I’d argue.

    First, the Sanders campaign needs to stop feeding the right-wing disinformation machine. Engaging in innuendo suggesting, without evidence, that Clinton is corrupt is, at this point, basically campaigning on behalf of the RNC. If Sanders really believes, as he says, that it’s all-important to keep the White House out of Republican hands, he should stop all that ? and tell his staff to stop it too.

    Bernie is part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

    “Honest? Honest as the day is long.”

    1. “Without evidence”. I do not think that means what he thinks it means.

      1. The FBI and the New York Times are just part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. So is Bernie Sanders.

    2. Oh, this is delicious.

      1. It’s her turn, dammit.

    3. No lie is too big, no slam against the Bern is too great, no nonsense is so nonsensical that Krugman won’t use it to curry the favor of The Pantsuit and thereby procure his rightful place in the 2017 Clinton Administration.

  27. T.H.I.N.K b4 u SEND

    If it doesn’t pass the THINK test you may be breaking the law.

    Unnecessary is illegal?

    1. Wouldn’t that make every social media post illegal?

    2. I was hoping they would get thousands of insulting responses. I did my part.

    3. I am no longer down with OPP.

  28. Agile unmasked.

    LSD could make you smarter, happier and healthier. Should we all try it?

    Yes, of course.

    In 1970, Congress dropped psychedelics into the war on drugs. After a decade of Timothy Leary, “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” and news reports of gruesome murders, the federal government declared that the drugs had no medical use ? and high potential for abuse. The chairman of New Jersey’s Narcotic Drug Study Commission called LSD “the greatest threat facing the country today .?.?. more dangerous than the Vietnam War.”

    But over the past decade, some scientists have begun to challenge that conclusion. Far from being harmful, they found, hallucinogens can help sick people: They helped alcoholics drink less; terminal patients eased more gently into death. And it’s not just the infirm who are helped by the drugs. Psychedelics can make the healthy healthier, too.

    1. But over the past decade, some scientists have begun to challenge that conclusion.

      Actually, people have been challenging that assertion since LSD was invented. It was used therapeutically before it was banned, and successes were claimed for it, back in the 60s.

      1. RCD, yes, it was used therapeutically in the 50’s 60’s. Maybe you should RTFA.

        In the 1950s, researchers began to investigate whether psychedelics could treat mental-health disorders and addiction. Between 1953 and 1973, the federal government funded 116 studies on the subject, affecting thousands of people.

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  30. RE: Donald Trump has moved on to calling for John Kasich to drop out of the Republican race for president. Trump complained that he’d “automatically win” if Kasich just quit

    1. Kasich, the only Republican candidate that remotely appear to be sane, doesn’t realize that Trump the Grump is entitled to the White House. Trump is rich, stupid and arrogant. Doesn’t Kasich realize these three attribute alone are sufficient to claim the White House?

    2. Trump the Grump should automatically win because, as the Republican front runner, he has more stupid ideas than the rest of the Republicans. That alone should make him an automatic front runner.

    3. We can only speculate how much more stupid Comrade Sanders’ and Hitlery’s ideas are more stupid than Trump the Grump’s are.

    4. We’ll see.

    5. Stay tuned for more stupidity and absurdity.

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