$15 Minimum Wage Bills Signed into Law, Supreme Court Rules on State District Boundaries, Princeton Won't Strip Woodrow Wilson's Name from Buildings: P.M. Links


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    Credit: Annette Bernhardt / photo on flickr

    California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law today the quickly passed $15 minimum wage law. In his speech he said, "Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense because it binds the community together to make sure parents can take care of their kids." Those parents will be taking care of those kids for a while, too, since they're going to have a hard time finding jobs.

  • On the other side of the country, New York Gov. Mario Cuomo signed its $15 minimum wage bill into law as well. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in the state and celebrated the bill's passage at a labor rally.
  • The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that states can determine legislative district boundaries based on the total populations within, not just based on voting-age populations.
  • Princeton has decided it will not remove Woodrow Wilson's name from campus buildings in response to complaints about the president's racist past.
  • Alaska Air is buying Virgin America airlines for $2.6 billion. The merged company would become the top air carrier on the West Coast.
  • The Department of Justice is looking over the massive weekend leak of data about the shady offshore dealings of some rich international leaders and their cronies to see if there's any criminal wrongdoing connected to the United States. If there's a possibility of money to seize, I'm sure they'll find something.

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  1. If there’s a possibility of money to seize, I’m sure they’ll find something.

    How dare they. That’s their government’s money.

    1. Hello.

      Cuomo and Brown.

      Remember these names when the unintended consequences hit.

      1. I’m wondering how long until my job gets shipped to another state. 🙁

        1. Bunch of assholes.

      2. One unintended consequence will be that the property values in Portland will go even higher.

        1. If I had the money I’d be buying some commercial property on the Yuma/Winterhaven border. Gonna be a lot of convenience stores moving a mile or two east over the next few years.

  2. Jerry Brown gives himself a raise.

    1. “Economically, giving myself a raise does not make much sense. But morally, societally, and politically, it makes every sense to send my kids to private school, my wife to her Pilate’s classes, and my maid home with new golden earrings after I bang her while my wife and kids are not home.”

  3. Alaska Air is buying Virgin America airlines for $2.6 billion.

    For the air hymen.

    1. Where’s Air Lingus in this deal?

      1. Stuck in the middle.

    2. Branson must need to have his teeth whitened again.

      1. It’s how he signals the ATC tower that he is about to land his plane – by flashing his smile.

        1. what does tossing his platinum locks signal?

  4. Virginia’s Democratic governor has vetoed a bill that seeks to force schools to notify parents if their children will be assigned books with sexually explicit content.

    Gov. Terry McAuliffe said in his veto message Monday that he believes it’s inappropriate to interfere with local school board policy. He also said the bill is unnecessary because the Virginia Board of Education is already examining such a policy.

    The bill received a 22-17 vote in the Senate, meaning there’s likely not enough support to override the governor’s veto.


    1. IIRC Obama wanted to teach kindergartners sex ed.

      1. Those consent forms take a lot of time to fill out, so it’s best to figure out how to navigate them early.

  5. Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense

    I just can’t even. How on earth does it make moral, social, and political sense to force people out of the labor market?

    1. Yeah, there was some article the other day to this effect. I’ve graciously forgotten it.

      This must be the new proggie rationale: three out of four ain’t bad.

      1. +1 Almost Meatloaf

        1. Don’t you mean + 2/3?

          1. I’m not a comedy writer.

            *hangs head*

            1. *Libertarian leaves the room like a bat out of hell*

            2. These masturbation euphemisms are getting awfully abstract.

              1. this masturbation-euphemisms meme is getting awfully abstract.

    2. “But it seems like it should help people!”

      1. Minumum wages make SmugSense(tm)

    3. How on earth does it make moral, social, and political sense to force people out of the labor market?

      I think the goal is to appease the robots by keeping the robo-unemployment rate low. That way, they are too busy working to destroy humanity.

      1. How about we just stop kicking them and tipping them over with hockey sticks?

        1. eggs/romletes?

          1. Is a romlete a robot omelette, or a Mitt Romney omelette?

            (And is there a difference?)

    4. How does it make moral sense to do anything but shame people who make $15/hour or less and have kids?

      1. Meh. Depending on where you live and how frugally you are willing to be, it can be done.

        1. How many people can afford private school or homeschooling on $15/hour? Let alone nice clothes, shoes, and toys. Your kids didn’t sign up to be poor.

          1. They didn’t sign up to be ugly and socially awkward either but what are you gonna do?

            1. Those are, of course, more great reasons not to have kids.

              1. Well, the world needs ugly and socially awkward ditch diggers, too.

              2. But Nikki, think about all the new jobs this law will create in the self-serve kiosk sector.

            2. Someday they will grow up to be libertarians.

            3. I’m sorry they got your genes.

              1. Not as sorry as they are.

                1. Stupid is never sorry. Stupid just is.

          2. “Your kids didn’t sign up to be poor.”

            Are we doing parodies of libertarians? Needs moar monocles and orphan labor. Too subtle.

          3. If you’re poor, then don’t bring kids into the situation. That’s on the parents, not me.

            The best things in life cost money. That’s an incentive to work harder, so that one can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

            If you need a job that pays $15/hr, apply for one. If you don’t qualify, you need to improve your skills.

          4. So I reckon that all distills down to, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

        2. It’s almost as though…wait…you don’t have to live in the most expensive city in the country? What?

          1. The sad thing is, by 2020 you *will* have to live in the most expensive cities. They’ll be the only places where the jobs are left when all the work in the poorer towns dries up because no-one can afford for their payscale to start at $15/hr and go on up from there.

            1. No, I’ll be working from home, in the cheapest place I can find in the world, sitting in front of a PC

    5. The political word there is just blatant “reelected me, bitches”

    6. You forgot about “intentions”. It’s not about reality. It’s about intentions.

      1. Foreseeable consequences are not unintended.

        1. “You choose the behavior you choose the consequences.” -Dr. Phil

          1. So, are you saying that RC Dean is Dr. Phil?

            1. Well, he is a doctor, at least.

            2. They have never been seen in the same place at the same time.

        2. They are if there is a D by your name on the ballot.

    7. They’ll be bound together in a community. Of unemployment. Whether they like it or not. But they’ll be bound, dammit!

    8. Morally and socially, I’m not buying it. But politics isn’t about reason or being right or good outcomes, so it may well make sense politically.

    9. It’s not as offensive to have people unemployed as it is to have them employed & making too low a rate of pay. Seriously, that moral offense is what drives this issue. If you’re unemployed, it’s nobody’s fault, but if you’re making $10/hr it’s like, “What? That’s all that SOB thinks you’re worth?! That’s an insult.”

  6. Those parents will be taking care of those kids for a while, too, since they’re going to have a hard time finding jobs.

    Ooh, ooh! Pay the parents $15/hr to look for a job AND another $15/hr to take care of the kids!

  7. Stranger enters amorous couple’s room, starts having sex with the woman.

    In Florida, naturally.

    1. Was the stranger a cop?

    2. That’s not allowed? Then what’s the point of staying at the Days Inn?

    3. The victim told officers she “noticed something changed”

      But she didn’t actually object all that much at the time, one supposes.

      1. Did you laugh while you were still in the room, or did you wait until you were in police custody?

        1. I laughed that they arrested the wrong man.

          1. So your name isn’t Peggy?

    4. Wait a second: “Peggy Sanders Simon” is a man?

      1. Check your shitlord privilege, Ted.

      2. From the basics of the story, Peggy is a nickname.

          1. Now, why’d you have to go and ruin a perfectly good narrative?

    5. crosses florida off vacay list…. I assume this sort of thing is still okay in Louisiana… asking… for a friend?

  8. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that states can determine legislative district boundaries based on the total populations within, not just based on voting-age populations.

    Old school Catholic districts are about to get more juice?

    1. Mormon districts.

    2. We’ve gone from “every sperm is sacred” to “every sperm gets us closer to another congressman.”

      1. The opposite of sacred.

    3. Victory for federalism?

      1. Actually, I think so.

        The plaintiffs wanted SCOTUS to require Texas to use voting age population when drawing local boundaries. The court said Texas is free too choose what they think is best, Justice Thomas writing that the court isn’t smart enough to make that choice for them.

    4. One of my law school classmates argued this case for the Plaintiffs. Obviously he got clobbered today, but still pretty cool that he got the chance.

    5. How is this controversial?

      The existence of the old 3/5ths rule for persons held in bondage would seem to be an exception that proves the rule that districts should be based on total population..

  9. Idiots idiots idiots idiots idiots idoits idiots idiots idjits idiots

  10. Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense

    It’s rare you have such a clear example of what’s wrong with government.

    1. Economically, morally, socially and politically.

    2. Once run through the BS filter, he’s saying:

      “In terms of real consequences (i.e., economically), we know this is terrible and stupid and will hurt people overall, and hurt the poor most of all.

      On the other hand, in terms of perception, people will foolishly consider us to be more moral if we pass this, which will enhance the standing of supporters both politically and socially”

      Socialism is the opiate of the masses.

      1. Socialism is the opiate of the masses.

    1. I am just glad they are no longer called Divas. They are all Superstars now!

    2. The bad guy cheated in a pro wrestling match?

      I need my safe space.

      1. Ric Flair is not a bad guy. He is possibly the greatest wrestler of all time. (I may have to go with the Crusher overall, but Ric is up there).

        1. He’s most definitely a heel in his current role (and most of his career).

          1. Ric Flair may have been the one stylin’ and profilin’, but Arn Anderson was one keeping the Four Horsemen together.

            1. +1 Enforcer.

              Flair stole Nature Boy Buddy Rogers’ gimmick.

    3. I know what she means! It used to infuriate me when Precious would help Jimmy Hollywood Garvin win matches by cheating.

      No way a woman should ever be allowed to influence a match!

      * One of the highlights of my life was when Jimmy Gavin called me a fucking asshole in the Wadena, MN high school gym for having a sign making fun of Precious. (He was there for one of the old AWA summer tours where they would barnstorm around the sticks putting on shows).

      1. That clip of him and Precious working the Von Erich ranch was fucking priceless. He’s one of the most underrated heels ever.

    4. waaa!

      no, wait, I mean wooo!

    5. did Undertaker choke slam Shane-O straight to hell? he’s such an ungrateful child. but he does take a nice stunner.

    6. The author actually responded to a commenter’s criticism with this post:

      “In environments where the context contains systemic forces like misogyny, sexism, racism, or other forms of oppression, you can’t just say that doing the exact same behavior is equality. Because when the behavior reinforces the systemic oppression it has greater impact than the exact same behavior going in the opposite direction. (“Punching down” vs. “punching up”.) It’s like riding a bike with a tailwind vs. riding a bike into a headwind: you can be doing the exact same behavior but the results are very different. So a valet/manager interfering can have the effect of perpetuating a shitty cultural trope (that women can’t win on their own or don’t have value without their relationship to a man) that doesn’t have the same effect when genders are reversed because there is no larger cultural trope that it is reinforcing.”

  11. Today in science journalism:

    “But somehow, this study about a gene variant that means some people might be better off eating a vegetarian diet was misinterpreted to mean that eating vegetarian will cause your genes to mutate and lead to a higher risk of colon cancer.”

    1. From a link in the sidebar… looks like Malaysia could use some more libertarian moment about right now.

      Malaysian Authorities Have Been Raiding Vape Shops

      In Malaysia, there’s currently a lot of drama swirling around a fast-growing craze. Health officials are busting down the doors of shops and raiding shelves. Dealers are hawking goods out of the trunks of cars in parking lots. Religious bodies are declaring a moral scourge. What is this plight that has descended on the southeast Asian nation? Vaping.

      “The vaping market emerged about four years ago, but it really only became popular about one or two years ago,” Jeremy Ong, the 25-year-old co-founder of Vape Club MY, a vaping subscription box service based in Kuala Lumpur, told me via Skype. “In the past year, retail stores started popping up like mushrooms.”

      The scary thing is, politicians will be wondering how we can import this here.

    2. That’s a hell of a game of telephone right there.

    3. fta:“Vegetarians make us feel guilty, right? They’re so virtuous and ascetic, and yet bacon is so good, you know?” Comfort said.

      No. No, they don’t.

  12. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense…

    Mostly – and inexplicably – that third thing.

    1. morally- normally this is based on steal from rich and give to poor= moral. In this case its steal from everyone- those who will learn the actual minimum wage is 0, taxpayers sucking up increased cost of gub employees, and consumers who pay increased cost of everything… all to benefit teenagers and irresponsible adults.

      socially- because its an easy sell to most folk, since for them basic econ is too hard to learn.

      politically- by the time shit hits the fan I’ll be gone suckers!

  13. Refugee accommodation leaves hotels short of beds

    The future of a large number of hotels currently being used by the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) is clouded in uncertainty, with a large number of contracts to rent the empty hotels being extended into the high season and 80,000 beds being procured by the agency.

    With tourism season fast approaching, the industry says it is not currently informed of the government’s plans regarding the large number of facilities that have been transformed into asylum accommodations, according to a report by Svenska Dagbladet.

    Neither Migrationsverket, Visit Sweden or the hotel and restaurant industry’s trade association Visita are able to provide specific information about the loss of facilities, and tourism organisations are in the dark as to the capacity they will be operating at this year.

    “Some municipalities have no beds at all – clearly, tourism is going to be affected,” Lena Larsson, CEO at Sm?land Tourism, told Svenska Dagbladet.

    1. And I bet the refugees are just taking the best care of their hotel rooms too. I hope the hotels are being compensated for their trouble (and not just paid whatever the government decides they are going to take).

      1. It’s Sweden, so complying hotels will be compensated in full using taxes taken from communities dominated by other immigrants/refugees who pay little/no taxes. The Swedish natives who’ve fallen all over themselves to be more accommodating to ‘tourists’, even when they can’t pay, are essentially subsidizing their own eviction.

    2. Airbnb set to kick some ass this year in Sweden

      1. Sure, until the government decides that using it means they can seize your house and give it to refugees.

    3. I don’t think Sweden needs to worry about a booming tourist season this year.

      1. They need to worry about a different sort of boom.

        1. Who is the Boom King?

          1. People who hold signs go on to hold many things.

  14. The Department of Justice is looking over the massive weekend leak of data about the shady offshore dealings of some rich international leaders and their cronies to see if there’s any criminal wrongdoing connected to the United States.

    In all seriousness, this was the result of a theft of data from a law firm, possibly from an insider at the firm. On top of that, this is still information protected by privileges held by the client. As such, wouldn’t the source of the information complicate any attempt to use the information against any alleged criminal wrongdoing by the wrongdoers?

    1. No, because it wasn’t done at the behest of the DOJ.

    2. Methinks the DOJ would be aiming to prove that the law firm and their clients were engaged in a criminal conspiracy, which I believe is an exception to the privilege rule in some circumstances (see here)

      1. Perhaps Bo Carla Esquire could enlighten us.

  15. Would, wouldn’t, wouldn’t, would, would, wouldn’t.

    1. Got a thing for headwear eh?

    2. How do you know until you try?

    3. You are othering the wouldn’ts. Bad Crusty.

  16. Why not $150 per hour?

    1. $1,000 an hour. We’d all be rich, and could buy houses and cars, and then we’d have even more money to spend so we could get paid even more money!

    2. Why not an “Only Wage” law. $15 an hour could be the only amount your allowed to make. It would be the most fair.

      1. Wasn’t that what the soccer women were arguing earlier? It’s not fair that the men make more than the women so they wanted the men to take a big pay cut?

        1. To be fair, the men’s team isn’t that good.

          1. Right…being in the top 20 or so in the most popular sport in the world with the game being (very generously) 5th or so in team sport priority means they’re bad.

        2. Not sure what the full substance of the EEOC complaint is, but they’re arguing (VERY selectively) that there is a huge discrepancy in compensation.

          Of course comparing the men’s team to the women’s team is in itself absurd, because the impact and “pools” that they play in are so vastly different both in competition terms and in pure money-making terms. They also are trying to compare two completely different CBAs with one another. Add to that the fact that the men receive $0 in salary from USSF and a core of the women’s team (15?) draw at least $72k per year and benefits – thus are actual USSF employees – AND the USSF pays a significant portion of their “day job” salaries as part of the NWSL, and you get a whole lot of sound and fury and sympathetic uninformed people.

      2. The list of exemptions to the limit would be hilarious…right up until I find myself excluded.

  17. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in the state and celebrated the bill’s passage at a labor rally.

    Where was Bernie on this? I guess he doesn’t want workers to make a decent wage like Hillary does.

  18. “It’s a dumb idea, but we’ll do it, because WE’RE CALIFORNIA!”

    1. “The fucking BELLWETHER state!”

    2. +1 Salton Sea

  19. Hello,
    Pigeon forge was a hit! It’s like Vegas for kids. Thanks all for the suggestions.

    1. Glad you weren’t involved.. It freaked me out a bit, I remembered someone I “knew” mentioned Pigeon Forge very recently..

    1. Huh, interesting.

      The whole thing also illustrates how out of touch I am. I’ve never heard of any of these people.

      1. Raymond is yuge in the hacker world.

  20. Lucy Steigerwald: The Libertarian Presidential Debate was a Little Noticed Breath of Fresh Air

    It’s not as if even the libertarian-tolerant FBN was going to give the contenders much to work with. Friday’s debate was pre-taped, and only part one of the two-hour show (part two is on Friday!). Still, it was a debate not starring the usual suspects, right or left, and man does that look good for a change.

    1. Unlike the Dem and GOP “debates”, the FBN Libertarian town hall was interesting and genuinely informative. However, I was more depressed about Election 2016 candidates after the Libertarian town hall than before.

      McAfee’s persona most closely expressed my idea of a good Libertarian candidate. It was a great performance. However he has several huge problems as a candidate: McAfee has such a long history of projecting a false persona that everything he says should be doubted; McAfee looks like he aspires to be a weird cult leader; McAfee cannot overcome the reasonable suspicions of a criminal past and will likely bring the Libertarian Party to disrepute; McAfee has no experience in elective office.

      Peterson was okay, but he talks in vapid soundbites. His was a solid performance if he were running for student council president. Also, he explicitly rejects the NAP, so he’s not really a libertarian.

      Gary Johnson was profoundly disappointing to me. His blathering about his family and his girlfriend, his mountain climbing tourism, and his plans for an exciting rafting trip after he loses the election were anything but inspirational. His presentation skills were non-existent. His advocacy of forcing bakers to bake cakes at gunpoint was disgusting and his argumentation on this point was pathetic.

      Still, of the three, I have to agree with Lucy. As bad as Johnson is as a spokesman for the libertarian idea, he is the Libertarian Party’s best candidate.

      1. Johnson made me sad in 2012 when he let a low-level Dem Operative steamroll him on a talking head show. I think he thought he was being polite and mature by letting her rant and waiting to respond with calm rational answers. Problem is, talking head shows aren’t Charlie Rose and the Oak Table. They revolve around 30 second sound bites and when you let the opposition rant for a minute and a half, you get 10 seconds to respond before the host goes to commercial and you look like you just got pwned even though you didn’t.

      2. Harry Browne had great presentation skills. Johnson is actually more qualified to be president than Trump or Clinton.

    2. This is what her captors are making her write these days?

      1. McAfee 2016?!

  21. “…because it binds the community together to make sure parents can take care of their kids.”

    So, since the new Min Wage is making sure that parents can take care of their kids now, I’m sure Ca. is going to get rid of their free school meal programs right? RIGHT????

    1. It’s like you don’t understand that “binds” means shackles and handcuffs. It “brings people together” the way a mass grave brings people together.

      1. When an entire community is bound together, it’s called a chain gang.

  22. Pair charged after buffet line battle over crab legs

    Looking at them, I can see a few reasons why they might want to take it easy on those crab legs.

    1. “Charged” in what sense?

    2. I had no idea you were part-Irish.

    3. Correia already did that.

  23. Transgender activists go bugfuck crazy, compare their treatment in North Carolina to the treatment of blacks in the Jim Crow south.

    “Cox: “This law affects us because it puts us in danger, and it’s open discrimination. It’s no different than the Jim Crow laws that we had here in the South. There are many Americans who are alive today and were alive with some of those laws before we passed the Civil Rights bill. This law is literally the same thing. And if we didn’t find that acceptable, this is not acceptable. It doesn’t matter who it’s towards. Discrimination is not acceptable.””

    When I see the way transgendered people are treated when they march in public in Charlotte, NC, my first thought is that it’s just like how blacks were treated in Birmingham in 1963.

    1. Makes sense, they’ve got to make sure they keep their status as most oppressed minority. With everything happening in Europe they could very well be overtaken by Muslims in that category. Then where would they be?

      1. Well, if the Muslims win the Oppression Olympics, they might end up dead. So, I guess they do have some incentives here.

  24. Michelle Obama’s Girls Are Back, But Hashtag Has Not Helped Them

    Most of the surviving women no longer have homes. Their cities were burned to the ground. The military has quietly deposited them in displacement camps or abandoned buildings, where they are monitored by armed men suspicious of their loyalties. They are still labeled “Boko Haram wives.”

    Last year, 39 of 89 Boko Haram suicide bombings were carried out by women, according to UNICEF. Twenty-one of those female attackers were under the age of 18, many of them girls apparently abducted from villages and cities and converted into assassins.

    1. The word “horror” gets thrown around a lot, but I’m not sure it’s sufficient for this.

    2. Twenty-one of those female attackers were under the age of 18, many of them girls apparently abducted from villages and cities and converted into assassins.

      I think I’ve seen this movie. It was probably in Japanese.

      It was difficult to expect any good ending for these girls.

    3. It sucks, but the guards are probably right to be suspicious. Young girls held captive for over a year have probably converted to the belief systems of their captors by now. Without a hell of a lot of deprogramming there is no telling what these girls will do.

      1. Or they would rather blow themselves up than continue to be raped and tortured.

  25. On the other side of the country, New York Gov. Mario Cuomo signed its $15 minimum wage bill into law as well.

    Think of the money they’ll save by shutting down the “Move your business to New York” ad campaign.

  26. I have a bit of a bone to pick with Reason about the University of Virginia post*

    Describing the allegedly problematic mural, the post says:

    “It features a number of different scenes of revelry involving men and women of various ages and in various states of undress. In one panel, a woman has chained a man to a pillar. In another, a woman can be seen leaping onto a dean’s back. In still another scene, a woman offers her bra to a much older man standing on a balcony.

    “According to the news story, criticism of the mural focuses mostly on a sole panel…”

    So that makes it sound like the criticism is about one panel, but pretty much all the panels have orgy scenes.

    So I made a comment based on that, and now looking at the actual mural I see that it has a perfectly wholesome message about a student’s trials and tribulations going through UVa. Only the one panel has any orgy scenes, and that’s in the context of showing the temptations the student faces. The message is that these temptations are among the obstacles she has to overcome.

    Reason, you burned me badly with your summary – it left out key context, as did the story it linked to.

    *Don’t get me started about the other post with the Monty Python gross-out gif.

    1. To make matters worse, you then “defended” the mural by saying: “Never mind that the college experience does actually involve sex for a great many students. Never mind that professors and students have been sleeping together, for mutual benefit, as long as universities have existed.”

      I don’t think the point of the mural, now that I’ve looked at images of it, is to glorify student sex, much less sex with horny profs. The protagonist of the mural is a strait-laced female student whose greatest passion is playing the violin.*

      The SJWs, of course, are retards who don’t understand nuance and context, and are the kind of people who are offended by the racist way Jim is described by the characters in Huckleberry Finn.

      So we can understand why the SJWs behave the way they do.

      But a magazine called Reason…

      *which is not a masturbation reference.

    2. EvH is just pissed that the mural is showing non-procreative sex. :-p

      1. I’m pissed off that a modern university would have such a prim and proper mural, when I was expecting something much more salacious. Thanks, Reason.

  27. “””Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense because it binds the community together to make sure parents can take care of their kids.”””

    But…how can it make sure parents can take care of their kids if it ‘doesn’t make sense economically?’

    Wouldn’t that, by definition, make it harder for parents to take care of their kids?

    And of course, if you adjust for cost of living, California has the highest poverty rate in the United States. I expect that to become even worse, unless all the poor people say ‘fuck it’ and move to Arizona or Texas.

    1. Some Bernie supporter was quoted here a while back as saying “I know Bernie’s numbers don’t add up but the things he wants to do are just too important for us to be held back by numbers.”

      That is exactly what Moonbeam is saying and it is impossible to compose a dumber sentence. It literally is the dumbest fucking thing in the world. True peak derp.

      That is the left.

  28. Princeton has decided it will not remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from campus buildings in response to complaints about the president’s racist past.

    It will, however, be changed to “Woodchipper Wilson”.

    1. Oh, with HIM they take a *principled* stance!

      Cowards and clowns.

  29. WaPo Opinion-Section Diversity = How Do I Trump Thee? Let us Count The Ways

    Trump’s many racist supporters
    – Dana Millbank

    Trumpanomics: Fantasies over facts
    – Robert Samuelson

    Trump’s incoherence veers into the danger zone
    – Ruth Marcus

    Abortion gaffes show Trump is the left-wing caricature of a conservative
    – Marc Thiessen

    This time it really is the end of Trump. Really.
    – E.J. Dionne

    The NATO alliance Trump doesn’t see
    – Jackson Diehl

    Trump leaves the conservative establishment arrogant and unmoored
    – Joe Scarborough

    Trump learns that thinking is hard
    – Kathleen Parker

    The worst stereotype of the GOP is coming to life in the form of Donald Trump
    – Michael Gerson

    For the record? That covers today, + the weekend’s editorial content. All on one page.

    1. What does all this mean?

      The neocons are convinced that the Donald will beat Hillary.

      1. neocons?

        Are you taking ‘gerson’ and then projecting on the rest?

    2. Joe Scarborough has his finger on the throbbing pulse of politics.

      1. That’s how he gets cream for his morning cup of Joe.

    3. Any analysis of Bernie or Hilldawg in there anywhere or do their campaigns have to pay to get ad space?

      1. WaPo alternates days between bashing Trump and going down (gag) on Hillary.

    4. I always get Dana Milbank and EJ Dionne confused because they have the same pudgy face that reminds me of the eunuch from Game of Thrones only slightly less masculine.

      1. Varys is awesome and is the smartest character in that entire series. Do not demean him by comparing him to those idiots.

    5. It’s fun if you replace all the instances of “Trump” with “Sanders” and all “GOP”s with “Democrats.” Nearly all of them remain true.

    6. They’ve been saying some variant of “Trump won’t win” since last August, right?

  30. Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense

    Yeah, ok, whatever you say you fucking retard.

  31. California has the highest poverty rate in the United States. I expect that to become even worse, unless all the poor people say ‘fuck it’ and move to Arizona or Texas.


    1. Trouble is, all the poor people in Latin America want to come to California.

      1. Exponential economic enrichment!

    2. Nah, Cali will just get a thriving black market.

  32. Good News = Shootings of Police are Down!….

    …oh, of Other People? yeah, not so much

  33. Nelson Muntz = “Ha Ha!”

  34. CJ Ciaramella ?@cjciaramella 1m1 minute ago
    A DEA spox told me the agency will be putting out a memo, likely this week — brace yourself — defending its current position on marijuana.

    Wonder what kind of bullshit’s going to be in that statement…

    1. Probably the warmed-over kind.

  35. Yoga Not Really Religious, Though Everyone Making Big Bucks From It Is

    Hindus Turn Their Version of The 700-Club Into Packaged-Goods Empire

    Famous for bringing yoga to the Indian masses, Mr. Ramdev, 50, is also the leader of what has become known as the “Baba Cool Movement” ? a group of spiritual men, known here as “babas,” who are marketing healthy consumer items based on the ancient Indian medicinal system of herbal treatments, known as Ayurveda. His rapidly expanding business empire of packaged food, cosmetics and home-care products is eating into the sales of both multinational and Indian corporations.

    The babas’ message about the value of traditional Indian ingredients is particularly resonant in the current environment in India, where a prime minister and his political party have built a narrative around the value of ancient Hindu practices, from yoga to reverence for cows.

    …The company expects to report revenue of $750 million in the fiscal year that ended in March, more than double the previous year’s $300 million, the two men said.

    1. At least both the USA and Canada can get a better national anthem out of this whole thing.

      1. I hate that song.

      2. Every day that the U.S. national anthem isn’t “America, Fuck Yeah!” is a day the world is less awesome than it could be.

    2. You’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name?

    3. Your euro-centrism is showing. What’s wrong with “Indiana”?

      1. because fuck that, and also = we only called them “indians” because stupid fucking Chris Columbus thought he was in India?

        That would be doubling down on epic-stupidity. I still vote Viking.

      2. I can’t go back there.

    4. But how will the perpetually aggrieved sensitive snowflakes in the SJW ranks react to renaming the continent after a bunch of raping and pillaging crazies?

      1. As they should! With shrieks of terror and hopelessness.

      2. No no Rufus, they want to name it after Leif Erikson, not the native americans.

  36. Princeton has decided it will not remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from campus buildings in response to complaints about the president’s racist past.

    The SJWs made the mistake of going after someone that the University Admins really like…

  37. “Economically, minimum wages may not make sense. But morally, socially, and politically they make every sense because it binds the community together to make sure parents can take care of their kids.”

    Economically it’s retarded indeed but morally it’s repugnant and socially it will wreak havoc.

    1. But politically – ah, there’s the payoff.

  38. Hmm so Bernie Sanders said back in the 1980s, defending the Sandinista crackdown on the opposition, that opposition groups that advocate “killing people” should be shut down and recently said that Scott Walker’s policies are “killing people”. So much for his civil libertarian stance…

    1. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. You can’t be a socialist and be in favor of civil liberties, because at some point those two stances will come into conflict, and the pro-state stance will always win out.

      1. Judging by his deodorant and shoe comments he seems to still be a full on Command Economy type. We all know how well those systems respect civil liberties….

        By the way if you read Lenin and Mao they were pretty open about how every one had civil liberties as long as you agreed with them. If you disagreed with them then you were a reactionary kulak saboteur wrecker who should be sent to the gulag. Not all similar to what Sanders or campus radicals say, right?

  39. Surprise! = Free Federal Money, NY State Political Pressure, Means Boom-Time For Scumbag Green Energy Cronies

    Buoyed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s renewable energy plan and the extension of the 30 percent federal tax credit in December, solar companies in recent months have blanketed rural areas with mailings seeking leases on farmland for solar arrays spanning 20 acres or more. While some farmers welcome the opportunity to earn up to $2,000 an acre annually for the next 20 years or so, some agricultural advisers, community leaders and lawyers are urging caution.

    How NY State is supposed to produce solar energy efficiently, I’m not sure. From what i can tell its just a multi-layered levels of rent-seeking, subsidies and bullshit incentives.

    1. From what i can tell its just a multi-layered levels of rent-seeking, subsidies and bullshit incentives.

      And this surprises you somehow?

      1. Not at all! Its just @#$(*!#@( depressing…. especially given that the *actual* most productive use of energy generating-resources available to people in the same region? Are Banned

        Its so insane and facially wrong on every level… yet it is countenanced as “common sense” by so many people in power.

        1. Cuomo could literally take a massive dump on every voter north of Westchester County and sail into office next term without a hitch.

    2. We cannot let farmers lease their land to oil companies to frack.

      Several New York towns, including the Orange County town of Goshen, have enacted moratoriums on new solar farms to allow officials to consider any zoning changes that might be necessary.

      Goshen is where the county government is based.

      1. “”What this ‘Problem’ needs is some more laws!””

    3. $2,000 an acre with a security large enough to pay for clean up when these companies go belly up right? Hahaha, no, of course not. These farmers will just have to figure out what to do with the useless near impossible to transport equipment once the government stops giving these companies enough money to remain profitable.

      1. Dob’t forget that solar panels and battery systems contain all sorts of toxins known to actual science AND the State of California to be bad for you and plants.

    4. Upstate NY gets about 10 days of sun a year.

  40. If you’re like me, you hear the phrase, “Training of Afghan Forces” and you just envision one person shoveling money into a fire while another person hands out guns to opium addicted morons intent on trading them to their Taliban cousin

  41. Shouldn’t Princeton rename Nassau Hall for being named after a guy who treasonously overthrew the English government, participated in the slave trade and pardoned lynchers?

    1. Hell, they need to rename the whole university, and the town from whence its name came::

      Although there is no official documentary backing, the town is considered to be named after King William III, Prince William of Orange of the House of Nassau.

      1. New Jersey has to change its name as well because it was chosen by Sir George Carteret to honor his home and was one of the founders of the Carolinas. Which had guess what, slavery!

        1. I guess the borough of Carteret has to go, too.

      2. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say aboyut the Anglo-Dutch war that saw New York, NEw Jersey and Delaware come under English rule:

        English merchants and chartered companies, such as the East India Company, Royal Adventurers Trading into Africa, and Levant Company, calculated that economic primacy could be seized from the Dutch.

        Gee I wonder what sort of trade they wanted from the Dutch in Africa?

        1. I think their methods were “unsound”.

  42. “Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in the state and celebrated the bill’s passage at a labor rally.”

    Of course she did. She’s evil and deranged.

    1. This is obvious proof that when she wins in November she will be a secret libertarian, like Obama, right?

      1. Shhh.

        Here’s the real number for 911.

      2. No, but Clinton, or Sanders, or Trump will make Obama SEEM like a secret libertarian by comparison.


  43. I can’t even even….

    Iditarod Musher Reports Groping

    Alaska authorities are investigating a third unwelcome encounter during this year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race after a female musher said two men groped her as her team passed by.

    “”yeeeeaaaahh baby….. check out this chicky-mama…. i bet under those 8 layers you got something gooin’ AWWWN”

    1. It’s Alaska. There are like twelve women there, and half of those are Palins.

      1. According to that Sandra Bullock movie, at least one of the looks like Malin Akerman.

        1. I am not seeing a problem with any of this outside that there are too few Palins and Akermans (Akermen?).

    2. Iditarod Musher Reports Groping

      Did the dog positively consent?

      1. We know the breed: IDidARot(weiler)

        1. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  44. Someone posted a link to a bretbart article about how wonderful the “alt-right” is. The Federalist posted an rebuttal of sorts


    1. If you go to any alt-right website, opposition to race mixing comes up within 10 minutes. I had one of them tell me that it’s immoral to have a baby with a black woman because the kid would ‘be less genetically similar to you than a random white person on the street.’

      Anyone apologizing for them is running interference for white supremacists.

      1. Alt-Right vs. SJWs, what a delightful future!

        You have one group saying a certain group of people deserves to discriminated against and their plight ignored and that race is in an inherent part of yourself that can’t be ignored and must be preserved and thinking in terms of race is good while on the other hand you have white supremacists.

      2. the kid would ‘be less genetically similar to you than a random white person on the street.’

        Apparently Genetics is not this guy’s forte.

    2. Tracinski sounds exactly like @DemsRRealRacist.

    1. “Your word is Market Failure”

      “P-r-i-c-e-C-o-n-t-r-o-l-s. Market failure.”


  45. IRS staff evacuated after fire breaks out

    Fire broke out at the headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service late Monday afternoon, forcing staff to evacuate the building.

    A fire department official said the conflagration started in a transformer fire in the basement, but did not say whether any one was injured.

    First responders blocked portions of streets surrounding 1111 Constitution Ave. NW in Washington, D.C., including the eastbound side of the road.

    1. Fuck, I was a repairman for IBM back in college and would often have to go to the regional offices of the IRS in Memphis. Nothing pissed me off worse than those calls because the employees were all fat lazy slobs (the fancy dans wore sweat pants and t-shirts) beyond belief. And they were never there when you needed them to confirm that you had fixed the problem. You always had to wait for an extra half hour or 45 minutes while waiting for their lazy ass to come back to their desk.

      If the DC office was anything like that, I can’t believe any of those fucks were ambitious enough to flee the flames.

      1. Did you have pants that didn’t cover the crack of your ass?

    2. They had a transformer fire catch on fire?

  46. Peter Hitchens seems like the kind of guy who’d tell 50 year old men to get off his lawn.

    “One of the most enthralling events of the last few days was the Rolling Stones concert in Havana on Friday night. I once went to one of these strange events , as a work assignment, in Washington DC, and thought I had been clever to take binoculars so that I could get a good view of the caperings of Mr Jagger and Mr Richard (as people of my generation still think of him). Alas, the sound was so worryingly powerful (loud won’t do as a word, the first wave from the banks of speakers actually seemed to strike me in the chest like a light but definite blow), that I had to spend the whole evening with my fingers jammed into my ears to preserve my hearing. So I could only take brief breaks from this to use the field glasses. If I ever go to one again (Heaven forfend) I aim to take earplugs *and* binoculars.

    I reckon they are some sort of pagan celebration, a pre-Christian manifestation like football matches, in which people willingly take leave of their reason in return for feeling they are part of something greater than themselves. In my view this something is not very nice, and I find it rather frightening. Why is it that men lose their reason in crowds so much more than they do alone?”

    1. He calls binoculars “field glasses”? What, was he in the 7th Cavalry?

      1. They were Siouxed out of existence.

  47. So speaking of Bernie his “Scott Walker kills people” statement does bring to my mind one big issue with libertarianism: How many people, deep down, believe that without Big Government the economy will be destroyed, poor people will starve to death, gays, trannies and blacks will be lynched and the rivers and air with fill with poison? There won’t be much of a LIBERTARIAN MOMENT unless a lot of people no longer think that.

    1. Not everyone has to think that (thought not sure how much critical mass would be necessary to shift the thinking) and quite frankly there is room (perhaps a need) for government in a limited role. At the moment, it’s just too damn intrusive.


  48. Shady Walks

    The problem with the cops’s side of the case is that the off-duty officers didn’t exactly behave like the victims of an unfair assault.

    According to witnesses, the brawl was allegedly started by Officer Roland Butler, who supposedly swiped a $350 bottle of pink champagne off McCoy’s table. Then, when McCoy’s friends protested, Officer Butler, at 6-foot-4 and at least 250-pounds, allegedly grabbed one of Shady’s pals — Tamarcus Porter, a 6-foot-1, 195-pound former Pitt running back — by the neck and body-slammed him to the ground.

    During the brawl, a witness saw one of the off-duty cops, Sgt. Daniel Ayres, reach for a black 9 mm pistol in a holster on his right hip. “Shady, he’s a cop,” the witness told McCoy.

    The Philadelphia police commissioner has a directive that says off-duty cops aren’t allowed to carry guns into bars. There’s also the question of whether the other two off-duty cops were carrying guns in a club where cop patrons routinely aren’t frisked.

    The officers again broke protocol when they didn’t call 911 after the fight, which is what they’re supposed to do when they’re involved in an off-duty incident.

    Instead, Officer Butler fled the scene on his way to seeking treatment at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Upper Darby, where he was treated for a laceration to his right eye, a broken nose, broken ribs and a sprained thumb.

    1. Officer Butler fled the scene on his way to seeking treatment at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Upper Darby, where he was treated for a laceration to his right eye, a broken nose, broken ribs and a sprained thumb.


      And what a pussy, to go for his gun during a bar brawl.

      Let’s hope McCoy files a criminal complaint for theft against Officer Butler (Officer Roland Butler, who supposedly swiped a $350 bottle of pink champagne off McCoy’s table).

    2. Sounds like those asshole cops didn’t get enough of a beating.

      Stealing a bottle from a table? Man, NOT EVEN MOBSTERS DO THAT.

      They acted like low-level thugs.

      1. I think they acted like exactly what they are.

      2. The FOP is not amused. I think this would have been a bigger shitstorm had the DA not done his press conference on the day Villanova was playing for the national championship.

      3. FOP has a sad.

        John J. McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, blasted Williams, saying in a statement that “a vicious assault on off-duty police officers by a rich athlete and his friends goes completely unpunished.”

        “Serious and permanent injuries were inflicted on these officers as a result of a brutal assault captured on film, but a season-ticket hunting District Attorney refuses to do his sworn job and prosecute the attackers,” the statement said.

        McNesby said in an interview that the union would consider asking the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the brawl, and was exploring a civil suit on the officers’ behalf.

      4. Low-level thugs don’t swipe drinks off another’s table. Only skid-row drunks would do such a thing … well, skid-row drunks and cops.

        BTW, how is it that Philly cops can afford to join a members-only club that serves $350/bottle pink champagne?

        1. You think they *pay* for membership?

          Rather the owner probably inferred that either he allows the cops in (you know – for the security only a ‘police presence’ brings) or they start hassling his customers.

        2. You know what else was “members only”?

          1. Only the greatest jacket of all-time. – said nobody

          2. Chez Guevara?

  49. 4 year old’s gravestone removed by city council (UK)


    1. It takes a special kind of asshole to say, “Whelp. That headstone is tasteless and not in compliance. It needs to go!”

    2. I rarely suffer any empathy for your species, however you might read about a precise orbital bombardment in the future

  50. Again – this is fucking insane

    Re: The “Panama Papers”…. all the news media are headlining the story as “How The Rich Hide Their Money

    ….and Not, as any sane person would rightfully understand it, as “How Politicians Engage in Official Corruption”

    Because when rich Europeans people squirrel away a few million to try and avoid the 75% tax rates on wealth? It means they re-file and pay their back-taxes.

    Whereas when the Premier of China has a daughter raking in $10s of millions on the side… its not just ‘the money’ that they’re hiding = its the obvious connection to corruption

    1. A bunch of poors talking about offshore banking — what did you expect?

  51. Campus Shitstorms Continue

    A top official at Duke University issued a public apology Monday afternoon, as protesters refused to leave a building until three administrators have been terminated and other demands met

    Has something to do with a parking lot

    1. Wasn’t Duke named after a Republican capitalist slave-owning former Confederate soldier who made cigarettes?

      1. Is repeating the same point endlessly supposed to make it more interesting?

        1. It’s starting to get more and more strained, too. I’d say that Winston’s shtick should be named the “6 degrees of racism,” except that makes it sound way more interesting than it is.

      2. Someone named after an RJ Reynolds brand would know that.

        1. He has no filter!

    2. “Tallman Trask III, Duke’s executive vice president, was accused by a contract employee of hitting her with his car while she was trying to enforce parking restrictions before a football game in 2014, and calling her a racial slur. The Chronicle, Duke’s student newspaper, reported the incident between Trask and the employee, Shelvia Underwood, and his response that he did not intentionally hit her and that he absolutely did not call her a racial slur.”

      People get into a parking altercation, person has a reason to lie about racism out of vindictiveness, people believe this accusation even though there is no evidence.


      1. it looks to me like what’s happening here is that there are employee unions who think this Trask fellow has “privatized”/divested far too much of what used to be Union Employee aspects of business @ Duke

        the fact that a Duke VIP got into a tiff with a contract worker has been seized upon by the activists mainly because they see this character as the locus of a lot of business decisions by the Uni that they object to.

        at least that’s my read. Theres a lot of people in the comments of the Chronicle piece voicing grievances against this Trask character going back a while. Wouldn’t be surprised if the case itself was ginned up with the purpose of outing their enemy.

      2. I knew a kid when I was young who loved to go ‘bumping’ as he called it. He would wait near a stop sign and when people would pull up he would bump the cars rear side with his hip then fall on the ground and engage in histrionics. People would pay him to shut up and go away.

        That is all this is.

    3. They should be protesting for the Gang of 88 to be fired.

      1. Pretty sure the protestors were taught by the Gang of 88.

    4. Love how their list of demands is loaded with Commie stuff that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    5. Love how their list of demands is loaded is commie stuff that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

      1. damn squirrels

  52. Schmuck Schumer calls for investigation of perfectly legal gun company:


    Because, under what circumstances do you think he would deem it okay for you to exercise ANY of your fucking rights?!?!

    God, I hate that man. But I will buy TWO of those fucking guns if the guy puts them into production…

    1. Schumer said a gun looking like an everyday item could violate federal law, which was why he was asking the Justice Department and the ATF to investigate.

      He said it posed a threat to law enforcement if it was allowed to be sold, because they could find themselves in a situation where they wouldn’t know if a suspect was pulling out a phone or a gun.

      Well, he’s got us there. No one’s ever been shot by a cop for pulling anything out of their pocket that wasn’t a deadly weapon.

      1. Somebody should ask him how that’s a *threat* to law enforcement?

        a) Its not like law enforcement gives a fuck. You could pull out a 12 in black rubber cock and you’ll still get shot.

        b) That’s a threat to the *gun owner* – and if you’re idea of concealed carry is ‘looks like a cell-phone’, well that’s on you.

    2. Schumer said a gun looking like an everyday item could violate federal law, which was why he was asking the Justice Department and the ATF to investigate.


      Not only is the company completely legit but the reasoning is so far afoul of anything in the Constitution… the action itself is like a psychic weapon intended to cause brain damage; “A manufacturer can make a gun look like anything, so we’ll have to regulate everything for its weapon-like qualities!”

  53. Read the dana milibank article from above. And the media can’t figure out why they are hated

    1. Just as it’s unfair to paint all Trump backers as bigoted, it’s impossible to ignore a growing volume of public-opinion data showing that a large number of his supporters are indeed driven by racial animus.


      But among Trump backers, 39 percent say diversity improves America, while 42 percent say it makes no difference and 17 percent say it actually makes America worse.

      Huh. So 81% of Trump supporters either like diversity, or don’t care enough to believe diversity makes a difference. Did she just accidentally provide statistics that show Trump supporters are by and large not bigoted?

      1. You know who else had a constituency that was overwhelmingly acceptive of diversity?

        1. Well, not my mother so… I got nothin.

        2. Captain Kirk?

        3. Ayatollah Khomeini?

      2. Yes.That struck me as odd too

        Remeber Dana who is actually a he tweeted “The flint crisis is not a failure of government. But rather a failure of Gov Snyder’s private sector theology”

      3. while 42 percent say it makes no difference and 17 percent say it actually makes America worse.


      4. How many of Hillary and Bernie’s supporters support affirmative action? They interchangeably use anti-diversity and racism as if they are the same thing.

        If anyone ever figures out how to convert stupid into energy a single press office in any major city could power the world for decades.

        1. I also wonder about how hating on muslims (islam) or illegal immigrants = racist?

          1. Because leftists don’t actually know any Muslims that are not Arabic (which of course is ridiculous, since the most populous Muslim Majority nation is Indonesia, and they are definitely not Arabic), and they don’t know of any illegal immigrants who aren’t from Mexico, so therefore any lack of complete respect and love for those groups is racist.

  54. Why stop at fifteen dollars? Why not $35?

    1. Cause that is what I make…duh. Clearly they aren’t as noble as I.


      1. I know progtards want a $50 per hour minimum living wage. What keeps them from going for it?

        Also, I hope the businesses who routinely pay minimum wage either leave the state, dump staff, increase automation, or all three. Actually, that is what is going to happen. I just really wish a McDonald’s or Wal-Mart would say “Fuck off, slavers” and permanently exit Commiefornia.

        1. I know progtards want a $50 per hour minimum living wage. What keeps them from going for it?

          Like Hitler’s final solution, that many dead bodies becomes a real logistics problem.

        2. The problem with progs is they never learn their lesson. There is some nefarious person that ruins all their dreams. Such that they just prog harder

          1. They always attribute it to a specific human or group of humans ruining their Utopia because, in their minds, the only way for society to survive at all is to have some TOP MEN planning everything step by step. They have no appreciation or even comprehension of spontaneous order.

            Herbert Spencer had some really interesting things to say about this wrongheaded thinking in his book Social Statics. He points out that “savages” attribute everything to the will of some conscious being: lightning is believed to be the rage of the sky god, diseases are blamed on sorcery by jealous neighbors, and earthquakes are chalked up to angering the spirits of the ground. Likewise, he says, central planners assume that every good and bad thing that happens in society is the result of some rich, powerful person willing it to be so… When in reality, most societal forces are just the combined but uncoordinated actions of all of the individual members.

            The great thing about Spencer’s political writing is how it’s still extremely relevant today even though he put it on paper in the 1850s. He talks about these dictatorial, power-hungry, good intention-claiming central planners and all the reasons they’re wrong, and it sounds just like he’s describing “progressives” today. I guess some things never change.

            1. Except Spencer said “survival of the fittest!!!!”/Prog

              1. I love that reply, too. When a “progressive” says that, you can deduce two things:

                1) They have never actually read Spencer, just skimmed over some talking points that their hardcore Marxist college philosophy professor probably spoon-fed them. Spencer did write that the deliberately lazy and criminally-inclined should not be supported at public expense, but he also devoted several chapters of his Principles of Ethics to the virtue of helping those who have fallen on hard times because of things out of their control, such as disease, violence by others, or natural disasters. Also, a core premise of Principles of Ethics was that humanity will only reach its highest state when people can derive pleasure from the pleasure of others, and when they become incapable of deriving pleasure from something that causes others pain.

                2) They make no distinction between facts and feelings. After all, “survival of the fittest” is the reality. Sure, you can support some weak life forms that would not otherwise survive (e.g. poodles) but you’ll be expending resources forever. The only reason they oppose “survival of the fittest” with regards to society is because it conflicts with their feelings.

                1. “Survival of the fittest” is almost a tautology. Those fit to survive are the ones that survive.

                2. “…the virtue of helping those who have fallen on hard times because of things out of their control”

                  You mean like when tax agencies demand payment from citizens in full? Happened to my brother-in-law. Five years ago he renovated a house and sold it. The way he recorded the proceeds of the sale in his accounting was revisited by the revenue agency up here. At the time, he called them to make sure he was allowed to do it and they said he was. Years later the regulation changed and they went after everyone who broke the new regulation even though at the time it was allowed.

                  The parasite class can strike at any time.

                  Naturally, he didn’t have the money (it was north of $12 000) even though my sister repeatedly warns him to keep money in the account for situations like this because he’s self-employed.

                  Anyway. If I didn’t lend him the money he was screwed and would have lost his license.

                  The government was more than ready to fuck him up and don’t give a shit about the impact it had on me.

                  This is why I have little or no respect for bureaucrats.

                  They pillage and rape with little regard for what they do to productive families.

                  I couldn’t care less if they lose their pensions. If capitalist make money through exploitation (which is bull shit), then they, we can argue, earn their security raiding the wealth of citizens.

                  1. I’m with you 110 percent, Rufus.

                    I know a guy who is some kind of building code enforcer. The way he talks about his job is really fucked up. He truly believes that he’s stamping out evil by giving business owners and home renovators citations for railings two inches too short or a fire extinguisher mounted at the “improper” height from the ground. We live in a small town with lots of historic buildings, and he actually cracks jokes about how foolish these business owners are in thinking that they can move into these historic buildings and stay in compliance. He said one time, “some guy asked me how he’s possibly supposed to keep this building in compliance… I told him, buy an empty lot and hire an architect!” So he KNOWS that his beloved laws are making it damn near impossible for people to find buildings for their businesses, but he just laughs about it. He also told a story of how he got some kind of concert venue shut down because the owner was allowing people to bring in their own alcoholic beverages… THE HORROR!!

                    He’s a nice guy if you avoid politics, but it’s really scary to think that this “the law is the law” mindset resides in some otherwise friendly and seemingly normal people.

  55. Just in case the nominating shenanigans don’t do enough to kill the party’s chance of winning in November, the platform committee has decided to have a massive fight over same-sex marriage:

    The GOP’s other convention nightmare

    1. platform committee has decided to have a massive fight over same-sex marriage:

      Well if not now, when?

  56. Is there anything climate change can’t do?

    Hidden cost of climate change is unwanted carbs in your food

    1. These folks are beyond parody now.

        1. Lol sorry. The worst i have seen is the 1% are going to colonize mars leaving us all to die at the hands of climate change.

          1. This was on the guardian.

      1. What about that article in AM links about GOP will doom the planet by wanting a SCOTUS justice who will stop the EPA?

        1. Haha yea that was pretty bad

    2. Is there a different link to the article? This one demands I sign up for an account to read it.

      Because that’s what I want to do, give out my email address to another spammer before I’m even sure the product is worth the hassle.

    3. I’ve got some unwanted crabs.

      1. Another satisfied customer.

    4. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Quick, give me all of your money and it will stop!”

      Sounds legit. Not like a scam at all.

      1. Global warming is real, bagger!

      2. You know, I’ve never thought about it like this, but this is EXACTLY the whole climate-change movement in a nutshell.
        Stealing, I am.

    5. I have to sign up to read.

      No thanks judging by the title.

  57. Princeton has decided it will not remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from campus buildings in response to complaints about the president’s racist past.

    Personally – I think they should have removed the name. And then removed all building names. All buildings should be a randomly assigned alphanumeric string to ensure that none are ever named after someone who might possible have done something that later generations won’t like.

    And the same should be done for all faculty, staff, and students.

    Bonus points if they periodically reassign everyone and everything a new AN designation to ensure that no one is able to get attached to a particular moniker – its not *fair* that people might have differential reputations due to their own actions. And it will help eliminate ‘cults of personality’.

    Enforcement will be through the currently implemented ‘adjudication’ process used for sexual assaults.

    1. Except those alphanumeric strings are Eurocentric and Cultural Appropriation.

      1. They’ll all be in an alphabet that will be constructed by a carefully picked committee of POC, LGBT, and ‘X’ Studies Majors. Given free reign I am sure these people can create a socially just alphabet that doesn’t marginalize, micro-agress, or improperly appropriate from other cultures in no time flat.

        As soon as this committee delivers its final product we can proceed with the name changes. Which, I am assured, will be an easy and quick project since we will be keeping ‘the man’ from interfering and imposing more patriarchy.

        1. Easy,

          Hexadecimal becomes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, L, B, G, T, …

          Oh, wait. I think there might a fight over the last two digits.

          1. You can’t be using those arabic numbers – those aren’t *your* numbers.

            And don’t get me started on appropriating ‘0’!

  58. On the other side of the country, New York Gov. Mario Cuomo signed its $15 minimum wage bill into law as well.

    Except that his son Andrew is the governor.

    1. Editor anyone?

      1. Blog posts don’t get editors – you know this.

    2. I can’t even, by any conceivable twist of logic, imagine how any industry that currently pays starting level lower tier employees, say 7.50 per hr, can suddenly start paying them twice that and avoid insolvency. All this will lead to is a massive exodus of some industries to other states, and the retards left looking like deer in the headlights.

      1. To be fair, they’re not doing it “suddenly” – because they know that would destroy the economy. Instead it’s just a slow squeeze.

        1. Like people smart enough to start successful businesses can’t manage to look ahead and plan.

          1. “Like people smart enough to start successful businesses”

            Whoa whoa whoa, hold on… I have it on good authority that business owners are extremely stupid but greedy people who got rich by not doing any work, exploiting their employees, destroying the environment, and killing their customers.

            1. Sort of reminds me of people on Steam From Australia and some European countries who are always bitching about how expensive games and gaming equipment is for them, compared to the US (seems to be about 50%). But these are the same people who constantly gloat about how Americans are evil capitalists who have no free healthcare and other free cradle to grave stuff because they’re such greedy evil capitalists. Yeah, bitches, let’s talk about all those taxes necessary to pay for all of your ‘free’ stuff. The irony, it burns.

            2. You forgot lazy.

        2. In other words, they’re making the job loss harder to prove since it will be clouded by tons of other variables over the “phase-in” period of several years.

        3. Yes, but businesses project.

          I know I do. You can’t run a business and not project/estimate down the line.

          That’s the part The Retards don’t understand.

          1. Of course you budget ahead. You have to. They see the writing on the wall.

            1. That’s why the consequences of those actions will likely be immediate; business has to adapt and adjust – at great costs. That’s the part of the ‘unseen’ consequences The Retards fail to get through their thick heads.

              The other day I was talking to my friend who happens to be my broker. I asked him what he thought about the budget tabled by the Liberals here in Canada. He said, ‘it sucked big time’ and that we need a few months to see exactly how badly it will suck. In the meantime, we have no choice but to adjust to the sucking.

              None of these actions will kill us. But they sure as hell make life harder. And for what? Political expediency and little else.

              For the children and middle-class my ass.

              1. The other thing the retards don’t get at all, is this. And this is what really pisses me off at the stupidity of it all.

                What about those folks that are making $15 an hour now? Those folks who have been with the company a while and worked hard to move up, taken on more responsibility, or that have invested in education and have degrees and now experience? Are you going to double their wages also? Why not? How is that fair? So you’re telling the n ew $15 an hour folks, that sorry, what you’re making now is what you’ll always make, regardless of how valuable you become to the company or if you invest in education and skills, or not. What are you doing to incentive here?

                I hate these fucking retards, I really do. Government has no fucking business meddling around in shit that they clearly do not understand.

                1. This push for ever-increasing wages and mandatory benefits sets a really bad precedent, too. It basically tells people, “if you’re not satisfied with your earnings, don’t work any harder or do anything to improve the value of your skills – just whine to the government, and they’ll force that mean old corporation to pay you more! The only effort required on your part is standing outside holding a ‘Fight for Fifteen’ sign for an hour!”

                  1. And it just drives more inflation – which they claim to be responding to, not causing.

                2. Government has no fucking business meddling around in shit that they clearly do not understand.

                  “The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”

                  ? Thomas Sowell

                  1. I will be surprised if the youth unemployment in these places with this absurdly high legislated price floor on wages is less than 75% within five years. Seriously. I will also be surprised if the bad guys as painted by the media aren’t those greedy businesses that “put profits before people” and who “don’t want to pay a living wage.”

                    It certainly isn’t the fault of the politicians. After all, they have good intentions. They want everyone to take home a paycheck that will feed a family. It couldn’t possibly be their fault when these greedy capitalists actually want to base someone’s compensation on what they produce rather than what they need. That is fucking unjust and unfair!

                    From each according to ability, and to each according to need. Who can argue with that?

      2. It all comes from this screwy belief that anyone who owns a business of any type must have a gymnasium-sized vault of gold coins just like Scrooge McDuck. They don’t understand that the owners of small businesses are often in huge debt while the “exploited” employees of said business at least get a paycheck every week.

        1. Which makes me think of another point:

          I think most “progressives” have no clue what it’s like to be in a supervisory position over others, which contributes to their belief that business owners – especially CEOs – make tons of money while “not doing any work at all”. Sure, I’ve met a few progs who were managers or even business owners, but they’re rare.

          I used to be an assistant supervisor at this auto parts plant, and the perception of everyone on the factory floor was that everyone above them doesn’t do any work. It’s shocking how much harder mental work can be than physical work. When you come in and see that management is demanding 25 percent more production than usual and that four of your employees for that line have have called off, it’s stressful. And at the end of a day like that, you’ll feel exhausted even worse than if you had been loading heavy parts into a machine for 12 hours.

        2. I remember back when I was a teen, spending the summer at my grandparents place and working for a local farmer to earn some spending bucks. Guy had like 4000 acres and he seemed to me to be just wealthy beyond anything I could possibly imagine. He had all this equipment, the big house, lots of paid workers. I had great respect for the guy, who was tough as nails and seemed to just work all of the time, sun up to sun down.

          He told me one time that he wondered if he actually even made minimum wage for all the hours he worked. I thought, he’s joking. But I at least understand what he meant now. At the time, I couldn’t appreciate where he was coming from at all.

          1. Wealth is not money and money is not wealth. That guy was likely very wealthy, but cash-poor.

      3. “But then they’ve showed that they’re not good enough businessmen to even be in business!”—prog

        1. Sounds like something they learned from Barack Obama, the smartest guy who ever lived.

          1. You’re being awfully sarcastic for someone that can’t play 12th dimensional chess like the Hopebringer.

            1. Does he poop and pee?

  59. I don’t care who suffers.. Nobody should have to work for less than a liveable wage. If they can’t pay them enough, they shouldn’t own a business.

    An actual response I’ve gotten today.

    1. You should have told him ‘don’t worry then, with that attitude, you’re going to suffer’.

      1. But now people who don’t have jobs will continue to not have jobs. And the small business owner who doesn’t usually make that much will lose their business. My boss makes less than I do. Small shops will close. Wal mart will stay open.
        And in the rural counties, livable wage is less than 15. I’d prefer not taking any income tax from them. Lowering or eliminating the payroll tax would also lower the cost of employment. Self employed people pay both sides of the payroll tax.

        1. Not to mention that MW is NOT LIVABLE WAGE AND NEVER HAS BEEN. AAAIIEEE!

          1. I didn’t even want to go that direction. It hurt me to type that phrase, I assure you.

          2. More than 60% of the people earning minimum wage are not doing those jobs to “Live on” – they’re doing them part time while in school or during summers or as extra-family-income.

            What they call the “living wage” is based on completely fabricated assumptions about what any given wage is “supposed to support”. If delivering pizza was supposed to be something you used to feed a family, no one could affort to get their pizza delivered anymore, because it would cost more than eating out.

            1. Well stated. Noted for next time.

            2. Or your typical housewife who wants a little extra spending money. Is that sexist? I mean it’s true, but am I allowed to say it?

  60. I remember back in college when my econ prof told us, most emphatically, during a discussion about minimum wage, ‘you don’t want everyone to get a raise, you want YOU to get a raise’. Guy had a clear point and it wasn’t any sort of selfishness or anything, it was pure logic. I didn’t see it at the time, but I see it clearly now.

  61. Local news just did a piece on the new min wage law: I understand that a typical min wage worker wouldn’t understand the economics of it but they interviewed an econ professor who went with the usual “The workers will have more money and thus they’ll spend more and the economy will be better off” shtick.

    Of course the person that has to pay more has less to spend on things, but I guess that doesn’t matter.

    He’s been teaching econ for decades and yet no good econ has penetrated into his brain.

    How is it impossible to see that no new wealth is being created? It’s the same amount of money, it’s just a different person spending it!

  62. An employer has 15 guys working at $7, now he has 7 guys working for $15. These are not the same guys. You want to be on the crew as a high school dropout, sorry, we are only hiring college dropouts now.

    1. Exactly.

    2. I wonder what the cost difference is between retrofitting a workplace to full automation vs keeping the same layout and bringing in telemanipulator robots.

      Imagine walking into a fast-food place where they’ve replaced the local want-to-be-overpaid meatsacks with tele-operated devices that can flip burgers and clean tables and so forth which are controlled from some 3rd world shithole by people happy to making $5 a day.

    3. The workers advocates don’t seem to be happy until they put the workers out of a jobs. Just like with unions. They probably could have gotten away with a buck or two without too much damage but hey why not go ahead fuck it up.

      1. There’s an election cycle every two years, if they want to continue to win votes they can never stop making promises.

      2. If workers lose jobs, it’s only because greedy corporations shipped the jobs overseas (and thus exploited poor brown people and made their lives worse) because they didn’t want to pay a LIVEENG WAYYGGEE!!!

    4. And we’re no longer doing things that college dropouts can’t do. What’s that, you wanted more?

  63. The front page of Drudge is hilarious right now.

    1. You mean the Huma thing?

      I thought for a while that I was the only person in the country who’s still awake.

      1. Yeah, the Huma thing. Just the way that Drudge subtly implies the lesbian rumor and that fucking picture.

        1. There’s something wrong with Huma. First the Weener dog, and now Hillary? Fucking gross!

          1. “fucking gross”

    2. Amber Rayne “mysteriously dying in her sleep” is funny to you people? Goodness gracious on a popsicle stick.

      1. Who said that?

          1. Wait… it’s on Drudge that people here think it’s funny that this woman died? I don’t see it…


      As hyperion says…. there’s something very wrong with that woman already. Weiner was her actual *spouse*. Not only is he a loathsome, oily personality, but he looks like a lizard that just finished Chemo. Her judgement about either looks or character are already horrifyingly damaged.

      wait a second.. i might have just made a case why her perception of Hillary as “beautiful” and “wonderful” and “a great person” might actually *make sense*…

      1. Some people like the smell of musty drawers.

    1. Well, if that fellow wants to make one of these incredible labor-saving inventions (which he seems to think are incredibly cheap and easy to develop) then I say he should go ahead and support as many non-workers as he can with the profits. It’s no skin off my back.

      1. Technology saved a shitload of paper-making and vinyl record pressing material and labor. I haven’t spent a dime on newspapers or recorded music in the last decade or so.

    2. You should warned it was a facebook link. It is neither stupid nor offensive that many jobs are wholly unnecessary. How much of our economy is based upon regulatory and legal compliance? Now how many of those laws and regulations are “necessary” ? Chief Diversity Officers’ hardest hit, along with most of legal and human relations.

    3. We keep inventing jobs…. So we have inspectors of inspectors & people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors.

      Well he’s right about that but not for the reason he thinks.

      1. What reason was Bucky thinking that was wrong?

        1. Did you even read the quote?

  64. The whine-o-meter about robot masters at McDonalds serving us shitty hamburgers because of the new minimum wage is pegged to the right in the Red Zone. Personally, I read all this sturm und drang about Jerry Brown as pretty much an admission that wages should be increased in high cost urban areas– those being where people actually live.

    What’s the unemployment rate in Seattle again?

    1. I look forward to robot burgers. Humans can still make better ones but almost none of them are currently working at Micky D’s.

  65. I have a question. How many people here aren’t planning on voting for Clinton in the general election, but might be persuaded by offensive rhetoric coming from right-wingers about Clinton’s physical appearance? Just to spite men and trannies like Ann Coulter who are assholes.

    1. Just to spite men and trannies

      How progressive of you.

      1. I guess what I was trying to do is read back some of the things I read above and put a different spin on it.

        1. Nah you’re just a bigot.

          1. Why? Because I think Coulter is a loathsome cunt? Is this Brian’s sock puppet? Hi, Brian.

    2. Clinton is a shriveled old hag. Trump is a sleazy orange buffoon. Cruz is a sad, disturbing clown. Sanders looks smelly.

      1. And Kasich is our savior! *prances away while up-twinkling*

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  67. RE: Despite race views, Princeton to keep President Wilson’s name

    Well of course Princeton won’t remove Comrade Wilson’s name from the university.
    Progressive racists will always protect another progressive racist.
    Where have you been?

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