Batman vs. Cops


The Dark Knight III

The Dark Knight III: The Master Race (issue 5 of 8 will be out in April) continues the story that began in Frank Miller's legendary '80s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, featuring an aging, bitter Batman returning to action. But its themes are torn from today's headlines. The series begins with the first new sighting of Batman in three years—as he saves a black teenager from pursuit by cops. "now he's on r side?" a friend to whom he relays his Batman encounter via text asks. "figure he's always been dumbass," the teen replies.

The young man took some photos on his phone, which go viral and bring out the typical police apologist voices in media. The first issue ends with what appears to be Batman being beaten by cops. Co-written by Miller but drawn mostly by other artists, the ongoing series promises gripping entertainment about coping with the consequences of power and control.