15 Years Ago


"Concern about 'hate crimes' is resuscitating the Chicago police department's long-dormant Red Squad, an intelligence unit that specialized in infiltrating, harassing, and gathering intelligence on political groups….Police will again be able to amass databases on groups whom they think might commit terrorist acts and hate crimes."
—Charles Paul Freund, "Hate Squad"

"How has Bush—who was elected under the most dubious circumstances in American electoral history, who is acknowledged by his own supporters as one of the weakest thinkers to hold the presidency, and who made at least one Cabinet appointment (that of Attorney General John Ashcroft) seemingly designed mostly to provoke controversy—done it so far? Largely by playing the role of the anti-Clinton when it comes to personal style."
Nick Gillespie, "Bush the Lesser"

"Title IX sought to give women equal access to educational programs, including athletics. Now it's evicting men from the locker room."
Michael W. Lynch, "Title IX's Pyrrhic Victory"

—April 2001