Obama Commutes Sentences of 61 Prisoners, North Korea Warns of Famines, New Features for Snapchat: P.M. Links


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    President Obama commuted the sentence of 61 prisoners today, bringing his two-term total to 268.

  • In the case of Luis vs. United States, the Supreme Court ruled, 5-3, against the pre-trial freezing of non-tainted assets.
  • The Justice Department and the city of Newark, New Jersey have agreed on a settlement related to reforms of the city's police department.
  • Prosecutors in Minneapolis announced they would not be filing charges related to the killing of Jamar Clark by police officers in November.
  • Historians in Germany reveal the Associated Press entered into an arrangement with Nazi Germany in the 1930s to secure access in exchange for a promise not to undermine the regime.
  • French President Francois Hollande has abandoned a plan to strip individuals convicted of terrorism of their French citizenship.
  • While Kim Jong Un's weight has gone up, the dictator warned North Korea would be facing another famine.
  • Snapchat gets new features.