Campus Free Speech

Scripps College Student Body President Says 'Trump 2016' Whiteboard Message Is 'Intentional Violence'

Like Emory University, except stupider.



Here we go again: a Mexican-American student at Scripps College woke up to find that someone had scrawled "Trump 2016" on her white board. (I gather that the board is on her dorm room door.) The student-government president has condemned the messages as "intentional violence" and vowed to punish the perpetrator. 

Minjoo Kim is student body president of the private women's college in Claremont, California. On Saturday, she sent a campus-wide email alerting fellow students to the whiteboard incident and informing them of the counselling and bias-reporting services available to the traumatized. 

"This racist act is completely unacceptable," wrote Kim, according to Inside Higher Ed. "Regardless of your political party, this intentional violence committed directly to a student of color proves to be another testament that racism continues to be an undeniable problem and alarming threat on our campuses. If you consider yourself an ally, talk to your friends and peers about racism and continue to educate yourselves on what you can do to combat racism inside and outside of Scripps and the greater 5Cs. Campus Safety has been notified and we hope to find the person responsible so they can be held accountable for their actions." 

At least the person who chalked "Trump 2016" all over Emory University's campus did indeed violate some rules. The same cannot be said of the responsible party at Scripps. Whiteboards are explicitly for leaving messages. The Mexican-American student might not have liked the message, but on its face, it isn't offensive and doesn't constitute harassment. It certainly isn't violence, intentional or otherwise. (Perhaps it was a joke!) 

If Scripps students want to talk their friends about racism, that's fine. And if this specific student doesn't like what people write on her whiteboard, maybe she should take it down. There is no reason for the college to investigate the matter and there is certainly no reason to discipline the perpetrator. 

I understand that a lot of college students don't like Donald Trump. I don't like him, either. But many of his supporters are particularly enthusiastic about his willingness to violate political correctness—to say the unsayable, regardless of whether it's offensive. It is not wise to counter this narrative by feeding into it: by becoming even more hysterically offended by the mere utterance of his name. How can we stop Trump if everyone who loathes him cries "microaggression" and runs screaming for their lives each time they encounter a "Trump 2016" sign? 

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  1. Expel this person, as she will never be able to pay back whatever debts have been accrued and her time has been wasted.

    1. Scripps should provide the microagressee with a personal safe zone in the form of a bucket of fried chicken:

      Whenever the trigger word ‘Trump ‘ appears, she can take comfort in the soothing word ‘Sanders’.

      1. Her safe zone is apparently south of the Texas border.

      2. Apparently certain “First Amendment dissenters,” including the former chief judge of the New York Court of Appeals and the good Mr. Soave himself, have not yet woken up to the serious danger posed to our entire academic infrastructure by trolls who go around using trigger-speech, “parody” and other inappropriate forms of “expression” to stir up controversy. Fortunately, university administrators at New York University are aware of the danger, and have cooperated with prosecutors in putting a definitive stop to the mockery of a distinguished department chairman whose only fault, it would appear, was to have been accused of plagiarism by a “major Israeli journalist” (a juxtaposition of words that itself seems rather puzzling). See the documentation of America’s leading criminal “satire” case at:

        1. You’re all over the place. Dead Sea Scrolls, Israeli journalists. Sounds like conspiracy nonsense.

          1. Yes indeed; and I’m grateful to Paradigm for joining my conspiracy to draw attention to the threat to society posed by the Dead Sea Troll or Provocateur ? and, even worse, by a single liberal judge who had the nerve to assert, in an outrageous dissenting opinion, that our use of the criminal laws of New York to silence this recalcitrant crook amounted to “an atavism at odds with the First Amendment and the free and uninhibited exchange of ideas it is meant to foster.” As if that were an excuse for engaging, in the United States of America, in criminally deadpan mockery taking the form of “Gmail confessions.”

            Fortunately, this judge who not only wrote but, with the collaboration of certain law clerks working in his court, actually published such a preposterous opinion, has now been removed from the judiciary ? due, it would appear, to a risk of advancing senility ? and has more appropriately been assigned the task of directing an absurd commission that plans to investigate whether the Rikers Island penal institution could feasibly be closed.

    2. I would also make the stupid bitch refund all the oxygen she’s consumed. It’s completely wasted on her.

  2. Had the person scrawled “Feel the Bern” or “Hillary 2016” they would have been hailed as a model of tolerance, inclusiveness, and equality. And anyone who complained would have been punished.

    Principals, not principles.

    1. Only if those had been written on the white board of a college republican. If I follow the logic correctly.

      1. His response would have been a swipe of the eraser and a shrug.

        1. That heartless *bastard*!

        2. “His response would have been a swipe of the eraser and a shrug.”

          Which would have been proof of racism, of course.

          1. And an act of intentional violence against the Lightbringer 2.0

        3. I think erasing Hillary or Sanders from your own white board would be considered oppression of free speech by these people. You can’t win with these types.

      2. The white whiteboard proves the ingrained racism of society.

        1. duh! The board is white, after all. They could have been black boards, after all. But the evil white racists only made them white. because racism.

        2. duh! The board is white, after all. They could have been black boards, after all. But the evil white racists only made them white. because racism.

        3. The white whiteboard went all Skynet and wrote “Trump 2016” on itself, because it’s white.

      3. It is a white board when Trump is scribbled on it. It us a caucasian board when Sanders’ name graces it.

    2. Bernie “When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be poor” Sanders?

      A good prog knows it’s ok to bash on white people because something something power dynamics something punching up.

    3. “Had the person scrawled ‘Feel the Bern’ or ‘Hillary 2016′”


      Makes me wish I was back in college. People chalked the sidewalk with political messages ALL THE TIME when I was there, pretty much unanimously with pro-left stuff. I’m sure that there’s at least one ‘Hillary 2016’ on my old campus

      I’d LOVE to troll the current political climate. “The person who chalked ‘Hillary 2016’ enacted willful, intentional act of violence against me as a Muslim-American bisexual,” (really I’m a Baha’i, but I doubt that the kind of people who take safe space nonsense seriously are nuanced enough to distinguish brown people religions from one another) “The chalker clearly meant to evoke the many anti gay marriage speeches given in Hillary’s past and her aggressive, pro-war policies that target members of my faith.”

      Sure, I’d be spouting a bunch of nonsense, but any opportunity to get the crazies to turn on each other in the name of tolerance is a great opportunity in my opinion.

      1. I’m tempted to go take another degree at one of WA’s lefties universities (probably WWU at this point) and bait the school into a massive civil rights lawsuit which I could parlay into a six or seven figure settlement. And at the rate things are going on campuses, I could probably do that at a a different school every year for the next decade.

        1. That assumes you’d get a judge who isn’t as batshit crazy as the students, and remember, the judges are graduates of these universities’ law schools.

      2. Every Baha’i person I have ever met as been very nice – to the point of earnestness. It’s good to see some wickedness.

  3. Have I been wrong this while time? Maybe colidg is for moerns after all. Whycome didn’t I realize this sooner?

    1. You had more interesting thing to ponder

      1. Speaking of, there’s a new Moonsorrow album coming out. I saw these dudes once. They were spectacular.

        1. Gosh, that chugs along quite nicely. Neat video too (although it could have been improved by excising the live parts and totally committing to the animation. And having the wolf eat the bald ewoks)

      2. more interesting thing to ponder

        Like DAT ASS?

        1. You lit the HM beacon but you didn’t leave him an offering? Dick.

          1. Bless you, Warty. Bless you…

            *Tebows, hoping to summon HM*

          2. I’m not a good person. I thought everyone knew that.

          3. Allow me – I like to think of this as a HM Best Of…

  4. But did it work? Is the Mexican-American student voting Trump?

    I find it odd that somehow campaign signs in people’s lawns have an effect on elections. I also find it odd that we hyphenate Mexican-American. That’s two countries. African-America is a continent-country hyphen. Asian-American race-country. Canadian-American? No one says that.

    1. Campaign signs are not for rational arguments, They are to keep the candidate’s name in your mind an exert a form of subtle peer pressure by their volume.

      1. I always thought it was just virtue signaling.

        1. It may be for the people who post the signs, but as a campaign implement…

    2. What the fuck is a Canadian-American?

      1. A presidential candidate.

      2. A Beiber.

        1. Nonononono!

          I prefer “Jonathan Toews”

          1. You mean “Drew Doughty”

      3. An actor who wants to actually be seen.

        1. half our TV shows are filmed in either Vancouver or Toronto these days.

          There’s plenty of work for Canadian character actors.

      4. Like a model / actor, only daggier

      5. “What the fuck is a Canadian-American?”

        In my experience usually a gun-nut.

        1. I believe the correct answer is: Who is Alex Trebek

          1. You mean Kebert Xela?

    3. Asian-American is continent-country, too.

      1. What continent is Indonesia? Or Tahiti?

    4. I am a Captain-American

      1. which should be said with a French accent

    5. I usually just consider them all Stupid-Americans and leave it at that.

    6. Since when is Asia not a continent?

      1. Yeah but no one calls Indians or Saudis here Asian-American, so I feel it more reflects the race.

        1. Vulcan-Americans?

        2. Nor Russians; the bulk of Russia is clearly in Asia.

    7. Wasn’t George Zimmerman white-latino?

      1. Only because he asserted his 2A rights and shit a black man.

        1. ‘Shot’……but either way.

      2. I think it was “white-hispanic”.

    8. Wouldn’t things be simpler if we merely conquered Mexico? Their oil alone would cover the cost. And they already have a well fortified southern border. So that work is already done.

  5. This case will quickly disappear as video evidence, if any can be found , will show that the student wrote on her own door, or a friend/fellow traveller wrote on the door.

    1. This “Case” is a whole lot of nothing, even if it were written maliciously. “Shrieking eel can’t handle ungoodthink” there’s no story there and everyone should point and laugh at little miss snowflake.

    2. It’d sure be interesting to have a handwriting expert take a look.

      1. Not worth the effort. Just mock the special snowflake.

        1. Can you call a Mexican-American snowflake isn’t that just more racism

          1. Is there snow in Mexico?

            1. Yes, imported from Colombia.

      2. And, with all due respect, why does a student of color have a white board in the first place?

        1. Cultural appropriation.

        2. From my days in college, I think the colleges install them when they build the dorms (of course, this was pre-internet/mobile devices).

    3. Occasionally they do get punished. I’m not sure jail time is warranted, but I won’t shed any tears for her.

      1. The judge should ignore the plea deal and hit her with at the maximum five years.

  6. proves to be another testament that racism continues to be an undeniable problem

    proves, testament, and undeniable. That’s a lot of certainty.

    1. If you consider yourself an ally,

      What the fudge?

    2. “Testament” is my favorite part. She got out her outrage thesaurus.

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  8. Any company that makes Trump masks should be an excellent investment opportunity, leading up to Halloween 2016. I may wear one and attach a trump mask to each shoulder, and terrorize college students as a three headed Trump monster.

    1. I’m going as a Trump Janus. Leftist retards won’t know whether I’m coming or going.*

      *I’ll avoid college campuses for fear of being shot by campus police for both fleeing the scene of my hate crime (by merely existing) and charging into another.

      1. You could do the same thing with a two-headed James Deen costume. The heads are placed differently though.

  9. I’m convinced that leftist butthurt is driving undecided voters to Trump

    1. ^This * eleventy billion!^

    2. Yeah, and the behavior of Trump supporters is driving them right back.

      1. You mean when they don’t smile and take shit from all the faggot cookie protesters who try to assault them?

    3. 1) Trump trolls elites.
      2) Elites have hysterical pants shitting fit.
      3) Trump’s poll numbers go up couple of percentage points.
      4) Presidency!


    1. Ouch. That intentionally hurt.

    2. RACIST! I am calling my lawyer….

    3. RACIST! I am calling my lawyer….

  11. the greater 5Cs

    Nice band name.

    But I suppose I need more coffee. What are they?

      1. So, fuck the two graduate institutions and Claremont University Consortium?

      2. Well positioned for the Battle of Five Colleges.

        1. I’m reminded of the Kissinger quote about the Iran-Iraq War….”Too bad they can’t both lose”.

      3. Side note: Heidi Cruz is a graduate of one of the other “C”s: Claremont McKenna, which shares sports teams with Scripps

    1. I’d go to see the 34Ds…

  12. You Yanks make me laugh. You should see the subtle institutional and cultural discrimination that takes place here in Quebec.

    1. Subtle? They keep forcing frog-talk all over the place.

      1. The practice of rarely if ever promoting a non-Francophone to a high public position does not happen. You’ll never see an ethnic police chief or head of Revenue Quebec (which should be abolished) or Hydro-Quebec. It permeates all the way down to things like sports where a Francophone coach will only play Quebecers even ahead of better non-Francophones. Happened with basketball Quebec (my American friend’s daughter and two other Anglos were the best players but weren’t starters. There’s usually a reason why we suck, right?) and it took an Argentinian to bring Quebec out of the cave. Or they feel the need to tell me how proud they are to be parochial PQ voters because ‘Quebec pour les Quebecois.’

        Stuff like that. I hear this every other day (even on the fricken radio. Sometimes I listen and can’t believe what I hear; it’s Trump-like.

        To answer your question, no, I will not keep my daughter here.

      2. Better than being frog marched.

    2. Firebombing is subtle?

      1. There was a firebomb? I forget.

        Overt acts of violence/vandalism to promote French (I love how they defend a language that’s not even indigenous), while still has some supporters, is limited to a tiny, insignificant limited few asshole douchebags like Pierre Felardeau who once called Canada on a PRIME TIME SPORTS SHOW ‘a nation of assholes’ and NOT ONE WORD of denouncing what he said. I literally could not believe what I heard.

  13. “Feel the Johnson”
    That would rate as an actual rape at a girls college.
    They went to it to avoid the penii.

    1. I was expecting Notch Johnson.

      1. Cave Johnson is the greatest Johnson.

    2. I’ll bet a store next to the campus that exclusively sells D cell batteries would turn quite a tidy profit.

  14. “Minjoo Kim”

    Perhaps the student body president would feel more at home in North Korea where the government thinks for you.

  15. Gee, it’s almost like these hysterical overreactions are inspiring other pranksters to do the same at their college campuses.

    1. Nothing encourages a troll more than a loud reaction.

      1. There needs to be a National Write Trump 2016 on the Sidewalk Day across America.

        1. *** ponders appropriate day ***

          1. Change Humpday to Trumpday.

      2. Thus, Trump.

    2. Even I’m tempted to start scrawling this everywhere.

      1. And start calling the place Scripts College.

      2. No, scrawl Tramp 2016

  16. I don’t like him, either.

    Methinks he doth protest a whole lot more than is necessary. YOU LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HIM.

  17. Ladies and germs, your future masters:


    1. A fatty, a tranny and a spinner walk into a campus safe space…


        1. “Punch line” is a clearly violent phrase, especially when used in proximity to a fatty, a tranny and a spinner. CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!!!

          1. Thank you, dear.

        2. Do you mean ‘punching up’ line?

  18. How long before students with Trump bumper stickers are arrested for hate speech?

    1. Do you really think a college student would risk having his vehicle vandalized (I.e. Free speech) by putting a Trump sticker on it?

      1. Yes, actually. I do. College students can do some really dumb things.

  19. It is not wise to counter this narrative by feeding into it: by becoming even more hysterically offended by the mere utterance of his name.

    Great article but perhaps you would have learned the proper use of a colon had you gone to Columbia J-school and not some cut-rate Big 10 school.

    On second thought, I don’t want to know what a Columbia grad thinks of the proper use of a colon.

    1. I believe it involves a penis and a lot of lube. At least that’s what I have heard.

    2. Pah! Robby is a journalistic demigod, he’s not bound by your petty rules.

    3. Gerbil.

  20. ‘Like Emory University, except stupider.’
    Now that’s something I wasn’t expecting to read.

  21. These people are bound and determined to make “racism” a meaningless word, aren’t they?

    1. I think they already have.

  22. All I hear on this side of the Pacific is one giant “RAAAAAAACIST!” followed by “USA!USA!USA!”. You guys want to cut that shit out? We’re trying to get some sleep.

    1. *bangs drum, pulls fire alarm*

    2. Is this Europe talking? You guys still allowed to pee standing up over there?

      1. Buy a globe.

        1. Dammit. Uh Eurasia maybe?

          1. Try Japan.

            1. Ok Japan is allowed to mock the US. Carry on.

              1. No problem, Bra Ket.


              3. Tentacle hentai porn absolves all insults.

            2. …where not only do they pee standing up, they also shit standing up.

    3. Asians and Europeans complaining about racism in the US, that’s precious

  23. Maybe the problem was that it looked like this.

  24. Take a look at Minjoo Kim’s LinkedIn. A couple internships, a couple volunteering gigs (both ended in high school) that are obviously just for Koreans. Went to a private Korean high school.

    This chick is the definition of someone living in a self-segregated world. With virtually no worldly experience.

    She’s n for a rude awakening later this summer.

    1. “Hmmm, should we hire this shrieking loon, who will probably sue us with the merest provocation?”

      [round filed]

    2. Private school? That’s impossible. Koreans are POC. Only privileged whites go to private school.

  25. “Minjoo Kim”

    I guess none of you are going to talk about her Anti-Semitic name…

      1. Not if you’re a zionist, which apparently you are.

  26. Is there even anything left to say about these people anymore?

      1. Troll them, then point and laugh.

        I wish I was back in college to yank their chains. Troll heaven.

  27. I don’t promote or condone trolling, but the ROI for simply writing “Trump 2016” in the right place is HUUUGE.

    1. Trolling totalitarian wackjobs gets two thumbs up from me!

      Trump Trolls need a GoFundMe campaign.

  28. You know who else wrote Trump 2016 on a whiteboard?

  29. “He Who Must Not be Named 2016.”

    That should protect them from the scary name, right?

    1. His name is a killing word.

      1. “Trumpecto-electum!” A flash of green light burst forth from the dry erase marker.

      2. So ‘Power Word Trump’ is a 9 th level magic-user spell? Designed to kill creatures of the progtard category of beasts?

        1. Nerd.

          But yes, that’s precisely correct.

        2. POWER WORD: TRUMP

          School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting];

          Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
          Targets all Liberal alligned creatures in a 15-ft.-radius burst
          Duration 1 semester/level
          Saving Throw Will negates.

          This spell causes confusion in the targets, making them unable to determine their actions. Roll on the following table at the start of each subject’s turn each round to see what it does in that round.

          Table: Confusion Effects
          d% Behavior
          01-25 Acts normally
          26-50 Does nothing but babble incoherently
          51-75 Deals 1d8 points of damage + Str modifier to self with item in hand
          76-100 Attacks nearest creature (for this purpose, a familiar counts as part of the subject’s self)

  30. The Mexican-American student […]

    So the person holds two passports?

  31. Cost of one year at Scripps: $47,378.

    Obviously, money well spent.

    1. And really, all these bitches need is a good deep dicking to straighten them out. After which they can showcase their culinary skills by baking the menfolk a pie. It would clearly be the highest level of utility any student from that school has achieved in years.

  32. Damn Turd Pol
    Inner Ass Be Red
    An Ill Horny Clit

    That is all…

  33. I think I’ll put up Trump signs with cameras so i can see the hilarity of responses. sticks and stones may break bones but words I guess they are far more dangerous today.

  34. Ah fakecrime, the worst kind of crime.

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  36. At Scripps, apparently it’s just the study body president who is reacting to the whiteboard incident, not the school administration (at least I didn’t see anything the school itself did). That’s way different than at Emory. Not a good recommendation for some of the students who go there, but it wasn’t an official school position.

  37. I think these episodes are great learning experiences for employers and should be encouraged.

    When an applicant comes to you looking for a job, just type the name of the University they attended into your preferred search engine. If this kind of issue comes up, then you know they type of training they have had to prepare them for the challenges of a global workforce and you pass on the candidate.

  38. I never would have made it through college under today’s rules.

  39. I’m offended that she’s offended.

    1. And I’m offended at your offense!


  40. Another college student who belongs in a crib sucking a bottle of milk.

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  42. I volunteer to give this dumb bitch a personal lesson on what constitutes violence. I promise she will be both illuminated and horrified.

    1. That’s really it isn’t it? Total lack of awareness. Maybe instead of sensitivity training, college kids should be required to be punched in the face. Now, measure accusations of violence and aggression against that rather than someone simply disagreeing with you.

  43. The student-government president has condemned the messages as “intentional violence” and vowed to punish the perpetrator.

    Guess what? You’re fucking GOVERNMENT is “intentional violence”, dip shit.

    Don’t start wetting your pants over it now. It’s only your own fault if you haven’t thought it all out yet.

  44. ”bias-reporting services”

  45. Do college kids use dictionaries anymore? Violence?

  46. The entitled, illegal and professional victim has been called out. Trump is saying illegals are that who cross the border, Islam is our enemy which it is and we don’t owe the professional parasite which we don’t. And the Marxist reacts as they did in 1917.

    “Let me be illegal” the alien from Mexico cries when in fact every one of them caught should have been arrested. Maybe we can’t deport all 11 million. We start with one million this year.

    “Black Lives Matter.” Not criminal black lives with which the “other half” of black America caters to.

    He’s Islamophobic. I sure hope so. Because the Muslim has been such an asset in Europe. I wonder if Brussels or Germany is now regretting their professional tolerance to barbaric cultures.

    These are the cries that make up the protests backed by the drop out from college or graduate who found his degree in philosophy isn’t going to get him six figures in today’s economy. Or the minimal wage earner who still at thirty thinks he should live like the rest of us with no development of skills.

    I don’t know if Trump would actually do what he says. But his words causing upheaval? If the Marxist movement continues there will only be one way to solve it in the end–known as the Second Amendment.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. The prophetic novel of America’s Apocalypse. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE. The Patriots’ guide to the long lost art of common sense.

    1. I see your passionate about individual liberty and freedom in the way only a NeoCon can ever be.

      1. Evidently you didn’t read the memo that only half-wits use the term “NeoCon.” Do you identify with the likes of Lena Dunham. She belches it out regularly. It’s a meaningless term.

      2. By the way, YOU’RE is the correct third word in your sentence, not YOUR. Unbelievable.

  47. And to think we’ll all be subsidizing these single-celled organisms for the rest of our lives.

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  49. This isn’t “silly”; it’s sinister. The Left, through its Owellian newspeak campaign, is trying to plant the seeds for speech regulation by redefining any speech they object to as “violence”. Once that has settled in to the zeitgeist, it is easier to make the case that the State has a compelling interest in regulating speech as violence prevention, just as they can prevent you from yelling fire in a crowded theater or inciting to riot.

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  52. Wow on 2 counts: 1) the student doesn’t understand free speech on a whiteboard and 2) plenty of people don’t want to acknowledge Trump’s incendiary style. Check out this discussion about Trump + violence.

  53. I don’t understand how college has gotten so expensive. When there needs to be investigations of who writes innocuous phrases on white boards, you would think that kind of efficient allocation of resources would keep costs down. Vexing, it is.

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  55. A couple internships, a couple volunteering gigs (both ended in high school) that are obviously just for Koreans.

  56. Before I saw the bank draft which had said $9426 , I didnt believe that…my… brother woz like actualy earning money part-time at there labtop. . there uncles cousin has done this 4 less than fifteen months and by now repaid the dept on there place and got a great new Mini Cooper . read the full info here …

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