No, Canada Will Not Be the Next Silicon Valley

It takes more than government money to spark a creative revolution.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging $800 million over the next four years to create "technology incubators" aimed at transforming cities like Waterloo, Ontario, into the next Silicon Valley. Finance Minister Bill Morneau laid out the vision during a speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday:

Science, insight and innovation tend to develop in clusters. The most famous of these clusters is Silicon Valley.

Everyone knows Silicon Valley is the world's capital of digital technology. But, I'll tell you, everyone in Silicon Valley knows that Canada's own Waterloo region is home to some of the most brilliant, innovative minds and companies in the world.

This is a model that Canada can and must build on. We believe that businesses, post-secondary institutions, governments and other stakeholders can work together to accelerate economic growth. We will invest $800 million over four years to support innovation networks and clusters designed to increase collaboration and create value through innovation.

Canada is not alone in their push to create the next great hub of genius. Dubai, London, Rwanda, and Shenzhen are just a few cities investing in the idea. But according to Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World's Most Creative Places, From Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley, these attempts will inevitably fail. "I wish I could sit here and tell you that there was a formula and if you applied that formula you could create the next Silicon Valley," he explained during an interview with Reason TV earlier this year. "There is no formula."

Watch the full interview below.

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  1. Perhaps they will come up with some tax reinvestment zones or other brilliant ideas concocted by government workers which are designed to overcome problems created by government in the first place.

    With never an openly spoken acknowledgement that if taxes weren't so high in the first there wouldn't be a need for government to intervene and create tax free havens for specific blighted areas that were created by them in the first place.

    If government backed off of innovation stifling regulations in the beginning it wouldn't be necessary to take steps to create GOVERNMENT APPROVED INOVATION ZONES.

  2. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging $800 million over the next four years to create "technology incubators" aimed at transforming cities like Waterloo, Ontario into the next Silicon Valley.

    Dang! I didn't even know the guy had that much money - but it's nice to see him putting his money where his mouth is instead of looking for a government handout for this sort of initiative like a lot of so-called "capitalists" would. Good for you, Justin.

    1. You nailed him. Trudeau is the embodiment of CBC children's television (Uh, that's our state broadcaster: For and by children for a Billion a year: benevolence.

      And there is definite reason for concern, if not alarm, for conservatives too that he had a rather weak grasp of the risks inherent in policy-determined number of migrants, on policy determined timline of tends of thousands of unscreened humans from war zones. I realize some libertarians envy the European dream of borderless empire of the masses, (a dream which those libertarians share with marxists) but you must realize that war is a deeply inherent property in human psychology and is well known to be contagious.

      Don't be too hasty to internationalize conflict zones, and that can be done by misguided sense of generosity and egalitarianism that does not seriously consider what must be done to survive..

      1. You are correct: you are going against both leftist dogma (worship diversity, destroy the white Christian hegemony) and libertarian dogma (foreigner's freedom of movement trumps all other rights, culture and IQ don't matter, and anyone who disagrees is a "racist" "xenophobic" "utilitarian"). For this you shall be chastised, should any of our local band of ideological enforcers discover your comment.

    2. The university that created WATFOR will rise again.

  3. Where is Canda located, exactly?

    1. also, I believe it is spelled "Silcon."

      1. Silicoun.

        1. Siliconne?

          1. Siliconnuminium.

            1. Silcoutine.

              1. Silcoutine, served over fransistor fries.

                1. Silcoutine, y'all say? Donna be a'eatin' that them thar stuff-an'-stuff, it will give ya SILLY-COSIS!!!

          2. +10 DD's

    2. Canda is the hip new app version of Canada, dropping a letter to create something trademarkable, a la Flickr and Grindr.

  4. If 'bureaucracy is the antithesis of innovation' shouldn't Silicon Valley have happened literally anywhere other than CA?

    1. Successful startups occur because government bureaucracy lags behind innovation. Put government bureaucracy in charge of funding startups and you end up with Solyndras.

      1. True, but even sans govt initiation it's somewhat surprising it's centered in derpville.

    2. Stanford, Berkeley, and nice weather.

      1. You got the fast fingers there, Warty...

      2. Stanford, HP, and it's cool enough to work in your garage, but not too cold.

    3. "If 'bureaucracy is the antithesis of innovation' shouldn't Silicon Valley have happened literally anywhere other than CA?"

      Not really:
      1) 'Installed base' of semi-conductor mfgrs at the time
      2) Ditto schools with curricula biased toward computer-related subjects
      3) Regulations that were far enough behind to ignore that sort of stuff (c.s.' point)
      4) The fact is, it is a wonderful place to live, both visually and in other ways. On a day like today, a ride to Napa Valley can make you forget all sorts of gov't stupidity.

      1. Grenoble is one of the big IT hubs in France.. pretty little city at the edge of the Alps, crammed full of technical universities.

    4. Was Silicon Valley a California government works project?

      If government had planned Silicon Valley in the late seventies, it would be Super Goverment Fruit Valley.

    5. You've got it backwards. California didn't used to have enough government income to afford much derptology. The success of Silicon Valley was obly possible because state government wasn't big enough yet or rich enough yet to interfere.

      Then the success generated income for the state government, and they could afford a level of derpitude that not even statist optimists had dreamt of before.

      1. Bingo. Success breeds parasites.

        1. See also: Wall Street.

      2. optimists derptomists.

        derptometrists? derptemologists? just how licensed are they?

        1. Licensed by the state, by virtue of having been elected.

  5. OT

    Buffalo State gets a report of a sleeping woman being groped. She says it was a "short black guy wearing shorts". A few hours later, they saw a black guy wearing shorts on the other side of campus. You can guess how it went from there.

    1. The victim said, 'That's him,'

      The author seems to have intentionally ignored this statement. Imagine that.

      1. The police didn't do a proper lineup. Our memories are way shittier than we think, and without a proper lineup there's no way to be certain the victim didn't just put "that guy kind of looks of like the guy that did it" together with "well, the police caught him, so it must be him" and have that equal a positive identification.

        1. I'm no expert on "procedure" for sure.

          But two things niggle: the story comes entirely from the dude, and the author is going out of his way to tarnish an entire school with the world's worst epithet over and over again.

        2. As an avid reader of Perry Mason novels, the police often rig lineups anyway.

      2. Oh, come on, he was exonerated, and not identified in a lineup. This was total bullshit

        1. Perhaps but the rush to OMG RACIST BUFF STATE is uncalled for.

  6. Where the fuck is Canda?

    1. North, where your tears will freeze and the wolves will eat your body when it thaws out of the ice in July.

      1. But I live north of Canda's largest city, Tornto.

        I shoot at the wolf hybrids here.

        1. I like Trono - have visited many times.

        2. This post doesn't work after you ask where Canda is

          1. DenverJ showed me the way.

  7. Speaking of Silicon Valley, trying to stop some Angolan internet users from using Wikipedia as a file-sharing site is "digital colonialism". Or zero-rating is. Or something.

    Trigger warning: Nicki Minaj (?) butt

    Bonus stupid HN comment:

    The colonialism is attempting to enforce Western mores and laws about copyright on the Angolan population. As well as Wikipedia's own culture which is pretty Western itself.

    While Wikipedia may be attempting to colonize Angola with some of its community conduct values, the population there has another view of Wikipedia's purpose which might be equally valid.

    1. A description for a Facebook group with 2,700 members reads: "created with the objective of sharing music, movies, pictures, and ANIMES via Wikimedia." I was not admitted into the Facebook group and none of its administrators responded to my messages for an interview.

      Imagine that: Angolans aren't interested in providing content for a concern-trolling lefty idiot who'd no doubt end free services entirely of it meant eliminating tiered access.

    2. a good solution here, probably, would be cheaper or free access to the entire internet.

      Aw, why didn't I think of that.

    3. That can't be Nicki Minaj's real ass...can it?

      Also, why is it ok for Angolans to impose their cultural mores on the West?

      1. Because only white people are racist and colonial, duh.

    4. Well at least they're using the internet to do something for a while besides scam people.

  8. Pamela Anderson is Canadian. And she has silicone implants. So Canada's silicone valley would be her cleavage?

  9. everyone in Silicon Valley knows that Canada's own Waterloo region is home to some of the most brilliant, innovative minds and companies in the world.


    1. Well, there's BlackBerry.

      1. RIP 2013.

    2. The University of Waterloo was the second institution in North America to add programming as a required course in its engineering core a year after MIT did the same thing. That, together with its cooperative education program - ("The Faculty of Engineering requires a minimum of five co-op placements (twenty months)" in jobs in the field - has made it the best engineering school in Canada, something tha a U of Toronto alum like me hates to admit.

      Even so, Trudeau is dreaming if he thinks that his scheme is going to work.

      Canada has a fine entrepreneurial spirit in spite of, not because of, anything its government does.

      1. "Canada has a fine entrepreneurial spirit in spite of, not because of, anything its government does."

        Quoted for absolute truth.

        And we should reverse this mindset.

        1. The worst irony of all is that the Liberals were traditionally the party of mostly "laissez-faire" in Canada. Before Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau turned the party to the left in the 60s and 70s the Liberals avoided huge interventions in the economy and were for the most part the part of business, both big and small.

          It was the Conservative RB Bennett who was elected as Canada's FDR in 1930 because "[William Mackenzie King] felt that the crisis would soon recover without government intervention because it was just temporary." Canadians wisely rejected Bennett in 1935 and as a result Canada had a less severe depression than they otherwise would have.

    1. Nice:)

    2. I'm not electing some Goddamned Mexican!

      1. It's America's heartland, bigot.

  10. "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging $800 million over the next four years to create "technology incubators" aimed at transforming cities like Waterloo, Ontario into the next Silicon Valley."

    It is always somewhat comforting to be reminded that governments world-wide are comprised of ignorant assholes.

  11. Typical Canada. It thinks it can recreate Athens or Silicon Valley or Renaissance Italy or whatever by government planning and decree.

    I agree there is no formula. These things just happen to a certain degree. 'Something is going on there' is what attracts people and I'm not sure 'spending $800 million' qualifies as 'something is happening.'

    The Liberals are set to put this country in deficit to the tune of around $30 billion and will balloon to $100 billion by 2020 with NO PROVISIONS to pay for it because they're *convinced* their forecasts of 1.2% GDP growth will happen. Global recession and severe deflationary pressures be damned. Not to mention demand for resources are down.

    A lot of things have to fall in Canada's favor to pull this off in something we're not accustomed to doing.

    Tickle me skeptical because I have little faith Trudeau's Liberals. Morneau is a smart and successful guy and I find it hard to believe he thinks this budget is good.

    1. '"Something is going on there' is what attracts people and I'm not sure 'spending $800 million' qualifies as 'something is happening.'"

      Oh, spending $800M is something, believe me. However, it won't attract creative entrepreneurs who have to design and build something that other people will pay money for. It will attract people who see that $800M as the goal, not an incentive, and the only things they will invent are ways to separate the money from the government.

      1. Yeh. Entrepreneurs who know how to milk the system and then end up on Dragon's Den.

    2. there is no formula. These things just happen to a certain degree. '

      Well, i disagree there's "no formula" (the combination of "low costs" and "highly educated/skilled workforce" is usually needed). But I agree that theat 'right formula' is more a product of economic circumstances and historical evolution than just "injecting stimulus" into depressed areas, which is fucking idiotic.

      A good piece here on how the 'Rust Belt' has been the source of a lot of growth in the last 10 years or so, despite coastal economists endlessly suggesting its doom from loss of heavy-industry had been sealed. While they focus on engineering/manufacturing, there have also been IT boomlets in places like Pittsburgh and other cities in the region. Just because a place has lost its former 'core industry' doesn't mean those populations & skill sets can't repurpose themselves...

      1. My old stomping grounds. That was interesting. I would consider returning from NYC - the rent is just too damn high.

        1. It is my impression that however shitty a city is, there are plenty of people in it with the right qualifications who are doing just fine.

          The problem is finding what those qualifications are.

      2. For me, when I say 'formula' I mean designed by the bureaucracy.

      3. Page not found, G.

        1. Remove the trailing '

    3. We want some of that internet money!

  12. To Ted S. and Los Doyers. I'm currently enjoying a Kellerbrier golden lager by Les Trois Mousquetaires while watching Germany-England.

    1. Gomez was robbed.

      1. Yeh but in they're in control now.

        1. Speaking of robbed, Spain's goal against Italy was clearly offside. Shit, so clear three guys were offside.

          But hey. Friendlies.

          1. But let's keep fighting any form of video review.

            1. It's incredible how silly that is.

              'Tradition' my ass. Soccer should modernize for crying out loud.

              1. The "no replay" argument is that a match between 14-year olds and the world cup final match can be officiated identically.

      2. I think I just jinxed Germany.

        1. Vardy. "Here, let me."

          1. Da fuh.

            Germany hasn't looked good since the WC - which is pretty much normal but hey labored mightily during Euro qualification.

            1. Not playing Rooney seems to help England.

              1. Yes and are using the flanks more effectively.

  13. transforming cities like Waterloo, Ontario into the next Silicon Valley

    Your Ontario town is a burial ground

    1. I don't know why but for some reason I expected that to be a Neil Young reference

      1. Wait. It wasn't?

  14. "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging $800 million over the next four years to create "technology incubators" "

    To be fair, that's like 20 bucks in real, non-colored money.

    1. iow one and a half (30) packs of (3/4 length) smokes.

  15. It's an all too common phenomenon -- cargo cult management.
    Imitate the forms and the success will surely come.
    Software is infested with this absurdity.
    So is middle management, and much corporate management.

    1. I was about to make a cargo cult comment, but yours is much better.

  16. And exactly who edits on week-ends at Reason?

    1. The same noone who does it during the week?


    1. Hey , would you keep it down? I'm trying to drink.

  18. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging $800 million over the next four years to create "technology incubators" aimed at transforming cities like Waterloo, Ontario into the next Silicon Valley.

    "Richard, if you want to live here, you've got to deliver. I can't have dead weight at my Incubator, ok? Either that, or show some promise for fuck's sake. Like NipAlert, Big Head's app. It gives you the location of a woman with erect nipples. Now, that's something people want."

  19. I'm really sorry about that whole Electing trudeau thing guys. He's a horror to conservatives and will prove an embarrassment to the liberality of the elites. He gets face time with international leaders because they know they can extract a good deal from him. I work in a political call center, and one of the most common things people say is,

    "Well what does he promise he'll get the government to do for me?" But almost as often, I hear people don't care and they don't vote. I surreptitiously praise those who say, "I don't vote with the ballot box."

    1. Well, I'm convinced now.

  20. Also, went and saw the movie. You know which one.

    I didn't think it was great, but I also didn't think it was this non-stop shitfest that all the critics are crying about. It was alright.

    There's a few things that really pissed me off (and one thing that damn near made me shout out loud, it was so bad), and a few things I really liked. Speaking only for myself, I dug Eisenberg's new take on Luthor, though I can see how it wouldn't be to others' tastes.

    If you aren't familiar with the storylines "A Death in the Family", "The Dark Knight Returns", and "The Death of Superman", this movie is kind of a mash-up of all of those, with a few random elements thrown in. If you don't know all the underlying stories, I can see how it would just be a context-less CGI boondoggle.

    1. Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman. These new-fangled superhero movies are no fun anyways.

      1. These new-fangled superhero movies are no fun anyways.

        Oh, call McDonald's, because I'm lovin' it. I was a comic nerd growing up, when this stuff wasn't "mainstream", and I am filled with childish glee at seeing all these superhero movies.

        Still, I don't go to see every one of them anymore, like I did for the first few years. If even a guy like me is starting to get genre fatigue, you know there's a problem.

        1. Oh I'm sure that's it. I never read a comic book, ever. I just like the old movies for pure entertainment value. The new ones are all edgy and shit.

          1. I like the campiness of the old superman movies. When they take themselves too seriously, like they tend to do now, it's just lame.

            1. This trend has been ruining a few franchises lately. Trek, Bond, etc.

              BSG is the only success I can think of.

              1. Agreed, I've also liked the last few mission impossible films, but that's about it.

      2. Also, how can anyone but Gene Hackman be Lex Luthor?

        1. Easily. Conan O'Brien could do a better job. So could Jay Leno. Or the Walt White guy or the dude who played Carlton.

          1. How dare you! That man is a national treasure

      3. (Blows into straw to make robotic hand gesticulate a thumbs up pose)

      4. My main reason for hating DC movies is their damn gamma-set-to-2 costume designs.

  21. I had my first dialogue with a Bernie supporter today. A bunch of em were coming off the subway with their signs and buttons while I waited for the bus. I was booing them and giving them the thumbs down and calling them commies. One came over and started. I think it went ok. She said I seemed angry. I told her I WAS.

        1. Meet cute; bang angry.

          1. A Sanders-ite grouppie? You'd feel the Bern as she carried a matress on her back next semester followed by her pressing rape charges.

      1. Meat, cute?

  22. A new low?

    A petition to allow firearms inside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland has collected more than 22,000 signatures as of Saturday afternoon.


    And supporters would like RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to explain why a "gun-free" venue was chosen for the Republican convention and to communicate a contingency plan to relocate the convention if nothing changes.
    CNN has reached out to the RNC and a convention spokesperson for comment.

    The article includes a screenshot of the petition on a page, but the CNN writer neglects to mention the whole thing is a giantic troll. I wonder why.

  23. The petition's author, who is identified as "N A," asks the three remaining GOP candidates to ask the Republican National Committee to advocate for changes to this policy.

    "In order to ensure the safety of your supporters, delegates and all attendees at the convention in July, you must call upon the RNC to rectify this affront to our Second Amendment freedoms and insist upon a suspension of the Quicken Loans Arena's unconstitutional 'gun-free zone' loophole," the petition reads.

    How droll.

    Meanwhile, according to CNN,

    The petition comes among heightened concerns about security at the convention. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported earlier this month that Cleveland plans to buy 2,000 sets of riot gear, including riot-control suits and collapsible batons, as part of the city's latest move to spend a $50 million federal security grant for the convention.

    "We got us a grant, folks! Let's git to spendin'!"

    1. Quicken Loans Arena's unconstitutional 'gun-free zone' loophole


  24. More credulous maroons:

    Those arguing for open carry at the RNC are using similar rhetoric to those who have recently argued for the elimination of gun-free zones and for concealed carry on all college campuses ? including private institutions. The concept follows the "good guy with a gun" adage, believing that more well-armed citizens in an area will discourage dangerous and criminal behavior with firearms.


    As the Republican National Convention draws nearer, and the number of signatures on the Petition for Open Carry continues to rise, Cleveland may become the stage for the next major gun rights debate in the United States.

  25. Philosophers used to say that cold climates fostered genius...but then Canada came forward as a counterexample.

    1. The philosophers even posited that in the first place is retarded.

      They must have been eugenicists or something.

        1. "In southern countries a machine of a delicate frame but strong sensibility resigns itself either to a love which rises and is incessantly laid in a seraglio, or to a passion which leaves women in a greater independence, and is consequently exposed to a thousand inquietudes. In northern regions a machine robust and heavy finds pleasure in whatever is apt to throw the spirits into motion, such as hunting, travelling, war, and wine. If we travel towards the north, we meet with people who have few vices, many virtues, and a great share of frankness and sincerity. If we draw near the south, we fancy ourselves entirely removed from the verge of morality; here the strongest passions are productive of all manner of crimes, each man endeavouring, let the means be what they will, to indulge his inordinate desires. In temperate climates we find the inhabitants inconstant in their manners, as well as in their vices and virtues: the climate has not a quality determinate enough to fix them."

          1. Climate change is going to be so much *fun!*

            1. I was going to make a Mayor Ford joke, but I learned he just died, RIP.

          2. Wow. Montesquieu was retarded. Who knew!?

        2. The cold doesn't make you smart, but it's harder to survive in it if you're dumb. In reality, though, most cold countries have enough "safety nets" so you aren't expected to be self-sufficient and often punished if you are.

    2. It explains why so many Lapplanders and Eskimos have Nobel Prizes.

      1. And the virtuous part of the argument is hogwash.

  26. Silicon valley became silicon valley precisely because there was no grand 5 year plan to turn it into silicon valley. Trying to centrally plan what spontaneously happened as a result of certain market dynamics at a particular moment in time is futile.

    1. IT pretty much came down to Shockley moving back to California again, otherwise there would never have been a Silicon Valley.

  27. At this point, what difference does it make?

    1. Funny but they are both are made of Teflon. She will never be charged.

      1. I can dream, can't i?

      2. On the classifying of emails , perhaps, but her tech guy didn't wipe her server clean there is Clinton Foundation baggage which will be far more damaging . If Bill and Hil are caught using her office to stuff their pieholes, they are finally fucking done. Most people won't put up with that.

  28. How are they going to entice Americans to move there?

    1. Free moon pies and Molson's.


      1. I dunno man - you can get moon pies and moonshine in Alabama.

        The best ones are the banana flavored ones that have been sitting for an indeterminate amount of time in a gas station vending machine.

      2. That's more of a threat.

    2. Through the use of clever slogans:
      Canada, the other Mexico

  29. Hildebeast getting slammered today. I wonder if she still ends up getting more delegates though?

    1. Don't joke about that; toying with hope is cruel.

  30. Lemme see if I have this straight.


    Cuba, with a health care system that is the envy of the NHS, which is a 'modern wonder of the world', isn't actually good enough for anyone in Cuba with money/power to use?

    Because it seems to me that every time one of these people might need the Cuban medical system they go out of their way to arrange other alternatives.

    Here we've got the president bringing in his own surgical suite - just in case - rather than rely on a Cuban hospital.

    Yet that is exactly the sort of medical care provision system he desires for this country?

    1. That's not an Obama thing, that's a POTUS thing.

      1. So does this travel with the POTUS regardless of the destination?

        1. This plane seems to be new, but there's been a surgical suite on Air Force One for quite awhile now.

          In any event, given how much power and influence the office has these days and the potential geo-political cost of losing him due to a medical or other emergency, I would expect any president to travel with doctors and the requisite equipment as part of his baggage train.

          1. After consideration, I'd bet the political structure of any country would also much rather any harm to the POTUS were handled by US medical staff, too.
            Upside: He gets well. Downside: nuke in the capital.
            (joking, but the downside is not good at ALL).

  31. Rufus The Monocled Derp Slayer|3.26.16 @ 4:04PM|#

    Global recession and severe deflationary pressures be damned. Not to mention demand for resources are down.

    Both Canada and Australia are huge resource exporters. I may be wrong but it seems to me that while the USA may be facing troubles, Canuckia and 'strylya may be well and truly fucked in the short term.

    It reminds me of the 70s when Trudeau p?re thought that he could finance his ambitious social welfare program with oil revenues driven by OPEC price increases. That worked out really well, eh?

    1. Yup. The United States has a diversified and innovative economy (even with its problems). Resources is just part of that mix. Canada is basically financials and resources. And when demand for resources are down our dollar gets hit. It's a one-trick pony economy to be blunt.

      Take all these pipelines controversies. I argued a guy like Obama can get away with dicking around preventing a pipeline from being built for political expediency all in an effort to look 'environmental' because the rest of the economy can pick up the slack. By contrast, all these idiot politicians in Canada playing the environmental game are actually potentially directly hurting our economy and families because Canada is a predominant exporter of resources.

      We never bothered to develop our finished goods potential and now we have to live and die by that sword. We remain a quasi-mercantilist economy. Send resources to G7 economies and buy back finished goods at higher prices.

      1. Canada is basically financials and resources.

        Good point, However Canada to its credit has generally had better banking rules than the USA and this is mostly due to the fact that Canadian bankers have been able to maintain higher standards of creditworthiness.

        We never bothered to develop our finished goods potential....


        We remain a quasi-mercantilist economy.

        Some (perhaps most) of this is due to the fact that Canadian unionized workers are tied at the hip with American unionized workers in International Unions.

        1. I agree on both counts.

          But I would add this mentality began well before trade unions. It was present from the onset when our leaders held to the belief Canada's future was tied to keeping England happy. And when reality set in and we needed to develop our own resources, rather than create an indigenous economic system (ie build our own machines, use Canadian money etc.) we simply used American capital and never really paid all that much attention.

          How to put it. We had oil but didn't invent or build the machines to extract and refine it relying on others to do it.

          It's the single quirk that distinguishes us from our G7 partners. Every single one of those countries not only are refined manufacturing nations but have branding power to various degrees. Canada, for the record, is only in the G7 because the U.S. insisted we be included.

          1. You're welcome! Now get me a doughnut, hat-boy!

            1. /rubs maple doughnut in Warren's face.

              1. Now I have an awkward erection.

  32. It's always such a head-slapper when academics are so confused about the ancients' ability to get from place to place.

    Why is there this idea that before a certain point far ancient people couldn't travel? They didn't have legs or horses or couldn't navigate rivers?

    Just because we don't know much about them doesn't mean they were incompetent or idiots.

    1. Hell of a way to die.

    2. Before the 1990s, "for a long time we didn't really believe in war in prehistory," DAI's Hansen says. The grave goods were explained as prestige objects or symbols of power rather than actual weapons. "Most people thought ancient society was peaceful, and that Bronze Age males were concerned with trading and so on," says Helle Vandkilde, an archaeologist at Aarhus University in Denmark. "Very few talked about warfare."

      What kind of hippy revisionism is this? Did they think prehistory people were not people?

      1. The myth of the Nobel Savage

      2. Pomposity of historians who think the written record is just biased, and who have warped views of why governments formed in the first place. It's very practical for libertarians to explain the real origins of government as modern day democracy has perverted the concept and made government into something noble. It also ties into the ridiculous notion that private property is just a Western social construct with no basis in reality.

  33. I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years. 5 companies 2 successes, 2 spectacular failures, 1 with the jury still out. 2 companies of these went public in the US and UK. Politicians and the political class do no understand the startup culture. It is a culture. That is why the US has led the way. No government money is needed. what is needed is will. Startup towns are like really great parties - assuming that every year is better than the last then all the right people want to come or be invited. its that simple. at the end of the day it is all driven by wealth. but wealth requires really good products and companies. investing 800m dollars (per Canada) is money that will be consumed by program creators and bureaucrats. London has become a vibrant startup town over the last 20 years. a number of reason - private money plenty of it, great universities, and the effect of Thatcherism - especially among the non-ethnically British.

    1. London

      I read this thinking, "Oh, London Ontario...."


    2. investing 800m dollars (per Canada) is money that will be consumed by program creators and bureaucrats.

      For the people creating and running the programs, this will be measured as success.

  34. Trudeau is an idiot. You know what you need to make "the next Silicon Valley"? Silicon. Yeah, that's right. How much silicon does Canada actually have? Trudeau is going to have to import hundreds of thousands of tons of silicon just to get this off the ground. Silicon doesn't grow on trees.

    1. He should jsut try homeslice!

      1. Wow! Jack Frapp is not gonna like that one bit!

        1. Jack Sprat needs to eat more fat, lol

          His wife, on the other hand, should lay off the fat and start making ca$h on the Internet.

  35. On the bright side, the United Arab Emirates goes out of its way to make the Christian minority feel welcome.

    This reflects Muslim respect for Jesus, and/or a commercial country's respect for people who contribute to the economy.

  36. The power of commerce!

    "Famed SF protestor Frank Chu has new sponsorship"
    "...Frank Chu has a new sponsor.
    The local celebrity, who's known for carrying his "12 Galaxies" sign along Market and Montgomery streets, was spotted recently by Chronicle Editor in Chief Audrey Cooper with a new sign. The signage indicates Expensify as Chu's new corporate sponsor."

    Or maybe it reflects his respect for the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    1. new corporate sponsor

      Good lord, you sponsor your crazy people? You get more of what you encourage...

  37. "Old MacDonald had a farm - it became infested with rabbits and he sought revenge

    "The 324 Great Easter Bunny Hunt shooters from throughout New Zealand gathered at Alexandra's Pioneer Park this morning and awaited which block the ballot would send them to as they aim to make a dent in the local rabbit population....

    "Senior Sergeant Ian Kerrisk reminded them to ensure that children were kept safe, that team members not drive over the speed limit or drink alcohol while hunting.

    "The Easter bunny hunt is an Alexandra Lions Club fundraiser and this year money will be donated to the Friends of Dunstan Hospital. Some 287,679 rabbits have been killed in total. [apparently referring to the hunt's 25-year history]"

    h/t the BBC

    1. (too bad the rules effectively exclude libertarians from the hunt, eh?)

  38. so, i'm watching The Usual Suspects....

    And I can't help thinking, "God, Steven Baldwin really is a stupid cunt."

    Anyway, so i check his wikipedia entry. =

    In 2006, Baldwin launched a campaign to prevent an adult bookstore from opening in Nyack. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder of the initials "HM" for Hannah Montana. He got the tattoo after making a pact with Miley Cyrus and Kayla Bell that he would be allowed to cameo on the show if he had the initials tattooed on him.He never appeared on the show and has since said that he regrets getting the tattoo.

    Baldwin and his wife defaulted on paying $824,488.36 on their mortgage. ... He filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York, on July 21, 2009, according to a court document that says he is millions in debt

    In September 2006, Baldwin released his book titled The Unusual Suspect, which depicts ... his turn to becoming a born-again Christian after the 9/11 attacks. In the same year, Baldwin [and others] founded Breakthrough Ministry, which was designed to utilize extreme sports as a ministry via arena tours, called AsSalt Tours.

    In 2007, Baldwin endorsed Sam Brownback for President.[27] After Brownback left the race, Baldwin switched his support to Mike Huckabee.[28] In June 2011, Baldwin floated the possibility of entering New York City's 2013 mayoral race as an opponent of his brother Alec, who previously suggested that he may run himself

    1. Anyway, you have no idea how hard the "extreme sports ministry" thing made me laugh out loud. It was like someone had let ME write my own fantasy-version of his character. The rest of his bio is even more depressing than the above if you can believe it. I think it would be fair to say that the work he can probably be proudest of is, "Bio Dome".

      1. And he sure missed a chance with:
        "ASS alt Tours"

      2. A weird minor and detail i found interesting = his brazilian wife? is the daughter of jazz composer Eumir Deodato. Who is appreciated by hiphop people for a handful of breaks off his first 3 records, and generally known to the rest of the world as "That guy who did a jazz-funk version of Also Sprach Zarathustra"

        1. "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
          One of my all-time "TURN OFF THE SOUND!!!" tunes.
          If I ever got through the first work, I might find something of value, but that's asking entirely too much.

    2. Oh dear.

      Which one is he again?

      Never mind. Could you imagine Steven v. Alec in a mayoral race and debate?

      1. the blonde one.

        as for the latter, yes. things would be thrown. it would make Trump look like Cincinnatus, and yet probably still end up being better mayors than the Bill De B. (union crony) types NYC gets.

        1. I would take any of the Baldwin brothers over Deblasio any day.

    3. "There's nothing that can't be done," Gilmore.

      I once saw Stephen Baldwin eating a sandwich in a Volvo in Nyack , and I told him I loved him In the movie "Threesome."

      I once followed Al Baldwin at a Syracuse, New York car wash, and I asked the car wash guy which Baldwin brother was the worst tipper, and he told me Steven. I believe it, because Billy Baldwin is a classy guy ( he snagged the hot one from Wilson Phillips), and because Daniel probably tipped with liquor store coupons, which are always useful.

      1. I once saw Stephen Baldwin eating a sandwich in a Volvo in Nyack , and I told him I loved him

        Eating sandwiches in Volvos sometimes has this effect on people.

          1. I suspect that the other Baldwin brothers are the ones who wrote that story about the Hannah Montana tattoo on his wikipedia, and his agents/PR people won't even bother to tell him to fix it because he owes them all money.

  39. Disclaimer: I slept through chem, so I can neither confirm nor deny the claim, but a commenter claims a legal Chinese herb is a decent substitute for the now illegal quantities of Sudafed. And making things illegal means they just no longer exist, right?

    "Chinese herbalist's family of 3 killed, man arrested"
    "A popular practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine was found shot to death and wrapped in plastic along with his wife and 5-year-old daughter in their palatial two-story home in upscale Santa Barbara County. More than 170 miles to the south, a 27-year-old suspect was arrested in the San Diego area.
    Investigators were exploring the links between the two men on Saturday,[...]The two men were recently involved in a business deal, and financial gain could have been a motive in the slayings, authorities said."

    'If it saves just one meth addict...'

    1. Sounds like you're talking about Ma Huang.

      1. People always talkin' bout ma huang.

        1. The men of New York are, sure.

          1. its given them heart attacks

  40. In this holiday season, I think we should all focus on what's important.

    Easter brunch with bottomless mimosas, prime rib, and omelet stations.

    1. Agreed.
      I have no problem with bleevers co-opting equinox celebrations.

    2. BTW, did you notice this oen?

      "'All the free burrito giveaways in the world' won't fix Chipotle"
      ""Chipotle is in a very tough spot because they lost their customer's confidence and trust," Tuttle said. "They have one job: Serve healthy food. They are not doing that and still have not 'fixed' the problem."

      It's NATURAL!

      1. I like Chipotle but haven't been since The Troubles started. Plus it's out of the way for me. Had Salsarita near my work the other day and while it's not as good IMHO at least I survived.

        1. Saltaritas, come for the sodium chloride, stay for the extra salt

          1. Maybe they should try the potassium chloride, K?

            1. Kellog?

        2. I like Chipotle but haven't been since The Troubles started.

          i laughed

          ""And lo, the Chosen people shall not return to Chipotle until darkness has covered the earth for three days and three nights, and the Lord has slain all the firstborn children of Egypt""
          ??Exodus 11:4?6

    3. Make sure you see actual broken egg shells at the omelet station.

  41. Vigil for murdered Muslim shopkeeper in Glasgow. Initial reports suggest he was killed for wishing Christians a Happy Easter.

    1. h/t Earlier post on this on H&R

      1. It's like there's some club for psychopaths. You know WTF.

  42. Popehat ?@Popehat 6h6 hours ago

    Popehat Retweeted The Hill

    He can't "let" them do it. They could do it tomorrow. Means he won't defend them.

    There's no way this ends badly.

    Popehat added,
    The Hill @thehill
    Trump would consider letting Japan and South Korea build nuclear arsenals
    5 retweets 18 likes

    Worse than Hitler: President Trump going to upset the whole New World Order by forcing individual countries to take responsibility for their own national security!

    1. Broken clocks, blind squirrels, etc.
      And he will likely 'change his mind' the next time he speaks to an audience that doesn't poll well with that idea.
      He's a fucking blow-hard.

      1. When he turns all nation-building warmonger those neocons defecting to Hillary are gonna feel really stupid

    2. So you missed the whole thing about Trump promising to kill the families of terrorists? And forcing the military to comply if they try to refuse?

      So yeah, other than the war crimes, his foreign policy is just dandy...

  43. "California legislators and labor unions on Saturday reached an agreement that will take the state's minimum wage from $10 to $15 an hour"

    So the workers agreed with the bosses to raise the bosses wages? How surprising!

    1. I wonder why they don't bring this to the voters. Seems like every other stupid thing gets voted on there.

  44. Was Jesus a zombie?

    1. A reverse-zombie, other people eat his flesh.

      1. Next time a fundamentalist calls for $ I will ask them if they eat the body of Christ during communion. After they affirm I will ask if they think it is his penis that they are eating. If they were particularly "hard sell-ish" I may follow up with a "Nom nom nom." My rule is ALWAYS get a cold call to hang up on me.

        1. Doctrine shmoctrine

          1. IOW, you'll have to think of some alternative witty thing for the majority of "fundamentalists" who aren't Roman Catholic. But ugh, theology is hard.

  45. Idjit bleevers can learn when smacked in the wallet:

    "Robert De Niro Defends Screening of Anti-Vaccine Film at Tribeca Festival"

    "De Niro axes anti-vaccination film from Tribeca after scrutiny"

  46. Everyone has a lord, brother
    and everyone has an altar, sister
    Not a single fucking vaginal crap has ever been vag shawt
    that does not grow up into some fucking kneeling prostrate at some goddamn shone dreamt
    spilling from underneath the majestic piercing valley clouds, boyo

    even us, the dark universe of the fucking planet, has cluttered mystical oaken desks glistening under
    late noon suns shining on juddering prints of our philosophers we peripherally enjoin as supplements of Freudian shimmers cascading into our internal machines, oiling our deep mills, soothing our anxieties, birthing our fortresses with sun eagles cresting the newest horizons with glades of striking stars and sheens splashing across the oceans of libertarian mysteries, my astronauts.

  47. As we cross the desolate places
    let us cast our minds behind the dark dreams where
    the fallen shiver and coil, brother and sister

    Under the thick haze of time the nomads of thoughts
    trek under the wings of eagles and even the wolves
    set aside their hunger to let us pass, man

    The strong-breasted men and women of intellect wander alone among the stricken valleys
    as the civilizations clash and turn and toil under the odd moons and yawning space fogs where planets spin
    so goddamn fucking atomic and universal and fucking stoned and bullshit

    Humans have made a shitload of themselves over the fucking centuries and the bitches
    seem to always create tons of themselves that want to kill shitloads of humans.

    Surrender to thoughts and majestic rivers of space is a fucking bear on their throats
    Humans generally make shit governments and even better killers of themselves, praise myriad gods and shit

    Raise up peace and open flavors of stars
    weariness of death and blood and gods and domination...
    may our vessels carve into the stars some form of gardens

  48. swallowed the last drops
    and these lofty magics hop into my mind lake
    as an ethereal pull
    as my long lost large friend wrote about
    in the old Toledo days of tumult
    and spiritual ages falling into the arms of our
    youth earths and mind soils

    for sure i am sort of paddling a craft on shattered atoms spread
    across dusty fountains but agile must remark it is so fucking
    hard to find songs of today that transcend natural spirituality
    of which most fucking songs of rote miss entirely. or perhaps I am a goddamn shitty ass eater. which I have done and do often but perhaps agile just sucks as a dick.

    fuck if i know
    i don't know jack shit, bitch
    unless you roll into agile town, then i can help you discover some odd corners and perhaps ever more where the rainbows bend... or not

  49. grass is cool
    when boys wrestle on it

    fields are cool
    when girls pick their flowers from it

    earth is swell
    when boys and girls dance their dreams on it

  50. aging haunts the living
    death is the smallest room
    tragedy is our rainbow
    praise nature for muting our
    passing and fuck pregnancy for
    creating me

  51. AC's back, the world is again a whole and lovely place....

  52. Here we go again:

  53. Happy Easter! In the spirit of Easter charity, let me say that about 80%-90% of what Trump says in here makes sense, especially about Japan and South Korea - too bad he doesn't promise to follow up.

    1. I think he can do well with that as an economic/nationalist message, and libertarians should be able to go along with that (although it's not the full "bring all the troops home" position).

  54. Hm.

    Just found this. Putzing around learning more about tech funding, hubs and places:

    The language Morneau used was a bit much. While Waterlooo (and Canada in general) does okay, it's far from being a hub and the competition to knock out SV is stiff as it is ferocious not just within the USA but around the world.

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  56. Why not? Semiconductors run faster in the cold.

  57. O Canada .. second largest nation on earth.
    The Western Hemisphere's Mother Lode.
    Whatever do your corporate owners have planned for you..

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