Donald Trump Says He'll 'Spill Beans' on Heidi Cruz, DOJ Announces Arrest of 6,000 'Violent Felons', Russia Accuses Ukraine of Ignoring Peace Deal: P.M. Links


  • GQ

    Donald Trump says he's going to "spill the beans" on Heidi Cruz after an anti-Trump ad featured a photo of Melania Trump in the nude.

  • The Department of Justice announced U.S. marshals had arrested 6,000 "violent felons" with outstanding warrants over the last six weeks in a sweep dubbed "Operation Violent Reduction 12".
  • Turkey says it warned Belgium about the Belgian national identified as one of the perpetrators of Monday's terorr attacks, after catching him crossing into Turkey from Syria and deporting him back to Europe.
  • Russia accused Ukraine of dragging its feet on implementing a ceasefire agreement.
  • New York became the last state to lift a ban on mixed martial arts.
  • The Denver airport is closed indefinitely due to blizzard.