Donald Trump Says He'll 'Spill Beans' on Heidi Cruz, DOJ Announces Arrest of 6,000 'Violent Felons', Russia Accuses Ukraine of Ignoring Peace Deal: P.M. Links


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    Donald Trump says he's going to "spill the beans" on Heidi Cruz after an anti-Trump ad featured a photo of Melania Trump in the nude.

  • The Department of Justice announced U.S. marshals had arrested 6,000 "violent felons" with outstanding warrants over the last six weeks in a sweep dubbed "Operation Violent Reduction 12".
  • Turkey says it warned Belgium about the Belgian national identified as one of the perpetrators of Monday's terorr attacks, after catching him crossing into Turkey from Syria and deporting him back to Europe.
  • Russia accused Ukraine of dragging its feet on implementing a ceasefire agreement.
  • New York became the last state to lift a ban on mixed martial arts.
  • The Denver airport is closed indefinitely due to blizzard.

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  1. Donald Trump says he’s going to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz after an anti-Trump ad featured a photo of Melania Trump in the nude.


    1. Who was targetted by that ad? Frumpy women who hate beautiful women?

      Is frumpy one of those now inappropriate words because it others some women?

        1. Yes to the 1st thing.

          As far as I can tell, Ivanka Trump is classy and nothing like her dad. Women hate her.

          1. If she’s not like her dad, why am I supposed to hate her?

            1. Eww, I feel like I need to wash my hands after clicking that link.

              1. Wash your hands, eh? Use a sock next time.

                1. You didn’t get the picture of pubescent Ivanka sitting on Donald’s lap with a come-hither look into his eyes while caressing his chin?


                  1. I did, but I didn’t need to wash my hands after.

                    /yet another Reason masturbation reference

              1. And she is not wearing makeup there! I love a natural beauty.

                You have swayed me. This is my favorite photo of her.

                1. That’s the thing about pregnant chicks: you know for certain that they won’t make you wear a condom.

                2. The Trumps were all born without any facial bones, but she seems to pull it off the best. Crusty’s right, it must be the lack of makeup. Plus harsh lighting to create the illusion of definition and hide the space alien quality of her head

      1. Aren’t they in Hilary corner already?

      2. I don’t know. I give that photo a 9.

        Every time someone attacks Trump, they seem to end up giving me another reason to vote for him.

        But, I will vote for the G J to be sure.

      3. Who was targetted by that ad?

        The real answer is Mormons.

        1. Mormon girls are disproportionately hotter than the national average to be sure. But so is the per capita creepy plastic prophet count, so Cruz FTW.

          1. Citation please, unless you think bonkers adds to the “hotness.”


            1. The proof is in the seeing. Take a visit to the BYU campus sometime.

              1. I think my business might take me out that way…


                1. OUTER DARKNESS!

        2. +1 God’s undergarments

    2. Hello.

    3. How many people have “spilled their beans” on that photo of Melania?

      1. You seem to have this masturbation metaphor thing well in hand.

        1. Don’t be a jerk.

          1. Not sliding out of this one.

            1. I’ve got to hand it to you, you do quite a job here.

      2. Resting her heels on a pillow? How gauche.

      3. I was expecting something more like a Hustler centerfold. I guess I’m just old-fashioned.

    4. Baked, or refried?

      1. Definitely not refried.

      2. jumping

    5. It’s entirely possible Trump doesn’t know what a super PAC is, given his response to that.

  2. As some of you already know, I’m a millennial. So, as you can imagine, my facebook feed is feeling the Bern so much that its basically on fire. As a result, I see a lot of blatantly wrong “facts” about the U.S. economy. This has motivated me to start doing one myth-busting economic literacy post a day. I started today with an easy one:

    Economic illiteracy myth #1: U.S. doesn’t manufacture anything.

    Not true, the U.S. produces mostly capital goods, not consumer goods. Translation: We make things that make other things (we supply China with the machines to make toys and other consumer goods).

    In 2015, the U.S. exported over $1.5 trillion in manufactured goods. That means in manufactured goods alone, the U.S. produces more than the entire economies of every single country in the world except the top 11 (one of these is the entire EU).

    Source: U.S. Census Bureau and International Trade Administration

    Surprisingly, I got a very positive response to this. My cohorts do want to learn, they just don’t know where to find this information. Also, the incentive to get educated on these topics is very low (you only get one vote).

    1. The U.S. manufactures porn too. Ask ENB.

      1. A LOT of it.

        The germans try, but… ewww?

        1. What could you possibly have against gimp suits, giant tits and watersports?

          1. Poor production quality and shitty dubbing?

      2. yeah but the Russkies have us beat there.

        We must end this porn gap and reclaim our rightful position as the porn capital of the world

        1. The average Russian, son, don’t film a 10 way gangbang without a plan.

    2. Your first mistake was getting on the Facebook.

      1. Haha, I actually had to re-activate my account to do this today. (There was too much bern for me)

    3. For your next lesson, explain who the main owners of their most hated corporations are.

      Hint: It’s pension plans for unions and public sector employees, not shadowy bajillionaires.

      1. I have explained that to a thousand of them. They can’t hear you.

        1. Some can, but they just don’t care.

          The taxpayers have to make up the difference, so why care about shareholder returns?

      2. I will definitely consider this. The only problem is I need to condense it to 4 sentences or less and find a good single source I can link so people can find out more info.

        1. CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) is the largest pension fund in the US and the largest investor in the US. (That was 2007 and it’s only grown since then.)

          CalSTRS (California State Teachers Retirement System) is second, BTW.

          1. This is a wonderful resource! Thanks!!

          2. CalPERS has recently started “activist investing” or whatever it’s called. They are in the process of divesting completely from tobacco companies, and considering doing the same for oil companies.

            Lower returns, but who cares? The tax payers have to make up the difference.

            1. Recently?

              They’ve been “activist investing” since Dale Hanson in the 1980s!

    4. Other things to say:

      The US manufacturing sector produced more goods by dollar value last year (or whatever the last year measured is) than any year in history. The slump in manufacturing jobs is due to increased productivity, which is good because it frees up workers for other newer occupations and industries. This is also why we no longer have 90% of the population employed as farmers. Economists call it creative destruction.

      There is no such thing as a trade deficit, unless those wily Chinese, Japanese, and other dollar hoarders are using them to light cigars, because every dollar sent overseas to buy imports is only useful to those foreign sellers when they send the dollars back to the US to buy US products. The monthly “trade deficit” figures so widely abused are products minus capital investment, ie when foreigners use those dollars to invest in US bonds and stocks. This is also good, because it means those foreigners think US companies and government bonds are good investments.

      1. Look. It’s simple. They United States is the single most diverse, dynamic, productive (yes, I know we can quibble on this) and efficient economy on the planet given its size and free market. It can’t be that millennials are unaware of this. Man, by the time I was 13 I knew this – because books.


        1. There’s your first mistake. I don’t think many 13-year-olds read that much anymore. And the news they get on the internet is very diluted and biased.

          My 14-year-old son likes to read, but he says that most of his friends ‘really aren’t into books’.

          1. Anything more than 140 characters is too long to expect to maintain the attention the average teenager today. The same can be said about most progressives, as well.

            1. TIL I learned that after Richard Hofstadter labelled free market opponents of Progressivism “social Darwinists” (in a book designed to slander free marketeers in an effort to support the New Deal), he labelled the Progressives that those free marketeers opposed “Darwinian collectivists”.

              I wonder how they would respond to that name…

              (Source: Origins of the myth of social Darwinism: The ambiguous legacy of Richard Hofstadter’s Social Darwinism in American Thought)

              1. I love when “progressives” use Darwinism as a smear against proponents of free markets. It just goes to show that they can’t comprehend or accept that most economic phenomena are the result of natural and universal forces; they’re not dictates handed down by some supreme authority. You can’t change the minimum wage or the price of housing any more than you can change gravity or sunlight.

                “Survival of the fittest” occurs whether you like it or not. Once again, this rule is in effect not because some mean Republican decided it should be, but because it’s a law of the universe. Sure, you can raise some lifeform in artificial conditions that would never survive on its own, but you’ll always have to take resources from some other place to sustain it. Likewise, you can support those who are unwilling to be productive participants in the economy, but eventually, you’ll run out of other peoples’ money.

                As many commenters have said on this site before: it’s better to be a social Darwinist than a social creationist.

          2. I read the Encylopedia from A to chimpanzee when I was a kid.

            AND I WASN’T A NERD.

            1. citation needed.
              (not really, you are on this website so…NERD)

            2. Did the chimp enjoy you reading the encyclopedia to him? Good thing you stuck the volume A, if you had gotten to B the chimp would have freaked out when you got Bananas

              1. You done?

          3. Facebook is biggest news network ever – each viewer self-selected into a nice little echo chamber.

          4. Well, by they time they’re 13, they’ve had 7 to 8 years of training and indocrination designed to make them hate reading.

      2. Totally valid stuff but this is getting way too much into theory. I need hard facts that directly contradict the narrative. There needs to be 1. An obvious myth. 2. A direct (preferably numerical) way to debunk without getting into economic theory.

        1. What’s so hard to understand about the trade deficit myth? Ask anyone who claims it exists what happens wto those exported dollars. They have to be burnt up or used to buy US products. Theory my ass. It’s a simple straightup question to the myth believers, a lot simpler than pulling graphs out of the web on manufacturing value and jobs, a lot less easy to dispute.

          1. Trade deficit = we send them pictures of dead presidents (and one Sec of Treas) and they send us stuff

            1. Trade Deficit. One of my favorite oxymorons.

            2. Don’t forget – pictures of dead guys that WE drew. We are the people who say those pictures have value – and everybody else agrees.

          2. You might be right, but take a look at your post above. It’s length alone means it would be ignored.

          3. Scarecrow, I take what I said back – there should be an easier way to condense this (as Tman linked below).

            1. Ms Flanders- Since a lot of the BernBros intersect with Greenies, I would do an item on environmentalism. I read this on a Harry Brown site back when he was LP candidate, but I’m betting you can find similar statistics today:

              Myth: The US Government is the key to preventing pollution to our environment.
              Fact: The US Government is the most prolific source of pollution in the world.
              – US Mint
              – EPA Cleanup Sites
              – DOE Superfunds
              – Point out that the big examples of clear-cutting and other environmental hazards were caused by DC Cronies making decisions on forest land they would never see.

        2. I enjoy turning people on to PJ O’Rourke to explain a lot of this stuff. He’s able to debunk these myths with humor and a lot of liberals recognize him from his stints on NPR like Wait Wait Don’t Tell me, etc.

          This is a good one-

          Trading with the Enemy? China wants to sell to us. We should be happy.

          Instead of the luxuries of life, the Chinese import money. There’s no such thing as a trade deficit, but there is such a thing as a current account deficit. China holds an enormous amount of U.S. currency. This worries America’s policymakers, although I’ll be damned if I know why. A U.S. dollar is an IOU from the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s a promissory note that doesn’t actually promise anything. It’s not backed by gold or silver. If Hu Jintao brought a $100 bill with him to Washington, and if he took the $100 bill over to the Federal Reserve, what he got for it was a hundred dollars. He may have gotten it in twenties, tens, or dimes. But all the Fed will give anyone for their American money is other American money. Hu Jintao is stuck with his IOU.

          1. He has an essay someplace that includes a reference to Trump writing an article in the ’80s about trade with Japan, and then an almost verbatim article about trade with China in the early/mid-aughts.

            It’s hilarious and I keep meaning to dig it up to give to Trump supporters who don’t get why I’m exasperated he’s still crying about Japanese cars (designed a few blocks from where I work in LA and built in the south).

            1. Might be the one above? Here’s the Japan reference-

              But let us consider the parable of Japan in the 1980s. Japan kept giving America radios, TVs, stereos, and cars, and we kept giving Japan money. The Japanese didn’t want anything America made except Michael Jackson tapes, and we didn’t even make the valuable part–the tape cassette part–of those. So the Japanese decided to buy America itself. They bought office complexes, hotels, and golf courses. The Japanese bid up the price of American real estate until the bubble did what bubbles do. By the 1990s America had all the radios, TVs, stereos, and cars, and all the office complexes, hotels, and golf courses, and all the money.

              1. “we didn’t even make the valuable part–the tape cassette part”

                Is this a backhanded way of suggesting that Michael Jackson’s music is not worth the tape it’s recorded on?

              2. That’s at least part of it. I think it was in one of his books, Maybe Peace Kills. I’ll try to remember to dig around. I distinctly remember him referencing a Trump op-ed (but my memory as going as I get old).

            2. Never mind, I know which one you mean but I can’t remember the main theme. It might be that one he did about our love affair with cars?

            3. maybe enough time has passed we can start being nostalgiac about “rising sun”?

          2. I appreciate the link! I like his description of trade deficits. I might post about this tomorrow!

            1. Here’s one your extra curious friends might enjoy, but I’ve turned a lot of socialists in to free marketeers with this one-

              How to Explain Conservatism to Your Squishy Liberal Friends: Individualism ‘R’ Us

              The individual and the state

              The first question of political science is – or should be: “What is good for everyone?” And, by “everyone” we must mean “all individuals.”

              The question can’t be: “What is good for a single individual?” That’s megalomania, which is, like a New Hampshire presidential primary, the art of politics, not political science.

              And the question can’t be: “What is good for some individuals?” Or even: “What is good for the majority of individuals?” That’s partisan politics, which, at best, leads to Newt Gingrich or Pat Schroeder and, at worst, leads to Lebanon or Rwanda.

              Finally, the question can’t be: “What is good for individuals as a whole?” There’s no such thing. Individuals are only available individually.

              1. Interesting, I’ll give it a read. Thanks!

                1. It’s a good one. I fight the same battles you do all the time, and for what it’s worth eventually the ones that are smart enough start to get it. The ones that don’t I just avoid the conversation.

              2. You should find one to explain libertarianism to your squishy liberal friends instead.

                1. I have thought about swapping “conservative” for “libertarian” in the same article but it’s too much editing.

                  What’s sad is how many people immediately ignore the point of the article just because the word “conservative” is used. All they think of when they see “conservative” is bible thumping and pro-lifers, and ignore the economic aspect altogether.

                  1. ^ That’s why I avoid labels altogether. Libertarians have their own nonsense stereotypes to deal with too.

                  2. What are the NRA bitter-clingers? Chopped liver? (Othered again)

                  3. Yeah, and that’s why libertarians are regarded as “extreme conservatives” by liberals.

                  4. Copy it into Word and “replace all”

          3. Maybe he could buy a carton of cigarettes. Maybe.

        3. A big chunk of the deficit is a result of the fact that a lot of the things we sell foreigners (education, media, digital services, airplanes) don’t get counted when calculating trade balances.

          1. that is a very good point. don’t hear it anywhere near enough.

      3. because every dollar sent overseas to buy imports is only useful to those foreign sellers when they send the dollars back to the US to buy US products.

        Not completely true, because there are a lot of places, and transactions, where US Dollars are the go to currency, because it is the most stable fiat currency available. Think drug deals and shitty places like Zimbabwe.

        Those dollars still find their way back here, though.

        1. Those dollars still find their way back here, though.

          You’ve got to hand it to the people who implanted those homing devices in our currency.

          1. If the dollar craters, it is our foreign creditors who suffer.

    5. Right on Mr Flanders. May I suggest doing one on the zero sum fallacy in regards to wealth. It is such a pervasive and easily refuted error and I am sure you could find a Bernie quote in which he subscribes to it.

      1. This might be a good topic, actually. I’d need to find an easy way to frame it in 4 sentences, though.

        1. Search for Thomas Sowell and zero sum fallacy. He has written and discussed this with numerous examples. If you are not familiar with his work you are in for a treat. I highly recommend his books and any youtube videos you can find of him speaking. He is my favorite living economist and the one who finally opened my eyes to the science.

          1. Love it. Yeah I’ve read some of his work and remember this lesson in my Econ 103 class. Great resource! Thanks!

            1. Indeed. Keep us posted on your project. Basic economic lessons are in serious need of dissemination.

    6. Millennials are too dumb to use google?

      1. They wouldn’t know what to search, let alone that they need to search it.

        1. Who are their parents? Baby boomers are too old.

          1. I guess that’d be Gen X.

            1. I’d say it is a mix of early Gen X and late boomers..

              1. Yeah that makes more sense.

    7. If you want to have some fun, you could point out that Sanders endorsed corporatism:

      To ensure the safety and soundness of our banking system, we need to fundamentally restructure the Fed’s governance system to eliminate conflicts of interest. Board members should be nominated by the president and chosen by the Senate. Banking industry executives must no longer be allowed to serve on the Fed’s boards and to handpick its members and staff. Board positions should instead include representatives from all walks of life ? including labor, consumers, homeowners, urban residents, farmers and small businesses.

      This is lifted directly from The Coming Corporate State:

      We now turn to the typical Corporation, and see in what manner it is organized and how it will function. There will be represented on the Corporation employers, workers and consumers. Each group will be given equal representation and equal power, and may not be outvoted by the other two.

      1. Note that the Corporation is not a business corporation but a government body more like a guild with regulatory power (they can set prices, wages, industry practices, etc.):

        In the position of the borough council we have the industrial corporation, which possesses the right to pass by-laws binding upon the industry as a whole, just as the council can pass by-laws for the borough.

        1. Interesting links, but I’d like to stay away from politics and instead focus on economic myths. I’m still going to read the links. though. Thanks!

          1. Hey, thanks for the info in the AM links. I may reach out to you for some more info/advice as I get closer to graduating and moving out to the DC area.

            1. No problem dude, just let me know!

    8. How about this one……

      “No, the Rest of the World Doesn’t Use “Single Payer”
      America isn’t the odd country out”

      1. Hmm. I like it, but I worry that it’ll be difficult to explain the nuance between “single payer”, “single provider”, “dominant payer” and “employer-state hybrid”.

        I will have to think of this for a while. It’s definitely a topic I’d love to cover, but it’ll be hard to condense it. Maybe I can break up the healthcare and health insurance into a multi-post series. I could start by explaining that health insurance and health care are two different marketplaces and go from there.

        1. Healthcare (IMO) is best discussed from a historical perspective. Health insurance grew out of the maturation of the medical field, and the newer techniques that cost shit-tons of money. I think that if you explained what routine (and not-so-routine) medical care looked like pre-insurance, and compared the costs of that same medical care today, it would show the “mission creep” that health insurance has had since Medicare/aid

  3. New York became the last state to lift a ban on mixed martial arts.

    The Empire State willingly lifting a ban on anything is probably big news.

    1. Have you seen how much money MMA is raking in?

  4. If it cucks like a white nationalist…:

    “The retweets are based solely on the content, not the personal views of those individuals as they are not vetted, known or of interest to the candidate or the campaign,” says Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, who declined to explain how Trump searches through his Twitter feed. Hicks also declined (repeatedly) to answer Fortune’s question as to whether or not Trump believes that white genocide is a legitimate concern.

    Seriously though. Katrina Pierson follows fucking @Genophilia. That’s actually cray.

    1. Man, if I believed integrity mattered as a PR employee for Trump, I would be sweating bullets. But the man has consistently said outrageous shit, patently outrageous shit, and his numbers go up.

      They just shrug this shit off. Hope Hicks can kick it.

    2. How can you be such a linguistic prescriptivist and then post that? Your worstness knows no bounds.

    3. white genocide

      Who comes up with this shit? Are these people who are traumatized from accidentally leaving red article of clothing in with red wash and having their parents make them go to school in a pink t-shirt or something?

      1. We already know you’re not taking it seriously, what with all your nonprocreative sexing.

        1. I’m trying to keep other homos busy so they don’t storm into your bedrooms and gay marry your men at gunpoint after Obergefell. It’s tiring, but important work.

          1. Storm into my bedroom? I thought you guys mostly snuck in the back door?

            1. Swiss, some gays need narrowing.

            2. Those were the before times, Jimbo.

      2. It was a red baseball cap, jesse.

        1. Great, waffles, now we can’t make America great again anymore.

      3. It’s people who can’t tell the difference between violently destroying a group of people through murder and people choosing to have children with members of other ethnicities.

        They’re also people who think whites should rule the world because we supposedly have higher natural IQs than black people (which has not been proven) but who are unwilling to take this to its logical extreme and say we should put everything in the hands of East Asians because they’re geniuses.

        They’re not smart people, is what I am saying.

        1. I can’t imagine why these people would feel insecure about the future of their genetic heritage.

        2. There are more whites than blacks in the us. The bell curve would suggest that the top few percent might be entirely white, but so would the bottom few.

        3. It has been proven. Over and over again. That standard deviation doesn’t go away no matter how many factors are controlled for. People say it hasn’t been proven because they don’t like the corollaries some people make in association with it.

          Corollaries like ‘whites should rule the world’.

          BUT—–we’re not exactly sure what IQ is measuring. That’s a real important point that goes unnoticed because even looking into this subject gets people branded as racist unless they mouth SJW platitudes and undermine their own research in favor of those selfsame platitudes.

          Oh, the reason East Asians score better than ‘whites’ is because the highest scoring group–Ashkenazi Jews–have been defined out of being white(even though all other Jews are left lumped in with white)

  5. The Department of Justice announced U.S. marshals had arrested 6,000 “violent felons” with outstanding warrants over the last six weeks in a sweep dubbed “Operation Violent Reduction 12”.

    They were writing Trump 2016 on college campus sidewalks.

    1. Are the local cops too busy investigating teen sexting and stealing all the cash they can find?

      1. No, they just like the thrill of bringing someone in on warrants during a routine traffic stop. This spoils all the fun.

  6. Turkey says it warned Belgium about the Belgian national identified as one of the perpetrators of Monday’s terorr attacks, after catching him crossing into Turkey from Syria and deporting him back to Europe.

    Thanks a lot, Turkey.


    1. So is this an example of border control working?

      1. They just need to start controlling the border between Molenbeek and Belgian-controlled territory.

        1. They need to build a huuuuuge wall.

          1. Maybe a Maginot one.

            1. The Maginot line worked. The Germans had to go around it.

    2. Which pretty much means he was already on the radar of all European intelligence agencies.

    3. Doesn’t Turkey always say it passed information on?

      1. They may well have. The whole “we pretend you can’t profile terrorists so we spy on everyone” thing is insane. People were making comparisons with IRA and Red Brigades and shit, but it’s not like Italian police went “well, we certainly can’t spy on Communists and other Marxists to fight Red Brigades, because it’d be unfair.”

    4. When I read about something like this, the part that always gets left out – and therefore makes the whole thing worhless information – is how many other warnings did Turkey (or whoever) pass on that turned out to be false alarms?

    1. I thought he was a meglomanical Super villain?

      1. Small dogs and Napoleans bark the loudest.

        1. Whatever your opinion of Napoleon, no one thought he lacked self confidence.

          1. Sometimes these issues are complex, John.

      2. He can be both. I assume most megalomaniacs are insecure.

    2. $100 that Nikki is voting for Trump. 2 to 1 odds. Who will take me up?

      1. Well you already know how I feel about small hands.

        1. Small hands, big heart?

          1. No. Small hand, big feet.

            1. Oy, always with the Bigfoot, you are.

              1. Bigfoot FETISH.

        2. They’re preferred for cavity searches?

        3. small gloves.

      2. She’ll do it sarcastically, though.

      3. $100 that Nikki is voting for Trump. 2 to 1 odds. Who will take me up?

      4. Hu Jintao? I think he’s coming to the USA with a hundred bucks.

    3. I’m going to need to see a hand size comparison before making any final judgments. I will not abide a commander in chief without enormous mitts.

    4. did the loud guy who boasted about his anatomical endowments strike you as a confident winner, or deeply insecure?

      I’m no Donald Trump fan, but wasn’t he just responding to a suggestion otherwise by Rubio?

      1. He does build a lot of tall towers with his name on them. Compensating?

    5. did the loud guy who boasted about his anatomical endowments strike you as a confident winner, or deeply insecure?

      I’m no Donald Trump fan, but wasn’t he just responding to a suggestion otherwise by Rubio?

      1. Bill, meet Bill. You guys would get along.

        1. Nah, he’s an asshole!

        2. I don’t think Bill #2 will ever get over being less than a second later than Bill #1.

    6. Is his ring finger really shorter than his pointer finger?

  7. wouldn’t.

  8. He’s unabashedly non-interventionist, and by that we mean he doesn’t intervene in the lives of his advisors:

    Mr. Trump has promised to hire the world’s brightest minds to make up for his lack of political experience, but his new foreign policy team left some of the country’s leading experts in the field scratching their heads as they tried to identify his choices. And on a day when the Islamic State struck a blow to a major European capital, Mr. Trump’s new team faced additional scrutiny.

    And others could say little about how they were helping Mr. Trump. None have spoken to their new boss.

    1. “In other news, Nikki has been admitted to rehab over her Trump addiction. Nikki had this to say, ‘What the fuck america? Are you serious? I can’t even!”

      “We all wish Nikki a speedy recovery and reeducation. News at 11”

      1. No matter who wins this November, there’s a decent chance all of us here at Reason are being dragged off to the re-education camps.

        1. I love camping!

            1. There’s no way Admiral Ackbar can see something in front of him. His eyes point sideways.

          1. Jews seem to love camp too.

          2. How do you feel about small hands?

            1. I have “piano fingers”. What would I know?

        2. they are gonna make waffles out of us

    2. I wish NYT would give even half this much scrutiny to the foreign policy team of the current occupant of White House, as he is the only one currently in a position to do anything.

      1. and his former SoS who was complicit in breaking Libya, the failed re-set with Russia, and the likely sale of access through donations to the crime family foundation.

    3. some of the country’s leading experts in the field

      So, like the Foreign Policy Establishment? Those guys?

    4. Holy shit, he’s advised by George Popadopolous? Webster must be bursting with pride!

  9. Student’s art piece depicting cop in KKK hood pointing a gun at a black child “hastens a meeting between the police chief, the mayor, and the student”

    A controversial piece of Denver student art, depicting a police officer in a Ku Klux Klan hood pointing a gun at a black child whose hands are raised, has hastened a meeting between the city officials, the artist and her mother.

    The art piece, part of Denver Public Schools outreach, was displayed in a city building and caused “concerns from the community,” according to a media release late Tuesday from Mayor Michael Hancock’s office.


    “After learning of the negative impact of her work, the student has asked that it be taken down,” the mayor’s office said.

    On Wednesday the student, and her mother, will meet with Mayor Michael Hancock, Chief of Police Robert White and Acting Superintendent Susana Cordova at her school, Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy.

    “I’m greatly concerned about how this painting portrays the police,” Denver Chief of Police Robert White said in the release. ” I look forward to having a conversation with the student and her parents.”

    1. I’m not endorsing the artwork, and the city has every right to take it down (along with all the other student work), but why on Earth do the mayor and the police need to have “a conversation with the student and her parents”?

      1. Killing them would be really bad press.

        1. But what if the kid makes a furtive movement during the conversation?

        2. All they need is for the family to accept the risk of crossing the street and the police can run them over. It worked in NYC

      2. It just so happens that the mayor and Denver chief of police are both black men, so I suspect they’re not real keen on DPS students employing KKK imagery in protest artwork against the city.

    2. ” I look forward to having a conversation with the student and her parents.”

      Yeah that didn’t sound ominous at all.

      1. I’m sure that the student and her parents were allowed to have guns at the conversation too.

    3. So the student was endorsing this by making it? Man, I guess Turtle Bay needs to take down Guernica.

    4. Maybe the kid should’ve shown the police shooting a dog first?

      1. Maybe they could lighten it up some by putting polka-dots and a fringe on the hat?

        1. Trigger warning next time!

    5. Police Chief Robert White

      Go ahead and tell me that Denver doesn’t have the KKK running the cop shop.

    6. Dear Mr. White,

      Your cops are assholes. Nobody likes them. Also, leave the homelesses alone.

      Denver J

  10. The Denver airport is closed indefinitely due to blizzard.

    Plus someone ran off with their horses and siege weapons.

    1. Indefinitely usually implies one doesn’t know the conditions to revert. Pretty sure the blizzard will pass and the airport will dig out in one to five days.

      1. The blizzard will pass definitely?

        1. No, no. The Denver airport is definitely closed due to blizzard.

        2. Unless this is the dawn of a new Ice Age.

    2. Must be one hell of a snow. No airport is as well equipped as Denver.

      1. It’s wet. About 7 inches in Boulder. Trees down everywhere.

        1. It’s wet. About 7 inches in Boulder. Trees down everywhere.

          This abstract masturbation euphemisms are getting out of control!

          1. I was going to say thick and wet, but held back.

        2. Over a foot in Firestone (other side of 25 from Boulder.) Power has been out since 8am and my wife’s o2 concentrator being useless is no Bueno. We should have enough tanks to get through the night, but damn I wish my stove was gas instead of electric right now

          1. Dan, that is not how you play the abstract masturbation euphemism game.

            Seriously, good luck.

          2. When I was 6, my family moved to vermont. It was an ice storm that winter. The house we were renting while they looked for one to buy was entirely electric. Item one for the house? Gas stove, wood heat.
            Best of luck, hope they get power to you soon.

      2. This wasn’t even that bad of a blizzard, relatively speaking–the ones in 2003 and 1982 make this one look pretty tame by comparison.

        1. Yeah, 2003 was a whopper. Took days to dig out.

    3. Wimps. Boston airport never closes.

      During most weather events, Boston Logan International Airport does not close but there may be interruptions to operations in order to clear snow or ice from runways and taxiways.

      1. And now you know why they named the airport after Wolverine.

    4. I came for the green, but brought the white.

  11. So Bernie Sanders lost Arizona to Hillary yesterday. My Arizona-dwelling Bernie-bot friends can’t accept this, so they’re blaming voter suppression. And who do they blame for this voter suppression?

    The Koch Brothers, of course.

    1. Poor candidates suppress more voter turnout than anything.

    2. The Koch Brothers are no win the tank for Hillary? Is there any villainy they can’t do?

    3. Aren’t they supposed to blame Trump? Koch bros is like so last year. They need to get their memos.

      1. The funny thing is the Koch Brothers are supposed to be one of the shady establishment types who are plotting to steal the nomination from Trump.

        The Kochs just need to change their name to Goldstein and get it over with.

        1. They don’t need to. They’re already targets of Two Minute Hates.

        2. Koch is a way better villain name. It’s easier to shove into assorted meme posters and repurposed song lyrics.


    4. The Desert Koch-topus, or desierto pulpo, is an endemic species to Arizona, found in high concentrations around areas infested with the patriarchus californicus.

      Most liberals find the desierto pulpo to be pest species.

    5. looking for examples…

      from the always bright-minds of “Bustle“…it turns out Arizona has some of the highest % voter turnout in America. It also has some of the highest early-balloting & absentee balloting.

      but there’s people suggesting that “long lines” equate to voter suppression.

      It is never clarified how the Koch brothers managed to limit the number of Arizona polling locations.

    6. 5 Outrageous Examples of Voter Suppression in the Arizona Primary

      The argument seems to be centered around Maricopa county, which cut its polling locations in half.

      Not sure if that suggests anything for the entire state. Not sure what it means at all, given that i assume that county is red as hell (by the evidence of Sheriff Joe)

      1. FTFA: They expected almost triple the turnout in a four-year span??? While it’s certainly possible, that sounds like someone’s padding the numbers.

      2. Willard won that county with over 54% of the vote. OTOH, Gary got almost 1.5%

  12. Russia accused Ukraine of dragging its feet on implementing a ceasefire agreement.

    The Russians can’t violate the agreement until it’s in place so get cracking already.

    1. “Stop letting us kill you already. How many more pilots do we have to throw in jail?”

  13. It’s going to be like that movie ‘the campaign’. I’ll vote for the first one to shoot the other in the leg.

  14. Donald Trump says he’s going to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz after an anti-Trump ad featured a photo of Melania Trump in the nude.

    My guess: she banged Nickleback.

    1. Gross.

    2. Or worse, she fucks Ted Cruz.

        1. Rats! Subpoena? They’ll never find me!

          *peers through blinds, loads rifle, kisses Bible*

          Imma coming, Jesus!

          1. Imma coming, Jesus Preet!

        2. Subpoena on the way.

          No problem, I’m sure she’s very used to subpenis via her marriage.

          1. *looks around for swiss . . . narrows gaze in his absence*

    1. I am glad Paul is safe!

    2. “for 25 hours as police to closed adjacent streets and tried to coax him down.”

      Typo not withstanding, they closed down streets in downtown Seattle because a dude was in a tree?!?!?

      1. Dudes have officially taken the place of cats in Seattle. Maybe he saw a cat and became frightened and feeling unsafe.

        1. “Have you ever see a cat skeleton in a tree?”

          1. Never. But I once had a cat that would get in a tree and pretend he couldn’t get down just to get me to get a ladder and get him. I figured it out after a while and it stopped.

    3. They should have just done him like a treed black bear. Get a pad under the branch and dart him. Florida Man would have handled it in 45 minutes.

      1. Florida Man has a high tolerance for tranquilizers.

        1. He takes bear tranquilizers to balance out the meth.

          1. That’s why FM climbed the tree in the first place.

          2. During my senior year of UG, I was working late in the computer lab with a buddy and another guy who I didn’t really know. The three of us had been shooting the breeze for a few hours, just trying to pass the time. Then, the other guy gets up at about 11:45pm, stretches out, turns to me and offers me and my buddy “E and tranks.” Not being up on the drug culture, I asked him what tranks were. He said they were some horse tranquilizers he bummed off a buddy at vet school, and that it helped even out the ecstasy so he could go to sleep in a few hours. He then proceeded to invite me to join him on the windowsill (3rd floor, 3″ windowsill).

            Interesting guy. He was in his 7th year of undergrad, because he couldn’t make it more than a semester before his parents sent him back to rehab. Some of the software he wrote was downright poetic. Some of it was unreadable garbage. During those times he was hanging out at the Ballmer peak, he was a better programmer than 3/4 of the class when sober.

      2. Seriously, why didn’t they just do this. After yelling at him didn’t convince him to come down there was no reason to wait around.

        1. “Seattle Department of Transportation officials said they will review the health of the tree, believed to have been transplanted there.”


    4. Did they coax him down with a $15/hour living wage?

    5. You know, something just hit me: I had no idea there was a Sequoia tree in Seattle.

      And it looks like that dude gnawed the branches off of the top.

        1. You’d think we would’ve seen a news report about Florida Man driving cross country on his lawnmower

          1. Stowaway in the landing gear.

    6. OMG its DB Cooper

      1. Now that is a name I have not heard for a very long time.

  15. A great example of two things being greater than the sum of their parts: Martha Stewart barefoot on a hoverboard in Qatar.

    Because…why not?

    1. I love Martha. She is a self made woman and one tough broad.

      1. She manages to project ideal wholesome home-maker-ness and have a delightfully coarse sense of humor with the driest of deliveries.

        1. Did you ever watch the show where her daughter and her fat side kick commented on her old shows? Whatever Martha, I think it was. That show was hysterical.

          1. That sounds pretty amazing.

            1. It was glorious. It seemed to vanish after like three episodes though. I haven’t seen it on the air in years.

            2. I don’t think it is on anymore but I bet it is on Hulu or youtube. The show was like Mystery Science Theater meets Martha Stewart. Martha’s daughter Alexa and this chunky side kick of her would watch old episodes of Martha Stewart Living and snark about Martha and then unsuccessfully try and do whatever project Martha did on the show. It was very funny.

      2. I do respect her. More so because she was thrown into prison for bullshit reasons.

        1. Yeh. That was such a fucking farce. Bunch of clowns who did her in.

        2. And no one messed with her there, I’ll bet.

      3. Martha used to be hot until senescence caught up with her. Nigella Lawson bathes in the blood of virgins.

        1. Nigella Lawson is fucking unbelievable.

          1. Nigella Lawson is fucking unbelievable.

            And all this time, I was sure she was fucking her publisher. I learn something new everyday reading reason.

        2. One my vices is getting up early, brewing expensive coffee, and watching Nigella’s Kitchen by myself before everyone wakes up. I live for moments like that.

          She makes me quiver, SIV. It’s unfair. Don’t tell my wife.

          1. Holy fuck, that woman is 56?!?!?!

          2. Cream in your coffee?

          3. If you like Nigella, have you seen the new ESPN babe Molly Querim? She is not Nigella quality but is about 30 years younger. So it kind of evens out.

            1. Molly Qerim is gorgeous. She was on the NFL Network for several years before ESPN.

          4. Nigella. Would. So hard.

            1. Yep. And then we could talk cooking afterwards.

              It’s like the male version of the female joke about the perfect man: gives great sex and turns into a pizza afterwards.

              1. Proof that we evolved from spiders.

        3. Gave the girlfriend an autographed copy of Nigella’s newest book. Heard strange story about her and her daughter going on a drug binge or something.

  16. Federal budget 2016: Justin Trudeau defends bigger deficit, First Nations funding

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his government’s choice to run a much-higher-than-promised $29.4-billion deficit in the coming fiscal year, in addition to the funding plan for First Nations, which one critic says doesn’t allot enough money soon enough.

    He’s so dreamy…

    1. “That sonofabitch Harper is still fucking us, comrades. His running dog American capitalist lackeys tanked commodity prices on purpose. I ask for just another couple of years to fix this devious conspiracy against loyal Canadian right-thinkers like yourselves.”

    2. Why doesn’the just let them open a bunch of casinos, like we do in America?

      1. Because Canadian reservation system is even worse than American one.

        1. It’s HORRIFIC.

          You want racism? Canada will show you racism.

          1. Does it count as racism if I get lectured at for being from the United States?

    3. How about some dispassionate analysis of the budget from our former top man in Washington, now relocated to Ottawa?

      But this much can be stated as fact: most of the wealth the government is redistributing isn’t going where it will do the most good.

      Economists tend to agree that governments achieve the greatest stimulative effect by giving money to poor people, not people making $90,000, or $110,000, or $130,000.

      Because poor people spend the money. They have to. They’re poor.

      The middle class folks Trudeau’s government is cosseting are just as liable to spend their windfall on reducing credit card debt, given the nosebleed levels of personal debt that exist out there. Or even less virtuously.

      1. Also includes this gem:

        And while not everyone has much sympathy for those making more than $216,000 a year (except perhaps others in that bracket), this government’s decision to tax these individuals more heavily will push them, in some provinces, into paying well over 50 per cent of their income to governments.

        And thus, of course, to their fellow Canadians.

        1. Ha. Not cool.

        2. Damn, so there are very few brackets in Canada between getting money from the government to giving them 50% of your wages. I’m really glad I’m an American.

      2. Because poor people spend the money. They have to. They’re poor.

        Because rich people tend to chuck their wealth into the nearest volcano.

        1. Because poor people spend the money on lottery tickets, which goes right back to the government where it is magically multiplied?

      3. I have a good idea for economic stimulus: don’t steal other people’s property. I foresee very good economic results, call me crazy.

      4. Or even less virtuously.

        So this guy is saying it is immoral to pay back your debts. I guess everyone has the duty to declare bankruptcy and walk away from their debts, then.

        1. Dependency racket, plain and simple. Excuse idiocy and encourage dependence. Then the State would have to exist, or the little ones wouldn’t get their welfare.

        2. Someday soon, you will hear a aneurysm popping. It will be mine — the day the conversation gets serious about forgiving the $1 trillion dollars of student loans.

          1. Related to that, I spend some of my free time online helping law school applicants realize that they’re making a huge mistake figure out where they can afford to go to school. I would say that over 1/3 of the applicants are counting on one form or another of “pay as you earn” programs in order for law school to remotely make financial sense. Social programs breed dependence.

      5. “The middle class folks Trudeau’s government is cosseting are just as liable to spend their windfall on reducing credit card debt, given the nosebleed levels of personal debt that exist out there. Or even less virtuously.”

        Wait, is this moron seriously arguing that it’s BAD to pay down debt when there are ‘nosebleed levels of personal debt that exist out there?’

        1. I think he’s saying that paying down one’s debt is an individual responsibility, not something the state should do for you through transfer payments. The larger question is, why are middle-class folks getting govt welfare?

          I get your point on virtue, but seems he’s questioning the virtue of the welfare state.

        2. That doesn’t grow the economy, Irish. And what he’s saying, they might use money EVEN LESS VIRTUOUSLY!

          Compared to Teh Poorz spending it on….poor stuff, middle class will…use it…on hookers and cocaine? I dunno, it’s Neil McDonald. US is now a better place that he got shipped back home.

          1. Sounds like a variation on the famous Liberal fixer’s gaffe when he said giving money back to average Canadians would be a waste ’cause they’d spend it on “beer and popcorn.”

    4. First Nations funding – that will be raided by the Chiefs.

      The budget will balloon to $100 million by 2020 and they have not explained how they will bring that down. Instead, they’re relying on their forecasts of 1.2% growth. Not unreasonable but typical liberal thinking: INFRASTRUCTURE WILL MAKE THINGS GROW.

      Meanwhile, they took one of the most powerful tools for the middle class away: Income splitting. Why in the world would they do that?

      1. Because women who stay at home should be punished. Two people making $50K each and using government resources for child care are clearly more valuable to society than two people where one makes $100K and one takes care of the kids, not using up government resources.

        1. And then they take out ads telling us to think of our families.

          Liberal gibberish.

          1. Liberal gibberish.

            Redundant phrase, d00d.

  17. Posted in a dead thread earlier –

    I was recently visiting with someone that works in mining. I asked him about a tin mine in SA because he knows a man who used to be mine manager there and I wanted to know how he was doing. The mine is high up on the altiplano in Bolivia. Unfortunately the man has passed away but I did hear a good story about him.

    He got altitude sickness while he was there so they got an oxygen bottle from the welding shop and rigged up a mask for him. The only way in and out was by rail. All they had was a hand car so they put him on that and two other Englishmen started down the rails – squeak SQUEAK squeak SQUEAK squeak SQUEAK. About halfway down they met a train coming up. The train was filled with men and had hundreds hanging off the sides, on the roof, sitting on the cow catcher etc. You know what that looks like if you have ever been down there.

    They both ground to a halt. The Englishmen explained that they were desperate to get the sick man to the coast so that he could recover. Sympathetic, about fifty Bolivians got off of the train and lifted the hand car off of the rails manually, let the train pass, and then manually put the hand car back on the rails. A close call, so the Englishmen thanked them very sincerely. The Bolivians said they were glad to help, they had no quarrel with them.

    Their gripe was with that goddamned greedy capitalist mine manager up the mountain! They were going to hang that gringo motherfucker!

    True story.

    1. Ha. Cool.

    2. Nice, I assume he decided to that now was a good time to tender his resignation after that?

    3. Buddy, the next time I am down in the bayou I’m going to buy you a beer. Great story.

    1. It’s the first harbinger of the gaypocalypse.

      1. The first harbinger was Top Gun’s immediate acceptance.

        1. Whatevs, Crusty. There is absolutely nothing gay at all about watching a continuous loop of the volleyball scene.

    2. Huh.

      The things you see when you don’t have a gun.


    More proof that there is nothing Obama could ever do that would cause the public to hold him accountable.

    Paul Lewis, the Pentagon’s special envoy for Guantanamo detention closure, declined to provide the GOP-led House Foreign Affairs Committee with details. He would not say whether the incidents occurred before or after President Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

    “What I can tell you is unfortunately there have been Americans that have died because of (Guantanamo) detainees,” Lewis said during an exchange with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif.

    I am sure this happened under Bush. Obama has proven to be so reticent in blaming Bush for anything, I have no doubt he told this guy to refuse to answer the question out of concerns for Bush’s public image. Right?

    1. John, you got this Obama fixation thing man. You should talk to someone besides anonymous snarks on the internet about it. We get it.

      1. I know. It is weird. You would think the guy was President or something.

        1. President? Pssh. What can he do?

        2. Don’t blame Obama, John. He only just now learned that he was president from CNN.

          1. Fritos all over my desk!

          2. Post of the day.

    2. According to Wikipedia:

      On March 8, 2016, Reuters reported that “111 of 532 prisoners released by the Republican administration of President George W. Bush are confirmed to have returned to the battlefield, with 74 others suspected of doing so”. It further reported that “seven out of 144 Guantanamo prisoners who were freed since Obama took office in January 2009 have returned to fighting,” with “number of former Guantanamo Bay prison inmates who are suspected of having returned to fighting for militants doubled to 12 in the six months through January”.[231] In summary, 118 of 676, or 17%, are confirmed to have returned to terrorism, with a further 86 (13%) suspected, for a grand total of 30% known or suspected of having returned to terrorism.

  19. New York became the last state to lift a ban on mixed martial arts.

    I can finally wear my Affliction t-shirts with pride!

    1. Ewwww….

    2. If you have to drive in the snow, my advice is to drive as slow as possible while going up an incline.

      1. Hit your brakes a couple of times too.

      2. I like to stop unexpectedly, for no reason. And make really sharp turns, late in corners.

        1. Is this one of those masturbation euphemisms I have heard so much about?

          1. I loled

    3. Never heard of it.

      /humble brag

    4. So I decided to leave my hotel in my Mitsubishi POS compact rental to go the 1/2 mile to a real restaurant. It was when I couldn’t differentiate a Target parking lot from the adjacent highway it struck me how dumb my exploration was.

  20. Trump, running for president, doesn’t understand how PACs can run ads in favor of particular candidates without their permission? Then he tweets his ignorance with no one reviewing it first? I’m not sure I want this guy’s finger on the button.

    1. It’s sort of a nice populist move, though, since jes folks don’t know much about that sort of shit either; it’s mainly of interest to the political classes.

  21. “New York became the last state to lift a ban on mixed martial arts.”

    Oh, joy. Now New Yorkers can enjoy the thrill of watching two men girlslap each other for 5 minutes and then one headlock the other for 20.

  22. Libertarian Moment mandatory t-shirt. Buy it here.

  23. Good grief. I told a funny story upthread and no one put that together with the ‘syrian widows and orphans rescue neo-nazi-story from earlier?

    You people are slow.

    1. I am still laughing at you calling your son and saying “well the squirrels are back in the attic again”. That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

    2. Wait. Was the mine manager a neo-Nazi or a Syrian refugee?

      1. Worse. A capitalist pig creating large amounts of wealth for all of humanity and jobs that pay Bolivians wages they could only dream of before the mine was opened.

      1. Yeah, tits and ass or GTFO

  24. OK, you gun nuts. Here is one you can carry even among your prog friends.

    1. Think there was an article on that somewhere a few weeks ago with massive amounts of Boys in Blue pearl-clutching.

    2. Sort of an iDerringer I guess.

    3. So the TSA is going to bsn smartphones?

    4. OMG! According the the video voiceover it’s Three Hundred and Eighty caliber! How in the world is that concealable???

      1. Nearly 400 calibers you say? Why do people need such cop killing weapons?!?

    5. Over/under until a cop shoots someone recording him and claims it was because he thought it was a cell phone gun?

      Wait, shit, I think that’s already happened.

    6. OMG. That’s just the most awesome fake cell-phone I’ve ever seen.

  25. “The Department of Justice announced U.S. marshals had arrested 6,000 “violent felons” with outstanding warrants over the last six weeks in a sweep dubbed “Operation Violent Reduction 12″.”

    So why did it take a special operation to pull these guys in? If you knew where they were why didn’t you just go arrest them when the warrant got put out in the first place?

    1. Because then they wouldn’t have had an excuse to wear their tacticool gear and get their pictures in the paper

  26. If you ask me, Trump being with Melanoma at his age only enhances his image.

  27. Did you guys know that Trump owns a modeling agency, and he met Melanoma because she was working for Trump Model Management?

    He bought a modeling agency!

    Say whatever else you want about him, he’s also a genius.

    I bet he gets personally involved in model selection, too. Trump Model Scout. How’d you like to have that job?

    Bet the agency has offices in Russia, Brazil, Italy, and Colombia.

    And Sweden! Don’t forget Sweden!

    1. How smart can he be? He owned a modeling agency, yet he actually married one of the models! As Al Bundy used to say, “why should I buy milk when I’ve got a cow at home?”

      1. I seriously doubt that’s stopped him.

        He may get married and divorced twice in his first four years in office.

        1. Don’t you just LOVE Presidential weddings?

  28. lol, US Marshalls are idiots.

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