Gary Johnson

Is Gary Johnson the Best Hope for #NeverTrump?

The former New Mexico governor and 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate could be a Ralph Nader-ian spoiler.


Fmr. New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the

Gary Johnson -#NeverTrump
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2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate who again is running to be the party's standard-bearer, is the subject of profiles in two legacy media publications this week. And as Donald Trump and Jeb Bush could tell you, media coverage is better than SuperPAC money when it comes to raising campaign awareness. 

The New York Times writes that the Republican Party is currently "eating its own tail, with millions of voters lining up for a candidate that many party leaders find morally and politically reprehensible" and thus, there may be an opening for a "Naderian spoiler candidate to prevent Donald J. Trump from winning the presidency."

The metaphor is a bit tortured, as Democratic Party leaders were in no way rooting for Ralph Nader to siphon voters from Al Gore and hand the 2000 presidential election to George W. Bush, and the Times acknowledges that GOP elites would be unlikely to rally around a candidate who is staunchly non-militaristic and has long supported reproductive rights, as well as the legalization of marijuana and prostitution. 

The Times notes that Johnson, a former Republican who briefly ran for the party's nomination in 2012, is not looking in the rear-view mirror with regret, but he does find the ascension of Trump to the top of the GOP pack "maddening":

"Thirty percent of Republicans believe the scourge of the earth is Mexican immigration," he said. "It was my voice saying, 'You're wrong.' That they're the cream of the crop when it comes to workers. That they're not taking jobs that U.S. citizens want."

He added: "And the fence is crazy. It's asinine."

The Wall Street Journal also interviewed Johnson yesterday, where he said he would not mind a Republican interloper trying to win the Libertarian Party nomination, predicting they would "get shoveled out the door," but that "it would raise the profile of the whole Libertarian position." Not that there's been any Republicans of note indicating that they wish to run for the LP's nod in 2016. 

In another surprising tangent, Johnson said that if he weren't running for president and his choices were between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he'd prefer to vote for a candidate like former New York City mayor (and stalwart enemy of freedom) Mike Bloomberg

Johnson has a tendency to talk himself into corners, and his semantic breakdown of why he wasn't terribly upset about Bloomberg's infamous failed attempt to ban the sale of large sodas might be an example of him confusing and/or enraging the libertarian base, when what he likely intended was to opine that Bloomberg's petty authoritarianism pales in comparison to Clinton and Trump's more overtly overbearing governmental philosophies:

"As president of the United States, do I want to pass legislation limiting the size of sodas? No. But if you're going to do that, if you're going to limit the size of sodas, shouldn't that be in some municipality?" he said. "If you're going to do this, do this at the municipal level. I wouldn't have done it, but I would have been advocating that sugar drinks are not good for you. I mean, I love Michelle Obama and her advocacy of calories and what it is that we eat, I would take that to a higher level."

The Journal also goes into Johnson's stint as a marijuana entrepreneur, and he even discusses his experiences of driving while stoned (!):

I never found myself driving less than the speed limit because I might get caught for it. I always obeyed all traffic signs. I had no idea where I was but I knew that if I kept on driving it would come to me and it came to me every time.

If Johnson wins the LP nomination, will he also become the face of the #NeverTrump movement?

In an election year where the rule-book has been eviscerated beyond recognition, it would be unwise to bet against the possibility of the Libertarian Party, the only third party who will be on all 50 states' ballots, nominating a former governor who left office with his state enjoying a huge budget surplus and somehow potentially swinging the general election to the Democrats. 

Last summer, Gary Johnson spoke with Reason TV about Donald Trump, presidential politics and more. Watch below:

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  1. So you’re saying that Trump will be our next fearless leader.

    1. But most people here, including myself, will probably vote for Gary, so there’s the consolation prize if it can be considered one.

      1. for better or worse, our system is binary. Other than some feel-good, I don’t see what voting for Johnson accomplishes. It’s like having something to say but not really engaging in the discussion. There are some Amash, Massie, Paul, Lee people in Congress but I doubt any of them would pass the local purity test here.

        1. I think most folks would be good with Amash or Massie. Paul a little less, obviously, and Lee too, I think.

          1. On the old Nolan chart, everyone lands a little differently. It’s about who is running who can cast the widest net in our libertarian area. Not everyone would go for Paul or amash. Everyone has a limit on what they are willing to vote for.

            1. On the old Nolan chart, everyone lands a little differently.


          2. I really like Massie, but he’s too geeky. He went to MIT and he looks like he’s 14. Amash is not well enough known, yet. Rand was the only hope this time and he fucked it up.

            1. “I really like Massie, but he’s too geeky.”
              Is that supposed to be a complaint?

              1. Massey is an educated, intelligent Congressman who isn’t an evil, conniving attorney.

                Yeah, he’s a real weirdo in Congress.

            2. I didn’t care for Massie taking Kim Davis’ side in her dispute over whether her distaste for gay people meant she didn’t have to do her government job. Otherwise he’s been great.

            3. Massie is one of the very few politicians with an engineering background. He is by far the most knowledgeable on technical issues and won’t get fooled by supposed crises like global warming and encryption. That alone makes him one of the most valuable people in congress.

        2. It accomplishes me voting for the best candidate. It’s all I can do, I hate both the GOP and the Democratic Party, especially the latter. I would have voted for the GOP candidate had it been Rand Paul. But I’m not voting for a major party candidate to support the party since I despise them both. If the GOP needs my support, they can stop running statist fucksticks as candidates, and stop supporting constant foreign wars, the war on drugs, mass incarceration, a militarized police state, etc, etc.

          1. ^This.

          2. +1

            1. Yeah man… +2… ‘Cause I’m twice as impotent as Yew…

          3. Don’t let the bastards tell you that you’re “wasting your vote”.

            An individual vote never decided the outcome of a significant election. It’s even more unlikely that a single vote would decide an issue that is important to a non-crony, individual voter since the two main parties are pretty much the same except for their cronies.

            The most that an individual vote can do is contribute a scintilla of support to a particular candidate.

            Why would any libertarian want to contribute a scintilla of support to Trump, or Clinton, or Cruz, or a GOP usurper if one were to prevail over Trump?

            1. the wasted vote argument is one that always irritates me. it is a self fulfilling prophecy. the only reason third parties have poor showings is that people believe third parties will have poor showings. how many people vote for someone they don’t like, just because they don’t want to “waste their vote” on someone closer to what they want.

        3. for better or worse, our system is binary

          Only because morons like you think so and somehow manage to shame people into throwing their votes away onto the worthless candidates proffered by the 2 party establishment

        4. Yes – our system is binary. Which means that every single vote for LP or Greens or somesuch is a very visible vote against the binary. Every single vote for the D and R is a vote that says the binary is doing very well thank you very much.

        5. Lol, war eagle still thinks his vote somehow matters. Statistical zero, dude. People vote to express their values, not to influence the outcome. For some, that is to express their tribal membership, which for you is probably the elephant tribe.

        6. What would voting for Clinton or Drumpf accomplish, exactly?

        7. Looks like the “You must support Trump or your a secret Democrat!” crowd is getting ready for general election season.

          1. at least they will have a hard time sounding high and mighty when it’s trump.

    2. The Donald Trumpler will Trumple all over our liberties, eat our lunches, and become the next Galactic Emperor!

    3. I was hoping to cast a vote for Deez Nuts, but I’ll likely be going for my second choice GJ instead.

  2. I’d be proud to vote for John McAfee. I’d vote for Austin Peterson. I’d even consider voting for Malisia Garcia I won’t vote for GayJay under any circumstances.

    1. Ms. Garcia needs to tighten up that site, text, dead links and all.

      So what’s your beef with Gary?

      1. So what’s your beef with Gary?

        Here’s where he lost me. If I’m casting a protest vote I’d at least like to cast it for somebody who isn’t part of the consensus that freedom of association ended in 1964. Too bad, I like GayJay for the most part. Voted for him last time out. Probably go write-in this year.

    2. I’d vote for Rob Ford and he’s dead. Still better than that rest of them, except for Gay Jay.

      1. SOB needs to offer more $$$ if he wants my vote.

      2. “Who the fuck” is he is the question. I don’t see any kind of bio or anything about policy on that page.

        1. I have no idea, I made a Twitter account as The Hyperbole for the fuck of it, and even though my one and only tweet had no hashtags or links to other twitterers somehow this guy found me and is currently my only follower.

    3. One gets the sense that the only thing that matters to SIV is how many “Team Red” sign posts somebody waves around, like parents distracting a toddler by shaking keys in front of them. Dismantling our freedoms bit-by-bit just isn’t as big an outrage to SIV as shopping at Whole Foods or drinking Starbucks, and calling the NAP negotiable is just a minor personalty quirk, while offering tepid support for one stupid law is enough to burn all bridges, simply because that one stupid law is favorable to those niggers.

  3. Well, I’m voting for him. That’s been a given ever since Rand Paul dropped out of the Republican race. I can’t imagine a circumstance under which I’d vote for Trump.

    1. There was a microcosm in time where I thought of supporting Cruz, then he opened his yap and killed off any chance of that. Gay Jay it is, again.

      1. Yeah, I was hoping for a Paul light. I wouldn’t like it, but it wasn’t terrible.
        I was wrong. Glad he slipped before it was too late.

  4. You colloidal siver-swilling freaks will vote for anyone with an “L” next to their name.

    GayJay is TEAM LOSER

    1. Better than an R or D.

      1. STFU and VOTE TRUMP

        1. I wouldn’t vote for any of the major party candidates if my life depended on it. It’s like voting for who you want to be your slave master. Hell, I’m starting to sour on Johnson.

          1. Hell, I’m starting to sour on Johnson.

            Good…he sucks


            NO WAY !

        2. I’m voting for February 11th, 2016 @ 6:19

          That or Almainian, because he at least won’t make it worse.

      2. the end result is going to be an R or a D. You can change what those letters mean but you’re not likely to alter the reality of future outcomes.

        1. Exactly why I’ve never voted.

        2. If you don’t vote for an R or a D, one of which will win whatever electoral votes you’re voting for regardless of how you vote, then you’re wasting your vote!

          That’s reality, man!

          Don’t waste your vote!

          ROCK THE VOTE!

          1. This is a silly argument. A vote is a statement of your conscience. I cannot, in good conscience vote for any candidate in either the R or D party.
            Additionally, this idea that it is a waste is just what these statists want. As long as we kowtow to them by voting for them, we’ll keep getting what we’ve been getting. As more people vote outside of that false dichotomy, we may finally change course.

  5. Fuck it, I’ll vote for him.

    I mean, Trump scares me a hell of a lot less than Clinton, but neither one is what I’d call not horrifying or despair-inducing. Cruz I could live with, but still, not my ideal. Look at the field of candidates. The best, and I do mean best, we can hope for is that if the LP can be a consistent spoiler for enough election cycles in a row then both parties will start to gravitate towards libertarian positions. That’s how the Progs did it, and that’s how the “moral majority” did it.

    1. so when is this trend of spoilerism going to start?

      1. Soon as people stop voting for the lesser of two evils. I mean, if everybody waits for everybody else to be first, nothing changes and both parties get the message that the status quo is perfectly acceptable.

  6. Gary Johnson doesn’t have the personality to gain the attention to even be close to a spoiler. No media will pay attention

    1. Whoever the LP runs will get A LOT of media if Trump is the GOP nom.

      1. Yeah, they’ll get the attention of 1% of the people, like always.

      2. You kidding? The media will drown Trump in coverage if he gets the nom.

    2. GJ needs to out-Trump the Trumpler, it’s the only way to win!

      “Dump Granny in the street, in a Loving Libertarian Way; bring Somalian tribal leaders here to staff our federal courts, and ADMIT that socialism COULD work, if ONLY we put just the RIGHT “Top Men” in charge?”

      No, I take that latter part back… About the “Top Men”, that is… Whut we needs, is the right TOPLESS men… Think of Gary Johnson posing with a topless Vlad Putin, horse-back riding, wrestling tigers and bears (oh my), and going on archeological digs and gigs, etc… THAT is what will put GJ in powah!!!

      1. he did call trump a pussy in he one debate. he needs to make that part of his stump speech.

  7. Petersen/Johnson. I find Petersen more principle based. Johnson strikes me as “hands off is better” from a center left position.
    I’d vote for either. Steps in the right direction.

    1. Who the hell is Petersen?

        1. I still don’t know who the fuck he is. Wasn’t he a running back for the Vikings?

      1. He’s an annoying little conservatarian twerp. I can’t stand him.

      2. The one who thinks hurting people who have done you no wrong and waving your authoritarian dick around is okay so long as you throw out enough polysyllabic euphemisms in order to make it sound less distasteful then it really is. Sort of like an SJW, except with a superficial gloss of liberalism instead of progressivism. Forgive me if I remain unimpressed.

  8. The former New Mexico governor and 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate could be a Ralph Nader-ian spoiler.

    …right around the time Obama gives Charles Murray a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  9. If the “best hope” question means the person who will beat Trump, then no, of course not. The #1 hope for that is obviously Hillary Clinton, for better or for worse. Followed by an established Republican (Romney / Ryan) managing to cheat the ballot access laws. Followed by Johnson.

    Now, if the question is, is Gary Johnson the best hope to get something like 5% of the vote and remind people that there is an alternative, setting up bigger future gains for libertarians, then sure, why not.

    1. Rand fucked libertarians for this round by pandering to SoCons and losing most of his potential support in the process. There’s no savior for libertarians this time. It’s going to take 4-8 years of the Donald or … egads, Hillary, *shudder* to initiate the next round of quasi libertarian more than 1% support moment.

      1. Pandering to SoCons might have boosted his attention.

        It was playing footsies on immigration for so long that tanked him.

    2. GayJay got 0.99% last go-round.

      1. Libertarian moment

        1. Libertarian percent.

      2. We are the 99% of the 1%!

    3. That’s what I’m saying. It’s not about a libertarian winning a surprise victory. It’s about the long game, which is pulling the Overton window in our direction over time. Fuck getting an LP president. Give me every candidate talking about individual liberty the way they talk about 9/11 today. That’s the win.

      1. I hate to say it, but the presidential election is nothing more these days than a beauty contest for morons. Libertarians are not going to win a presidential election. Can you imagine a libertarian running for office on not much more than a slogan like ‘hope and change’ or ‘make murika great again’? That’s what the idiots want. Anything harder than that will just confuse them.

        Libertarians need to focus all their attention on getting more people in congress and infiltrating academia and the media. Use the leftists own game against them.

        That being said, the window for overthrowing the establishment is wide open. The people know the establishment is pure evil, they just don’t know what to do. Proof of concept, Trump. Like I’ve said before, when people get angry, they tend more to smashing windows and setting stuff on fire than they do thinking about something and trying to do something constructive.

        1. Forget the so called “Libertarian Moment”. It’s time to united under “Free Pony Movement”

      2. Johnson couldn’t accomplish that in 2012, when liberty issues were much more front and center, so what makes you think he can do it now?

  10. From what I’ve heard and read of him, Petersen is very obnoxious. He might be exactly what the LP needs.

    1. Look at that picture of Gay Jay. Every photo I’ve seen of him recently, he looks stoned and angry as hell. Is the price of weed too high or did someone shove a cactus up his ass?

      1. Tired? He does look dazed and like he might have been in a pizza eating contest yesterday.

  11. In another surprising tangent, Johnson said that if he weren’t running for president and his choices were between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he’d prefer to vote for a candidate like former New York City mayor (and stalwart enemy of freedom) Mike Bloomberg.

    Oh, come on, man! SMH.

    1. Of course he would. The Libertarian Party is Statist at it’s core. A screed from Hinh would tell you that.

      1. I don’t think Hihn is representative of anyone’s views but his own.

  12. I’m rooting for Clinton. Because who is John Galt?

  13. No. That would be the Democratic nominee.

  14. As a nonmember of all the political parties, I can only throw in with either the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, the Independent Party, or Team Blue during the CA primary. I’m down with GayJay.

  15. I see we have a bunch of pussies in these comments. The kind saying to vote for the “lesser evil” or afraid to “waste your vote”. Too many times have I heard both of those retard arguments. Here’s the truth, if you don’t vote for evil, it doesn’t win.

    I don’t expect my harsh critique of these idiots voting patterns to change anything, not even as they watch their privacy, their rights, and their liberties be eroded after one “lesser evil” candidate after another. Hell the generations before mine had DECADES to wake up and pay attention, and can’t even now as the race starts to look more and more like Trump Vs Clinton.

    If ,however, you are not a pussy, vote for someone who is honest, vote your conscience. Guaranteed you won’t find such a person as a major party nominee. And if you think someone who is honest, is principled can make it inside such party please point them out to me. Because all I see is Ron Paul marginalized, and Bernie Sanders being marginalized now. And while you may not agree with these men’s policies, they at least stood by their convictions. So has Gary Johnson, so principled he realized that the Republican party was anything but and switched his affiliation.

    Do I agree with everything on Gary Johnson’s platform? No, but I do agree with at least 80% of i and recognize him to be an honest, hard working individual. Can you say the same for any of the other presidential candidates?

  16. ‘the only third party who will be on all 50 states’ ballots’

    Can anyone confirm this? The Libertarians haven’t been on the ballot for president in Oklahoma at least since 2000. It might’ve been 1996. I can’t remember for certain.

    1. They will be on your ballot this November, and no it does not look like they are on all 50 ballots yet, but not all the deadlines have passed so may not be fully updated yet, and they were on 48 out of 50 last election. The Libertarian Party has a ballot access map for this election cycle, tried linking it but couldn’t.

      However they are on the most ballots in comparison to other third parties, and your vote could help the Libertarian Party reach 5% of the national vote, which would make them a major party and pretty much guarantee them on every ballot next election cycle, and without the need to waste funds that can be used on campaigns that so far have been going to securing ballot access. I mean its looking like Trump or Clinton this time around, either way I would want them out by 2020.

  17. This year there could be a trillion to one scenario for Johnson winning, as opposed to the usual absolute zero. He carries his home state New Mexico, where he was governor with a plurality (he got 7% in 2012) and even with 5 electoral votes, the other states fall just in line so that neither Trump nor Clinton gets a majority. The Republicans in the house won’t, of course, go for Clinton and take the opportunity to head off any lasting Trump takeover of the party, especially after whatever he says in the general election to move toward the left, and go with Johnson.

    1. I love scenarios like this. Let’s do it.

  18. “In another surprising tangent, Johnson said that if he weren’t running for president and his choices were between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he’d prefer to vote for a candidate like former New York City mayor (and stalwart enemy of freedom) Mike Bloomberg.”

    Don’t smoke it *all,* Gary, leave enough for the rest of us.

    1. You’ll get scorched for a lot less by the commentariat

      Unclosed blockquote tags, for example.

  19. If this sack of shit is the best hope against Trump we’re doomed.

    The Wall Street Journal also interviewed Johnson yesterday, where he said he would not mind a Republican interloper trying to win the Libertarian Party nomination, predicting they would “get shoveled out the door,” but that “it would raise the profile of the whole Libertarian position.”

    Stunning lack of self-awareness is stunning. (Remember which party’s nomination this guy originally ran for in 2012?)

  20. With the current political climate, and with Trump and Clinton receiving majority disapproval ratings, all normal assumptions must be thrown out. Johnson should really shake things up with Rand Paul as VP candidate and split the Republican Party. There are big money donors that can mobilize the budding libertarian machine and launch conventional political attacks on Trump and Clinton while taking this opportunity to spread pro-Liberty messages. There are also A LOT of republicans that have received substantial support from big money libertarian donors. Republicans should take this opportunity to remake the Republican Party by preempting the coming convention chaos and swinging the Republican Party toward libertarianism. This would be very difficult to work out, but a more libertarian Republican Party could capture libertarian leaning millennials but also some portion of minority groups, and of course also capture those who are interested in small government and are ready to give up on fighting the culture wars. The republicans can either be the victim of the division that Trump has caused or they can preempt chaos at the convention and maintain at least half of their platform (fiscal conservatism, although they aren’t very good at it). It’s either split the party and reinvigorate it with libertarian ideas, or potentially become irrelevant for the foreseeable future.

    1. Continued…

      The Republican Party has been losing ground as the demographics shift against them, and Trump is the straw that breaks the Republican Party – now would a good time for libertarian power brokers to put the pieces back together the way that they want.

      Of course there is also a lot of division in the Democratic Party, and now would be a good time to capture the social liberals that aren’t convinced by Hillary’s record (many of Bernie’s supporters will not vote for Clinton if there is another, more radical, alternative for social issues).

      It’s a bold move, but if there was ever a time to take risks it is now because nothing can be taken for granted. None of this would be easy, especially with such limited time to mount such a campaign, but I think the chaos provides the perfect opportunity for competing ideas to step up and shake things up.

      1. Rand’s senate seat is up, he won’t be doing such a thing. You must be awful young, though I approve your passion.

  21. I like this guy. I don’t see a damn thing wrong with him, at least based on this article. Is he anti-abortion maybe?

    1. Aside from the fact he won’t win, he’s great. Gary Johnson is exactly the kind of candidate the GOP should be nominating. Unfortunately he’s not running as a Republican, so the odds of him winning are slightly above zero.

  22. Suppose your choices are Trump, Clinton, Johnson, or not voting? Which would you pick?

    For me, the choice is easy. I would vote for Gary Johnson.

    1. that’s voting for Clinton. You may say what you want, but in the cold reality that vote goes to Clinton.

      1. No, it is not. I absolutely abhor this regurgitation of the idea that a third party vote is a vote for a front runner. It is unequivocally not so. If I vote for a third party candidate, I do so to align with my principles. If more would do this instead of choosing the lesser of two evils, we wouldn’t be faced with these horrific candidates (Trump/Clinton).

        So as long as anyone continues to vote for the dreck provided by the two major parties, we will get worse dreck, every time.

  23. Since Clinton will most likely be the Democratic candidate (because she’s not dropping out unless she’s convicted) I’ll likely be voting for whoever the Republican candidate is…Trump, Cruz, or whatever loser they may come up with at a brokered convention.

    The Republican candidates are all horrible, but Clinton could end up being the most abusive, destructive President in U.S. history. She’s already shown she’s willing to commit criminal acts, bordering on treasonous, to get to the White House, and she’s likely going to pick up to three Supreme Court justices…I don’t see an upside in voting for Gary Johnson just to make a point about how much I don’t like Trump, and I certainly don’t want to know what a pure sociopath like Clinton would do given that level of power.

    1. if Clinton wins, and the GOP holds congress (most likely due to gerrymandering), then she is hobbled from the get go. she would be forced to deal with what the GOP hands her. that GOP may be more reasonable in what they offer, if the reason they lost is libertarians taking the extra votes. she also won’t have the illusion of a “mandate” that comes with people just voting for her instead of trump. there may be more reason to consider the third party candidate than any other time in recent history…. even knowing the third party can’t win

      plus, trump will be a disaster. he will have a republican congress, scrambling to get behind him, to keep the party together. he will erase what small (and i stress small) progress has been made in moving the GOP towards more libertarian principles. i might reconsider if Cruz pulls it out, or they come up with something else in the convention… but trump would be a disaster i can’t support

      i think Hillary getting elected, because too many people vote for GJ, is the most favorable outcome practically possible.

  24. Phony libertarian Johnson still OWES north of a million in debts from his more than failed 2012 Presidential run. Yeah, Johnson sounds like the perfect antidote to “big government” and fiscal irresponsibility in DC. The guy is a major league LOSER.

  25. It’s just despicable how many people treat an election like they are trying to pick the winning horse in a race. I don’t care that Gary Johnson isn’t likely to become President, I care that none of the major party candidates are anything I would want in a Commander-in-Chief. If they haven’t eared your vote, don’t give them it just because “lesser of two evils”, because that’s how you end up with more evil. Cruz and Clinton may not be quite as bad as Sanders or Trump, but they are hernia inducing awful, and I would still rather drink a hemlock cocktail then pull the lever for any one of them. Big Johnson fan 2016

  26. if you don’t get Trump you get Hillary Clinton. The million dollar question is, is that what you prefer? Everything else is wishful thinking

    1. except, if you get one of those two, because a third party takes too many of the others votes. i would rather the winner know they do not have the majority of America behind them, than have the one i hate slightly less feel they have a mandate.

    2. You are exhibiting what I like to call “short-term thinking”. You can vote for Trump, but it will just further cement the stupid party’s spot as the only alternative to the evil party.

      Either way, your vote has more pull as a protest of the 2 party duopoly than as a support of the stupid party.

  27. …long supported reproductive rights…

    I support reproductive rights for everyone! Even the humans who are not yet “viable”…

  28. …he’d prefer to vote for a candidate like former New York City mayor (and stalwart enemy of freedom) Mike Bloomberg

    Why did I vote for Johnson last election, again? He seems like an idiot. Maybe he had a concussion recently.

    I mean, the Libertarian party might be a bit better off if they had someone who was actually a consistent libertarian…

    1. Like Bob Barr?

      1. He endorsed the Newt in 2012. What’s wrong with “these people”?

  29. Why are we not teaming up with the Greens?

    I know that they do not have the same ideology as we do, but there is an opportunity

    If we can team up with the Green Party to fight against the two party system, we might have a chance

    Its something we havent tried yet

    An alliance of convenience of course, not any sort of merger or teaming up to push forward legislation such as trade or environmental causes.

  30. At worst GayJay is painting a bad picture of libertarianism, but it can hardly be worse than the other candidates, plus it’s not like he’s going to win except in freak circumstances so I’d let this one slide. If we wanted a good public speaker (i.e. liar), then Trump or Clinton is up your ally.

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  32. Can someone explain the “GayJay” thing to me?

  33. I would think Johnson would pull just as many anti-Hillary Dems as anti-Trump Republicans. He is arguably much more liberal than Hillary. But then again, I find today’s Democrats to be even more brainwashed into voting party over principle than the Republicans.

  34. RE: Is Gary Johnson the Best Hope for #NeverTrump?

    I don’t know if G. Johnson is the best hope for #NeverTrump, but he’s definitely better than Moe (Bernie), Larry (Hitlery) and Curley (Trump).

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  37. If the government actually attempted to truly enforce immigration law, the massive upheaval suffered by society would rapidly force changes in the law. Without enforcement of bad law, the law does not get changed. That is the problem with current immigration law and part of the problem with the current administration.

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