Campus Free Speech

At the University of Arizona, the Oppressors Are 'Marginalized' Students

Tyranny of the downtrodden.



Imagine how much tuition would have to increase at the University of Arizona if student-protesters—who are demanding, among other things, $500,000 for diversity initiatives—got what they wanted. 

U. of A's self-proclaimed Marginalized Students, much like the Assembly for Power and Liberation at Western Washington University, think the university needs a fundamental restructuring: one that places social justice activism and education on a higher pedestal than just about anything else. As I argue in a recent column for The Daily Beast, these demands would not only transform the campus into a profoundly hostile place for free expression, but they would also exacerbate administrative bloat and drive up costs for all students—marginalized or not: 

It's difficult to overstate how burdensome such demands would be for students and professors, since no one can predict exactly what words, concepts, images, videos, or other forms of expression will bother a random person. Nor is it appropriate to ask teachers to do so. The learning process involves grappling with uncomfortable truths: If students are unable to speak frankly—and potentially problematically—with each other, they aren't really participating in an educational university experience.  

Of course, they would have a hard enough time simply paying tuition, if the activists got their way. A $500,000 allotment for diversity initiatives is just the tip of the iceberg: Demands to hire more left-leaning faculty, create residence communities geared toward specific group identity, and employ more counselors would also impact U of A's bottom line.  

Read the full thing here. I conclude by noting that further marginalization of the so-called Marginalized Students might be in the best interests of everyone whose sole preference is for a more affordable U. of A. 

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  1. Imagine how much tuition would have to increase at the University of Arizona if student-protesters?who are demanding, among other things, $500,000 for diversity initiatives?got what they wanted.

    Zero. They're going to make college free, right? While increasing salaries and throwing money everywhere. It will work due to magic.

    1. It will work due to magic.

      Exactly, Comrade Bernie will ride to the rescue on his rainbow farting Unicorn named Marxie and rescue us all from the tyranny of the KKKOCHPORAYSHUNZ!1111!!!!!!11!!!


      1. youre thinking about it too much!

  2. OMG, problematic is now used as as adverb, problematically. I can't even...

    1. My head literally exploded when I read that.

    2. Ugh. I mean, Come. On.

      1. I know, right?

      2. I know, right?

  3. Do it. Give them everything they want. Speed the collapse. The only way out is through.

    1. Never let a good crisis go to waste, huh?

    2. It won't speed the collapse though. Instead it'll speed the socialization of college. And then, since it's "free" everyone will be required to go to college and get a "well rounded" Social Justice education. Even if you major in a STEM field. Because you're obviously a racisty racist who needs to be re-educated if after 12 years of K-12 you still choose a "white" major like engineering.

      1. And sooner or later,we will wood chipper them,and rise from their bloody remains.

      2. "free" college would probably help bring about something we could call a crisis.

  4. Two links to the same article. Robby, c'mon.

    1. The government double-counts, why can't Robby double-link?

      1. I've been scolded by three reason writers. Robby is a tough one to troll, though.

        1. Mail him a bottle of mousse. His weak spot is the hair. He has already made grumbly noises about being teased.

    2. Squirrels?

  5. I'm just here to avoid the Shikha article.

    Carry on.

      1. Shikha forever gets a pass from me due to the awesome "Roberts Fuctus" article headline and accompanying amazing ass picture (also featuring a hot chick).

  6. Robby, may I call you Robby? Now I know Reason contributors and editors are loath to write books - but I think you have a good working title for one, should you ever be so inclined to put finger to keyboard and produce such....

    The Tyranny of the Downtrodden
    By Robby Soave

    "A Look at Strange Crisis sweeping over American Universities"

    1. Are you trying to kill the guy, Swiss? Poor Robby needs a juice box and a nap after posting an article here. Imagine what working on an entire book would do to the little guy never mind his silken mane.

    2. Is there a comments section in a book? No? THEN HELL NO

  7. The juxtaposition of this and Shika's whining about Camp of the Saints is instructive. The situation where everyone plays racial politics and claims racial superiority but whites will not last forever.

    1. Fucking backlash, how does it work?

      1. Blowback doesn't exist. Oh, wait... never mind you said backlash.

        1. One has nothing to do with the other. But they sound alike I guess.

          1. ... Hardtack, Fatback, Blackstrap.

            Good to go!

  8. think the university needs a fundamental restructuring: one that places social justice activism and education on a higher pedestal than just about anything else.

    I read that at first not to mean "social justice activism and social justice education. "What's wrong with education being on a high pedestal at a university?"

    I consider myself fairly intelligent but I have been wholly-unable to figure out what "social justice" even means other than it being the exclusive fiefdom of "liberals" born to upper middle class households with too much time on their hands. Perhaps I should enroll in U Arizona in a couple years?

    1. Messed up the quotation marks, too lazy to fix

    2. "Social justice" largely seems to mean "give us stuff" and "freedom from criticism"

    3. Social Justice means for everyone to shut up and let the people promoting it have anything they want.

    4. It is a way of invalidating someone's opinions based on collectivist characteristics as opposed to actually engaging that person's arguments. It's just a technique that profoundly stupid but venal people have developed to allow them to try and undercut rational arguments and reason, since they are abjectly terrible at those things, and they will lose any discussion/argument every time to someone rational, so they needed an irrational, emotion-based method of "winning".

      It's a form of social bullying for cowards and morons. So of course cowards and morons gravitate to it.

      1. That is called fascism and communism. Both of those things were romantic movements and a rejection of the strict rationalism of the enlightenment. This shit is just a rehashing of the same insane and evil idea that you are not an individual but a member of a collective group such that your value as a person and the validity of your opinions is completely a product of what group you belong. The communists rejected the idea of "bourgeois truth", which was nothing but them saying any criticism of their ideas no matter how rational and grounded in fact was invalid. The fascists did the same sort of thing with race. Things were rejected because they were "Jewish Science" or "decadent and modern." This is just the same shit done by people who are too stupid to even understand what they are doing.

        1. This shit is just a rehashing of the same insane and evil idea that you are not an individual but a member of a collective group such that your value as a person and the validity of your opinions is completely a product of what group you belong.

          Modern educators call this "self-esteem" without a hint of irony.

          1. MLK Jr. got it all wrong then? Time to revise those history books.

            1. Well, citing MLK as inspirational is still obligatory, but his actual beliefs are on the outs. People absolutely should be awarded victim points for the color of their skin. The fact that they are shitty characters should not be taken into consideration.

        2. Mao's Little Red Book, more or less.

    5. The Google definition is actually helpful if vague: "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities." Okay. That sounds sort of nice on paper but, in practicality, seems like a stupid thing to waste your days campaigning for.

      1. Of course that's not what social justice actually is. It is in reality a system of justifications and rationalizations to provide members of certan groups with advantages, as well as what Epi described above.

        1. That's actually opposite of what social justice means in practice, since it seems largely concerned with constructing and enforcing an elaborate hierarchy of unequal opportunities and results.

    6. I have been wholly-unable to figure out what "social justice" even means

      It's just another way of saying socialism.

      1. It's another way of saying, "use force to give x group our pony, at the exense of y group", while trying to make any criticism out of bounds.

        1. To paraphrase Sowell, it's a way of taking money from the poor people in y group and give it to affluent people (or their spawn) in x group.

      2. It's a way for the guy who showed up for the baseball game with a football to explain why his scoring a touchdown should count more than you hitting a homerun.

        1. Stop othering him, shitlord! The rules of baseball are just the cisheterowhite Chirstian man's construct to oppress him

          1. Right? Keeping score, C'MON

    7. ...I have been wholly-unable to figure out what "social justice" even means...

      You have to go back to the nineteenth century to find the original meaning. The term originated among Catholics advancing the idea that living in a democracy imposes a moral responsibility for the actions of government (since the actions of government are presumably the will of the people in a democracy) on the people, and so Christians in a democracy have a duty to try to ensure that their governments follow Christian principles. It was "social justice" meaning "social moral rectitude". Today's SJWs who have appropriated the term think of it more as "justice" in the sense of "getting even".

  9. Related

    I haven't watched this video because I'm at work and I'm loath to trust Infowars' Transcription, but if this actually happened as described then holy shit:

    "During an exchange with their opponents, Feliciano suggested that white people should kill themselves because of their "white privilege."

    "White life is wrong," Feliciano was quoted as saying by "Our argument is that we should never affirm white life. White life is based off black subjugation."

    When a white debater asked Feliciano whether he should commit suicide, Feliciano said "I don't see why not, it's ethical."

    When the white debater suggested that it might be better to remain alive and fight the social forces that promote "white privilege," Feliciano rejects the notion."

    Like I said, there might be something mitigating in the video, but I can't imagine what.

    1. Heavily edited video of what appears to be a "debate" practice. I use the term "debate" loosely since in this case it appears to be of the modern "I can't fucking tell what you're saying because you're speed-yelling"

      1. Yeah, I'll watch it when I get home because I don't want to trust Infowar's interpretation.

      2. Why is speed a good thing in debate? You should clearly articulate a point, then allow for a rebuttal. Then continue back and forth until that sort of just ends. The audience can pick a side.

        1. You're asking the wrong person. I find no logical purpose for it other than to reduce debates to mob shouting matches.

        2. It's not a good thing, except it allows a bunch of halfwits to throw a tantrum and pretend they are actually debating.

          1. it allows a bunch of halfwits to throw a tantrum and pretend they are actually debating.

            And it allows them to pick a "winner" based on who through the bigger tantrum as opposed to who presented the best case using logic and sound reasoning.

        3. Why is speed a good thing in debate?

          If you never take a breath, the other guy can never get a word in.

          This is known as "winning a debate".

          1. Yeah, the old Gish Gallop.

    2. The video is legit. One of my friends in involved in college debate and he tells me this really did happen.

      The only mitigation is that these were half wit college students engaged in a debate and thus speaking without consequences and taking their thoughts to their rational conclusions. So, it is impossible to tell if the kids making this point actually believe what they are saying or were just giving the absurd conclusions of their arguments when taken to the extreme.

    3. Look man, you get more of what you reward, and students are rewarded for spouting this kind of Racial-class-structure collectivizing bullshit.

      the debate topic was supposed to be about renewable energy.

      It wouldn't matter if the debate topic were contemporary international relations-conflicts in the South China Sea. It would still boil down to some moaning about race.

      1. You think you are kidding. This film is part of a larger movement in the college and now high school debate world where black students get up and reject the entire topic as oppressive and racist and talk about racial justice instead. I am not kidding. Every year they have a national topic for college and one for high school debate. A few years ago the SJWs in the debate world decided that they should be free to ignore these topics and just talk about racial justice. And they let them get away with it.

        1. They don't just "get away with it", they are then declared the "winners".

    4. The white kid is a pussy. He should have responded "Since that is your position, it would make logical sense for white people to use their superior numbers and power to eliminate people like you before you are in a position to carry out your threat. Therefore genocide is justified since it would only be self-preservation under your terms." That would make a few heads explode, I bet.

      1. He isn't that smart. He strikes me as one of those progs who accepts the dogma, but isn't willing to make any personal sacrifices for it. Somebody else should.

        1. Yeah. How's he gonna laid with that attitude, anyway?

      2. Competitive debate is to a real debate as WWE is to hand-to-hand combat. The form is all that matters, the substance is meaningless. You throw out as many arguments and counter-arguments with as many cites as you can as fast as you can and the one who makes the most uncontested arguments wins. Whether or not they're "good" arguments - in the sense that they're rational or logical or persuasive - doesn't matter, it's a good argument if you can point to it and say somebody made it and your opponent can't point to a counter-argument somebody else made to refute it.

        1. 2+2=4

          I WIN!

  10. Since when is ineffectual whining considered oppression? What's going to happen (as it always does) will be that 80% of their demands will be ignored outright, 5% will get half-assed token action and the rest "will be looked into".

    1. "...the rest "will be looked into"...."

      I see Ms. M is a seasoned pro.

      1. It is wise to know the ways of ones enemy.

    2. *Today*.

      Then, emboldened, they'll be back. And get another 5%.

      And then another.

      And then another.

      The ratchet only goes one way unless you break it.

      1. Yes, but only for the same 5% because what happens is the tokens are given a big show and then quietly killed off when the kiddos aren't looking. Calcified bureaucracy is your friend here.

        None of this is to suggest that they aren't filled with whack-ass bullshit only to say that the situation is a lot less apocalyptic than Rico's making it out to be.

      2. like every ratchet?

        but I repeat myself

  11. So sick of this "marginalized" BS, why must I keep being forced to read about this stuff?? FFS Reason! Seriously, I DEMAND that you:
    1) Stop posting redundant and triggering stories about campus life--we all know the only relevance is that everyone at Reason just wishes they were 22 again so they could take part in the Progressive Movement personally.
    2) Secondly, and most importantly, give me $500,000 and subsequently go fuck yourselves.

    1. 1. Reason is not endorsing the viewpoint of these people, on reporting on it.
      2. If it bothers you so much, go to your safe space.

      1. I think your sarcasmometer may be broken. Or mine might be. It's hard to tell; they weren't designed for such heavy use as they get these days.

        1. *Lowers his sarc-emitter from 'Over 9000' to 'continuous rabble'*

          That should do'er.

  12. Again with the "arguing" shit as if these people are arguing in good faith, as if pointing out flaws in their arguments mean a damn thing. They aren't making these arguments as if they were some sort of rational framework for arriving at their conclusions - they want what they want and they intend to get it and that's it. If "reasons" support that end that's good and if "reasons" don't support that end, well, who gives a shit because "reasons" aren't how they reached their conclusions anyway.

    1. I think it is worse than that Jerry. I don't think they have the ability to make a rational argument. I don't think they know what one looks like. Human beings are naturally clever but are not naturally rational. Rational thought has to be taught. And the schools don't teach that anymore.

    2. It's even simpler than that. They're opportunists. They see that some administrations are folding when presented demands, and they're trying to see if theirs will. They're throwing shit against the wall and seeing if anything sticks. Expect this to happen more and more, as all the incentives are for people to try this, because...why not? If they get even part of what they ask for, they win, and if they don't, there is absolutely no consequence. So of course people will try.

  13. the Assembly for Power and Liberation

    Its not surprising that these student orgs increasingly sound like 1970s radical marxist terrorist groups.

    1. They are on a Shining Path...


    1. Where? Give a link already!

        1. Now that's social justice

    2. I think there's an academic somewhere pointing out that campus identity-politics organizations have thrived due to the disproportionate attention they've received in exactly the same way Trump has thrived due to the media's fascination with his similar awfulness.

      The obvious solution is to say, "No one should cares what college kids think".

      Or even if you don't want to argue that anyone "should or shouldn't" care.... it would help to simply point out, "What college kids think about shit generally doesn't matter"

      They're dumb, and they're mostly harmless. stop giving the oppression-mongers free press and maybe they'll find some other shtick

      1. Indeed.

        "Hey, these kids are in college to learn, right? That means they don't know much now, doesn't it? So why are we so concerned with what a bunch of ignorant, uneducated people think about anything?"

      2. ^This guy knows where it's at^

  15. How fucking marginalized can you be as a student at a 4-year university? You know who is marginalized at that university? The cafeteria workers who have to feed these little shits. And the janitors who have to clean up their puke.

    1. Wait until you see these people force their way into Amish communities.

      Because they admire the Amish for being marginalized, except for their oppressive Amish whiteness. They so desperately want to live like the marginalized Amish, but without that inconvenient self-sufficiency.

      Then when the Amish don't accept them, they'll cry about being marginalized by whitey again

    2. These people are elitist to their core. The only thing they care about is shaping the "elite" into their own image. It's the only way they can feel good about themselves - to be part of a powerful ruling group.

    3. You know who is marginalized at that university? The cafeteria workers who have to feed these little shits. And the janitors who have to clean up their puke.

      I wonder how much boogers and cum wind up in these entitled pricks food from those cafeteria workers?

  16. Tyranny of the downtrodden.

    I can see how self-aggrandizing narcissists with victim complexes might make a compelling case for being downtrodden, much like sociopathic con artists can rook otherwise intelligent people, but students attending prestigious universities basically on the taxpayers' dime are in no way downtrodden.

  17. I wonder when the marginalized snowflakes complain to their parents and grandparents, do the older generations laugh at them or break down tears?

    1. My niece discovered identity politics last year. she's 9. She's constantly whining about marginalization and oppression. My brother mostly ignores her shit but tells me not to tease her or else she'll have a freakout. I got her an andrea dworkin book for christmas. I suspect my brother intercepted it because i haven't heard anyone say anything about it since.

      1. at 9, it seems easy to ignore it and hope it goes away. But then they become 19 and it's gotten far worse. I'm for making her have a freakout and getting it out of the way, but she's not my child so.........

      2. 9? What the hell kind of school does she go to?

        1. Who's teaching might be a better question

        2. i don't think she picked it up at school. I think its all the rage in pre-teen tumblr. when i asked her what she wanted for Xmas, she said, "Something radical feminist". So i got her a shirt and this book.

          though i have no doubt there are teachers in grade-schools that a recent college grads and probably do feed kids all sorts of P.C. hogwash.

          1. This is why my kids don't get total access to the internet.

            1. I don't think she does either, but all it takes is one of their friends to get clued in to what "kids are supposed to be talking about" and it will spread like Ebola-meets-Boy-Band

          2. It's just Tumblr in general. My 20 year old daughter comes at me with stupid shit (it's not stupid to her) she read online from time to time. She usually ends up a little miffed that I don't knuckle under and accept what she's saying. Especially when I have reasons not to that she has no counter for. So I just become the bitter old man that can't accept the new world.

        3. I remember asking my Pa about the ERA when I was something like 8 or 9*. I must have been hearing about it in school or on the news.

          *He was opposed, like any good constitutional conservative. I didn't understand it at the time (who could be against equal rights???). I do now.

      3. Your brother sounds like a pussy. Let the kid freakout and ignore her. It's why God made noise-cancelling headphones.

        1. Let the kid freakout and ignore her.

          I think he does. Its just that he knows the girls use me as an opportunity to test out their best-material, and he can't stand the drama at family-gatherings.

  18. A couple of months ago, the MEChA chapter on the UofA campus was protesting the opening of a new restaurant on campus, Illegal Pete's. They were demanding that its racist name be changed. Because illegal can only refer to mexicans. It got a lot of local coverage and hand wringing. The owner didn't give in to the demands and the whole thing just faded away. That's how you need to treat these twits. Ignore them and don't give them the attention they crave and they will just slink away until the next manufactured outrage.

    1. Or go the Trump route and just double down on the "insult", just to show how powerless these idiots really are.

      1. "Come have a Wetback Special, you precious little snowflakes!"

    2. They were demanding that its racist name be changed.

      Actually, they were demanding that the University President "do something" to appease their sense of outrage about the offensive name, to which she replied *(quite rightfully) "WTF are you talking about? its a restaurant. I can't do shit about that"

      Their subsequent outrage was not about the restaurant name anymore, it was about the U. President not catering to their entitled sense of aggrievedness

      Sort of similar to the U Mizz kids, whose real beef with the president was not the presence of "poop swastikas", but the fact that the president was basically saying, "Look, come to me when you have a REAL problem, OK?"

      1. Well, that first week they opened, me and a couple of friends were on the patio enjoying the mediocre food. One protester informed us that, as middle aged white people, eating burritos was cultural appropriation AND racist. We invited her to join us for tequila shots and Pacifico and offered to discuss the Gadsden purchase. This did not go over well. 🙂

        1. as middle aged white people, eating burritos was cultural appropriation AND racist.

          Would the burritos have been less racist-appropriation if you were japanese teens?

          1. Would the burritos have been less racist-appropriation if you were japanese teens?

            Of course it would have been less. It's not like the Japanese have ever oppressed anyone.


          2. Roy Choi does that quite successfully.

        2. I would have shamed them for assuming you weren't a "white" Hispanic. (Like many, many Mexicans, actually)

          1. Not near as much fun as baiting them.

          2. This might be amusing:

            "Ay caramba! Que paso, amigo? Hablas espanol? Mi Ingles no es muy buena."

      2. "Students emotionally asked her to protect them and she declined making an official position," Saltalamacchia said. "Which, in fact, by her not making an official position, is her making an official position."

        How the fuck do I "protect you" from the name of a restauraunt?

  19. Anyone else notice that these "student protestor" demands always seem to include secure jobs and pay increases for "_____ Studies" departments and other professional grievance mongers?

    1. Find a cause. It's not a slogan, it's a way of life in the church of the aggrieved and offended. By logical standards, the civil rights, feminist, and organized labor groups are all anachronisms, groups that persist in fighting battles that have largely been won. Why? There is money and power in doing so.

  20. U. of A's self-proclaimed Marginalized Students, much like the Assembly for Power and Liberation at Western Washington University, think the university needs a fundamental restructuring: one that places social justice activism and education on a higher pedestal than just about anything else.

    Because apparently they aren't being indoctrinated enough.* Fuck these assholes with a rusty chainsaw and then run them through a woodchipper. I'm so sick of these fuckwits.

    *As evidenced by the fact that not everyone on campus agrees with them yet, and the fact that there are still some STEM majors left.

  21. So these fucks actually believe the purpose of college is to be indoctrinated into a far left ideology. Not to actually learn a skill and get a good job.

    That's probably why so many of them will end up in shit jobs wondering why they can never repay their college debts, waiting for Bernie or someone else to save them from their shitty decision making

    1. It will happen. Student debt has gone over the cliff. One way or another, it will be not be repaid. If it's not discharged, most will end up in default.

      1. they deserve to end up bankrupt and not be bailed out for their far-left crap.

        My friend went to college, learned a skill and now works for Tesla. My other friend went for a BS degree and spends all his time promoting SJW crap. Why should the one who took college seriously have to subsidize the other?

        1. Water under the bridge. Most of the money loaned out will not be repaid. The only question is how that happens.

  22. A couple of months ago, the MEChA chapter on the UofA campus was protesting the opening of a new restaurant on campus, Illegal Pete's. They were demanding that its racist name be changed.

    The fuck? Have these people never heard of IRONY?

    Incidentally, I ate at "Illegal Pete's" all the time when it was nothing but a burrito stand on the Hill in Boulder Colorado. (I was going to the University of Colorado at Boulder at the time).

    I hope it replaces Chipotle, because it's basically the same thing, but tastier.

    1. No, of course they haven't. Irony is a form of humor.

    2. I hope it replaces Chipotle, because it's basically the same thing,but tastier less likely to cause you to shit blood and ensure your offspring suffer from microencephaly

      1. Eh, not really. They are into the same "sustainable" sourcing practices as Chipotle. So if you're trying to avoid salmonella, it's pretty much a wash.

        1. If they washed it, they'd reduce the salmonella...

        2. I just went to check it out and to annoy the protesters. As far as the food goes, living in Tucson, I can pretty much throw a rock any direction and hit a mom and pop place with better, cheaper Mexican food.

          1. Been to Poco y Mom's, Mr. Rat? Its about the only New Mex-ish place I have found.

            1. Been to the diner several times over the years. Good stuff. Haven't checked out the cantina. Looks too new and fancy. Plus it's the wrong part of town for me. I frequent the haunts on St Marys and in South Tucson.

          2. Yeah, they are California style, so not really Mexican at all.

            The Mexican place I used to go to in Tucson was the Guadalahara Grill on Prince and Casa Molina.

          3. In general Tucson is not a great food city though.

            Except for Zemam's Ethiopean restaraunt, which is better than any I've had even in New York and DC.

  23. have been wholly-unable to figure out what "social justice" even means

    It's basically started off as a code-phrase for socialism. See, the regular kind of justice has unhappy implications for socialists, since it tends to forbid taking money from people to redistribute it. Ergo, appropriate the word "justice" and tell people it means whatever you want it to mean, and a lot of dumb people will start thinking "justice" means stealing from group A to give to group B.

    Over the years, as the useful idiots who glommed onto it tried to figure out what it meant, and they attached all sorts of other interpretations having something to do with anti-racism and correcting historical injustices like slavery. So now it's all about special privileges for supposedly oppressed groups. And more recently it's devolved even further into those privileges consisting mainly of the right to not be offended while spouting utter horseshit.

  24. Refund their tuition and invite them to spend it elsewhere.

    Their money isn't worth it.

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