Brickbat: That's Where the Money Is


Credit: Joshua Doubek

The Washington, D.C., Office of Tax and Revenue is blaming a computer error for taking a total of some $7 million from the bank accounts of 581 people. Those individuals had previously authorized electronic withdrawals to pay their taxes. But during a test of new anti-fraud software, the revenue collectors withdrew money for a second time from those accounts.

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  1. I’m sure they’ll get their money back in ‘due’ time.

    1. With interest and penalties

  2. “The money was basically stolen from me. You expect this from the bad guys,” he said. “You don’t expect this from your government.”

    Ahh, it must be nice to be so delusional.

    1. Clearly a person that’s feeling the bern. Government good,just make mistake.V.A. good,just make mistakes.

    2. Alternately– Bezalel Stern? Thats an odd way to spell Pollyanna.

    3. They’ve basically been screaming in our faces that negative interest rates are coming. The good guys, indeed.

  3. Bezalel Stern, a D.C. lawyer and resident, said he realized that $6,500 had been taken from his bank account Wednesday morning after his attempts to withdraw money from two ATMs were declined because the account had been emptied.

    He was one of 581 people who had planned to use that money to donate to his favorite Tea Party campaign.

  4. Well they won’t be seeing that money ever again.

  5. And this is why I don’t ever use automatic withdrawal to pay my taxes.

    1. Hell no. I don’t trust the federal government’s stone-knives-and-bearskins IT any more than I must. I’ll continue filing paper returns and paying with a paper check for as long as it’s allowed.

  6. The D.C. government’s tax office erroneously withdrew $7 million from the bank accounts of hundreds of taxpayers because of a “computer error,” officials said.

    The D.C. “government’s” “tax office” “erroneously” “withdrew” $7 million from the bank accounts of hundreds of taxpayers “because of” a “computer error,” “officials” said.


  7. Blaming things on “computer error” is so twentieth century. Everyone now understands that computers don’t just randomly do things; they do only what they are told to do. This would be more accurately characterized as human error.

    1. Anyway, the proper term is “glitch”.

      1. The proper term is “theft”.

  8. nice post thanks admin

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