DC Metro Will Shut Down Tomorrow, Attacking the Bernie Bros, More Primaries: P.M. Links


  • Train

    The Washington, D.C. metro system is shutting down for a full 24 hours. Expect to hear a lot of complaints from journalists, starting with this one. ("GAHHHHHHHH!")

  • Possibly the worst thing ever written, at least about Bernie Bros.
  • Author of paper on feminizing glaciers responds, still deserves mountains of ridicule.
  • Conservatives plotting a third-party run against Trump?
  • Stay tuned for results from the Florida and Ohio primaries.
  • Trump supporters to Samantha Bee: "You're a trickle-down media whore."

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  1. Conservatives plotting a third-party run against Trump?

    Et tu, GOP-ay?

    1. Obviously, they are bored of winning.

      1. Conservatives. Breaking off from the Grand Old Party. Which would suggest they’re not particularly conservative, just war-mongering a-holes who want to have a say in what goes on in your bedroom.

    2. Hello.

    3. +1 ides of March

  2. A victory for the lying slut with a mattress, Emma Sulkowicz. Her victim sued Columbia University under Title IX, but a New York judge has dismissed his lawsuit.

    1. His claims are valid. The judge is an asshole

      1. Can he do anything from here?

        1. He’s not even in the country anymore.

          If I were him, I’d sue her directly for defamation.

          1. Yeah, but she doesn’t have money. Columbia does.

            1. Getting her under oath would still be nice, though.

              1. Is it still perjury if she lies in the form of an interpretive dance?

              2. Who’s gonna pay for the pleasure of getting her under oath without hope of a financial payoff?

                Not a lawyer working on contingency I assume ?

                Should we take up a collection ?

                I’m sure Buttplug would send in a $20 money order, among others.

          2. She has some sort of art degree, so probably not worth it.

      2. On a technical reading of Title IX, the judge is right.

        On a human level, he’s an asshole.

        1. The guy was accused of rape because he had a penis. He was harassed because he had a penis. Sounds like gender discrimination to me.

          1. To me too. But the bullshit of Title IX is that, well, TECHNICALLY it could’ve happened just as easily if the genders were switched (it couldn’t have, obviously, but…), so it’s not gender discrimination.

          2. Playa, you ignorant slut!

            Haven’t you figured out yet that a penis has nothing to do with gender.

            Xe should accuse Sulkowicz of lesbian raping xer.

            1. I don’t get the ‘xis’ and ‘xer’. They’re still clearly different pronouns assigned to different genders/sexes, so is the claim that the letter ‘H’ is sexist? (i know you were being facetious)

              1. Nobody gets them, as soon as you did, they’d use something else.

                H is nothing special. All letters are sexist tools of the MAN.

              2. That’s because it’s stupid.

                1. For added stupidity, consider that they remove the one letter that is the same between the two pronouns.

        2. On a technical reading of Title IX, the judge is right.

          On a human level, he’s an asshole.

          Pretty much my thoughts. Could a male student accuse a female student of sexual assault based on retroactive withdrawal of consent? Seems to work for the girls.

    2. He can appeal the dismissal, right?

    3. Is she still lugging that thing around? She’s gotta be tired by now.

      1. She’s got killer quads though.

        1. Unfortunately, she doesn’t. Watch her art porn if you don’t believe me.

          What’s the opposite of a boner? Yeah, she causes that.

          1. Playa, please don’t make me laugh at work. Parents are seeing me with this big creepy grin.

          2. The opposite of a boner is flaccid or wind sock if you’re into humor.

            1. It actually turned inside out. I had a vagina for about 3 minutes.

              1. I hope you took advantage of those 3 glorious minutes.

              2. Also, do you hear from Pro Liberate anymore? I miss that guy.

            2. A soft-on?

        2. Having watched her video, I was so sad it made my penis cry.

          1. I found it difficult to masterbate to, but I was able to pull it off.

            1. You’re pulling too hard if it came off.

          2. Her art moved you then.

          3. This is not what you meant I take it?


            1. Tears as in rips.

    4. Still, the logic behind accused students’ Title IX suits often carries a whiff of the men’s rights activists’ argument that the war against women is really a war against men. Title IX has given survivors of sexual assault an essential source of leverage: If colleges fail them, they can bring the weight of the federal government to bear by detailing the ways that the school’s indifference has cost them equal access to educational opportunities.

      Explain to me how this doesn’t describe Nungesser’s situation. The college mediated between him and his accuser, failed to uphold the NDA the two had agreed to, permitted the unfounded accusation to tarnish his name, and stood by the professor who encouraged her theatrics. I don’t agree with Title IX in the slightest, but this seems like precisely the sort of case that should prevail on it. Except for the gender of the complainant, of course.

    5. Right on schedule – Expelled Yale Basketball Captain Sues.

      The difference is that Columbia didn’t expel her victim.


    6. The comments on that Slate piece are an interesting mix of Title IX haters and apologists.

      1. Slate comments are an interestingly different blend of people compared to Salon.

        Salon is all kool-aid drinking zombies. And they shadowban anyone who isn’t part of their little cult.

        Slate actually has a mix of people, slightly in favor of progs, but progs more open to actual debate and discussion. Less dogmatic. And they fight. And fight. fight fight fight. fight fight fight.

    1. But remember Trump is a clown, while Hillary is a serious statesman.

      1. Trump is a happy clown, Hillary is a sad clown.

      2. Which one has dead kids in the crawl space?

      3. Who has said Hillary is a serious statesman? All I’ve heard in support of Hillary is VAGINA!

        1. In her defense, it’s a very serious vagina.

    2. No all who wander are dead are lost.

    3. *** sighs ***

      We’ve been over this, P M.

      “Didn’t lose a single person.”

      Put on your Clinton-speak hat!

      1. Was it in the AM links? I don’t get up that early on Tuesdays.

        1. In the commentary this morning.

      2. In Clinton speak this is defensible two ways:

        1) No single person was lost in the sense we know exactly where they are, and

        2) No single person was lost in the sense that we know actually four of them were fucking murdered.

        1. Come on guys. That’s like amatuer hour Clintonese. Hillary is a professional

          Hillary: We didn’t lose anyone in Libya

          Hillary (testifying in the future): It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘did’ is.

    4. We know right where they are.

      Indeed we know right where they’ll be spending eternity.

      1. DOH!

    5. Chris Stevens wasn’t lost. We know exactly where he’s buried.

      Gotta say, that is right up there with Trump saying he could shoot someone and not lose support. She’s basically taunting all her True Believers into pushing the envelope of cognitive dissonance far beyond what anyone thought was possible.

    6. Are you referring to Chris Stevens? He was unpersonned months ago.

      1. What difference… oh fuck it

  3. The Washington, D.C. metro system is shutting down for a full 24 hours.

    You libertarians wanted it!

    1. Emergency inspections, apparently. For them to do something this public tells me there’s big problems.

      1. ^This. Metro has been a complete disaster for at least as long as I’ve lived here. If they are doing something this drastic, it must be an actual emergency.

        …ehhh….come to think of it, I should probably walk home today…

        1. Yeah, probably a good idea.

          Now, in an ideal world they would use the overnight downtime (Metrorail doesn’t run 24×7) to do inspections and repairs, but somehow that has eluded them.

          1. somehow that has eluded them

            I’m thinking the words “union”, “contract”, and “crony” might be part of the “somehow”.

          2. Overnight? The repair guys only work 11am-3pm Tuesday to Thursday, and God help you if you try to give them something that cuts into their lunch break.

        2. Nothing like the smell of burnt metal and un-airconditioned cars in the summer.


    2. I started taking Metro a year ago and gave up. The question was never whether there would be some sort of system outage that day, but how many and where.

      1. Oh, I like it. It’s always a fun surprise to look forward to when I get to the station in the morning. Is it going to be Red today? How late am I going to be? How packed will my train car be?

        And then the relief and excitement when it turns out that today is the day that Blue and Orange get fucked. You can’t match that, man.

        1. When is Blue not fucked?

        2. Yellow rarely has problems. We get all the hand-me-down rail cars, but we’re only screwed a few times a year. We almost never have major fuckups, like the time that train hit and killed a track worker.

          Everyone move to Huntington! (and increase my real estate value!)

    3. Only Metrorail? I was hoping for all of DC and for much longer.

    4. the federal government is open with unscheduled leave and telework tomorrow.

  4. Stay tuned for results from the Florida and Ohio primaries.

    Beware the March of Ids. Just thought that up.

    1. Ohio is the Florida of the north.

        1. Sure but it’s my turn to do something stupid next. =D

      1. Most of Ohios retirees live in Florida in the winter.

        1. And you ever notice how there are more “Florida man” stories in the winter?

          1. Doesn’t surprise me

          2. I blame the snow birds.

      2. Ohio state is Gainesville north campus.

      3. Florida is just Ohio’s nursing home.

        1. What are New Yorkers, chopped liver?

          1. Do you know who else was a New Yorker?

          2. ‘Chopped’ is a good start.

        2. Same with the Coachella Valley and Canada.

      4. Screw all you beyotches!
        Go Bengals! We nearly won a payoff game this year! (Well, we won it but then the officials took it away)

    2. Id, id id! Monsters from the id!

  5. Possibly the worst thing ever written, at least about Bernie Bros.

    I stopped at the title.

  6. Oh-oh
    it’s magic
    you know
    congress will never believe it’s not so

    H. RES. 642

    Recognizing magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure.

    March 14, 2016
    Mr. Sessions (for himself, Mr. Stivers, Mr. Meehan, Mr. Donovan, Mr. Dent, Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Buck) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

    1. “It’s an ILLUSION, Michael. A ‘trick’ is something a whore does for money.”


        1. Of course, you rent them. That’s the whole point.

    2. Whereas David Copperfield, through his magic, inspires great positive change in the lives of Americans;

      One the one hand: whhhhhhaaaaaa?

      On the other hand: at least Sessions et al aren’t busily trying to improve my life.

      If this was ALL they did, I’d be very happy with Congress.

    3. Our tax gold pieces at work.

  7. You’re a trickle-down media whore.

    She’s the girl R. Kelly-

    Fuck it, I can’t do anything with these links.

    1. When you’ve lost Fist, you’ve lost the commentariat.

      1. Even I am disappointed with the links.

      2. All PM Links this entire year have been one long Fist-trolling performance.

  8. I thought after a whole week of Robby-links we were going to be granted a reprieve…?

    No respite for the damned!! oh well.

    Another High-Profile Trump Endorsement

    1. Worse picture: Brevik’s Nazi salute, or the redneck in the picture in the corner with the Trump tattoo?

  9. The full exchange with Bee, which is funny:

    Bee: “So, you like his media whoredom?”

    Supporter: “But you’re whoring off of his media whoredom. I think you’re kind of a trickle-down media whore because you’re just getting the remains.”

    Bee: “So in the big bukkake of media, I’m the one at the bottom of the f*ck pile?”

    Supporter: “I think that’s an accurate assessment.”

    1. “Mommy, whats a kukkocky?”

      Its one of these, dear

    2. I don’t have any clue what the fuck is going on, who these people are, or what the hell they are talking about.

  10. Because everyone needs daily updates on the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Trial

    Nick Denton invokes the “controversy justifies itself” defense.

    “when asked by a juror how the posting fit into Gawker’s goal to produce “true and interesting” journalism, he stood by the piece.

    “We are talking about it now,” he said. “I don’t think anyone would dispute that it has been an interesting piece.”

    “Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news,” he said, describing Gawker’s motto.

    Ergo = when you get sued for shitty exposes that have zero public-interest angle, it instantly becomes Real News! WIN WIN WIN

    1. Please, please, please let this bankrupt Gawker. Pretty please. I don’t ask for much, just give me that. Please?

      1. Tycho of Penny Arcade was in rare form Monday

        Gawker is poison AIDS cancer. In the same way that the Cross is the symbol for the redemptive power of Christ’s blood, Gawker is the symbol of a metastasized social media. Gawker is Nidhogg, the dragon which gnaws at the root of the World Tree. The causes they enunciate are tarnished, just for being in their mouths.

        1. That is fantastic.

          1. The second paragraph also is great, and is why I don’t go to Deadspin anymore.

            [quote]I don’t wish ill on anyone who works there, obviously. I mean, I guess their every action technically does sustain a legitimately evil beast of legend, some Revelations type shit, and they ruin lives for profit whenever they aren’t simply wasting your time. It’s like, oh, this other Gawker site does that. That’s not the site I read. Well, no, it’s all one site. It’s just the one site. Oh, but I only detest the mouth of the lion, where its fangs are kept; I do not detest the ear of the lion, nor its tail. But the ear is how he found your brother, and when he leapt on your sister, the tail kept him straight.

            1. WTF, self? Why’d you try to use bbCode there?

            2. Man, I don’t always agree with Tycho but damn, he nailed them good on this one. The comic attached to that was pretty spot-on, too, given our usual Friday Funnies gripes.

              1. I was saving the comic for Friday!

                1. I promise I won’t post it here. Mainly because I can’t reach the site from my work computer.

            3. I only go to Deadspin once a year, for the Why Your Team Sucks NFL previews. But even those have fallen off in the last couple of years.

              1. lol those things might be good for other teams, but for mine it just becomes five paragraphs of “ZOMG change the name, it’s a racial slur!”

                1. Are you a Cowboys fan ?

    2. I am only interested in sex tapes where the male lead is less distractingly gruesome.

  11. Trump supporters to Samantha Bee


    1. An edgy lady, who is edgy.

  12. Donald Trump eats his steaks well-done. You know who else liked well-done steaks? Bad!!

    1. Hitler was vegetarian, right? Not for ethical reasons, IIRC.

      1. And he never got colon cancer, now did he?

    2. If anyone needed more evidence that Trump is a monster who must be stopped, this is it.

      1. I hear Trump Steaks were not that good. Perhaps well-done was the right choice.

        1. Well done is never the right choice. If you have shitty meat, you smoke it at low temp for 12-24 hours, but that is not the same thing as well done.

    3. So he doesn’t like sreak but eats it anyway because he hates cows? Prolly puts ketchup on it too.

      1. Ketchup on a steak is a terrible sin. In fact I can’t think of many things ketchup is good for. Seems like after a certain age that is a condiment you should quit using.

        1. You can make a lot of good stuff with ketchup. I’ll be making my own cocktail sauce later with it.

          1. I mix it with Hoisin and use it for Chinese.

            1. Yeah I do a little asian sauce with ketchup, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, chili-garlic sauce, sherry, sesame oil and cornstarch that I’ll toss in my shrimp veggie stir fry with some garlic and shallot. I’ll marinade the shrimp in a little oil, ginger and garlic for a half hour first. Like red bell pepper and either snow peas or edamame for the veg.

              1. That’s pretty fancy. I just discovered black vinegar about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been experimenting a bit.

        2. In fact I can’t think of many things ketchup is good for.

          What the hell do you put on your fries?

          If you say mayo, so help me God…

          1. Vinegar you heathen

            1. That won’t get you out of trouble in the UK. Vinegar may go on the chips, but ketchup goes on everything else.

            2. Malt vinegar is acceptable.

              Carry on.

          2. Seasoned salt. Good fries don’t need any liquids to cover up their taste and texture.

    4. Growing up my mom and grandma made steaks well done, because PINK IS BAD. So I was brainwashed into thinking eating pink steak would kill me.

      So of course I never understood why people liked eating it so much since it was a piece of leather that needed to be smothered in A-1 to be edible.

      And then, a good friend convinced me to eat a medium rare steak when I was about 16 and it changed my life.

      TLDR, I do not trust my mom, grandma, or anyone who “likes” well done steak.

      1. I only had powdered milk as a kid cause we were po. I hated it. When I finally had real milk, I was like what is this wonderful beverage.

      2. I usually go Black and Blue, especially on ribeyes.

        1. is that charred on the outside, rare on the inside? I like that with hanger steak, too.

          1. Black on the outside, purple rare on the inside.

      3. Could have been talking about Mrs. Hobbit and her mom. As a result, wifey hated steak until I convinced her to eat one decently cooked. She’s now a steak lover.

        … Hobbit


    6. Monster: confirmed.

    7. The Guy From Harlem?

  13. Possibly the worst thing ever written, at least about Bernie Bros.

    Why is the link to this article formatted for mobile? Wait, are you actually posting these from your phone?

    I KNEW IT.

    1. He’s stuck on the Metro, give him a break.

  14. Anyone else here from Ohio? All I’ve been seeing are Trump signs, wondering if thats just my county or if thats common through out the rest of the state.

    1. I’m in Columbus. Haven’t really noticed. I’ve certainly met some Trump supporters but most people I talk to do not like him.

      1. Perhaps it’s just my area then, it is a poorer part of Ohio.

    2. From Ohio, moved to the Florida panhandle for work a few months back. I have at least one friend who’s voting for Trump there, but the rest I’m pretty sure aren’t gonna be voting at all.

    3. My take is the only way Trump loses the nomination, outside of the GOP ignoring the voters at the convention which is possible, is for Trump to actually win Ohio. If Kasich wins he stays in along with Rubio, and Trump will not lose a 4 man race. If Kasich loses he said he will drop out. If that’s true than Cruz could potentially still have a long shot of catching up.

      1. Of course it would be better if Cruz won Ohio but the polls would have to be way off.

        1. Polls way off? That never happens.

      2. That assumes that Kasich and Rubio’s votes go to Cruz. I’m not sure if they would be the case.

        1. If most do then he has a pretty good shot. That’s really the only chance for Trump to lose out side of the GOP bosses stealing it. If they don’t then he sure wins which will happen anyways. I can shot a 3 from halfcourt at the buzzer and miss or I can just not shoot at all.

    4. I was in Akron and Cleveland over the weekend and saw a few Trump signs.

    5. In Cincinnati I’m seeing trump then Kasich then Cruz. I don’t think I’ve seen a single Rubio

    1. Dance?

  15. At what point does a third party run become impossible? There’s the thinking that, if Trump loses at a brokered convention, he’ll mount a third party run out of spite. But by then it would be August. Is it possible to get on a ballot in any state by that point?

    1. “and if he is the Republican nominee for president, to offer a true conservative candidate in the general election.”

      This will go nowhere, but if it did, the media will still be calling Trump an” extreme right wing conservative.”

    2. It becomes impossible when it’s too late to get signatures for ballot access by the deadline. You can win without ballot access in all states. And, of course, the hacks on the Board of Election who love to disqualify signatures.

  16. Well, time for Canada to feel smug. Because There Are No Guns In Canada, we had a random and completely unexplained stabbing in a recruitment centre instead of mass shooting.

    The case remains a mystery, as per the article:

    On Monday, Toronto police laid five charges, including one of attempted murder, against Ali. According to Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders, Ali said, “Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people,” during the attack.

    “It will take some time to have a complete picture,” Saunders told reporters Tuesday from police headquarters.

    When asked if it was a terror attack, the police chief said, “We’re certainly looking into it,” but cautioned against jumping to any conclusions

    1. Clearly what Canada needs is a knife registry.

      1. They need to find this Allah guy and lock him up, he seems to cause trouble where ever he goes

    2. On Monday, Toronto police laid five charges, including one of attempted murder, against Ali. According to Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders, Ali said, “Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people,” during the attack.

      “It will take some time to have a complete picture,” Saunders told reporters Tuesday from police headquarters.

      I dunno, seems pretty clear to me.

      1. Ha, ha. Get a load of the libertarian simpleton here!

    3. I haven’t looked recently nor have I really pondered how you can compare but it seems to me parts of Manitoba, Sask., and Alberta (even Que. and Ont.) can be quite violent even by American standards.

      1. Most of America is no more violent than Europe or Canada, we just have small areas of VERY high crime.

        A good example of that would be Louisiana which has a very high homicide rate, but the overwhelming majority occur in New Orleans. The murder rate outside New Orleans isn’t very high.

        1. Actually, violent crime rate (assaults, rape etc.) are higher among all the G7 countries except Japan (maybe Italy I forget) than the U.S..

          1. I seriously doubt that. I’ve heard the claim before but haven’t seen any evidence backing it up. America’s murder rate is like 4 times what Germany’s is, which makes me think it’s very unlikely we don’t have other types of violent crimes in greater abundance.

            1. I’ll dig them up. If I can remember where I saw it. May link them in another thread.

            2. I’ve seen the same thing from several different sources. Wikipedia used to have a page of it, but all I can find now is homicides.

              At any rate, Europe was 3-4 times as violent as the US. The least violent was still 3 times the US.

              But the problem is knowing what counts as a violent crime. For instance, on information and belief, it is my understanding that Britain doesn’t count a death as murder until they have obtained a conviction. So immediately double or triple the reported rate before comparing it to the US, to account for absence of arrests and convictions.

    4. Yeah, but just think of how much damage he could have done if he had a gun. Or a gun that shoots knives.

      1. The gun that shoots knives is making me think of Zardoz.

  17. Author of paper on feminizing glaciers responds, still deserves mountains of ridicule.

    Curiosity must be patriarchal, because it forced me to read this.

      1. It has some great takedowns:

        Science is repeatedly denigrated, and, in fact, I’m surprised that this stuff was funded by the National Science Foundation. Has it become the National Science and Other Ways of Knowing Foundation?

    1. “James Ryan does deserve to be here,” said Assistant District Attorney Maureen McCormick. “His refusal to accept any blame borders on delusion.”

      Says the prosecutor with no self-awareness whatsoever. Honestly, I hate prosecutors more than cops.

    2. Amazingly, we just had a pig be charged with DWI.

      Of course, the story doesn’t have his mug shot, and the follow-up says the police are “processing” a request for a service photo.

      1. You mean the responding officers didn’t drive him and his car home and put him to bed? Whatever happened to professional courtesy?

      2. Prediction: The charges will be quietly dropped and you’ll never hear of this again.

        1. No. He did not blow into the breathalyzer, so it can be easily pled down to a misdemeanor, and he will lose his license for a year (that is the New York State penalty). He will resign, work security gigs, and will be hired in another department after the year is up.

    3. I wonder how often the “causation/foreseeability” standard is applied to the deaths of mere civilians.

    4. The driver who actually hit the cop was never charged. What the hell? If this incident was supposed to be “foreseeable” to the drunk driver, why didn’t the sober cop foresee it?

      1. Cops don’t have the mental capacity to foresee things.

      2. If this incident was supposed to be “foreseeable” to the drunk driver, why didn’t the sober cop foresee it?

        Say that in court and I guarantee that you’d hear expert witnesses testifying on behalf of the prosecutor that cops do foresee the imminent danger, but they get out of their car to write the ticket anyways because their so fucking brave and heroic.

        1. “I may die, but it’s a small price to pay to give that guy a ticket.”

  18. Did anybody else see the CNN thing over the weekend about each candidates taxes? Basically is showed what each candidate made and how much they paid in tax, and from that heir effective rate.
    Sander’s effective rate, on $206K in earnings, was 13%, largely because he had $56k in itemized deductions that brought his taxable earnings down to $140k. .The deduction stuff is from a different article, but the made/tax/ER is this one:

    1. Charitable contributions:
      $3,022,700 – of which $3 million went to the Clinton Family Foundation.

      1. Well that’s convenient.

      2. SHE’S SO GENEROUS! :swoon:

    2. Bernie is collecting social security on top of his Senate salary?

      Fuck that guy.

      1. I’m sure he contributed to social security when he got paid for writing erotic stories.

      2. Your missing the whole mindset here. He’s being perfectly consistent with his ideology by doing so, his vapid, contradictory, larcenous and entitled ideology.

          1. Dude you don’t have to do that here. We know you’re smart and that’s just a typo.

            I hate commenters nit picking on other’s typos.

            This isn’t a thesis.

            1. Your mom isn’t a thesis

    3. Good god. If she was the CEO of a publicly traded company, she would have been the 44th highest paid. And yet in 2014, she produced nothing of actual tangible value.

      1. What are her cankles, chopped liver?

  19. Completely apropos of nothing…

    So, there’s this guy, Sam Hyde…

    …he’s a member of a “comedy” group called Million Dollar Extreme. Which i think is best described as “Real-Life Trolling”.

    Some of his latest work = Annoncing an appearance by Jennifer Aniston to give a speech called, “How To Make It as an Artist

    … and instead showed up himself… dressed as a woman. And said… things.

    More recently; he volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campapaign. And it did not go well.

    Its cringe-humor taken to LSD-extremes.

    He once did a piss-take on my old neighborhood which is priceless.

  20. Most horrible thing i’ve ever heard of Part MCLXVII =

    Two Brothers Help Mentally Ill Brother to Commit ‘Suicide by Cop’ – And Film His Shooting Spree

    ” Prince George’s County police say they have cell phone video that captured the gunman dictating his last will and testament, and that the video was recorded just minutes before his two brothers drove him to the District III station.

    Ford fired randomly at an ambulance, other vehicles and the doors of the station, pinning down officers who poured from the station to confront him, police said. Two of his brothers stood nearby recording the ambush with cellphones as it unfolded moment by agonizing moment.

    When asked why Ford would carry out an attack on a police station while his brothers recorded the death of an officer, Stawinski said there was no answer.

    “This is about nothing,” Stawinski said. “It was unprovoked. Michael had a history of mental illness. But what is more troubling to me is that anybody could stand by so callously and do nothing.”

    1. And the cop was killed by “friendly fire”.

      I always wonder if any of those friendly fire incidents are fellow cops with a grudge who know they have a free chance to kill another cop and have someone else take the blame while they get a medal

      1. Whoa. Great plot for Law & Order. The perps, with whom he’s in cohoots, would have to be killed in the incident.

      2. I boticed they shot the black cop.

        1. ‘broticed’

      3. When I saw the news last night, it was entirely in third=-person passive language. “He was struck by a round.”

      4. I ranted a bit about it this morning. The unqualified hero worship after tragedies like this is a little stomach-turning: we’re told on the one hand that in the war on cops, cops must be given unrestricted license to protect themselves and violate our rights, because it’s a dangerous world and we need them on that wall. But on the other hand, the corollary is never accepted: we have no right to demand that these people with a license for state-sanctioned violence should behave exceptionally well, and not merely adequately. And so we get cases like this, where a cop clips another cop in their zeal. Or a startled cop shooting and killing a bystander. Or cops managing to hit a dozen bystanders during a standoff with a gunman, like the Empire State shooting a few years back. Or shooting a (lawfully) armed citizen, and striking and killing the little girl standing behind him. Never mind all the furtive motions and suspects shot while running away, just constraining this tirade to accidental, negligent, and stupid reactions that hurt or killed innocents, it’s clear how one-sided the deal is. We give up all the rights and niceties of civil society, and they enjoy total benefit of the doubt and public approbation.

        1. Indeed. The shooting and killing of the Malhuer occupier was ruled justified because they claim he was reaching towards where he was “known” to carry a firearm. Never mind how the police placed themselves in danger by setting up the situation and closing in on him. Never mind that just prior, an FBI agent fired upon him and other occupants as they were leaving the vehicle and that shooting has not yet been whitewashedjustified while the agent is under investigation for false statements.

    2. Prince George’s County is a fucking hellhole.

  21. I stupidly posted this in a thread right before links went up, so I’m reposting it here. It has to be seen to be believed.

    It’s funny how many supposed ‘moderates’ are basically just Democrats who are too cowardly to admit their political affiliation.

    1. So the US was fascist before, what, the 1930s? The 1960s?


      1. According to leftists we’re still fascist under that definition.

    2. Marx and Adam Smith and Mussolini would all join forces to kick the shit out of the person who made that

      1. OT: This is a bit far off, but while I’m here: I’m flying to Rio this June (the 7th), and have a 3 1/2 hour layover at JFK. Any chance you or other NYC Reasonoids would be up for a few drinks in that time? Hopefully somewhere in Queens, close-ish to the airport (anywhere but Jamaica, of course). I’m not sure how many other NYC commenters there are, but if you’re reading this, feel free to reply.

        1. i’m not in NY at the moment tho will probably be in the area this summer. Love to do it tho.

          The idea of trying to do a meetup during a layover is sketchy at best. I’ve tried lots of things like that, but getting to-from JFK is a mess and the area is even …less appealing. I’d probably recommend the idea of an airport lounge before suggesting you brave the environs.

          1. Airport lounge works just as well. I’ve been to NYC tons of times and am very familiar with the trains and such, but the AirTrain is a bitch regardless, but I also don’t want to inconvenience too many people by dragging them out to JFK on a Tuesday evening.. I’ll be there from ~5pm-8:30pm. If you have the emails of other NYC peeps, pass this along.

            1. Virgina

              1. Its like Virginia, but more feminine flavored

        2. To meet your girlfriend from Canada?

      2. I think my favorite part is the fact that they apparently think Nazi Germany was some kind of hyper-free market environment.

        1. I read somewhere that work done for the state against your will set you free. Sounded better in the original German though.

    3. *begins to rumble with inchoate rage*

    4. Not that it would make any more sense, but just going by the “logic” of this meme’s equations shouldn’t the last line be “Capitalistic Socialism” or “Socialist Capitalism”, where does the democratic part of the conclusion come from, it’s not in the set up at all? This is stupid even in the way it’s being stupid.

      1. Your problem is your using Logic.

    5. I can’t even express how derp-ridden that is.

  22. But we’re not talking about you, bro. Not right now. Now we’re talking about the sort of bro who instigates the hijacking of Hillary Clinton’s official Facebook page; who harasses women who endorse Clinton; who tells black Americans whom he thinks it’s in their best interest to support.

    Whats wrong with telling black Americans who you think it would be in their interest to vote for? Are you not allowed to tell black Americans things? Are their opinions on the matter sacrosanct? Are they too delicate to have such discussions? Or does the author think they’re just too feeble minded to assert their position? The real answer is clear though, white Americans are of the oppressor class and oppressors have no business trying to sway victims to their side of an issue.

    1. This is also laughable because the Bernie Bro meme should have died months ago when all the polls started showing that young women support Bernie too. Support for Bernie is age related, not based on gender.

    2. OMG, Free Society, that’s “whitesplaining.” You see, it’s disrespectful and inappropriate for anyone not-black, particularly a white male, to explain anything to a black person. It’s so demeaning, and implies the black person is ignorant.

      1. It’s so demeaning, and implies the black person is ignorant.

        If no one is allowed to argue points with them in polite conversation, I can’t imagine any group getting less ignorant with that kind of treatment. (your sarcasm is detected and cataloged fyi)

      2. Really? I was going to ask you all for some restaurant recommendations when I’m down in Baltimore next month.

        1. Sorry, I’m not brown enough to offer anyone advice on anything. Better dead than a whitesplainer.

        2. Do not go to Phillips.

          That is all.

  23. Terminator: Rise of the Machines – All Anal Action Edition

    It’s not just computers and mobile phones that are vulnerable to cyber attack, according to software firm Trend Micro…

    …to illustrate the point, Trend Micro spokesman Udo Schneider surprised journalists at a news conference this week by placing a large, neon-pink vibrator on the desk in front of him and then bringing it to life by typing out a few lines of code on his laptop.

    “If I hack a vibrator it’s just fun,” Raimund Genes, Chief Technology Officer at Tokyo-listed Trend Micro, told reporters at the CeBIT technology fair in Hanover.

    “But if I can get to the back-end, I can blackmail the manufacturer,” he added, referring to the programming system behind a device’s interface.

    Bow chicka wow wow, indeed

    1. Wait until you can hack into a trucking company and take over an entire fleet of self driving 18 wheel trucks. Imagine the blackmail money you could get for that.

      1. Didn’t Steven Spielberg do a horror movie about that once?

        1. No, Maximum Overdrive was written and directed by Steven King

          1. I was thinking of Duel… the trucker is so depersonalized that the truck might as well be self-driving.

  24. Saudi-led air strikes kill 41 civilians in Yemen

    A very short piece. Note the repeated phrase “Saudi-led coalition”.

    You know who else is in that coalition?

    1. It is almost like no one but Israel and the US give a fuck about international law or something.

      1. Actually its the US that directly aids in the Saudi bombing campaign in particular

        its basically a Saudi/US thing, with Egypt/UAE playing a token role.

        As far as ‘international law’ goes, its sort of besides the point. People only cry foul on that stuff when republicans are in power. and when the UN croaks about human rights abuses, it will get a little press in the far-left media, but the accusations never quite make it to the full NYT coverage (like above)

    2. Nikki? Because she’s the worst.

  25. Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg returning for 5th ‘Indiana Jones’ movie

      1. But not as bad as a well-done Trump Steak.

    1. Sigh…

      “It’s certainly not my intention to ever have another actor step into his shoes in the way there have been many actors that have played Spider-Man or Batman,” he said. “There is only going to be one actor playing Indiana Jones and that’s Harrison Ford.”

      Look, I respect that, and it’s a refreshing attitude in a sea of remakes and reboots. But come on. You’re not Clint Eastwood. You can’t make Unforgiven-equivalent farewell movie for the man.

      1. Maybe Ford wants to end the Indiana Jones franchise on a good note. Help push “Crystal Skull” down the memory hole and all that.

        1. I have no idea what “Crystal Skull” might be, but I really hope they don’t do anything to ruin the legacy of The Last Crusade.

  26. Missouri is considering a state constitutional amendment providing that individuals, closely-held corporations and religious groups will be free from government harassment because of their beliefs about same-sex marriage, and will not suffer government retaliation for refusing to assist at such a marriage, and in particular don’t have to “provide goods or services of expressional or artistic creation, such as a photographer or florist, for a wedding or marriage or a closely preceding or ensuing reception therefore.”

    impartial media engages in concern-trolling about whether such an amendment will trigger a boycott of Kansas City, Mo.

    1. Seems to me that just guarunteeing freedom of association for everyone would be more moral, rational and easier to accomplish (assuming they’d carve out a hypocritical exception for being forced to associated with governments of course)

      1. Seems that unicorn steak would taste better with a sprinkling of fairy dust.

        1. Is the unicorn steak medium-rare?

          1. Not with Trump eating it.

            It will be so well done that it wobbles on the plate.

        2. Well, someone has to say it.

  27. I’m sitting in the LA Superior Court jury assembly room right now. Don’t they at least have a bar in here or something?!

    1. You didn’t bring a flask?

    1. Yeah, I was wonder where he’s been

    2. Can’t be. Epi wouldn’t bother with the mask.

  28. Trump Detour: Orwell Recalls a Fascist Rally

    The blogger’s opinion isn’t as interesting as the Orwell, which I had never read.

    Last night to hear Mosley speak at the Public Hall. ? It was quite full ? about 700 people I should say. About 100 Blackshirts on duty, with two or three exceptions weedy-looking specimens. ? Mosley spoke for an hour and a half and to my dismay seemed to have the meeting mainly with him. He was booed at the start but loudly clapped at the end. Several men who tried at the beginning to interject questions were thrown out, one of them ? who as far as I could see was only trying to get a question answered ? with quite unnecessary violence. M is a very good speaker. His speech was the usual claptrap ? Empire free trade, down with the Jew and the foreigner, higher wages and short hours all round, etc etc. After the preliminary booing the (mainly) working-class audience was easily bamboozled by M speaking from as it were a Socialist angle, condemning the treachery of successive governments toward the workers.


    1. Mosley may have been preaching wage increases and shorter hours but that doesn’t make him a leftist, because no true leftist would demonize minorities and out-groups.


      1. it is interesting that Orwell pegged him as a Socialist. I am trying to remember where he stood in Homage to Catalonia. I think he was quite sympathetic to the communists there, but I can’t remember.

      2. Yes, one way you can tell someone is not a leftist is that they are a Labour Party memeber, who becomes a minister in the first Labour government, who leaves because government is capitulating to the employer class and not intervening in the job market sufficiently.

        Memory hole leftists stuffed Mosley into is as effective as the Lee Harvey Oswald one.

  29. Coming soon to a gun control debate near you!

    SCIENCE has decided that “reasonable” gun control boils down to 3 bits of legislation:

    -firearm identification through ballistic imprinting or microstamping
    -ammunition background checks
    -universal background checks for all gun purchases,

    Easy peasy!

    1. The Lancet….
      Sounds familiar.

      1. The best way to repair your destroyed credibility is by taking “hard stances” on “controversial issues”, don’t you know?

        1. All the kings horses and all the kings men…

    2. “firearm identification through ballistic imprinting or microstamping”

      Yes, because nothing says SCIENCE like supporting a gun control scheme that can be thwarted by using a revolver which does not eject shell casings, seeding a crime scene with shell casings picked up from a public range, or just replacing the firing pin.

  30. Re: ‘Samantha Bee’ =

    she tried to figure out why so many love the man despite his parade of controversies.

    Its that sort of thing that just shows why people in the media still don’t get it. Its not “Despite”. Its BECAUSE.

    The fact that she used the term “media whoredom” with absolutely zero self awareness is just jaw-dropping. What does she think it is she’s doing?

    1. She is being edgy, like I said. Pay more attention to my comments!

      1. That and trying for viewers. I don’t think her show is doing that well.

      2. I’ve never heard of this person before. As i remind people as often as possible…. i don’t watch TV (* mixed martial arts or antiques roadshow don’t count)

  31. I am sorry I ever said anything bad about Libertarians and the people on this board. I just didn’t realize how stupid conservatives are. I made the mistake of posting on a few conservative boards. My God are those people stupid. They make shreek and Tony seem thoughtful and downright erudite.

    1. How did you get John’s handle? You didn’t kill him did you? That would definitely violate the NAP.

      1. Its me. It is appalling and embarrassing.

        1. I feel so bad for you. (pats shoulder) It’ll be Ok dude.

          1. Those people Gilmore. Those people. My God.

        2. I’m glad it’s you and that weren’t murdered for your handle.

    2. I don’t know that its stupidity rather than just blindly ideological. That and a dose of tribalism and whatever you call it when you think you have all the answers – narcissism? Hot Air is good for a lot of that.

      1. It is no fun to torture them. Your points just go right over their heads.

        1. I had a similar experience a few months back, regarding who the “Trump Supporters” were.

          I think it was Hot Air or something. Some people were on a rant about him.. and it was sort of a living caricature of the sort of thing Warty tries to mimick = e.g. “WHYCOME AINT THERE NO WHITE HISTORY MONTH” etc.

          it wasn’t the “alt right'” racism, per se, but it was this kind of Hurr Durr MERICA and Take Back Are Country stuff i was unused to.

          as you note, it makes this place seem far more reasonable and commodious by contrast.

          1. They are all stupid. The anti Trump people are just as stupid as the pro trump ones.

        2. Were you over at Free Republic or something?

    3. They make shreek and Tony seem thoughtful and downright erudite.

      As much as I hate our shitty, statist-fellating, retarded trolls, I’m occasionally reminded that they are, indeed, a cut above your average shitty, statist-fellating, retarded trolls when compared to the rest of the internet.

      1. Reason…

        …we’ve gots teh best trollz on teh interwebz!

        It could replace free minds and free markets.

    4. Links or it didn’t happen!

    5. I shudder to ask what sites you’re talking about. Though it’s my general experience on having gone to both conservative and liberal sites that makes me realize just how much I appreciate the Reason commentariat.

    6. “I am sorry I ever said anything bad about Libertarians and the people on this board. I just didn’t realize how stupid conservatives are. I made the mistake of posting on a few conservative boards. My God are those people stupid. They make shreek and Tony seem thoughtful and downright erudite.”

      John, we may talk shit about you, but compared to conservatives who post at places like Breitbart, as well as the overwhelming majority of progressives, you’re about 10 million times smarter.

      So don’t take it personally. I made the same mistake a few times with conservative and left-wing websites and I honestly wonder how some of those people can spell their own names.

      1. I once trolled the Raw Story boards for like 2 weeks. I don’t know where these people are because I don’t think I’ve met anyone that dumb face to face. Do they just not leave their houses because they’re too busy talking about how everything was great before REAGAN AND THATCHER DONE GONE AND RUINED IT.

        1. I always want to ask these people if they understand what the term “stagflation” means and whether they think the economic malaise of the mid to late 1970s was just a fairy tale.

        2. I once trolled the Raw Story boards for like 2 weeks.

          I don’t know how you managed that. I got banned for life for 2 comments on a Marcotte piece

          and i didn’t even swear!

        3. Yeah, that stuff is amazing. How anyone can long for a pre-Thatcher UK economy is quite the mystery. Do they really think that everyone could just keep going on strike and not working and everything would be OK?

    7. Welcome aboard John. When you are ready to take the train to Anarchyville just let us know. =D

      1. The winters are remarkably mild.

  32. Employers giving employees money to pay off student loans.

    Warning: auto-play video

    Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would help you pay your student loan bill each month?

    More employers are doing just that.

    Nearly 5,000 workers have signed up for a student loan assistance program Fidelity launched in January, the company said Tuesday. Employees can get $2,000 a year, for up to $10,000 total, to pay off their student loans. They become eligible for the program six months after starting, and don’t have to pay anything back if they leave the company. The payments are sent directly to the loan provider.

    My post-undergrad employers gave me money to pay off my student loans without having to join any fancy program. They called it a “salary”. Crazy.

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone would help you pay for your organic non-GMO fruit salad? That’s right, come work for my company, and I’ll deduct your fruity expenses from your pay check and then call it a perk of the job. What do you have to lose?

    2. My post-undergrad employers gave me money to pay off my student loans without having to join any fancy program. They called it a “salary”. Crazy.

      Whoa, my company has that same program for my law school loans. Word must be getting out

    3. Call me ‘crazy’ but I don’t see this as a bad thing. If Fidelity is willing to do it all the power to them since the student debt problem isn’t going away.

      1. It’s not a bad thing, per se, it’s just a stupid thing and makes me think significantly less of Fidelity as a wealth management firm.

      2. Its genius. Bring them in at $45k plus debt service, fuck them on raises for 10 years while their loans are being paid for, and then give them a 9% raise when you’re cutting $10k/ year out of their gross of $75k and they’ll thank you for it.

        1. Better yet, Brett, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a federal program that is paying groups like Fidelity to do something like this. Say make it a dollar for dollar tax credit instead of an ordinary business deduction.

          Debt peonage, with the difference being that the peasants are actually grateful for the patronage.

    4. I’m pretty sure my employer still includes it as an incentive – leastwise if you’re not in default already.

  33. My post-undergrad employers gave me money to pay off my student loans without having to join any fancy program. They called it a “salary”.

    Throw off your chains, Comrade. Bestir yourself from the ideological torpor of false consciousness.


  34. Trump supporters toSamantha Bee: “You’re a trickle-down media whore.”

    Reminds me, I heard over the weekend that Nikki fessed up to being some kind of crack ho?

    Someone linked to a thread that seemed to support the idea, at least a little.

    Is this more, “Irish, you so racist!”?

    1. In a thread about prostitution someone asked whether or not they had paid for sex, and she said something like she did, but for drugs. That is something a lot of ladies have done – “buying” their drugs. A quid pro quo, even. I do not think it is remotely interesting.

      1. Well if you Americans had single-payer healthcare, then you wouldn’t need…

        Oooh. Those drugs!

      2. I’m so disappointed in you. The crusty I know would be emptying grandma’s medicine cabinet.

        1. He cleaned that shit out a loooooong time ago!

    2. I think she was mostly saying that she spends her leisure time getting high and fucking, as much as possible.

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