Trump Says He's a Messenger of Americans' Anger, Car Bomb Kills 34 in Ankara, Gunmen Storm Hotels in Ivory Coast: A.M. Links


  • ABC

    Donald Trump cancefled a rally in Chicago after demonstrations and clashes between protesters and supporters. Trump rejected the idea he was inciting violence, saying he was a messenger for Americans' anger, and blaming Bernie Sanders and his supporters for violence in Chicago.

  • Prosecutors with the Department of Justice have declined to pursue charges in 96 percent of cases brought to them about alleged civil rights violations by police in the last 20 years.
  • At least 34 people were killed after a car bomb went off in Ankara, the Turkish capital. Meanwhile gunmen in the Ivory Coast stormed three hotels, killing 16, with an Al-Qaeda affiliate claiming responsibility.
  • The Islamic State (ISIS) reportedly forces birth control onto its sex slaves to keep them available.
  • Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters in Brazil demanded the president's resignation.
  • The bracket for the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament was leaked yesterday before CBS' Selection Sunday show.