Protesters Bully Pro-Life Students, Grab Their Flyers, Retreat to Safe Space

UC-Davis Women's Center creates safe space for hecklers.



Pro-lifers at the University of California at Davis were heckled by pro-choice student-protesters who grabbed their flyers and threw them on the ground—in full view of a campus security officer. 

The counter-protest was organized by the UC-Davis Women's Resources and Research Center, which enlisted students to make "content warning signs"—visual trigger warnings—and even hold umbrellas for pro-choice demonstrators (so they don't get sunburns, I guess?). The center also provided counselors for any pro-choice demonstrators who were traumatized by the event. 

"Mind Spa Peer Counselors will also provide empathetic listening, support, and access to Mind Spa Services on the first floor of North Hall," a representative of the Center wrote on its Facebook page. 

In other words, the Women's Center did everything it could to provide a safe space—and a "mind spa"—for pro-choice students. 

But if anyone needed a safe space, it was probably the pro-life students. After all, pro-choice demonstrators grabbed their materials and threw them on the ground. This interaction was caught on video, and generated widespread applause. A campus security officer talked to the aggressor, but did not discipline her, according to Campus Reform.

It would be nice if pro-choice students could exercise their First Amendment rights without violating anyone else's.