Twitter Truce: If You Don't Want to Watch #TheTriggering, You Don't Have To

Right-wingers and social justice warriors should just mute each other.



Today, March 9, is #TheTriggering. What's that, you ask? It's a day for right-leaning social media provocateurs to post deliberately offensive things on Twitter in the purported name of free speech. 

The idea was conceived by Lauren Southern, an anti-feminist activist, and has been embraced by alt-right celebrities like Milo Yiannopoulos. The hashtag was trending on Twitter today: a profound disappointment to left-leaning (anti-harassment anti-GamerGate) figures like Randi Lee Harper, who tweeted her disgust that the company had not taken actions to thwart a hashtag "that mocks those suffering from PTSD." 

As a private company, Twitter can promote or prohibit the hashtag as it sees fit. 

But here's the key thing: Users who don't want to participate in #TheTriggering don't have to. No one is forcing them to read triggering tweets. In fact, it's fully possible to mute specific Twitter hashtags. PTSD sufferers can and should use the feature. 

Given that, perhaps cutural warriors can declare a Twitter truce?

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  1. Just knowing that someone out there doesn’t Rightthink is triggering.

  2. It’s amazing easy to not see tweets. There’s this one weird trick!

  3. Truce? What? Act like *adults*?

    The Hell you say.

  4. What’s twitter?

    1. Its like that TV you don’t own.

  5. Lauren Southern jokingly makes fun of leftists on twitter.

    Leftists assault Lauren Southern by hitting her in the face with bottles of urine.

    Strangely, these leftists who claim to care about people not being harassed and abused didn’t much give a shit about that.

    Then leftists claim their PTSD is being triggered because of mean things on the internet. Fuck them. I hope they cry until they die of dehydration.

    1. That’s, um, not funny, correct?

      1. I dunno, suggesting they cry until they die of dehydration is a little funny, if only because it’s not possible, no matter what Johnny Cash says.

        Hitting people in the face with anything, let alone bottles of urine, no, not so funny.

    2. Didn’t you know that words are violence?

      1. Rapeseed.

        1. /Homer scream.

        2. Grab its motherfucking vegan mayo.

      2. Jonathan: Jack, you’re a grown man. You’re in control of your own words.

        Jack: You’re goddamn right I am. Now here come two words for you: Shut the f*** up.

      3. They break the silence
        Come crashing in
        Into my little world

        1. Why don’t you finish it? Because it’s painful to me, pierce right through me. Can’t you understand?!

          1. Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.

    3. Doesn’t there have to be a trauma to cause a person to develop PTSD? How the hell are the pampered prima donnas of the left suffering a disorder found in combat vets and survivors of violence?

      1. If you alter the meaning of the word violence enough, we’re all victims.

        Oh wait, I’m sorry. Everyone except for straight white dudes are victims.

        1. But, but, I’m a straight white dude!

          1. Then you’re guilty for all the sins of the world, past and present.

            1. no, straight white males are not guilty for *all* the sins…Christianity deserves at least some blame.

              1. I hear the Mongols were super nice to women, like all “People of Color” are.

                Also they could dance wicked good.

      2. If you want to search thru Reason there’s a video of the woman who got one of the first trigger requirements put into college syllabi (Occidental maybe?). Her argument was that she did for those students at her university who were suffering from genuine PTSD such as military service, rape, etc.

        1. And them some PC idiot took it and ran with it…. and ran , and ran, and ran and ran …

      3. They aren’t. The assholes who feel like they need trigger warnings for everything are assholes making light of a serious psychological problem that some people have so they can feel important and powerful. Fuck them.


      5. If you actually have PTSD I doubt twitter is your social media of choice.

        I’m pulling for the market to put this venue for preening nitwits to death (yeah Reason people), it’s too stupid and I’d guess it’s on life support. People that think they are important hang around there…most of us not so much.

        Can you say Myspace..

    4. She’s great. Too bad she’s employed at The Rebel. Exposure to another one of Ezra’s failed projects will be worse for her than urine.

    5. “The right does it too”


      1. That’s some nice trolling.

        1. Single Issue Voter’s single issue? Trolling. He’s for it.

          1. I thought it was cockfighting.

          2. Single Issue Voter? I thought his nick was Simian Immunodeficiency Virus!

    6. Never heard of her, but she kind of makes me wish I wasn’t married.

    7. No, see, that wasn’t violence. When wrong-thinking people use speech, it’s violence, and they must be suppressed. When right-thinking people use violence, it’s speech, and it must be encourage.

  6. tweeted her disgust that the company had not taken actions to thwart a hashtag “that mocks those suffering from PTSD.”

    Would someone *kindly* tweet my disgust that the company has not taken actions to thwart the term “hashtag”, which mocks those suffering from PTSD?

  7. (anti-harassment anti-GamerGate) figures like Randi Lee Harper

    She’s one of those things. Not both. Fucking hell, Robby, can you not give vile fuckers like her a benefit of the doubt?

    Or at least call Lauren Southern “pro-liberty” or someshit? You know she was a Libertarian Party candidate up here? Which granted, led to its own shit show…

    1. Canadians are functionally retarded when it comes to grasping basic libertarian principles.

      1. Canadian Libertarian Party is functionally retarded etc.

        Seriously, they de-selected her because SJWs – people who think Libertarian is an insult – complained. Then begrudgingly re-instated her when their own party members complained. And still were shitty about it!

        1. Can’t find it now, but when she was temporarily booted from the Canadian LP, a girlfriend of one of the high ranking guys in the LP mockingly said ‘a bunch of dudebros just lost their masturbation fodder.’

          I love Lauren Southern. Anyone who makes leftists go that batshit while actually being pretty inoffensive is a classy human being.

          1. Anybody who uses the term dudebros in a serious manner deserves to be mocked

            1. I was going to say “deserves to be punched in the face”, but tomato, tomahto and all that

            2. I use “dudebro” as a derogatory term, as in Call of Dudebro.

          2. Time for another name change, Irish? Irish ? LS, maybe?

        2. Hmm.

          Is it possible to have a Libertarian Party that isn’t a joke?

          I mean, the Canadian one seems to be.

          The American one is, if in a different way.

          Is it just “small minority party” factors, or is there something about the sort of people who are both libertarian and want to do party politics that selects for being a clownshow?

          1. Not as long as libertarians support abortion and same-sex marriage. They totally fail the “Non-aggression Principle test” on those two issues. Also, they are too brain-addled from smoking marijuana to make any cogent arguments. Godless, brain-damaged libertines lying in opium dens is no basis for a system of government.


      2. So we are just like the Americans!

    2. Some wonderful evidence of Randi Harper’s anti-harassment bonafides

      More kind words from Randi Harper

      I don’t give a shit because people are always going to talk shit on the internet. The issue is that these authoritarian scumbags use their supposed opposition to ‘harassment’ to silence political opponents while engaging in the very rhetoric they pretend is ‘toxic.’

      1. It’s a shame Popehat booted Clarkhat so they could make room for Randi Lee Harper. Although Harper does take up a lot of room.

      2. Nothing says sensitivity to others like “go set yourself on fire, Indian man” as a response. Or “dick for brains”, yeah.

        I mean, I get “yes, you’re oppressed too, but don’t speak for my identity, ’cause it ain’t yours”, even as someone who can’t stand identity politics.

        But you lose a lot of sympathy when your response to the Oppressed other is “commit suicide [in a culturally biased way, no less]!!” whenever someone disagrees.

        (TRWTF is self-identifying as a FreeBSD user in this day and age.

        At least if it was OpenBSD it’d be comprehensible, but FreeBSD, FFS?)

        1. Wtf is BSD?

          1. The current Mac OS without the pretty frontend.

  8. Christ, are people still talking about fucking Gamergate?


    2. I still have no idea why or what it is.

      1. Whiny guy got cheated on by obnoxious girl. Whiny guy whined online. Girl slept with game reviewer who gave her very bad game a good review. Gamers got mad half at girls half at dishonest reviewers. Many lies were told about threats. Many threats were made about lies. Butthurt was.

        1. ^Gamergate

        2. Not…at all, but ok.

          First they came for the gamers…

          1. If I read you correctly you may have missed what I meant by

            “Many lies were told about threats.” the SJWs were clearly far and away in the wrong in the discussions. But I stick by my claim that the triggering issue was 2 awful people being awful to each other. And dishonest game reviewers getting payola, or should I say layola, is not terribly important

            1. Sounds like the problem is that gamers don’t have actual friends they can ask about games?

        3. It’s more than that. These days it’s also about censoring games and/or simply not bringing them over from Japan because they are “problematic” according to SJWs.

        4. You forgot a huge does of reddit censorship/Striesand effect.

    1. Score one more for the patriarchy! You don’t see penguins swimming that far to hang out with some woman.

    2. That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

      1. I read about it probably a year ago. So the penguin returned once again.

    3. The penguin probably just likes shitting on his lawn

      1. Whoa. Sandy is a penguin?

    4. Love that.

    5. Now, Dindim spends eight months of the year with Mr de Souza and spends the rest of his time breeding off the coast of Argentina and Chile.


    6. How do they know it’s the same penguin each time? Pretty good scam they’ve got going

      But seriously, cute story

  9. Users who don’t want to participate in #TheTriggering don’t have to.

    I don’t know what you mean by this.

  10. #gamergatematters

  11. OT: I have been busy lately and less able to post here. Sorry. Jesus Christ the Hit&Runpublicans; have lost any shred of dignity or rationality. Holy fuck this is embarassing. These are the most thin-skinned, whiny assholes on the planet. “Wah why don’t you criticize Hillary like Twump? LEAVE TWUMP ALOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEE!!”

    1. Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

  12. Ha-ha: Mizzou Protests Lead to Plunge In Freshmen, Massive Budget Deficits

    Dear university community,

    I am writing to you today to confirm that we project a very significant budget shortfall due to an unexpected sharp decline in first-year enrollments and student retention this coming fall. I wish I had better news.

    The anticipated declines? – which total about 1,500 fewer students than current enrollment at MU -?? in addition to a small number of necessary investments are expected to leave us with an approximate $32 million budget gap for next year. A smaller entering freshman class will have continuing impact on finances as they progress toward their degrees at MU…

    1. Sometimes the market works.

      However I expect them to learn nothing from this.

    2. I’m not sure that there’s a firm enough connection to make that assertion. Or, even if there is a connection, whose side of the issue is not now attending Mizzou.

      1. Doesn’t matter which side isn’t attending. There was nothing the college could do to appease the protesters, so the only option available to them is to make sure such a protest doesn’t occur again. No protest, no national media coverage, both sides continue not to think about your college in negative terms.

    3. Almost like they just might one day begin to comprehend consequences.

    4. I am wondering if the useful idiots there will protest and denigrate the people not enrolling and thus cause enrollment to drop even further.

    5. Oh, no! They might have to shut down the lazy river!

  13. “”an anti-feminist activist“”

    I thought it was “Free-Speech Supporter”

    1. You can’t be both!

  14. Finally, my outrage has been satiated.

    1. I didn’t know Roseanne Barry finally won a beauty contest.

  15. “Given that, perhaps cutural warriors can declare a Twitter truce?”

    Don’t “right wingers” have a bigger issue with the Twitter administration?

  16. PTSD sufferers can and should use the feature

    Give me a fucking break.

    I will pay if anyone can find any non-lunatic, non-leftist people who are genuinely “triggered” by anything that #TheTriggering provokes.

    Jesus, Robby. If people want to tune out of political debates I don’t blame them, but it’s a complete fucking farce to suggest that any of these people are suffering from actual PTSD rather than an overinflated case of Special Snowflake Syndrome.

    1. I will pay if anyone can find any non-lunatic, non-leftist people who are genuinely “triggered” by anything that #TheTriggering provokes.

      Is that an offer of employment?

      1. If it is, he better obey all the EEOC rules.

      2. It’s a job that can earn you up to the tens in Zimbabwean dollars, good sir.

        I hope I didn’t trigger any victims of inflation just now.

        1. Hmm…considering I’d do it for free…SOLD!

          1. The sound you just heard was HM being added to the BOLS’s fully employed metric

    2. There’s a name for when you diminish the legitimate experience of others, by claiming for yourself, labels which previously applied only to them. If I could only think what it was, and who generally tends to use it…

      1. Faggotry?

      2. Stolen valor?

    3. I think he was suggesting that anyone who actually has PTSD related to any related topic should use the ignore feature.

      Not that all of these fainting-salts types are actually suffering from PTSD.

  17. OT: RedPillers everywhere weep softly:…..201725853/

    The second Wachowski sibling of “The Matrix” trilogy has come out as a transgender woman, with Andy Wachowski, now going by the name Lilly, making an announcement on Tuesday.

    Lilly’s sister and directing partner, Lana, came out as transgender years ago. In a statement to Windy City News, Lilly said she was at risk of being outed by the media.

    1. Wake me when they make a decent movie other than the original Matrix

      1. seriously…what an overrated piece of crap

      2. Agreed.

    2. Does that mean they can start calling themselves the “Wachowski Sisters” now?

  18. One side is engaging in censorship and the other speech. They should just call a truce and move on because those are the pretty much the same.

  19. Short but to the point. Good article. Both sides of this are so ridiculously stupid.

  20. Damnit! It’s 541 and I still haven’t had a drink!

    1. How do you think I feel? It’s 7:48 and I just opened my first beer.

  21. ” a profound disappointment to left-leaning (anti-harassment anti-GamerGate) figures like Randi Lee Harper”

    her actual claim to fame is the perpetuation of auto-blocklists that have included people like your own co-writers

    1. Hey, it was just Cathy Young. She was pro-Gamergate from the start, which I think makes her views abhorrent or something. And ENB? She can’t write a non-triggering post. Just look at the comments…

  22. Maybe they could try actually engaging ideas they dislike and, I dunno call me crazy, debating?

  23. It’s a day for right-leaning social media provocateurs to post deliberately offensive things on Twitter in the purported name of free speech.

    The SJW is strong with this one.

    Not deliberately offensive, deliberately triggering to totalitarian scum who would silence the truth.

  24. What, no long thread of funny triggering things that have been said on Twitter?

  25. Here’s a good one:

    I call this piece “gay Muhammed kissing Thor in front of a confederate flag” #TheTriggering

    ? Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) March 9, 2016


  26. Ok, now my real comment….

    In order for there to be a “truce” someone has to fight back hard enough to make the SJWs stop their advance.

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