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PSA to College Students: Tiny Sombreros at Tequila Party Are Very Not OK. Fur Hats at Cold War Party Are Just Fine.

Campus political correctness goes loco



At Bowdoin College a couple of weekends ago, there were two parties happening on campus, The Washington Post's Catherine Rampell reports:

Party #1: A "tequila"-themed birthday party where some participants wore tiny sombreros

Party #2: A official administration-sanctioned "Cold War" party, where students showed up in fur hats and at least one gal came costumed as Stalin.

Guess which social gathering unleashed a massive omphaloskeptic upheaval at the Maine liberal arts college?

When pictures of the offending miniature Mexican headgear party showed up on social media sites, seemingly the entire campus swung into action.

Rampell writes that Bowdoin administrators sent "multiple schoolwide emails notifying the students about an 'investigation' into a possible 'act of ethnic stereotyping.'"

The tequila party hosts, at least one of whom is Colombian, will be forced to attend "an educational program facilitated by a faculty member," attend "Active Bystander training," (in case you're wondering what that is, here you go), and "write a letter or paper on these experiences." They have also been forced to move out of their dorms and have been banned from major social events, The Bowdoin Orient notes in an editorial.

Two of the attendees at the tequila party (who do not themselves seem to have been hat wearers or hosts, though the details are unclear) are representatives in the student government. On Saturday, they will face impeachment by their peers.

Accusations against the two include violation of the nondiscrimination policy, as well as "violation of the spirit of the Statement of Solidarity," which invokes the specter of "cultural appropriation," defined as "a power dynamic in which members of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been systemically oppressed by that dominant group, perpetuates racist stereotypes, and/or misrepresents people's culture." They are charged with having "made Latino, and especially Mexican, students feel unsafe."

Student government politics are often the embodiment Sayre's Law, which posits that academic politics are so bitter precisely because the stakes are so low. The impeachment seems silly, but perhaps no sillier than plenty of other extracurricular group kerfuffles, which students are well within their rights to indulge in. 

Far more troubling is the fact that administrators have taken disciplinary action and publicly shamed students for throwing a party with silly hats. Were the hats in bad taste? Maybe. Could a dorm supervisor have pulled the kids aside and said "ixnay on the ombreros-say"? Maybe. Should these kids' friends have given them noogies? Maybe. But this simply shouldn't have risen to the level of adult attention in the first place.

The campus newspaper initially editorialized against the party, but posted an editorial today saying that some "aspects of [the hosts'] punishment seem arbitrary." Yep.

(Note to regular readers: Robby Soave is on vacation today. He will resume your regularly scheduled campus outrage blogging when he returns.)

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    1. Kind of ironic on a few levels.

      1. Also sad.

    2. Quote from the article:

      “He was extremely happy and healthy but was taken too early by SIDS.”


      1. SIDS is not necessarily a question of health, so much as carbon dioxide poisoning due to physical infirmity.

        1. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Bernie supporter were a co-bed-sleeper, ‘attachment parenting’ type.

          Damn shame.

    3. I know it’s Friday, but that doesn’t mean you have to provide nutpunches.

        1. I’m ashamed at how hard I laughed at that.

        2. +100 killing blows

        3. Reminds me of Super Dave.

        4. That made my day

    4. Ugh. No good.

  1. mucho loco

    1. Ay yai yai, mirar el peque?o sombrero en la cabeza!? es muy ofensivo!


        1. I blame trump supporting squirrels.

          1. Trump does not support squirrels. “Squirrels must pay their own way” – Trump May ’14.

        2. I blame trump supporting squirrels.

          1. Do not mock the squirrels, or they’ll come for you!

        3. That would be typographical appropriation.

  2. Jesus Christ. The retard, it burns.

  3. one gal came costumed as Stalin.

    To really set this up, you’d need to throw a party where someone comes as Stalin, and someone comes as Hitler.

    The congnitive dissonance would be delish.

    1. I’m just curious what would have happened if someone had shown up as Chairman Mao. Would they be in trouble for “cultural appropriation” for wearing a Mao suit or not?

    2. Or a a Holodomor victim.

      Or a Polish officer from Katyn.

    3. And they take all the perogis from everyone!

  4. Should these kids friends have given them noogies? Maybe. But this simply shouldn’t have risen to the level of adult attention in the first place.

    The students were adults, so no.

    1. But this simply shouldn’t have risen to the level of adult attention in the first place.

      It didn’t get adult attention. College administrators handled it.

    2. Not to mention that there is objectively nothing wrong, in bad taste, or offensive about little sombrero hats, and anyone who thinks otherwise should check themselves into a mental hospital.

      Jesus fucking christ. Whoever wrote this article makes Robby look like an unapologetic political iconoclast.

  5. Ahem… the Bowdoin Orient?!

    1. It’s not lacist when they do it…

    2. I made a similar comment on the editorial page itself – and it was immediately removed.

  6. Rico’s hair must have needed some down time.

    1. It’s in the shop.

  7. “Note to regular readers: Robby Soave is on vacation today”

    Oh, that is just so cute.

    You should have followed it with,

    While tiny sombreros are indeed highly offensive and something to be actively discouraged, the administration’s reaction was probably Not Okay

    How else are we to be 1000% sure you’re not a racist?

    This = “”Were the hats in bad taste? Maybe.”” is woefully insufficient by Robby-standards. Send this back for a re-edit posthaste.

    1. She’ll never be invited to the cocktail parties at this rate.

      1. And if she doesn’t like tiny sombreros, she’s not coming to the Dean Tequlia Blowout, either.

  8. You should know that during the Cold War insanity at Soviet universities never reached this level.

    1. We’ll always have the Cultural Revolution

  9. About 18 years ago, before we were married, my now-wife and I went on a trip to Disney World. While we were at Epcot, in the Mexican pavilion, she jokingly grabbed a large sombrero from one of the shops, put it on my head, and took a picture.

    I’m a monster, aren’t I.

    1. Yes! Hats are not part of the “try before buy” apparel category!

      1. Someone needs a better hatter.

    2. Well, you’re male, so yes. If white, double yes. As for the other thing, it depends on which progs you ask.

  10. AY AY AY, no me gusta!

    Note to regular readers: Robby Soave is on vacation today.

    LOL, you knew we would be curious. Bless you, KMW.

  11. “multiple schoolwide emails notifying the students about an ‘investigation’ into a possible ‘act of ethnic stereotyping.'”

    Can’t we all agree that an email to the entire directory is the worst thing in this story? What happens after that is less important.

    1. That all depends on how many retards hit “Reply All”.

    1. (polite applause)

    2. Holy smokes, Ed. That was actually slightly funny.

      1. Holy smokes, Ed.

        The visibility of your recent activity is plain.

  12. Mass murderer costumes for some, tiny Mexican hats for others!

    1. You folks are on fire today.

  13. I wonder how much more retarded this shit has to get, and how many people have to be chewed up in its retard maw, for there to be a backlash from non-retarded students and faculty.

    1. Your mom wasn’t there, so there’s obviously room for more retard.

      1. My mom might actually be peak retard.

        1. I peeked in your mom’s retard once. Once.

          1. Be careful, when you peek into the retard, it peeks into you.

    2. Well we haven’t gone through the stage yet where it’s the Trumpets sicking college admins on people, so we’re definitely not done yet.

      1. Don’t worry, Nicole, that comes next.

        1. What, Nikki, are you opposed to Equal Protection?

          You don’t need to worry: You’ll always be the worst. No need to reach for outrageous positions.

        2. ” the Trumpets sicking college admins on people”

          Somehow I don’t see a “Department of Greatness-Studies” appearing @ Oberlin anytime soon.

          1. Don’t worry, the establishment of that department across all our campuses will be a rider in the “Say ‘Merry Christmas’ or Die Act of 2020”.

            1. “””Say ‘Merry Christmas’ or Die Act of 2020″.””

              You’ve mentioned this particular thing frequently

              which i think is a misrepresentation of the actual gripe by the “War on Christmas” types.

              Its a microcosm of the “Freedom of Religion” vs. “Freedom FROM Religion” arguments –

              one side is saying that their (Christian) practices are being driven out of the public square – the others are arguing that “tolerance” of their religiousness is tantamount to forcing it upon people.

              Neither is 100% accurate.

              Simply because Starbucks stops putting angels on their coffee cups and sticks with Snowflakes isn’t ‘Anti-Christian’. Neither is calling december vacations “winter break”

              But some shit is clearly one toke over the line and deserves mockery.

              So are the occasional attempts by populist legislators to force institutions to “recognize” the essential Xtian-ness of things, which happens from time to time.

              1. I just think it’s funny, to be honest.

                1. which of the 2 views do you think is the ‘more libertarian’?

                  because i’ve seen mixed answers on that in the past.

    3. The funny part of it is we see from this story where it comes from. This wasn’t the students. It was pushed by the administration. And those same administrators are going to be shocked and appalled that, two or three years down the line, the students are demanding cultural awareness centers and the removal of tenure based on the decisions of student courts.

    4. “Retard endures. As well as men what they think of stone. Retard was always here. Before Man was, Retard waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner. That is the way it was and always will be. That way, and not some other way.”

    5. Bill Burr predicted it: a student or professor is going to get expelled/fired for saying calling someone’s shirt a black shirt instead of an African American shirt.

  14. bit offensive to Mexican students to say they felt unsafe because of some sombreritos. Stalin costumes are ok but dress up as Trump and they would have a riot.

    1. Yeah, assuming that Mexicans are so fragile and easily offended that this could ever be a problem for anyone is the most vile racism happening here.

  15. “omberos-say”

    Um…that should be ombReros-say.

    A sombero is not a thing. Don’t speak pig Latin if you are not fluent.

    1. Fixed! Gracias.


  16. Were the hats in bad taste?


    1. Oh, I’m pretty sure they were, even if not for racial reasons.

      1. At work? In court? You bet.

        At a party? Not any party I want to go to.

  17. Here’s my paper on the experiences:

    “Get a fucking life, you stupid assholes. Love, Zeb.”

  18. Omphaloskeptic – one who contemplates or meditates upon one’s navel; one who engages in omphaloscopy.

    Holy shitbags bananabread, I learned something new today, and it was an excellent something. Well played.

  19. Dammit! I attended many a party at Bowdoin – several of which I have only a hazy memory of. In the 80’s it was such a great institution. Joshua Chamberlain was a Professor there before and after his key role in the Civil War.

    Sad to see it turned to shit like all the rest.

    1. I’m afraid to go back to my alma mater. It was a technical/ engineering school, so hopefully it’s managed to avoid turning into a progtard indoctrination center, but you never know. They may have infiltrated through the humanities department. There were already a few proggie professors when I was there in the min-90’s.

      1. *mid-90’s.

      2. When I was at MIT just before the turn of the century I had to meet with a Dean once because I accidentally held down shift too long while writing “Campus Police” in an email and wrote “POlice”, which was apparently a racist comment about how black people talk. It’s not just liberal arts schools.

    2. Nooo! This was Joshua Lawrence Chamblerlain’s school? Say it ain’t so! That the makes the burn so much worse; dudes on my top 10 exemplar/hero list, making it in under the tough to fill category of American exemplars.

      1. It was.
        (I did went to school nearby – not there, but always had fun when I visited) They used to brag about Chamberlain all the time. I’m guessing the name means nothing to the current students.

        1. I did went to school

          Fuck! Nobody’s going to believe that.

      2. Every officer should aspire to be half that guy….

        1. If you are half as ballsy as Chamberlain, you are one badass sumbitch. I tried to explain to a civilian once why he did what he did; I might as well have been teaching Algebra to microbes. “Why didn’t he just surrender?” was the response I got.

  20. A official administration-sanctioned “Cold War” party, where students showed up in fur hats and at least one gal came costumed as Stalin

    Because drunken stereotyping is just a much worse offense than honoring one of the greatest mass murderers in human history.

    What the fuck do you say about these people? They’ve moved beyond parody.

  21. Robby Soave is on vacation today. He will resume your regularly scheduled campus outrage blogging when he returns.

    Please no. Can he stay away for longer? Or at least incorporate other moral panics into his shtick? Like rainbow parties or Satanistic themes in Dungeons and Dragons?

    1. That’s NOT OKAY, HM. I literally can’t even right now.

      1. I know right?

        1. Wow. Just wow.

    2. God, we have a division of labor for a reason.

      rainbow parties

      ENB turf.

      Satanistic themes in Dungeons and Dragons

      Something religious and totally gay? Shackford beat.

      1. When you’re right, you’re right.

    3. HM, I like to bust Robby’s chops for his traces of unreconstructed proggitude, but I like having him around.

      1. ^Same. Shaking off the prog is tough for us young folk, cut some slack. You’d quibble a moment too if girls your age turned on a dime for not expressing the socially accepted forms of right-think.

        1. Hmm, I’m the opposite I guess. I smile and nod politely when I’m around them in public, then I lash out angrily on the internet when I get home. Probably only a matter of time before I flip out entirely, and start my own blog.

  22. And one ’em… he was the biggest, meanest father-raper of ’em all… he came over to me and said, “Whatta ya in for, Kid?”

    And I said, “Suspicion of ethnic stereotyping.”

    And they all moved away from me.

    1. +a handful of glossy color photographs

      1. + circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back

    2. +disturbing the peace.

  23. “a power dynamic in which members of a dominant culture take elements from a culture of people who have been systemically oppressed by that dominant group, perpetuates racist stereotypes, and/or misrepresents people’s culture.” They are charged with having “made Latino, and especially Mexican, students feel unsafe.”

    One’s tempted to say, I bet these people are fun at parties, but they’re literally not.

    So can we get up the asses of the Mexican kids who are going around wearing Abercrombie, North Face, Timberland, and other whitey brands? Seriously, I would like to start filing complaints about brown mofos who are wearing clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, and sweaters that are obviously white, American and/or Eurocentric in origin. I’d like to file a Report of Extreme Butthurt against brown people going around wearing jeans, which were invented by Levi Strauss, who is my people, not theirs. KULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!11!!11 IMPEACHMENT!!1!

    That’s the thing, though, isn’t it? This SJW bullying is never a two-way street.

    1. Levi Strauss wasn’t a wasp.

    2. I’m not saying the hypersensitivity is OK, but reread the definition. The whole point is “power dynamics” and the alleged injury that oppressed groups feel when more dominant groups mock them. The dominant groups don’t suffer anything when they are mocked or their culture appropriated.

      Which is to say, however silly this stuff is, and if you believe that it is, then white guys airing their own equivalent grievances is all the more so.

      1. The thing about the power dynamics is that on most college campuses today, the power dynamic is reversed. Minorities have a whole lot more power over white students than the other way around. While white people complaining about cultural appropriation is also quite silly, it does illustrate the absurdity of the notion that “white privilege” is the only significant power dynamic on college campuses today.

      2. Well, yeah, if you buy a pack of stupid premises, you are going to reach stupid conclusions, Tony.

      3. “The dominant groups don’t suffer anything when they are mocked or their culture appropriated.”
        Except that there’s no reason to believe this is true. If a black guy makes fun of a white guy, why would you imagine the white guy’s feelings aren’t hurt?

        Seriously, the whole notion is based on the presumption of physical, moral, intellectual and psychological invincibility of the “dominant” group. Which is absurd. Even if the world were anywhere near as bad as they like to pretend it is, it still wouldn’t make white people the untouchable gods they contend we are.

    3. You missed the part about only the dominant culture being able to engage in cultural appropriation.

      1. Mexicans tend to dominate in Mexico, FWIW.

    4. When have white American college students systematically oppressed Mexicans who wear sombreros? If they are talking about oppression of indigenous Mexicans, that was done by other Mexicans, or the colonial powers that used to control Mexico, not white Americans.

      The version of Mexican culture that is based on tacos and sombreros and tequila is a pretty significant part of the general American culture. It’s like wearing green on St. Patrick’s day. Is that problematic oppression too? The Irish were pretty damn oppressed for quite a long time.

      1. The version of Mexican culture that is based on tacos and sombreros and tequila is a pretty significant part of the general American culture.

        Which just proves how much we rape-propriated their culture, Zeb.

        1. Right. Couldn’t be because they are a neighboring country with generally pretty good cultural and political relationships and a lot of common history.

      2. The Irish were pretty damn oppressed for quite a long time.

        Unpossible: Irish people are too light skinned to have ever been oppressed. /progtard

        …but we don’t want the Irish!

    5. One’s tempted to say, I bet these people are fun at parties, but they’re literally not.

      I don’t know, it might be fun to see how quickly you can make these SPESHUL SNOFLAKES curl up into the fetal position in a corner once they’re out of college and realize they no longer have an Office of PC Butthurt to complain to and ruin your life for making them feel “uncomfortable”.

    6. So can we get up the asses of the Mexican kids who are going around wearing Abercrombie, North Face, Timberland, and other whitey brands?

      If you want to berate anyone wearing that Abercrombie shit, have at it. Those kids look like an unmade bed.


  24. They are charged with having “made Latino, and especially Mexican, students feel unsafe.”

    Gosh, I hope they’re OK 🙁

    1. They are both fine. This is a school in the middle of Maine we are talking about.

      1. But it’s full of white people. You’ve gotta keep one eye on them at all times or before you know it, they’re all culturally appropriating again.

    2. Yeah, I bet they’re still upset about the cultural stereotyping. I bet they’re crying about the assumptions that gringos always make about them, while they’re cruising around campus in their primer-colored Tercels with the Mexican flag stickers on the bumpers and windows, narcocorridos blasting out the windows.

      1. I guess they don’t mind perpetrating the stereotype of the whiny, crybaby minority.

    3. I don’t suppose they had any actual Mexican students say the party made them feel unsafe, did they?

      1. I honestly don’t recall any Latino students at any NESCAC school

    4. for this, I would demand some fucking proof that a tiny hat made them, in any way, unsafe.

  25. Also, “Cracksgiving,” “gangster party” … What I don’t understand is how a college with such an overbearing PC-police atmosphere also has so many parties with racist themes.

    1. Again, it is in the middle of Maine and has been winter since early October. Sobriety is not an option.

      1. The BBC banned liquor on their campuses a while back

    2. Well, maybe you shouldn’t be Bowdoin’s Party Planner if you’re going to choose such racist party themes.

    3. Well, the cracksgiving party is presumably only racist against white people, which is good, and the gangster party, if organized black students, would have been difficult to shutdown without being accused of suppressing ‘black culture’, if you meant ‘gangsta’ party.

      If you really meant ‘gangster’ party, with the ‘er’ enunciated, well clearly it’s because Sicilians are no long considered a minority.

  26. I would love to go through the reeducation training and “write a letter or paper on these experiences.” I might even delve into the Sugarfree archives.

  27. it’s bowdoin. what did they expect?

    1. Isn’t Bowdoin a racist appropriation of the culture of nomadic Arab tribesmen? For shame.

  28. This one has been circulated on this forum before I think, but…


    Trigger warning: Giving clicks to Buzzfeed.

  29. Maybe some knowledge about the shit pile that was Soviet communism will seep into their cabezas.

    1. I have a feeling that Soviet Studies today cover thoroughly the Triumphs of the Workers’ Paradise and the Glorious Predictions of the Five-Year Plans, without dwelling on actual history.

  30. I am a bit confused. Are full size sombreros also offensive or just tiny ones.

    1. Tiny sombreros intersect at Latinos and tiny people. All sombreros are offensive to all Latinos; tiny sombreros are offensive to all Latinos and all tiny people, but especially tiny Latinos.

    2. tiny sombrero = microaggression
      full size sombrero = regular sized aggression
      outrageously large sombrero = macroaggression

    3. Full sized sombreros are damned convenient when it’s sunny outside.


  31. If I wanted to make “Latino” students feel unsafe, I’d dress as an Aztec warrior and start collecting still-beating hearts.

    1. What, no Donald Trump costomers?

    2. I don’t understand why they don’t feel unsafe every time they hear themselves speaking Spanish, the language of their oppressors.

  32. I went to Mexico on a cruise and was damn near swarmed to death by walking vendors on the beach selling me various sized and colored sombreros. Two very funny ones were also walking around with Jose Cuervo in gun belts and would pour you two shots for a dollar. You could buy the “fiesta loca” for $5 and one guy would hold the bottle nozzle over your mouth as you kneeled and the other would blare the most stereotypical Mexican music from his backpack speakers and dance with maracas while you tried to last as long as you could. I don’t think they need someone to get offended for them.

    1. That’s the kind of story that gets you sent to the Bowdoin re-education camp.

    2. They were whoring out their culture to you, you cultural john.

    3. I know, the only time I have ever seen those hats was at a resort in Mexico on “Mexican night” Now I feel dirty for helping a drunk college girl turn two tiny sombreros into a bikini top. In penance I am going to leave work early and consume a couple pints of beer… and feel shame… nor for the sombrero bikini… for what I did after

  33. The tequila party hosts, at least one of whom is Colombian, will be forced to attend “an educational program facilitated by a faculty member,” attend “Active Bystander training,” (in case you’re wondering what that is, here you go), and “write a letter or paper on these experiences.”

    If I were one of those students, I’m pretty sure my essay would most likely get me expelled. The title of the paper would be “Studies in Horseshit” and go downhill from there.

    1. The Colombian student should write the whole thing in Spanish.

      1. That would be epic. Extra lulz if the dumb asses have to find someone who can read Spanish because they can’t. “But we totally care about the Latinx student’s feelz!!1!!!!!”

  34. I’m going to guess an “Active Bystander” is one of the guys in the poolroom standing by and cheering while the girl gets raped.

    1. +1 “Grab it’s fuckin’ leg!”

    2. “Training Active Bystanders is a program for students and teachers to learn how to interrupt harmful situations with a variety of safe intervention techniques. Student-led trainings help students and teachers have the competence and confidence to intervene in negative situations and create a safer environment in the school.”

      It’s a snitch class.

      1. a variety of safe intervention techniques

        A hail of bullets would do the job. And its probably the safest option. For the active bystander, anyway.

        Are they teaching that technique?

  35. Also, investigation of a possible “act of ethnic stereotyping”? The sleuthing by the various campus Inspector Clouseaus will be priceless, I’m sure.

    “At 11:53 pm, witnesses reported that a rather loud coed with a thick Long Island accent belched a long stream of tan liquid through her nose in the kitchen area.”

      1. Not. Clicking. That…

        1. It is actually a masterpiece of photography. So many disparate things are going on it’s hard to take it all in.

      2. That link actually wasn’t as bad as I expected — at least it was a still and not a video.

        I liked the link underneath: “Report as Inappropriate”

        1. I’ve wondered for years wtf the guy in the blue shirt was doing.

  36. That’ll show that hispanic student to be more respectful of his own culture!!

    Thank goodness I’m out of college. I wore all SORTS of hats that’d get me in all kinds of trouble.

  37. Ay, caramba. Oh shit, wait, am I allowed to say that?

    1. Oy, vey.

      [shakes head in resignation]

  38. It’s OK to make fun of Russians but not Mexicans because Russians are smarter than Mexicans.

    1. The Lynn and Vanhanen (2002) data set is pretty much poisoned, due to their piss-poor statistical methodology. A much more reliable study is Rinderman (2007), which shows a strong correlation between national PISA and TIMSS performance and mean national IQ.

      1. Your linked just dropped us a few ranks.

  39. Robby Soave is on vacation today.

    Ya gotta take it easy on the Jose Cuervo, Robby. You got pics of you in the tiny sombrero?

    1. And cover that magnificent hair?!

  40. They are charged with having “made Latino, and especially Mexican, students feel unsafe.”

    As someone who grew up in a predominantly Hispanic community, where residents of Mexican descent outnumbered everyone else, I can unequivocally say that no Hispanic resident would have felt unsafe due to the presence of tiny somberos. Of course, any white dude wearing a tiny sombrero would have gotten their asses kicked, but that’s a different story. No Mexican would be crying to the ombudsman to save them from the scary somberos. The very idea is preposterous.

    The Whining Down of America continued unabated.

  41. here should be their response: “You don’t own culture. Fuck off, loser!”

  42. again, this is the type of shit that makes people want to vote for Donald Trump.

  43. Fucking Bowdoin. And fuck Colby, while we’re at it

  44. “They are charged with having ‘made Latino, and especially Mexican, students feel unsafe.’ ”

    Does anyone still pretend that “unsafe” in this context means “fearing for one’s physical safety,” or do prog admins agree that it means “offended by someone who qualifies as an oppressor on the intersectionality scale”?

  45. If I were in college, and any school administrator attempted to call me on the carpet for wearing a tiny sombrero, I’d tell the pendejo to go fuck himself. If they attempted to punish me for saying so, I’d sue them as expensively as possible.


  46. Given that some people who completely don’t understand what is going on will be offended by lots of irrelevant things, this sort of reaction makes real people unsafe. It allows fraudulent accusations to result in harsh punishment. I saw a woman who simply misunderstood what a guy said (and I heard it) punch him 4 times on the shoulder hard because she was offended–never mind asking for clarification like “what did you just say?” oh no, just start swinging.
    And colleges having official training to be an “active bystander” ie snitch? And “reeducation camps”?? OMG!!! They should go back and read about the French Revolution or China under Mao. This sort of stuff doesn’t end well, especially when it isn’t even based on a little red book but just some people claiming they are offended.

  47. And by the way, thou shalt not Walk Like an Egyptian.

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