Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: Bread So Good You'll Line Up For It!


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    1. But why would anyone cover up that red hair?

      1. There are plenty of red haired Russians.

  2. Would….(did I do that right?)

    1. Or wood.

    2. Vould

      1. All of the above.

        Love Soviet-Red Lipstick.

        1. Oh yeah.

  3. I’d like to see this go nationwide, as a real political ad, just to see the Bernie burn. Oh man, the college campus safety spaces would be overflowing, Republicans wouldn’t know what the proper reaction would be, Hillary wouldn’t know whether to be mad or be glad.

    She trumps Trump for entertainment, that’s for sure.

  4. Why oh why oh why are Russian accents so sexy? Personally, I blame Rocky and Bullwinkle.

    1. I have a Russian girl and French girl working for me, both are in their mid twenties, 5’10 and 6′ tall. The client LOVES when we show up for meetings. It’s just very… distracting.


    2. I like the Brit’s accent,like Hayley Atwell..Then again,I saw Stana Katic do a Russian accent on Castle and would.

      1. Aussie

        1. Yes

        2. Good God Almighty, I cannot think of any sound in the English-speaking world that is more grating than an Australian/NZ accent.

          I say this as someone who acquired one since my parents took me to the land down under before I could speak. Today if i go to OZ I’m just another bloody seppo tourist but when I get on the plane back to the USA the flight attendants ask me if this is my first trip to America.

          1. Hey, brother! I don’t like Australian accents either. They, somehow, remind me of certain southern (USA) accents. Australia is also one of the very few countries I have no desire to visit.

            1. Certain southern accents?

              *narrows gaze*

              1. I love the West Bank (New Orleans) accent. Although that may have been because Of that one girl…

          2. “I cannot think of any sound in the English-speaking world that is more grating than an Australian/NZ accent”

            How much variety in the english-speaking world have you really been exposed to?

            Spend enough time around Mancunians and a Geordies and I promise you that you’d eventually insting that Aussies have one of the most sonorous and musical lilts ever to bless the English language.

            Plus, the Aussies would have a decent chance of being more sober and less racist. Which is a truly a remarkable thing.

            1. Unintelligible and unpleasant are not the same.

              The various urban and rustic dialects one encounters in Britain might be the former but none seems to reach the nails on the blackboard sound of stryne. (YMMV)

              1. After all, Italian in unintelligible to the no-speaker but is widely praised as the most lyrical of tongues.

          3. I love that accent. Some of the more “extreme” varieties can be trying but that’s true anywhere.

            1. E.g. Manchester and Newcastle…

              1. I had to work with them for *years*. You try having a cunference call wiffat, m8. isslike I kneeted bleeding soobtitles.

          4. “Good God Almighty, I cannot think of any sound in the English-speaking world that is more grating than an Australian/NZ accent.”

            +1MILLION TRUE DAT.

            Pro tip. 99% of Aussies DO NOT sound like Mel Gibson in Mad Max.

            1. Which version? The North American release (which was dubbed) or the original original Australian version.

              Most Australians don’t sound like Mel Gibson anyway since he didn’t move there until he was in his teens. He had to trained to do an OZ accent to do films there (like Gallipoli).

              1. be trained”

    3. Don’t you technically mean Boris and Natasha?

      Regardless. Love R&B.

      1. Well, TECHNICALLY, just Natasha. (but I hear that Rocky and Bullwinkle were the brains behind the show, similar to Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In.

        1. Technically.

    4. My grandpa had a Russian accent. That is because he was from Russia.

  5. Is most excellent.

    Next, Irina Alexandrovevskivich will show how Bernie Sanders will end global warming by creating one State Oil company which will not produce oil.

    1. And if he ran the Sahara he’d have a sand shortage?

  6. I remember the guy who said– without a smidge of irony– that things were better when everyone queued up in Soviet Russia, because it “brought people together”.

    1. Was this comrade sanders?

      1. No it was just some guy who had a photo exhibition of people lined up in the Soviet Union– if I recall.

        1. Ah. Cause i saw sanders said a similar thing back in the 1980s

    2. Auschwitz also brought people together.

    3. They say the same crap about Cuba. When I was last in Cuba, none of the locals thought shortages were a good thing.

    4. Sounds like aomething Tom Freidman would say except he would invoke some nonsensical metaphor.

  7. I bet she “brocks” very well.

    1. I am going to go ahead and agree with you even though I have no idea what that means.

  8. “In Russia, alcohol drink you.”


    I enjoyed the entire video, and will send it to on.


    1. Nope? he has a corporatist twist.

      1. Like Mussolini?

  10. I like that central committee will have DEA arrest me for smoking some reefer and sent to gulag because central committee knows what’s best for me, a mere peasant.

  11. My Mom, a Democrat since the New Deal, went to the Sanders rally in Lincoln,Nebraska yesterday. She said the line stretched around the block. She was given a front row seat because she is 96. She was thrilled to be there.

    Well I’m not so excited. But what can I do? I still love my Mom.

    1. Understandable. My Mom (God rest her soul) was a card-carrying Liberal Party of Canada member ’til the day she died. Love her anyways.

    2. I have a similar problem.

    3. My mom voted for Carter then Reagan. She was also variously some form of Protestant then Catholic alternating with nothing. Bless her non-TEAM heart.


    She could interrogate me in the Kremlin Any. Time. She. Wants.

  13. I have been on about this since 2008. I started bitching then because I could not believe anyone would support Obumbles who was widely acknowledged to be a socialist before getting into the presidential race. He was being touted as the most brilliant man alive and all I could see was a booger eating moron and wild-eyed fanatics supporting him. At least then he had to hide the fact and could not openly declare himself such the way Bernie is.

    Only an idiot or a cynical power monger would be a fan of socialism. It has been demonstrated over and over and over again that it doesnt fucking work. It didn’t work yesterday, it doesnt work today and it will not work tomorrow. Invariably it produces misery and poverty and oppression. We have seen this before and we are seeing it now.

    I am glad I don’t know any socialists personally because I am afraid I would find it irresistible to slap them to the floor.

    And just for good measure: Fuck every single idiot who voted Obama. Given the bent the party has taken on and the undiluted awfulness of their current candidate I will probably soon amend that to ‘Fuck every single idiot who voted Democrat’.

    1. I’ve got to live and work in San Francisco with many of them. I generally speak of politics obliquely, if at all. I recently had a nice first date suddenly turn sour because, when asked about the election, I said I disliked them all. What about Bernie Sanders? Him, too.


      1. You read enough Reason to know that Bernie Dudes get the chicks, right?

        1. Yeah, but I’m not going to lie to get laid.

        2. Kind of odd considering how poorly he does with women at the polls.

    2. Supporting Hillary?

  14. Wow, who’s the milf?

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