Brickbat: Crime of Fashion


pig hat

Dutch police detained Edwin Wagensveld, of the anti-immigrant Pegida group, for "provocative behavior" during a protest of a refugee center in Ede. Wagensveld put on a hat shaped like a pig's head after cops ordered another protestor to take it off.

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  1. Europe is done. It’s a matter of time before a new Dark Ages sets in.

    1. Now what do you mean by ‘dark’ ages?

      1. It’s obviously a racist reference to the immigrants’ elevated melanin levels.

  2. What the hell is ‘provocative behavior”? Is it because the pig offends muslims? Bring back the Dutch East indies company.

    1. I was actually wondering if their cops finally caught on and we’re getting butt hurt

      1. Maybe they are. What’s up with names for these ‘crimes’.The just just put a couple ‘trigger’ words together and presto,your under arrest?

        1. Now you are catching on.

          1. I’m a quick study,I started drinking stouts and porters when I was 19 while my friends drank,well,swill.

  3. How pig-headed of him.

      1. I never sausage a bad spelling of boar

        1. Dammit, well at least I didn’t say “tow the loin”

          1. swine

    1. Dammit. I was sipping my coffee on the porch when it hit me…no one had made a ‘pig headed’ joke yet. I sit back down and pull the page up… *sigh*

      1. Living high on the hog are you?

    2. Yes but it was a ham fisted response

    3. Sow what are you saying?

    4. ::squeals with delight::

      1. Oh knock it off. It could be wurst.

        1. he’s just being a brat

  4. On one hand, the lack of speech rights is appalling. On the other, at least their coppers didn’t shoot him for violating their ubiquitous safe space.

    1. I have been assured over and over by aussies, limeys, krauts, canuckistanis, etc that they absolutely do have free speech rights, but that hate speech isnt free speech…or free speech isnt hate speech. I forget which way it goes.

      Before you waste your time noting the cognitive dissonance keep in mind that you can’t unscramble an egg.

      1. They just don’t get our 1st and 2ed amendments.

        1. literally.

    2. yeah cause they only have dum-dum bullets…ha

  5. A man is driving around the desert in his four wheel drive jeep. It has bull bars on the front for protection if it hits and animal. Suddenly he hits something, so he gets out and sees there is a pig wedged in his bull bar.

    He tries to get it out but it’s stuck tight, so he gets on his CB radio and asks for advice. “Breaker, Breaker.

    I’ve got a pig stuck in my bull bars, how can I get it out?

    A reply comes back, “Just slice open the pig and let the guts spill out. The pig will then fall out!”So the guy does this and as predicted the pig falls straight out. “OK, I have cut open the pig and it’s out, but now I have another problem.”

    He shouts into the radio.”What is it now?” the voice replies.”What do I do with the motorcycle and helmet?”

  6. I’ve often seen PEGIDA described as a far right-wing nativist group which might lead one to believe they’re a bunch of skinheads – except from looking up stuff about them they’re somewhat less right-wing extremist than the GOP. They’re not anti-immigrant, they’re opposed to the current German immigration policy. Fewer immigrants, limited to true non-criminal refugees, spread them around to encourage them to assimilate rather than sticking them in enclaves where they’ll re-create their own society, more spending on police and social workers for the immigrants. They’re also rather critical of Muslim societies because the Muslims don’t believe in equality for women and gays and other religions and don’t want the Muslims bringing that sort of crap to Europe. Now if that’s the far right in Germany, it’s no wonder they’re doomed – but PEGIDA is also very critical of the lying press who twist the truth and cover up how bad the immigration policy is and call anybody who criticizes it a bunch of right-wing extremists. That all sounds kinda familiar.

    1. But,it’s Europe.Right wing there would be center left here for the most part.

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  8. Think a European can wear one of these?

    1. They can’t. It’s FORBIDDEN!

        1. are their papers in order?

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