40 Years Ago


"True to the facile self-contradictions of fascist economic jargon, such government activity-which amounts to absolute government control over the supply and price of energy-is to be carried out in a manner that promotes 'free enterprise' and 'free and open competition.'"
—Charlotte Twight, "Congress Moves Toward Fascism"

"Now, let us introduce gun control in our hypothetical family fracas. When the enraged husband reaches for his gun he discovers it's missing. The police confiscated it last week, when private ownership of handguns was banned. Will the husband: a) forget his murderous intent, yawn, prepare a glass of warm milk, kiss his wife on the cheek, and retire for the evening? b) grab a knife, rope, or heavy object and complete the act? or c) buy a gun on the black market the following day, in preparation for the next family argument?"
—Donald Feder, "A Libertarian Look at Gun Control"

—March 1976