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Watch the Best and Worst Moments of the Last GOP Debate Before Super Tuesday


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With the Republican nomination race seemingly narrowing to three viable candidates, the top Elephants met in Texas for the last debate before 11 states vote on Super Tuesday. With a quarter of the total delegates needed to win the nomination up for grabs and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz up against Donald Trump's wall, the candidates came ready to fight for their political lives.

The stage was set for an epic rhetorical bloodbath. Could the Cruz missile sink the unsinkable Trumptanic? Or was the GOP establishment able to Marco its territory? Watch the video above to find out.

Produced by Zach Weissmueller and Justin Monticello. Approximately 5 minutes. Music by Fontanez and Jingle Punks. Subscribe to Reason TV's YouTube channel for daily content like this.

This video originally aired on February 26, 2016.

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  1. Glad I skipped it

    1. Yeah, no thanks.

  2. Let's be clear about one thing: fuck those guys.

  3. There had to be a best, since I'm sure most of it was Nikkied.

  4. Can we just stop with the name calling and the childish antics in these debates and focus on the issue of the size of Rubio's ears?

    1. Hay truck with the doors open? Is that what you're saying?

      1. GOP mascot quality listeners.

  5. Cytotoxic|2.26.16 @ 6:14PM|#

    Both, if Trump is the nominee (and probably otherwise). His white identity politics...

    Take papayaSF's bet shit bag.

    1. Everyone is a racist to that moron. White identity politics...from what I have been hearing he has a much better shot at the black vote than Cankles.

      1. Oh you mean the Cankles that dominated Nevada with the black vote?

    2. I don't indulge trailer trash.

  6. "Watch the Best and Worst Moments of the Last GOP Debate Before Super Tuesday"

    I did not watch the debate, but from what I have heard and the clips I have seen the candidates were thoughtful and dignified, each stating their case carefully and covering all of the important issues in detail. It is pretty tough to say which moments were best and which worst.

    1. Oh, c'mon, it's not that hard.

      Worst Moment: The moment you realize that one of these guys is going to be the GOP nominee.

      Best Moment: The moment you realize that only one of these guys is going to be the GOP nominee.

  7. I just hope Rubio gets knocked out soon. I mean literally.

  8. So Newt Gingrich is now being floated as Trump's Chief of Staff. Truly, Americas will have the government they deserve should this come to pass. Also, why are we reliving the mid 90s 20 years later?

    1. *Golden Age* in someone's mind?

      Never under estimated NOSTALGIA. It can be a rather powerful aphrodisiac.

      1. It WAS the decade of the Super Nintendo. That forgives a lot.

    2. I want to know less about Trump's future cabinet, not more.

      1. Let me tell you about my cabinet. Its amazing. Its gonna be the best. Its gonna be cherry wood, the premium stuff. Mitre joints. Fantastic. Cruz knows nothing about cabinets. He shops at Ikea, look at him. Disgraceful.

          1. By Christ. Is that what people pay a *premium* for? A kitchen so small you couldn't fit two people in it, without a single window? With white laminate cabinets? Probably Formica.

            1. in manhattan, apartment values have less to do with size/quality, and far more to do with location.

              trump tower is across the street from the UN. people pay out the nose for property there.

              by most nyc 2-bedroom standards? that a big kitchen.

    3. "Brett L|2.27.16 @ 4:42PM|#

      So Newt Gingrich is now being floated as Trump's Chief of Staff.

      Why not just go for Veep? or is that slot reserved for a woman...?

      I didn't realize ginghrich was still around. I actually think he gives trump a lot more credibility, if only because he's someone who appeals to the National Review types.

      1. Contract with America Part Deux?!

        1. they'll probably come up with a new brand-name.

          1. Especially after the libtards had such a field day with the Contract on America.

            1. They are such children

    4. there's a pretty funny bloom county about that. milo's reminiscing about the nineties and opus responds that hed never want to go back there, what with all the clinton scandals and donald trumps antics. glad to leave that in past.

      1. Yes. Berke has been killing it.

  9. I can't tell if she is trolling them or not.


    A telling look at the proggie mentality.

    1. "In other words, despite this being the year 2016, some lawmakers feel a single mother has to prove she's somehow deserving of state aid."

      Deserving of state aid. Deserving. It's owed to them.

      "...it echoes some racist and classist remarks by another republican legislator, State Rep. Jeanne Ives. - "You need to have verifiable need. You better know who the daddy is and whether or not he can afford that child and whether or not the taxpayers should be funding that or if there's actual child support he can provide."

      Get that? Saying that if you can pay your own way you have no business collecting taxpayer money is racist. And classist. Denying people who can afford to pay their own way welfare money means you hate the poor.

      Proggies live in a bizzaro fantasy of their own making where words have no meaning and they are determined to make the rest of us live in that world too.

      1. I would like to know what 'guest' wrote as a comment - since deleted - to earn such a reaction.

        1. After just a cursory glance it appears that any comment not agreeing with the narrative gets deleted. Shocking.

          1. I amend that. It looks like any comment going against the narrative gets deleted.

            1. Try putting HM's link below.

              Ha, ha.

        1. I am not clicking that. You can't make me.

          BTW did you see my reply to your explanation last night?

          1. BTW did you see my reply to your explanation last night?

            About mind and brain? I'm not sure, I went to bed shortly after I mentioned functionalism.

            1. No, your explanation about the financial aspects of the current refugee kerfuffle and your complaint about having to explain for free too often. I conceded that I did not know that, thanked you for setting me straight.

              Now, if you will simply give me all of your banking information I will pay you that dollar.

              1. Now, if you will simply give me all of your banking information I will pay you that dollar.

                Umm..it's on the house.

                1. Umm..it's on the house.

                  Get free advice from HM using this one weird trick.

              2. I also want to take the opportunity to state that just because I pointed out that the Feds spend less on refugees than most people think doesn't mean I think we should load up aircraft carriers full of Syrians. Syrians don't get to jump the line in front of the Hmong, some of whom have been waiting in camps in Thailand for 30 years, or ethnically Nepali-Bhutanese who also currently experience intense religious discrimination but you don't hear about that because Bhutan has no oil and/or our President somehow doesn't identify with them.

                1. HM do you have a good source for those stats you were giving the other night, not that I don't believe you it's just that if I get in an argument and cite my source as some mulatto posting in the H&R comments I don't think the people I'm trying to persuade are gonna buy it. Regardless of your heroism.

                  1. Plus if you go around saying 'some mulatto', people are going to get the wrong idea about you.

                    1. Your're assuming that there is a right idea to have about me.

                2. I second that.

        2. That guy is gonna have more kids that are not his to take care of.

    2. The government should require that no names go on a birth certificate without a DNA test.

      For lots of birth certificates, the entry for the father is a complete fiction, and fathers find out very late, if ever.

      If the government's going to track who everyone's parents are, and derive citizen's legal obligations based on that, they might as well try to do so accurately, at least.

      1. They don't care about that. Like in CA, all they care about is do they have enough of a fig leaf to cover their going after someone for the money.

        Its like owing a pig-feeding gangster. Once you're in his pocket you're never getting out.

    3. a birth certificate will not be issued and the mother will be ineligible for financial aid from the State for support of the child."

      In other words, despite this being the year 2016, some lawmakers feel a single mother has to prove she's somehow deserving of state aid.

      1. You don't get to make a birth certificate mandatory and then threaten to withhold it until you get your way. The point of a birth certificate is to record a live birth. That's it. Do your fucking job.

      2. Yes, even in 2016 a single mother, or a married mother, or anyone else, STILL HAS TO PROVE SHE'S SOMEHOW DESERVING OF STATE AID YOU FASCIST.

      1. This is the can of worms opened when the state takes on arbitrating and funding families. Who could have seen it coming?

  10. Deserving of state aid. Deserving. It's owed to them.

    What part of "Entitlement Program" did you not understand? Once you accept that government has an obligation to protect people rather than their rights, it's not that hard to accept that the government has an obligation to protect people from hunger, cold, disease, poverty, stupidity and literally all the troubles in the world. Government is just the things we choose to do to each other at gunpoint.

    1. Dammit.

      Government is just the things we choose to do to each other at gunpoint and if we choose to make Peter help Paul, well, Paul's entitled.

    2. Government is just the things we choose to do to each other at gunpoint.

      Consider this stolen.

  11. Am I pleb or a prole?

    1. You're on Reason so you belong in a ditch...

    2. Well if you don't know then you're probably a pleb.

  12. OT: So It seems the Irish governing coalition has suffered a major setback...

    1. The polls indicated this would happen but what did Cytotoxic say?


      From what I read it's pretty much a sure thing that they will.

      1. And I was right, as usual: Fianna Fael and Fianna Gael could, if they wanted to, make a grand coalition. Those two parties are not *that* different. They have bad blood from the Irish Civil War.

        1. a sure thing that they will = could, if they wanted to

    2. And Peter King's buddies made some gains but not as much as they hoped.

  13. So that's what happened that night. I watched, but y'now, drinking game. Thanks, reason!

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