Donald Trump

Strategic Anti-Trump Voting on Super Tuesday: For Whom To Vote?

Which of the lesser of four evils is most likely to stop Trump's nomination?



Donald Trump is anti-free trade, pro-domestic surveillance, pro-torture, pro-campaign finance reform, anti-abortion, won't change Social Security or Medicare, anti-Muslim, pro-border wall, anti-immigration, pro-deportation, pro-Internet shut down, pro-Putin, pro-eminent doman for private gain, incoherent on health care policy, anti-vaccination, pro-miltary build up, birther, and a smug silver spoon-fed bully. Basically, there is almost nothing libertarian about Trump's views.

I am a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia which is one of the states that is holding its primary on March 1, a.k.a. Super Tuesday. Earlier this year, the GOP dropped its idiotic requirement that people sign a loyalty oath before voting in the Republican primary. I fully recognize that none of the other candidates have much libertarian cred either, so my goal is to vote for the lesser of four evils who is most likely to halt Trump's march toward the Republican Party's nomination.

Given those considerations, I am leaning toward Marco Rubio. What do you think?

In November, I intend to vote for the Libertarian Party candidate unless it's John McAfee. In which case, I will stay home on Election Day and drink heavily. Or perhaps just throw away my vote on Chthulhu. After all, why vote for the lesser evil?