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  1. We live in the universe where Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this universe’s next Attorney General.

    1. Hello.

    2. As if we needed more reasons to NOT vote for Trump…

        1. (Although, now that I think of it, it hasn’t actually come true yet. So, bookmark this page and we’ll circle back around when Trump picks his cabinet.)

    3. This will allow Donald T Rump to take the high road and Fatso to be the attack hippo.

      Almost choked on high road.

      Can you imagine the venom these two could spew together?!!

      1. Donald T Rump

        Can I get a nickname ruling for this one? I think it is one step above Block Yomomma, but just one step.

        1. “above??

          You are too kind, good sir.

        2. Sustained! Just like in Law & Order.

        3. “Above”in what sense?

    4. Ladies and gentlemen, this universe’s next Attorney General.

      He’ll have his work cut out for him once Trump puts him to work expanding libel laws.

      Question for our resident Trumpologists: is wanting to use the force of law to punish people who make fun on him part of the “PC culture” that Trump is “pushing back against”? Because that’s what I’ve been assured over and over again is the source of his appeal.

      1. is wanting to use the force of law to punish people who make fun on him part of the “PC culture” that Trump is “pushing back against”?

        I believe it’s called ‘The Libertarian Moment’.

    5. We need an Attorney General qualified to perform a lobotomy on himself.
      Pass the Kiwi fruit.

  2. [Repost from other thread] You knew this was inevitable department: 36 year-old DESTROYS 29-year-old millennial who “ripped” 25-year-old Yelp employee who got fired after complaining about her salary Yes, they actually put ‘destroy’ in all caps in their headline.

    1. I stopped at “I will be turning the big 3?7 in April.”

      1. Yeah, I’m unable to get past the oozing smug.

      2. They meant to say “LITERALLY DESTROYS”.

      3. It’s mostly smugness, insults, and “privilege” talk.

    2. That whole thing can be summed up in one line: Your loving family and determination invalidate any criticisms you may have because privilege.

      1. Privilege theory is wonderful because it allows you to completely ignore the experiences of anyone successful. That way you can pretend unsuccessful people have done nothing to cause their own problems, there’s no way they could possibly improve themselves financially, and the only way to improve the situation is massive amounts of socialism.

        1. It’s just a particularly widespread version of “kafkatrapping“.

          I think the invocation of “privilege” is meaningless as an argument in and of itself, it just functions very well as a trick to put the other side in a defensive position from which they have no hope of recovery, because denying the accusation is just seen as proof of its veracity. Most of the people who use it probably have no idea that’s what they are doing.

        2. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to be able to refute your opponent’s arguments, you just tell them to shut up.

          1. The privilege card is really the ultimate ad homonem, because it not only invalidates a person’s argument, it invalidates their existence.

            As a rhetorical tool it’s strictly for dummies and amateurs, but I believe it is used rather more cynically by SJWs to simply shut people down with minimal effort.

      2. It all presumes the 25 yr old doesn’t enjoy the exact same privilege the 29 year old enjoyed, and possibly more.

      3. And doesn’t it seem like these spats are always between one really really privileged person and another? It always seems to be one rich kid trying to signal that they “get” the struggles of the underprivileged and another trying to one up them by pointing out that they don’t “really” get it because privilege and then another jumps in with “no, YOU don’t get it because you’re TOO privileged to get the other privileged person’s struggles,” and so on.

        I always think, for some reason, of when Girls premiered and James Franco ran to the nearest microphone to decry “one more series about privileged white people” or some such, as if is he’s somehow more “in touch” with “the rest of us” than Lena Dunham and gets that we little people want more shows where black people shoot each other, or something.

        I can never help but think “I just don’t care what either of you douchebags have to say.”

      4. Next week a 45 yo will write a letter to the 37 year old…

    3. “After reading your bizarre excuse for a mini autobiography detailing the privileged yet banal struggle you dealt with in your early 20s, which was apparently supposed to be a response to a younger woman’s perfectly reasonable request for a larger hourly rate, I felt it imperative to give you a taste of your own medicine and above all, your painfully deep need to acknowledge your own privilege, so maybe some advice will help while you piss all over what???to me???sounds an awful lot like a less fortunate (and far kinder) version of your younger self.”

      This woman is clearly very underprivileged as she cannot even afford the number of periods it would take to make this paragraph not suck.

      1. That woman is clearly trying to type in a manner to make herself seem far more intelligent than she actually is.

        1. The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of the article is 8.1.

      2. No semicolons, either.

        1. It’s not even hard to make that paragraph far better.

          “After reading your bizarre autobiography detailing the ‘struggle’ you dealt with in your early 20’s, I felt it imperative to give you a taste of your own medicine. In particular, I felt the need to force you to acknowledge your own privilege and provide you with some advice on how to avoid pissing all over those less fortunate than yourself.”

          Remember kids: Long sentences are not good sentences and periods are your friend. If you can’t speak a sentence aloud without running out of breath, then unless you’re William Faulkner or Vladimir Nabakov you probably aren’t a talented enough writer to pull it off.

          1. Read the opening sentence of “A Tale of Two Cities”.

            1. “How much to cop a feel?” asked Sydney Carton, to which Madame Defarge replied, “ten francs, but if you want me to give you head ees much more.”

              Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you said A *Sale* of Two *Titties.*

              1. Put Carton in a box.

          2. You forgot Thomas Pynchon.

      3. Listen cis-shitlord, if you were a woman, you’d be all about getting rid of your periods, too.

        Check your gender privilege, Irish.

        1. Savage. Here, have some periods…………..

          1. I will personally pass. I get a shot for those, but I appreciate your kind consideration.

            1. It comes in shots?

              1. That’s like a multi-month implant, right? (Yes, I’m old and it’s been a while since I had to worry about that or was close to anyone who did)

                1. It is multi-month, but it’s not an implant. It really is just a shot that I get every ~three months.

                  The only thing is, you don’t get the shot in your arm, or at least that’s not the location they administer it at the office I go to. It’s a hip shot, and they alternate left or right sides every time.

        2. I am such a feminist that for one week each month I put myself in the stinky Uggs of a woman having her period, and act accordingly.

          1. Do you get a lot of free chocolate that week? Seems like you’d be entitled to it…

            1. I also demand snuggles while feeling fat.

              1. Well, fatties do make better cuddlers, what with being fluffier, in general.

              2. Warning to the casual observer!

                Crusty Snuggles? come with side effects.

                1. Crusty Snuggles make you feel warm and comfortable, and that is it.

                  1. And then you black out.

                    1. Black out from the feeling of intense relaxation.

                    2. I believe that’s called “blissed out.”

                    3. That is fantastic. I am stealing that.

          2. Act accordingly? How do you make yourself bleed out of your genitals? Or is that a natural consequence of the…sickness?

            1. I am so in touch with my feminine side that I can empathize with genital bleeding.

            2. stingray spine

          3. Why are the uggs stinky? Wait, maybe I don’t want to know…

            1. She’s a midget. Wait, I mean little person.

            2. Uggs just seem like they would make feet smell. Gosh.

      4. Periods are a social construct.

      5. I bet she doesn’t use html tags in comments, either.

    4. Is she paid by the word? I actually kinda hope so, because the only other choices I can come up with are that she either wrote that light novel with a gun against her head, or because she actually revels in her own inanity.

    5. “Then you ramble on about how great it would be to tell people you worked at Conde Nast or Vogue. First of all, Conde Nast owns Vogue so the “or” is confusing. Maybe you should have done your homework. It’s part of the “work ethic” you have???again???anointed yourself with. Second: Around this same paragraph in Talia’s piece, she’s talking about her coworker’s struggles. You see, her piece isn’t just about her. It’s about all the ways that good, hard working people are taking whatever work they can get???and still being punished for it.”

      Good, hardworking people who have bottles of bourbon delivered to their workplace because they’re too lazy to go to the liquor store.

      1. She could always choose to go unpunished and live in a gutter somewhere.

      2. How are they being *punished*?

      3. At least she didn’t say there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women before she failed to support that other woman.

    6. the thing Talia’s piece is actually ABOUT, is that it should be criminal for billion dollar companies to pay minimum wage at the current rate;

      All you need to know from this rambling line of bullshit.

      1. It should be criminal for companies to obey current minimum wage law?

        WTF, that’s stupid even by SJW standards.

        1. It’s about par for the course these day. See also, “illegal immigrants.”

      2. Calling bullshit that she was even making MW in SF. I made way over MW in my entry-level job there.

        1. I stopped by an in-n-out and they were advertising $12/hour for new hires. Ms. Yelpee could improve her pay that easy!

    7. Yeah, it’s not even worth a reply over there. All Miss Sarah showed she was capable of was mocking someone. Poor little Talia made choices,m they didn’t turn out so good, and then she wants pity and excuses. If anyone offers constructive advice, there’s always a reason why “that’s easy for you to say.”

  3. Someone built a “snow penis” during a blizzard at the University of Michigan. Subsequently, it was reported as a bias incident to the administration.

    Because it wasn’t legitimate?

    1. Was it a circumcised or uncircumcised snow penis?

      1. I assumed the bias part meant it was cut on the bias.

        1. +1 sharp knife

    2. Because snow is white; therefore oppressive.

      1. A Michael Jackson tribute.

        1. It’s ironic that he wrote “It doesn’t matter if your black or white” because apparently to him, it did.

    3. If I built a snow penis and it was reported, I would cross-report the reporter for transphobia, questioning their apparent belief that the penis has to be male.

  4. Economist who said Bernie Sanders’ plan makes sense has been debunked.

    His base knows the social science is settled.

  5. Bay Area Reasonites: I’ll be in Berkley week after next. Any recommendations for good bars/restaurants, etc?

    1. My #1 recommendation is to keep your eyes on the ground regularly so that you don’t step in any of the human feces.

      1. You really sell it.

        1. I don’t live there, but I had the misfortune of visiting a few years back. It was easily the most vile, disgusting place I’ve been in America.

          1. But their city council does have a foreign policy. So there’s that.

            1. wait they allow Reason in the Bay area?

      2. Here I thought that was unique to places coming out of 3rd world status.

    2. If you’re mobile, the Lake Chalet in Oakland is decent.

      1. I think I’ll be relying on Uber/public transit.

        1., which uses scientific research on female pleasure to help people get better in bed.

          I’m afraid to investigate.

          1. How did this end up here? grrrrr

            1. The squirrels are subtle, and will not be mocked.

            2. I don’t know, but I’m interpreting it as a come-on.

              1. It’s a pay site.

          2. I assume you meant to link this below and not as a recommendation for where LP can eat?

            1. Hey -yo tip your server-person, he’ll be here all night!

        2. It’s a shortish walk from 12th Street station. For convenience sake, The Jupiter in downtown Berkeley is decent, if you don’t mind the college-types. The most famous restaurant in Berkeley is Chez Panisse, about a 10 minute walk up Shattuck from University, but very Berkeley in all the most annoying ways.

          If you want something truly local and casual without college kids, Juan’s Place in West Berkeley is the place to be. Just don’t eat the food without drinking the alcohol – it’s a two-part system, very unhealthy to mess with.

          1. I am going to add:

            Go to Top Dog. The most libertarian place in Berkeley as long as you like hot dogs.

            There are plenty of good restaurants, but remember that everything must be local, organic, etc., etc so when I say like angeline’s louisiana kitchen, it comes with some authenticity caveats.

            Pizza? Zachary’s does that deep dish stuff (but I prefer Little Star, who do much better at actual pizzas). If you want the true Berkeley collective experience, try Cheese board.

            If you are mobile, much better bars in Oakland. I like Luka’s gastropub and if you are looking for a bit more of a scne, try Drake’s dealership. If you want a more hipster experience, try Make Westing (with indoor Bocce!)

            1. Allow me to second the recommendation of Cheese Board for the full-bore Berkeley artisanal vegetarian thin crust fusion collectivist pizza experience. It is as Berkeley as pizza gets.

            2. There’s also that new swanky pub/bowling alley at Jack London Square in Oakland, but I forget the name.

    3. Yes. Robbie G’s; Jackson St. Extension, Alexandria, Louisiana.

      I have a few more if you want.



    5. Go to the Mount Everest Restaurant on Telegraph Ave. It’s fantastic.

      1. Also this place is fairly near by.

    6. I’m about to go all-culture appropriantion-y on you (Berkeley unless otherwise)…

      Mexican: Cholita Linda on Telegraph Ave in Oakland (Temescal area).

      Chinese: King Yen on College Ave

      Thai: Infinite Thai on Piedmont Ave in North Oakland.

      French take out: Gregoire on Cedar St

      Breakfast: Sam’s Log Cabin, San Pablo Ave in Albany.

      Burger: TrueBurger in downtown Oakland

      Hot dog: TOP DOG. There are three (I think) in Berkeley, but the only one really worth going to is Southside on Durant. If you can get the owner to tell you the story about the Linguica sausage, that’ll be the story of your trip.

      Coffee: Philz (North Berkeley on Shattuck or Rockridge on College Ave), Highwire (Rockridge on College Ave) or Blue Bottle (Broadway in Oakland).

      Bars: You can easily go bar-hopping in downtown Berkeley; there’s a decent mix of higher-end bars for income-earners and dives for the students.

  6. Emma Watson Reveals Subscription to ‘Expensive’ Explicit Website

    Watson revealed earlier this month that she’s taking a year off of acting in order to focus on two key areas of her life: feminism and personal growth.

    “My own personal task is to read a book a week,” she said, in an interview with Paper magazine. “I almost thought about going and doing a year of gender studies, then I realized that I was learning so much by being on the ground and just speaking with people and doing my reading,” she said.

    1. I realized that I was learning so much by being on the ground

      It must be nice.

      1. I tried not to read too much into that particular quote.

      2. Is that code for being on her back?

        1. Hands and knees works for me, too.

    2. So what’s the explicit website?

      1., which uses scientific research on female pleasure to help people get better in bed.

        I’m afraid to investigate.

        1. I’m not! But not at work.

        2. Here’s a tried and true method from the field: actually get to know your own self and what you like. Then tell your partner(s) if they’re not hitting the mark. Done.

          1. Wrong. Do whatever you read on the internet to your partner and if they do not enjoy it, rudely blame them, and then go watch porn.

            Trust me.

            1. How has that worked for you in the past?

          2. But what if they have nerve damage? Asking for a friend.

            1. Try the back door. Maybe the nerve damage is only in the front?

              1. No back door, just a bag now.

                1. God that would be depressing as hell.

                  1. You gay dudes are so knowledgable!

                    Or maybe I’m just an old rube.

          3. Why do so many women refuse to do this? Nothing is a bigger turn on than a woman who knows what she likes and tells you.

    3. in some ways, this is worse than the 36-year old destroying the 29-year old for ripping the 25-year old. The self-indulgence veritably oozes forth.

      1. If anyone in the world should have the privilege lunacy heaped on her, it’s Watson. Plucked from obscurity as a pre-teen and gifted millions of dollars to be adored by the masses world-wide. Of course she earned every penny, but hard work means nothing in the privilege shell game.

      2. If I cared enough, this 56 year old would obliterate the 36 year old…

    4. You know who else set out to read a book a week?

    5. Y’know, I wasn’t expecting her to grow up to be such an insufferable bubble-head.

      1. If only she wasn’t just acting when she played Hermione…

    6. “My own personal task is to read a book a week,

    7. Wow, Hermione! Emma Watson has revealed that she has a secret weapon when it comes to making sure her sex life is as good as it possibly could be ? and there’s not a magic wand involved!

      The secret to female pleasure, no penetration.

      1. Get out.

        Why bother if there’s no penetration?

        1. Blowjob.

          1. Still penetration, OMWC.

            1. Then why did I have to apologize for hitting you in the eyes?

              1. And I didn’t hear you complaining when I painted the fence.

                1. Then why did I have to apologize for hitting you in the eyes?

                  Because it stings! How many times do I have to tell you?

                  As for the fence, well… I guess you could say it needed the paint.

    8. The Harry Potter girl? Gross.

    9. Watson said that she was reading one book from this series every week.

    10. I think a person reading a book a week is getting dick out of it, depending on the books. I admit to reading about four a month, but each of the four takes a full month. If you want to read more volume, and still get something out of it, it’s better to read more books at the same time than to read each book more rapidly. I also find myself a bit more levelheaded if at any given time I’ve been reading a work of fiction, a work of philosophy, and a work of po?try. If one of the three categories is not among what I been reading, it’s easier to start shooting off the deep end and get off half cocked. BOOK 1 is pretty much always linguistic, so it takes four to cover all the bases. I don’t think the linguistic study helps much with staying focussed on a day to day basis, and may actually incline one to take a flying leak at the drop of a pin, but it’s not avoidable.

  7. We live in the universe where Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump.

    We live in the world where there’s a libertarian case for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

    1. Do I see Four Horsemen riding down the street?

      1. No PETA filed an injunction, seems riding horses within 500miles of an apocalypse is abuse.

        1. especially that green horse. They had to put it down.

  8. Did anyone ? anyone ? consider just walking over and toppling the frigid phallus if it was so damn offensive?

    That would take snow balls.

    1. Dude, that’s cold.

      1. He must have ice running through his vein.


          *narrows gaze while looking impatiently for Swiss*

    2. because no one on campus wanted to be seen touching a penis

  9. The New Republic gets new leadership.

    It’s about time they get new readership.

  10. Christie previously attacked Trump over and over again.

    Christie also has the body of Rosie O’Donnell. Trump doesn’t care as long as you’re on his side now.

  11. “”Breaking: Economist who said Bernie Sanders’ plan makes sense has been debunked.””

    When the WaPo (or whomever it was) began highlighting and circulating the argument that Bernie’s economics would actually “create jobs”…

    ….i made the comment that, “I guarantee at least one job will be created = This ‘economists’ position will be free very soon”

    I suppose Amherst won’t care, but its not the sort of thing you want to be ‘famous’ for.

    1. What we need here are some puns.

    2. Global warming makes it stack like that.

    3. Hey yinz stay off them ice dunes!

        1. them’s fighting words!!!

    4. There’s a river I drive past on the way to work, that even after a couple days in the 60’s, still has a stack of ice slabs on a small island

  12. It’s smug assholes, all the way down.

  13. Tennessee’s new official state rifle is so powerful it can ‘destroy commercial aircraft’

    The Barrett .50 caliber rifle is a powerful gun. Originally designed for military use, its rounds can “penetrate light armor, down helicopters, destroy commercial aircraft, and blast through rail cars,” according to a report from the Violence Policy Center, a gun safety group. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence describes .50 caliber rifles like the Barrett as “among the most destructive weapons legally available to civilians in the United States.”

    And as of Wednesday, the Barrett .50 caliber is now the official state rifle of Tennessee, joining an illustrious roster of other state symbols including the raccoon (state wild animal), the tomato (state fruit), and Tennessee cave salamander (state amphibian).

    Nice rifle.

    1. Tennesseein’ is Tennebelievin’.

      1. Next debate:

        “Governor Kasich, is your state rifle 50 caliber?”

    2. Are they trying to scare people? That someone would be able to actually hit a moving helicopter or commercial aircraft?

      1. you can knock down a helicopter with something considerably less extreme than the barrett. And it’s probably harder to shoot bats than helicopters, and I know people who shoot bats for sport, thought probably easier to knock a bat out of the air than it is to knock down a helicopter.


      1. There’s a fuckin’ helicocksucker behind us!

        1. We’re really tired of messing up every time, julian!

    4. The gun grabbers have had a serious hard-on for 50’s for a long time.

      Fuck them.

    5. They didn’t add that it can kill endangered pandas, sink a rowboat full of kittens, punch a hole right through the Mona Lisa, blow a three-year olds teeth right out the back of her head? You could come up with a thousand ways to say “it shoots holes in stuff” that would sound far more terrifying than putting holes in railroad cars, helicopters and airplanes – none of which are exactly known for being made of very heavy metal.

    6. The amount of stupid in that article is asymptotically approaching sideways 8.

  14. OFFICIAL TRAILER for FX’s new original series, Taboo.

    Lady B porn (it is starring Tom Hardy). Also, Crusty porn (but what isn’t).*

    *The answer: SIV’s blog.

    1. I feel othered. This is clearly attractive Tom Hardy and not homeless Tom Hardy.

      I’m not sure that I’m excited about the series, but I may watch it to see what accent Tom Hardy shows up with in each scene.

      1. I feel othered. This is clearly attractive Tom Hardy and not homeless Tom Hardy.

        I only know what pretty Tom Hardy looks like. Still, my apologies.

        1. Homeless Tom Hardy

          There are worse pictures in the same vein if I go looking, but I find the experience unpleasant.

          1. I’m guessing he was in prep for The Revenant when that was taken.

            1. Probably. I think his beard looks better when it looks intentional rather than when it looks like he’s modeling for “Derelicte”

              It wouldn’t be the first time. Preparing for a movie made an actor less atractive. I’m sure we all remember Colin Farrell’s foray into sex tapes (NSFW) around the time he was filming for Daredevil.

    2. Speaking of porn, Brazzers produced a /tv/-inspired feature titled Meme Lover. The description:

      The Banes are excited to meet son Danny’s newest girlfriend, Ella. Unforatunely Danny is having trouble closing the deal with the sexy redhead, so he mans up and memes his way into fucking her tight pink pussy.

      Spoiler alert: penis Bane mask

      1. I…what?

        1. Exactly.

          See Baneposting, though that’s not the only memery.

        2. I recognize the words, but they don’t mean anything put together.

      2. Welp, it’s not called SUGGESTION 34.

      3. Danny on Brazzers?

        Are we talking Danny D, also known as Matt Hughes star of such porn classics “Eleven Inches of Fuck”?

        I might have to add this to my “guy wants to watch straight porn while I plow him” collection if it is.

        1. Yes, his name is Danny D, though that’s all I know.

          1. Fun. My straight porn collection was getting a bit stale.

            Excellent taste in scrawny, well endowed Brits there, Carl.

  15. OHIO woman convicted for hiring wood chipper hit man.

    “A court official confirms to PEOPLE that jurors convicted an Ohio fashion model on Wednesday, finding her guilty of trying to hire a hit man to kill the mother of her husband’s children.

    But the jury cleared Tara Lambert, 33, of Circleville, Ohio, of attempting to commission her husband’s murder.

    Lambert met with an undercover cop posing as a hired killer and provided the cop with a down payment and a picture of her stepchildren’s mother. During her conversations with the undercover officer, she suggested using a wood chipper to dispose of the remains, records show. ”…..11,00.html

    1. Ohio is just square Florida.

      1. Well we did pretty much colonize Florida.

        1. Damn you people.

          I keep telling you I-75 goes BOTH ways, but nooooooooooo, there is always some blizzard or flood or shitty football team that drives them on down here …

    2. We loom large.

    3. I didn’t realize it was People magazine, which made the capitalized PEOPLE really odd to read.

    1. They need to have them wear some sort of marking so they can keep track of where they are.

    2. Here’s the most politically incorrect thing you’ll watch today.
      “Why Women DESTROY NATIONS * / CIVILIZATIONS – and other UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS”…..omen_d.php

      1. Well, I’ve been of the opinion that the West will ride out their corpora-fascistic construction, trying to hold onto power, for perhaps another 150 years. Then it will be an Islamic world. After watching that inspiring video, I’ll refresh that opinion to about next Thursday.

        Seriously, I don’t know what impact women in society has had, but it’s obvious we’ve slid so far left and are ultimately gutless. I’m a libertarian and hate the use of Force against peaceful and productive people. But there are large swathes of unpeaceful people and half measures have been used to fight them for decades, And there’s an insidious reason – the State only cares about itself. It is wiling to trade maintaining its strength today for the People’s future, They have no interest in fighting invaders as it takes away from the task of harassing its own people. The fascists we have today are more about attacking their own people while invaders destroy, and replace, both. How much the chicks not pulling sandwich duty contributes, I don’t know or – at this point – care. The wheels are in motion. I’ll be dead before the Islamic World Order ascends. It’s about mitigating the effect of Stage One Parasitic Fascism as best I can. It IS getting harder by the day.

    3. Cytotoxic told me they’re working for minimum wage hefting things.

      1. Ah yes I forgot they were busy enriching the culture and economy of Germany.

        1. They are and they are.

    4. Probably all killed by racist, shit-pantsing pants-shitting neo-Nazi Brownshorts.

    5. “Germany says uncertain where 130,000 registered migrants are”

      Have they looked in the oven?

    6. Germany says uncertain where 130,000 registered migrants are


    7. They’ll find out soon enough, if the darker predictions about Europe are true…

  16. Someone built a “snow penis” during a blizzard at the University of Michigan. Subsequently, it was reported as a bias incident to the administration.

    Can I report the reporting of the snow penis as a bias incident as a bias incident? It triggers me to have the male form invalidated.

    1. Yes, but only if you are a transman.

  17. “We live in the universe where Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump.”

    I don’t want to live in this universe anymore.

  18. Breaking: Economist who said Bernie Sanders’ plan makes sense has been debunked.

    I notice this appears in the NY Times. Am I being to harsh in wondering aloud if the NY Times is only interested in this debunking because they’re going to fucking drag Hillary’s ass over the line if it takes their entire editorial board?

    It’s such an eye-popping claim that four leading Democratic economists, all former chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers, countered that it “cannot be supported by the economic evidence,” scolding Mr. Friedman that it makes “it that much more difficult to challenge the unrealistic claims made by Republican candidates.”

    Yeah, I sense a nuance and strategy here.

  19. Authoritarian Woman Plays the “Feared for my Safety” Card

    Why did Melissa Click ? fired today by the University of Missouri Board of Curators ? call for “muscle” to remove a student that she referred to as a “reporter” from a protest on public land?

    She thought he had a gun, according to newly published documents written by Mizzou investigators, obtained by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

    At first sight, [student journalist Mark] Schierbecker was inside the perimeter and approaching Click, which she perceived as threatening. He introduced himself as “media” and asked to speak with her, but she found his introduction suspicious and did not believe he was media. She noted that Schierbecker had a small camera that appeared unprofessional to her. She advised us that she was concerned that he might be armed with a gun, particularly as the Missouri Legislature had recently passed a law allowing concealed firearms on campus.

    1. She thought he had a gun, according to newly published documents written by Mizzou investigators, obtained by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

      So Melissa Click would make the perfect police officer.

      Now do you libertarian bitches understand why police reform is so fucking hard?

      1. He was just glad to see her.

    2. If it works for cops, why can’t it work for other authoritarian assholes?

      1. Check your lack of privilege

    3. “I find the defendant suspicious and unprofessional.”

      *** pounds gavel ***

    4. So, why didn’t she call the cops? Because we all know that progs think that guns have magical powers and only properly-costumed agents of the state can stop them. Or perhaps she racistly believe that young black men have magical powers of bullet deflectingness?

      Sorry, the “thought he had a gun” is complete, retconning bullshit.

      1. Yeah, Gun Muscle. I mean, that is basically the entire history of European expansion.

        1. Dammit, there was supposed to be a greater than sign in there. Two of em, actually.

          1. Accidental band name.

    5. I, for one, find it shocking that she would lie.

    1. This is why they need to be federalized and paid massively!

      1. The commas?

    2. Why would you complain about that site hiring Christopher Walken to write for them?

      Anyhoo, Pacific Southwest Airlines 1771 is going to happen again with TSA standards. Which the TSA will likely use to get more money and more power from Congress.

      1. Well, it was shown that TSA lines accomplish nothing. The TSA responded that everyone was now going to have to wait in longer lines. So clearly government self-corrects.

    3. I’ll let you all in on a little secret. During my early twenties I worked for a large airline company as a baggage handler at Logan International Airport in Boston. After a couple of years there I decided to move back to my home city for financial reasons. My biggest concern was affording the cost of moving my shit. So, after selling off my furniture I took my remaining possessions and boxed them up and borrowed some airline packaging slips. I taped them to the boxes and had my friend who worked with me pick up the boxes at the oversized luggage drop off. He then delivered the boxes to another flight headed for my destination so they would be waiting for me when I arrived. At no point were the boxes officially checked by security in any manner whatsoever. Had I been inclined to, I could have blown up a 737 with little effort. This was barely a year after 9/11. Airport security has been and always will be a fucking joke.

      1. As it should be

  20. Also = the expression “phoned it in” should be downgraded to “texted from the toilet” re: Robby’s linkage-effort-levels

    Pope = Gently Cleanses Taint of Catholic-Pedophilia by Publishing Children’s Book

    1. Also = the expression “phoned it in” should be downgraded to “texted from the toilet” re: Robby’s linkage-effort-levels

      Careful, Gil, or he’ll leave a really passive-aggressive remark in the comments.

    2. Nice phrasing, Gilly.

    3. Pope’s first children’s book brings curious kids to Vatican


    4. Phrasing???

      1. Oh hell

        1. You asked for it…

          ” Gently Cleanses Taint”

          Phrasing indeed.

  21. a response to a younger woman’s perfectly reasonable request for a larger hourly rate

    Fucking marginal return- how does it work?

    What did I win?

    1. Hatred and disappointment.

  22. I feel privileged to be an other.

    1. I’m awaiting the Hilary Clinton Fleshlight with scratch and sniff technology.

      1. … So you can send it to your worst enemy?

        1. Errrr…yes?

      2. What about the teeth? Will it be anatomically correct?

        1. Complete with bi-cuspids.

    2. The action figure supposed utters “Math is hard.”

    1. Wicked burn!

  23. US = Now Resorting to “PinkySwears” as Preferred Form of Security Agreements

    1. From the first link:

      China, which claims virtually all the South China Sea, is facing an arbitration case filed by Manila. Beijing rejects the authority of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague, even though it has ratified the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea on which the case is based.

      That UN is really powerful.

      1. It is a case study in “international law”

        i.e. – something that only exists when people voluntarily accept its existence

        its also interesting because the ‘law of the sea’ really is the oldest and actually ‘strongest’ piece of international law… and if you have to “Ask nicely”? to get people to acknowledge it? You’re not doing it right.

        “”We think it would be good if that non-militarization pledge, if he (Xi) would extend that across the South China Sea,” Kritenbrink told a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “We’re going to encourage our Chinese friends and other countries in the region to refrain from taking steps that raise tensions.””

        why not just offer them a foot massage while you’re at it. Maybe that will work?

      2. Canada can’t legalize pot because of the UN, so they aren’t powerless.

        1. The point of the UN is often to “tell people to do things they already want to do”, so that the politicians don’t have to take responsibility for their own decisions and can just point to the UN and say, “But I’m complying!!”

          Its sort of like how Dems want the UN to regulate firearms.

          1. Or how Obama wants Congress to let him reschedule marijuana.

      3. “That UN is really powerful.”

        I was recently poking around the UN website for their take on climate change, and came across an entertaining screed regarding the goals that the UN periodically sets for the world.

        The last set of goals, I want to say 15 years ago, contained “reduce world poverty by 50%.”

        The author of the screed was quite astonished that world poverty HAS IN FACT BEEN REDUCED by over 50%, since, to summarize his own words, these goals are typically wildly unrealistic and no one seriously expects them to be achieved.

        The fact that this goal was in fact achieved shows that the UN’s goals are worthwhile and achievable after all.

        How was world poverty reduced by 50% you may ask? Everyone agrees: freer markets in China.

        What does this have to do with the UN you may ask? Exactly nothing.

        That’s my “UN is really powerful” parable.

        1. the same basic point is true about the Kyoto protocol.

          Everyone who signed it and patted themselves vigorously on the back about it fell hugely short of its targets.

          The US, who was demonized for rejecting the framework, exceeded the Kyoto goals.

  24. When it comes to deterring an attack by North Korea or other potential adversaries, the missile is the message, and for the second time this month the United States has launched a Minuteman 3 nuclear missile out over the Pacific.

    Like a giant pen stroke in the sky, the unarmed Minuteman 3 roared out of its underground bunker on the California coastline on Thursday, reported The Associated Press, inscribing the signature of American power amid growing worry about North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capable of reaching U.S. soil.

    Description is not phallic enough.

    1. Like a giant pen stroke is writing in the sky…


    2. “the United States has launched a Minuteman 3 nuclear missile ”

      If it’s not armed is it really a nuclear missile?

    3. Maybe if I included a stoopid LINK.

    1. Corruption in Argentina…..grasps pearls, falls into my fainting couch.

  25. The only thing Christie endorses is pizzas and cheeseburgers, lots of them.


      1. On August 29th, Christie’s belly fat became self-aware.

    2. Our bots are the greatest

    3. I think Spambot wins the PM Links thread today.

    4. Chris Jung Un.

    1. That sounds interesting.

      If i learned anything reading all the “Master & Commander” (Aubrey/Maturin) books, its that everyone in the Royal Navy was drunk most of the time, and that every Naval Surgeon was a borderline-quack and slightly insane.

      1. I do not know if it is accurate, but it is interesting.

      2. What about Cervantes de Saavedra? He was a naval surgeon for five years I think. With one hand. On a pirate ship. Against his will.

        I often thought that musb how he attained his shocking grasp of comedy.

      3. Pirates are a kind of navy, right?

      1. Paging Swiss!

        1. I think he is on Zurich time and just pouring his first cup of Nestle …

          1. Damn.

            Thought the “Nestle” reference would roust him from his …

  26. Pentagon Announces New Money Pit

    ” the Air Force has said only that it expects to pay $511 million per plane in 2010 dollars.”

    how can you *not* at prices like that?? Its like they’re just giving them away.

    1. As someone who works in the military industrial complex, I am completely confident that it will run over budget. The way it works is someone in government says “We only want to pay so much for this product.” To win the bid a company has to promise to make the product for what the government idiot insists that it should cost. Any honest bidder who tells the government idiot what it will really cost will not win the contract. Then once the process starts, and it is discovered that it will cost more than the government idiot thought it should, they are past the point of no return and end up paying the entire bill. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  27. Report: North Korea’s first lady disliked for her lavish lifestyle

    SEOUL, Feb. 25 (UPI) — North Korea’s first lady Ri Sol Ju is rarely seen in public, but according to a recent report, the wife of leader Kim Jong Un is not well liked.

    Ri is best known for her love of luxury goods that suggest she leads a lavish lifestyle, Asia Press reported Wednesday.

    Hmmmmm. Trouble on the horizon.

    Some North Koreans complained that they were irritated with her debut on state media, where she was touted as “Respectable Comrade Ri Sol Ju.”

    One male worker in the North Korean province of Yanggangdo said the title was undeserved, adding, “What did she do to earn such praise? And why does she carry a moneybag everywhere she goes? Is she giving out money?”

    Goodbye, ‘one male worker’. It was nice knowing you.

    North Korea’s elite live a life apart from the vast majority of the population, and Ri’s choice of clothes could be a sign the wealth gap in the country is not only increasing but also being tolerated.

    Paging Bernie Sanders; Bernie Sanders to North Korea, please.

    1. I find it amusing that “respectable comrade” is a title to be earned.

    2. What? Does she have 2 pair of shoes?

      1. Yeah. Looks like she lost some weight recently. It must be because she went out of the country and realized that the rest of the world isn’t jealous of fatties.

        1. Or she was put on a bread water diet by her loving man

          1. I would rather live on bread and water than have that tub pawing me all over – *shudder*

    3. From another link on that page:

      Raven-Symone vows to leave U.S. if ‘any Republican gets nominated’

      So, she’s saying she will leave no matter what? Or, is she a secret Trump supporter and doesn’t consider him a Republican?

      1. I was wondering when the “I’m leaving the country if…” statements would start flying.

        I wonder where she’ll be going after Super Tuesday?

      2. Nominated? Wow.

        She will not be missed.

      3. Or is she a retarded celebrity who uses words that she hears flying around, without actually understanding what they mean?

      4. Hey, at least the story has a link in the sidebar to the Miss Universe swimsuit competition. So, its not a total waste of clicks and pixels.

    4. Un-believable?

    5. I love the tone of the preceding paragraph:

      For decades, North Korea’s socialist economy precluded the need for most citizens to carry cash for purchases, but eyewitnesses have said that is changing, especially in Pyongyang, where women are starting to follow or start fashion trends

      The horror! North Korea’s glorious socialism is being corrupted by bourgeois materialism! How dare this quaint country leave the barter system! What’s next, a Starbucks in the airport?

      1. Next to a Jamba Juche.

      2. NK already has legal pot. I imagine coffee is more expensive.

  28. My favorite line from the yelp article:

    Then, after I had moved and got firmly stuck in this apartment with this debt, I was told I’d have to work in support for an entire year before I would be able to move to a different department. A whole year answering calls and talking to customers just for the hope that someday I’d be able to make memes and twitter jokes about food.

    Wow. They made her stay at the job she accepted for an ENTIRE YEAR? What monsters.

    They probably didn’t fire her for violating the code of conduct. They probably fired her because they knew she’d be a horrible employee.

    1. A whole year answering calls and talking to customers just for the hope that someday I’d be able to make memes and twitter jokes about food.

      All of this reminds me of the line in Knocked Up where the guy says, “I didn’t go to Yale to work 12 hours a day!”

    2. They probably fired her because they knew she’d be she was a horrible employee.

      There’s no “would be” once you attack the CEO publically.

    3. Among the many objectionable things she writes… the notion that “twittering jokes about food” is a more prized “skill” than fucking customer service – or at least that she thinks it is – is pretty sad.

  29. This NY Times article pisses me off the more I think about it. Did the NY Times see fit to give serious debunking space to Obamacare? Have they issued any apologies? OF COURSE THE SHIT BERNIE’S SAYING WON’T WORK. But neither did Obamacare. So what’s with the careful analysis throat clearing in this case?

    If Bernie were a Republican, I’m not sure I’d take notice because I expect the NY Times to dig into shit the republicans are saying, but man are they being all journalist-ey and fact check-ey with Bernie.

    Funny that.

    1. “So what’s with the careful analysis throat clearing in this case?”

      Do you really have to ask?

      stop being so coy, you.

      1. If this were a new thing with the Times, that they’re now going to start really digging in to what ALL the candidates say, I’d be fine with it. But you sure as fuck know that they’re going back to business as usual as soon as Hillary gets her historic inauguration (DVD’s on sale at!)

        1. Can I get that in a combo pack with their recording of Macklemore’s Social Justice-palooza tonight?

          1. Macklemore… hip-hop for the NPR crowd.

            No thank you.

    2. Lighten up, Diane. Bernie’s shit is a *lot* shorter and easier to read than Democratcare.

  30. As if this election cycle isn’t shitty enough, here is that renowned scholar and super-cereal deep thinker Gnome Chompsky giving us unibrows his thoughts on Trump:

    Noam Chomsky, the renowned scholar and MIT professor emeritus, says that the rise of Donald Trump in American politics is, in part, fueled by deeply rooted fear and hopelessness that may be caused by an alarming spike in mortality rates for a generation of poorly educated whites.

    “He’s evidently appealing to deep feelings of anger, fear, frustration, hopelessness, probably among sectors like those that are seeing an increase in mortality, something unheard of apart from war and catastrophe,” Chomsky told The Huffington Post in an interview on Thursday.

    HyR has been discussing this for months. Way to be cutting edge, Gnome.

    “No war, no catastrophe,” Chomsky says, has caused the spiking mortality rate for this population. “Just the impact of policies over a generation that have left them, it seems, angry, without hope, frustrated, causing self-destructive behavior.”

    [bolding mine] It is almost as if he understands what he is saying.

    1. Can I get a nickname ruling on Gnome Chomsky?

      It is better than Block Yomamma and Hillary Clitnon, but is it worse than Donald T Rump? I think so.

      1. I blatantly stole that nickname from Darby Conley, the dude that draws Get Fuzzy. Therefore, it is legit. neener neener.

        1. Today we are making fun of nicknames – deal with it, fella.

        2. I thought I recognized it

      2. I give it a B-. Better than Donald T Rump, but still not great

        1. [Hides head in hands and runs]

      3. Gnome Chomsky would be an excellent, excellent screen handle.

      4. You left out the p in ChomPsky.

        And the proper nickname is Hitlary Clitnon or Clitdong.

        I put it on par with T Rump.

        1. I bow down to your superior knowledge.

        2. Hillary ?linton

    2. “Donald Trump in American politics is, in part, fueled by deeply rooted fear and hopelessness that may be caused by”

      7 years of hope and change, prog-style.

  31. Who doesn’t love Mungo Jerry?

  32. California Highway Patrol spends four hours chasing a unicorn:…../80975608/

  33. Greatest hits comments from the “Sanders Math” beatdown in the NYT

    ” Robert Eller . 59 minutes ago

    How are Sanders’ proposals not permanent stimulus?

    Sanders proposes raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
    Sanders proposes spending $1 trillion dollars on infrastructure over ten years.
    Sanders proposal to subsidize public college tuition gives us an ever larger, more educated, workforce.
    Sanders single payer health care eventually frees up to $1 trillion annually to spend or save on things other than health care. People and the government can also pay down debt, reducing unproductive debt service payments.

    How is this not permanent stimulus?

    1. ” FDR Liberal Sparks, NV 1 hour ago

      Mr. Wolfers:

      As a follower of Sanders and this recent spat between Clinton supporter and economist, Friedman and Galbraith vs. Krugman, Romer, Romer, et al, I find your argument and “facts” also deceiving. What you have failed to account for when criticizing Friedman is that the standard multiplier is 1.5 instead of the .8 multiplier that Friedman uses. Secondly, the studies you cite are conventional economics and not the very large investments and safety net spending that Sanders’ plan envisions.”

      Marcia Adler Eugene OR 2 hours ago

      Releasing the heavy debt burden of college graduates would be a huge economic stimulus. These young people want to buy homes, cars, appliances…. Even marriages and the birth rate would boom.

      ” KFree Space City, Texas 2 hours ago

      Of the many once great institutions in this country that have been destroyed by corporate greed, our public and private institutions of higher learning are among the victims. These institutions are no longer governed by academicians but by corporate CEOs who run them like they would a for-profit business. As a result, economists that are not 100% behind capitalism don’t get hired. Professor Wolfers is just another shill for corporate America.”

      1. These young people want to buy homes, cars, appliances…. Even marriages and the birth rate would boom. “

        Why do young people out of college get to buy homes, cars and appliances?

        I drove an old used car until my mid-thirties. Now that first-new-car-ever is an old used car. My first home was a 640 sq foot condo, also purchased in my 30s. Appliances? Wha?

        When did all the amenities of things that came later in life after working for a few years become must-haves for people fresh out of college?

        1. To be clear, what I mean is, why do they think these things are a right? I knew young people who bought homes and cars, but they either landed high-paying jobs or, in most cases, had help from their wealthy parents. That’s none of my business.

          But there’s this shift now where someone got the idea that owning a home, driving a late-model car and having Sup-Zero appliances is now a ‘right’.

          1. LOL check out dis old dood. Y u get a house and I don’t?

            1. There used to be a saying, “If you can afford to go to college, you probably shouldn’t”.

              the reality is that we’ve sent a fuck-ton of people to college who couldn’t afford it, and allowed them, nay, TOLD them to rack up infinite debt because at the end of the college road is a big phat, hip, high-paying, high-flying career in some place with adult bouncy-castles, ball-room and ping-pong tables and a slide instead of stairs.

              The reality for new people in the workforce is really not much different than it’s been for the last 30 or so years:

              Welcome to the company, start filing these and make sure you answer the phone by the third ring, and we’re going to need you to come in Saturday too.

              1. How the hell? Pretend the above doesn’t exist, see the edited version below.

        2. For the same reason you should be able to live in the most expensive city in America on a minimum wage job without a roommate, without any sort of rational budgeting, and without having to make any sacrifices whatsoever.

      2. Curse you with your “facts” and “conventional economics!”

      3. “Releasing the heavy debt burden of college graduates would be a huge economic stimulus. These young people want to buy homes, cars, appliances…. Even marriages and the birth rate would boom. “”

        Interesting theory. If massive government spending and state control over universities causes a booming birthrate, then why are European birthrates even lower than America’s?

      4. “Releasing the heavy debt burden of college graduates would be a huge economic stimulus. These young people want to buy homes, cars, appliances..”

        But the people who loaned them the money would be able to buy…nothing.

        The seen and the unseen.

    2. Robert Eller has apparently missed that we’ve been in permanent stimulus for the last 85 years.

    3. “” Earl W. New Bern, NC 3 hours ago

      It’s pretty clear the economy is under-performing because of a shortfall in aggregate demand. Raising taxes on the wealthy and transferring that income to the poor and middle class should have a short-run positive impact on economic growth because the wealthy save so much of their income, i.e., they have a low marginal propensity to consume. Normally, I’m in favor of savings and investment because these lead to higher productivity and standards of living over time, but in the current circumstances, there is a glut of savings and a lack of investment in physical and human capital. “

      yea, about that Savings Rate

      1. It’s pretty clear the economy is under-performing because of a shortfall in aggregate demand.

        Wha? I just got told that our economy is going like wildfire and that we’re smack dab in the middle of Winter Recovery IX.

      2. What we really need is to drive that savings rate down to 1-2% again, just like it was at various points before the real estate bubble collapsed.

        That kind of spending went tremendously well the last time.

      3. Pretty sure money spent to pay off debt is counted as “savings”.

        If so, a “glut of savings” could be nothing more than debts coming due.

    4. You’ll never convince them, the only thing to do is take away their toys to wit: The Fed and any other centralized monetary policy.

    5. My god, it’s so simple! What hasn’t this been thought of before?

      1. We just need to print *all* the money.

      2. *WhyWhat

        It’s Friday afternoon cut me some slack.

    6. “Sanders proposal to subsidize public college tuition gives us an ever larger, more educated, workforce.”


      Retardation a celebration!

      Sending people to college, completely without regard for if they’re smart enough to go to college and without regard for what they study while they’re there, will magically give you a more educated workforce! Who cares if shitloads of people spend 4 years at college learning absolutely nothing of value while simultaneously destroying the value of a college degree? The mystic power of diplomas will make all our workers super smart, no matter how incompetent they were when they entered school!

      1. A friend’s wife is working for a manufacturing firm and they’re hiring for a materials management position. She’s been flooded with resumes from college educated people with English Lit degrees- many full of typos and misspellings.

        I’m actually beginning to feel sorry for these people. They were sold a bill of goods. Not the goods they think they were sold, and the solution isn’t the solution they want, but they were sold a bill of goods.

        1. Yes. And it is not like they can go work down at the factory or something. A lot of debt, not nearly as educated as they thought they would be, and a job market that does not want them.

          Some work shitty job(s), most do not, and others become Bernie supporters.

          1. There used to be a saying, “If you can afford to go to college, you probably shouldn’t”.

            the reality is that we’ve sent a fuck-ton of people to college who couldn’t afford it, and allowed them, nay, TOLD them to rack up infinite debt because at the end of the college road is a big phat, hip, high-paying, high-flying career in some place with adult bouncy-castles, ping-pong tables and a slide instead of stairs.

            The reality for new people in the workforce is really not much different than it’s been for the last 30 or so years:

            Welcome to the company, start filing these and make sure you answer the phone by the third ring, and we’re going to need you to come in on Saturday too.

            1. The reality for new people in the workforce is really not much different than it’s been for the last 30 or so years:

              Yes, but now they have a ton of debt, and social media allows them to enhance their misery.

              1. Yes, but now they have a ton of debt, and social media allows them to enhance their misery.

                That’s my point. They were willing (and told) to go into that debt only to be greeted by a workforce that still runs by the same general rules: You show up on time, show some initiative, get some experience, prove to us you’re serious, then we’ll start talking about the big salary increases.

                1. Oh. Then yes, I agree with you.

  34. Australia is about to spend a lot on its military for new subs and dozens of JSFs and more.

  35. China plans to launch yuan-denominated gold fix on April 19 – See more at:…..rC8Mc.dpuf

  36. From Canada today, the story of racism to warm Irish’s heart:

    Anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise, but bystanders sometimes stay silent

    Two Muslim women are accosted and pushed on a Toronto subway. Another is assaulted and robbed after dropping off her kids off at school.

    Incidents of anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise, according to the Canadian Arab Federation. Since the Paris attacks in November, there’s been a sharp spike ? enough that the National Council of Canadian Muslims created an online map to track such incidents.

    But, how about Neil MacDonald attacking, nay, excoriating, PM Zoolander for lying:

    Second, once you take the plunge and commit to a deficit, the number doesn’t really matter. Most Canadians don’t know the difference between debt and deficit, fiscal and monetary policy, and perhaps even a million and a billion.

    I know that sounds terribly elitist, but there’s not much doubt it’s true.

    So when Trudeau promised a few “modest deficits” not exceeding $10 billion, he knew that number was probably just fiction.

    Note: things that were not mentioned by CBC before the election includes everything in said article that “everybody knows.”

    1. Another is assaulted and robbed after dropping off her kids off at school.

      I haven’t clicked on the link, but is there a shred of evidence that the assault and robbery were specifically motivated by anti-muslim hate?

      If I go to my police blotter, I can find a dozen assaults and robberies, and they’re all categorized as just that.

      1. CBC is objective, non-partisan, independent entity that would never oh God I can’t even finish the sentence.

        From the CCAIR National Muslim Canadian Council of Canadian Muslims site

        Oumessad Khoufache, 31, was assaulted by two teenage boys who grabbed her headscarf. The pregnant mom was on her way to pick up her daughter from school. Police has confirmed that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.

        That was in September. Updates? Nah.

        1. So these stories are a bit like the CN Tower. Empty symbols that don’t really mean anything.

  37. Modern Slavery

    I honestly don’t know what they’re getting at.

    Also, Cuba’s 90 miles away from Florida. Please move.

    1. If women could actually be purchased there wouldn’t be a PUA/MRA movement.

      1. If women could actually be purchased rented there wouldn’t be a PUA/MRA movement.

    2. I think that we’re slaves to the capitalist system?

      1. We are slaves to breathing.

    3. I don’t know what upper-left and lower right signify.

      1. Paragon response if you have enough points, and renegade response if you don’t?

      2. Those are the panels I meant. The others were obvious, if dumb.

        1. On the lower part of the page, there’s a little yellow circle next to each panel that links to an article for which that panel is the banner image. Thing is, the articles make it even less clear what the pictures are supposed to mean. The barcode one leads to a story about college students making a map to track trafficking or something, with no explanation as to what that has to do with barcodes.

  38. Maybe the IRS should be using iPhones.

    “Cyberattacks on taxpayer accounts may have affected more people than previously reported, the Internal Revenue Service said Friday.

    The IRS statement, originally reported by Dow Jones, revealed tax data for about 700,000 households might have been stolen: Specifically, a government review found potential access to about 390,000 more accounts than previously disclosed.”…..g-irs.html

  39. Bernie – stimulate my economy and gimme $17,000,00.00 deposited into my account.

    1. Remedial math first. Or at least some knowledge of commas and periods in a $ context.

      1. Rockability is looking for 170 lakh dollars. 😀

        That’s 17,00,000.00 USD, yaar.

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