Donald Trump

Chris Christie Throws His Weight Behind Donald Trump Campaign

Authoritarian governor endorses authoritarian candidate.


Credit: DonkeyHotey / photo on flickr

Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz went hard as hell against Donald Trump last night, calling him out for everything from hiring illegal immigrants to being sued over his "Trump University" real estate training programs. Rubio kept at it this morning, mocking Trump by reading his misspelled, mangled tweets out loud at a rally in Texas.

But never let it be said that Trump isn't a quick thinker. He came out with a press conference in Texas joined by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose own attempt to run for president ended in New Hampshire after he failed to catch fire with the electorate. He was there to endorse Trump for president:

"He's been my friend for many years, he's been a spectacular governor," said Mr. Trump, standing with Mr. Christie at a press conference in Fort Worth, Texas, for the announcement.

"I am proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump," said Mr. Christie, noting they have been friends for a decade.

Mr. Trump "will do exactly what needs to be done to make America a leader around the world again," said Mr. Christie.

Via The New York Times.

It probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, given that both men are bombastic authoritarians who think their charisma can paper over shortcomings of their policies (Christie was wrong, but we can't yet say the same for Trump). Christie's debate shtick was to look directly into the camera to seem more personable and to interrupt any actual discussion of policy by the candidates who were also senators to complain about them just "talking" about issues and not actually doing anything. The last thing he did of note in the race was to get Rubio some negative attention by pointing out Rubio's tendency to keep repeating talking points (which Rubio has clearly learned from and used it against Trump just last night).

For libertarian conservatives Christie has been a non-starter with terrible positions on surveillance, military intervention, and medical marijuana. He and Sen. Rand Paul attacked each other when the two men were on stage together.  

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  1. That’s one way to crush the competition….

  2. ‘throws his weight…”

    [Stands and applauds] Well done, Shackford.

    1. and “Behind”
      Scott: take the rest of the day off.

      1. *hands Scott a drink*

        Agreed. Knock off early, and relax!

        1. Vote fer Trump!

          ‘Cause he’s a grump!

          And his dwonky’s a stump!

          Make America a dump!

    2. Agreed. Good work

    3. And here I thought Christie was gonna go on a fatwa against Trump.

  3. Pound for pound, this is YUUUUUUUUGe!

  4. Tragilarious how many people on conservatwitter apparently didn’t realize what a fat fucking slaver Christie was until just now.

    1. Still the absolute worst, folks.

    2. I’m mostly curious what the Kasich-loving media now thinks of Christie.

  5. Attorney General Christie is a terrifying thought.

    1. How about FDA secretary Christie, then? He’d be sure to focus all of his attention on just the Food part. The Drug portion wouldn’t interest him at all.

      1. Well, insulin and such.

        1. And marijuana

      2. Are you SURE Christie isn’t interested in drugs?

        Remember baptists and bootleggers.

    2. I hadn’t even thought of that angle. That’s horrifying to even think about.

    3. So you’re telling me I should, uh, tell my friends to stock up on their medical marijuana now?

    4. That IS terrifying. Let’s hope that instead Trump promised to buy Krispy Kreme for him.

      1. Ambassador to Candy Land.

    5. He’s angling to be Secretary of Steak.

    6. Gun control, unrestricted surveillance and politically correct speech (that is anything that is not negative about the Donald I can hardly wait.

  6. Sort of surprised he didn’t endorse Kasich, to be honest, another “establishment” candidate governing a swing state. Christie must be really pissed.

    1. Eh, NJ I guess used to be a swing-y state. Not so much anymore…

      1. Trump very popular in Northeast. NJ, NY, PA even Mass may be in play for GOP in Trump v Hillary race

        1. The only one of those states that has a snowball’s chance in hell of going to the republicans is PA, and if it does it will not be because of Trump, it will be because the Democrat is too repugnant to get the turnout needed in Philly and Pittsburgh.

        2. You know it’s pretty interesting that this may be the case. Trump and Hillary are pretty much the same (authoritarians who pander to certain demographics that care more about the feels vice logic) but I think it might be foolish to say that he has no chance against her.

          If he ends up winning the nomination, imagine his debates against her. They’d both be awful candidates for a libertarian or libertarian-leaning individual, but the potential for some chaotic and crazy exchanges between the two is quite high.

          1. Has there ever been a presidential election where both nominees were from the same social circle? They must have some weird dirt on each other.

            1. Revenge sex against Billiam? Devil’s Threeway? The possibilities are endlessly nauseating.

              1. Wobbly H? The Isosceles Lock? The Howdy Pardner? The Filthy Sanchez? Hot Lunch?

                1. I feel sick.

                  1. The Shaky Shack? The Brown Ghost? Hammer Time? The Wham Bam Thank You Oh God It Got Everywhere? Pope Benedict’s Gambit? Thanksgiving With the Kardashians? The Avocado Sushi? Stinkditchin’?

          2. This is an anti-establishment election. Trump does much better against Hillary than Bernie. Lots of working class Bernie voters could go to Trump or sit out rather than support Hillary. in a Trump v Bernie racce may get a 3rd candidate which makes it very hard to predict at this point

        3. I think you overestimate his popularity in the Northeast. Just because he can do well there in the Republican primaries doesn’t equate to doing well in the general election. Obama did GREAT in Louisiana’s 2008 primary; didn’t mean anything when the first Tuesday of November rolled around.

  7. Christie is throwing his weight behind Trump? Well, I’m afraid Trump will go down for sure. That’s just simple physics. The laws of motion, and all that.

    1. It will certainly impart some momentum to Trump’s campaign.

      1. *slow clap

      2. Finally the campaign can get down to matters with more gravitas.

  8. Trump is crushing these losers. Trump against Hillary may be biggest landslide for GOP since Reagan. It will be YUUUUUUUUUGE

    1. Joking or just deluded?

      1. At this point, what does it matter?

  9. Well, Trump just locked up the Shoggoth-American vote.

    1. Fun fact: Hot coffee hurts like hell coming out your nose.

        1. Now why did you have to show that image without blurring out the ox-toe? *barfs, looks at my own fatness, barfs again(considers what’s for lunch now that stomach is emptied)

  10. Rubio kept at it this morning, mocking Trump by reading his misspelled, mangled tweets out loud at a rally in Texas.

    So NOW they go negative?

    1. Rubio kept at it this morning, mocking Trump by reading his misspelled, mangled tweets out loud at a rally in Texas.

      O.T. What the devil is Rubio doing spending time/money in Texas? He absolutely must win Florida. And Cruz absolutely needs to win Texas. It is hard to see how a Rubio rally in Texas helps either of those outcomes.

      1. EDIT: “absolutely needs” if either of them are to have a shot at stopping Trump.

      2. Well he was in Texas for the debate yesterday, so it’s not like he’s going out of his way here. Florida isn’t until 2 weeks after Super Tuesday, so he probably wants to get momentum going into it. I don’t think he has a chance to get first, but if he can beat out Trump for second it would be a significant from a delegate perspective, from my understanding of how Texas allocates delegates.

        1. Makes sense from that angle. Especially if Trump and Cruz end up splitting the anti-establishment vote in TX.

          The other possibility is that Cruz and Rubio end up splitting the anti-Trump vote. A Trump/Cruz/Rubio finish gives Marco a mighty steep hill to climb before Florida.

        2. Also, Texas distributes its delegates proportionally, so even if Cruz “wins,” there’s still a lot of delegates that can be picked up for a strong second or third place finish.

  11. Trump can’t wait to get his hands on Christie’s ‘cyber bullying’ legislation. They will use it against their political targets – inevitably the bullies use such laws against their victims. I doubt Tyler Clementi would have wanted that.

  12. Christie now gets to eat free for life at the Taj Mahal.

    1. Christie will be Trump’s food taster

  13. Just FWIW, going into town today I drove past a yard with a Trump sign in it and realized that this was the first Trump sign I’d seen and one of only a few campaign signs at all. I started keeping count and along a route which normally thiscloseto the primary would have dozens of signs including several big intersections normally sprouting multiple signs, I saw 7 Trump signs, 12 Cruz signs, 1 Shoeless Joe sign and 1 big Ron Paul sign. (Yes, Ron. Turns out Shoeless Joe is a local pol running under that moniker.) No Rubio, no Kasich or Carson, no Hillary or Bernie. Not sure whether to believe the paucity of signs means nobody really much gives a shit or – as the CW would have it – all those yard signs I’m not seeing are Trump supporters too embarrassed to publically* admit they’re actually voting for Trump. That would help explain the absence of Hillary or Bernie signs as well, I suppose. But zero Rubio signs?

    *There’s no reason “publicly” should be the weirdo word ending in -ic that gets adverbitized** by adding -ly instead of -ally so, screw you, I’m starting a campaign.

    **It’s a perfectly cromulent word.

    1. Who can honestly get motivated behind Rubio? He’s another milquetoast centrist. The sort the GOP produced the last two elections now.

      1. He has the coolest name of the remaining candidates.

        …Hm, “Trump” is also kinda cool, though.

      2. The media love Rubio. He’s a smooth talker, good-looking (not just for a politician), from a relatively humble background, etc. etc. I don’t understand for the life of me how any normal person would fall in love with and be excited about the man, though.

      3. He’s a warmongerer, and no libertarian. But “centrist” is not very accurate. His overall record is about the same on the left-right continuum as Cruz.

        Example analysis

    2. Where do you live?

      I live in LA. I’ve seen a decent number of Bernie bumper stickers, a few Hillary, and one Rubio. Someone also put up a Trump billboard here, in between South LA and downtown.

  14. As much as authoritarian endorsing authoritarian, this is Christie signaling his contempt for the “establishment” that has hated him ever since he hugged Obama. “Well fuck you too.” I have no doubt that, if and when a stake is finally driven through his campaign’s heart, Cruz will endorse Trump over Rubio too. Anti-establishmentarians stick together. “We all hate the cool kids…..together.”

  15. So fat authoritarian fuck endorses stubby fingered authoritarian fuck. *shock*

  16. I’m thinking Ambassador to, oh, Micronesia. One of those nice hotter-than-hell places where he can make an ass of himself and no one will notice.

    1. Sweat off some pundage too!

      1. *poundage.

        Squirrelz be trippin

  17. This is yyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!

    That is all.

  18. Headline, early 2018: President Accused of Public Endangerment

    President Trump has been accused of putting the public at risk after, last Wednesday, having ordered that Air Force One be landed on Miami’s MacArthur Causeway.

    The only reason being given thus far for the strange, unscheduled landing has been, that “My $400/hr stylist couldn’t work with my hair with all that turbulence, and you know, I’m on my way to an important summit, and you don’t want a President to be showing up there all disheveled, do you? You have to be able to make deals, to make these big deals, and that’s what I do, I make those, the biggest deals, and that’s what you want. So you have to look sharp for these things, and I do that, I am the sharpest looking President you’ve ever had, though JFK came close, and I really respected him, really respected what he tried to do, especially with what he had going on down here, near Cuba, and that’s a big deal, but I have to be honest, I would’ve blown him out of the water, and I think nobody is going to argue with that.”

    Questions have been raised, though, as to the need to do this in Miami, when the summit referred to was in Geneva, and not actually scheduled for another two weeks, and also regarding the fact that apparently coincidentally, traffic had for some as yet unknown reason, been re-routed away from the causeway for the preceding few days.

  19. “For libertarian conservatives Christie has been a non-starter with terrible positions on surveillance, military intervention, and medical marijuana.”

    The irony of Christie’s endorsement of Trump is that Christie is a lot closer to Rubio on all of these issues and more than he is to Trump. Trump’s attacks on Dubya, his previous opposition to the Drug War, and his support for Single Payer would’ve made him anathema to a guy like Christie in a normal year. Christie must really hate Rubio….HA HA.

    1. No, Christie thinks Trump will win and wants a post in that administration. Just like Kasich is hanging on hoping to buy the VP slot with his endorsement of Cruz or Rubio.

  20. It all just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

    1. It’d be much better if you fucked off.

  21. If libertarians didn’t have enough reasons to be against the Trump campaign already.

    Christie’s endorsement should cinche the case.

  22. The Trump insanity virus is spreading.

  23. CHris Christie is a cheap slut !!! He would endorse any republican.

    The only person cheaper than Christie is the Iranian media that will only pay $600k to kill Salman Rushdie with a bunch of Korans.

    1. We were totes fine without you, you know.

      1. Said the entire world.

  24. It is going to be Hillary v Trump. Not a lot for libertarians to get excited about there. I’m pulling for Trump in that showdown because he at least promises vast entertainment value. He also will degrade the office of the presidency which is a very good thing. There is far too much respect and power given to that position. He might just be the guy to get both sides to agree to limit presidential power.

    1. no no no, the president after him will just have to use the same unconstitutional powers to try and fix the damage trump did.

  25. This will hurt Trump more than anything anyone has said or done yet.

    1. I was going to be like “come on, no one cares what Chris Christie thinks”. But you know…I guess Trump’s been invincible enough that it’s a tragically low bar.

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  27. lol, thats a LOT of weight to be throwing around lol.

    1. that’s a good one!

  28. Good for Christie, good for Trump!

    Trump for President, 2016!
    Hillary for Prison, 2016!
    Reason Magazine for fish wrapper, 2016!

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