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Brickbat: Who You Gonna Call?


Credit: "CAVE CANEM" / flickr

Angie Butler called Detroit 911 to report a man in an orange jumpsuit and holding a gun was standing on her front porch. But she could not get the dispatcher to send a police officer to her home. Officials with the Detroit police department say they are investigating the matter and will retrain any dispatchers who need it.

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  1. Welcome to Detroit,America's rectum.

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    1. The bots have finally gone international.

  3. She called a friend with the Ecorse Police Department and got one of their squad cars to drive through the neighborhood.

    Well, maybe if she made friends with her own police department rather than all the time bitching at them for not showing up she could get one of them to cruise by. As it was, Detroit po-po were busy elsewhere hassling citizens who weren't armed and legit scary.

  4. Your local police department is said to provide a service that we could never expect to arise in the private sector. But the Detroit Threat Management Center, a private and voluntary organization, has cut down on violent crime and made a point of defusing dangerous situations without violence.
    Can the Private Sector Protect Against Crime?

  5. "So I call 911 and say, 'I've got a guy out here saying he's a cop at my door with a gun, a big gun,' and she's like, 'Do you want to make a report?'" Butler said. "A report? I want someone to come out here."

    A guy claiming to be a cop and he has a gun? Well, yes, cops do have guns - did you mention the part about him wearing an orange jumpsuit?

    And you live in Detroit and you're calling 911 because you just want them to come out and shoot you or what?

  6. I'm not sure that I'm ready to believe this actually happened. From the story it seems like she was the only person to witness the incident. And if hanging out on strangers' front patios in an orange jumpsuit and brandishing a handgun doesn't propel you to the top of the Darwin list I don't know what will.

  7. This seems a common problem in Detroit. I bet if she didn't pay her property taxes they would be there in a flash.

    Face it lady, you are just tax cattle.

    1. Or if she had said "there's a guy out on my porch, and I think he's selling the weed to the children!"

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