Sandoval Rejects Supreme Court Consideration, Microsoft Supports Apple Against Feds, Kasich Not So Much a 'Uniter' in Ohio: P.M. Links


  • Get to know the governor of … oh, never mind.
    Gov. Brian Sandoval

    Republican Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he doesn't want to be a human sacrifice to be devoured by an angry, hungry Senate. Or rather, he doesn't want to be considered as justice for the Supreme Court. Same thing.

  • Residents of Ohio may raise an eyebrow (or both) at the idea of Gov. John Kasich as the "uniter" among all the candidates in the primary.
  • FBI head James Comey said the debate over trying to force Apple to help them hack into terrorist Syed Farook's former work phone revolves around "The hardest question [he's] ever seen in government."
  • Microsoft, meanwhile, "wholeheartedly" supports Apple's side in the fight and will be filing a friend of the court brief next week to attempt to bolster Apple's case.
  • This afternoon Apple filed its formal motion to have the demand that the company assist the FBI in defeating the phone's encryption vacated, calling the order a violation of the company's First and Fifth Amendment rights.
  • Some experts worry that Brazilian officials have irresponsibly exaggerated the threat of the Zika virus and created a panic.
  • University of Missouri Assistant Professor Melissa Click, famous for calling for "muscle" to remover reporters from a protest, has been fired.
  • Sea World admitted today that it had company employees pose as animal rights advocates to infiltrate and get intelligence from its opposition. It has ended the practice.

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