Donald Trump

Trump Wins Nevada Caucus

Nevada makes three for the clear Republican frontrunner



Donald Trump is projected to have won the chaotic Nevada Republican caucuses, according to the Associated Press, with Rubio poised for second place.

There have been 133 delegates contested so far—Donald Trump has about 79 of them. The next Republican contests are on Super Tuesday, when 11 states and 566 delegates are up for grabs. A candidate needs 1,237 out of 2,369 delegates to secure the nomination.

The largest share of delegates on Super Tuesday comes from Texas, which has 155. All 11 states allocate their delegates proportionally, though most also award all their delegates to one candidate if that candidate reaches a certain threshold. In Texas, that threshold is 50 percent. The RealClearPolitics average of polls from Texas has Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 37.3 percent and Donald Trump at 28 percent.

The second biggest state voting on Super Tuesday is Georgia, with 76 delegates and a 50 percent threshold to win all the delegates. Trump is averaging 35 percent there.

The other states are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. Wyoming Republicans are also caucusing on Super Tuesday, but their process does not include a preference poll.

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  1. Dim makes a lip trump, followed by a dog-howl, followed by…

    1. The Chinese Restaurant’s lights seemed too bright, so I asked them to Dim Sum.

    2. I just LOVE reading the comments coming from all of you whiny, name-calling, dimwit, cowards who refuse to tell us who YOUR choice of candidates is.

      And you are probably correct in doing so. You know whomever you chose I would shred that person into a million pieces.

      But if you ever wake up one morning and find that you have actually grown a pair of rounds things down there and then find you have the courage to let me know your choice, by all means, let us know.

      It’ll be fun. For me.

      TRUMP IN 2016!

      Because he’s the only one who can save America!

      1. “Because he’s the only one who can save America!”

        You believe THAT?

        1. MS — Of course I “believe that.” Why would I say it if I didn’t believe it?

          Do you NOT believe that? If so, then name that person you think can save America and I’ll prove you wrong.

          I dare you.

  2. An antiwar candidate with a 20+ year history of calling for the legalization of ALL drugs is the GOP frontrunner:


    1. Don’t forget the single payer health care

      1. and the tax hike on the rich, and the wealth tax, and his major flip-flop on the 2A, and…

  3. It took seven years of Barack Obama to make Republicans go out of their fucking minds.

  4. IS THIS WHAT AMERICA IS NOW!?!?!?!?!?!?! IS IT!?

        1. Jeb’s not here man!

          1. Just for the spectacle of it, I wish Jeb! would’ve stayed in, and pushed Trump out, and that Trump would’ve kept on going, so that we could have had another Bush/Clinton/Other election.

    1. This and Hillary, yes.

  5. Trump can not make America great again. Trump is a billionaire because he has mastered crony capitalism, not free market capitalism.

    Trump wants his own version of big government.

    Trump says anything that is beneficial to his goals at the moment in time that he says it. Which means what he says will always be changing to fit his current wants and needs.

    Trump’s next book should be titled “The Art of BS.”

    We can not have a thin-skinned, hot headed, narcissistic, egomaniac in charge of our military, foreign policy and nuclear codes.

    Choose limited federal government. Stop making millionaires out of our politicians and lobbyists. Stop increasing the power of connected corporations.

    1. Power would love to corrupt, but alas, it never gets the chance.

    2. We can not have a thin-skinned, hot headed, narcissistic, egomaniac in charge of our military, foreign policy and nuclear codes.

      Obama hasn’t blown anything up yet. Well nothing larger than a few hospitals, schools and orphanages

      1. And two American citizens that never get brought up. The president of the United States droned/assassinated two American citizens over seas.

        1. Never get to go to school
          Never get to fall in love
          Never get to be cool

    3. He doesn’t have an ideology or philosophy.

      He doesn’t have any principled positions, really.

      He just wants to be on TV a lot.

      Being President would get him on TV a lot.

      1. Trump is so much the American Silvio Berlusconi, they’re almost identical in so many ways.

        And the Italians loved him until the bitter end.

        Is that what we’re going to see?

        1. Bunga bunga!

          1. I’ll take bunga bunga parties in the White House over Al Sharpton in the White House.

      2. You know who did have an ideology, and principled positions?

    4. “We can not have a thin-skinned, hot headed, narcissistic, egomaniac in charge of our military, foreign policy and nuclear codes.”

      *looks over at current POTUS*

      I have some bad news for you TKList. You might want to sit down.

    5. Too late. A hundred years too late.

    6. TKList|2.24.16 @ 1:03AM

      Yeah! Isn’t it great?

    7. We can not have a thin-skinned, hot headed, narcissistic, egomaniac in charge of our military, foreign policy and nuclear codes.

      Oh, yes, indeed – Hillary as president would be a disaster.

  6. The early reports of Trump doing well among Hispanics in Nevada are interesting–if true.

    You’d think with Univision and others railing against him, that would really hurt.

    If Trump did really well with Hispanics in spite of his anti-immigration rhetoric, that would probably suggest that his appeal to less well educated, blue collar workers transcends racial lines (or, at least, that racial line).

    I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising if progressive narratives setting white, blue collar workers and Hispanics against each other are wrong–since they’re wrong about so much else.

    1. But that’s among Latino Republicans though, right? I don’t think Nevada is an open primary.

      1. His competition was two Latinos!

        If he got 46% of the Hispanic vote, then he may have gotten more support from Latinos than he did from non-Hispanic whites.

        1. “His competition was two Latinos!”

          Cubans. Less than 1% of the Nevada population is Cuban. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that other Hispanics are refusing to vote for Cubans.

          1. Yeah, there’s no sense of common heritage between someone from Chiuahua or even Guatemala and any of the Caribbean Spanish-speaking nations. Totally different experiences, totally different cultures.

            1. I was told all that mattered was the color of the skin…I mean blacks turned out for a president who was born in Hawaii and lived out of the country for several years, and largely avoided the “black experience” typical of the mainland. Why not Hispanics too?

          2. Yep, anyone who thinks that Central Americans naturally identify with Caribbeans is either ignorant or a racist.

        2. The only major plus for Trump is that he might have a shot at recapturing the Latino votes that went to Romney. There was some speculation that many Latino Republicans would abandon him in the general election, but MAYBE that won’t happen.

          Trump is firing up the GOP base. I’ll give him that much. He could be described as a “Republican Obama” right now (which isn’t a good thing). I’m in the Asian crowd and he’s not universally detested in that world.

          Does he have crossover appeal beyond certain pockets of non whites who are more susceptible to economic populism? I doubt it. But who knows, the guy is on a ROLL right now.

          1. ” … the Latino votes that went to Romney.”

            Both of them!

    2. 1. These are Hispanics willing to put in the time commitment to participate in a Republican caucus.
      2. People who immigrated here legally tend to be some of the most vitriolic people when it comes to illegal immigration. They went through our insane immigration process and concluded not that the system needs to be reformed, but that anyone who doesn’t want to put themselves through the same process is an asshole.
      3. Cruz and Rubio are both Cuban-Americans. Other Latino/Hipsanic groups have a tendency to STRONGLY dislike Cubans.

    3. If true, it lends some credence to the old chestnut that naturalized Hispanic immigrants are the biggest critics of illegal immigration and the staunchest opponents of amnesty, etc.

  7. Why the fuck would the Hispanics who go to GOP caucuses care what Univision says about him?

    1. Trump claimed tonight he got 46% of the Hispanic vote, that is 46% of Hispanic Republicans.

      How much is 46% of nineteen total?

      1. 2 1/3?

      2. I think its more than that.

        I suspect more than 30% of Las Vegas is Hispanic .

        Okay, I’ll go look it up . . .

        Yeah, 31.5% of Vegas is Hispanic–in a city of 600,000 people.

        Hispanics traditionally buck against the progressive narrative. Much more of them than people realized were against illegal immigration going back into the ’80s and ’90s. Why would people who went through the queue or were still waiting in the queue favor queue jumpers? Hispanics led the charge against bilingual education in California, insisting that their children be taught in English. They voted against gay marriage when they weren’t supposed to–which blew the minds of progressives.

        Like I said, I suspect that it’s just that Mexican-Americans are responding to the same thing relatively poorer and less educated whites are responding to. I’m sure third and fourth generation Mexican-Americans don’t think of themselves as illegal aliens. For all we know, they may agree, more or less, with Trump on immigration.

        1. I work in construction in CA and most of the hate I’ve seen thrown towards illegal immigrants was from Mexican Americans. Not third or fourth generation but first (that came over legally) and second.

          1. They have a word for “wetback” in Spanish, “mojado“.

            I’m not saying all of them look at tings the same way, but it’s much more complicated than the progressives make it out to be.

            Non-Hispanic whites don’t see everything the same way, and Hispanics don’t see everything the same way either.

    2. I’m sure a lot of people will wake up tomorrow wondering why Hispanic voters ignored Univision, et. al.

      And Univision is going balls out against Trump.…..story.html

      One early report someone mentioned on TV said Trump got more of the Hispanic vote than the Hispanics he’s running against.

      That won’t help him much in the primaries in Cruz’s and Rubio’s home states, but it means the conventional wisdom in the general election is out the window.

      If the Jewish vote in New York City suddenly started ignoring the New York Times and voting for a candidate who was well know for wanting to cut support and ties to Israel, that would be interesting, and that’s basically what we’re seeing here.

      Hispanics aren’t a monolithic voting block to be taken for granted by Democrats? Who knew?

      1. “I’m sure…” These are Hispanics who are 1) Republican and 2) so Republican they go to these retarded caucuses. They don’t watch Univision or give a shit what they think.

        “One early …” Mexicans Americans don’t really have a racial affinity for white Cubans.

        “That won’t…” It most certainly will. Refer to above. Florida’s Hispanics are much less Cuban now.

        “Hispanics aren’t…” Once again, this was a GOP thing. Literally nobody has ever said there are zero Hispanic Republicans. A few retards, mostly employed by the GOP and Reason, think Mexican-American Republicans are racially destined to support amnesty for Guatemalan fruit pickers.

        1. Think of it this way:

          If 98% of the Hispanics who participated had voted against Trump, would you be complaining that the sample size was too small?

          Or would you say that confirms your expectations?

          Well, Trump trounced his Hispanic competitors–among Latinos who participated in the primary. Why isn’t it okay to say that defies expectations?

          We’ll get more data points from Hispanic voters after Super Tuesday and beyond–although I’d expect Texas to slant towards Cruz and Florida to slant towards Rubio. But a data point is a data point–and this one suggests that Hispanics may be more susceptible to Trump’s blue collar agenda than they are turned off by his anti-immigration stance.

          1. But a data point is a data point–and this one suggests that Hispanics may be more susceptible to Trump’s blue collar agenda than they are turned off by his anti-immigration stance.

            -Of course they are. They make up a large portion of the blue collar south west. They don’t care for illegal immigrants anymore than white or black blue collar workers from the same area.

          2. “If 98..” That doesn’t make sense. We’re dealing with a population: Hispanics who voted in NV GOP caucus. Not a sample.

            “Or would…” It wouldn’t confirm expectations because I haven’t seen any data showing that Hispanic GOP loyalists differ much from White non-Hispanic GOP loyalists.

            “Why isn’t it okay to say that defies expectations?” There’s nothing ‘not okay’ with it. I just don’t get the logic. “Hispanic GOP caucus-goers vote very slightly more blue-collarish than White non-Hispanic.” Not the least bit surprising.

            ” suggests that Hispanics may be more susceptible to Trump’s blue collar agenda than they are turned off by his anti-immigration stance.”

            I’ll repeat myself: “Hispanic GOP caucus-goers vote very slightly more blue-collarish than White non-Hispanic.” Not the least surprising.

            You’re probably aware of this but I’ll say it anyway: Hispanic Republicans are pretty white. Those in the Southwest are either multi-generation Americans or came here for a skilled job. They don’t have any loyalty to the Southern Mexican/ Central American wave of immigrants. Those people are 90% as foreign to them as they are to non-Hispanic Americans.

  8. Trump just keeps reminding me why no one should be president, over and over again.

    1. Great… a surviving Wavy-Gravy / Pat Paulsen ticket supporter. What next?

  9. Personally, I have a hard time understanding how grown up adults could go on thinking that they’re about to choose their head of state, to represent all of us, and that person is either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

    Yet, here we are.

    1. What’s so hard to understand? Grownass adults twice elected Obama based on nothing more than fantastical hopey changey magical thinking.

      1. Yeah, but Bernie/Hillary/Donald/Ted/Marco will be totally different! They told me so!

    2. Looter political machines trick gullible vidiots into imagining there are only two parties: Soviet communist DEM and German nationalsocialist REP. All you need do is point to a third, LIB, and show how throughout all history, third parties have always written the platforms whose spoiler votes changed existing law. Laws, not politicians, are what matter, see? Q.E.D. (Quite Easily Done)

  10. All I can say is this eschewing of familiar party dynamics is a thing to watch. When I read the Declaration of Independents, I never expected THIS!


    “The rural desert – contains military bases, like the legendary Area 51, where voters favored Ron Paul in 2012”

    1. Were those legal aliens or illegal aliens?

  12. I’m just waiting for the ‘think pieces’ from our ruling class scribes of how “Americans are UNGOVERNABLE.”

    I love them. Those just give me chubby.

  13. A list of America’s Presidents. Number 45 will shock you!

    1. You have to check out this one weird trick!

  14. Trump has been able to convince angry white men and women that all there problems are because of Muslims, Mexicans and of course African Americans. The minorities are responsible for: Charging Americans highest prices for prescription drugs in the entire world, ruining the economy and home prices, sending American jobs out of the country, lowering our standard of living, refusing to pay Americans a decent wage, Cutting health care benefits of working Americans, sending armed law enforcement agents to collect student loan debt ,two legal systems one for the rich, powerful and law enforcement and one for everyone else. If we could just get rid of those minorities our lives would be perfect and America would be great again! Long live the oligarchs and plutocrats. Long live the american imperial regime.

    1. Bernie and socialism now!

      Right? What could go wrong?

    2. When does Trump rail against all minorities? He’s against illegal immigration. He’s said illegal immigrants hurt black employment. Step away from the MSM and actually read a d listen to his positions.

      1. He never does. And in fact, he is doing better than any Republican since Eisenhower with black voters. There is a good chance Trump is going to be President and do so with 20% or more of the black vote. Watching people like this clown whose entire self worth is based on the conviction that everyone who disagrees with him is an evil racist white man is going to be very entertaining.

        1. Trump sure isn’t my first choice but it is interesting watching people expose themselves in their zeal to oppose the guy.

    3. WTF are you talking about?

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  16. Donald Trump is as entertaining as the very best carnival barkers, and people love to be entertained. He’s great at telling people what they want to hear when they are angry. But I remain confident that this November people will vote with their brains and not their anger.

    1. What we need to consider is what happens, should Trump become the GOP nominee.

      Will the axis of MSM/DNC goes full bore against him? Or will they seek to co-op him and turn a bad situation into something less bad.

      Because Trump will not deal with the usual treatment the way the McCains and Romneys of the GOP establishment did. If they go at him in the usual way his spite will be, well, yuuge. And if he does overcome their efforts and win the general he will not forget a single person who opposed him.

      IOW, he will be entirely unmoored from anything that has previously existed in American politics. It will certainly end the GOP and it just might end the Democrat party as well.

  17. Dream On?:

    “Dreams, that governments will make you free,
    Dreams, that they ain’t just war and slavery,
    Dreams, of your god democracy,
    You keep dreamin’, of more enforced equality,
    Yes you’re dreamin’, dreamin’ you are free
    In your dreams”

    “In your dream, Donald Trump is not a fraud,
    In your dream, Sanders is not a fraud,
    In your dream,all the rest are not frauds,
    In your dream, Obama is not a fraud,
    In your dream, Reagan was not a fraud,
    In your dream, all the rest were not frauds,

    In your dream, the constitution was not a scam,
    In your dream, the Supreme court is not a scam,
    In your dream, 9/11 was not a scam…….”

    Lyrics excerpted from:

    “Dreams [Anarchist Blues]”:

    Regards, onebornfree.

    1. After the looters repeal the Second Amendment and the fanatical fetus fetishists overturn Roe v. Wade, change the first 3 words of the 14th Amendment and vote the death sentence for flag burners and potheads, maybe then the anarchists will miraculously legalize murder, rape and robbery and make the planet a paradise–either that or understand the fallacy of affirming the consequent.

  18. If I were Rubio, which I’m not, I’d tell Cruz “Drop out now and I’ll nominate you for SCOTUS.”

  19. That picture of Trump looks like a frog that just swallowed a fly.

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  21. More like the Democrat and Republican soft machines lose. After forking over the American people for 44 presidential campaigns, Bernie and Trump, both outsiders, are a Libertarian moment waiting to happen. Babies will be born before this election, whose parents have barely met, and all the LP has to do is 1. NOT pander to antiabortion prohibitionist Creationist fanatics 2. choose a young Libertarian candidate, not some clueless Republican geezer in LP drag and greasepaint, and 3. use the word Liberal in its traditional, libertarian, American meaning–NOT a 1932 meaning coined in Nazi Germany. A 5% spoiler vote is doable, and would completely destroy looter national socialism.

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