Trump Wins South Carolina, Jeb Bush Drops Out, NASA Releases Audio of 'outer-space type music': A.M. Links


  • "Rick and Morty"/adult swim

    At least 140 people died in Syria after twin ISIS bombings in Damascus and Homs.

  • Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary, while Hillary Clinton just barely beat out Bernie Sanders in the Nevada Democratic caucus. Jeb Bush dropped out of the race after a poor showing.
  • The FBI insists Apple help it break into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, a county health inspector, even though the agency had the county government, which owned the phone, reset the iCloud password. Without the password reset, Apple says it would be possible to access information from the phone without dealing with encryption. Apple CEO Tim Cook, meanwhile, called for a commission on technology and intelligence gathering.
  • An Uber driver allegedly shot at people randomly in Kalamazoo in between picking up rides, killing at least 6.
  • A bill proposed in California would make accessing internal reports on police abuse easier and more in line with the process in states with more open records, like Texas and Florida.
  • The United States will reach record oil output by 2021, according to the International Energy Agency.
  • NASA released audio of "outer-space type music" that Apollo 10 astronauts on the far side of the Moon reported hearing.

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  1. NASA released audio of “outer-space type music” that Apollo 10 astronauts on the far side of the Moon reported hearing.

    Syncs up with The Wiz.

    1. Hello.

      I see things are going swimmingly well in Venezuela:

      1. They’ve run out of URLs too!?

      2. This is why Bernie Sanders is so popular.

      3. Credit Default Swap (CDS) data shows that traders see a 78% chance on default

        I can’t believe they are still technically solvent in the first place.

        1. I love the part where Chavez stole the gold.

          And people actually admired the thief.

          1. Well, it worked for FDR.

            1. FDR stole gold? Man, just when you thought you’ve read it all.


                Basically forced people to trade their gold coins and gold certificates for federal reserve note and made most private trading in gold illegal. Sounds like stealing everyone’s gold to me.

                1. Ding,ding ,ding,we have a winner.

                2. Yeh, yeh, yeh. Forgot about that. You’re right.

                3. But it’s not stealing when government does it. Government is the name for the things we decide to do together. We can’t steal from ourselves.


  2. An Uber driver allegedly shot at people randomly in Kalamazoo in between picking up rides, killing at least 6.

    Proof that medallions save lives!

    1. I’m sure that argument will be seriously advanced now.

      1. “Uber under alles!”

          1. Oopser! Achtung!

      2. Because taxi drivers could never be murderers.

        1. Are you talkin to me?

    2. The Wapo lost no time in pointing out the shortcomings of Uber’s background check, but stopped short of explaining what checks, if any, taxi drivers must pass

      1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that “psycho randomly shooting strangers for the very first time” is the sort of criminal no background check would actually catch.

        1. The Hell you say? Some events can neither be foreaeen nor prevented by the State? Do our current crop of Physcometricians know this?

  3. Jeb Bush dropped out of the race after a poor showing.


    1. Well thar’s his problem – you need to get out and talk to VOTERS, not schoolchildren.

      1. Can I clap now?

        1. Please clap.

          1. I came here to see this line – thank you for not disappointing me!

    2. Jon Huntsman waits in the wings.
      Let the ‘Draft Squishy Middle Man’ movement begin!


      I thought that was Kasich?

      1. He’s still out in the hall because no one announced him.

  4. I used to live in Kalamazoo – the town was (is?) a shithole.

    1. You had me at Michigan.

  5. Apple CEO Tim Cook, meanwhile, called for a commission on technology and intelligence gathering.

    Nothing dissipates heat like a commission.

    1. We just need a group of Top Men to figure it out.

  6. NASA released audio of “outer-space type music” that Apollo 10 astronauts on the far side of the Moon reported hearing.

    “‘Gas Music from Jupiter’, indeed!”

    *** throws recording across floor ***

    1. Better than gas music from Uranus, am i right?

      1. “Pardon me.”

    2. Not a fan of Gustav Holst, either?

    3. You just showed your age, Rich.

      1. And, BTW, +1 Art Holeflaffer

  7. “An Uber driver allegedly shot at people randomly in Kalamazoo in between picking up rides, killing at least 6.”

    Prayer for the victims.

    Now watch the left conflate this act with needing more regulamashuns against Uber.

    1. Don’t forget the prayer-shaming

      1. And common sense gun control

        1. And after the San Berdoo shootings, funny how nobody suggested closing (or more highly regulating) the DMV…

          1. DMV? I’m not following your comment.

            1. Didn’t that guy work at the DMV or something similar? The point was blaming the company and wanting more regulation of said company when they werent the issue

    2. Why is there a need to indicate he was an Uber driver?

      I doubt I have ever seen the headline “Machinist goes on killing spree, etc. etc.”

      It’s on purpose to poison the well against the company.

      1. To acc’t for his having covered so much ground geographically. Did you look at the map? It’s like maybe he picked up calls, dropped ’em off, & then looked in the vicinity for targets.

        1. Couldn’t someone do the same by just driving a car?

          1. Then you have to pay for your own gas.

  8. Planned refugee shelter in eastern German town of Bautzen catches fire

    Local police said they were still searching for reasons as to why the fire broke out. The criminal investigation department and a group specializing in right-wing crime were looking at possible motives, police said.

    Officials also reported that locals in Bautzen cheered as the building burned. “Some people reacted to the arson with derogatory comments and undisguised joy,” police said in a statement. Some onlookers were under the influence of alcohol, they added.

    Several people present at the scene hindered firefighters from carrying out their work. Three people were expelled from the area and two were taken into police custody after they did not heed warnings, officials said.

    1. And the government won’t take the hint.

    2. a group specializing in right-wing crime

      I wonder if they have a group specializing in left wing crime?

      1. It’s not a crime when the government does it.

    3. I blame dutch anarchists.

      1. Or dutch ovens.

      2. *applause*

        You know who else blamed Dutch arsonists?

        1. The Walloons?

        2. +1 Reichstag Fire

        3. What do you call a rich German?


          I know a German who thought this er, joke, was funny as hell. ?

          1. Well, they do split the bill. I imagine those savings go a long way!

      3. Nice. I was gonna do a “You know who else” but that was much better.

      4. It’s the Nazi Nihilists.

    4. Planned refugee shelter in eastern German town of Bautzen catches fire

      What a shame. Where will those migrants live while they consume Germany?

    5. They are searching for motive? Wouldn’t the cheering crowd nearby sort of give the motive away? It’s going to be really funny if this turns out just to be a wiring problem gone wrong.

      1. The Syrian Electricians Union, Local 147 approves this message.

  9. …while Hillary Clinton just barely beat out Bernie Sanders in the Nevada Democratic caucus.

    Always bet on black.

  10. Penis sausage waffle seller shafted after food market protest at obscene phallic fancies

    The Malaysian market trader was hoping to ride on the wave of popularity in Taiwan for the tasty todger shaped snacks.

    People there have been noshing them like there is no tomorrow.

    But instead of going down a treat, the generously sized saucy morsels have been a massive flop.

    This is because community big wigs got the willies about the morality of them.

    They argued the saucy manhood munchies clashed with the market’s “family-friendly” vibe.

    Outraged, they took their complaint to the local council whose officials ruled in their favour, concluding that only souvenirs and “small snacks” could be sold.

    1. You know who else had a penis problem?

      1. Bruce Jenner?

      2. Longtorso, Johnny?

      3. That Bobbit dude?

    2. Sounds like these dicks had a ball seeing how many double entendres they could fit into one news item, but somebody’s liable to get the sack if they cross the line of good taste that’s been erected by the press. Better to head this off before some nut takes it too far.

      1. Look at this cunning linguist over here!

    3. Did Benny Hill write this article?

    4. It’s not fair unless they sell some kind of pussy pastry.

      1. Your choice of seafood or cheese flavor.

  11. NASA released audio of “outer-space type music” that Apollo 10 astronauts on the far side of the Moon reported hearing.

    I liked their older stuff from like 3 light years ago.

    1. How many parsecs did it take for you to think that one up?

      1. Parsecs don’t measure time.

        1. And light years do?

          1. Don’t make me change handles again, Zeb.

        2. for a guy named ‘whoooosh’ it’s ironic that you don’t get it. Perhaps too ironic.

          1. *Vows never to make a double ironic joke ever again* Tough room here.

            1. Never do it for the audience. Do it for yourself.

              1. But, you’ll go blind!

    2. “I liked their older stuff from like 3 light years ago.”

      + 1 Mothership connection

  12. Overheard Bernderp from this weekend: “…don’t understand his policies. They just think he’s a marxist.”

    Oh, the projection was delicious. They are incapable of believing that there are people who understand his policies but just don’t like them. They can’t imagine that his policies might not actually work. And they stress over exactly which shade of red he’s perceived to be, unable to fathom that any tinge of pink is too much for some people.

    1. Or maybe, they think he’s a Marxist because they do understand his policies, as well as his history.

    2. Yep. Talk about living in an echo chamber.

    3. When one has to say so and so would like a candidate if they only understood his policies, guessing there isn’t much of an argument.

    4. Maybe if he’d stop talking like a socialist-populist-Marxist dirtbag-hobo people may not misunderstand his free shit agenda. After all, he did govern Vermont in a way hard-leftist socialists hated. Then again, I reckon the rhetoric is what’s working for his campaign.

      1. Did he really? Huh.

        1. By all accounts, he was more measured. Still a left-winger control freak but he didn’t go bananas as his rhetoric implies. If he needed to make a deal with big business he did type thing. Vermonters may shed more light on this but this is the impression I got over the years and from what I’ve read.

          1. Yeah, I read that when you linked to it last week. Good read.

      2. He never governed Vermont.

        1. Burlington. My bad. Sorry.

      3. Sanders never governed Vermont. He was mayor of a town with a population of 42,000.

      4. Ummm……no.

        When he was mayor Burlington was a lefty paradise. Still is.

        They loved him. Still do.

        I remember. I had to live through it.

      1. Jew vote yet?

        /Woody Allen

    5. The variation I heard over Christmas was that socialists can’t win in America because Americans don’t really understand what true socialism is i.e. “yes, he really is a Marxist but he’s a good Marxist.”

      1. Yet America is really socialist cause roads and courts!


          1. Therefore it justifies singlepayer, free college, climate taxes, tax the rich, free prek!!

            1. If i had a nickel for every time i’d seen exactly that “logic” on Facebook this month, i’d be nearly three dollars richer.

              1. Well they want 90% tax rates so 30 cents richer….

        2. I’ll just put the tip in honey, I promise.

      2. Libertarians have a similar problem. Of course, unlike the socialists, we’re right.

        1. We’ll always have to answer for Somalia.

          1. Nice beaches.

      3. “yes, he really is a Marxist but he’s a good Marxist.”

        Then maybe I can visit his grave.

        1. Soon enough, Eddie. He is old as hell, after all.

          1. The “he” I was referring to was a generic Marxist, not Bernie. As for Bernie, long life to him!

            May he live another century, long enough to see all his policies adopted!

      4. Also, corporations aren’t paying their taxes, so we should increase the tax rate on them.

        Um …

    6. I have a FB “friend” who posts a lot of pro-Sanders / anti-Clinton junk. If she wasn’t so damn hot I would have cut her from my feed a long time ago.

    7. What’s not to like about Free Shit?

      Non-thinking people are easily convinced that the only obstacle to their happy and prosperous lives is some hateful, greedy bogeyman (one-percenters, right-wingers). Bernie tells them what they want to hear because he, too, is a ne’er do well malcontent in need of a bogeyman to blame for all his failures and general lack of success.

      These idiots cannot fathom the scarcity law or the laws of thermodynamics. Or maybe they just believe that someone else (maybe mommy and daddy) should be forced to carry their weight. Nonetheless, supporting Bernie Sanders requires a suspension of intellect and personal responsibility.

      1. The ironic thing for me is that many of the Bern victims I know are better off than me financially, and will suffer more immediately and deeper than I will. Hope I don’t get to rub their noses in that, but will enjoy doing so if the opportunity presents…just before they come for me.

        1. I’ve noticed it too…his supporters seem to be younger relatively well off folks.

  13. How a Mississippi bounce concert was shut down over anticipated twerking

    The hip-hop artist from New Orleans, who was recently featured on Beyonc?’s new song Formation, was due to perform in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as she had several times before.

    But officials with the Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) have rules that limit the intersection of scantily clad entertainment and liquor, and this January, they decided to start enforcing them.

    “You can’t wear a thong. You must keep the cleft of your buttocks covered. And you cannot simulate a sex act,” said Mississippi ABC Chief of Enforcement Rusty Hanna, explaining the Mississippi provision that called into question Freedia’s show.

    1. you cannot simulate a sex act,” said Mississippi ABC Chief of Enforcement Rusty Hanna

      I can’t take this seriously when his name sounds like a slang term for a sex act.

      1. Oh gross, man, can you even imagine what a “rusty hanna” would involve? It’d take someone with a master’s level grasp of sexual depravity, like a SugarFree or a Prince.

        1. can you even imagine what a “rusty hanna” would involve?


          1. Something like a cross between a “Dirty Sanchez” and a “Reverse Cowgirl”, but performed under water?

            1. No, I don’t think so.

              It sounds more like something prone to induce bleeding and cause tetanus.

            2. I was thinking more like being throat-bumped in a junkyard by a large man who has a body similar to a 80s era offensive lineman.

              But that is probably just me.

              1. That definition is not mutually exclusive with “Induces bleeding and causes tetanus”

                1. Whatever it might turn out to be, you just know you either gotta take a shower before or a bunch of antibiotics after.

          2. I know what a rusty trombone is. I’m not sure what a hanna is, so I’m not so sure on that one.

            1. I’m not sure what a hanna is

              I think there is pounding and nailing involved.

              1. It involves Barbera Bush.

                1. Is it something like this: (video is SFW, words probably not).

    2. If they way you do sex is anything like twerking, you’re doing it wrong.

    3. Liquor control boards are the only thing we all belong to.

  14. NASA released audio of “outer-space type music” that Apollo 10 astronauts on the far side of the Moon reported hearing.

    Which was definitely not manufactured on a Hollywood soundstage, NASA went on to say.

  15. Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primary, while Hillary Clinton just barely beat out Bernie Sanders in the Nevada Democratic caucus. Jeb Bush dropped out of the race after a poor showing.

    Where are the polls telling me if people think these statements of fact are true or not?

  16. Italian ‘coffee king’ buried in giant espresso pot

    In an unusual and strangely befitting tribute, the ashes of this well-known Italian coffee impresario were placed in a giant Moka pot, which he made famous, at his funeral this week in Montebuglio, Italy.

    Bialetti didn’t invent the Moka. He just made it famous. A man named Luigi di Ponti designed the appliance in 1933 and sold the patent to Renato’s father Alfonso Bialetti, an aluminum vendor.

    Bialetti took the modest sales of his father’s company, which had only manufactured 70,000 pots when he gained control in 1947, and spearheaded a massive marketing campaign across Italy for the pots, which were branded with a mustachioed caricature.

    1. which were branded with a mustachioed caricature

      Epi’s on coffee pots?!

      1. mustachioed caricature

        You’re thinking of Epi’s Mom.

    2. Are they gonna drink him with a nice pistacchio biscotti?

      Italians sometimes challenge the Germans for weirdness.

      Fun fact with Rufus: I own five Bialetti ‘cafetieri’.

    3. Bialetti took the modest sales of his father’s company, which had only manufactured 70,000 pots when he gained control in 1947, and spearheaded a massive marketing campaign across Italy for the pots, which were branded with a mustachioed caricature.


    1. If you read that chick’s rant, it really shows why so many of this generation is susceptible to socialism. She clearly has no idea what it takes to succeed. She thinks the world should just hand her the job she wants in the place she wants to live. That of course is just not true, unless you happen to be born rich and your parents can buy it for you.

      That aspect of it is talked to death. What is not mentioned, however, is the implication of her belief that the world should just hand her success. If she thinks the world should just hand her success, then she thinks people who are successful have had that success handed to them. If you honestly thought everyone who made it in the world had that success given to them in the same way it is given to the children of the rich and powerful, you would walk through life pretty damned jealous and envious of the successful. Socialism, of course, is nothing but the politics of envy and jealousy.

      1. If she thinks the world should just hand her success, then she thinks people who are successful have had that success handed to them

        I may steal that.

      2. People like that don’t get that living in a high-priced coastal metropolitan area is just as much a luxury as driving a nice car or buying the newest smart phone. No one is forcing you to move to SF. If you can’t afford it, move.

        1. I don’t know a single person who is successful who hasn’t worked jobs doing things they didn’t like in places they didn’t want to live at some point. I wanted to stay in Washington when I got out of law school. I ended up in Oklahoma. I wasn’t happy about it. But you do what you have to do.

          1. I checked out the pics in the article. So she lives in an expensive town with a uuuuuuuge shortage of eligible women?

            She needs to loose the glasses, slap on some makeup, and get busy climbing the corporate ladder the old fashion way.

            1. She doesn’t even need to do that. It is not just that it has a huge shortage of women, it is that the men there tend to be nerdy and socially awkward techies. The only reason this chick has ever paid for a meal and a drink in her life is that she is a princess daddy’s girl who thinks every guy who isn’t Orlando Bloom is beneath her.

            2. I don’t think it’s a shortage of eligible straight women, it’s that there isn’t much of a market for them there.

              1. Exactly. I would be somewhat surprised to learn that, relative to the supply of straight eligible men, there is a shortage of straight eligible women. But, I don’t do the dating scene in San Fran.

          2. I don’t know a single person who is successful who hasn’t worked jobs doing things they didn’t like in places they didn’t want to live at some point.

            Donald Trump?

            1. He was born rich. They don’t have to do that kidn of stuff.

      3. The way public figures present themselves and/or the way some public figures get wealthy reinforces this idea.

        Some examples in popular culture: Kardashians – rich for no apparent reason; CEOs – rich by ripping off people; sports stars – rich because they have physical abilities they were born with (i.e. got lucky); et al.

        1. Very good point.

        2. And notice how they treat people like Gates and Jobs who more or less built their millions from the ground up. These people are always portrayed as tyrants who somehow used the tricks of the Market to steal ideas and money from people.

      4. It sounds like her life sucks because she’s making $17,000 a year and is trying to live in fucking San Francisco. According to her, she gets paid $733.24 bi-weekly and has to pay 1,200 in rent. That’s impossible. Even if the $733.24 is after taxes, she has $200 in disposable income a month.

        Go get a job elsewhere. That’s completely insane.

        Why the fuck would you try to live in San Francisco on $8.15 an hour?


          “UPDATE: As of 5:43pm PST, I have been officially let go from the company. This was entirely unplanned (but I guess not completely unexpected?) but any help until I find new employment would be extremely appreciated. My PayPal is, my Venmo is taliajane (no hyphen). Square Cash is$TaliaJane. Thank you so much for helping my story be heard.”

          Really. You published a public denunciation of your CEO and were fired? No way.

          This is the best thing to ever happen to you. Now move to Boise where you can make $8.15 an hour and that money will go 3 times as far due to the lower cost of living.

          You’re welcome.

          1. Not only did she dissed her boss, she’s asking people to help find her employment. The lack of self-awareness is breathtaking. If I’m an employer I reading with a raised eyebrow.

            1. Worse – she’s already asking for random strangers to send her money. The terms quitter, loser and whiner come to mind. Good luck getting another job that doesn’t require you to use the phrase “do you want fries with that?”

            2. Not employment, she is soliciting for Money Paypal? venmo? Square? what a loser,

              1. damn you Tonio!

          2. Now she’s a beggar.

            Sounds about right. Next in her future: a webcam and pop-up ads on porn sites.

    2. The Bay Area makes absolutely no sense to me. My sister and her husband live and work out there; they love it. They just bought a 3bd/1.5bt 1200 sq ft house with a car port in Oakland for over $800,000. The house immediately flooded and needs a bunch of work in the basement (apparently the years of drought caused some problems that weren’t noticed until it rained enough). They love the house, love the neighborhood they’re in, and think they got a great deal (and looking at Zillow they probably did; at least until the tens of thousands in basement work is factored in). But everything else about it they are aggravated by or hate. Taxes, prices, commutes, traffic, homeless, that they’re now almost a million dollars into a home 60% the size of the one I got for 25% of what they paid. They have great jobs that pay well and that they enjoy, but the jobs aren’t so great, don’t pay so well, and aren’t so enjoyable that every time they exit the Bay Area they think “Man, we should look to moving to Austin”.

      1. Wow. 800k for basically an apartment or condo huh. 800g’s buys you a mansion or a big home on a 32 000 sq ft. lot.

        Sounds like they’ll be living for the home.

        1. I meant it buys a mansion HERE for that price.

          1. 800g’s buys you a mansion

            Is that real money, though, or just fancy colorful Canadian money?

            1. Canadian money is basically oil.

              1. Canadian money is basically oil-pastel drawings of animals.

                1. Are you done?

                  1. For now, yeah.

                  2. Canadian money is basically oil-pastel drawings of animals on black velvet?

                    If CX is gonna quit…

                    1. Oh, stop–Canadians don’t have real money. We just let them think they do. It’s all left over from 1950s ‘Operation’

                    2. Canada?

                      Oh, you mean Really North Dakota.

          2. It’s not like we get into deep discussions of our respective family finances, but their combined income will probably keep them from having to live for their house. But they’re absolutely hosed if one of them loses a job or has something happen which prevents them from working.

            That was a big part of what happened with my ex-wife and I; we bought a house that was fine while we were 2 incomes. She lost her job and suddenly all those things we could do before weren’t an option. Savings gets dipped in to, then bad things happen. Before my wife and I got married we had a very long, honest conversation about finances and goals and something we both agreed to was any mortgage would be based on just one salary.

          3. In Houston, that will get you a half acre lot with a very nice house in the best part of town or a McRanch further out. The idea of having to move to Pasadena to get a bungalow for $800k is crazy.

            1. We’re actually from the Houston area (Sugar Land). It’s where I’d like to retire to, but I’m probably going to wind up having to be out in Richmond/Rosenberg by the time I’m ready to hang up my boots.

        2. I bet the property taxes would be bad as well seeing how it is 800K. A friend i know just got a new condo 2 BR 1.5 baths 1400 sq feet and 1 car garage for 135K

          1. Property taxes in CA are actually pretty low compared to the rest of the nation.

            1. That’s largely because of Prop 13- It limits how much you pay for property taxes even if your house appreciates in value a lot (as they tend to do in CA).

              When you buy a new house, the property taxes reset and you are paying the full amount.

              1. The rate is probably lower than most anywhere else, but my folks were still paying more property taxes on their 1700 sq ft ranch on a 3k lot than I pay for my 2600 sq ft house on my 2 acre lot.

                The fucked property values in CA kind of dull down the benefit of prop 13.

            2. Thanks for the input though i would think even with say 1 pct property taxes due to the sheer magnitude of the price is quite a bit.

      2. Weird how prices for houses are so variable by location. I mean I understand the difference because of neighborhoods, schools, safety, etc – but 800K in my neck of the woods is a serious house in the best neighborhood in town.

        Like this 4300 sq ft house, which was only a block away from the last place I lived it:

        Or even Lake Michigan frontage is doable for 500-700k.

        Yeah I know – you have to live in Michigan. 🙂

        1. The only way you’re buying an $800k house in my neck of the woods is if there’s several hundred acres of woods in that neck.

      3. I’m looking at buying right now in my area (just outside Boston, but in any other city it would be inside the city limits). I’ll probably get a duplex with 2-3 bedrooms per unit. It’s going to be like 700-800k.

      4. Friends of mine have a kid in San Fran who just laid out $4MM for a fixer-upper. I think its 3 bedrooms 2 baths, not sure what the neighborhood is.

        They were telling us you could move just about any house from Tucson to San Fran and add a zero to the asking price.

        The Rancho Dean is a nice Santa Fe style house that we bought at post-crash prices for well under $800K. According to the banks, I could easily afford $800K, but there’s just no way I’m going to tie that much up in a house.

      5. 800K for 1200 square feet. I am laughing my ass off here. That is insane.

        My garage is bigger than that. I have a modest 3 bd 2 bath on 7 acres. I have 1000 feet waterfront on a bayou. I fish and shoot ducks whenever I want. Ok, I can’t really shoot ducks anymore but I used to. I paid 190K for it.

    3. OK

      1. That picture of her shows that she’s getting plenty of food. Sounds more like she’s upset that she can’t afford to eat *at Panera* or some dumb shit like that.

      2. Consider that the larger salary you’re getting for working in place with a high cost of living may actually *net you less money, goods, and services* over a smaller salary in a place with a lower cost of living. Where I live the same job would probably pay no more than 2/3rds what it would in SF – but the COL is less than half of what it is there.

      That $3fucking you’re spending on your 800 ft2 apartment – yeah here you can buy a 2000 ft2+ house on a multi-acre lot for less than that.

      1. And silicon valley is full of socially awkward but highly paid nerds who would do anything to get laid. She isn’t much of a looker but in that environment she shouldn’t have any problem finding men to buy her dinner. Hell, she likely wouldn’t even have to put out for most of them.

      2. “That picture of her shows that she’s getting plenty of food. Sounds more like she’s upset that she can’t afford to eat *at Panera* or some dumb shit like that.”

        If you read her original article, she’s making $8.15 an hour and is trying to live in San Francisco. I absolutely believe she’s having trouble buying food.

        If her numbers are accurate, she has about $200 after rent. That’s insane.

        1. I know people who are in similar salary-to-living-expenses situations in Silicon Valley. They get roommates and use public transport while eating Mac-n-Cheese and Ramen noodles.

          For fucks sake, when I was in college I lived on about this much and had to pay for my own meals. Perhaps the biggest problem these days is that College tuitions are so out of control that kids never have to learn how to live on a budget.

          1. Oh yeah, there is no chance she’s doing all she needs to if she wants to live and work in San Fran as an entry-level employee. Roommate(s), living within her means for food and fun, etc. That $1,400 a month rent if a lot more doable split 2 or 3 ways. She wouldn’t even need to turn to prostitution, cam-girling, or selling used panties on Craiglist. But she wants to keep living her college life while out in the real world. It can’t be done on her salasy unless she’s from a rich family that’s subsidizing her.

          2. At her level, San Fran is a place you live for three years to build your resume, then get the hell out, because your life during those three years is not pleasant, and shows little prospect of getting much better in San Fran.

            This is the case for a lot of people starting out in a lot of big, expensive cities.

    4. 1) The company pays what the market bears, and no one appears to be coercing her.
      2) See #1.

    5. The picture from that link has a caption describing SF as the windy city.

      1. It also has a picture of a shack with a caption that say a 765,000 square-foot shack in SF sold for $408,000.

        Also, the CEO of Yelp has a stupid haircut.

  17. The derpiest of the the states vie for King Derp

    Ohio or Florida? Man shot after argument over where the better strip clubs are turns violent

    A Florida man was shot in the leg after arguing with another man over which strip club they thought was better, according to WKYC.

    The incident happened at 2 a.m. on Saturday morning in Cleveland. Antonio Cummings, 24, of Orlando, Florida, told authorities he was visiting the strip club with friends for a birthday party.

    While standing outside the club, Cummings got into an argument with another man about the difference between strip clubs in Ohio versus Florida. The fight turned violent and Cummings was shot.

    1. #Floridawins

      1. Ya I’ve seen the Ohio State fans that shake it for a living. Even our day shift beats them.

        1. Especially Orlando. Although if all you’ve ever done is stop at Cafe Risque in Alachua, I could see arguing against us.

    2. Why can’t people just live and let live? Everyone’s tastes are different. If you’re into Latinas with 36″ 24″ 52″ measurements and a tramp stamp of their own name, go with Florida. If you’re into vaguely rectangular women, go with Ohio. It takes all types to make a world.

    3. Bad reporting. No mention of which one was better.

    4. The answer is most certainly Florida. Tampa to be specific.

      1. Not everyone is into 8-months-pregnant strippers, though.

        1. Saw a girl with a nasty Caesarean scar walk off the stage when a guy shouted, “I’ll give you 20 bucks to put it back on.” That may be the worst I’ve seen.

          1. A girl going through chemo.

            I and the buddy I was there with each left a 20 on the stage and walked out. There was no joy to be found in the world after seeing that.

          2. Grungy strip club here in town where the chubby girl had a rather grimey thong on. She kept coming around to our table – we were the only patrons there at 4 PM – and we kept saying no.

            Eventually she got the message.

            1. we were the only patrons there at 4 PM

              I found the problem. Were you trying to get the early bird special on the buffet or something?

              1. The Candy Cat in the SF Valley had 75 cent pool and $8 pitchers of Newcastle, which made it a natural watering hole. Naked chicks were a side feature. We would typically throw money up for the homely girls when their backs were turned and rush back to the pool table so we didn’t have to endure a “thank you” dance at close proximity.

        2. Stay off Hillsborough Ave and stick to Dale Mabry Hwy and you’ll be golden.

  18. Apple CEO Tim Cook, meanwhile, called for a commission on technology and intelligence gathering.

    Oh good, that way no one person can be responsible for the decision we all know will eventually be made.

    1. Cook will be executed and all his assets taken for the glory of the Motherland?

  19. I just started watching Rick and Morty. Good show.

    1. Yeah the animation comes off as low budget at first, it was like pulling teeth getting my wife to watch one full episode. Now she loves it.


  20. Has anyone ever read Ryan Cooper at theWeek? Here is some derp

    – Wants to raise 10K more of taxes on couples earning 100K total because the government is better at choosing health services and college and such
    – Austerity is why we have a sluggish economy now
    – Gerald Friedman’s Bernie Sanders economy analysis “may just be off” yet Republican projections are ludicrous
    – 2nd amendment is ludicrously outdated
    – Everyone is a partisan hack and extremist

    Comes off as a narcissist to me

    1. He is that but he also is a self identified retard.

      Climate change is the most serious problem in the world by a considerable margin, and time is very short.…..reme-court

      He might as well demand cake and claim he rules the night.

      1. Manbearpig is real, John. I’m being super duper serial

      2. Wow talk about being way over the top.

        This is the full derp:

        “Climate change is the most serious problem in the world by a considerable margin, and time is very short. The world is already not moving nearly fast enough. A delay of the Clean Power Plan by some years is inexcusable ? and an overthrow, which this decision may signal, would be an emergency. It is quite literally not an exaggeration to say that the Supreme Court is threatening human civilization as it now exists. Moreover, their reasoning is virtually certain to be some bogus technicality ? Chief Justice John Roberts’ recent attack on USDA price support programs, for example, was blatantly self-contradictory.”

        1. What infuriates me about people like him is not how mistaken he is. Lots of people think dumb things. It is that he no doubt wakes up every morning knowing he is the smarter and more informed than almost anyone else. It is not the stupidity. It is the smug completely lack of self awareness that makes people like him so loathsome.

          1. For sure. I would like to ask how he determined that climate change is ruining civilization and the most serious problem by a considerable margin

          2. Have you read some more of his stuff? The condescension and smug is too much to bear!

            1. I looked at his linked in profile Frank. He 31 years old, has a BS in Chemistry from Reed College and has worked in journalism since 2008.

              Who can argue with a resume like that? Clearly he is qualified to lecture the rest of us out of his ass about every subject known to man. He is one of the “best and brightest”. What do we know compared to him?

              1. He really buys into the keynesian stuff as if it has ever been shown to be successful

          3. What gets me is he seems like one of those i know what is best and anyone who disagrees is therefore evil. So let me have the power.

          4. What keeps him stupid is his lack of self-awareness. They tend to go hand in hand.

  21. The United States will reach record oil output by 2021, according to the International Energy Agency

    So at least now we know that won’t happen.

    1. Not to worry, everyone is working feverishly to destroy the world economy long before then. Although, the Brits just put the EU on notice, that the were going to join Canada and Australia at the top of the pile, rather than join the Continentals in the middle.

  22. The United States will reach record oil output by 2021, according to the International Energy Agency.

    A record is kind of like a peak, right?

    1. Progs are going to shit themselves over this.

      1. Progs have no idea what they want. I generally think they are stupid and just need self worth hence

        Low gas prices: climate change, no green energy like ZOMG
        High Gas prices: oil companies are screwing consumers ZOMG

        1. They absolutely want the screwing of every consumer who is not them. They just can’t come out and say so.

  23. Pound in freefall as Boris Johnson sparks Brexit fears

    The pound suffered its biggest drop against the dollar in seven years after London Mayor Boris Johnson said he will campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

    Sterling fell by as much as 2.12pc to $1.4101 against the dollar on Monday afternoon, putting it on course for the biggest one day drop since February 2009. Experts said the influential Mayor’s decision made a British exit from the bloc more likely.

    1. Coincidentally, “Pound in Freefall” is the slogan of my planned orbital whortel.

    2. Sheesh, leaving aside the question of causation — can you imagine the hysteria four months from now?

      Cue R.E.M.

      1. Meh, I feel fine.

      2. If the expected migrant wave escalates during the warm weather, I think the Brexit will win at the polls.

        1. The interesting thing will be what happens after; if Remain wins, it can be simple, while in the opposite case, well, that will not be the end of the story, given that that votes against the EU have a track record of not being allowed to stand. As typically happens with respect to ECB machinations and such, I should expect the question to become not so simple as in/out, if/when it becomes clear that Brexit has the momentum; at such time, the situation will be morphed, goalposts will be moved, and if necessary, the people will be given the “opportunity”, though whatever technicality, to vote again, until they get it right.

          1. I assume now that the Brits are negotiating for the ability to keep the pound and walk on all Euro debt not denominated in pounds sterling when the Comtinental economy seizes up. And perhaps to carpet bomb Calais in defense of their Chunnel.

  24. Fascist Down

    Lebanese media reports that the man who hit the late Christopher Hitchens in an altercation in Beirut in 2009 has been killed in Syria, fighting alongside forces allied with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Adonis Nasr, an information officer with the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), often boasted of slapping Hitchens, after the British-American author defaced a placard commemorating an SSNP “hero” who killed two Israeli soldiers in a Wimpy’s restaurant in 1982.

    Hitchens wasn’t a big fan of Israel, and his gesture certainly wasn’t intended to defend Israel’s invasion and occupation of Lebanon. He just despised fascists and rightly interpreted the SSNP’s ideology and symbols as fascist, so when he saw the SSNP’s version of a swastika in the Hamra section of Beirut, he was moved to act. As Hitchens later wrote for Vanity Fair:

  25. The Obama Administration Wants to Make Sure Non-Citizens Vote in the Upcoming Election

    Several well-funded organizations ? including the League of Women Voters and the NAACP ? are fighting efforts to prevent non-citizens from voting illegally in the upcoming presidential election. And the United States Department of Justice, under the direction of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, is helping them. On February 12, these groups filed a lawsuit in D.C. federal court seeking to reverse a recent decision by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).

    The Commission’s decision allows Kansas and other states, including Arizona and Georgia, to enforce state laws ensuring that only citizens register to vote when they use a federally designed registration form. An initial hearing in the case is set for Monday afternoon, February 22.

  26. Who knew that Robert Reich was a Cruzer? He just released the best campaign ad for Cruz ever.

    1. Choose the form of The Destructor!

    2. Hasn’t Robert Reich really gone off the rails recently?

      1. Robert Reich is as economically astute as he is tall and handsome.

        You know what else could be described as a Reich that went off the rails?

        1. Robert Reich once argued we need high national tax rates and we need to eliminate local tax rates because otherwise one state can lower taxes and take jobs from another state, thus causing taxes to be too low by causing a ‘race to the bottom.’

          Let’s break that argument down:

          1. He acknowledges lower taxes attract jobs, an admission that undermines his entire ideology
          2. He thinks we should have massive national tax rates.
          3. At no point does he consider that if low taxes attract jobs, then high national taxes would drive jobs out of the country to places with lower tax rates.

          He’s a brilliant man, is what I’m saying

          1. Wow. leftists seem like totalitarians…they want to impose their will on everyone. His tax rates rates too low causing a race to the bottom really makes no sense as you pointed out. The place with the lower taxes will get the jobs it actually equals better.

            Id say higher tax rates = race to the bottom.

          2. That governments are in economic competion with each other is a concept hateful to people like Reich so they are constantly trying to create structural impediments to competition in taxes. It is why they opt for legal barriers for corporations to change the country they are incorporated in.

    3. I love how the comments on Youtube are disabled for this video. Robert Reich, whose perspective is the only one that cares about the welfare of the country and its inhabitants, cannot suffer any differing opinions. Reich is preaching to a small but dangerous choir.

    4. His face reminds me of “hide-the-pain-Harold”; he’s much less amusing, though.

  27. Hillary Clinton: “I’ve always tried” to tell the truth

    And to think people say she can’t be trusted!

    It would be great to see a debate audience break into uproarious laughter over something like this!

    TW: Auto audio-start.

    1. And I am sure she has obeyed the law whenever she could.

      1. She’s tried, John, what more do you want?

    2. There is a difference between trying and succeeding.

      1. She’s trying, all right — *very* trying.

        1. [golf clap]

    3. She always “TRIED”?

      She’s evil.

      1. Mama tried to raise her better, but her pleadings she dined

        1. DENIED, goddamit

      2. How is saying “tried” rather than “have” not an admission that she has failed?

        1. I’ve always tried to win the lottery, but I’ve never succeeded.

    4. Perfectly consistent with the idea that it’s the intention that matters.

    5. Well, she should be tried… in a court of law.

  28. BBC: Police call for tighter laws on antique guns

    The National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) said antique guns allegedly bought legally as ornaments were being used as live firearms.

    About 100 such guns are in use by criminals nationwide, police say.

    In the West Midlands alone, 31 people were treated for gunshot wounds in the last 18 months.

    Martin Parker, lead forensic scientist for NABIS, said “a clear trend” for criminals to use antique weapons in crime went back to 2010, with ammunition being specially made for them.

    Currently, old guns can be bought from specialist shops and online, with ammunition available on the black market.

    1. Someone just got around to watching Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

      1. [Makes mental note to re-watch.]

      2. This is me bren gun.

    2. Common-sense arquebus control?

      1. The old matchlock vs. flintlock debate.

      2. “Them’s not weapons. Bless you, sir, no! Them’s mementos.”

    3. 31 people treated for gunshot wounds in 18 months. Why is it when I argue with gun grabbers they always tell me that strict gun control has put a stop to gun violence in the UK?

      1. Admittedly, that’s a mild weekend for Chicago. They’re probably right, re, essentially stopping gun violence.

        Where they’re as full of shit as a Christmas turkey is when they make the claim that the gun bans have lowered violence period. And that’s simply not the case. Depending on whose stats you believe—the U.K. does tricks with police crime statistics that a CompStat dodging NYPD lieutenant would be proud of—the U.K. has anywhere from twice to five times the violent crime rate of the States.

        One of my favorite tales from the move in the U.K. towards antique firearms was the sad tale of the two shithead jihadis that hacked off the head of the Royal Army soldier. One of them had an ancient revolver. That promptly blew up in his hand when he tried to fire it as either the soldier or some passerby. I think the wound ended up killing him, and I hope his death was immensely painful.

  29. Afghan Troops Retreat Under Pressure From Taliban

    The last of the Afghan forces have pulled out of the strategic district of Musa Qala in southern Helmand Province, officials said on Saturday, months after the Taliban overran most of the district and kept them holed up in desert outposts.

    The retreat, which had many politicians here mystified, was the latest blow to a province that had been teetering for months. Now, the resurgent Taliban insurgents either control or are contesting 10 of its 14 districts, extending the fighting to Babaji, a suburb so close to the provincial capital that residents of the city could hear the clashes at night.

    Col. Mohammad Rasoul Zazai, a spokesman for the Afghan Army’s 215th Maiwand Corps in Helmand, said the military leadership had decided that it was more effective to pull out the remaining troops and reinforce bases elsewhere in the province.

    1. Why am I hearing Brave Sir Robin’s minstrels when I read that?

  30. GOP candidates chart different paths as race goes national on Super Tuesday

    Kellyanne Conway, president of Keep the Promise I, one of the leading pro-Cruz super PACs, said her group plans to advertise in Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia, with Alabama and Oklahoma also in the mix. The super PAC will air positive ads about Cruz, and its negative ads will focus more on Rubio than on Trump, Conway said. That includes new spots.

    “We’ve got a series on Rubio that I would call ‘chronic absenteeism’ ? looking at how he’s missed votes on Planned Parenthood funding, funding for the military, about how he got himself on a 9/11 committee and didn’t attend,” Conway said.

    Cruz is prioritizing caucus states with arcane rules, such as Nevada ? and, on March 1, Colorado and Minnesota ? because he thinks his devoted network of hard-line activists and Christian conservatives will turn out in droves.

    1. Because Christian conservatives turned out for him so well in South Carolina?

      1. What WTF said. Cruz is in deep shit. Losing SC isn’t a big problem, not in an open primary.

        Losing SC in part because 33% voted for Trump, of the 72% of people who identified as evangelical or born again Christian? While Cruz only got 27% of that pool? That’s a giant problem.

    1. But it contains the magic words “Free Trade”. It must be good. right?

      1. Ain’t it amazing that the more “free” something is, the longer the statutory framework needed to define it.

    2. I’d like to have a few words with Mr Staff, whoever that is.

      1. something something penis

        1. “A wizard’s staff has a knob at the end . . . .”

          1. It’s how I work my magic, baby.

          2. +1 hanging stuffed alligator

    3. Anyone who supports TPP is basically voting in favor of Obama’s goodwill, negotiation acumen, and economic views. Because what was actually in it was (and probably still is, in parts) a secret, and you have to trust someone very much to support them blindly.

    4. Well, John Tamny, whoever that is, seems to.

  31. Oregon Liberals Concerned 49 Cent Stamp Will Reduce Voter Registrations

    A case came up just today regarding voter registrations and the cost of a stamp. The liberals in question are concerned that the cost of stamp will hamper voter registration.

    The solution, amazing enough, is to spend $1.08 to save voter registrants the agony of spending $0.49 to register to vote.

    Reader Andy who emailed the story commented “Oregon’s public employee retirement fund is underfunded by nearly 22 billion and our representatives are concerned about a 49 cent stamp!”

    1. Well, there is a precedent for Americans being outraged about the high price of government-issued stamps, but those were mandatory; these not so much. Also, if this really is an issue for liberals, why are they not standing outside of housing projects and welfare offices with rolls of stamps?

    2. “And don’t even get me started about the inability of many to lick the envelope!”

      1. Stop flaunting your tongue-privilege!

        1. It’s a blessing and a curse.

        2. Grand Master Chaim Witz said no.

    3. When you are in the business of registering illegal aliens, homeless people, and dead people to vote by the tens of thousands, so that their registrations can then be used to facilitate voter fraud, raising the price of stamps is a big deal. It is all about volume Jordan.

    4. They are the 49 per cent.

        1. The forever stamp. You know who else had one of those?

          1. Saint Peter?

          2. The Ministry of Love?

  32. How the Left Sustains Its Flawed Ideology

    At its very worst, the far Left’s morality-purity arrogance helps explain Stalin and Mao’s collectivization and starvation campaigns. The posture also helps explain the current rotten state of affairs in Cuba and Venezuela, where leftist leaders imprison dissenters and make private interests patsies for immense socialist failures. But at the least-malicious level, it also explains the rhetorical arrogance with which contemporary far-leftists attack conservatives in democracies.

    This is where the Bernie Sanders enters the picture. Just watch a Bernie Sanders speech. The central premise of his presidential campaign is rooted not in ideology, but in anger. Bankers, corporations, the wealthy: the targets of Sanders campaign are easy, broadly defined and facilitate populism. And although Sanders’ proposals are fantastic in the sense that they’re pure fantasy (and would be a nightmare in reality, especially for young Americans), his anger works. If it didn’t, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be trying to co-opt the populist message of his campaign. As she undergoes a metamorphosis from crony capitalist to avowed leftist, Clinton clearly believes she must persuade liberal voters that she shares their simplistic notions of anger and blame.

    1. All i have seen him do is go on diatribes. I would like to hear people call him out in the middle of one.

    2. Railing against ruling elites (to the extent they exist) have always been part of American politi-culture. If not Wall St., it was the midwest industrial barons if not them it was big labor and so on. It’s what riles the base up.

  33. San Bernardino victims to oppose Apple on iPhone encryption

    Some victims of the San Bernardino attack will file a legal brief in support of the U.S. government’s attempt to force Apple Inc to unlock the encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the shooters, a lawyer representing the victims said on Sunday.

    Stephen Larson, a former federal judge who is now in private practice, told Reuters that the victims he represents have an interest in the information which goes beyond the Justice Department’s criminal investigation.

    “They were targeted by terrorists, and they need to know why, how this could happen,” Larson said.

    Larson said he was contacted a week ago by the Justice Department and local prosecutors about representing the victims, prior to the dispute becoming public. He said he will file an amicus brief in court by early March

    1. “They were targeted by terrorists, and they need to know why, how this could happen,” Larson said.

      Demands to unlock Kalamazoo Uber driver’s phone in 3, 2, 1, ?.

      1. He had an UBER APP on it!

    2. “They were targeted by terrorists, and they need to know why, how this could happen,” Larson said.

      It doesn’t seem that hard to figure out. That’s the worst reason so far for decrypting the phone.

      1. “Why”: Because they are terrorists, and you had the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, our massive federal law enforcement bureaucracy failed.

        “How”: Well, the terrorist got guns and ammo, and . . . . Also, our massive federal law enforcement bureaucracy failed.

        And no, being able to unlock phones before this attack would have done nothing to prevent it.

        1. And the phone has been sitting there for months. If there were information on it about an immanent attack of some sort, it would be a bit late now.

          I’m going to go ahead and call this a cynical power grab and not any legitimate security concern. I could maybe see an argument for unlocking a phone if there was good reason to believe that doing so would stop some horrible attack. But that’s not the case here.

  34. Damning study finds a ‘whitewashed’ Hollywood

    A study to be released Monday by the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism offers one of the most wide-ranging examinations of the film and television industries, including a pointed “inclusivity index” of 10 major media companies ? from Disney to Netflix ? that gives a failing grade to every movie studio and most TV makers.

    Coming just days before an Academy Awards where a second straight year of all-white acting nominees has enflamed an industry-wide crisis, the report offers a new barrage of sobering statistics that further evidence a deep discrepancy between Hollywood and the American population it entertains, in gender, race and ethnicity.

    1. In spite of the stupidity of all this, it is kind of nice to see the left hoist by their own petard.

    2. University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

      The Karl Marx School of Communication and Propaganda.

      Coming just days before an Academy Awards where a second straight year of all-white acting nominees has enflamed an industry-wide crisis, the report offers a new barrage of sobering statistics that further evidence a deep discrepancy between Hollywood and the American population it entertains, in gender, race and ethnicity.

      Because it’s just so hard to believe that white people would be more proficient and therefore over represented in these jobs.

      I wonder what percentage of the last 25 years of NBA playoff winners were white? If it’s not at least half, I’m going to call it an “industry-wide crisis”.

      1. When you call yourself the Media, Diversity and Social Change Initiative, isn’t it a little hard to argue that you’re “studying” anything? Does the NAACP study the need for the advancement of colored people? It’s kinda baked right into the name that you’ve already drawn a conclusion.

        1. Exactomundo. They want freebies and handouts and low expectations. If you need to guilt someone into giving you an award you probably don’t deserve it. And even if you do, when next years 10 black Oscar winners take the stage for their acceptance speeches, is there anyone out there living in reality-land who really thinks they all won because they all deserve it? Or did they just win because of white guilt?

      2. They’ve also never heard of self-selection bias, either.

    3. Luv me some left eatin’ itself!!!

      1. It is inevitable

  35. Dealers are using India’s version of Amazon to sell meth, ecstasy and bath salts

    Though less prosperous than Amazon or China’s Alibaba, the site is one of India’s top tech success stories ? a lively conduit plugging India into an increasingly borderless online sales economy worth trillions.

    But IndiaMart’s vendors are advertising a range of illicit products that you won’t find on Amazon or Alibaba. Such as methamphetamine, ecstasy and LSD.

    Add to that almost every prescription-only upper or downer on the market. That includes Adderall, for a speedy high, and codeine syrup, a liquid opiate popularly mixed with Sprite. The designer drug “bath salts” is also on the menu. It’s advertised on IndiaMart with a photo of ready-to-snort white lines next to a rolled-up dollar bill.

    1. Please pay for your purchases and get out, and come again!

    2. X, LSD, Purple drank, and Addy? Sounds like a good weekend

      1. Just average, really.

  36. Rob Thomas Has Apologized For Making a Racist Joke About Aboriginal Australians

    Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas was booed for making a racist joke about Aboriginal Australians during a concert on Saturday night. He has since issued a formal apology.

    During a technical interruption at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena on the opening night of his solo Australian tour, Thomas told the audience how he deals with long flights.

    “I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve got the jet lag figured out,” he said. “What you do is, when you get on the plane on your way here, you start drinking.” This was met by cheers and laughs from the audience. Thomas went on, “And then I drink until I think I’m Australian.” More laughs. But then he added, “And I keep drinking until I think I’m a black Australian.”

    Who? What? Where?

    1. Wow. That obviously wasn’t thought up on the spot.

    2. He had them at “drinking.” Then he ruined it.

    3. That wasn’t very smooth of him.

    4. “And then I keep drinking until I think I’m a black, trans female, lesbian Australian! WOOHOO!!!”

    5. Wait a minute, i thought Rob Thomas died in an autoerotic asphyxiation mishap in 2008. Did i just dream that?

      1. The last I saw him he was in a mental institution smelling crotches alongside Sinbad.

    6. He says his Australian friends had to explain to him why it was racist.

      “C’mon guys, I tell that story all the time in the States!”

    7. “Matchbox Twenty”

      i just suffered “Jacobs Ladder“-esque flashbacks of some repressed horror.

    8. “As God is my witness, I didn’t know that there were blacks in Australia.”

    9. Paul Hogan has a sad…

    10. The article continues that he then said “and I keep drinking until I think I’m a little Australian girl.”

      He said he picked the three because he is none of those, and those would seem to verify how out of his mind he is after drinking.

  37. I never watch CNN. But I just watched the video for the “space sounds” story. God, the announcers are annoying.

    “It sounds like space screams.”

    “Screams? Why does it have to be violent? Maybe it’s space winds?”

    “There is no wind in space.”

    This was just terrible. I pity the fool who watches CNN as a source for news and information.

    1. How about the fool who watches for the “Wolf” drinking game?

      1. “Wolf” drinking game

        Finish the bottle every time Blitzer goes another $1000 in the hole on Celebrity Jeopardy? There’d be no survivors, man!

        1. Wolf Blitzer, this guy… Maybe this guy ain’t so bright?

  38. “NASA released audio of “outer-space type music” that Apollo 10 astronauts on the far side of the Moon reported hearing.”

    It sounded really lame to me

    1. I was hoping for “Major Tom”, myself.

      1. “Major Tom” is a guy calling from Earth.

        It’s like you don’t care about science at all!

        1. (specifically, most of the singing is by the guy at Ground Control, Major Tom gets only a few lines)

          1. (the weirdest lines, I grant you)

        2. It’s like you don’t care about science at all!

          My political philosophy is firmly grounded in apathy. So, probably, yeah. Whatev.

          1. Your political philosophy would be boring even if I bothered to look it up instead of watching Internet…Teletubbies.

            1. A fellow apathy-based libertarian!

  39. The FBI on Saturday rebutted media reports that San Bernardino County technicians acted without the agency’s consent when they reset the password for the Apple iCloud account belonging to one of the shooters involved in the Dec. 2 terror attack at a county facility that killed 14 people.

    “This is not true,” FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said in a statement released late Saturday night. “FBI investigators worked cooperatively with the county of San Bernardino in order to exploit crucial data contained in the iCloud account associated with a county-issued iPhone that was assigned to the terror suspect, Syed Rizwan Farook.”

    What the hell are they saying here and why are they saying it? The password reset story was that some waterhead at parks and recreation reset the password without thinking about it and the FBI jumps in to make it absolutely clear that the FBI deliberately reset the password? It seems like the FBI had an argument that they had no other choice but to ask Apple to help unlock the phone because some dumbass cut off one of their other lines of attack, but the FBI is nipping that argument in the bud and wanting to focus in solely on the “because we said so” argument. It suggests to me the FBI really really really wants a showdown here on the question of who run Bartertown.

    1. At this point getting the information off the phone is less important than forcing Apple to do what they’re told in a very public show of authority. Fuck ’em.

    2. Aren’t we talking about two different things here?
      The shooters iPhone with the auto-delete feature if too many password attempts are made, and the iCloud account password.

      1. Yes, but Apple’s contention is there are things they would be able to do (related to backing up the phone apparently) that Apple could assist with had they not changed the password. However, once the iCloud password was changed, the encryption pairing between iCloud and the phone itself were broken and there is nothing you can do without breaking the encryption entirely.

      2. The password was changed to the cloud account, which means they couldn’t access the phone update any more. Had they not changed the cloud password, they might have gotten the info off the phone through the cloud. Changing the cloud password meant the only way to get at the phone info was through the phone itself. It’s as if the FBI deliberately wanted to make sure the only way they could get info off the phone is if Apple helped them. And as I’ve said before – if Apple can create a program that will defeat their own safety features I’d have to bet that some other hackers out there have already created just such a program.

  40. Music on the far side of the moon and no Pink Floyd reference yet? (Or did I miss one?)

    Must be too obvious. But I had to mention it anyway.

    1. 1st post, guy.

  41. Arnie Di Caprio Grape is such an idiot:…..o-dicaprio

    1. Why did I read that as Ani DiFranco…

      1. Because, just guessing, they probably share the same views?

  42. Last night I watched Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last! (1923)

    I really like watching the backgrounds – the city of Los Angeles, the advertising, and people. People actually lived without government everywhere.

  43. I’ve been reading a little about this lawsuit the band Spirit has filed against Led Zeppelin about “Stairway to Heaven”. So, maybe Jimmy Page heard the 4 measures of the song that appear similar before S to H was written. My question is, how does this damage Spirit? Would their song(Taurus) be more popular if it wasn’t similar to S to H? And what is the libertarian position on this type of lawsuit? Is this a considered victim-less or what?

    1. No maybe. Spirit opened for Led Zeppelin for an entire tour.

      Just a classless act by LZ to take somebody else’s music and claim they wrote it. They got caught doing it over and over again.

      1. to take somebody else’s music and claim they wrote it.

        Not sure if having 4 measures that are similar is “taking somebody else’s music”. Is it too late to claim middle “C” as my note?

        1. “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve written a successful song ? you didn’t write that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

          Obviously, neither LS nor Spirit deserve any credit for their songs, and the government should receive all the royalties.

          1. “Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.”

            Every time I hear or read this it makes my blood boil. It was government contractors, universities and companies like Sun, HP, and others who developed what we think of as the Internet. In fact, there were many internets and network protocols. Vint Cerf developed the IP protocol but it was a minor player even into the 1990s.

      2. Is there a substantial difference between ripping off Robbert Johnson or Sonny Boy Williamson and Spirit? Hell, most blues guys were ripping/reforming others’ riffs since the early 1900’s. You could argue that Jimmy Page was continuing in a long blues tradition.

        1. I was about to say, the blues has a very long tradition of lifting other people’s stylings within the four-bar format.

          1. Yes, but blues is “folk music” bubbling up out of the collective African-American soul. What are you talking about with your individual-authorship crap?

            /sarc /sarc /sarc

          2. You didn’t write that song.

        2. Most of the English Blues wave guys (Clapton, Peter Green, the Rolling Stones) had a huge amount of respect for the old American Blues guys. They covered them regularly but always gave them credit. Then Led Zep showed up doing variations on the same songs with zero credit to the original writers – and began losing lawsuits to people like Howlin Wolf for ripping off songs not even a decade old.

      3. It’s not like Spirit got Jake Holmes’ed or anything…

        Now THAT was a ripoff…

    2. Isn’t it the same idea as the one behind the “My Sweet Lord” versus “He’s So Fine” lawsuit?

      1. I think the distinction from a compositional POV is that the above example of “my sweet lord” vs. “he’s so fine” is the ‘entire’ song structure (verse and chorus) is the same, includng the actual core-melody.

        That’s sort of 2 orders of magnitude more ‘copied’.

        All that’s at issue in the Zep/Spirit case is just the “4 measures” of the opening phrase, which repeats in parts of the verse but which quickly expands and adds elements which did not exist in the original. If there were some similar vocal melody combined with it, I’d say the cases were far more similar, but in this case I’d argue that the Zep case is actually far more similar to the “Sampling Lawsuits” of the 1980s/1990s where rap tunes chopped loops from pre-existing tunes (“repurposing fragments”) and used those small segments to build entirely tunes from. IOW, at issue is just “a part” of the whole, and not the whole itself.

    3. I haven’t read about the suit, but i listened to the song they’re claiming is the “source” and what seems to be at issue is just the opening chords, which is basically built around a cute gimmick of taking an A-minor arpeggio and walking the root A note down (anyone who’s played it on guitar knows exactly what i mean) to an F

      its not a phrasing that is unique to “Spirit”, and its not “their music” anymore than a I-V-vi-IV progression belongs to any one of the 100s of pop bands that have used it

      that said, its pretty clear that Zep bit those chops at that time for their own purposes. the tempo and the phrasing are identical.

      Is that wrong? my libertarian feeling is “No”. No one owns the building blocks, or even common patterns in music. The success of zep’s tune didn’t ‘rely’ on the other one. Its hard to convince me anything has been ‘stolen’ when the original tune was a commercial flop. I think there are multiple questions involved (as a matter of law, as an ethical issue, how ‘artistic license’ works, etc) and there’s no simple libertarian guide to all of them.

      I personally think the “Whoot vs Whoomp (There it is)” dilemma is more interesting.

    4. Well, the Spirit song sucked about as hard as the Led Zep one didn’t… but let’s look at it from a different angle. Maybe Led Zep should’ve sued Chicago over 25 or 6 to 4 (yes, I’m glossing over the many other uses of that basic riff), but they didn’t have to, because Babe I’m going to leave you was a hit. In other words, all Spirit had to do was to take their genius progression (Led Zep’s version of which, stipulating it to have been lifted, was the least interesting part of Stairway) and make a song that rocked, instead of stinking up the joint.

      1. Odd that you would mention “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and 25 or 6 to 4 – every time I hear the first few notes of Babe I think it’s Styx’ Suite Madame Blue.

  44. As a Rick and Morty fan, thanks for the picture.

    “Lick, lick, lick my BALLS!”

  45. I know there hasn’t been much news on that front, but how come there is not a single google news result for “clinton email [charges|indictment|criminal]” later than Jan 29? Major news outlets might not be mentioning it, but the mid-grade bloggers and such normally accumulated by google news … have either hushed right up, or is google no longer indexing them?

    1. quick check of WaPo =-

      State Dept. releases 562 more of Clinton’s emailst.
      Associated Press | Washington | Feb 19, 2016

      1,000 pages of Clinton emails released; 84 classifications
      Bradley Klapper?|?AP | Business | Feb 13, 2016

      The voters need answers about the Clinton emails
      Editorial Board | Editorial-Opinion | Feb 7, 2016

      Clinton email scandal: Why it might be time for Democrats to draft Joe Biden
      Colbert I. King | Editorial-Opinion | Feb 5, 2016

      How did ‘top secret’ emails end up on Hillary Clinton’s server?
      Glenn Kessler | Politics | Feb 4, 2016

      I also get dozens of things popping up during the same period on Google News tab under ‘clinton email’.

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