Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center Strikes Again

What should we make of the SPLC's annual count of "hate groups" and "anti-government groups"?


That Trump guy pops up everywhere.
Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center has published its annual report on "The Year in Hate and Extremism," which as always includes its attempt to tally how many hate groups and how many anti-government "Patriot" groups exist in America. This year, both figures rose about 14 percent.

I have repeatedly made two criticisms of these counts and the ways they're used. One problem is built in to the idea of measuring a movement's strength by counting the number of groups on the ground. If an organization splinters, that suggests it's getting weaker, but on these lists the disarray will show up as growth. The SPLC's Mark Potok more or less acknowledges this problem in his write-up of the numbers this year. The "hardest core sectors of the white supremacist movement—white nationalists, neo-Nazis and racist skinheads—actually declined somewhat," he notes, with the hate-group count going up because there are more Klan groups and black separatist organizations. But the Klan spike is "probably mainly accounted for" by the fact that two large Klans fell apart last year, leaving their adrift former members to form new grouplets.

I don't doubt that there's been some genuine growth in some of these movements. It's plausible, for example, that the general recent increase in civil rights activism would include some growth on the separatist fringes. And Potok may be right that the outcome of the original Bundy standoff led more people to join militia-style groups. But the numbers being thrown around can be misleading.

The patriot's dream still lives on today.
Southern Poverty Law Center

That's especially true when you run into my other recurring complaint—that people try to treat these lists as a proxy for the number of Americans willing to engage in right-wing terrorism. The problem is that they include nonviolent as well as violent organizations. (This year's list of anti-government groups, for example, includes 44 chapters of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, 24 chapters of the John Birch Society, a separate listing for "the John Birch Society Shop," and the paleolibertarian website Nonviolent groups can be a stepping-stone to violence, but they can also pull people away from violence; in several cases, nonviolent activists have even turned would-be terrorists in. Potok never tries to account for those dynamics.

The SPLC does caution against using the list as a proxy for the terror threat in another, more self-serving way. Before this latest report came out, we saw several years in which its numbers of hate groups and anti-government groups were both declining. So the center took to playing up the specter of unorganized "lone wolf" violence, noting that such crimes can surge even as actual groups disappear. This year Potok combines the approaches, citing the increasing number of groups while also highlighting the threat of the loners.

So how much lone-wolf terror was there in 2015? The SPLC turns to another organization for its answer:

According to a year-end report from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), "domestic extremist killers" slew more people in 2015 than in any year since 1995, when the Oklahoma City bombing left 168 men, women and children dead. Counting both political and other violence from extremists, the ADL said "a minimum of 52 people in the United States were killed by adherents of domestic extremist movement[s] in the past 12 months."

If that number seems extraordinarily high, it's because of that phrase "and other" sitting there between "political" and "violence." The ADL's count includes gang slayings, domestic violence, and other apolitical or ambiguous assaults in which the killer also happens to subscribe to an "extremist" worldview. According to the ADL's bulletin, the number of ideologically motivated murders last year was not 52 but 34. That breaks down to 19 deaths in two Islamist attacks (the mass shootings in Chattanooga and San Bernardino) and 15 killings by people with views resembling the groups covered in the SPLC's lists, with the grisliest incident being the massacre of nine Charleston churchgoers in June. This may be more than usual, especially on the Islamist front, but it's within the sort of random year-to-year fluctuations that you often see with rare crimes.

If you want to read the SPLC's full report, it's here. For a different view of the year that just ended, read my "2015: The Year in Fear."

NEXT: Criminal Penalties for Companies that Won't Help Decrypt? Not Yet—But Keep Watching

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  1. Why should I put any stock into what a hate group like the SPLC says anyway?

    1. Yeah, SPLC is full of shit.

    2. Exactly. Until they put themselves on the list, they have no credibility.

      1. But if they’re a hate group, how can you trust their list? But if they’re not on the list of hate groups, their list has no credibility. Shrodinger’s hate group?

    3. Because they have literally one or two black power groups on their variously titled hate lists to balance out the dubious and bountiful mixture of right-wing and white people-ish racist groups. Fair and Balanced.

      1. White people are the worst.
        It’s documented!

        1. ‘Tis true. I read it in People Magazine.

        2. White people are the worst.

          Universals can be falsified so easily. Rest assured for every awkward White guy flailing his limbs around on the dance floor, there is an Asian woman who thinks merely shifting her weight from one heel to another qualifies as “dancing”.

          1. Given what you have labelled as “Dancing” in the past, I can’t regard you as an expert of the matter.

            1. Another dude with a foot fetish, I see.

          2. She was sitting in a car, so I thought she did fine.

          3. Not ‘an’- that’s all Asian women.

    4. Really. Who are they, anyway, and why should anybody care? Don’t they have southern poverty to take care of or something?

      1. Well, Morris Dees is now w-a-a-a-y out of poverty.

    5. I find it funny that this sort of stuff is what they’re known for.

      When I was a lot younger and I would come across a mention of them, I just assumed that they were a Southern based group helping poor people get legal help, lobbying for laws that keep the government from hurting help poor people, etc.

      Then I actually saw some of their calls to action, releases similar to these, and then went to their website to see their action issues. This was one of several key revelations that flipped me from “soft” Democrat at 19 to L/libertarian.

  2. The mask slips. Anyone who opposes the State must be a terrorist.

    1. That mask came off of them a long time ago.

  3. When a leading presidential candidate is on a list of extremists, what does extremism actually mean any more? Over 40% of the country is going to end up voting for Trump if he’s the nominee, so clearly extremism doesn’t mean ‘someone with extremist beliefs’ if that many people are willing to vote for him.

    “includes 44 chapters of Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, 24 chapters of the John Birch Society”

    I’m willing to bet they include several hundred KKK chapters too, even though most of those chapters are just 4 septuagenarian white supremacists sitting in a basement in rural Indiana.

    1. You of all people would know Irish.

    2. If I bothered to look at that list, I’d probably also find groups of people who don’t believe a bakery should be compelled to sell a gay couple a wedding cake, or groups who believe that those who can’t speak English, and/or who need to pray to their imaginary, vindictive sky fairy five times a day are not going to make the best and most productive employees.

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    1. Alpha careers you say? Crusty! This guy needs to talk to you.

      1. Great. They pull the spam bot and now I look crazy.

        1. You know who else was a crazy looking Florida man?

          1. My mom? Your mom. All of H&R’s moms?

            1. You covered all my bases. You know your shit.

        2. Florida Man don’t need no spambot around anyhow.

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  6. What should we make of the SPLC’s annual count of “hate groups” and “anti-government groups”?

    Not much. Follow the money.

    1. It leads to the Federal government, doesn’t it?

  7. The problem is not “hate” per se. It’s hating the wrong people.

      1. You probably don’t even own a TV. One of “those” people.

        1. Nonsense.

          I own two TVs.

          I use them as computer monitors.

  8. Look at that magazine cover. It’s dominated by a current Presidential candidate who has never to my knowledge advocated for anything like terrorism or even violence–outside that which is performed by the state. Hell, Ann Coulter’s even on it, a person who’s primary threat to others is her penchant for being obnoxious. At the same time, an actual self-proclaimed terrorist, Tashfeen Malik, who actually killed Americans in this very country, gets a little space in the bottom left corner. Isn’t that interesting? It’s almost as if the SPLC has some sort of bias, like it might have some sort of political axe to grind. Hmm.

  9. From the report:

    “Of these groups, 276 were militias marked with an asterisk, and the remainder include *”common-law” courts, publishers, ministries, and citizens’ groups.”*

    About 1/4th of them are actual ‘militias’ whereas the rest are people publishing things, sermonizing, and engaging in ‘citizens’ groups.’

    Oh no. Scary people publishing things and giving sermons. How ever will the republic survive?

    1. It’s because the weak-minded might be taken in by these things, Irish. The SPLC is just looking out for the likes of you and me.

      1. the weak-minded might be taken in by these things

        *waves hand at Rich*

        You hate black people even more than Irish.

        *waves hand again*

        You hate the government too and want to see it destroyed.

      1. I guess hating war does make them a hate group. 😀

      2. I know, how long until the reason hit and run comment section is on the list. I mean a whole rabble of them advocated hellish violence against a federal judge.

    2. noticed that too. amazing how many of these active anti-government groups (that need to be watched) look like normal political groups… operating within the system, even if they think it should change… i get the interest in self professed militias (still wrong, but i understand why someone would think you should watch those guys), but this does look more like an active attempt to stigmatize dissenting views.

      especially when they follow up with this:
      “Listing here foes not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist.”

      then why are they on the list? they are not for or advocating violence… they are not criminals…. what makes them “extremists?”

      “list was compiled from field reports, group publications, the Internet, law enforcement sources and news reports.”

      in other words, as long as someone somewhere has called the group extremists, we put them on this list.

  10. Sounds like an attempt to freeze out dissent. The list is meaningless.

  11. Why would anyone care what the SPLC says about anything?

    This is like caring who wins Oscars, or believing the College football championship actually means anything.

    1. BLASPHEMER!!!!!

  12. What should we make of the SPLC’s annual count of “hate groups” and “anti-government groups”?

    Not much.

    1. I could make a hat, or a bird, or a pterodactyl…

      1. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit hating everybody.

  13. I like how Trump figures more prominently in the graphic than a couple that actually killed 14 people.

    1. That’s how violent his rhetoric really is.

  14. “After seeing the bloodshed that defined 2015, our politicians should have worked to defuse this anger and bring us together as a nation,” Potok said. “Unfortunately, the carnage did little to dissuade some political figures from spouting incendiary rhetoric about minorities. In fact, they frequently exploited the anger and polarization across the country for political gain.”

    Spouting incendiary rhetoric and exploiting anger and polarization? Isn’t that the mission statement of the SPLC?

    1. Projection: it’s not just for movie theaters anymore!

  15. They pull the spam bot and now I look crazy.

    Now? I got some bad news for you, Shirley.

  16. We should do a reason and SPLC mixer. I’ll bring the keg of IPA and what do SPLC people drink? That’s right, flavor aid.

  17. You can tell just by looking at some of the names how scary these groups are. For example, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is just as terrifying as their name suggests.

    “CSPOA assembles Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Citizens who understand the grave implications of our eroding Constitutional protections. Whether it’s an illegal checkpoint violating the 4th Amendment, 2nd Amendment intrusions affecting your defense of your home or family, or ANY other infringement of your freedom, CSPOA is on the front line defending your rights and Liberty.”

    Or how about the Freedom First Society, which publishes such horribly violent articles as this one explaining Congress’ control of spending.

    “Of course, effective use of this power presumes that the House of Representatives has the backbone to roll back an out-of-control federal government, using the Constitution as its guide. Ultimately, that kind of backbone has to come from an informed public back home”

    I think he’s saying we should shoot abortionists, you guys.

  18. If isn’t on the list of anti-government groups but is, then Reason needs to try harder.

    Also, why isn’t Cato on the list of anti-government groups?

    1. Maybe Reason should complain to the SLPC.

      Or better yet, Reason should sue the SLPC for defamation!

      We’re anti-government, too! How dare you leave us off the list!

      How much fundraising have you lost out on for not being on the SLPC’s anti-government list?

      The Reason Foundation should sue them for that amount.

      1. SLPC is all for the rights of GLBT!

        SLPC. SPLC. Tomay-to. Tomah-to. Potay-to. Potah-to

        You all know what I’m talkin’ about.

      2. Reason should protest the omission to SLPC. They can argue that they, unlike most of the bogus entries on the SLPC list, Reason has actually been subpoenaed by a US attorney in connection to a incident involving domestic terrorism.

  19. Surely, there are enough anarcho-capitalists around here to qualify as an anti-government group.

    Shouldn’t every anarchist group be on the list of anti-government groups?

    1. That SPLC list gave me a few organizations I’d like to donate money to, so if I try hard enough, hopefully I can wind up on an SPLC hate list individually.

      Wish me luck everyone.

      1. Well being a giant racist certainly gives you a head start.

  20. Why does the SPLC place ‘anti-government’ groups under the umbrella of ‘hate’ groups?

    Were Widerstand groups in WWII opposing Hitler “hate” groups? This is freakin’ retarded.

    1. Why does the SPLC place ‘anti-government’ groups under the umbrella of ‘hate’ groups?

      It doesn’t. They’re separate lists.

      1. Ok, then let me modify my question, why do they feel the need to list anti-government groups as reflexively problematic?

        1. Because the government is the only thing standing between diversity paradise and white people murdering all the non-whites.

          1. It was obviously the lack of government regulation that lead to slavery and segregation.

        2. Because people in anti-government groups have committed violence a number of times in the past!

          Of course, the same is true of almost literally any other group in the world large enough to be even a little representative of humanity.

  21. What should we make of the SPLC’s annual count of “hate groups” and “anti-government groups”?

    In a sane world, nothing.

  22. BTW, it is quite obvious from the chart that Obo is the cause of a tremendous increase in the number of ‘hate groups’.
    Perhaps he can be charged with some version of a ‘hate crime’ for inciting such actions?

    1. That’s racist yo.

  23. Klan chapters grew from 72 in 2014 to 190 last year ….
    On the opposite end of the political spectrum, black separatist hate groups also grew

    Emphasis added. Say what?

    1. White people are at one end of the political spectrum, black people are at the opposite end. Black is the opposite of white. Get it?

        1. You are a bottomless pit filled to the brim with diversity. Don’t ever change.

          1. The early 90s loved their morph effects.

  24. If an organization splinters, that suggests it’s getting weaker


    1. But it makes more hate groups, so it’s cool.

  25. Also: Never forget that someone once used an SPLC hate map to target the Family Research Council.

    I obviously don’t blame the SPLC for this. It’s just that if a right winger had used a right wing website as justification for a shooting, the SPLC absolutely would have blamed the right-wing website. Like how the SPLC explicitly blamed Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer for the Anders Brevik shooting.

    They’re sleazy hypocrites who by their own logic (which is to say ‘no logic’) are responsible for shootings, is what I’m saying.

    1. You can’t blame them for murder. You can however blame them for engaging in slander and such over the top rhetoric that they inspired murder. Seriously, if you spend years going around saying that people like the FRC and Geller are evil fascists bent on destroying America, is it not foreseeable that someone might take you at your work and take matters into their own hands?

    2. Hell, weren’t there people blaming Pamela Geller for that “draw Mohommed” event that ended up in a shooting where the intended target of the aggressors was…. Pamela Geller?

      1. Yes, I think that was Garland, Texas – where firearms prevented a mass shooting.

        Funny how that one never comes up when people claim guns have no defensive value.

        1. I think that was Garland, Texas – where firearms prevented a mass shooting.

          You mean, where a gun-toting racist hick murdered a poor Muslim who was triggered by hate speech into protecting his culture from a privileged white woman? /progderp

      2. Yes. Larry Wilmore blamed Pamela Geller because a security guard got shot in the foot when two crazy Islamists went and tried to murder everyone there.

        Because to left-wing bigots like Wilmore, Muslims are basically rabid dogs who you can’t expect to behave rationally so if a Muslim tries to kill you it’s really your fault for poking the dog with a stick.

        1. Oh! Interesting SPLC connection. The winner of the Draw Mohammad competition was Bosch Fawstin, an Albanian ex-Muslim. Do you want to know how the SPLC responded to Islamists trying to murder Bosch Fawstin? They added him to the SPLC hate list within 3 days of the attempt on his life.

        2. What the hell do left-wing bigots think you do with a rabid dog?

          1. Protest until it receives the right to vote!

      3. “Victim blaming” is OK if the victim is some EVUL RIGHT WINGER TEAHADIST!11!11!!!!!

  26. The comments on the WAPO Koch editorial on Criminal Justice reform are a wonderland of DERP. Oh my God are these people stupid and evil.

    This entire article is part of the Koch brothers PR campaign to improve their public image, which is justifiably awful. Rather than read Charles Koch’s deceptive attempt to seem as if he is other than an overbearing plutocrat whose policies will destroy the lives of millions by turning them into economic vassals for uber-wealthy people like himself, invest the time instead in reading Jane Mayer’s new book Dark Money. Most people now know that the Koch family fortune largely came from patriarch Fred Koch’s work for first Stalin and then Hitler in the 1930s. What Dark Money reveals is that, after their electoral defeat in the Libertarian Party in 1980, the Kochs embarked on a long-term project to impose their own vision of how the world should be on Americans, through stealth and deception. It is a powerful narrative, and we all need to know just how manipulative, crazy and dangerous the Koch brothers really are.

    1. Woody Sez
      1:22 PM EST
      Check out his bro’s platform when he ran as a Libertarian in 1980 as a VP candidate. Elimination of public education was one plank.

      1:19 PM EST
      Yeah, until you look at what he actually wants to cut. It sounds great, but we live in a democracy, of, by, and for the people. Our Government is not fundamentally an oppressive state unless you hate Democracy

      1. Our Government is not fundamentally an oppressive state unless you hate Democracy

        Wow. So a majority can’t oppress a minority? IOW, if you think Jim Crow was oppressive, you hate democracy.

        1. He just means smaller scale democracy. Everyone knows that an all-powerful national democracy of hundreds of millions of voters, never oppresses anyone.

    2. Have a side of Prog butthurt

      1:06 PM EST [Edited]
      Charles writes: “Consider America’s War on Poverty. Since its launch under President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, we have spent roughly $22 trillion, yet our poverty rate remains at 14.8 percent”. Yes, Mr Koch, it has because of anti-labor policies you, your brother and the Conservative Republican Party have put in place since Nixon, but especially since Reagan.

      The corporations like Koch and Walmart have kept the poor in place by paying near slave-labor wages for 40 years. Then, without health care, many poor and less fortunate cannot afford medical care and get into huge debt because our Medical-Pharma Industrial Complex is run by greedy, slick, short-fingered vulgarians who are “rent-seeking” creeps. Basically, inequality is both a monetary and opportunity problem. Koch Industries has done what to address those issues?

      1. short-fingered vulgarians

        Nice band name.

        1. That’s the old Spy magazine term for Donald Trump, by the way.

      2. How did Bruce get through that whole thing without mentioning the Jooz? I mean, that’s usually an easy go-to for the proggies that hate big (enter word here).

        1. Hooked noses?

      3. The corporations like Koch and Walmart have kept the poor in place by paying near slave-labor wages for 40 years.

        Actually, isn’t Koch Industries unionized?

        Oh, yeah, it is

        1. Unionization isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. My union has kept pay increases below the rate of inflation for decades. My only reliable way to stay ahead of inflation (within my current employment situation) is to keep getting promoted.

          1. Fair point. But, I don’t think you can make much of a case that the Kochs have stomped down the working man’s attempt to earn more than slave wages through unionization.

            1. I never believed they did – to keep their company going they need people of some competence in certain positions.

        2. Also, how many minimum-wage workers does Koch Industries employ, anyway? Relatively few, I would guess. But hey, the Kochs are evil and the minimum wage being so low is evil, so obviously Kochs = low minimum wage in the prog mind.

    3. Key steps to world domination:

      1. Promote criminal justice reform, free markets and basic human dignity

      2. ???

      3. Domination!

      1. They are just supporting criminal justice reform as a scheme to enrich themselves and keep poor people and minorities down.

        1. So, sort of like the ACLU on mens rea

      2. Criminal justice reform to them means legalizing the drugs they want to do and letting the cops harass whites as much as they do blacks and Hispanics. These fuckwits don’t love Liberty. They just want the majority to pay for the sins of their fathers.

        1. Legalizing drugs that they think are OK.

      3. 4. Leave everyone alone.

    4. Want to have a great laugh? Try asking a leftist to identify a specific thing the Kochs have done that you should object to. When they go off on their tangent about how awful they are, redirect it to your question – one specific thing. When they start ranting about their money, redirect it to the original question – one specific thing.

      It hilarious watching their heads explode as they try to find something to attack them for.

      1. There’s that one time the Koch’s had the temerity to espouse political position that I disagree with. And that other time they gave money to a candidate whose political positions I disagree with. I could go on and on, these guys are rotten to the core.

    1. I am starting think it might be Sanders v. Trump. And if that happens, Trump will win easily. What kind of a mental breakdown do these clowns have after Trump wins the White House thanks to these retards nominating a socialist?

      1. Those debates would be classics, unfortunately.

      2. I don’t know, Sanders may just manage to promise enough free stuff to buy his way in. Plus, he’s just so damn charismatic.

      3. I am starting think it might be Sanders v. Trump.

        My money’s still on Hillary vs [cardboard cutout]

        1. Hillary isn’t going to beat anyone other than maybe Sanders. No one likes the woman. For four years everyone has been saying how the Presidency was hers. Every one of you people were convinced that it was going to be Jeb v. Hillary. Finally, you guys have given up on Jeb. Hillary can’t even win over Democratic voters.

          1. She is looking older and sicker all the time, the FBI is closing in, and any pretty much any bad news (a terror attack, an economic downturn) hurts her and helps Trump.

          2. What do you mean, “You people”? I never once claimed Jeb would win anything. In fact, quite the opposite. I always felt that the sting of W was still too fresh for anyone to elect another Bush.

            All of my liberal friends claimed it would be Jeb, because that was a fight they could wrap their mind around. Hell, I still have one Democrat friend who to this day believes Jeb is going to have an 11th hour comeback and we can finally settle into the warm, comforting waters of a proper political battle that can be analyzed on NPR.

          3. Every one of you people were convinced that it was going to be Jeb v. Hillary. Finally, you guys have given up on Jeb.

            I’ve been saying it won’t be Hillary since 2013. My money was on Biden then and remains there now.

          4. I was worried it would be Jeb for a bit before last summer but I’m happy to be proven wrong.

            I never thought Hillary had a chance though. Still don’t

    2. P-l-e-a-s-e. America’s most successful and beloved government programs are social insurance ? Social Security and Medicare. A highway is a shared social expenditure, as is the military and public parks and schools. The problem is we now have excessive socialism for the rich (bailouts of Wall Street, subsidies for Big Ag and Big Pharma, monopolization by cable companies and giant health insurers, giant tax-deductible CEO pay packages) ? all of which Bernie wants to end or prevent.

      Left without comment.

  27. I am glad Morris Deeds is still churning out good work.

    1. It’s Morris DEES. Morris DEES. Show the man some respect!

      1. He was awesome as the villain in Purple Rain.

        1. And even awesomer in Graffiti Bridge, which is a masterpiece of absurdist cinema.

      2. I keep seeing Morris Day, from the Time

  28. What should we make of the SPLC’s annual count of “hate groups” and “anti-government groups”?

    Nothing. Next question.

  29. One problem is built in to the idea of measuring a movement’s strength by counting the number of groups on the ground. If an organization splinters, that suggests it’s getting weaker, but on these lists the disarray will show up as growth.

    Wait, you mean to tell me that when the People’s Front of Judea split into the Judean People’s Front, the Popular Front of Judea and The People’s Popular Front of Judea that the Romans weren’t in more trouble? Send in the suicide squad!

  30. Dude sounds like a crazy plan to me man. Wo.


    Best AI program still flunks 8th grade science test. This raises the question; is Cytoxic actually an AI program?

    1. an AI program would have a better taste in movies. Also his seemingly contradicting foreign policy views with open borders immigration would be enough to fry any computer matrix.

    2. I think Cytotoxic is more likely an AS (Artificial Stupidity) program.

      1. We don’t have enough natural stupidity….now we are creating “artificial stupidity”?

        That’s just stup….

  32. But the Klan spike is “probably mainly accounted for” by the fact that two large Klans fell apart last year, leaving their adrift former members to form new grouplets.

    Wait…the FBI had layoffs?!

  33. SPLC didn’t include “Black Lives Matter” groups or Islamic groups, so their list is bogus. (Shocked? Me too!)

    Their piece on Henry Harpending was hilarious: understanding human evolution = hate. (Although Reason’s SJWs semi-tacitly agree).

    1. Understanding human evolution?

      “”The reason the Industrial Revolution happened in 1800, rather than the year one thousand, or zero, which it could have, the Romans certainly could have done it, is that a new kind of human evolved in northern Europe, and probably northern Asia. And that this led to the Industrial Revolution?this new kind of human was less violent, had an affinity for work. When you view your parents or grandparents, and you know that they’re retired, they could relax. But afterwards they can’t just sit on the couch and relax, they’ve got to go and get a shop and work on a cradle for their grandchildren? I’ve never seen anything like that in an African. I’ve never seen anyone with a hobby in Africa. They’re different.””

      He thinks there is no one on the African continent who has a hobby. That’s ridiculously retarded.

      Also, apparently a new kind of human magically evolved in 1800 who didn’t exist in 1500. Okay.

      1. They have the data to support both statements and he lived in Africa for a few years – how about you, Mr. PC-ignorant SJW ?

        1. I personally know Africans with hobbies, as in black people who actually live in fucking Africa. Therefore, if Harpending claims he ‘never saw anyone with a hobby in Africa,’ I have to conclude he doesn’t have the observational skills necessary to be a competent scientist.

          Harpending is wildly ignorant if he thinks there aren’t any people in Africa with hobbies and you’re a moron if you believe that nonsense.

      2. He thinks that no one in Africa has a hobby – and he might be right. Hobbies are there to fill time for those people who don’t have to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to put food on the table. Fucking idiots.

    2. “Among Herero there is no such thing as an accident, there is no such thing as a natural death, witchcraft in some form is behind all of it. Did you have a gastrointestinal upset this morning? Clearly someone slipped some pink potion in the milk. ? Our [African] employees were so adamant to show me the truth that they pooled their money so they could take me to the local witch doctor, who would turn me into a frog. ‘Of course he can do that, it is easy for them to do, even to white people’ they said. ? A colleague pointed out a few weeks ago, after hearing this story, that if it is nearly pan-African then perhaps some of it came to the New World. Prominent and not so prominent talkers from the American Black population come out with similar theories of vague and invisible forces that are oppressing people, like ‘institutional racism’ and ‘white privilege’.”

      LOL, he also thinks believing in white privilege is the equivalent of thinking you can turn someone into a frog! Not only that, but there are an awful lot of white Evangelicals who also bleieve in ‘vague and invisible forces that are oppressing people,’ like demons and Satan. This is crank bullshit.

  34. Ironic to see the SPLC citing the Anti-Defamation League when it was less than a year ago that Mark Pitcavage, the ADL’s Intelligence Director publicly denounced Mark Potok’s “hate map” numbers as “wildly inflated,” which they are.

    “According to Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the SPLC has a habit of counting single individuals as groups or chapters, which can give a skewed impression of hate groups in any given state.”

    “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list is wildly inflated,” said Pitcavage. “They list skinhead groups in places where there are no organized groups, but instead it’s just a couple of individuals.”

  35. Dear Reason, could you please start vetting the “promoted stories” at the bottom of the articles so I don’t have to look at a bunch of disgusting pictures while I’m eating lunch?

  36. To their credit, the do list the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, a black separatist group here in Minneapolis that stands on the corner of 5th & Hennepin using bullhorns to promote their belief that all people of color are the true Israelites and that every one else (white folks) are of the devil. And to the separatist’s credit, they are better than the street corner evangelists screaming at people how they are all going to hell. Those fuckers are truly evil.

  37. “According to a year-end report from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), “domestic extremist killers” slew more people in 2015 than in any year since 1995, when the Oklahoma City bombing left 168 men, women and children dead. Counting both political and other violence from extremists, the ADL said “a minimum of 52 people in the United States were killed by adherents of domestic extremist movement[s] in the past 12 months.”

    So a spring weekend in Chicago then…….?

    Good to know!

  38. According to the SPLC, not wanting a gun put to my head to control my actions and take my stuff makes me a member of a “hate” group.

    The contrary isn’t hate at all. They do it out of love.

  39. Is that Frank Gaffney in the center bottom? Yes it is!

    1. So the Center for Security Policy, a security think-tank, is now a hate group.) (Btw one member, Stephen Coughlin, wrote a roughly edited but one of the most scholarly and insightful analyses of Islamist organizations, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood in western countries.) So people who criticize the Muslim Brotherhood are the haters?

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