Climate Change

Global Warming Fund a Slush Fund for World's Dictators

Third World tyrants salivate at the prospect of largesse from the green climate fund.


Wherever you stand on the subject of global warming, pay close attention to one under-reported aspect of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference or Paris Agreement. I am referring to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which is a financial mechanism intended "to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to counter climate change." According to the current estimates, developed countries will be obliged to contribute up to $450 billion a year by 2020 to the GCF, which will then "redistribute" the money to developing countries allegedly suffering from the effects of global warming. 

Lo and behold, Zimbabwe's government-run daily "newspaper" The Herald repored that "Southern Africa is already counting the costs of climate change-linked catastrophes… In Zimbabwe, which has seen a succession of droughts since 2012, a fifth of the population is facing hunger… feeding them will cost $1.5 billion or 11 percent of… the Gross Domestic Product."

No doubt Robert Mugabe, the 91-year-old dictator who has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980, is salivating at the prospect of some global warming cash. Beginning in 2000, Mugabe started to expropriate privately-held agricultural land. The result of what what is euphemistically called "land reform," was a monumental fall in productivity and the second highest bout of hyperinflation in recorded history.

Some three million of Zimbabwe's smartest people, including tens of thousands of doctors and lawyers, have left the country. Most of those who have remained behind are subsistence farmers with very little wealth. There is, in other words, very little loot left for the government to steal.

Thankfully for the Zimbabwean dictator, there are plenty of gullible Westerners willing to believe that the frighteningly vile and comically incompetent government isn't at the root of Zimbabwe's food shortages, but that global warming is to blame. Of course, this is pure nonsense. Botswana and Zimbabwe share a border and their climate and natural resources are exceptionally similar. Yet, since 2004, food production has increased by 29 percent in Botswana, while declining by 9 percent in Zimbabwe. It is not drought but government policies that make nations starve!

As befits an African dictatorship, Zimbabwe is one of the most corrupt places on earth. The notion that GCF funds will be will used for environmental "adaptation and mitigation" is a dangerous fantasy. Like much foreign aid before it, most of the "green aid" money will likely end up in the pockets of some of the cruelest and most corrupt people on earth. The U.S. Congress must stand firm and refuse to appropriate any money for the fund.

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  1. Why, it’s almost as if climate science is no longer about science at all but instead devolved into an epic moneymaking scam.

    1. Almost.

      1. Over at Gizmodo, Scalia’s death has just saved the planet.

        The comments are a ignorant as Jackass’s blather. The big take away for me is that Millenials have been taught this nonsense as fact while they were in MS/HS.

        1. “The big take away for me is that Millennials have been taught this nonsense as fact while they were in MS/HS.”

          Essentially true. It’s been seven or eight years since I had the high school class that covered Global Warming. We were assigned to write reports on the science of the subject, and were encouraged to pick our own position. We could either argue that Global Warming was real and man made. Or we could argue that Global Warming was real and man had little or nothing to do with it. We weren’t given an option to argue that the earth might not even be warming (I nevertheless wrote a paper on how the earth was actually getting colder, because contrarian).

          To the teacher’s credit, he DID forbid anyone writing on the Pro-Manmade-Global-Warming side from citing Al Gore or his movie on the grounds of “that’s not real science”. Still bothered me that we weren’t allowed to question if the globe was warming or not.

          1. he DID forbid anyone writing on the Pro-Manmade-Global-Warming side from citing Al Gore or his movie on the grounds of “that’s not real science

            Small victory

          2. Did anyone even think of questioning the basic physics ? James Hansen’s claim that Venus’s surface temperature is 400K hotter than the temperature of a gray ball next to it in orbit is due to an optical “greenhouse effect” is quantitatively absurd .

            Hint : It’s gravity acting on it’s dense atmosphere .

    2. DENIER!!!1! HERETIC!!11!!!!!! BURN THE WITCH!!11!!11!!!!!!! /sarc

  2. Good. Just like the selling of papal indulgences and other abuses led to a much-needed Reformation, this kind of Green Greed will lead to taking this new religion down a few pegs.

    1. Well, you’re quite the optomist.

    2. It also led to the 30 Years War, so maybe that is not so good.

      1. We can just play as England did, and watch as the German states tear themselves apart. And hopefully of course, avoiding a second Civil War.

        1. Do not question the decision of our TOP. MEN.

  3. Great! Another scheme for throwing fuel on the fires of corruption in Bumfuck Africa.

  4. “most of the “green aid” money will likely end up in the pockets of some of the cruelest and most corrupt people on earth.”

    Vultures of a feather, feast together.

    1. It’s as if interventionists fail to understand the foundation of laws like Newton’s Laws of Motion and the Laws of Thermodynamics. Human nature also has laws, or at least presuppositions, that make actions like jumping off the roof problematic. Give money to a corrupt government and you get more corruption. Give money to scientists to study global warming and you get more global warming. It’s all so predictable.

      1. What is also predictable is angst riven people will support the craziest, superstitious bullshit to make themselves feel better. And they will hire people with guns to Force you to follow the crazy, superstitious bullshit to make themselves feel even better. And when the effects of the crazy, superstitious bullshit has its inevitable harmful effects, they will double down on even crazier, superstitious bullshit.

        1. Preach.

      2. Give money to a corrupt government and you get more corruption.

        Why do you think they don’t understand that? They’re counting on it.

        The purpose of international slush funds are to create power for the international brokers of the funds.

  5. Some three million of Zimbabwe’s smartest people, including tens of thousands of doctors and lawyers, have left the country. Most of those who have remained behind are subsistence farmers with very little wealth. There is, in other words, very little loot left for the government to steal.

    It’s funny how redistribution fails time and again yet stupid people keep on suggesting it as the only way to make the poor whole.

    1. Well, in fairness to Zimbabwe, you have to admit that they’ve boldly tackled the horrific problem of inequality.

      1. Yeah, chop the heads off the tallest people and voila! everyone’s the same height.

        Envy blinds these idiots to the easy and best solution.

      2. Yes – everyone (except Mugabe) is pretty much equally fucked.

        1. Not true, his cronies are doing quite well for themselves. As usual in this situation there are a horde of sychophants, bagmen, fixers, propagandists and other willing tools of evil who are far from starving.

          1. Well, Mugabe helped those colonialists check their white privilege by taking their property away, so it’s all good.

  6. Someone explain to me again how the global warming movement is not a scam.

    Where is shreek? Jackass? Alice?

    1. You mean to tell me its not real!!! I will have you know I have a syndrome called schweaty balls and its all due to global climate change. This can all be controlled with money which comes from paper which comes from trees therefore trees are at the heart of global climate change! All the world needs is more trees which will provide more money, wait a minute a money tree yes that’s it a money tree solves everything it will provide oxygen and there will no longer be any poor bc if you influx the market this way there is no way that value will go down nor cause hyperinflation. Come on everybody plant some money trees with me and save da earf and da poor peoples whom have been the validation for most of all social bs and theft of your money.

      1. Oh ya almost forgot about this disability due to climate change that I’m collecting off of, isn’t climate change great?

        1. Toe tapping fun that.
          Keep em coming!

    2. Jack ass is down below talking about how great billions of aid to corrupt countries is.

      1. That POS must be illiterate.

  7. This slush fund will keep the poor dirt farmers just happy enough to not rebel and will keep various dictators in power when they would have otherwise been removed. Mugabe et al get BMWs and homes that would make Marie Antoinette blush with shame while the average person gets an extra bowl of state supplied gruel every day.

    That’s the bad news, though. The good news is we get to pay for it.

    1. The fact that Mugabe hasn’t wound up hanging from a lamppost is one of the more depressing things I can think of. Seriously, fuck that guy.

      1. Mugabe will die of extreme old age and will be lionized by hoodwinked Africans and Western fools for centuries. You’re right, it is pretty depressing.

        1. Mugabe stuck it to Whitey.

          He’s a Hero! The George Washington of Zimbabwe!

      2. Hey, believe me, I have tried talking to Leftists about how they should support people in those countries hiring mercs to drag assholes like Mugabe to the Hague to face “justice”. Apparently if you advocate icky things like soldiers-of-fortune being put to good use (as opposed to being State-sanctioned instruments of violence), you’re a war criminal or something….

  8. I know when Jessica Blunden, my colleague here at NOAA, told me the number for December, actually, I went into my office and cried, it was so big. So the finish to the year, the last three laps of the race were really in a new neighborhood as far as the temperatures that we’ve seen.

    Derek Arndt chief, Climate Monitoring Branch, NOAA

    You read that correctly folks? Science all the way down. No predetermined conclusions for this government official. It’s the science of feels.

    1. Another explanation needed is to Ron.

      You can’t balance evidence that you don’t have.

  9. Global warming is (forgive me the use of the word) literally becoming a religion. Like a lot of different religions, it has its Jimmy Swaggart-like scam artists. But also like all religion, 90% of its adherents have faith first, and supporting evidence to support it is manufactured afterward.

  10. Money from GCF has already promoted successes, such as an irrigation system in Ghana, and a solar power system in Kenya. And one of the complaints has been how difficult it is to get appropriation of funds from GCF.

    That’s not to say there isn’t corruption, or that there won’t be. And doubling efforts to prevent it is worthwhile.

    What is not an option…anymore… Is to just scrap it and thus the Paris Agreement. Too late. When all we’ve gotten from the likes of Cato for years is climate change is a hoax, then maybe it won’t be harmful, and now let’s do nothing, that’s not providing any worthwhile input. You’ve got better solutions? You should have suggested them long ago. At least try now.

    1. Bull,billions have ended up in Swiss accounts.Let these people take care of themselves.Giving Corrupt governments billions is a fools errand .

      1. This project was originally funded by GCF.…

        1. And then night came and everyone was surprised that the lights didn’t work. They could have supplied dependable, dispatchable power at a fraction of the cost, but it lets morons like you sleep at night wasting other peoples’ money. You’re so noble.

          1. NAS

            Nobody needs lights at night!


    2. I agree, it IS too late. If you believe in GW, and even if you believe it’s caused by man, you need to admit that it’s too late to reverse it (other than reconfiguring the world’s energy processes in a way that will plunge billions into poverty.

      It is too late. The logical thing to do now is to let the free market deal with global warming by letting people deal with its fallout/ramifications. I continue to find it interesting that a change in climate to warmer weather results only in catastrophe — that all the change is for the worse, and that the warmer weather that would lead to billions of acres of additional arable land is ignored.

      1. That’s fine, it’s one way to look at it.

        But you have to admit, the world isn’t viewing it like that. And steps are being taken. So it’s too late because the problem now demands action, or as you say too late to even do much of anything.

        But action is being taken all over the world. We’ve done even less than many other countries. I have said for a long time here that the right better start offering solutions, because no one is waiting for them anymore. GCF is one of those solutions. And not one word of any of this in the GOP debates. It must not concern them all that much.

        1. And just what do you expect to mitigate? One inch per century rise in sea level? One ? increase in temperature? There is no evidence that bad weather has increased or decreased over the past several decades. Just what is it that needs fixing?

          1. So, see this is where we are. I’m not going to argu this here any more. You can go to one science organization here to see what everyone is trying to address.


            That doesn’t convince you? Fine. Your problem then is that it has convinced nearly everyone else. And everyone else is trying to do something about it. You have no interest in offering competing solutions because you don’t think a solution is needed. The world has passed you by.

            1. I’m not going to argu this here any more.


              1. Unfortunately, he almost certainly doesn’t mean it.

              2. Had my fingers crossed.

                1. Certainly not like this


                  But perhaps something like this?


            2. The Aussie gov is not a trust worthy reference on CAGW…even less so than the US gov.

            3. Your god of Climate Change is false, and I reject him/ her /zer. Man may be changing the climate, but every time I am tempted to believe that we can have a huge impact on global conditions (local and regional are another story), I recall that Mount Kilauea has been continuously erupting since 1983. It daily outputs pollutants equivalent of 120,000 semi trucks driving around the Big Island 24/7. It is the largest kind of hubris to imagine that man can cause temperature changes of over 1 degree per century. In addition, it is impossible to believe scientists whose bread is buttered by their position as high priests and inquisitors of climate change, especially since some of these same scientists, or their mentors, were decrying the coming ice age in the 1970s. Fraudsters are going to continue to commit fraud until they are exposed and stopped. If you look at the actual data, as opposed to the interpreted and tweaked data, there is very little warming occurring that can be accounted for by a global impact of western civilization.

              1. Ya fuck western civilization!! We are talking about California right?

            4. HAHAHAHA

              That link is laughable. The Earth hasn’t gone thru 10 ice age cycles in the last million years because we are still in a fucking ice age. About half of the warming over the last 130 years occurred BEFORE 1950 which the IPCC and the scientific ‘consensus’ claims is the point at with AGW began. ECS and TCR have trended DOWN over the last 25 years. GCMs have been falsified at the 98% CI. There is no tropospheric trpoical hot spot. Antarctic sea ice extent is at record highs. Value adjusted disaster losses are lower now than 60 years ago. The US is enjoying its longest drought of major landfalling hurricanes in recorded history. Accumulated cycle energy is no higher than it was in the 70s. Palmer drought index is unremarkable. Sea level ris continues its 3mm/yr recovery from the LIA; the same rate it had before 1950.

              In short the Earth just continues its big fuck you to your doomsday cult.

            5. Your problem then is that it has convinced nearly everyone else.

              That’s because “everyone else” has skin in that game.

              1. YOU have skin in the game, as do your kids. You should recognize that someday.

                1. Repent, Sinner, the end is nigh!!!!

                2. Jack

                  Posting on a website has a carbon footprint associated with it. You posting your position on a libertrian website where nobody is buying what you are selling makes me think you do not believe in AGW.

    3. No amount of outside money will fix government corruption. No matter how much money is thrown at a drought in a country with corrupt government, the benefits will not mitigate the drought.

      Thanks to technology and trade, the impact of droughts has been very small compared to the time before capitalism. Countries that still suffer from drought suffer mainly from broken economies rather than the drought itself. The solution is obvious.

      The best solution to drought in underdeveloped nations is free markets and free trade. These have proven themselves many times over. Unfortunately, many suffering countries in Africa and elsewhere keep experimenting with socialism and this, is their main problem.

      1. I have wished for a long time that those who want a free market approach to climate change to speak up.

        I give libertarian Jerry Taylor some credit. He is trying, with his suggestions for a carbon tax. But he isn’t making much headway.

        1. There is little to solve. The sea rise is extremely insignificant and the temperature rise is rather small. However, increased temperature and atmospheric CO2 will be beneficial to forests and agriculture.

      2. “No amount of outside money will fix government corruption” just like no amount of water will fix drowning.

        1. I may have to borrow that line.

    4. Arglebarglegargleargle.

      I wonder if someone who names themselves jackass is a sock.

    5. My sister lived in South Africa and her experience is the exact opposite of what you spew. She went in a useful idiot liberal and came out a level-headed human being. In her view, the last thing Africa needs is bull shit environmentalism to hamper its potential for growth and clean up of corruption. It’s a volatile continent in need of far more important things. She witnessed a hospital without power with all medicine going to waste because of some stupid environmental laws pushed on them by the West.

      Those deaths are on you and your ilk Jackson. You won’t agree but it’s your line of thinking and the support of the green revolution that’s preventing growth, meaningful changes and even death.

      Until then, you just gave money to dictators to buy more Chateaus.

      1. Hey ,Jack ass went to Africa and told them how bad things are here,hell Africa’s just like Cuba.

  11. Same old same old in Africa.I wonder how much ‘aid’ money to Africa has ended up in Swiss bank accounts in the last 40 years or so.


      *harrumphs and returns to working in the R?sti fields*

      1. The Swiss even fleece you with their cheese.

        1. Has nobody ever noticed how swiss cheese is sold by volume, not weight like other cheese?

      2. You know who else liked Swiss banks?

        1. Is this a trick question?

          I mean, the “Hitler” fruit doesn’t hang much lower than this.

    2. All of it?

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  13. Dude that makes no sense at all to me man. WOw.

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  15. While talking about the difference between drought and famine, back during the Feed the World song era, PJ O’Roarke pointed out that there has never been a famine in a country with a free press.
    Mankind has dealt with droughts since the beginning of time. It takes repression (usually from a government) to make a drought into a famine.

  16. Bad things happen; it is the nature of our world that this will always be the case, and so we have to deal with bad things sometimes. If you try to deal with bad things collectively you have the apparent advantage of unity, but unity is only advantageous if the course of action that is selected is actually beneficial. There are two problems here; one is that power corrupts, and the Top Men selecting the course of action tend to end up selecting a course that benefits themselves and not everyone else. The other is that selecting a single course of action means discarding all the others, one or more of which might turn out to work better than the selected course.

    Free people on the other hand most likely won’t unite around a single course of action. Instead each will respond in their own way. Many of those responses will not work. The start up businesses will fail, the seed capital will be squandered, but since many responses will be tried it is very likely, approaching certainty, that one or more will work. But, what about all the squandered capital and effort? How can one or two successes out of a thousand attempts end up being an overall success? Because successes attract further investment, both of new investors seeking to capitalize, and of reinvested profits. Success grows, failure withers and by trying a thousand stupid ideas you end up with the miraculous seeming successes of freedom.

    1. She knows there’s no success like failure
      And that failure’s no success at all.

      -Bob Dylan.

      1. Quoting a guy made rich by the market huh? You are a jack ass

        1. “She” also knows to much to argue or to judge.

          Good advice for all of us, eh?

  17. Look, this is a small price to pay so that Ron and Kurzweil will wake up to a habitable planet once their Moore’s Law, drug cocktail, CRISPR–oh hell let’s through in some Drexler Engines of Creation, too– fever dream lets them live fo-evah!

  18. And in a related story, January 2016 was the warmest January since record keeping.

    “Things keep heating up. Right after 2015 claimed the dubious title of being the hottest year ever, January 2016 is now officially ranked as the hottest January ever recorded.

    Not only was January the hottest ever, the new temperature was the biggest increase over the previous record in more than a century of records, according to figures released by NASA.”

    So yeah, let’s listen to Cato who can only disparage any attempted solutions, and yet offers none of their own.

    1. Oh yeah, that’s surface temperature. Where we reside. Not up in the troposphere.

      1. And still way below the modeled results. And what do rural stations show? Why dramatically lower temp rises. The theory says that the troposphere has to heat up faster than surface temps, so what does that say about the value of your consensus?

        Congrats on fucking up science with your political bullshit as much as you’ve fucked up economies and the lives they represent.

      2. Why is the surface temperature by itself relevant and a concern?

        1. It’s where we live.

          1. I understand. Why is it being a little warmer “where we live” a concern to you? Are you going to boil or something?

            1. Where we live is what determines how we live. Sea level, farmland, precipitation, health of ocean fisheries, disease, national security, and more. And all will be harmed if temperatures rise to the level science says they will rise to.

              So no, I may not boil, but that doesn’t mean my life won’t be negatively impacted.

              How goes it today, Frank?

              1. What temperature will it rise to? And how do you know they are accurate? You do realize that isn’t across the board number right?

                How did you determine that these will be negatively impacted? Sea level, farmland, precipitation, health of ocean fisheries, disease, national security, and more

                People currently live in very cold climates while others live in very hot climates. Not sure a few degrees C on average will really drastically alter that.

              2. What are your proposed solutions? And how have you determined that they will abate the temperatures you are claiming? What steps are necessary?

                1. We e been through this before, Frank. Sorry, no interest. Have fun today!

                  1. So when called out on your “claims” you back down and have nothing?

                    How about just the easy one and i will let you off the hook:

                    What temperature will it rise to? And how do you know they are accurate models?

                  2. Jack

                    It was twenty below on my drive to work yesterday. How is February shaping up?

              3. But you have no credible data to convince thinking people that any of this will actually have a negative impact. It’s just assumed. And still, the surface temperature data has been severely manipulated to prop up an upward trend where none exists which is why we keep getting these “hottest year” and “hottest month” claims.

                In fact, these claims are evidence to me that the data are manipulated because I know that they continually adjust past temps down and current temps up to maintain an upward trendline where none actually exists. That effort necessarily makes every new month and year the “hottest ever.”

    2. Every year will be the hottest year on record and every month the hottest on record ever.

      Strangely, all of these hottest years/months/days on record don’t seem to have any effect on plant life, animal life, or temperature.

      Lying liars lie apparently.

    3. Do they at NASA have the figures for how many people have died because of this tiny temperature increase?

      And how does it square against the number of people being deliberately starved to death, so greedy government officials in Africa can get their paws on some climate change slush fund cash?

      At least Cato doesn’t just shrug off the unintended consequence of extermination of brown people in the name of “doing something.”

      1. Does NASA add in the number of lives saved due to the increase in CO2 levels that allows for greater agriculture yields?

      2. Holger, you and I both know progressives have no real concern for people of color except as a means to maintaining their own power and influence.

  19. Not my line, but it has been said that the Global Warming (or Climate Change, if you prefer) Scheme is “…taking money from poor and middle class people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”

  20. it is not my line, but it has been said for some time that the Global Warming mitigation schemes were, “…taking money from poor and middle class people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”

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  22. Hey, quit being so mean! Third world dictators have to eat too, you know.

  23. …and don’t let us forget that in 2003 I believe, Mugabe sent back boatloads of GM corn despite his population’s starvation levels rising to desperate heights. He’d rather they starve than be exposed to biotech food.

  24. We will need these dictators to open their mines and supply child labor for rare metals to make solar panels and improved batteries for electric cars. Wonder if the career alarmists already knew this and it is part of their plan? I hope to be alive 30 years from now when the NY Times runs the story on the dirty costs of clean energy.

  25. Someone above described GW as a doomsday cult. I think that is very apt and it made me think of the Covenant’s suicide cult in Halo 2 which, coincidentally, I consider to be one of the best videogames ever made. Please feel free to argue the latter point if you wish, all the dictators siphoning money from useful liberal idiots to buy Russian-made weaponry for use on innocent civilians is getting rather depressing.

    1. Dude I thought I was the last man still carrying the Halo 2 flag, it is by far my favorite multiplayer (swat & snipers) of the series. I play it on MCC whenever I can, sadly the dedicated H2 section is impossible to get a game in. H2 was the original online console-based first-person shooter, the one from which the CoDs and all the rest of them were spawned. I also remember Halo 2 being the biggest game release I’ve ever seen, H1 came up by word of mouth but when 2 came out it was like the Beatles had come to every store that sold video games in the country. Goodbye mid-2000s…

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