Bill Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders on Campaign Trail, Star Wars Movie Hits $2 Billion, Broncos Defeat Panthers: A.M. Links


  • "Star Wars"/Disney

    Bill Clinton launched an attack on Bernie Sanders during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, calling his plans disconnected from reality and his campaign a dishonest one.

  • Security services in Russia say they have arrested seven people on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack.
  • The new Star Wars movie hit the $2 billion mark worldwide.
  • Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell died aged 85.
  • The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50.
  • A leopard wandered into a school in southern India, injuring three before it was caught.

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  1. The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 in Super Bowl 50.

    The turnovers were racist.

    1. The first thing that came to mind were apple turnovers…

      I don’t watch sports.

      1. Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!

      2. I don’t watch sports.

        The only thing worse than people who watch sports and yell and scream at their TV (like it has any bearing on the results of the play whatsoever) are people who don’t watch sports and act all smug about it like they deserve a cookie or some shit.

        1. I don’t watch sports, but I did wake up at 4:45 AM yesterday accidentally and played several hours of Civilization until my family woke up, so I don’t have a lot to be smug about.

          1. I thought I was finally broken of my Civilization habit. Then I discovered mods and the new civilizations people have built.

            1. Crusader Kings II is similarly addictive.

            2. I played a Civilization mod once in which Libertarianism was a government option, but if you went with it, you (as the central authority) could no longer choose what your cities were building.

          2. Libertarians, always plotting to rule the world….

        2. If you picked up any smug, that says more about you. It was a shrug and a statement of fact.

          I still want to find some apple turnovers. They sound like a good idea.

        3. Look Loki, yelling at the tv is one of the greatest parts of sports for me. You cannot and will not ruin this for me. Sadly NFL football is the only sport that really gets my vocal cords going. So now I have to find something else to yell at.

          1. I didn’t watch the game either, but happened across a replay of USA vs Argentina on ESPN2 from the Saturday Americas Rugby Championship and settled in to watch that. The spousal unit is a huge KC Chiefs fan; she took one look and was hooked.

            She had never seen a match before and could not believe how raw it is… She loved every second of it…:) she’s made me promise that we will watch the USA vs Canada match this Saturday…..

            I cant believe USA blew their advantage in the last 5 minutes to end up with a tie……..

        4. I’ll take the cookie, if you dont mind.

          Also, I don’t watch football, because I don’t have a television. *assumes ultrasmug expression*

        5. I like to watch sports from time to time. But I don’t give a crap about the outcome.

    2. Hello.

      Bill Clinton calling someone else dishonest. That’s rich.

      1. Don’t you remember — they are broke. She said it herself.

        1. Hillary Clinton saying they are broke. That’s dishonest.

          1. Morally broke? Yes.

          2. The whole thing around the Clinton’s stinks horribly. $675 000 she commands to speak at engagements.

            I wouldn’t pay $6.75. In fact, you’d have to pay ME. What could she possibly say that’s of any value?

            1. It’s not what she says, it’s the sign that you are part of the in group. You’ve paid your dues and can no benefit from the Clinton machine.

              1. This. Chelsea gets paid $65k for speaking fees. Now tell me, what could Chelsea possibly say in a sixty-minute flesh-presser that is worth more than the median American yearly income. She’s selling access, not words.

                1. Explain, then, how Canadians paid Justin similar fees. I doubt they were paying for access.

                  Which, I guess, makes it worse! I mean, I doubt he has anything more substantial to say than Chelsea.

                  Maybe they should hook up.

                2. How much is Chelsea getting to work for the Clinton Foundation?

                  All those governments giving all that money–what’s Chelsea’s cut?

            2. Or how about Paulie Krugman and Robert Reich getting 5 figure speaking fees. I can’t understand what their appeal is.

              1. Krugman and Reich I’m assuming get paid to address groups that might have some interest in hearing what they have to say, if nothing else as a way of gauging popular or contrary opinion, they’re not getting paid to be the featured entertainment at some kid’s birthday party. Hillary, on the other hand – what does she have to say that’s of any interest to the groups she was speaking to? What makes her opinion or analysis in any way an “expert opinion”? The only thing I can imagine is that they were paying a form of protection money, letting her know they were interested in what she had to say simply as insurance against the day it might matter whether or not they had shown an interest. In other words, the money is exactly as dirty as you think it is.

                1. Your comment reminds me of the bureaucrat Stepan in ‘Anna Karenina.

              2. Krug-man and Reich tell powerful people what they want to hear. They provide a pseudo-intellectual gloss to totalitarian economic planning.

                1. Many are paying for Hillary to affirm their righteousness about the issues. Foreign govs are buying access and the prestige of inviting their friends to see a celebrity. Think Kardashians.

                2. Krug-man and Reich tell powerful people what they want to hear. They provide a pseudo-intellectual gloss to totalitarian economic planning.

                  That’s Keynes and Keynesianism in a nutshell ? anything the government decides to do is good.

        2. Sure they were broke. Had to take the dinner plates from the White House when they left or they had
          nothing to put their welfare cheese on.

          1. Even I don’t blame Hillary for the behavior of her brothers.

      2. Rich yet accurate. He speaks with the benefit of experience.

    3. They were afraid of a black quarterback in the Super Bowl.

      1. After the Shellacking Doug Williams gave them in XXII, they had reason to be fearful……..

        1. True dat.

    4. That Denver D line sure looked like a group of KKK enforcers with the way they smacked around Cam that’s for sure.

      That was the most dominant performance by a D line I’ve every seen, even better than the Giants line that broke up the Pats undefeated season and the 85 Bears

      1. and the 85 Bears

        Pistols at dawn.

        1. It has to be sarcasm. Nobody’s that stupid.

          1. Purely in terms of D-Line play? It’s arguable, though the Panthers’ line was getting way, way too much credit going into this game. They were a decidedly average group this season, and Denver’s pass rush was historically gifted.

            I was really hoping Corey Brown would continue hauling in every pass thrown to him, eventually resulting in a Panthers win, so the Browns or Raiders would gift him with a nonsensical 4 year contract for way too much money. That’s my favorite part of any offseason after a role player gets SB MVP.

            1. D-line ? Anything to do with D-Money ?

      2. ’01 Ravens?

        1. *’00

      3. It was pretty horrific the way they harassed that poor black man.

        Spike Lee demands equalization!

        1. I didn’t realize Irish played football.

      4. Best defense to never win a SB were the Eagles circa late 80s early 90s.


    5. If Wade Phillips weren’t such a racist, his defense would have gone easier on Cam. They only played so hard because they didn’t want to get beat by a black QB. /sarc

      1. Obviously I’m joking, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some dipshits actually float this theory for real within a week.

        1. Money on Coates.

          Melitha Harrith Perry is a good hand to play as well.

          1. Melitha Harrith Pewwy would be my bet. I mean, she already tried to promote the whole “Star Wars is racist” BS.

            1. There was a post on claiming that the entire NFL is racist because the black players are forced to play position that take the hardest hits like RB and receiver while white players are allowed to play easier positions like offensive line.

              I’m not exagerating. It was that stupid. Every NFL player has out performed thousands of other players of all colors.

    6. A black quarterback throws to a black wide receiver and completes a bobbling catch. Ruled no catch.

      Racism or at the very least extreme incompetence.

      1. I knew it was going to be ruled incomplete the second CBS’s resident officiating expert predicted it would be overturned, I don’t think the guy’s been right about any call the whole year. It’s the best part of the broadcast.

        1. In this case at least, I believe he correctly assessed what happened on the field, even if he was ultimately wrong.

          1. Agreed, I just knew the second he agreed with me that I was wrong.

          2. We did not see whether the ball touched the ground after he rolled over. That could have made it incomplete. Otherwise they blew it.

        2. BWAHAHAHA! My take exactly – I told my nephew I didn’t think it was a catch because by the time he arguably had control of the ball he was already down and therefore couldn’t have “made a football move” (or whatever the hell chicken entrail-examining rules they’re using to determine what constitutes a catch these days) and he disagreed, but when jackass said it was a catch and the call should be reversed, we both knew the call was gonna stand.

          1. I didn’t think it was a catch because by the time he arguably had control of the ball he was already down

            That was pretty much how I saw it too. The ball was still moving around and wasn’t “secured” until he was on the ground, so he didn’t have full control of the ball all the way to the ground. If that was a catch, so was Dez Bryant’s against the Packers last year.

            The funny thing is, there was one camera angle in particular that showed the ball still moving around in his hands on the way to the ground, but for some reason CBS only showed that angle once, and instead showed the other replay angles where it was harder to tell several times.

        3. The CBS expert was right. It should have been ruled a catch.

      2. And the challenge by a Hispanic coach denied!!!!!1!1!1!oneoneone!

      3. That was one of those that could have been called either way on the field, and there wasn’t the kind of laydown visual evidence on tape to reverse.

        1. I called it incomplete on the first viewing. It hit the ground on the first roll and he was still bobbling it afterwards.

          1. Except the receiver had his hand under the ball, so it never hit the ground. It did bobble before and after that, so call in a team of NFL attorneys to review the catch rule again….

        2. THIS^^^

          Every Bronco fan in the room however said “yup, that’s a catch.” It wasn’t a game changing call either way however.

          1. It wasn’t a game changing call either way however.

            Arguably it was. It was a play or two after that that Denver got the fumble at the goal line recovered in the end zone for a TD. That TD play definitely had an impact on the momentum of the game

          2. Of course it was – it led to a TD.

            It looked like a catch to me and Mike Carey too.

    7. did not watch super bowl.

      1. Do you even TV, bro?

        1. I have a television but no cable or satellite. Yes I’m one of “those” people.

      2. Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!

        1. Uh huh, uh huh (does the cabbage patch)

    8. Newton actually played better than Manning. He just didn’t have an O-line. It was like watching the ’08 Sugar Bowl again. Well… maybe not that bad.

      1. Carolina had no answer for the Denver blitz. None.

        1. curl into a ball and cry is an answer

          1. Did you see Cam NOT dive for that fumble? He should check his ball privilege.

            1. Yes. I’m wondering if anyone is gonna make an issue of it.

        2. Technically, Denver did not blitz much. That was just dominant pass-rushing.

      2. Newton is damn lucky that Denver’s offense sucks so bad and he had as many opportunities to make something happen as he did. If you watch his body language, beginning about halfway through the second quarter his swagger was completely gone; he was walking around like an old man on the huddle breaks and moving with no sense of purpose at all. Not fighting for his own fumble is going to haunt him the entire offseason.

        Watch his press conference after the game and you get a great example of someone who’s not emotionally equipped to handle adversity.

        1. Watch his press conference after the game and you get a great example of someone who’s not emotionally equipped to handle adversity.

          Ungraceful in victory, whiny crybaby in defeat.

  2. …calling his plans disconnected from reality and his campaign a dishonest one.

    This is the idealist I’m supposed to vote blindly for?

  3. Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed

    Finally, she spotted the man she’d been waiting for. She stepped out of her car, and her husband put his hands on his head in horror.

    “Is it my eyes?” she recalled him saying. “Is it a ghost?”

    “Surprise! I’m still alive!” she replied.

    Far from being elated, the man looked terrified. Five days ago, he had ordered a team of hit men to kill Rukundo, his partner of 10 years. And they did – well, they told him they did. They even got him to pay an extra few thousand dollars for carrying out the crime.

    Now here was his wife, standing before him. In an interview with the BBC Thursday, Rukundo recalled how he touched her shoulder to find it unnervingly solid. He jumped. Then he started screaming.

    “I’m sorry for everything,” he wailed.

    1. The Washington Post ran this too, making the point that the hitmen the husband had hired didn’t carry it out because they didn’t think killing a woman was honorable.

      1. What kind of half-assed hit man is that?

        1. Scarface wouldn’t kill kids.

      2. Never heard of an “honor killing”?. Sheesh. It’s right there in the name.

    2. He was holding a funeral without a body or death certificate?

      Or was there a body and this tale gets even darker?

        1. Hrmmm…

          I could work it in as one of Rookhound’s mysteries (I haven’t launched that series yet, I wanted to get Shadowrealm in print first.)

          1. Just give me a shout out in the comments.

            “based on a suggestion by a H&R commenter!”

      1. I sort of read the article, and it doesn’t get that specific.

  4. 146) You know, in some ways, America used to be a better, freer place.

    1. the aroused housewives had the intruders begging for mercy

          1. You guys really need more than that?

    2. Enemies of the state.

  5. Bill Clinton launched an attack on Bernie Sanders during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, calling his plans disconnected from reality and his campaign a dishonest one.

    Bernie seems like the kind of guy to let that go without comment.

    1. Cuz with Hillary, you will be connected, assuming your donation is large enough.

  6. A leopard wandered into a school in southern India, injuring three before it was caught.

    Looks like this cat…

    [dons sunglasses]

    …wasn’t spotted in time.

    1. Just like him, you’ll never…change.

      1. Hey Sloop,
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!
        Broncos won the SuperBowl!

        1. Steelers. Others are pussies.

    2. You just ignore Swiss when he gets here with his wee beady eyes and keep on being you

      1. *narrows gaze at the lot of ye*

    3. Does this leopard have a name? I hear the name Cecil is available.

  7. New Zealand: TPP protester boldly chucks dildo at Steven Joyce at Waitangi

    The Economic Development Minister was giving a media conference at Waitangi when Josie Butler flung the dildo, shouting “that’s for raping our sovereignty”.

    She was taken away by police.

    Mr Joyce said he was surprised but “fine” after the dildo incident.

    “Fair to say I don’t think those sorts of things happen everyday.

    “We actually thought it was a little bit humorous at the end of it all ? new experiences in politics everyday, it’s the privilege of serving.”

  8. A leopard wandered into a school in southern India, injuring three before it was caught

    Should give the schools here worried about cougars with their male students a little perspective

    1. There’s an actual jaguar that lives not far from me, in the wild, in the Santa Rita mountains. Which are clearly visible from my house.…..eo-arizona

      Kinda cool.

      1. Jaguars, I seem to recall, are so powerful they kill with a bite to the back of the neck, rather than going for the throat as other predators do.

        1. It’s even cooler if you pronounce it “Jag-yu-war” like the brits do.

    2. Cougars are okay.

  9. The Clintons calling someone dishonest? I can’t even.

    1. They should know better than anybody, right?

  10. Attack of the squirrels: Horror as ‘gangs’ of rodents pursue mothers with babies

    Elena Somailik, 49, said she and her friend were confronted by the marauding squirrels at Nothe Gardens in Weymouth, Dorset.

    She said: “There were seven or eight of them.

    “They were pulling at our hands with their claws and then they bit my friend several times.”

    Dorset Wildlife Trust is now warning people not to feed squirrels in the area and encourage their aggressive behaviour.

    1. “Here now, stop providing them with extra server space, and it should remain calm from now on!”

    2. What kind of mom are you? Beat a couple of the bastards to death and they won’t touch you or your baby again. Seriously, they are fluffier rats. You’ll be doing the world a favor.

      1. That’s easier said than done.

        And in England there are a lot of people who are absolutely pathological in their concern about animals, even invasive pests. They’d probably end up in prison for unlicensed hunting or something.

        1. I guess you’re right. It’s just ugg. I expect mom’s to mamma bears when it comes to something threatening their children. It rings wrong when that doesn’t happen.

        2. Similar incident with a racoon in New Jersey.

    3. I can see it. Even the mightiest can fall before a squirrel onslaught.

    4. Is “squirrel” some kind of euphemism? Because I know the squirrel population over there aren’t all native to Europe, an ever increasing proportion are invasive grey squirrels, known for their aggression higher-than-native rates of reproduction.

      1. You know who else was noted for high aggression and reproduction rates?

        1. Josh Duggar?

          1. *chokes on coffee, starting laugh frantically*

        2. Zerglings?

        3. Genghis Khan?

          1. +1 billion descendants

        4. The imperial Japanese?

    5. I remember being at college and eating my lunch on a park bench – the squirrels there were so tame. They were waiting for me to throw away the core of the apple I was eating. I yelled, jumped, it did nothing; they never flinched one jot.

      1. I believe squirrel fishing youtube videos were done on thhe UT campus in Austin.

        1. We did that at a scout camp in Mid Michigan with Chipmunks. They were too friendly, and not scared of us, so we cut the top off a pop bottle, hung it from a tree with rope, and put nuts in it. Then when they’d go in, we’d yank them up and swing them around a little, then let them go. By the end of the week, they’d run away from us like they are supposed to.

    6. It’s the Ducky Boys!

    7. Can’t compare to The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

      1. Yeah, but that rodent has a mean streak a mile wide!

        1. Look at the bones!

          1. Run away ! Run away !

    8. I assume that stomping the shit out of bitey squirrels is illegal in Britain? I’m pretty sure around here, its okay, but you have to eat them.

  11. “A leopard wandered into a school in southern India… injuring three before it was caught.”

    That was NOT a funny punch line.

    1. So a leopard walks into a bar…

      Three people were injured.

      1. OK, it is funnier when you put it that way.

        1. A priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar.

          They spend several hours talking and laughing, and come away with a great respect for each other.

          1. A priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a….well, not a bar, because the imam does not condone alcohol, so, a restaurant–a halal restaurant so the imam and the rabbi don’t have to deal with the possibility of pork.

            By this time the priest has wandered off to a pub where a man can get a drink and he has a fine night talking to people who aren’t so uptight.

            The rabbi and the imam, seeing that the priest has gone, kill each other.

  12. “The new Star Wars movie hit the $2 billion mark worldwide.”

    Is this more money than Han Solo can imagine?

    1. No, he can imagine the US National Debt and then some

    2. I dunno,..I think he can imagine quite a bit.

    3. That’s enough money to give everyone in America health care 20 times

      1. Yeah, I’m just waiting for the math challenged facebook meme: “Disney could split that money up and give every person in America 10 million dollars” or some shit. It’s not called Derpbook for nothing.

    4. He’s got over 20 parsecs in his bank account.

      1. FATCA is repossess the Falcon.

  13. Clinton looks to sisterhood, but votes may go to Sanders

    Steinem apologized Sunday for saying on a TV appearance Friday night that younger women were supporting Sanders because “the boys are with Bernie.” On Saturday, Albright drew criticism for saying that “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,” even though she has expressed that sentiment many times before.

    Clinton’s struggles with women underscore the extent to which she has not yet figured out how to harness the history-making potential of her candidacy in the same way that Barack Obama mobilized minorities and white liberals excited about electing the first black president.

    Cognizant of the challenge, the Clinton campaign has sought in recent days here to address the problem, tweaking her speeches to put a focus on Clinton as an advocate for women. Clinton spent part of Friday with a group of female U.S. senators she calls the “sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits.”

    1. I think the dems are running into the issue that women don’t make as good of demographic for permanent majority as blacks do. Black people in America live mostly segregated surrounded by other black people, and this makes an ideal environment for indoctrination where no matter your personal beliefs you can’t imagine voting Republican.

      Women on the other hand are dispersed. You can’t segregate the entire demographic in the same way, so some of them are going to be raised in a republican friendly environment. Those you can segregate you won’t have as strong a hold on because they will have people you tell them are good (women) arguing from the other side.

      This causes interparty issues as well. Women are used to disagreeing with each other politically, so its much harder to get them to act as good soldiers and fall in line behind anyone with a vagina.

    2. tweaking her speeches to put a focus on Clinton as an advocate for women.

      Hmm, maybe her history of aiding and abetting her serial-abuser husband has an effect? Nah, what difference at this point does it make?

      1. What you did there, I see it.

      2. Or making rape victims cry.

        She’s a witch. She can’t appeal to the sisterhood.

      3. This is the graveyard I think a whole bunch of Democrats are whistling past when it comes to Hillary. I have a number of younger women in my family and the extent of Bill’s crimes, and Hillary’s efforts to either cover them up or discredit the accusers, was simply not known to them. They thought the whole thing was about Bill and Monica and a little head in the White House (and even that is an almost text book case of sexual harassment, but at least she consented). That he has women going back 40 years accusing him of various degrees of sexual assault, with Hillary constantly defending him and demeaning lower-class women who come forward. Jezebel would explode if a GOP candidate or even Sanders had 1/10th the history of Hillary when it comes to victim-blaming and slut-shaming.

        1. Would they have been as forgiving, say, if Bush had a Monica Lewinsky?

          1. Jezebel ran a 2000 word story about Ted Cruz is while they were researching an outlandish claim about him doing something sexual while in college. They never mention what the rumor was because of how outrageous it was, and how it almost certainly wasn’t true. Imagine how extreme the rumor has to be for a Gawker site to not state it. But they still ran the story about trying to substantiate it because it let them get some quotes from former classmates about how weird Cruz was(is?).

            The treatment of Hillary during this campaign is the counter-factual conservatives have always asked for in the treatment of GOP vs Democratic politicians.

            1. Cruz is a sheep fucker?

              1. But in his defense it was an unusually pretty sheep.

              2. Huh. I didn’t think he weent to TAMU.

          2. Well, Monica Lewinsky had a bush…

      4. tweaking her speeches to put a focus on Clinton as an advocate for women.

        I read this as “twerking” the first time.

        DO NOT WANT.

      5. No, it’s because most young voters are stupid as shit. Not because not voting for Hillary isn’t a wise choice, but because Bernie’s running his campaign like an elementary school student council contest–“Free pizza for lunch and 4 hours of recess every day!” That’s the perfect campaign for our Clown World country.

        They probably figure there will be plenty of other women down the line, but Bernie’s offering free shit now, and doing it better than Hillary. Why not vote for the person who makes them feel good as opposed to someone who reminds them of Dolores Umbridge?

    3. Does Albright believe there’s a special place in hell for people who don’t abet women in committing felonies?

      1. If she does, there could be a subpoena in her future.

      2. The hive vagina has spoken.


          1. Don’t you want to know what sort of creatures inhabit such a place?

              1. I should have known you would…

        2. The guys who designed XCOM 2 would like to talk to you, they want you to provide the story line for XCOM 3

          1. How is XCOM 2? Previews ran from awesome to shitshow. I’m hilding out for someone else to buy it.

            1. It’s very good. The hostiles have some nice special moves which will entertain you the first time you meet them.

              1. Thanks. May purchase and play. Am currently replaying Pirates! For the zillionth time.

    4. “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other,”

      I heard that this morning. What the fuck is the even supposed to mean? All women are obliged to help each other in all circumstances and in every case? At best it’s retarded. At worst, really pretty fucked.

      1. But the irony… the delicious irony…

      2. Is the flip side true? Do you really want to face a monolith of opposition from men? Dumb.

      3. We pressure you into the sisterhood, which makes you free and independent from male domination, but also makes you submit to our will(s).

      4. It means Steinam isvoting for Carly.

      5. I liked Gloria Steinem’s assertion that all the young women were flocking to Sanders’ camp just because that’s where all the boys are. Can you imagine the reaction to somebody like Rush Limbaugh implying that young women are so air-headedly shallow?

        1. Jerry, the silly, young girls with boys on the brain misinterpreted Steinem’s remarks, and for that she apologized.

      6. Instead of submitting to the patriarchy, feminism requires women to submit to the demands of the matriarchy.

        On the other hand, what is the motivation for voting for Clinton other than her sex? Of course they are appealing to gender solidarity, it is the only thing she has.

    5. “Clinton’s struggles with women underscore the extent to which she has not yet figured out how to harness the history-making potential of her candidacy in the same way that Barack Obama mobilized minorities and white liberals excited about electing the first black president.”

      Hildebeast has a track record and disagreeable manner. Obama was a blank blackboard.

  14. India: Govt ‘confirms’ meteorite blast in Vellore killed man

    A meteorite crashed into an engineering college in Vellore district on Saturday , causing an explosion that killed one man and injured three others, the Tamil Nadu government said on Sunday.

    Scientists, however, said it wasn’t clear how the government concluded that a meteorite strike caused the blast. There has been no established death due to a meteorite hit in recorded history, they said.

    If a meteorite indeed caused the death, bus driver Kamaraj will be the first person ever to have died in a meteorite strike. Saturday’s blast also injured two gardeners and a student.

    “You have a better chance of getting hit by a tornado and a bolt of lightning and a hurricane all at the same time,” is how astronomer and author of the book, Falling Stars: A Guide to Meteors & Meteorites Michael Reynolds describes the likelihood of such an event in a National Geographic report.

    1. “You have a better chance of getting hit by a tornado and a bolt of lightning and a hurricane all at the same time,”

      Apparently not, since that’s never happened, and this has.

      1. That’s not how probability works.

        1. People say you don’t have a sense of humor Zeb. I don’t see it myself.

          1. I have a fine sense of humor. It’s just not always on.

            1. I feel your pain, Zeb.

        2. Do you know how tornados and hurricanes work? The odds of a hurricane and a tornado being in the same place at the same time are not merely astronomical.

          1. Actually, those odds are quite down to earth

          2. Given that Hurricanes can occasionally spawn tornadoes when they come on shore those odds are actually pretty good

      2. A better way of expressing the unlikelihood of getting struck by a meteorite would be to say that it is comparable to getting struck by lighting and an earthquake at the same time.

        Hurricanes often spawn tornadoes and lightning.

    2. There currently are over 7 billion people on the planet and meteorites are constantly hitting the Earth. The odds of any individual at any given time being stuck and killed by a meteor are almost nil, but given how many people there are and how many objects strike the planet doesn’t seem like it should be impossible that it happens.

      1. How many meteorites actually reach the ground big enough to cause damage, though? That’s quite rare, I think.

        But of course it’s something that can happen. Highly improbably things happen to someone all the time.

        1. There was a woman who was hit in the hip or something. Ohh and Cam Newton was just struck by a large number of meteors…cause,
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!
          Broncos won the SuperBowl!

          1. Uh-huh, un-huh (gyrates in pathetic attempt at dancing)

      2. I believe this is the first known (documented) case of a meteor killing or injuring a human being.

        1. You get an ‘A’ for reading comprehension.

          “If a meteorite indeed caused the death, bus driver Kamaraj will be the first person ever to have died in a meteorite strike.”

          1. Did they show their work on verifying that fact through the 150,000 years of unrecorded human history?

        2. The good thing is that a meteor strike never kills the same person twice.

          1. Sounds like an idea for a Creepypasta story.

  15. The walking dead have long voted democrat, but Hillary has them campaigning for her.

    1. The actual buried and cremated dead also have a long history of voting democrat.

  16. so glad Manning decided on spending time with his family and Budweiser instead of Disneyland.

    1. He could have at least said “Avery”….sigh.

      1. In Denver there was an audible groan when he said Budweiser. We ARE the craft beer capitol after all.

    2. I was expecting him to celebrate by tea-bagging one of the team physical therapists.

      1. For all we know maybe he did.

    3. I’m buying me some HGH tomorrow.

  17. Ford to More Than Double Mexico Production Capacity in 2018

    Ford Motor Co. will build a new assembly plant in Mexico and sharply increase factory output from that country, representing the latest shift of investment abroad by a Detroit auto maker following the signing of a costly new labor deal.

    The No. 2 light-vehicle seller in the U.S. plans to add 500,000 units of annual Mexican capacity starting in 2018, more than double what it built in 2015, according to people briefed on the plan. The plan mirrors General Motors Co. ‘s $5 billion investment to double Mexican capacity by 2018.

    Ford will build a new assembly complex in San Luis Potos?, and expand an existing factory near Mexico City. The moves will make room for several models, including a yet-to-be-disclosed hybrid vehicle that is described as a Toyota “Prius fighter,” and will allow Ford to focus its U.S. factories on higher-profit trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

    1. If Henry had asked people what they wanted, they would’ve said faster Mexicans.

      1. Available in only one color.

        1. Well played, racist.

          1. *gives secret honkey handshake*

        2. Well played, racist.

    2. representing the latest shift of investment abroad by a Detroit auto maker following the signing of a costly new labor deal

      And it’s not that part of the cost equation includes US goverment regulation vs Mexican government regulation, I’m sure. EPA and OSHA and DoL mandates are free benefits we all receive.

      1. “following the signing of a costly new labor deal”

        Proximate cause. Govt may be the ultimate cause, as you suggest.

    3. That’s wonderful: a Prius workalike made in Mexico by non-union workers and imported into the USA. It’s a hybrid for republicans because you’ll never catch a smug democrat driving one.

  18. Chicago police officer sues victim’s family over shooting

    Robert Rialmo shot 19-year-old student Quintonio LeGrier six times, killing the boy’s neighbour in the process.
    Mr Rialmo says Mr LeGrier swung at him with a baseball bat from close range, but Mr LeGrier’s lawyers say the two were at least 20ft (6m) apart.

    Joel Brodsky, Mr Rialmo’s defence lawyer, said it was important in an atmosphere charged by police shootings to send a message that police are “not targets for assaults” and “suffer damage like anybody else”.

    “The fact that LeGrier’s actions had forced Officer Rialmo to end LeGrier’s life and to accidentally take the innocent life of Bettie Jones has caused, and will continue to cause, Officer Rialmo to suffer extreme emotional trauma,” the lawsuit says.

    1. Ah, Joel Brodsky – he is a special type of Chicago lawyer.

    2. If only cops feared for their life as much as they claim they do, there wouldn’t be as many cops.

    3. Because it is a well-established principal of law that a person’s relatives can be held liable for that person’s actions when the person in question is deceased. I hope his family counter-sues the living shit out of these assholes, including going after the fucking lawyer.

      1. If this one doesn’t get dismissed as frivolous and the lawyer who brought it required to pay all the expenses, then, well, I just can’t even . . .

  19. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation hands out its Teddy Waste Awards:

    Nominee (not the winner):

    “Federal ? Canadian Human Rights Commission: For allowing David Langtry, acting commissioner to rack up expenses of over $760,000 while commuting from Winnipeg to Ottawa ? for eight years and counting. ”

    Not an elected official to boot. Mark Steyn approves I’m sure.

  20. 10-Year Old Austrian Boy Raped By Iraqi Refugee Due To “Sexual Emergency”

    The attack wasn’t reported to the press at the time in order to protect the victim who ran crying to a lifeguard after the assault which took place in a “cubicle.”

    The refugee – who at that point had gone back to swimming and diving – was arrested on the spot and taken into custody where he told police that he was experiencing a “sexual emergency.”

    “I followed my desires,” the man said, adding that he “hadn’t had sex in four months.” He went on to say that although he was fully aware that his actions were “forbidden in any country in the world,” he had “a marked surplus of sexual energy.”

    The man said he had a wife and a daughter in Iraq.

    1. Flayed alive with his hide hanging from the pool flagpole isn’t harsh enough.

    2. Oh hell, don’t tell me this is a common opinion. Europe is screwed if it is, because telling them it’s illegal won’t matter if they see it as something beyond their control.

      1. Oh, they can get the message – if it’s delivered in the style of Vlad the Impaler.

        1. Well, that’s who Vlad’s audience was when he was impaling, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work now.

      2. No link for this, not even Breitbart?

        It is amazing how the EU media has gone right back to burying these terrible stories.

        1. Ah, that’s something I didn’t check. This could very easily be a just so story, that tend to proliferate around these things. I wish the media black out would stop though. It’s a pain not to be able to reliable check story sources.

          1. Here’s their story on this one:…

            1. Thank you UnCivil.

        2. It’s easier to destroy the homeland of western civilization if no one believes it’s happening.

          1. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

      3. It would be nice if anyone were interested in being honest about this stuff. Seems like people either want to gloss over any bad things that happen among the migrants or condemn them all as irredeemable savages.

        1. The most dishonest of all are those who claim it’s just a few lone individuals behaving poorly, with a propensity towards barbarity that is no more or no less than the native Europeans.

    3. “The man said he had a wife and a daughter in Iraq.”

      I bet they’re hoping he doesn’t come back.

    4. Europe’s funniest migrants/refugees (whatever they’re called):

      1. WTF is the laugh track for?

    5. Would it be Islamophobic to point out that pederasty is often encouraged in muslim/ middle eastern societies?

      1. What’s a pederast, Walter?

        1. Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

      2. Encouraged or tolerated?

        I’ve read about it being common in the fucked up tribal areas in the ‘stans. But is it such a big thing in the Arab world?

        Comes back again to what I said above. I have no idea what to make of a story like this. Some people will play it like it’s common and just one example of all the horrible things going on, and others ignore it or insist it is just an isolated incident.

        Until I see some reliable numbers, I won’t assume anything. In any group of a few million people there will be some child rapists.

        1. Until I see some reliable numbers, I won’t assume anything

          I’d love reliable numbers. The problem is so many groups are engaged in hiding the activity that we can’t tell the prevalence.

        2. I saw a lot more of it in Afghanistan … “Women are for babies, boys are for pleasure”. I didn’t get amongst the regular folk in Iraq or Kuwait – just their armies, so I cannot report much ’bout Arab lands.

        3. Apparently it used to be pretty institutionalized in North Africa. The locals did a booming business catering to a certain sort of English gentry.

    6. You intolerants… Masturbation is probably against his religion.

      1. Good one, Perny.

    7. He has seemed to absorbed the rationalizations of social liberalism.

      “If you think raping little boys is wrong, then do not rape little boys.”

  21. Light pillars in Alaska.…..y_1115.jpg

    And Finland.…..st_960.jpg

    I love the north.

  22. The new Star Wars movie hit the $2 billion mark worldwide.

    Yeah but that is far, far away galaxy money not adjusted for long, long ago inflation.

    1. You don’t think 2 Death Stars and Starkiller base were funded just by raising taxes? The rebellion would have had no problem overthrowing the Empire if the average Joe had to pay for those boondoggles out of pocket. They had to hide the true cost by issuing debt and debasing the currency.

      1. When you look at the numbers involved in the budget of a galactic empire, a Death Star is just a rounding error in terms of cost.

      2. But I bet Palpatine at least gave them universal health care and a decent minimum wage!

        1. But only for the humans.

  23. Byron York: As vote nears, a more radical Trump emerges

    In a nearly one-hour speech, Trump railed against pharmaceutical companies. He railed against oil companies. And insurance companies. And defense contractors. And he set himself against a political system that he said allows big-money corporate “bloodsuckers” to control the government with campaign contributions.

    “Whether it’s the insurance companies, or the drug companies, or the oil companies, it’s all the same thing,” Trump said. “We’re never going to get our country back if we keep doing this.”

    Trump promised to allow the government to negotiate drug prices ? a common position among Democrats but rarely heard at nominally Republican events. He said he would not raise military spending, arguing that the nation’s defenses can be improved without increasing its already huge Pentagon budget. He promised tough sanctions on American companies that move jobs overseas.

    1. So, more like Bernie?

      Trump/Sanders 2016!

    2. It’d be cool if he worked himself into such a froth that he started railing against unscrupulous real estate developers.

    3. I heard an insane rant he was making about all the companies leaving New Hampshire for Mexico just because of lower taxes and how the companies that stuck it out and stayed here were wonderful companies and how we were going to go get those companies in Mexico and bring them back here. If you squint hard, you might could say we’re going to bring those companies back here by lowering taxes, but the way he was talking about them seemed to be calling them traitors and he was suggesting bringinng them back at gunpoint. “Those are our companies with our jobs and our money and those bastards kidnapped them and took them to Mexico!”

    4. “. And he set himself against a political system that he said allows big-money corporate “bloodsuckers” to control the government with campaign contributions.”

      Great, but he (like Bernie) wrongly blames the companies for eating at the trough rather than Congress that fills the trough.

  24. With Cuntillary trotting out Halfbright and then Bill to moan about Sanders lack of FP chops (and other things) isn’t it time for an add asking about the FP experience of such luminaries as Reagan, Bill Clinton and Obama prior to their taking office? This weekend smacks of desperation by her campaign.

    1. Someone took their nickname pills this morning.

    2. Hillary has experience in FP, but no successes to speak of. What exactly are her chops? Russian Reset? TPP that she was for before she was against? Fomenting civil war in Libya that led to radical Islamists gaining territory and ISIS getting weapons from the US? At least she stopped Boko Haram and saved those poor girls, oh wait…

    3. Yeah, if I was Hillary I wouldn’t want to draw attention to the details of my tenure at State.

  25. This Week’s Dumb Talking Point: Ted Cruz Is An Anti-Semite

    Ted Cruz was recently asked to react to Donald Trump’s comments about his wife’s relationship with Goldman Sachs. Cruz retorted that for the billionaire “to make this attack, to use a New York term, it’s the height of chutzpah.”

    Dropping the word chutzpah, even if sounds a little awkward coming from Cruz, works in this context. There’s really no effective English equivalent. “Audacity,” “guts,” “nerve,” “boldness;” all of them are fine, but none of them really have the punch of “chutzpah.”

    But if you’re a lefty columnist adept at ferreting out nefarious conservative dog whistles, the word also conveys anti-Semitism. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank?who makes a habit of embellishing innocuous statements with imaginary bigotry? explains that voters were finally given a clue as Cruz meant about New York Values: “For Cruz, ‘New York’ is another way of saying ‘Jewish.'”

    1. Is Cruz hate because Americans are racist against Canadians and Canadian related products?

      1. Well no, because Americans aren’t aware of Canadian-related products, and are barely even aware of Canada.


          You better get aware pally.

          1. Look, the Shat is awesome, but he didn’t exactly invent Hollywood, eh?

    2. So if “New York” is another way of saying “Jewish,” what about all those times leftists attack “banksters” at “Goldman Sachs?”

      I don’t think that’s anti-Semitic either, but it comes a lot closer than talking about ‘New York values.’

      1. *looks around New York office*

        Only one Jew in sight, (ironically, he works in accounting). There are more Hindus in proximity to me than Jews.

    3. That’s so incredibly stupid. The right loves Jews because of Israel. This accusation doesn’t even pass the sniff test. God these idiots desperately need to get out of their bubble.

      1. The irony of course is that Israel’s government is much more like Bernie Sander’s vision of what government should be than the U.S. government.

    4. Isn’t Dana Milibank a complete hack? I have seen other stuff from him and it is just full of burfle

    5. In this instance, I think the ‘Cultural Appropriation’ attack would have been more appropriate.

  26. Sen. Ben Sasse: Democrats Have Gone ‘Post-Constitutional’

    Is the United States facing a constitutional crisis?

    Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., thinks so, saying that the Democratic Party has largely gone post-constitutional and that even inside the GOP, there is a crisis of confidence in the American idea. Sasse believes many lawmakers like the idea of being in power, not understanding what the job of Washington and government actually is.

    So how do we go about fixing it and what should voters expect if a conservative wins the White House in 2016? In our interview, Sasse shared a few ideas.

    1. It’s not just the Democrats. Trump is going post constitutional too. He would throw the whole thing out, thinking he can solve problems better himself.

      And Chris Christie actually said in the last debate that he could make the trains run on time, apparently missing the historical reference he was making.

  27. Kevin Williamson: Mrs. Clinton’s Ode to Serfdom

    Terry Shumaker, former U.S. ambassador to Trinidad (I wonder what that gig cost him) and current abject minion in the service of Mrs. Clinton, quotes Herself telling an audience in New Hampshire: “Service is the rent we pay for living in this great country.”

    There is a very old English word for people who are required to perform service as a rent for their existence, and that word is serf.

    Serfdom is a form of bondage. Americans are not serfs. We are not sharecroppers on Herself’s farm or in vassalage to that smear of thieving nincompoopery in Washington that purports to rule us.

    We don’t owe you any damned rent.

    1. That’s not a nice thing to say about minions.

    2. Wow. What are the odds she uses the word Proletariat in a speech before November?

    3. Clinton disgusts me with her bragging about her life of “public service”. It ain’t service when you’re obviously lusting after power and getting rich doing it. Try being a busboy at a Mexican restaurant some time if you want to know what “service” looks like.

      1. Most “servants” don’t pull in the average household income 100 times over each year.

    4. The Rent is Too Damn High !

    5. Next, she will be giving us directions to the services she wants perform, a Road to Service if you will.

  28. Turkey delivers aid across border as Syrian forces step up Aleppo assault

    Rebel-held areas in and around Aleppo, Syria’s largest before the war, are still home to 350,000 people, and aid workers have said they could soon fall to the government.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the war, said air strikes, thought to be from Russian planes, hit villages north of Aleppo on Sunday including Bashkoy, Haritan and Anadan, the latter two near the road to Turkey.

    Russia’s intervention has tipped the balance of the war in favor of President Bashar al-Assad, reversing gains the rebels made last year. Advances by the Syrian army and allied militias, including Iranian fighters, are threatening to cut the rebel-held zones of Aleppo off from Turkish supply lines.

    “In some parts of Aleppo, the Assad regime has cut the north-south corridor … Turkey is under threat,” Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was quoted by the Hurriyet newspaper as telling reporters on his plane back from a visit to Latin America.

    1. – You, Ghitan of Aleppo.

      – Sherif?

      – Where do we ride?

      – Damascus, sherif.

      – Aye, but for what?

      – Sherif, for Lawrence!

      1. +7 pillars of wisdom

    2. I can hear the neocons like Nuland screaming bloody murder from here.

      1. Or Samantha Rice calling for “humanitarian intervention”?

        1. Susan maybe?

            1. Samantha Susan Powers Rice?

  29. “A leopard wandered into a school in southern India, injuring three before it was caught.”


  30. European Stocks Fall, Credit Weakens as Signs of Distress Abound

    Signs of distress in financial markets are gathering force as concern over the state of the global economy deepens.

    European stocks are down for a sixth day and the cost of protecting European banks’ and insurers’ senior debt is on its worst run since March 2013. In addition, yields on bonds for Europe’s most-indebted countries are rising, while the rate on Germany’s 10-year bunds are at the lowest since April. Oil fell below $30 a barrel and nickel is trading at its weakest level since 2003 as supply exceeds slowing demand. Futures point to declines in U.S. shares amid a retreat in emerging markets.

    1. She’s hot…

      and dumb.

      1. and full of …

      2. Actresses, CPA, actresses. Remember that they make their living feeling and emoting. While some of them are also capable of rational thought, it’s not what they are selected for.

    2. The Democrats can’t lose on some issues.

  31. I love how ESPN just invents controversies no one could possibly give a shit about. Cam Newton was a little ornery last night after he lost the SUPER BOWL and ESPN radio was reporting this like he’d murdered then eaten a baby on live T.V. You lose the biggest game of the year and I think you have the right to be a little pissy with the tabloid journalism media.

    This might be worse than the time ESPN spent a week and a half hyperventilating because Matt Leinart was photographed with a beer bong at the age of 23, which is clearly unheard of delinquent behavior.

    1. anybody could have seen it coming after two weeks of hyperventilating about how some people don’t like cam because he “showboats” and what that says about us as a nation. They’ve really jumped the shark.

      1. ^ I was actually just thinking that. I love the whinging about Cam’s ‘showboating’ because the only people I’ve seen complaining about that were people on ESPN.

        On Mike & Mike they actually talked about a week ago about whether it’s racism that causes people to complain about Cam’s showboating. Since the only people who I’ve actually seen discuss the topic are on ESPN, I’d say probably not, unless ESPN itself is admitting it’s a racist institution or something.

        1. Some local sports kid who has command of a morning show with scant experience was making an issue of this as well believing it was race related. When lawyer Eric Macramella presented a sound and logical case for what it largely wasn’t, the kid arrogantly scoffed it off. It was obnoxious.

          Made me realize dumb people fall back on that excuse.

          By the same token, the fawning over Manning is nauseating – especially given the latest development with him, HGH, PI’s and Ari Fleischer. I’m beginning to suspect if his persona is just that.

          1. ‘why it wasn’t’

          2. given the latest development with him, HGH, PI’s and Ari Fleischer.

            Speaking of invented controversies no one could possibly give a shit about…

            1. Look, all people implicated, however tenuously, in a doping scandal are worse than Hitler and should be treated as such.

            2. Maybe but…if it were why is he going through such dramatic lengths?

              I’m just keeping a healthy ear up is all.

        2. I would strongly recommend that you stop listening to Mike and Mike. Only on ESPN can two intensely boring individuals be on the air for so long.

        3. Newton is an incredible football player, and pretty much of an asshole.


          If you don’t people thinking you’re an asshole, don’t act like one.

        4. Steve Smith,Dan Lebatard, and Bomonte Jones…

          Yep, sounds like a pretty racist institution to me

    2. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these guys tossed a chair at a wall. As long as he doesn’t punch or attack somebody over it, he’s having a pretty reasonable reaction to a big fucking deal in his world.

    3. Newton had marketed himself as having fun, a joy in the game – it was never true, but that was how he was branding himself. Last night showed that to be false, so the Boo-yah network has a story (one they helped create, to be sure).

      1. Yeah, I wanted to try and give him the benefit of the doubt and an honest fair chance to show that he has changed, but he exposed himself. He’s a completely full of shit phony.

        His so called “joy” when things are going well is nothing but gloating and bad sportsmanship. The real Newton came out for everyone to see last night.

        1. It’s still a total non-issue that the media shouldn’t care about when they have, you know, an actual game to talk about.

          Yeah, let’s not talk about Denver’s ridiculous defensive line play because Cam Newton had a sad.

          1. Is Ware going to tell us were the Fountain of Youth is located? It is obvious he found it.

            1. I heard he got a tip from Payton that it was located near a medical clinic in Indiana

          2. The media still wants to make the Superbowl all about the Panthers and Cam Newton instead of acknowledging that Denver’s defense shut down their current favorite golden boy.

            I also think the sports media really hates it when defenses win championships because it means a “boring” game. They want lots of high scoring action, not a low scoring affair with only 2 total offensive TDs. They’re pissed that, once again, defense wins championships. That and they’re pissed that they were wrong about which team was going to win. The national sports media was in the tank for Carolina the last 2 weeks.

            1. I also think the sports media really hates it when defenses win championships because it means a “boring” game.

              See also: hockey media gnashing their teeth for 20 years following the NHL’s return to pre-expansion scoring rates.

              It’s an odd sport: the more talent in a league, the harder it is to score.

            2. I don’t know, I’ve seen Defensive games that were still exciting but yeah last nights game was pretty boring

      2. Oh, I think the fun, joy of the game bit was true. Cam plays like a kid — happy when he wins and pouty when he loses. At least we won’t have to watch Peyton Manning play football any more.

    4. ESPN might be even worse than MSNBC. At some point along the way, a truly once great network devolved into pure lowlife scum.

      1. I’ve officially put an X on ESPN. Problem is, they own all the rights.

    5. Meh. At worst he wasn’t he wasn’t very graceful in defeat. Big whoopedy-doo. I think the bigger question is why anyone would expect a known “showboater” to be. Most people who showboat usually are sore losers too.

    6. I don’t think anyone expected him to not be upset about it. The problem is that the same media spent the entire season blowing smoke up his ass. Someone who celebrates like a kid is going to pout like a kid when things don’t go his way, and I’d be surprised if the media *didn’t* try pushing those buttons.

      It’s easy to be full of “joy” when everything is going your way. Being positive in the face of adversity is a lot more difficult. The dude was sulking as early as the second quarter and the game’s outcome still in doubt, and this is the supposed MVP of the league. Guy should have shown some fortitude and been an actual leader in a situation that demanded it. I can’t feel sorry for someone who invites the attention only when things are going his way.

      1. That’s been the knock on him the whole time, when the team hits adversity he sulks instead of leading. He’ll sit on the sidelines with his face covered instead of motivating his teammates.

    7. Not letting the sports reporters have their way with you makes you a terrible monster in their eyes. Denying them their “access” is the worst thing a celebrity athlete can do. They have, as a group, the biggest sense of entitlement in the media.

  32. So some “Refugees” decided to get all gropey and rapey in Russia. Things worked out very poorly for them.…..t-morning/

    1. Dumb idea on their part. Russia hasn’t built a culture on thinking themselves horrible people. Their egos may make them do some bad stuff, but it also stops them from letting other people walk all over them.

      God, if there was just some way to get the good parts of liking your own culture without the bad parts.

      1. And given that it was Russia in Feb, the “refugees” lack even the excuse of scantily-clad western harlotry.

        1. You’ve clearly never been to Moscow. The women in that city are either 90 year old babushkas selling flowers in the subway OR smoking hot dressed to the 9s friendly forward women. It is unbelievable. I will never understand why we had a cold war with them.

          1. Clearly. So the hotties dress scanty there even in the dead of Winter? Chicks be crazy…

            1. Their looks are the most important thing. They will spend two months salary on clothes but live in a 600sq’ apartment with three generations of their family.

              1. THEY WEAR HEELS ON FUCKING ICE MAN! IT IS INSANE! and awesome.

            2. Also, I wonder if it was just the guys who sent them to the hospital or the women had a hand in it too. Don’t fuck with ruskies in winter man…basic fucking logic.

              1. I just read that article. I couldn’t have written it better myself. It is the epitome of Russian culture. Hilarious. And Russian dudes do a lot of “harassing” themselves but what they do is considered courting where here it is stalking, harassment, restraining order evidence, etc. So what those refugees were doing must have been real bad.

          2. I had a violin teacher from Russia. She was over 50 and dressed that way all the time. It was strange. At the same time, she always had a super-serious expression on her face, not flirty at all. She also have a huge chest and wore lots of cleavage baring tops. It seemed like a point of honor to dress that way, somehow.

    2. From Sicily to Budapest to Russia. Europeans on the ground will draw the line.

      1. Related – French 4-Star General and Former Foreign Legion CO arrested at a PEGIDA march.

        1. And the irony that they are labelled as neo-nazis but are supporters of Israel.

          1. But if they aren’t labeled as Neo-Nazis, then maybe people will figure out that fascism is a socialist, leftist movement.

    3. Police arrived to break up the fight but locals report that they threw a few punches at the refugees before arresting 33 of them.

      I’m torn.

      Principle says “I should condemn this as improper use of force”. It’s also less of a reaction than I expected from the Russian police. The Eurocops would have arrested the mob and let the migrants go. US cops would have hunkered down a few blocks away and waited for it to end.

      1. Or showed up and shot everyone.


      2. Security services in Russia say they have arrested seven people on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack.

        And no mention of sticking them in some offshore hell-hole military prison and enhanced-interrogationing their ass until they confess to being terrorists? When did the Russians become such big pussies that they can’t even remember how to be a proper Red Menace?

  33. NARAL goes on angry Super Bowl tweetstorm

    NARAL Pro-Choice America, a leading advocacy group on the issue of abortion, started firing a string of tweets about ads running during Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night, criticizing several in particular as “transphobic” or “sexist.”

    Here’s one:

    #NotBuyingIt – that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50

    ? NARAL (@NARAL) February 8, 2016

    1. But they say nothing about the horrific puppymonkeybaby.

      1. The main takeaway I got from the puppymonkeybaby ad was that Mountain Dew Kickstarter is laced with LSD. Not sure if that’s what they were aiming for or not…

      2. Come on, PuppyMonkeyBaby was obviously there for the stoners to blow their minds and induce them to run out to the store for munchies and Kick Start. I think I’m triggered; I can’t stop watching it.

    2. Humanizing little humans, what a novel concept.

    3. I’m thinking of delivering a few cases of Doritos to their headquarters

    4. Hahahaha,

      not from NARAL (they retweeted it though):

      Dear advertisers for #SB50 ,

      You would have a larger audience if you didn’t sexualize women just to sell a burger. #NotBuyingIt

      ? Tristan Suel?? (@TristanDania) February 7, 2016

    5. This is about as bad as the cosmo tweet the other day regarding more women getting pregnant

    6. I’m quite sure that Fritolay had no desire to insert themselves into an abortion debate. They just want to sell chips.

      But they failed to realize how completely the pro-abortion movement has de-humanized the human fetus.

    7. Yes, yes, we all know human fetuses aren’t human.

    8. “humanizing fetuses” So every happily expectant parent is engaging in anti-choice tactics? They do realize it is natural to bond with an infant while it’s still in the womb, right? Fairly sure there are some hormones that help with that process.

      1. That was my thought exactly. I can’t imagine that many women go in to have an ultrasound and the technician says “well, your little bundle of cells that isn’t technically a baby seems to be progressing well.”

        1. Millions of women go in to have an ultrasound before an abortion, so you should imagine harder.

          1. Sorry Nicole. “I can’t imagine a woman who wants to have the baby (which was the point of the fucking Doritos ad) will get told it’s not a real baby by the ultrasound technician. You know – because that would be immensely rude and people care more about the feelings of expectant mothers than about NARAL throwing a politically motivated hissy fit.”

            I’ll try to be clearer in the future.

            1. More succinctly – it’s kind of interesting women have the right to choose, but according to NARAL they don’t have the right to choose to see their fetus as a living baby.

              You have the right to choose so long as you think what we tell you to think and don’t wander off the party line.

            2. There are reasons Nicole is the worst.

              1. When you are bitter about your own existence, it is not hard to see why.

          2. “Millions of women go in to have an ultrasound before an abortion, so you should imagine harder.”

            Citation required.

        2. “well, your little bundle of cells that isn’t technically a baby parasite seems to be progressing well. I expect it will tear itself out of your body right on schedule.

          This is what Nikki actually believes.

          Kidding! I think.

    9. What does NARAL have to do with trannies? They can’t get pregnant, so they don’t need abortions.


      1. Any victim narrative they can glom onto will be subborned to their search for supremacy, those that can’t will be minimized or ignored.

      2. Women-to men-can. “The uterus can be a male organ.”

      3. What does NARAL have to do with trannies? They can’t get pregnant, so they don’t need abortions.

        Why would you even think this was the case?


    11. Human fetuses are human.

  34. As immigration resurges, U.S. public schools help children find their footing

    The schools have to, because it’s the law: Children who are living in this country have a right to a public education, regardless of their immigration status. But for many educators it’s also more than a legal obligation, it’s the moral thing to do.

    “The United States is founded on human rights,” said Sandra Jimenez, the principal of High Point High School in Prince George’s County, Md., a Washington suburb where the immigrant population has grown rapidly. “The only reason these people are here is because they are desperate. These people are coming to survive.”

    There were more than 630,000 immigrant students nationwide in the 2013-2014 school year, according to the latest federal education data available, which defines immigrants as children born outside the country and enrolled in U.S. schools for less than three years. That figure has grown since immigration across the southern border surged two years ago: Between Oct. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2015, federal officials released more than 95,000 unaccompanied minors into U.S. communities, virtually all of them entitled to enroll in public school.

    1. Sure they have a right. YOU pay for it.

      I love how everyone just declares something a ‘right’ and expect people to agree and subsequently pay for it.

      1. Clearly the purported existence of property rights and tax supported “education rights” are in conflict here, they can’t both be valid rights within the same universe. Which is the valid claim? Which one trumps the other? Answer that, and you can with minimal effort, defeat this entire school of lefty thought with just a bit of logic.

        1. Lefty thought cannot be defeated with logic. You can’t logic someone away from a position that they didn’t use logic to get to in the first place.

    2. Children who are living in this country have a right to a public education[…]

      Which encompasses the weirdest math teaching with the most annoying and confusing of algorithms, the most obnoxious inclusiveness propaganda known to man and the most boring 7-hours stretch that any human being has to endure in his or her early life.

      “The United States is founded on human rights,” said Sandra Jimenez, the principal of High Point High School in Prince George’s County, Md.

      You say that word but it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  35. Are we just going to pretend that halftime show didn’t happen? I think that may be the best way to handle it.

    1. Halftime show?

      1. The worst ever. At one point they showed a montage of actual good halftime shows, and people cheered.

    2. Sorry for all the twitter posts, but this was my thought as well:

      LOL someone forgot to tell Coldplay to leave

      ? Drew Magary (@drewmagary) February 8, 2016

      It was better when it switched to Bruno and Beyonce (although whatever she sung had no chorus), but then they cruelly brought Coldplay back.

      1. The entire thing was awful.

      2. Coldplay was boring. Bruno and Beyonce were good when they had their own halftime shows, but they weren’t nearly as good yesterday.

    3. I didn’t even watch the halftime show, but then again it’s sucked for years now.

      1. I generally, agree, but I actually enjoyed Katy Perry’s show last year. It was fun, and it had great spectacle.

        1. it had great spectacle.

          Two great big, round spectacles…

    4. I fast-frowarded through it, with a bief stop to marvel at how Beyonce is getting . . . thicker.

      1. I believe the proper PC term is “curvy.”

      2. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that first shot of her and thought “Man, that is not a flattering look for her”.

  36. Intensely Inuit. Life in remote Alaska.…..ote-alaska

    1. /taps Ivan on shoulder.

      I watch APTN.

      1. No everyone does though.

        1. That’s because *everyone* seems to watch The Big Bang Theory.

  37. Oh man.. Bill Clinton calling someone dishonest.

    He’s right about Bernie, of course, but the irony is just too rich.


    1. “Trust me, I know dishonest.”

      1. “Senator, I knew am honest man, and believe me, you’re no honest man.”

  38. Batman vs Superman: Retro makeover

    Definitely watch it all the way through. Doomsday’s arrival is solid gold.

    1. It is against my browsing policy to give pageviews to any site owned by Gawker.

        1. It’s against my browsing policy to watch YouTube videos.

          1. What have you got against cats, fat people and K-pop?

            1. The last two cats I have been around attacked me, with one hissing at me until I left it’s house.

              I disapprove of unnecessary titty-sweat.

              The only music I respect involves spoons and a jug.

              1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

              2. Cats do recognize evil spirits.
                If the titties aren’t sweaty, you are doing it wrong.
                Spoonman by SoundGarden was…ok.

    2. That movie is going to be a disaster, there is way too much going on.

      1. Oh yeah. Marvel spent like 5 years and several movies establishing a shared universe for their Avengers before breaking out the ensemble. And it still had a bit too much going on. DC is throwing together Batman and Superman, trying to start the Justice League, and bringing in the character who killed Superman, at at once? It’s going to be a trainwreck.

        1. It’s going to be a trainwreck.

          So what you’re saying is they’re actually doing the Alan Scott Green Lantern Origin Story?

  39. This Is the Evidence the Jury in Adnan Syed’s ‘Serial’ Murder Case Never Heard

    Despite newfound doubts about his guilt by some members of the public, Syed was presented to the court as a convicted murderer. He was shackled at his ankles and wrists, and wore a pale blue prison uniform, a long beard, and a skull cap. He occasionally waved to his family while entering the courtroom. In a statement delivered through Vignarajah, who is arguing the state’s case, Hae’s family said the fresh hearings have brought on “a nightmare we thought was behind us.”

    “We believe justice was done when Adnan was convicted in 2000, and we look forward to bringing this chapter to an end so we can celebrate the memory of Hae instead of celebrating the man who killed her,” the statement said.

    But 15 years later, Chapman maintains that she was with Syed in the library adjacent to their high school at 2:15pm on the afternoon when authorities believe the murder was committed. Chapman, who was 17 at the time, says she remembers the day of the murder clearly because she normally left school around 10:45am as part of her academic program, but on January 13, 1999, she was in the Woodlawn Public Library for several hours, waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. That’s when she spoke to Syed, she told the court, for 15-20 minutes.

    Any thoughts on this case?

    1. I think he did it or was definitely involved, probably wouldn’t have said guilty if I was on the jury.

    2. He didn’t get a fair trial. The prosecutor witheld exculpatory evidence in the form of Asia’s testimony and the cell phone records fax cover sheet. Also, their star witness was a compulsive liar who changed his story a half dozen times while being coached by the police.

      1. Basically, the prosecution’s only pieces of evidence – Jay’s testimony and the cell phone records – are completely worthless.

    3. Seems like a big fuckup by the defense lawyer. And the feelings of the victim’s family should have no bearing on anything.

  40. Reports of Rape Linked to Online Dating Rise 450 Percent in Five Years

    The report by the NCA’s Serious Crime Analysis Section said the rise appeared to be the result of the increased popularity of online dating combined with “the behaviors and expectations fostered by an online environment.” One in three UK relationships now start online and seven million UK users are registered with online dating sites, according to market research published last year.

    The NCA said early analysis indicated “a new type of sexual offender” had been created through the online dating phenomenon. “These offenders are less likely to have criminal convictions, but instead exploit the ease of access and arm-chair approach to dating websites,” it said. “This is aided by potential victims not thinking of them as strangers, but someone they have got to know.”

    Online relationships tended to progress more quickly than those offline, said the report, “as people feel freer in the anonymous online world to be more open and emotionally honest.” This higher level of trust could lead to individuals taking more risks than they otherwise would and putting themselves in more vulnerable situations, it warned.

    1. So the rapes linked to online dating jumped from 2 people a year to 9? Percentage Rises are useless for these sort of comparisons. It would be better to compare ratios. Number or relationships started online vs. number of rapes, and number of relationships started offline vs. number of rapes. Otherwise this is just sensationalism.

    2. Go back to what we all used to do: Cruise in a bar you lazy bums!

  41. I think Clinton should be doing damage control, already, ahead of New Hampshire.

    Her biggest asset (to progressive voters) is her supposedly being more likely to win in the general election vis a vis Bernie, but ff she gets spanked in New Hampshire after sputtering in Iowa, that ‘more likely to win’ argument is going down the shitter.

    I wonder what it’s like to be her. Does she realize that old wrinkly Bernie Sanders is more charismatic than she is? Is anyone allowed to talk about it while she’s in the room? I bet her maids and cooks walk around her like they’re on eggshells.

    In real life, she’s probably like a mix between Imelda Marcos and Bruce Banner. She imagines she’s ingenious and adored by millions inside her little bubble, but when that bubble pops, she turns into the Incredible Hulk. Hillary knows her husband has cheated on her 20 times, and she knows that the whole world knows about it, too.

    All that being publicly scorned. All that repressed rage. I wonder if she’s ever gotten physically violent.

    1. My ex-FBI buddy knows an ex-Secret Service guy who was on White House detail for some time. Says Bill was a friendly, randy, good old boy. Says Hillary was a total bitch who treated the staff like shit (I’d say slaves but at least they were paid and could quit.)

    2. Didn’t she supposedly brain Bill with a lamp?…../?page=all

    3. Her biggest asset (to progressive voters) is her supposedly being more likely to win in the general election vis a vis Bernie

      The gap between Obama and Hillary might be the single biggest dropoff in political talent that the nation has seen between sequential candidates. As for the rest, provided that Rubio doesn’t get the nod, the debates will be hilarious if Cruz or Trump turn out in full troll mode and give Hillary the Biden treatment, which is pretty much all most of us want to see right now after eight years of Obamamania and the utter vapidity of presidential campaigning.

      And since it’s the Internet and my sarcasm detector doesn’t work as well here, Hillary is widely reported to have clocked Bill with a book during l’affaire du Lewinsky and drawn blood. Which I’m sure was a complete outlier for such a warm, friendly personality.

      1. As a polyamorous sort, I always figured Hillary and Bill had some sort of arrangement (which would be logical for political animals), the terms of which were “no blabbermouths to embarrass us.” Failure to ensure lack of publicity would certainly be grounds for temper-tantrums. And lots of laughs from the viewers.

  42. Non-Muslim Minnesotans donning hijab to show support

    Especially stupid was this line: “Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has worn a head scarf when meeting with leaders of the city’s Somali-American community.”

    No wonder our newest immigrants seem to think that they don’t need to change and instead all the rest of us should accomodate them in whatever manner they feel necessary.

    1. Useful idiots.

      1. Submission is the idea.

    2. The worst is how Western female political figures wear hijabs when they go to Muslim countries but then the president of Iran goes to Italy and the Italians cover their naked statues to avoid offending him.

      So when Westerners go to Muslim countries we obey Muslim traditions and when Muslims come to Western countries we obey Muslim traditions. It seems to me that if the president of Iran whines about nude marble statues, the proper response is to tell him no Western women will be wearing hijabs the next time we go on a diplomatic mission to his country. It’s a clear example of the head of state of a theocracy trying to establish dominance over secular societies and secular societies go along with it.

      1. So when Westerners go to Muslim countries we obey Muslim traditions and when Muslims come to Western countries we obey Muslim traditions.

        ^This. So-called multiculturalism is clearly a one-way street.

        1. And the “West” used to have balls.

          1. Until one of the popes way back when chopped them off all of the statues.

      2. Its a show of submission, is what it is. Proggies have a deep, deep desire to submit to a Strong Man, and Islamists are easily processed as the Strong Men.

        Sure, you want to be courteous and respectful, but that has to be a two-way street.

        1. Sure, you want to be courteous and respectful, but that has to be a two-way street.

          Exactly. I’m courteous and respectful toward everyone the first time I meet them, then after that I treat them how they treat me. They deserve to get what they give. And Muslim migrants and societies haven’t given much that could be described as “good” to other societies.

        2. I think you may be on to something, RC. But Proggies hate them some white, christian western strong men.

  43. It’s always comforting to see Obo stumble around:

    “Obama’s plans on gun violence amount to little action so far”
    “WASHINGTON ? The centerpiece of a plan for stemming gun violence that President Barack Obama announced last month largely amounts to this: an updated web page and 10,000 pamphlets that federal agents will give out at gun shows….”…

    But he MEANS well!

    1. I hope it is as successful as “Springtime for Hitler”

  44. Idjit CO craft beer brewers worried, ’cause KORPARASHUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “In Colorado, fears about InBev’s entry into craft beer”
    ” But Fuerst fears that idyllic lifestyle is in danger now that the world’s largest beer maker, Anheuser-Busch InBev, has staked a claim to Colorado’s craft beer paradise.”…..raft_be-ap

    Looks to me his biggest fear is someone might offer someone else some money to buy their business.

    1. I’ve gone from beer snob to disliking many recent beers.

      Or maybe I just prefer a gin & tonic.

      1. Yeah, too many craft breweries are one trick ponies. Beer is not hop juice, already.

      2. There’s a lot of preciousness going on right now, like the imperial stout made with peanut butter cups (?!?) mentioned in the article. There’ll be some macho pushback coming in the next few years to clean things up and send lots of these DFH-wannabe hipster brewers back to the abyss from whence they spawned.

  45. How the fuck am I just finding out this came out 6 days ago?

    1. Plot Keywords: nudity | american football | male rear nudity | male nudity | male frontal nudity | See All (5) ?

  46. How the fuck am I just finding out this came out 6 days ago?

  47. And finally, the answer to a question I know you all have:

    “Study explores how black men succeed in college”
    “Harper said universities have a role in disrupting environments that perpetuate racial bias, and that this is the most important takeaway from his study.”…../160209715

    Yes, the poor dears have to rely on the goodness of others, because, well, uh, we all all liberals here, aren’t we…
    My guess is the ones who do, do so by that magical technique called “STUDY”!

  48. We Won: Climate Change is Settled, So Here’s Your Pink Slip. Don’t Slam The Door On Your Way Out, Please!

    Australian officials have decided to axe 350 jobs from its government-backed science bureaucracy last week, as they switch from climate research into ways to mitigate and adapt to global warming. The announcement set off a media firestorm, and the scientists who could lose their jobs are livid.

    Oh, I bet they are!

    1. They should have been more vague imo.

    2. I just about blacked out from schadenfruede.

    3. Huh, wonder if this will result in the science becoming more transparent and verifiable in Australia. Without government grants it will be hard to keep the incestuous nature of the current batch going.

    4. That’s hilarious.

      “The science is settled!”

      “Then why are we paying you to keep doing it?”

      1. ^This. Who was it who said that foreseeable consequences are not unintended?

    5. The announcement set off a media firestorm, and the scientists who could lose their jobs are livid.

      The trick to being a court intellectual, a state subservient academic, is to not outlive your usefulness to the state.

  49. Repressing Memories Of A Once Joyful Life, NARAL Abortionist Sourpusses Spend Superbowl 50 Tweeting Weird Criticisms Of TV Ads

    The best one in their litany of complaints is where they take issue at Doritos for “humanizing” a human fetus.

    # NotBuyingIt – that @ Doritos ad using # antichoice [sic] tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. # SB50

    Women only give birth to humans only when harvesting their parts is illegal.

    1. Sorry – Certified Public Asshat already posted something similar. Except his link is from Politico, and mine is sanitized.

      1. Touche.

    2. What a bunch of sad sacks. I’m all for legal abortion, but the people who make it their central or only issue are pretty sad.

  50. Twenty-seven migrants drown as boat capsizes near Turkey, coast guard says

    Twenty-seven migrants, 11 of them children, drowned off Turkey’s Aegean coast as they tried to reach a Greek island, the Turkish coast guard said.

    Four migrants were rescued and a search operation was underway for nine remaining passengers.

    One migrant was rescued by a fisherman and three more were rescued by the coast guard, which said it had deployed boats and helicopters to search for more passengers.

    The boat sank in the Aegean Sea near the Edremit area of the northwestern province Balikesir.

    Separately, the private news agency Dogan said 11 migrants died and three were rescued when another boat sank further south, off the coast of Dikili in the province of Izmir.

    More than 900,000 people fleeing Syria, Afghanistan and other war-torn or impoverished countries arrived in Greece from Turkey last year, often risking their lives in the short but perilous sea crossing in overloaded boats. Hundreds have died making the attempt.

    Cue the hand-wringing that the anti-migrant crowd is to blame. It’s got nothing to do with the promises of other people’s money going to one and all that manage to arrive in Western Europe.

  51. Peyton Manning win number 200. Hope he bought the Denver defense some Isotoner gloves.

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