Students Object to MLK Quote on Campus Building. Blame Intersectionality.

Political correctness comes to the University of Oregon... with a vengeance.



Yes, even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. offends some college students. The University of Oregon student union recently contemplated removing MLK's "I have a dream" quote from its place of honor on the wall of a campus building because, well, the famous anti-racist statement isn't super-duper inclusive. I mean, come on: it doesn't even mention gender!

This isn't even the first time that UO students have turned on a famous phrase. In the 1970s, students successfully petitioned administrators to replace a quote that used "men" as a stand-in for all people. MLK was the compromise decision.

As Reason's Nick Gillespie wrote in response to the controversy, the revolution not only eats its own, but "vomits it all up and gives it another go."

Indeed, as I observed in a recent column for The Daily Beast, "the modern campus left is an intersectionality ouroboros—the snake from Greek mythology that eats its own tail." Intersectionality is the idea—popular among campus leftists—that all oppression is linked, and that it's not enough to stand against one kind of "ism" without also condemning all other kinds. This kind of thinking led gay anti-Israel activists to shut down an event at a pro-gay conference because the organizers were affiliated with a Jewish group. As I wrote for The Daily Beast:

It does not tolerate dissent, and it considers differences of opinion to be unbridgeable. Agreeing with Dr. King that racism is bad is insufficient. Standing with pro-LGBT+ group that includes Jews is unacceptable. And even adopting all the correct liberal views is no guarantee of avoiding the angry mob, because these views must always be expressed in hypersensitive, politically-correct language. A student could support equal rights for illegal immigrants, for example, but still be accused of committing a microaggression for neglecting to use the proper PC terminology: undocumented person.

Inclusivity doesn't leave room for sanity on college campuses. And that's a trend we should all find dispiriting.

Full thing here.

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      1. I’m not surprised.

  2. Also, before he gets in here:

    Irish opposes MLK, also. But not for reasons of intersectionality.

    1. Fuck. The instant I saw this post I was like “I know where this is going.”

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          1. Irish is so racist he thinks waltzing is “jungle music for rapists”

            1. But it is!!! Trust me!

              1. He knows from experience!

          2. You approve of about 3/5 of what MLK had to say.

            1. Nicely done. Your comments leave you in a compromising position.

          3. Well Irish, actually it is. Damned Frogs diluting the blood.

            1. I hate to break it to you, but that happened a long time ago.

          4. To be fair – so do most Englishmen.

      2. You brought it on yourself. Racist Mick.

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              And the Dingoes.

          2. Back in the 70’s, I knew some guys in a band that was on Puerto Rican and four white guys. They seriously considered calling themselves Spic and the Bigots.

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        1. We called our cat Tigger

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          2. I thought it was powerful thighs. Jimmy had a lot of unique things to say.

            1. “The black is a better athlete to begin with because he’s been bred to be that way, because of his high thighs and big thighs that goes up into his back, and they can jump higher and run faster because of their bigger thighs and he’s bred to be the better athlete because this goes back all the way to the Civil War when during the slave trade ? the slave owner would breed his big black to his big woman so that he could have a big black kid ?[2]”

              I’ve always been confused that gets so much play given that he also said this, which is worse:

              Snyder also commented during the WRC-TV interview that if blacks “take over coaching jobs, like everybody wants them to, there’s not to be anything left for white people”


              1. I don’t keep up with sports. I have never heard that before. Jesus Christ I haven’t heard anyone talk like that since I was a kid. That is some hard core, old timey, ignorant as dirt shit there.

                1. Well, Jimmy the Greek was really old and said that in the late-80s, so he’s probably one of the people who was talking about that when you were a kid.

                  1. I remember that very well. Jimmy the Greek went Jimmy the Gone pretty quick after that.

                  2. Norm MacDonald had a great line about it.

                    he noted that everybody accused Jimmy the Greek of being racist, yet they repeatedly referred to him as “the Greek”.

                  3. He was at a restaurant, drunk, when it was taped.

                    Jimmy the Drunk Greek Racist.

                    Wonder why they didn’t ask him anything about Turks …

                2. I do think the second part is worse though because he’s basically arguing in favor of discrimination. You can have weird racial ideas about black people being good at sports, but so long as you still let people have the jobs based on merit, it doesn’t really matter.

                  On the other hand, I don’t know how to take the comment about coaching jobs other than as an argument to keep blacks from being allowed to have those jobs.

            2. Who’s “Jimmy”? I was just making a good point.

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              1. apolagising

                Is that Greek for “I’m sorry”?

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        2. There’s also the fact that jimmy the greek was right. Just like bill burr when was right when he said it. His delivery was just better.

          Why is it a crime to say that slavery bred the largest and strongest on purpose. That is the whole point. The fact that it is despicable does not negate that it was a business.

    3. Irish is so racist that if he wrote this article his alt-text on the picture would be “what you talking ’bout Willis?”.

  3. the snake from Greek mythology that eats its own tale.

    1. Stories are delicious!

    2. “It’s like that Noun that could have easily been named after a google search, but NAAAAAAAAAH.”


  4. I love all living things (plus zombies and the undead) inclusively. Except Oregan students who are scum sucking pussies.

    1. I love all living things (plus zombies and the undead) inclusively. Except Oregan students who are scum sucking pussies.

      Yeah….and people who can’t spell Oregon.

      1. Yeah, he left out the “o”.
        It’s Oregano students (cooking school).

  5. Intersectionality is the idea?popular among campus leftists?that all oppression is linked, and that it’s not enough to stand against one kind of “ism” without also condemning all other kinds.

    *Struggles to catch ‘gay marriage = miscegenation’ before it disappears down the memory hole.”

  6. How is it “inclusive” to exclude anyone who doesn’t confirm to a particular narrowly defined set of beliefs?

    1. We don’t tolerate intolerance Hazel.

      1. Yeah, isn’t that question a microaggression?

    2. Inclusivity requires that we exclude crimethinkers. Diversity requires that we be non-diverse with regard to crimethinkers. Tolerance requires that we not tolerate crimethinkers.

      1. Somebody just walked out of Room 101 …

    3. Inclusiveness requires exclusiveness. See my comment below.

      As soon as you try to define who is included, you’ve also defined who is excluded. Since racist progressives define in-groups by their opposites, they out-group as they in-group. It’s recursive.

      1. Scalia says this. “Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius.”

    4. How is it “inclusive” to exclude anyone who doesn’t confirm to a particular narrowly defined set of beliefs?

      This is Logic 101 stuff, HM, I think the polity is way past that.

  7. Intersectionality is the way the progtards classify and order victim statuses. It is also the way that many a grievance studies grad student comes up with a thesis topic since it is a bottomless pit of strained associations.

      1. That is one freaky fetish you’ve got there, Suthenboy.

      2. *** watches video***

        When did Trump say all that?

  8. “Agreeing with Dr. King that racism is bad is insufficient. Standing with pro-LGBT+ group that includes Jews is unacceptable. ”

    Because Jewish and Israeli are the same thing. Exactly the same. Also, hating Jews is not racist. Not one bit.

    I knew it was just a matter of time before the SJW crowd turned on King. They are brainwashed to only think in one way, to always come to the same conclusion no matter the situation. They find oppression in paint color, candy wrappers, common language, and musical style. Of course they were going to find it in MLK. So who is next? Hopefully they will eventually see it in themselves and lay their empty heads down on some train tracks.

    1. At this point the disagree with every word of King’s quote.

      They DO believe that skin color is an excellent way to identify a member of a victim-privilege group.

      They do NOT believe people should be judged by the content of their character. That’s being “Judgmental” which is a bad thing – particularly if you are judging somebody from a different culture.

    2. I had to attend an inclusivity seminar at a conference I was at last week. Apparently, the appropriate way to deal with microagressions in the workplace is to shame people into silence.

      Also, the accepted term (for now) is “LBGTQI.” I don’t really know when “queer” stopped being a derogatory term. Nor do I get how being trans or intersex automatically groups you in with gays/lesbians.

      1. I don’t really know when “queer” stopped being a derogatory term.

        It was reclaimed in the 90’s, but old gay men never accepted it.

        1. Smear the Questioning? Smear the Quirky? Smear the Quintessential?

          Am I doing it right?

        2. Also, why do lesbians get a special category in addition to that of gay folk generally? And where the blazes do the queers fit in? Honestly, I never been real clear on the meaning of the term, but it usually seemed kind of synonymous with gays. So now what we got Gays PLUS Lesbians PLUS Queers? What the fuck? It’s like they wanted to lump the introsexts and the transgendereds in with themselves to get more political traction but then felt slighted because they weren’t getting a larger percentage of the play and so arbitrarily elaborated themselves into two additional categories so that they outnumber the others not only in heads but also in headings. If they decide to absorb the cause of some other group in the future, are they going to also have to come up with a further category of gays so that the majority of categories still refers the homosexuals? It’s fucking retarted.

      2. intersex? not “into sex”?

        I can’t keep up with the new ways of describing sexual deviancy any more.

      3. Also, the accepted term (for now) is “LBGTQI.”

        I think they add a new letter to the term every other month …

  9. Inclusivity doesn’t leave room for sanity on college campuses.

    Sanity is the weapon of white cishetero males. As Marcuse explained in Repressive Tolerance, one can’t extend the same rights to the oppressors.

  10. Inclusiveness and the feeling of belonging requires exclusiveness. It is impossible to define who is included without defining those excluded. I believe this become recursive at some point. Fred Phillips’ church for example (and other groups like his) fosters a powerful feeling of belonging by developing and equally powerful exclusiveness–in their case homosexuals.

    These progressives are doing something similar. They are building inclusiveness by excluding those who disagree with their definition of those who will be allowed in the group. Many small churches do this. It becomes recursive when they seek to include more people. Instead of growing the group, they actually shrink it by their exclusiveness because it becomes stronger than the inclusiveness. Eventually they will reject most everyone and fight among themselves–which they are doing now.

    A quick study of protestantism shows this phenomenon breaking up large groups into smaller and smaller groups. It’s not necessarily a bad thing for people to associate with whomever they want. But the process is damaging. Hopefully progressivism will devour itself, and soon.

    1. It is not just churches. That can happen with virtually any group. The smaller the group gets, the higher percentage of members are radicals which in turn drives out those who don’t meet the increasingly stringent definition of what it means to be in the group. The group ends up in a death spiral as its members increasingly turn on each other.

      That seems to be happening to the Progs.

      1. Exactly. Those left behind after a split become even purer in their thinking and in their requirements of others. Those who care less about the cause leave early on. Only the most fervent are left. I’ve witnessed this up close three times and it is not pretty.

        1. Sounds like the LP…

          1. Membership becomes a positional good. Its only value lies in the ability to kick out the less pure.

          2. Yeah, there are similarities. The immigration thread showed signs of a sense of belonging manifesting from excluding the heretics.

          3. Sounds like the LP…

            …or Scotsmen …

  11. Quoting MLK has been crimethinkful for a while. Content of their character? Goddess help us!

  12. It’s just like a bunch of self-important, spoiled to the point of absurdity, coddled since birth by helicopter parents, can’t shut up long enough to learn anything college students to get caught up in the minutia of language.

    It isn’t the exact words that matter, it’s the idea. MLK simply used the vernacular of his time when he said “all men.” The idea is “all people.” That’s what is important, that is what matters.

  13. the campus left is like the left in general – a number of single-issue constituencies united by the common thread of willingness to use govt force to get their way. On occasion, they collide as with organized labor and the greens in Keystone. This new SJW fever should lead to more of those collisions.

  14. If we are going to make this a slamfest on generation retard, check this out.

    Dear Previous Employer,

    You may think that you have gotten the best of me, but you have not. I am a millennial. You may think that you have put me in a bad spot, but you have not. I am a millennial. You may think that you can threaten me, but I am not afraid. I am a millennial.

    I didn’t write this letter on a program that I installed with a disc on my computer, I wrote it on the cloud. I didn’t grow up hungry during the Great Depression, I grew up safe and comfortable. I didn’t walk to school uphill both ways, I took a bus.

    1. I was told from the time I was a baby that I was loved and special. Does this make me a worse person? No, it makes me strong and confident. And you may take my confidence for arrogance, but don’t be confused. I am confident because I have been guided by the teachers, mentors and loved ones in my life. I have studied history, biology, chemistry, writing, algebra, theology, music and social sciences, and I am better for it. I have moved from my hometown to another state, and I am stronger for it. I have met hundreds of people different from myself, and I am wiser for it.

      So, when you tell me I can’t work from home; when you tell me I can’t have more time off; when you tell me I’ll only be allowed six weeks of unpaid maternity leave, I’ll tell you good-bye. Because when I grew up, people told me I could be anything. They told me I didn’t have to settle for “good enough.” They told me that there are many opportunities out there, and if I leave a job, another job will be waiting for me where I can be better and stronger.

      It just gets better from there. And no, it is not from the Onion. It is real.

      1. Good news for her, she is attractive:


        1. She won’t be in 30 years, and stupidity lasts forever.

          1. It is like Bob Dylan looked into the future and read this article and wrote Like a Rolling Stone about her.

            Once upon a time you dressed so fine
            You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you?
            People’d call, say, “Beware doll, you’re bound to fall”
            You thought they were all kiddin’ you
            You used to laugh about
            Everybody that was hangin’ out
            Now you don’t talk so loud
            Now you don’t seem so proud
            About having to be scrounging for your next meal

            1. I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
              And just for that one moment I could be you
              Yes, I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes
              You’d know what a drag it is to see you

              My favorite Dylan lyric.

              1. I like

                Louise, she’s all right, she’s just near
                She’s delicate and seems like the mirror
                But she just makes it all too concise and too clear
                That Johanna’s not here

        2. She is an attractive upper middle class white girl. Of course she can just quit any job that doesn’t suit her tastes. She will forever have her family, boyfriend or husband to take care of her. I don’t begrudge her that good fortune. I just wish she would understand not everyone has such luxury. My God, what a moron.

          1. “She is an attractive upper middle class white girl. Of course she can just quit any job that doesn’t suit her tastes. She will forever have her family, boyfriend or husband to take care of her.”

            The world is full of formerly attractive upper middle class white girls whose lives suck because they aged and never managed to gain anything describable as a job skill or a personality. Coasting on your looks can only take you so far, unless you marry a billionaire.

            1. Yes. See my post above. I don’t think the future is too bright for her. She is plenty cute but not cure enough to marry a billionaire and probably too much of a bitch to marry anyone.

              1. Erin Heilman, who lives in Columbia with her husband…

                Although, as someone who lives the next state over from where I grew up I read;
                I have moved from my hometown to another state, and I am stronger for it.
                and LOL’ed.

          2. Gotta wonder, how many strings did daddy pull to get his little princess the job she just pissed away on petty, meaningless principles. She also left out the part where she is completely and utterly helpless in the face of real crisis.

          3. I want to know when the Hot Chick is finally going to get a fair shake in the employment game?

            1. Diane,

              Things are hard out there for a white girl.

          4. But I can see her in 20 years complaining that she is not paid what she thinks she is worth and blames sexism or some such for it.

        3. She’s in a very inter-facial relationship. I’m gonna guess gold digger.

          1. She ain’t messing with no broke…

      2. I hope they die before they get old

        1. I am so stealing that.

      3. And the employers say thank you for self selecting out of our employee pool. No you don’t get unemployment if you quit.

      4. I didn’t walk to school uphill both ways, I took a bus.

        Was it, by any chance, a short bus?

      5. That’s really weird. I dated someone by that name. Definitely not the same person.

        “Erin Heilman, who lives in Columbia with her husband and hound dog””

        I’m assuming this doesn’t mean she’s squatting at the college.

      6. I’d bet that her previous employer doesn’t think much about her one way or the other. Does she really think they were trying to teach her a lesson or something? Sounds like they just wanted her to do the job she agreed to do.

        At least she’s quitting and not suing or something.

        1. Considering the job market, I doubt they had too much trouble finding a replacement.

          1. I would imagine not.

      7. She is getting slammed in the comments lol

    2. I didn’t write this letter on a program that I installed with a disc on my computer, I wrote it on the cloud.

      I love it when technical idiots thinks they are wizards because they can use a labor saving device that requires less from them than did an earlier technology. We’ve been telling Xgen and millennials that they are the most technologically advanced generation and they believe it. I remember when you had to know minute details about your computer before you could even install software on it. And they think that operating a Smart Phone? makes them a technical wizard. The Smart is in the phone–not in the user.

      1. That technology wasn’t the result of hard-working people who pulled long hours and sacrificed. It was simply willed into existence by the brilliant and confident minds of the young.

        It’s like she read Childhood’s End and thought it was about her.

        1. Yeah. People like Steve Jobs and the guys at Microsoft and the various scientists who developed the base technology for things like smart phones did all of that by going home at five every day and maintaining a work life balance.

          This girl really has no clue how this civilization was built.

          1. “On Rack 10 rows of next generation’s chemical workers were being trained in the toleration of lead, caustic soda, tar, chlorine. The first of a batch of two hundred and fifty embryonic rocket-plane engineers was just passing the eleven hundred metre mark on Rack 3. A special mechanism kept their containers in constant rotation. “To improve their sense of balance,” Mr. Foster explained. “Doing repairs on the outside of a rocket in mid-air is a ticklish job. We slacken off the circulation when they’re right way up, so that they’re half starved, and double the flow of surrogate when they’re upside down. They learn to associate topsy-turvydom with well-being; in fact, they’re only truly happy when they’re standing on their heads.”

            Convenience is king, complaint is feedback, quiet is compliance. “All we ask is to be left alone.”

      2. And what’s the fucking difference? She used a program she downloaded off the internet radio, instead of one she installed with a disk. Big fucking deal, except that the latter is probably slightly less taxing for morons that are accustomed to it. I miss the day when a person had to be able to field strip his computer to be able to run a program. Maybe it was a bit excessive, but at least people who used computers had some vague fucking idea what they were actually doing. My main obstruction in getting familiar with Android was the fact that everyone I knew who used it and was familiar with it actually had no fucking clew what the blazes was actually going on, and not only that, generally had some really fucked up delusions about how they worked (such as, apparently, this dimwit’s belief that using the computerphone meant no software was employed on her end). I only made progress when I accepted that despite the fact that everyone else had been using them for years longer than men and that they did so without too much apparent trouble that they knew absolutely dick, that they were in effect MORE ignorant and stupid than I was.

        1. I have clients using Windows that still can’t grasp the distinction between a program on their computer and a website on the internet. I have one who calls me up about once every two months to ask me if there’s a way to he can download youtube onto his harddisk so he can use the site without having an internet conexion. Then there’s the guy who turgidly believes, no matter how many times it is disproven before his own eyes, that Windows programs won’t run if the internet conexion is down, who’ll insist that the internet MUST be conected, that Word or Tetris starting up proves it, since programs can’t run if the internet is off.

    3. That’s almost as retarded as generational collectivism.

      1. I know because that never happens in relation to the Boomers or the geezers. No, its just the poor little snowflake millenials who get all lumped together.

        1. Thanks for leaving out Generation X, asshole.

          1. We are the Jan Brady of generations, sandwiched between the narcissistic boomer Marcias and the kind of retarded Millienial Cindys.

            1. [golf clap]

          2. We do seem to be less hated than the surrounding cohorts. I’m sure that will change soon enough once gen-X fully takes the reins of power.

        2. The only generational categories I remember in the old days was rich old white man and young jobless bums. It’s got a lot more sophisticated lately.

      2. It was the snowflake who started the collectivizing. I merely responded to her claims that she is smarter because she uses an Internet resource (the Cloud) rather configuring a piece of equipment herself. She likely has no earthly idea how name resolution works or how a search engine works, much less a protocol stack. But she’s smarter than her manager because she can type into a wiki on some website somewhere.

  15. Related:

    1. I hope he sues and FIRE supports him in his fight.

    2. What the fuck is it with Communications professors? Do they study their subject like Pathologists study disease?

      1. I got forced into a communications-studies course in college. I dropped it after the 3rd class. the professor (a young woman) was really upset. She demanded i provide a written explanation. I penned one of the most blistering criticisms of my life, that amounted to “i don’t believe that there is any merit to this body of study at all; it is a waste of everyone’s time, the department should be closed and all the staff fired as soon as possible”

        “The student was asked by the professor to create a blog post in reaction to the topic of feminism. And the student’s post offered a conservative dissent to the topic of feminism, citing women as, “the freest and most liberated in human history” utilizing research conducted by the American Enterprise Institute.

        The professor gave the student an “F” on the blog post. Then the professor reported the disabled student veteran to the department chair stating, “the student’s degrading references to women and disturbing video elicited concerns for my safety,” “

        He definitely fucked up referencing the AEI. People these days are so quick to poison the well you have to go out of your way to design your sources to be mutually reinforcing.

        1. also, this continued reference to the “disabled veteran” undermines their whole point.

          exchanging one victim-class for another is bullshit.

        2. Fuck, I had a submission rejected when the assignment was simply to give my “opinion”, along with the requirement that I change my opinion and submit a new one that was less unfortunate. Worser was the shit writing class where a fucking “response paragraph” assignment ended up getting me ejected from the course; in that case, there was nothing but a reading, to which I was supposed to respond, with no advisories of any kind saying that one was supposed to come back on a particular side or other (feminism, again), and so it’s like some kind of fucked up trap loyalty test or something. Also worser because the professor tried to keep up the pretense that I was being fucked for something other than having the wrong response to the reading. Na?f as I was in those days I didn’t catch on instantly.

      2. If you’re too stupid to teach anything but the classes the football team succeeds in….

    3. It’s super-scary when people disagree with you, and being scared raises blood pressure and adds stress, and higher blood pressure and added stress causes heart problems, and is therefore bad, and therefore banned.

  16. If Dr. King could see that campus today, he’d probably shake his head sadly and say “WTF’s up with those uniforms?”

  17. I think I’m gonna troll Spike Lee and write a movie called ‘Black Men Can Jump.’

    1. Because of the slave breeding. You see? They really do need a white guiding hand.
      /paraphrasing Irish

      1. …It was Jimmy the Greek. *cries*

    2. It is ignorant to think that people don’t want the best out of their property. If I have a horse, I want the horse to be as healthy as possible. If I have a car, I want it to be a clean and efficient as possible. If people are property, and I have people as property, I would want them to be as healthy, strong, and durable as possible. It is simple preservation of property interest.

      To think that somehow, the generations of African and non-African slaves in this country were immune to eugenics based treatments in order to maximize the bottom line of the slaveholder, is divorced from common sense and rational self interest.

      1. Considering the fact that pretty much every ethnic group on Earth has been enslaved by another ethnic group at some point in their history, it makes such an observation tautological.

        1. More than that people obsessed with race overlook the extraordinary amount of racial mixing that has been going on for centuries.

      2. We always kept nigras as healthy, strong, and durable as possible. It was when they started importing the cheap models from China that things went wrong, since it made it feasible to just work your nigras into the ground and replace them as to invest in care and mainit’s. Then there’s chips that you can get from Japan so don’t even have the cost of retraining them.

  18. My favorite case-study on the failure of intersectionality in practice

    1. My God is the beardo with the loud speaker annoying.

    2. I thought that was going to be the progressive stack video

  19. They might as well complain about that, too. Clearly there is no discernible stopping point. The entire endeavor is arbitrary. What’s the right power balance? How to quantify power? Try determining “equality” and to set it apart from “sameness”.

  20. Victim Wars: The Struggle of the Black Trans Lesbians and the Patriarchy

  21. I mean, come on: it doesn’t even mention gender!

    It *alludes* to it. So much for poetry.

  22. Actually, it would be quite fitting that the little lefty larvae work to remove the sentiments of someone who felt that one should be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. After all, the obsequious, yet insincere use of this phrase by the left has long been betrayed by their actions, particularly the government and legal bean counters who see only skin color and leave all concepts of individuals out of it.

  23. If we can’t reason with them, then we must crush them with violence. Smash their heads.

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  27. Fuck these brainless choads and everything they pretend to stand for.

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