Trump Not Missed at GOP Debate, FBI Releases Oregon Standoff Video, Stop Tweeting Porn at Tony the Tiger: A.M. Links


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  1. The lack of Donald Trump at last night’s Republican presidential debate was palpable…

    Let’s make the debates great again.

    1. Hello.

    2. I agree. Let’s not invite Donald Trump to any of them ever again.

  2. Cable news, meanwhile, was underwhelmed by Trump’s rival event.

    That’s not what Drudge’s headline is telling me.

    1. I guess we have to wait to see what the ratings were to know what effect the Trumpening really had.

  3. You know who else acted like Hitler…

    Trump ‘Is Acting Like Another Hitler By Inciting Racism,” Says Anne Frank’s Stepsister

    Anne Frank’s stepsister, 86-year-old Eva Schloss, compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler in a column published by Newsweek on Wednesday.

    “I think [Trump] is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism,” wrote Schloss, an Auschwitz concentration survivor. “During his U.S. presidential campaign he has suggested the ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,’ as well as pledging to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out.”

    Schloss added, “If Donald Trump became the next president of the U.S. it would be a complete disaster.”

    1. Perhaps she should let one of those wonderful Muslims move in with her, I’m sure they’ll get along…

      1. Or at least into her attic.

      2. One of the wonderful ones wouldn’t be a problem.

        Give her age, a few Mexicans to help out around the house wouldn’t hurt. Trump is shitty about Mexicans too.

      3. Mmm, yes, how witty. That addresses her concerns and is sure to shut her up.

    2. Ok, people, does this count as a Godwin? I’m thinking that actual holocaust survivors, which Schloss is according to TFA, get a pass on that.

      1. You know who else got a pass?

        1. Jerry Rice?

          1. Elizabeth Taylor?

        2. Malcom Butler?

      2. Putting aside that Hitler is a popular figure in most of the middle east…yeah, they get a pass.

        1. Should they get a pass though? I mean out of all people they ought to know better.

          1. Yeah, I would think she should understand that keeping people out of the country is really not the same as putting them in camps and slaughtering them.

            1. While I tend to agree with your overall point, what if someone was acting just like Hitler did prior to ascending to power? If- having lived through that- you see too many similarities between the proto-slaughterer, Hitler and the Candidate, Trump is it a Godwin?

              (That said, was Schloss really old enough to remember pre-war Germany during Hitler’s rise?)

              1. What *did* Hitler do before he came to power?

                -Convicted of treason against Germany (but allowed to become a German citizen anyway)

                -blamed everything on Jews, called them enemies of Germany

                -ran a political paramilitary (the SA) which sought brawls with rival parties like the Commies

                His party had an ambitious platform.

                If you want to bash Trump, check out planks 7 and 8 – which call for resticting immigration and the expulsion of large numbers of immigrants.

                But don’t forget these platform planks:

                “14. We demand profit-sharing in large enterprises.

                “15. We demand the large-scale development of old-age pension schemes….

                “21. The State must raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child care, the banning of juvenile labor, achievements of physical fitness through legislation for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and maximum support for all organizations providing physical training for young people.”

                1. Exactly.
                  “You know who else wanted The State to raise the level of national health by means of mother-and-child care, and ban juvenile labor?”

                2. My favorite in the platform is #16:

                  “We demand the creation and maintenance of a sound middle class; the immediate communalization of the large department stores, which are to be leased at low rates to small tradesmen. We demand the most careful consideration for the owners of small businesses in orders placed by national, state, or community authorities.”

                  Germany’s national socialists loved to hate “large department stores” in the same way American progressives love to hate WalMart.

                  This plank illustrates how their attitudes toward the “middle class” and “small businesses” are also similar.

                3. Why, it’s almost as if the Nationalist Socialist Worker’s Party were socialists or something

              2. That is almost the very definition of a Godwin, though: “Hitler was also a vegetarian, so vegetarians are frighteningly reminiscent of Hitler!”

                1. Isn’t the actual definition of Godwin simply that any discussion that goes on long enough will eventually bring up Hitler?

              3. According to the linked article, Schloss was an actual Auschwitz survivor.

                1. And if you do the math she was in her mid-teens when WW2 ended.

          2. They do know better. Jews are evil. Hitler was right. Mein Kampf in Arabic is STILL a best seller in the ME.

          3. I mean out of all people they ought to know better.

            Or it might make them hyper-sensitive to anything that might possibly go there.

            Put it this way, when I say “Trump’s no Hitler”, I’m making a probabilistic estimate. I’m saying I’m 95% certain Trump isn’t like Hitler. With the average politician, I’m 97.5% certain. But, 95% sure is still pretty darned sure. But, I can see where she might not see it that way. She’d probably look at it like “Oh my God! This guy is twice as likely as the average politician to be like Hitler!”

        2. That’s interesting. I can’t imagine Hitler was a big fan of Arabs or Islam.

          1. Look up the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Free Arab Legion, Handschar, etc. Hitler cultivated some interesting relationships with Arabs/Muslims.

            1. I would wager that most of the relationships were more about gaining access to oil, and gaining supporters in a region he assumed he would conquer (considering how close to taking Egypt Rommel came, which would have basically given the British administered parts of the Former Ottoman Empire all over to Nazi Germany).

          2. “The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than, for example, France”

            The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness and flabbiness?

            –Adolph Hitler

            1. Well, I’ll be damned. I would have thought he would have seen them as a competing take-over-the-world, master-race sort of thing. I guess the same was true of the Japanese.

      3. Not a Godwin if it’s not in an internet forum.

    3. I’m calling ‘shenanigans’ on this.

      I really can’t see how a person who survived Auschwitz could be desirous of letting people with a hobby of jew-killing run rampant.

  4. A California bill would make all public, single-stall restrooms gender neutral.

    So like a muted beige color on the walls maybe?

    1. And no mirrors, so your body dysmorphia ain’t rubbed in your face.

      1. Tap foot under next stall, get pen-and-TP message back about wrong team.

        “DANG IT! AGAIN!?”

    2. And don’t dare leave the seat up, cislord.

      1. Oh, the seat will be permanently fixed in the “down” position. All will sit down to pee!

        1. We will become a nation of sitzpinklers.

        2. I can’t believe that’s an actual thing. Who gives a fuck how other people pee?

          Seems like it’s always Germanic northern Europeans too. Not sure what that means.

          1. Just make sure not to Google: German pissing. If you’ve yet to do so, continue to avoid going down that rabbit hole if it all possible.

    3. What is a bit sad is that any restaurant with two single-stall restaurants would make more efficient use of its facilities if it did this, and I have noticed more and more restaurants doing this each year. They don’t need a law to force this change- at most, the government could communicate the benefits to restaurants (it is a better use of your capital to have it available to 100% of your customers rather than only half your capital available to half of your customers). But the government never met a decent idea that it hasn’t tried to cram down peoples throats by force of the gun.

      1. and who the fuck pays attention to the little gender signs on single stall toilets? I’m going to refuse to pee in a toilet with a stick figure in a dress?

      2. What is a bit sad is that any restaurant with two single-stall restaurants would make more efficient use of its facilities if it did this,

        What is even sadder is that some people think restaurant bathrooms are public bathrooms. The bathroom at my Christian bookstore/coffee shop is for paying customers, not the general public, but it’s still my bathroom.

        1. I would love to come to your store, piss in your toilet, and not buy any of your books.

            1. *polite applause for appropriate Seinfeld reference*

            2. SWARM, SWARM, SWARM!

              This comment has been flagged.

      3. Yeah, making toilets unisex is a sensible idea. But making a law about it that applies to private businesses is both a violation of private property rights and pointless. Is this really a problem for anyone?

    4. So I have to piss and shit in the same room with women and whatevers in California?

      1. Not while they are in there. My bet is that what they mean by Single Stall bathrooms are bathrooms with a lock on the door. One goes in, one goes out. Unless they are trans-multiple-single-persons, in which case I guess you could have Two men enter, one man Leaves.

        1. Those bathrooms are also popular with families so that a parent can take an opposite-sex child to the bathroom without hassle, or so that a parent can take all the kids to use the toilet at once.

    5. I would think that most women would prefer to use a restroom that isn’t also used by men.

      1. They’re going to need to “man up”.

      2. When was the last time you saw inside a women’s restroom. I can assure you it’s far more disgusting than the men’s rooms.

        1. Really? Why? How? I assume there is less piss on the floor. Aren’t there couches in there?

          1. Women hover pee, so the seats end up disgusting sometimes. Add in that some women never learned how to properly dispose of tampons and it can be pretty bad if you don’t have regular cleaning lady.

            1. ^This. I worked fast food when I was in school. Other than a little piss that didn’t quite make it into the toilet the Mens room wasn’t a problem. The Womens room – well, what Illy said, and worse.

            2. Women hover pee

              Which is awfully silly. Unless the toilet seat has shit or blood smeared on it, it’s almost certainly cleaner than your ass.

          2. Apparently you have never been presented with menstrual blood dripping down the front of a toilet bowl, or on the seat. A foggy, sticky mirror caused by whatever they are spraying in their hair. A mixture of strong perfumes, mixed with ass…

            They can easily be worse men’s rooms.

            1. menstrual blood dripping down the front of a toilet bowl, or on the seat. A foggy, sticky mirror caused by whatever they are spraying in their hair. A mixture of strong perfumes, mixed with ass…

              Wait, what are you complaining about?

            2. Amen. Can we also add the women who block the loos with loo paper.

              I saw a musician a few weeks ago who claimed that on the back of one door she saw graffiti saying “Your shit”, which someone had corrected using menstrual blood. It inspired her jokey song “Grammar period”

        2. Welcome aboard, fellow bear.

        3. This x1000

          Women pretend to be more like delicate little flowers but in private they are frigging disgusting

          1. That’s part of the allure.

  5. Obama is taking aim at the gender pay gap again.

    So they’re going to force women to work longer hours and go into fields of study that don’t interest them but pay better?

    1. Maybe go for some sort of disparate impact rubbish?

      Oh and…”the gender pay gap”

      [citation needed]

      1. “Disparate Impact” is judicial abuse and facially immoral. You cannot declare that a neutrally designed and implemented policy is discriminatory because of statistics.

        1. ” judicial abuse and facially immoral”

          So you agree Teh Lightworker will try it then!

        2. I agree in principle. But there was that whole “separate but equal” thing. Though I guess since that was specifically tied to race it is a bit different.

    2. So they’re going to force women to work longer hours and go into fields of study that don’t interest them but pay better?

      [hearty applause]

    3. I am so sick an me tired of hearing how we have to do a better job of getting women into more STEM fields.
      There are now more women in medical school than men. Many women choose biological and chemical sciences. The main areas that women don’t seem attracted to as much as men are engineering and physics. Having both taught physics and worked as an engineer, I firmly believe there is something more inherently in the differences in the sexes. Maybe 50 years ago there was some overt sexism in math and the hard sciences and engineering. But honestly with all the money, PC agitprop, and SWE stuff, and women on avg still only make up 15-20% of engineering students, maybe most women DONT want to do it.

      1. Math is HARD!

        /newly-reconfigured Barbie

        1. +1 I’m just a girl.

          Malibu Stacy.

          1. +1 Hello Smithers, you’re good at turning me on.

        2. Some years ago a gang of pranksters swapped the chips in Barbies and GI Joes, and then snuck them back on the shelves, just in time for Christmas. Little boys got GI Joes complaining that “Math is hard”, and suggesting we all go shopping, while the Barbies cried “EAT LEAD COBRA!”.

          1. Here we are

            Supposedly, the perps are “a loose network of artists, parents, feminists and anti-war advocates who coalesced in anger last year when a version of the talking Barbie complained that “math class is hard.””

            “It is impossible to verify the group’s assertion of sabotaging 300 dolls, because the only confirmed alterations so far have been about a dozen that turned up in Albany, San Diego and Walnut Creek, Calif., where consumers have called local papers or television stations and described their surprise at learning of their dolls’ little secrets.”

            When you get to the point where it’s hard ti distinguish between the social justice warriors and a gang of Hold muh Beer and Watch This frat boys…

      2. Having both taught physics and worked as an engineer, I firmly believe there is something more inherently in the differences in the sexes.

        Well, yes. Boys are 5 times more likely to have autism than girls.

        1. We need to take steps to ensure that girls are equally autistic!

        2. Boys are also 5 times more likely to be be-penised.

      3. I think there are probably still some cultural things that discourage some women from going into engineering. But there is no good reason to believe that if all that were somehow got rid of that men and women would be equally represented in all fields.

        It’s odd how some feminists like to go on about how women are superior to men in all kinds of ways. But then expect for some reason that men and women should somehow be the same in every way and be equally represented in all fields (or all well paying fields, anyway. I don’t hear a lot of complaints about the low number of female loggers or roofers, for example).

      4. What’s equally annoying is you don’t see every goddamn SJW falling down over themselves trying to get males into something like nursing or teaching.

    4. The IRS already has my employer, gender and income. I notice he threw “race” in there – interesting.

    5. So they’re going to force women to work longer hours and go into fields of study that don’t interest them but pay better?

      Of course not, they are simply going to force employers in the fields women prefer to pay more for less difficult work and shorter hours.

      1. I can’t imagine any downside from that.

        1. And businesses will go along, because the raise in pay will allow them to drop the women below 30 hrs a week average, and therefore they won’t have to pay for their healthcare any longer.

  6. New Jersey Chris Christie’s anti-abortion fervor “is relatively new to his repertoire.”

    New Jersey Democrat Chris Christie’s political lap band has allowed him to shed several policy positions since his run for the nomination.

    1. “I also don’t care for gay men hitting on me”


    1. Please stop, you’re making Jezebel look resonable by comparison.

      1. Thise headlines sound like they might have come from Jezzie (yes I moused-over to see where they really came from)

      2. Pro-tip: Just scroll down.

    2. Meh. Roosh should fuck off.

    3. So my years in an Outlaw Biker Gang were not wasted after all.

    4. Actually, the 4 lies article has a lot of truth. Number 1 is a bit much (There is a valid concern regarding women in the military, but I don’t think to the extent he is saying). But the gender thing is right on. The irony is that there is definitely a societal component to gender ROLES. But whether or not a guy is flamboyant or a girl is a tomboy doesn’t make them any less male or female. This also is way off from the idea that a person sincerely feels that they are a woman trapped in a male’s body. Even that idea presupposes sexual dimorphism. And while I think that in most cases that is probably a mental issue that maybe better handled with therapy, it still is an individual’s decision. But at the end of the day there aren’t 5 or 31 or 72 biological sexes. There are 2.

      1. I like the separation of masculine and feminine with a little gender-blurring sprinkled around the mix.

      2. Yeah, you can’t really get around the two biological sexes thing.

        People are just way too hung up on labels. Be whatever you want to be. Who cares what people call it?

        It is interesting to see how the ideas of gender fluidity and transgender, which seem on the surface to be sort of similar ideas, really conflict.

    5. Of the 4 lies, only 1 and 3 are things that anyone is likely to have been told since birth. And I learned pretty quickly that moral and legal equality doesn’t mean equal capabilities and that democracy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      But I don’t expect much intelligent commentary from that asshole.

  7. a strong showing from both Jeb Bush and Sen. Rand Paul

    Paul locked up the progressive Republican votes. All zero of them.

    1. Break room crack-up. Thank you.

    1. I would make an exception to my “don’t stick your dick in crazy” rule.

      1. Um….seconded.

        *scurries back to fondue mines*

      2. If she brings several of her GFs with her I will make an exception. “Stick your dick in crazies.” One at a time is never enough.

  8. Obama is taking aim at the gender pay gap again.

    Phrasing! There’s a war on guns to win.

    1. I love the juxtaposition of this with the previous item about Obama basically helping traffic refu-teens.

      *nothing to see here*

  9. Central American teens rescued from forced labor in Ohio were released by the Obama administration into the custody of more labor traffickers.


    1. The irony of the government being concerned about people who exploit the labor of others is just a little too on the nose, don’t you think?


      1. It’s untaxed and under the table, isn’t it?

  10. Thai airline serves food and drinks to dolls

    A Thai airline has offered to serve food and drinks to dolls – as long as they’ve purchased a ticket.

    The bizarre moves follows a craze in Thailand for ultra-realistic dolls, known as Luk Thep or “Child Angels” – with some owners believing they have supernatural powers.

    While on a Thai Smile Airways (part of national carrier Thai Airways) flight, the dolls are expected to abide by the same rules as human passengers. They must wear a seatbelt when instructed and will be offered food and drink throughout the flight.

    Without a ticket, they are treated merely as carry-on luggage.

    1. Paging HM. HM to the red courtesy phone please.

    2. Thailand is a weird place.

      Kumon Thong – necromancy using dead fetuses or babies

      Despite the fictional origins, belief in kuman thong took root in southern Thailand, with widespread belief that these protective ghost children could warn against any dangers that threatened a household. Ancient manuscripts detailed additional steps on how to make kuman thong, such as requiring the ritual to be completed before dawn in a cemetery and painting the dry-roasted baby with lacquer before applying gold leaf.

      1. Now how come “The King and I” didn’t have a song about that?

        1. Because it would not be very scientific?

        2. What’s “Hello, young lovers” about then, if not this?

          1. That song title sounds like an ode to sex tourism.

      2. New market for Planned Parenthood.

        No disassembly required.

  11. Cable news, meanwhile, was underwhelmed by Trump’s rival event.

    They seem made for each other, really.

  12. Israeli vulture detained in Lebanon on suspicion of being a spy

    A vulture that flew into Lebanon from an Israeli nature reserve has been captured on suspicion of spying, according to local media reports.

    Gamla Nature Reserve tracked the bird to near the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil, which is just a few kilometers over the border from Israel — then reports began trickling in that the bird was being held by locals who suspected it because it had Israeli tags and devices.

    A series of pictures also surfaced: one of a vulture with Israeli tags and a rope tied around its leg; another of a transmitter on the same bird’s back; and another of two men displaying the bird’s massive wingspan.

    The huge griffin vulture — which is part of a conservation project to restore the raptors in the Middle East — has a metal ring on its leg indicating it is from Tel Aviv University, tags on its wings, and a GPS transmitter attached to its tail.

    1. The funniest thing about all this is that the Israelis are so far beyond anyone else in the region in tech, that the Arabs really don’t have any clue.


  13. While it in and of itself isn’t the worst thing our country is facing, any R who advocates for ethanol subsidies should be arbitrarily kicked out of the party and tarred and feathered. Whether one is a conservative or libertarian, there is no way that can be supported (obviously the mercantilists at the Chamber of Commerce as well as the enlightened progs on the left all love it.)

    1. Are they really being “arbitrarily” kicked out if there is a well defined and specific reason?

      1. Fair point!

      2. I assumed he named his woodchipper “Arbortrary” and the autocorrect changed the words he really used. (You did mean to say “chipped” out of the party and not “kicked”, right?)

      3. I think the correct word is “summarily”.

    2. Huh? That isn’t what happened to Tim Pawlenty in 2012?

      Are you trying to tell me it wasn’t the ethanol flip flop that caused T-Paw’s campaign to tank? Maybe it was his utter lack of any accomplishments or his weasel rating of 11 that got him canned?

  14. “Tony the Tiger begs furries to stop tweeting him porn.”

    Is that a corn flake in your pocket?

    1. Who’s going to frost his flakes now?

  15. The Obama administration will move on Friday to require companies to report to the federal government what they pay employees by race, gender and ethnicity

    and by skill, competence, and productivity, right? RIGHT?!

    1. He’s such an idiot.

      I wonder who is a bigger idiot Obama or Trudeau.

      1. Genius of the “and” rather than the tyranny of the “or,” d00d.

    2. Shouldn’t companies reply that they pay zero? They only pay on performance.

    3. Is that self-identified or perceived race, gender, ethnicity? And how dare they leave out religion, age, sexual persuasion, BMI score, limbular mobility, and a whole host of victim classes? Are you saying my victimhood of not being a victim due to my straight white middle-class middle-aged maleness isn’t a real victimhood?

    4. Would a single sentence meet the reporting requirements?

      “Exactly what they deserve”

  16. Tweeted by The Guardian U.S. today: “Tony the Tiger begs furries to stop tweeting him porn.”

    Fine, I’ll do it. He sounds furious.

    1. Insert obligatory “They’re grrrrrreat!” joke here.

        1. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

          1. Curse you, Crusty – I laughed at that.

    2. Fine, I’ll do it. He sounds furious.

      [narrows gaze]

      There is a series of all-men films called “The Fast and the Furryous” (bears, not furries); one of my friends was in one of them.

      1. *chortles*

        Did they have any “storyline” around cars or smuggled guns?

        1. Smuggled “guns”? Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

          1. Oh, I missed that. Well-done.

        2. I haven’t watched it, just seen his stills and clips. I’ll check and get back to you.

  17. The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

    World shares heat up as Bank of Japan goes sub-zero

    World shares jumped and the yen slumped on Friday after the Bank of Japan stunned markets by taking one of its main interest rates into negative territory, its boldest step yet to reinflate the economy.

    The yield on Japanese benchmark government bonds plunged to record lows JP10YTN=JBTC after the central said it would charge 0.1 percent for excess reserves parked with the institution, an aggressive policy pioneered by the European Central Bank.

    The central bank said in a statement it would cut interest rates further if it judged it necessary.

    “It has become clear that stock markets cannot stand on their own feet,” said KBC senior economist Koen De Leus, in Brussels. “As long as the economy is shaky and the world is burdened with high debt, central banks and their money printing machines are a necessary evil to keep up the markets.”

    something something destroy city to save it

    1. “It has become clear that stock markets cannot stand on their own feet,”

      Maybe that’s because they are standing on mile high stilts made out of worthless paper.

    2. Its paying for safety of deposit. Which seems insanely dumb for a bank to do.

      Plenty of regular people pay a fee for a 0% checking account, which is same thing.

      1. Da Afghanistan Bank did that when I was there in 2004-2005. They opened a branch in Parwan, and we almost got trampled by customers seeking safety, and a legit bank to sue to wire their money to safer places like the UAE and Kuwait….or London or Zurich…

          1. I figured that out, but sue seemed reasonable too.

    3. Okay, taking bets. How long until some country tries to make the stock market illegal? The stock market is complicated and not very well understood beyond I lost my retirement fund while the evil bankers made millions. It seems like a plan that the socialist would be all over.

      1. Nah. They will just buy up all the stocks in the stock market with treasuries. Removes risk of the messy temptress slot machine and socializes the economy in one swift effort. Win, Win!

      2. I don’t think there’s a stock market in either Cuba or North Korea. Anyone know about Venezuela?

          1. Thanks, Switzy. Are you back? Happy Friday.

      3. Maybe some really shitty country. I think that the leaders of any rich industrialized country, dumb as they may be, know what a disaster it would be to try to do such a thing.

    4. How systematically destroying capital will jump start an economy is, of course, an exercise for the reader.

  18. The Political Rhetoric Generator generates random American political rhetoric. Fire your speechwriters and win some elections.

  19. The grim economic news just keeps rolling in:

    Durable Goods Orders Plunge 5.1%, Shipments Drop 2.2%, Huge Negative Revisions

    Of other note, the auto sector that had been on fire in 2015 went negative in the fourth quarter.

    In contrast to the preposterous Fed model that says the odds of a recession in all of 2016 is a mere 3.56%, this report strengthens the odds the US economy is already in recession.

    Anybody seen shriek lately, or has he eaten the barrel of a gun upon discovering that his TOP MEN failed yet again?

    1. So…we are still in the summer of recovery?

      1. If only we didn’t have all this austerity the past couple years, it would have totally been better – Ryan Cooper, theWeek

      2. The summer of recovery seems endless. I blame global warming.

    2. We should give Playa a medal.

      1. I was thinking the same thing earlier today.

      2. I got a few spares lying around….what should we give him?

        1. Got a Nobel Peace Prize?

        2. I think I could wallpaper a dorm wall with the ARCOMs and AAMs laying around. If we include the certificate as well as the medal set we can do the whole dorm room!

      3. Was there an epic flameout that I missed or has his denial of reality just become to difficult and embarassing to maintain?

        1. He lost a bet on who could invest better in the most humiliating way possible.

          His $100K paper trades are now worthless.

          1. The bet was set for one year’s duration. IIRC, it took four days.


            1. It was one month. Today is the last day.

              1. I checked, and you are correct. I recalled that wrong.

          2. link?

              1. Cool.

                Remember when Yahoo had fantasy stock trader? I kind of miss that.

  20. Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right
    And, my dear fellow Republicans, he’s all your fault.

    About 15 years ago, I said something nasty on CNN about Donald Trump’s hair. I can’t now remember the context, assuming there was one. In any case, Trump saw it and left a message the next day.

    “It’s true you have better hair than I do,” Trump said matter-of-factly. “But I get more pussy than you do.” Click.

    At the time, I’d never met Trump and I remember feeling amused but also surprised he’d say something like that. Now the pattern seems entirely familiar. The message had all the hallmarks of a Trump attack: shocking, vulgar and indisputably true.

    1. It’s a pretty good summary of how things look from the Republican party base. Republican elites need to stop talking to the Democrat Elites and start talking to the people that elect them.

  21. Well, that video blows a gaping hole in the “eyewitness” testimony.

    1. Yes it does.

      It was wise for them to release it so I am a bit surprised they did. Hopefully it will prevent some very nasty backlash.

    2. But was it edited deceptively?

  22. You Can Now Study Tacos at the University of Kentucky

    At the University of Kentucky, taco knowledge is power.

    And why wouldn’t it be? In a time when tortillas are outselling bread and salsa is outselling ketchup in the US, the last thing anyone wants to be is ignorant about tacos?especially in the state of Kentucky. The state has one of the fastest-growing Latino populations in the country.

    This semester, the university is offering an undergraduate course called “Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South.” Led by Steven Alvarez, an assistant professor in the university’s Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies department, the class aims to teach students about Mexican foodways in Kentucky and the broader South.

    1. This is what your student loans are buying…

    2. Fast growing because starting from a low base. My HS had way more se asians than latinos, for example.

      1. Fastest growing is one of the most deceiving stats anyone can use. The “fastest growing” car company (sold 4 units the year before, sold 8 this year. 100% growth!). Or fastest growing cause of death. Because 25 people died of some obscure form of cancer last year and 40 died of it this year equals 60% increase. Meanwhile prostrate cancer stays fairly constant, but kills tens of thousands.

        1. Prostrate cancer…. that’s like a really, really bad bed sore?

    3. the last thing anyone wants to be is ignorant about tacos

      Indeed. Hence Holy Taco.

      1. This is probably the most profane taco commercial I’d ever seen.

        1. uhhh…..ill be right back.

          1. I’m betting “it makes my taco pop” is OMWC’s ring tone.

          2. No, no, no!

            It’s “I’ll be in my bunk.”

    4. We’re all taco eaters now.

  23. Rapefugee Game
    …They treat this woman like absolute shit, and she is fascinated by it, she keeps calling them back for more. She lets the guy take the microphone out of her hand.

    In the pussified world of Western European girly-men, these guys stand out as masculine, hard men who say what they want, take what they want. They walk down the street like they own it. They don’t smile. They double down when challenged. They give sub-zero fucks….

    …And to get all “meta”, feminism was a civilization-wide shit test, and the men of Western Europe and the USA failed. They have been reduced to sniveling beta status ever since. The poon of the West is desperate for a stern and iron Alpha ramming by anyone….

    1. Has it been so long since European women have seen a real man that they actually confuse these little boys from the middle east, who throw little temper tantrums whenever they don’t get what they want, with real men?

      Anyone who things these little Islamic bitches are acting like men is deeply confused.

      1. That is exactly right.

        I don’t see who wrote that, but they are full of shit.

        1. Yep. He has diagnosed a valid problem re:feminism and wimpy pj guys. But then completely misses the mark with these fucking 7th century desert tribesmen. How about the Amercan ideal of a strong, masculine guy who takes care of his family, tells it like it is, and is decisive, but respects his wife, talks to her like a human being, doesn’t rough her up and let’s others do their own thing?

          1. How about the Amercan ideal of a strong, masculine guy who takes care of his family, tells it like it is, and is decisive, but respects his wife, talks to her like a human being, doesn’t rough her up and let’s others do their own thing?

            A dying breed to be sure, which causes bloggers like this guy who comes off as fairly bitter towards women to totally misrepresent the sort of ethical masculinity that decent women want. The guy seems like he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get laid and wants to blame rapefugees for that.

      2. Has it been so long since European women have seen a real man…

        Americans and Australians regularly visit, so no.

    2. No, she was just playing it cool. Like “Ok, thanks for your moronic input. Bye.”

  24. … Sen. Rand Paul (who claimed last night that the “liberty vote” would “stay in the family” this year).

    As should the money bombs!

    1. I need to change my pants.

      1. Then you can watch her make fried eggs.

        1. I do not have an unlimited number of pants.

          1. Just take your pants off. There can’t be THAT many people in the public library at this hour.

            1. I guess I will just tightly cinch my raincoat.

          2. Genius! This is why I read the comments. Well the educated back and forth, the screaming and the porn links are all good too, but this is the best.

  25. US economy likely slowed sharply in October-December quarter

    Sinking oil and stock prices and weakness in China and other emerging markets have raised worries about their impact on the U.S. economy. The Federal Reserve noted that concern this week with a cautious assessment of the economy.

    On Friday, the government is expected to estimate that the U.S. economy grew at a minuscule 0.9 percent annual rate in the October-December quarter, according to economists surveyed by data firm FactSet. It would be less than half the growth rate of the previous quarter.

    A key reason was likely a broad effort by businesses last quarter to reduce their overhang of unsold goods. Another factor is expected to be a widening trade deficit: Further strength in the dollar has made American-made goods more expensive and thus less competitive overseas. In addition, economic troubles in regions from Europe to China have depressed U.S. exports.

    1. “Thanks to Obama, the US economy continues to grow after Bush drove it onto a ditch!”
      -/NY Times

  26. Laid-off IT workers muzzled as H-1B debate heats up

    Some of the utility’s IT employees had to train their foreign replacements. Failure to do so meant loss of severance. But an idea emerged to show workers’ disdain for what was happening: Small American flags were placed in cubicles and along the hallway in silent protest — flags that disappeared as the workers were terminated.

    The utility employees left their jobs with a severance package that included this sentence: “Employee agrees that he/she shall make no statements to anyone, spoken or written, that would tend to disparage or discredit the Company or any of the Company’s officers, directors, employees, or agents.”

    That clause has kept former Eversource employees from speaking out because of fears the utility will sue them if they say anything about their experience. The IT firms that Eversource uses, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services, are major users of the H-1B visa.

    1. That’s pretty standard language in a severance deal. It’s why I refused to comment about one of my previous employers, Frontier Communications – maybe the worst run company in the history of Telecom, for two years even though nobody cares and nobody would ever find out I said anything.

    2. I fucking HATE Infosys.

      They claim they have a system of training and education that ensures the highest quality workers.

      Bullshit, it ensures the most braindead zombies who can recognize all the parts of a computer/program but couldn’t put it together without you standing over their shoulder holding their hand every step of the way. They then proceed to obscure the fact that while you kinda sorta get almost decent quality out of them it is because everything they do is put through 37 layers of “internal” (internal to them that is) review before you see it and make it almost impossible to tie down exactly who is responsible for each piece of work so you can’t identify who among them knows what they are doing and who doesn’t.

      I’ve worked with decent Indian vendors who offered at least close to a break even proposition over just doing the work inhouse, but I can confidently say no company that ever did business with Infosys has ever actually profited from the deal.

      Sure, the VP’s and Presidents who can put on their resume that the reduced employee costs by dropping the hourly bill rate made out like bandits (and it is pretty obvious some of them were getting kickbacks of one form or another) but the company itself has ALWAYS lost money on the deal.

    1. Uh yeah, the stronger your muscles the easier your work out is a.k.a. the less energy you need to do it. There is a reason that a five mile walk was just a bit winding while I was in college but a mile walk now a days has me crashing for the rest of the afternoon (I’m starting a new routine, so the college level of fitness should be back in a month or two). I thought everyone knew this.

      1. I’d never thought through the details but I always knew that to lose weight, the secret was to eat less rather than exercise more. I use exercise to keep muscles toned, increase stamina, etc. But 45 minutes on an elliptical burns about 450 calories (for me) which is less than 2 slices of cheesecake (for example).

        1. I already eat less, but I’ve got a weakness for Dr. Pepper. I figure if I start walking enough daily to burn the 250 calories from the one bottle a day I won’t give up, then I’ll probably lose weight considering my other eating habits. Not to mention stamina. That’s something I definitely want to get back.

          1. Sounds about right. I was thinking more about people who are eating too much, start exercising, but don’t change their eating habits.

            1. Proper nutrition, in my experience, is at least 75 percent of it.

              1. Yeah. If you eat like a fat fuck, you’ll be a fat fuck.

          2. Don’t think about burning calories. Exercise is not anti-eating. Do yourself a favor and get strong. See how much better you like your body when you can squat 315.

            1. I hated my body when I could squat 315. I was never able to find a pair of boxers that fit right. Related: wrestling is difficult when everyone in your weight class is 3 inches taller and has much more upper body strength than you.

              Switching from hockey to wrestling was an idiotic decision. The athletic profile from the former is just no help in the latter.

              1. The boxer fit problem is so much worse when you can squat 600. So much.

                1. The boxer fit problem is so much worse when you can squat 600. So much.

                  It is a problem even when you have running or biking thighs.

            2. Can’t squat. I think it’s one of the paralyzed muscles.

              Walking, pull ups, sit ups, and push ups for me, and walking is mostly for the stamina and build up some muscles round my knee. Tired of my knee hurting after walking all day at the con.

              1. I would bet money you can. Find a good coach.

              2. Have you tried with a Smith machine and/or hack squat/leg press machine?

                1. Tried a leg press machine before. Could only do some ridiculously minimum number of weight (twenty pounds maybe, it was a really low number) about three times with the partialy paralyzed leg and then something like 150-180lbs with the non-paralyzed leg basically as long as I wanted. Decided that encouraging the muscle disparity between the two legs would just make it harder to strengthen the weak one, so I’ve tried to focus on exercises that won’t let my right leg carry for the left since.

        2. Those are some tiny slices of cheesecake.

    2. But after a certain threshold ? described by scientists as a “sweet spot” ? the extra time working up a sweat made no difference to the amount of calories burned.

      But hitting the “sweet spot” is the point of working out.


    They can’t say he didn’t warn them!…..mitism-aro

    1. It’s amazing how the media can report that millions of Muslim refugees are settling in the West, and that antisemitism is on the rise in the West, and not see any connection.

      1. Correlation is not cause-and-effect — the growing right-wing fringe hates both Muslims *and* Jews.

        *** bites lip ***

        1. Correlation may not be simple cause and effect, but it’s not unreasonable to see a connection in importing millions of people from a very antisemitic region, and seeing a rise in antisemitism afterwards.

          If millions of Russians moved into an area, and afterwards there was a spike in vodka sales, I would think the two might be related.

          1. You are absolutely right. In most of Western and Northern Europe it isn’t the “right wing” that are the anti-Semites anymore (with the exception perhaps of a very few old school skinhead types). Most of the rightists in Europe have become more sympathetic to Israel and Jews then the left has. Look at Holland in France, Corbyn in the UK, etc. Meanwhile, folks like Geert Wilders, even the EDL, are increasingly pro-Israel.

        2. “the growing right-wing fringe hates both Muslims *and* Jews.”

          Except for the Hungarian fascists who like Muslims because they see them as common Jew-haters and potential allies.

        3. fascists are only ‘right-wing’ if you’re a communist.

      2. It isn’t just Muslims. Leftists and certain libertarians also hate Jews because they blame all Jews on Earth for everything they hate about Israel.

        A Jew in Marseilles was attacked with a machete a few weeks ago. I mentioned it on Twitter and someone got angry I don’t criticize Israel enough.

        I asked him what the fuck a French Jew has to do with Israel. Clearly he was basically arguing I shouldn’t have a problem with French Jews almost getting murdered because OMG ISRAEL.

        1. The only people who like Jews are Socons as far as I can tell. American evangicals actually moved to the point of seeing Jews as a sort of brother religion. It’s kind of interesting.

          1. Well. Jews in America like some Jews. Mostly (Reform) they are not big fans of Israel.

            1. Mostly Jews whose sole connection to “Judaism” is gefilte fish and social activism. Most of whom have never been to Israel.
              I understand disagreeing with certain positions. Certainly no country is perfect. But Jews who actively support the BDS or Free Palestine movements are just freaking stupid.

              1. But Jews people who actively support the BDS or Free Palestine movements are just freaking stupid.


                Jews are so disliked that they’re disappearing here through intermarriage. It’s a goyish plot.

                1. And a successful one at that. I know a decent number of Jews and half-Jews, both friends and family. None of us have married anyone with Jewish relations.

                  1. I’m on marriage #3, all to shiksas. So I skewed the statistics a bit.

          2. It doesn’t hurt that Muslims have been taped chanting “First we kill the Saturday people and then we kill the Sunday people!” Israel has done a pretty good job of setting itself up as the Protector of the holy lands. And given the reputation for how Muslims treat holy sites of other religions, I can see why Christians wouldn’t want to see them in control of current Israeli territory.

          3. The only people who like Jews are Socons as far as I can tell.

            Do I like Jews if I have no real problem with them as a group? I’ve never understood Jew hating, I assume it’s survives because it’s such a dearly held tradition in some circles. Some of the smartest men and women alive are/were Jews. With IQs like that they must doing something right generation after generation.

            1. Jew hatred exists because Jews tend to be successful. It’s pure scapegoating. Jews get blamed for everything because their success leads conspiracy theorists to believe there’s some sort of Jew conspiracy to help Jews at the expense of everyone else.

            2. I meant as a broad group not as an individual. Socons are the only group I know that basically have a platform in support of Jews. It’s just an interesting connection, especially when compared to the muslim-christanity sometimes hostility.

              1. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Protestant Socons view Jews as people who are dedicated to the belief system of the Bible, without a large bureaucratic structure underlying their religion. Plus, the Puritans were relatively tolerant of the Jews, and looked to them as people of the book. Add in the fact that there hasn’t really been large scale warfare between Jewish and Christian populations on the scale of the Crusades, the Reconquista, or even the Barbary Pirates, or if there has, it was largely ignored (see Israel’s founding fathers skirmishing with the Brits leading up to the founding of Israel). Plus, the whole “God must be with them” attitude (which over half my Uncle’s Southern Baptist church believes) because of their military and economic success when faced with enemies on all sides.

                1. A few words about the attitude of the founder of Puritanism regarding the Jews:

                  John Calvin: “I have had much conversation with many Jews: I have never seen either a drop of piety or a grain of truth or ingenuousness ? nay, I have never found common sense in any Jew.”

                  Calvin is also quoted as calling Jews “profane dogs” who “under the pretext of prophecy, stupidly devour all the riches of the earth with their unrestrained cupidity.” He also stated that “their rotten and unbending stiffneckedness deserves that they be oppressed unendingly and without measure or end and that they die in their misery without the pity of anyone.”

                  Luther was even more hateful towards the Jews. The socon’s notion of a Judeo-Christian culture is entirely modern.

          4. The only people who like Jews are Socons as far as I can tell.

            Is that what they tell you at the Bund meeting?

            1. Fuck off, Shlomo. Go charge some usury, or eat some gentile babies, or invent a new branch of mathematics or something.

              1. Der goy is a shtarker. Go lift and carry for me, animal!

                1. He always struck me more as a bullvon than a behema.

          5. The only people who like Jews are Socons as far as I can tell.

            Ask a Hindu, particularly one living in the north of India, what he or she thinks of Jews and or Israel….

            1. Ask a Hindu, particularly one living in the north of India, what he or she thinks of Jews and or Israel….

              I have one working for me. He no longer has a good impression of my tribe.

              1. Well, stop bothering his kinderlach!

                1. He has a photo of his very white wife as the background of his computer screen. I used a Sharpie and drew a red dot on her forehead.

                  This is why they call me Dr. Helpful.

                  1. I’d be more angry about getting the ink off my monitor.

                    1. It’s a test to see if he really IS a chemist like his diploma claimed.

        2. Jew-hating is one of those things that tends to unite all the evil fucks of the world. It’s like the simple test for identifying whether an ideology is inherently attractive to assholes.

          1. “Do you hate the Jews?”
          Y: You’re evil shits.
          N. You may be evil shits, but not necessarily.

    2. And, for about the zillionth time…. Israel =/= Jews. Israel does not speak for all jews.

      1. No, but it’s a useful proxy for Judenhass. “Oh, I don’t hate Jews, just those Zionist ones.”

        1. Hey, Joo, don’t ruin my Joo-neralizing. I need to blame my problems on someone, damnit.

          1. Jewsplain’ what to me now, esse?

      2. And, for about the zillionth time…. Israel =/= Jews. Israel does not speak for all jews.

        No, but Jews =Israel. All Jews are held, by anti-semites, as responsible for the actions of Israel–no matter how much self loathing they gleefully display.

    3. Hang on…if I remember my defense contractor training correctly, isn’t actually illegal to participate in a boycott as a federal employee/contractor?

      1. When the President does it, it’s not a crime!

  28. Analysis: Sanders tax plan would raise trillions, cost jobs

    The tax plan of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would raise trillions of dollars and lead to about 6 million fewer full-time jobs, according to an analysis released Thursday.

    Sanders’s plan would raise $13.6 trillion over 10 years when not considering economic effects. It would raise $9.8 trillion over the next decade when taking economic changes into account, according to the free-market Tax Foundation.

    The Tax Foundation estimates that Sanders’s tax plan would raise far more revenue than the proposals from his main rival for the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. The group estimated earlier this week that Clinton’s plan would raise nearly $500 billion when not accounting for economic changes and lead to about 300,000 fewer full-time equivalent jobs.

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

    1. It would raise trillions for the state, but how much would it cost in private wealth?

      1. hundreds of trillions, probably.

      2. “I dunno… how much you got?”

    2. Are progs really this stupid?

      1. Yes. Oh, gods yes.

      2. Generally I find that they aren’t even that smart

      3. No, stupid still implies that you have some capacity for thought, limited though it may be. Progs don’t even recognize themselves in the ideological mirror, and can’t pass the Turing test.

    3. What it would raise is the amount of tax evasion. Revenue would probably drop. Look at every european country. More than half of the economies there are black.

    4. And it wouldn’t actually raise what’s projected.

  29. Koch brothers’ new group will take on poverty, educational quality

    The political and policy empire controlled by billionaire industrialist Charles Koch is building a non-profit wing its leaders say will work to address deep-seated social ills and “revitalize civil society.” Its initial efforts will focus on poverty and educational quality.

    The organization, known as Stand Together, is still in its start-up phase but aims to raise $15 million this year, top officials told USA TODAY in the first interview about the new organization. Organizers described Stand Together as engaging in “venture philanthropy” aimed at “strengthening the fabric of American society.”

    “The sole purpose of Stand Together is to make a real difference in real people’s lives by actually solving the problems they have,” the group’s executive director, Evan Feinberg, said.

    1. Of course the progs will oppose

      1. The principals are wrong, therefore how could the principles be right?

  30. Hillary: Hey, wouldn’t it be great to have ? Supreme Court Justice Barack Obama?
    …”Wow, what a great idea. Nobody has ever suggested that to me. Wow, I love that, wow,” the Democratic presidential candidate responded. “He may have a few other things to do, but I tell you that’s a great idea.”

    Clinton acknowledged that the next president might have the opportunity to appoint several Supreme Court justices. Nearly half of the court ? four of the nine justices ? has served on it for 20 to 30 years and are either over the age of 80 or approaching it. ?

    “He’s brilliant and he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor. He’s got all the credentials,” Clinton added about Mr. Obama’s qualifications. “Now, we do have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed, so you’re going to have to help me on that.”…

    1. LOL. Mediocre law professor with virtually no published work in law reviews should be on the supreme court. Pure stupidity.

      “He’s got all the credentials”

      Except the fact that everyone on the Supreme Court has served as a judge, you fucking moron.

      1. This has not been a historical requirement (ie, Earl Warren, lawyer, but never a judge).

        However, Mister Pen and Phone did not even teach constitutional law, he was a lecturer on Race, ie a grievence industry monger.

        1. I have all the constitutional requirements and would be better than Barry. With only an engineering degree.

          1. If appointed to Scotus, I promise 3 things:

            1. To pursue a law degree on the side.
            2. To keep it short and readable. Like in days of yore.
            3. To use these 3 phrases in a dissent within the first year:
            A. No, fuck you, cut spending
            B. Fuck off, slavers!
            C. Coase, coase, coase

            1. I won’t do #1, because lawyers are trained to pervert the law.

              I will have to stick with concise rulings, because it’s in my nature.

              Where ambiguity exists, I will keep in mind the meaning of the 9th and 10th amendment, favoring the state over the federal and the citizen over the state.

      2. Except the fact that everyone on the Supreme Court has served as a judge…

        Kagan was never a judge of any sort. Sotomayor is the only sitting justice to have served as an actual trial judge.

        1. Sotomayor is the only sitting justice to have served as an actual trial judge.

          And boy, does it show. How many 8-1 cases have there been where she’s the sole dissent? I’m frankly amazed that Obama appointed her, but he more than made up for it (so to speak) with that useless sack of crap Kagan.

    2. This is probably the most transparently pandering thing she’s proposed yet. She must be desperate.

      1. It’s working though. Obama still has fans and they’ve been orgasming in glee at the mere thought of Obama on the Supreme Court. I really think Hillary would do it too. She’d put him on the Supreme Court to seal her power once president and that absolutely terrifies me. It’s the biggest reason to vote against her that I’ve heard (and I’m counting the blatant breaking of the laws).

        1. ^This. It’s the only thing she can offer him, and it’s a huge legacy boost.

    3. “I love the law, intellectually,” Obama continued. “I love nutting out these problems, wrestling with these arguments.”

      “As a matter of fact, I’ve busted a nut over the law on more than one occasion.”

    4. Somebody’s trolling for a pardon….

      1. It wouldn’t go over well if a sitting president pardoned his successor-candidate so that candidate could continue to run.

        1. I think that was mentioned somewhere in the middle of the Book of Revelations.

    5. He published nothing because he never actually worked doing anything and he knows jack shit. He knows everything about marxist critical theory, that’s it.

      He was hired on at Chicago U by Cass Sunstien for the sole purpose of giving him credentials so that he could run for State Senate. The other staff there that knew him say he never did any academic work at all.

      He was never anything but a Manchurian candidate. In the world of bad ideas putting him on the SC would be at the top of the list, so of course Hillary says she loves it.

      1. Hell, before 2008 he never really did much of anything at all – other than serve as a state senator a couple times. He was a US senator but didn’t finish his term before running for Prez. I know plenty of people around his age who have much more impressive resumes.

        1. Hell, before 2008 he never really did much of anything at all – other than serve as a state senator a couple times. He was a US senator but didn’t finish his term before running for Prez. I know plenty of people around his age who have much more impressive resumes.

          But he organized communities! Communities that were probably disorganized and barely functioning before he got there.

      2. In the world of bad ideas putting him on the SC would be at the top of the list, so of course Hillary says she loves it.

        And, if she’s serious and does it, half the Republicans in the Senate would fall over themselves to vote in favor.

        That said, I doubt Obama would want the gig. I don’t think his narcissism would do well being one of nine people who mostly labor outside the limelight.

        1. The only upside would be the comedy f reading the argle bargle logic of his opinions.

      3. He knows everything about marxist critical theory, that’s it.

        You give him way too much credit.

    6. He’s got all the credentials

      Thomas must be furious.

      1. But think of all the lulz!

    7. Supreme Community Organizer Obama. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong.

    8. Glad Longtorso could get everyone fired up about something that happened a few days ago and the White House has already said Obama is not interested in.

      1. He says he’s not interested in it now but give him a few hours outside the limelight as POTUS…

      2. the White House has already said Obama is not interested in

        Did I mention I have a bridge for sale?

      3. Glad Longtorso could get everyone fired up about something that happened a few days ago and the White House has already said Obama is not interested in.

        Thanks for riding to Obama’s defense, we all really appreciate it.

    9. Barry already said no. His sights are on being the UN Secretary General.

      1. Do you think that position comes with enough power?

        1. As long as it’s all in his head. That position seems like a good place to stash him away for the rest of his career to me.

        2. He will transform it into a position of power. Expect lots of UN bombing missions.

        3. It’s not about the the actual power, but the perceived power. His low-information supporters would view this as world president.

    10. He’s got all the credentials

      Interesting choice of words. Not “qualifications” or “experience” or “skills”. “Credentials”.

    11. It would be like Harriet Meyers.

  31. HuffPost adds note calling Trump ‘racist’ to its stories

    “Note to our readers: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims ? 1.6 billion members of an entire religion ? from entering the U.S.,” the note reads.

    A Huffington Post representative shared the note with The Hill Thursday and confirmed it would be published with all Trump stories.

    “Yes, we’re planning to add this note to all future stories about Trump,” the representative said in a statement. “No other candidate has called for banning 1.6 billion people from the country. If any other candidate makes such a proposal, we’ll append a note under pieces about them.”

    1. So, does this run afoul of the campaign finance laws HuffPost wants enacted, given that its free advertising for Trump?

      1. It’s different when *they* do it.

    2. Are they also going to run a note with all Hillary stories that she has committed multiple felonies?

      1. Did any of those felonies involve banning 1.6 million people from the country? No? Ok, then. Case closed.

    3. Rampant xenophobe huh? Aren’t proggies the one who want no jobs or stuff produced over-seas and to effectively isolate the US?

      1. National Socialism and Socialist Nationalism are completely different, somehow!

    4. Rampant xenophobe huh? Aren’t proggies the one who want no jobs or stuff produced over-seas and to effectively isolate the US?

      1. That’s different. I mean, it sounds better than the typical “dey took our jerbs” from the right-wing xenophobes, so it’s more acceptable, right?

    5. Honestly, I agree with Trump that keeping 1.6 billion people out of the country is a good idea. I mean, the infrastructure is only really built around 300-400 million right now.

    6. Religion and Race are not synonyms.

      Anyone can be a Muslim.

  32. 3 minutes into the FBI video at initial stop. First, if these guys are so so dangerous, why are the police using thin skinned vehicles for the stop. Officers pile out on one side, don’t seem to be fully using the vehicles for cover AND there’s a dog on hand. Gee I wonder what that’s for. I also note the continued shitty use of unmarked vehicles for what should be well visible identification as legitimate cop cars.

    1. And one of the first questions after the *edited* video? ‘Looks like he has his hands up’. FBI: ‘we’ll let the video speak for itself’.

      1. He definitely had his hands up. I am not sure why more people aren’t talking about this? Oh yeah, Trump…

        1. He had them up, and then it kinda looks like he puts them down and gets something out of a pocket or something.

      2. I can’t find a suitable link, but I am pretty sure the FBI hasn’t had a “bad shoot” in over twenty years, so I am just going to take their word that this was a good shoot so their record stays pristine.

    2. Haven’t watched that, yet.

      Were the unmarked vehicles FBI? I don’t think they use marked vehicles.

  33. Studies show that art of the gender pay gap is due to a difference in experience — are they now going to say you can’t pay more for more experience? How about a teacher who’s taught for 20 years versus a first-year teacher? Aren’t they “doing the same job”?

    1. +1 wise Latina

    2. Doesn’t Barry’s white house have a significant gap using the logic they have employed? I think Comrade Sanders is pretty bad too.

    3. That’s totally different. A teacher works for a union, so experience can matter there.

  34. “The FBI released video of the confrontation between law enforcement and those occupying an Oregon wildlife refuge that left one activist dead.”

    It is not clear to me in the video whether they started shooting LaVoy Finicum before or after he reached into his pocket.

    His hands were in the air. If he reached for his gun after they started shooting him, I can hardly blame him. That’s called self-defense.

    1. Or maybe there were different agents giving conflicting commands: “HANDS IN THE AIR!” “DROP YOUR WEAPON!” *BLAM**BLAM**BLAM**BLAM**BLAM**BLAM*

      1. The multiple conflicting commands thing is rather common. On guy screaming “Get your hands up!” another screaming “get on the ground”, another screaming “Put the gun down!”

        So you do any one of those things and the other 2 guys shoot you.

    2. Or reached down towards his wound.

      Good candidates for this year’s Lon Horuchi Humanitarian Award right there.

    3. The other thing to note–where’s the video of the Bundy kid getting shot?

      Reports say the FBI fired more than 100 round at that truck. Where’s the video of that shooting?

  35. Grenade thrown at German refugee shelter

    Unknown assailants hurled a hand grenade at a shelter for asylum seekers in southern Germany on Friday but the device did not explode and no one was injured, police said.

    The grenade was filled with explosives but it was not immediately clear whether it was equipped with a detonator, a police spokesman in the town of Villingen-Schwenningen said in a statement.

    “Security staff discovered the intact explosive device and notified the police,” the statement said, adding that the grenade was thrown over the fence at the facility at about 1:00 am (0000 GMT).

    Homes for asylum seekers have been repeatedly attacked in Germany, which saw the arrival of nearly 1.1 million people fleeing war and poverty last year.

    1. Welp, there’s the start of it right there.

      1. Start of what now?

        I’m thinking that whatever is going to happen started some time ago.

    2. Maybe they were just trying to make them feel like they were still back in the old country?

      1. In Malmo (Sweden), the non-native population has been throwing grenades at each other for a while now. It’s a pattern that seems to follow the people in question.

    3. Security found the item.

      It is not clear to me if it was hurled at the camp or if they found one and assumed it was. Perhaps it was brought into the camp by one of the asylum seekers.

      1. That’s a really good point. Unless someone saw it get thrown over the wall, there is no proof that it was an outsider who brought it in. It could have been staff, refugees, or just a local kid.

    4. Was it an old potato masher grenade? Major style points if so.

      1. I see nothing. Nothing!

      2. An old potato masher…good god, have you ever seen one of those things? A person would have to have a serious lack of brains and serious balls to use one. The construction is beyond shoddy.

        I knew a kraut who fought against the russians. He wore one of those around his neck for two years. His plan was to use it to off himself if he ever got captured. Instead he was wounded and when he arrived at the medical tent the doc told him he couldn’t come in with the grenade. So he went around back and tried to dispose of it. He pulled the cord and tossed it out into a field.

        It sputtered and smoked and went out. A dud.

        1. Did you ever read The Forgotten Soldier? I think that’s its name. It’s a memoir by an Alsatian who fought on the Eastern Front. Stupendously depressing.

        2. They were only designed for single-use, Switzy.

          1. … there are reusable grenades?

            I think wearing it around his neck for 2 years probably damaged it beyond usefulness.

            1. I was making a little joke, k.

  36. So this is still rocking my socks off.

    I’ve been busy this week. Anything happen around here?

    1. Sweet’n’Low published some wonderful tales. Shreek is still m.i.a. It was a good week.

      1. Oh god, the indignity. First I work multiple all nighters and now the Xeones is talking at me.

        1. Oh, NOW you worry about looking dignified? That train left the station at least a decade ago, friendo.

          1. Excuse me??? My beard has elegant steaks of gray now. I know all about dignities. Gravitas, nigga.

            1. dried detritus?

            2. I don’t think i’d describe a bunch of dried-out protein shake drippings as “gravitas,” but then, i’m not from Ohio.

              1. That’s right, you’re not. O H

        2. Citizen X is Xeones? I can’t keep track anymore.

          1. You can’t prove that.

    2. Loving the Nechochwen – thanks for the link

      1. It’s fucking amazing, isn’t it? It’s especially cool to me because I’ve always loved the Tecumseh mythos.

      2. Hi IFH:

        Did you have an enjoyable Australia Invasion Day?

        1. Hey RavNat

          It was pretty cruisy – bludged at home for most of it, then had a drink with a friend before we watched the new Star Wars.

          Did you wave a bit of wattle over there, crack tubes, and eat some lamb?

          1. Nah, unfortunately, buried in shit at work. I saw that vid the last time you posted it – awesome! I love the Mitchell Johnson scene.

            However, I don’t remember Australia Day being associated with barbecuing lamb. Maybe I missed it – or perhaps a recent marketing campaign? Also, didn’t realize the Invasion Day demos were such a big deal.

            1. How can you sleep when your bed is burning?

              1. Meh, I’m just going to give it back.

                1. Heh, it’s all the result of years of marketing – both the lamb and the Invasion Day demos. Fair play to the protesters though.

  37. Yo Rufus, my bitch Nicole be telling me you wanna talk Epictetus and shit.

  38. Central American teens rescued from forced labor in Ohio were released by the Obama administration into the custody of more labor traffickers.

    In Ohio we have a saying about the town where this happened, “Only in Marion… and also in Fostoria, Lima, Cleveland and Youngstown.”

    I believe they’re all Floridians anyways.

    1. It’s amazing how much bad news cones out of that podunk town. I didn’t see the name of the egg farm mentioned, assuming it has one. There was another egg farm in Ohio a few years back that was an environmental disaster.

      1. The other egg farm, Buckeye Egg I think? That one certainly fits the bill of what you described, it was located near my hometown and it was so filthy people were complaining about the smell from over 15 miles away.

      2. It was an egg farm? Who will bring eggs to Edie then? More screaming at Babs I guess.

    2. No, dammit. Half the “Florida man” stories are from Yankees who come down here and act like the same idiots they always were. And Ohio’s the biggest offender. You guys get to own them.

      1. Au contraire, the headlines do say ‘Florida man’ so I rest my case…. I am joking by the way, I think the Florida man joke is more a meme about media reporting patterns than it is about Florida.

    3. I lived next to Orient for some time. I am sure some were teens and they were forced to do labor.

  39. The local rag has an editorial on the post-office finances, and suggests there are some current congressional talks on the matter; neither Bing nor Google have any hits.
    Anyhow, as a lefty rag, the editors focus on the horror of the PO fully finding its retirement obligations! The HORROR! Why, the pension fund is just sitting there and could be used to pay more overtime!
    So, what do they suggest to keep the fund solvent? Well, we have the answer right here: Put all the employees on Medicaid! Yep, just move ’em off of that banked money and right on over to the taxpayers’ wallet!
    My comments to ‘my’ congress critter will have no effect; I’m sure the staffs Pelosi, DiFi or Boxer will make a special note of comments from a registered Libertarian, right? Maybe you could have better luck.

  40. Don’t Blame Americans for Blaming China:

    Was opening our markets to trade with China a good idea?

    My colleague Noah Smith argues “maybe not,” citing a new paper from David Autor, David Dorn, and Gordon Hanson.

    They write:

    Adjustment in local labor markets is remarkably slow, with wages and labor-force participation rates remaining depressed and unemployment rates remaining elevated for at least a full decade after the China trade shock commences. Exposed workers experience greater job churning and reduced lifetime income. At the national level, employment has fallen in U.S. industries more exposed to import competition, as expected, but offsetting employment gains in other industries have yet to materialize.

    This is, as Tyler Cowen suggests, “some of the most important work done by economists in the last twenty years”. Adds my colleague: “Economists may blithely declare that free trade is wonderful, but our best researchers have now shown that public misgivings about these smooth assurances have been completely justified.”

    Interesting article.

    1. I’m quite happy to give Mei Mei the job if that’s what it takes to retail the iPhone at 650, as opposed to giving it to Joe Detroit who would make it 6,500.

    2. I’m not seeing a consideration of the ‘unseen’; did they so much as look at the lower costs of goods from those open markets?
      Smells of lefty.

      1. All they are pointing out is the us economy never recovered those lost jobs because of bad luck or something.

    3. The worst stupidity of the open markets with China are the dumb business men who contract out work there and then act surprised when their IP suddenly shows up in a Chinese company. There are costs to working with China that are not acknowledged enough in the business world.

      1. We warned the boss ten years ago. But “No, we will be selling a niche product that would be too much trouble for them to copy.” Right. Now he is ready to piss away tens of thousands in a local Chinese court to try to stop the copy cats.

  41. The lack of Donald Trump at last night’s Republican presidential debate was palpable, with substantive discussion taking place on issues from ethanol to criminal justice reform…

    Feel free to come out and say what we all know – Donald Trump has stunk up the entire Republican discussion and his absence increased the IQ level of the debate by a dozen points.

    1. Rand said the same thing about the I.Q. level.

      1. And he’d be right. This is one of the things that really pisses me off about this election. This was supposed to be a big election. With a lot a lot more serious discussion within the GOP. Instead, Trump’s turned it into a moron-fest with the biggest topic of conversation who hates Mexicans the most.

        1. Wait, haven’t we moved on to hating Muslims? I can’t really get worked up over Mexicans, until they start stealing tech jobs.

          1. Mexicans…Muslims…they all smell the same. And both start with an M.


  42. OT

    (CNN)The father of a 12-year-old has been charged with homicide after the girl was accidentally shot to death by a police constable in Pennsylvania, authorities said.

    Ciara Meyer was killed by a police constable who was serving eviction papers at their apartment in Perry County on January 11.

    Constable Clark Steele’s action was justified, and he did not face any charges in the shooting, authorities said.

    Her father, Donald Meyer, 57, was charged with homicide and involuntary manslaughter Thursday, according to CNN affiliate WHP .

    “Meyer’s reckless conduct, knowing his daughter was standing behind him, triggered a chain of events that tragically led to the death of Ciara Meyer,” District Attorney Andrew Bender told the affiliate.…..index.html


    1. OK, sounds like maybe the shooting was justified. But the charges are kind of ridiculous.

  43. “Obama is taking aim at the gender pay gap again.”

    I wonder when they are going to get around to fixing the huge gender gap in on the job injuries and deaths.

    1. “We have to maim 9 women prior to Dec 31 to satisfy the EEOC.”

      1. There is a huge disparity in the gender of commercial fisherman. More women are needed on crab boats in the Bering Sea.

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