Obama Warns of Growing Anti-Semitism Around the World, Last Pre-Iowa Caucus GOP Debate Tonight, Ammon Bundy Tells Refuge Occupiers to Go Home: A.M. Links


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    President Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism in the United States and around the world in remarks he made yesterday at the Israeli Embassy on the occassion of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

  • The last Republican presidential primary debate before the Iowa caucus will be held on Fox News tonight. Something something Donald Trump, something something Ted Cruz.
  • The Pentagon is considering "military options" to deal with the rise of the Islamic State in Libya.
  • Militia leader Ammon Bundy has asked protesters who were still occupying a wildlife refuge center in Oregon to go home, as the FBI made at least three more arrests.
  • Police in Chicago deliberately sabotage their recording devices.
  • The widow of an Illinois police officer who commited suicide in a way that made it look like a homicide after he defrauded charities has been charged.
  • The president of a marketing and communications agency is upset her 30 mile UberSUV ride from Virginia to the Reagan National Airport cost her a lot more than what her neighbors told her an UberX ride would've cost.

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  1. Police in Chicago deliberately sabotage their recording devices.

    They’re like Hillary, not good with tech.

    1. +1 cloth

    2. Hello.

      1. Mornin.

          1. And a good tomorrow to you too.

  2. Something something Donald Trump, something something Ted Cruz.

    Something what? SOMETHING WHAT? We’re desperate for information on who’s going to lose to Hillary!

    1. I’m softening on Hillary. Sure she is evil, vindictive, corrupt, incompetent, well you get the picture, but she might die within the first year of office due to high stress and poor health, so silver lining?

      1. Who’s her running mate, though?

        1. Seriously, that’s the most intriguing unasked question I’ve heard about this election. What do you think?

          1. I’m hoping Bernie, he’s what 600 hundred years old. When he kicks it 2 months later then it goes to some chump in the senate right?

            1. Currently it would go to Paul Ryan.

            2. People might like Ryan until he mandated the nation start doing his P90X classes.

              1. Headline: “Obesity cured due to actual strongman’s strongman policy requiring strongness!”

          2. Biden or Warren.

            1. Warren.


            2. Respectfully disagree. Biden is too old. Warren would make the ticket too woman-y. I think she’d go for a southerner, but I have no idea who.

              1. Honestly, I think if she picked someone like Jim Webb, that could gain some more moderate/ or even conservative Dems from the south.

                1. Webb seems to openly hate her, though. He would be an undermining VP in practice.

              2. O’ Malley doesn’t quite qualify as Southern.

        2. Hitler?

        3. Julian Castro.

          1. As a resident of San Antonio, I hope not. Don’t want that guy inflicted on anyone else.

          2. As a resident of San Antonio, I hope not. Don’t want that guy inflicted on anyone else.

      2. That’s what they said about Juana la Loca of Castile – but she got her eight years on the throne.

        1. Interesting read, thanks.

        2. “she got her eight years on the throne.”

          Shit or get off the pot, bitch.

          1. Not that kind of throne!

            *studio audience applauds*

      3. You’re not the first man to discover that Hillary has a softening effect.

        1. *rim job, I mean rim shot*

          1. Fuck you.

            1. I noticed you topped a list of terribleness. I like a challenge.

              1. There must be some mistake. How did i top such a list in a forum that plays host to Warty, Nikki, the authorial effluvium of SugarFree, etc.?

                1. I’ll have to find it. It was citizen X, hurler then sugarfree.

                  1. Jesus auto correct, Hitler.

                    1. Oh, you’re thinking of straffinrun.

                    2. …whose sin was on a par with yours.

                    3. Oops.
                      /prostrate self before Mr. X.

          2. oh dear god

  3. President Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism in the United States…

    There is? I mean, other than certain college campuses, what?

    1. Or maybe Obama is thinking closer to home.

      1. When he says “warning” he means “promise”.

        1. No, he was warning. “People don’t like you dirty Jews, so you better knock it off with the dirty Jew crap, you dirty Jews, or there’s going to be trouble.”

    2. Amongst the Syrian refugees?

    3. Obama warned Jews of anti-Semitism? Thank Yahweh.

      1. BLASPHEMER !

        1. You’re only making it worse for yourself!

    4. President Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism in the United States…

      Lara Logan hardest hit.

    5. I took it as a Sanders endorsement. Just as only a racist would object to Obama’s policies, only an anti-Semite would object to Sanders’ proposals.

      1. Ironic, given how closely Sanders mirrors the NSDAP party program. Sanders is a fascist.

    6. I would just once like to hear an American President warning of rising anti-Americanism around the world. But that might point a finger back at the actions of American Presidents and look bad in the newspapers

    7. Maybe he was referring to pushing ahead with his Syrian refugee plan?

  4. Michael Moore: Don’t Send Bottled Water to Flint
    …Amen! If you want to help, he says, be a part of the “revolt” that will help overhaul a broken water system, and hold the people who did this accountable.

    Moore outlines a detailed plan that includes a call to arrest Governor Rick Snyder and put the federal government in charge, echoing support for the NRDC lawsuit filed today which requested that a federal court force Flint to replace all lead service lines immediately….

    1. Stop Drinking Bottled Water
      …Drinking municipal tap water means connecting yourself to your local water system, where the goals are to think holistically about the conservation of natural resources, replenish local aquifers, and build a resilient infrastructure to distribute water to the public.

      Drinking bottled water means colluding with a corporation which is not required to release any public information about how it plans to cut costs, exploit workers, dig wells, or employ a fossil-fueled supply chain in its quest to get a bottle of overpriced water into your hands….

      1. Yup. And guess which one you have legal recourse against if they screw up?
        Just imagine the throbbing head-veins, the screaming faces, the indignant posturing if this were a private company’s malfeasance?

        1. if this were a private company’s malfeasance?

          It must have been! We just haven’t figured out how, yet.


          1. Well, the water districts are incorporated, they screw their customers, they are greedy, and they lobby against safety regulations. Therefore, they MUST be private companies, right?

      2. replenish local aquifers

        Should someone tell him that they use surface water and shallow ground water in that part of the world?

        Is he saying that cutting costs is a bad thing?

        1. When you have gravy pumping through every part of your body, your shit is a bit thick.

        2. Cutting costs cost jobs and increases unemployment!

      3. your local water system, where the goals are to think holistically about the conservation of natural resources, replenish local aquifers, and build a resilient infrastructure to distribute water to the public.

        As evidenced by the case of Flint, Michigan.

    2. Moore outlines a detailed plan that includes a call to arrest Governor Rick Snyder and put the federal government in charge,

      Because the federal EPA has done such a fine job so far? And I guess the Democratic local government is blameless as well. It’s really becoming impossible to parody this fat fuck.

      1. I actually went to MSNBC for the first time today. The lead story was how Rachel Maddow thought that the “solution”, I swear to science, was to replace every home in Flint.

        *I* think that each resident of Flint should be given a billion trillion dollars. Damn it is easy spending other people’s money!

        1. Because replacing the homes somehow fixes the source of the municipal water? I can’t believe lefties actually think she is intelligent.

          1. Sigh. It’s always about redistribution. Always. Every time there’s a crisis they use that as a pretext for wealth redistribution, or killing the energy economy.

            1. Oh c’mon Tonio, sometimes it’s just about killing fetuses (fetii?).

              1. Good, Bob. Let the hate and bitterness flow through you…

          2. The Flint River source has a different chemical balance than the previous water sources
            which causes the watertoleach lead from the pipes. The problem is the combination of the water with the piping system, neither are a problem on their own.

            1. And Flint water engineers could have fixed it.

              If the EPA hadn’t discounted the idea.

        2. And folks laud her as being soooo smart for some reason.

          1. In the kingdom of the willfully blind stupid…

          2. Smart is usually an asset. Except when it comes to fooling yourself. If you have a mission to rationalize the behavior of your allies and apply confirmation bias against your enemies, your innate intelligent can be put to good use convincing yourself of your correctness, rather than understanding the world around you.

      2. Last night on Lawrence O’Donnell he said that Michigan is basically a dictatorship forcing this on flint because of emergency managers, with no decisions at local level and they were practicing austerity on the backs of flint, forcing them to drinking poisoned water because they are not a city of the 1% and most black and 40% under the poverty.

        I’d say Moore is just insane but basically is the official narrative of Rachael Maddow and all of MSNBC,

        1. Jesus Christ – Maddow, O’Donnell, Moore etc. – reason like my 10 year-old.

        2. Wasn’t the emergency manager Darnell Early, who is a black Democrat?

          1. And the entire City Council, and the State Treasurer who signed off on it, and state DEQ (SEIU members). Its like they played “Where’s Waldo” until they found a republican to blame.

            1. Didn’t Snyder sort of put his foot in it by going all “buck stops here,” though?

              1. Yeah I think he was kinda asking for it in that regard.

            2. Well the thing is that Snyder (aside from being Republican) is also anti-union, and a lot of other things that the Dems don’t like. But I am sure you already know this. He was the easiest person to blame, white, non-D, just the devil personified.

          2. Jeff Wright, Genesee County Drains Commissioner and KWA CEO, who sent Flint the join-the-KWA-in-two-weeks-or-else ultimatum, is also a Democrat.

        3. How did they get to the point where they needed an emergency manager? Who was in charge?

          1. “Look over there! SQUIRREL!!!”

          2. You’re asking awkward questions. Move along.

          3. Bush?

          4. The nearest Republican seems to be the go-to answer.

        4. Is that her reparations argument of the week?

      3. Many Michigan cities have higher lead levels than Flint

        Elevated blood-lead levels are seen in a higher percentage of children in parts of Grand Rapids, Jackson, Detroit, Saginaw, Muskegon, Holland and several other cities, proof that the scourge of lead has not been eradicated despite decades of public health campaigns and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to find and eliminate it.

        1. Hence slack-jawed Michiganders abound.

          1. Hey!

          2. You know, lead in the water would explain a lot.

        2. Right. So why the focus on Flint? Because it’s more minority -populated than other cities? (although Saginaw & Muskegon have a lot of minorities).

          1. Probably because Flint’s water had rust in it in addition to lead. It came out of the tap brown. The other cities have clear headwater.

            1. DYAC!

              headwater should be leadwater

        3. So that’s why people from Michigan drink so much. It’s a defense mechanism.

        1. Nor cover up the lead contamination of Washington, DC water.

          Nor did the CDC aid the EPA in that cover up.

    3. Well shit..

    4. Don’t Send Bottled Water to Flint

      “Poor minorities should continue to suffer and die so that we can score political points by pointing out that poor minorities are suffering and dying!”

      Fuck Michael Moore, yo.

      1. That’s how he got out of Flint in the first place. It is his winning formula.

        1. Michael Moore is some dog shit, stuck to Hollywood’s shoe. That’s how he got out of Flint in the first place.

    5. There aren’t any lead service lines. There is lead solder and bras that has lead in it which leaches out. They’d have to replace every bit of plumbing not made in the last few decades.

          1. +1 witch’s tit

          2. Brass bras? I am interested in your steampunk pinup calendar and would like to purchase one.

    6. Moore is evil in the literal meaning of the word. That is all.

    7. put the federal government in charge,

      Why do the lefties think the feds have such a better record with direct governance? Or utility maintenance? Or not negligently or intentionally murdering people and covering it up for decades?

      1. They like consolidation of power, not democratic representation. See: Mike Madigan – IL.

        1. Oh, why won’t the Illinois state attorney general go after Mike Madigan !

      2. The state level emegency manager is bad because it takes decsion making out of the local government’s hands but putting the feds in charge is a great notion…why?

    8. So what’s the short-term alternative? What water do they drink for the… well, years it takes for the city and state to get clean water flowing?

      (and don’t tell me I have to click through and read some gizmodo crap!)

    9. What I want to know is if ARRA money was used to fund KWA or the Flint water plant?

  5. 11th Duke of Bedford blamed for unstoppable grey squirrel invasion

    With its seemingly unstoppable spread through Britain, the grey squirrel has come to exemplify the danger posed by non-native species.

    But a new study suggests that without the bungling actions of well-meaning Victorians, the squirrel would not have reached such huge numbers, or ventured so far.

    Imperial College has found that the 11th Duke of Bedford, Herbrand Russell, was one of the worst culprits of ‘squirrel spreading.’

    1. Even worse than Richard Gere?

      1. And the Reason servers.

    2. ‘squirrel spreading’

      “There’s not enough time!”

    3. ‘squirrel spreading.’

      British sports are weird.

    4. My boys and I are willing to come in with our pellet guns and eradicate this tasty horde.

      1. I use a Marlin 10 shot semi,short stock with a 4x scope. Many tree rats have been made meals. Bought it form a co worker that needed cash in 1981 for 25$.The scope cost 45$ !!

        1. We have a Gammo pellet gun and in the fall we get a few meals from the squirrels who are in our backyard eating our apples.

          Fun setup. None of the neighbors have figured out what we are up to yet (or maybe they don’t care).

          It is funny that by the end of fall, all the squirrels know that our backyard is a free fire zone and act like country squirrels (dashing in and out as fast as they can). However in the front yard they all act just like the big fat city squirrels that they are. Sauntering across the lawn….

    5. Wait until Michigan exports some of its black squirrels to England.

      1. Try Ohio Fox squirrels,mean bastards.Tough meat compared to the grey. Just one will run all the grey’s away from my feeder.BTW,I don’t shoot near the feeder,just down the lane in the woods. Boy,that would piss off the wife.

        1. Boy,that would piss off the wife.

          Yes but then you could make up, and have make up sex.

          1. I did take a turkey there,she did seem to enjoy it on the plate.I have a 2 acre back yard,sometimes deer just fall over dead back there.But the squirrels are ‘playful’.

      2. Black squirrels are evidence that the devil exists. What could be more evil?

        1. starlings

    6. If you know any limeys send them a recipe. Squirrel and sausage gumbo is a good start.

      1. Squirrels and gravy in these parts,but,good on the grill and in the smoker.

      2. I’m no big fan of squirrel, but *anything* and sausage gumbo is always a good answer.

    7. well-meaning Victorians

      We call them progressives, thankuverymuch,

  6. Muslims are not like us, race equality chief says
    Muslim communities are unlike others in Britain and the country should accept
    that they will not integrate in the same way, the former head of the
    equalities watchdog has said.

    Trevor Phillips said that it was disrespectful to suppose that Muslim
    communities would change, claiming that we should accept that they “see the
    world differently from the rest of us”.

    “Continuously pretending that a group is somehow eventually going to become
    like the rest of us is perhaps the deepest form of disrespect,” he told a
    meeting at the Policy Exchange think tank on Monday night. …

    1. ‘Who knows what horrors he has been through?’ Swedish police chief sparks anger by SYMPATHISING with Somali boy, 15, charged with social worker’s murder
      The head of the Swedish police has sparked outrage by expressing sympathy with the teenage asylum seeker accused of murdering social worker Alexander Mezher.

      National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson, who has already admitted police cannot cope with the wave of migrant crime, said he has concerns about the ‘horrors’ and trauma the accused murderer may have witnessed.

      He said he was ‘distraught’ on behalf of Miss Mezher’s family but also for the killer, saying: ‘What has that person been through? Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries?’…

      1. The moral relativism is sickening.

        1. I don’t know if it’s that so much as completely discarding the whole notion that people have agency. Yeah, people do things because of what their past experience is. That doesn’t mean people don’t bear responsibility for their actions.

          1. There’s no question there are cases where crimes committed by individuals actually have dark roots in their past and could explain their actions.

            However, it seems like comments like this police chief is a means to a PC end where Europeans are concerned.

          2. I can explain why OJ killed Nicole. That doesn’t make it right.

      2. ” Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries?’…”

        I take a “stab” at it. He had to wait 15 years to find a blond chick to murder.

        1. Are dye jobs really that uncommon?

          1. In Somalia, I would guess they probably are.

          2. In Somalia. Not around here, certainly.

        2. “He had to wait 15 years to find a blond chick to murder.”

          I think something is being left out here. I wonder what it could be?

      3. ‘What is the trauma he carries?’

        Oh, I don’t know ? The body of the social worker he killed?

      4. What is the trauma he carries?

        Who gives a fuck? Does EVERY traumatized Somali refugee do the murder act on people? He intentionally killed someone, the end.

        1. That actually is pretty offensive since every Syrian refugee is probably traumatized. I am going to guess most will never commit murder.

          1. No Irish. 1 did something bad, they’re all the same.

            1. Also, Somali girls don’t go around committing murder and 90% of them had their clits cut off so don’t give me this trauma shit.

            2. Whatever “they” are, they aren’t Swedes. There’s very distinct and, at times, irreconcilable, cultural differences that are not ameliorated by crossing a border or even taking a How Not To Rape European Women 101 course.

              1. Sure. But the fact remains that very few of them murder or rape anyone.

                1. The fact that remains, is that they do so in numbers grossly disproportionate to their numbers. Moreover welfare incentives being what they are, is necessarily a subsidy for low quality immigrants who would not otherwise be able to move there or be able to cope with the higher living costs without being a high skill worker.

                  It’s not a free movement of people, it’s a government policy that appears to be designed to take in large numbers of the worst possible immigrants on the planet. Either that or the designers were so stupid that they had no idea their policies would lead to this.

                  1. It’s not a free movement of people, it’s a government policy

                    There I agree. Which is why, while I am for free movement of people across borders, I’m not a huge defender of the refugee programs. People should be allowed to migrate. That doesn’t mean that governments need to take in any and all refugees. Or any at all. If they had to work hard to make a life in a new country, you wouldn’t see so many people headed for places like Sweden. The free shit is the main problem. If you have to work and support yourself, you have a lot more incentive to integrate with the culture of the place you are in and not make people hate you.

                    1. Not just the free shit but also the public accommodations and public infrastructure, which amount to even more free shit.

      5. Don’t you understand? He was a child! A CHILD! He didn’t have enough government education in his native libertarian paradise to understand that murder is wrong! We can save this child with feelz!

        /Amsoc, Tony, etc

    2. Trevor Phillips

      Any word from Micheal DeSanta or Franklin Pierce?

      1. Er, Franklin Clinton

    3. “Muslims are people that should be respected and honored, and thus held to the same standards as any other people.”
      /some racist white guy

      “Muslims are incapable of conforming to modern society’s standards of decency.”
      /Enlightened Progressive

    4. Some animals are more equal than others.

    5. So they are conceding that savages will not assimilate but spinning it in such a way that if you object you are a racist.

      There is no winning with these people. When they start talking, punch them in the mouth.

  7. President Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism in the United States

    He is absolutley baffled by this, I’m sure.

  8. The president of a marketing and communications agency is upset her 30 mile UberSUV ride from Virginia to the Reagan National Airport cost her a lot more than what her neighbors told her an UberX ride would’ve cost.

    Obviously, we need regulation here.

    1. Yes, legislation is needed to ensure that the actual cost of goods and services matches the guesses of random people.

      1. Precisely.

    2. Lieb said she’s been a “big fan” of Uber, but she said she now wishes she’d paid a neighbor $200 to try to drive her and saved $400. She said she’ll likely use Uber again — at least to use up her $160 credit — but not during a surge pricing event.

      “That’s the most expensive ride that I’ve ever taken in my life,” Lieb said.

      She added later, “How they justify $640 is beyond me.”

      First, do you really not know that is Uber’s whole freaking business model – paying your neighbor to give you a lift somewhere? And second, you’re the one who absolutely positively had to fly to Denver when there’s three feet of snow on the roads – maybe you might be the one to tell us how getting to the airport is worth $640. Third, you’re not just paying for somebody to take you to the airport, you have to pay for them getting back from the airport. Just because you don’t need them to get back from the airport doesn’t mean that’s a cost they can just overlook. And fourth, you’re in marketing and communication and don’t understand how imaging works and how maybe looking like a whiny idiot who doesn’t even know what she bought and why it costs what it costs isn’t the best look for you? You just did a free ad explaiing why I should definitely not hire you for my marketing because you don’t know shit about marketing your own services.

      1. Would have been cheaper to have taken a puddle-jumper from Charlottesville to Dulles. Just saying.

    3. It’s a weird statement since DCA *is* in Virginia.

  9. well weren’t we just wrong on this magnitude of derpitude

    Obamacare Will Probably Cost More in 2017, Top Insurer Says

    Anthem Inc., the second-largest U.S. health insurer by membership, said premiums for Obamacare insurance probably will go up next year.

    Anthem is eking out a small profit from selling policies to individuals under the Affordable Care Act. Many of its rivals aren’t, though, which means prices have to go up, the company told investors and analysts on Wednesday.

    Other insurers are charging premiums that are “still well below what we think appropriate rates are for a sustainable environment,” Chief Financial Officer Wayne DeVeydt said on a conference call with analysts. “Our price point isn’t wrong, as much as others need to strengthen their price point.”

    Climbing costs for health insurance would come at a bad time for Democrats who’ve embraced one of President Barack Obama’s key policy achievements. Consumers will start shopping for health insurance about the time of November’s presidential election, meaning they’ll find out about a potential hit to their pocketbooks just as they’re choosing a candidate to vote for.

    1. Look for an executive order delaying any increases until after the election.

      1. I have very little doubt that will happen.

    2. premiums for Obamacare insurance probably will go up next year.

      Probably? How about “There is an absolute certainty that SCOTUScare premiums will go up next year”

    3. No one could have predicted Obamacare would cost more than the estimates. I mean, even the proponents of it said it would have a downward effect on the cost curve. Be reasonable!

      1. It was a consensus!

  10. The president of a marketing and communications agency is upset her 30 mile UberSUV ride from Virginia to the Reagan National Airport cost her a lot more than what her neighbors told her an UberX ride would’ve cost.

    Sounds like she’s good at her job.

    1. Maybe read the fare estimate instead of hearsay. I’m silly like that though. Also, I’ve never gotten a fare estimate from a cab. Fuck those guys.

      1. I have on long (20 mile+ commutes). The cab fare was a fixed fee at that distance. Cabbie pulled out a rate book and showed me before we loaded the car.

  11. Are the Global Warmistas Simply Juicing Up the Latest Years’ Temperatures With “Adjustments” While Reducing the Temperatures of Previous Years, To Always Make the Current Year “The Hottest”?
    …But now they may have gone too far — in order to declare 2015 the “hottest on record,” they apparently had to revise and “adjust” the previously declared all-time “hottest on record,” 1997.

    Because 1997 was more than three and half degrees warmer than 2015 — going by NOAA’s published data.

    If they’ve now adjusted 1997’s temperature down by three and a half degrees or more — thus making the former All Time Hottest Year On Record not particularly hot — this should be the lead, no?…

    1. Do ‘experts’ believe their own predictions?
      …So to probe the seriousness of these economic experts’ stated beliefs about the impending consequences of climate change, it’s fair to ask if they personally put their own money where their mouths are. How many of these economists are, for example:

      ? Buying land in the upper Midwest and inland Canada (the price of which will rise significantly if global temperatures make much of the South, as well as coastal areas, quite unpleasant places to live)?

      ? Investing in pharmaceutical companies that own patents that extend beyond 2025 on medicines to treat illnesses that are especially prevalent in the tropics and subtropics?

      ? Shorting shares of companies that specialize in attracting tourists to subtropical and tropical destinations, especially those on or near seacoasts?…

      1. If ocean’s rising, why is Al Gore in Montecito?
        …If the ocean’s rising, why is Al Gore in Montecito?

        In response to the recent fanatical post by a global warming drone who fears that the rising tides will drown mankind, let him take solace in the fact that his climate guru, Al Gore, recently bought a $9 million beach front home in Montecito. Guess Al is not really afraid of sinking into the sea….

        1. What I want to know is, why aren’t the Maldives under water yet?

      2. What’s inland Canada?

        1. Largely uninhabitable tundra?

          1. WELL SAY IT THEN.

        2. Canada At Its Best?

    2. 3 1/2 degrees? Isn’t that bigger than their margin of error?

      1. You know what else it’s bigger than?…

        1. Hitler’s missing testicle?

        2. Hitler’s mustache?

        3. Click and Clack’s statistician?

  12. Charlie Don’t Surf!

    Clinton Holds Event at Bowling Alley, Doesn’t Bowl

    Hillary Clinton held a caucus event at a bowling alley in Adel, Iowa on Wednesday, but decided not to bowl, despite advocating strongly for the sport in the past.

    “We need more bowling,” she said in 2008. “Everybody needs to go bowling.”

    Clinton gave an hour-long campaign speech while standing in front of the bowling lanes at Adel Family Fun Center. Though the lanes appeared fully stocked with pins, and the owner of the bowling alley said that he cleaned the entire alley for Clinton’s appearance, Clinton still decided to opt out of bowling.

    1. She’s perhaps terrified of the potential metaphor bowling may represent. If she scratches, her campaign can be in the gutter without ever touching that pin she so desires.

      1. She probably remembers Obama’s performance.

      2. More like she had to spend all her time tearing Bill away from the ball return. He is so fucking literal at times…

      3. She’s a turkey.

    2. Bowling is not flattering for old ladies with fat asses.

    3. She is uncomfortable handling balls.

      1. Well I surely don’t want to see a Clinton split.

        1. Get your mind out of the ? um, never mind.

          1. That was just foul.

    4. She doesn’t fucking roll on Shabbos.

      1. Shut the fuck up, Donny

        1. This is what happens, when you fuck a stranger in the ass!

        2. You’re out of your element!

      2. Over the line!

        1. Bullshit, Walter! Mark it eight, Dude.

          1. You are entering a world of pain.

    5. Clinton gave an hour-long campaign speech while standing in front of the bowling lanes

      She wasn’t there just to not bowl, she was there to make sure nobody else got to bowl, either.

  13. Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism

    Does he think Muslims are Semites?

    1. It would take balls to make that assertion at the Israeli embassy.

      1. And a foreskin.

    2. Muslims aren’t necessarily Semites … but Arabs are.

  14. Michael Moore doing what Michael Moore does best

    Don’t Send Water to Flint

    This is a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions. There is not a terrorist organization on Earth that has yet to figure out how to poison 100,000 people every day for two years ? and get away with it. That took a Governor who subscribes to an American political ideology hell-bent on widening the income inequality gap and conducting various versions of voter and electoral suppression against people of color and the poor. It was those actions that led Michigan’s Republican Governor to try out his economic and racial experiment in Flint (and please don’t tell me this has nothing to do with race or class; he has removed the mayors of a number of black cities. This, and the water crisis in Flint, never would have been visited upon the residents of Bloomfield Hills or Grosse Pointe — and everyone here knows that). We have now seen the ultimate disastrous consequences of late-20th century, neo-conservative, trickle down public policy. That word “trickle,” a water-based metaphor, was used to justify this economic theory — well, it’s no longer a metaphor, is it? Because now we’re talking about how actual water has been used to institute these twisted economic beliefs in destroying the lives of the black and the poor in Flint, Michigan.

    1. Him and his stupid fucken ‘letters’ to someone.

      ‘Don’t send us’. Serious question, does he actually reside in Flint?

      1. For those who choose to stay in Flint, FEMA must create a temporary water system in each home. One idea that has been suggested is to deliver two 55-gallon drums to every home in Flint. Each day water trucks will arrive to fill them with fresh clean glacial water from Lake Huron. The drums will have taps attached to them. People can’t be expected to carry jugs of water from buildings that are miles away.

        This is the maddening part. It would be cheaper to just buy them a $70 water filter. I mean, if you actually cared about the people this would be the easiest and fastest way to provide a solution.

        Moore wants the most expensive and labor intensive solution possible. He wants to maximize the difficulty involved for publicity reasons. He truly is a sick bastard.

        1. A loathsome creature from a toxic lagoon indeed.

        2. Installing a point of entry treatment (POET) system would be fairly cost-effective. It just uses granular activated carbon (GAC) to treat the water entering the house. Or just buy people GAC filters for their faucets to be used for drinking water, which would be even cheaper. Problem solved.

        3. I am pretty sure Lake Huron is not primarily fed by a glacier, or any glaciers really.

      2. Actually, THIS is where he (used to) reside.


        1. Are you sure he lived there? There’s a gym.

    2. “There is not a terrorist organization on Earth that has yet to figure out how to poison 100,000 people every day for two years”

      I have a feeling people in Syria are exposed to more toxic substances every single day than the people in Flint, Michael.

      He managed to take something that actually is terrible and still wildly overreact.

      1. Also: There is a massive amount of lead exposure in African American neighborhoods in major American cities every single day. Freddie Gray had educational problems because he ate lead paint chips. I believe he actually won a lawsuit over it.

        All of those cities are run by black Democrats though, so Michael Moore will never discuss the issue.

        1. Anybody remember the Washington DC lead scandal from a decade ago?

          The lead levels required WASA to conduct a wider survey of their water quality. By the fall of 2003, it had tested more than 6,000 homes in the District, finding that two-thirds tested had more than 15 ppb of lead in their water.[3] The survey showed that over 4,000 homes served by WASA had lead levels exceeding the acceptable level.[7] More than a third of the homes surveyed?2,287 out of 6,118?had levels exceeding 50 ppb.[3] The water tested over 300 ppb in 157 homes.[1] Despite this result, WASA did not notify its customers of the risk until November 2003.[7]

          Flint has lead levels that exceed 5ppb in 40% of homes. Compare that to DC’s results from 2003.

          1. Well the feds are the left’s best friend. So of course when feds are directly to blame, it’s different. Meanwhile, when Republican state level politicians are indirectly to blame they should be arrested and summarily executed or something, but not the democrat mayor or his cronies that actually made the decisions that lead to this end.

          2. I don’t understand why the governor doesn’t just immediately replace all the lead water pipes. That was an actual news reporter speaking. Where do you even begin with that sort of stupid?

            1. They certainly could start upgrading the lines but they would have to bill for the cost and there would be outrage over paying more for the water.

              I am on a private company owned water system and pay more than my neighbors on the municipal system (we use the same water source). But the company that owns the system has upgraded all of the lines in our community over the last few years whereas the municipal system has not.

              Stupid evil corporation is sticking it to me so they can avoid unscheduled repairs. Bastards.

        2. All of those cities are run by black Democrats though, so Michael Moore will never discuss the issue.

          Because it’s all actually the fault of thef ew remaining white Republicans in the state legislatures. Duh!

        3. I wish someone could get morons like Moore (Moore-ons?) to engage in a thought experiment about a lily-white state that, in a bizarre turn of events, elected a black governor.

          A terrible tragedy befell a town in this peckerwood state — a janitor at the town school mixed chlorine and ammonia, and a lot of kids got sick, some seriously. Now, the town’s school system had been under the direct control under the governor’s office, as it had just recently been forced to integrate and there wasn’t much trust that they would stick to it without firm guidance.

          1. Further investigation implicated any number of other public officials for the tragedy. The state building safety office had forgotten to check for proper ventilation. The mayor had intervened to keep the janitor on-staff despite past mishaps because the janitor was his cousin. The feds had failed to enforce proper labeling requirements for the cleaning supplies. And the governor’s office had intervened to keep the school open despite efforts from the town to shut it down and put all the kids into private (and, obvious to anyone with the slightest hint of cynicism, segrated) schools.

            But for some reason, despite the many people involved, and despite the fact that the janitor was the primary culprit, all the talk seemed to revolve around the failings of the governor and his disastrous policies, to the point that people started talking about criminal charges for the governor.

            Hmmm… What would Moore make of that situation, I wonder?

      2. Nope, only governments have managed to accomplish that.

        1. Re: the mass poisoning.


    3. “black cities”

      He’s so caring.

  15. Obama loves Jews, except for those who are “privileged white males”.

    1. Oh, he loves them too. The ones who play ball, anyway.

    2. Rahm Emmanuel?

  16. TRANSFORMATION: Man Who Wanted to Look Like a PLATYPUS Finally Got His Wish

    While we were all growing up, whether it was from our parents or from watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, we were constantly told that we could be whatever we wanted to be when we grow up. One man from Russia might have taken this advice a little bit too far after he decided that he wanted to fulfill his lifelong dream of looking like his favorite animal- the platypus.

    26-year-old Jenya Bolotov, who is an up and coming designer, says that he realized from a very young age that he was not like everyone else, and that he would have to genuinely change himself on the outside to ever truly be happy.

    “Externally, I am now a platypus. Inside though, I am more like a bird,” Bolotov said, according to Metro UK. “They’re my spirit animal and they come to me in my dreams. I love platypus ? the way they look and even the word ‘platypus’ itself. I like the way my stretched face and lips now look like a platypus bill.”

    1. Woman says she is a cat trapped in the wrong body – she hisses at dogs, hates water and claims she can even see better at night

      Nano prefers to crawl around on her hands and knees, and paws at windows when she wants to go outside.
      She also said, despite their size, she can sleep in the sink and on windowsills.

      Seriously, WTF is wrong with these people?

      1. Abused as children? Lead poisoning?

        Just guessing.

      2. Transpecieist!

      3. Mental illness.

      4. My son regaled my girlfriend and me with a rundown of the SJW indoctrination he’s received in health class. The education blob is really pushing this shit. Most of th ekids have strong enough BS detectors that they don’t get infected by the BS. But the weaker minds, the kids with suppressed psychological immune systems… they get infected badly.

          1. Apparently everyone has their:
            1) physical gender
            2) gender they identify as
            3) gender they express
            4) one or more genders they are attracted to.

            So, today Bruce Jenner would be MFFF. Two years ago he would have been a MFMF. When he was on the cover of Wheaties, he was probably on the road to becoming a MFMF from being a very unhappy MMMF.

            It’s all rather silly.

            1. physical gender

              Isn’t this just called “sex”?

      5. Attention whore and mental illness. Seriously, if she plays this right she can get taken care of for the rest of her life, and nobody can question her non-cat hobbies because that would be questioning her identity.

        Also, wasn’t this fairly popular in the furry groups a while back?

        1. nobody can question her non-cat hobbies because that would be questioning her identity

          She may manage to get taken care of. But I’m pretty sure plenty of people will be questioning all of that.

      6. It is usually referred to as mental illness.

      7. Seriously, WTF is wrong with these people?

        There’s nothing more wrong with them than there used to be. We used to call them mentally ill (as Marshall Gill says in his comment) and institutionalize them. But now we listen to them. Who are the sick people now?

    2. He doesn’t look like a platypus. He does sort of look like an extra from on of the Zion scenes in the second Matrix movie, though.

    3. Hey, if he identifies as a platypus, he’s a fucking platypus!

      1. Let me know when he grows poisonous spurs on his ankles and adopts a diet of worms and crayfish. THEN he’s a platypus.

        1. Hey, If Bruce Jenner can be a woman without a vagina, then this guy can be a platypus without poisonous spurs on his ankles and adopting a diet of worms and crayfish!

        2. Not all platypi are small, egg-laying mammals.

          1. #PlatypuskinLivesMatter

            1. Just a bunch of fucking anti-monotreme extremists here.

              1. Bullshit. Some of my closest friends are spiny anteaters.

                1. That’s EXACTLY what a closet anti-monotremist would say!

                  1. [posts pic with arm around sexy echidna]

                    1. sexy echidna = spiny suit Palin wore at her Trumping out.

    4. You know, maybe I will take some inspiration from this and actually become a bear on the outside, not just the inside. After all, I get very grumpy, especially when I am hungry. I sleep alot. I protect my cubs ferociously. And I am already big and hairy. What the hell. Maybe I can get a dispensation from work to take the whole winter off.

      1. But unless you’re willing to eat the children of rival males (every other male), then you don’t have what it takes.

        1. I am certainly willing to give it a shot!

          1. Mmmmmhmmm baby. – Fat Bastard

      2. And I am already big and hairy.

        Dammit, stop teasing.

      3. So you’re gay, too?

    5. You never know how nuts people will be.

      But I’m going to make a guess that trans-species-ism is never going to gain any broad acceptance or credence. Because it is just plain fucking insane in several ways that transgenderism is not.

      1. But I’m going to make a guess that transgenderism is never going to gain any broad acceptance or credence. Because it is just plain fucking insane in several ways that homosexuality is not.

        /Zeb from 30 years ago

        1. Time will tell. Not all slopes are slippery.

          Here is what I think it probably the biggest reason. People can live their lives perfectly well as the other gender. People living as giant babies or cats or whatever just can’t.

          1. People can live their lives perfectly well as the other gender. People living as giant babies or cats or whatever just can’t.

            NOW WE SEE THE VIOLENCE INHERENT IN THE SYSTEM !!!! Stop oppressing me with your specio-normative demands that I conform to society on your terms. I have a right to demand that society accomodate me on my terms. Would you tell a handicapped person he has no right to demand wheelchair ramps, a deaf person no right to demand closed-captioning on Redtube videos, an otherly-gendered no right to demand public restrooms in a multitude of configurations suitable to their needs, the emotionally fragile no right to demand safe spaces where they may be free from any word or deed that might challenge their assumption that they are God’s most extra-specialest snowflake? Oh wait, I see you did mention the giant babies in your question, but my point still stands.

            1. Um. Yes?

              I’m not demanding anything. If you can make it as a cat man or a giant baby, good for you. But it doesn’t seem likely you will get very far.

        2. THIS^^^^

          I am sorry. Other than in cases where a baby was born with ambiguous genitalia (or a hermaphrodite) and maybe the doctor chose wrong in doing some cutting (which I understand is generally not even done now), then it pretty much is just as insane.

          My genetic profile dictates that I am Homo sapiens (as much as I may want to be Ursus arctos). It also dictates that I am a male.

          Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a person shouldn’t have the legal right to contract with a doctor who is willing. I just think that, fundamentally, they come down to someone trying to realize their delusions.

          1. Yeah, sure. XX/XY determines sex. But men and women have pretty much the same genes (Y chromosome doesn’t do a lot).

            I have no idea what transgenderism really is. But it is a real phenomenon. And the genetic difference between men and women is so tiny that it is plausible, at least, that it has some organic cause in the structure of the brain or something. I don’t know. Nobody knows.

            Perhaps insanity is the best way to describe it. I’d still call it less insane than the animal people for the reason in my comment above. If you can be happy living as the other sex, you can have a pretty normal life. If you need to pretend you are a cat, you probably won’t.

            1. There are myriad genetic conditions such as xxx, xxy, xyy, xxxx, xxxxx, etc. Some of the more severe are fatal at a very young age of course but some are not. While I agree xx/xy is the VAST majority of the species there is some variation on the fringes. As for xz…not until CRISPR really gets going and we get a Surgeon General named Mengle.

          2. Yes, it is a delusion in thinking that you are something other than what you actually are physically, a form of body dysmorphic disorder. So it is exactly the same as transgendersim, except so far society and the government do not insist that everyone must go along with the transpeciesism delusion.

            1. It’s only a delusion if you thing you really are the other sex. In my experience, transgender people don’t believe that they actually are physically something they are not. You can’t really call subjective feelings about one’s body a delusion. Maybe it is best described as mental illness. But it’s not generally a belief in something that is not true. It is just being more comfortable behaving, dressing and presenting oneself in a certain way.

          3. What part of “health care is a right” don’t you understand? Not only does a person have a legal right to contract with a willing doctor for gender or specific re-assignment, he/she/xe/ze/it has the right to make you pay for the cost of such services on his/her/xyr/zir/its behalf.

      2. I’m sure these people are emboldened by the increasing acceptance of transgendered individuals. I have no idea how actual transgender individuals feel about those trans-speciests, but will ask. I’m also sure there are socons out there who are using the trans-speciests as proxies for their ongoing animus against gays, transgendered individuals, etc.

        1. Oh, I agree that there are socons who do. Which pisses me off. But it also pisses me off that the whole LBGTQQTDFSDFSDFHSDFDFNGVIGER crowd has also combined these things.
          What a person finds sexually attractive isn’t necessarily an objective thing. In other words, just because a person is attracted to something that the majority isn’t (whether it is homosexuality, a foot fetish, John’s BBWs, whathaveyou), doesn’t mean that it is a “mental illness”.

          But there are objective measures to determine sex. Doesn’t mean that I think all boys should only play with trucks and guns, and girls should stick to tea sets and Barbies. There is no all or every when it comes to people. But just because a girl is a “tomboy” doesn’t mean she is a BOY.

          To me it simply comes down to this difference: people asserting a “should” isn’t the same as what objectively and demonstrably “is”.

          1. I’m equally pissed off by the socons and the doctrinaire gay activists. I’m not popular with either group.

            1. *hugs Tonio

              Sorry Bro, you’re stuck with us. All of my gay friends are libertarians (i can’t really hang with liberals or strong religious cons of any orientation) and they lead bitter lives…very bitter. I honestly think some of them despise the gay liberal crowd MORE than the Socon crowd.

              1. Thanks, Bro.

      3. No Zeb, it is equally insane in exactly the same way.

        The Trannyism isnt really going to be widely accepted despite the screeching of the SJWs and the media playing it up. The average person still snorts at it and looks away.

        1. equally insane in exactly the same way

          No it isn’t. It may be similarly insane in a similar way. But it’s not exactly the same. Men and women have all the same genes and hormones. It is not completely ridiculous to think that the things that normally distinguish men and women mentally might get messed up for some individuals. There is no conceivable way that a man would have the mind of a cat.

        2. And any line you draw between crazy and not-crazy is going to be somewhat arbitrary.

      4. *takes toke off bong*

        Hey, man. What if half the animals on earth, like the Platypus or bear, are just people who could afford better plastic surgeons? And we can’t tell the difference!

        *takes another hit*

  17. Police in Chicago deliberately sabotage their recording devices.

    dunphy and Tulpa assured us that the cops love the cameras because it protects them from all those false brutality reports.

  18. I realize Free Minds and Free Markets is nice and short, but Free Minds and Free Associations sounds so much more liberal while covering the same concept.
    Please adopt,Reason.

    1. Why would they want to sound more liberal?

    2. Free Minds and Free Ass.

      1. Ass, gas or grass.

        NOBODY rides for free.

      2. You forgot the Messicans and pot.

    1. If they have that much gun violence then they obviously need some common sense gun control measures.

  19. The horror… the horror….

    What Does Your Labia Color Say About Your Sex Life?

    Unlike it’s well-publicized but evasive cousin, the G-spot, the labia does not attract glowing write-ups in women’s magazines or testimonials from happy customers. If this were a PR contest, the labia would be in last place. The labia is the Ringo Starr of female genitalia: underappreciated. This may explain why people actually believe that “dark color is caused by friction” or say out loud, within actual hearing distance of other living human beings, “Oh, long lips… Her pussy is beat up.”

    While most of us have long since disassociated vaginal tightness from being pounded on the regular, the same can’t be said of labia shape or coloring. On Reddit, numerous users attempted to dispel this myth with convoluted arguments about porn (“pornstars get railed more often than most people on Earth, but many of them have small labia”) or dubious racial stereotyping (“by that logic, dark skinned people have the most sex”).

    Horror stories about ‘whores with sleeping bags for vaginas’ are just that?stories.

    1. If this were a PR contest, the labia would be in last place.

      At least Jeb would be ahead of the labia.

    2. This seems to be a thing that women think about a lot more than men.

      1. They, as a group, are totes insecure about their genitalia. Corporations have, of course, picked up on this and offered them any number of sprays, powders, douches and razors, plus the recent additions of labia trimming and laser vaginal resurfacing. Feminists, of course, blame the corporations for this, instead of looking inward towards the observed behavior of women even before the proliferation of commercial products and procedures.

    3. Unlike it’s well-publicized but evasive cousin, the G-spot, the labia does not attract glowing write-ups in women’s magazines or testimonials from happy customers.

      Um…I didn’t buy mine…

      1. Business opportunity – Libertarian Labia Lotion?

        1. I hope it’s water-based lotion – lips that touch alcohol shall never touch mine.

      2. You stole them!

    4. pornstars get railed more often than most people on Earth, but many of them have small labia

      I’m pretty sure they have plastic surgeons snip the extra bits off.

      1. I would love to meet the people who manage to get nailed more often than porn stars. Prostitutes for members of the House of Saud, maybe?

        1. When’s the last time you met your mom? /8th grader

    5. Also, “labia” is plural. It’s Latin for “lips.”

      1. What is the big deal. Some people have fuller lips, some have pouty lips. Mine always get chapped in the winter.

        Oh, you guys aren’t talking about……. OH!

  20. EU migrant crisis: Sweden may reject 80,000 asylum claims

    Sweden may reject the asylum applications of up to 80,000 migrants and should prepare to deport them, the interior minister says.

    Anders Ygeman said charter aircraft would be used to deport the migrants but it would take several years.

    Some 163,000 migrants applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015, the highest per capita number in Europe.

    The numbers have fallen significantly since Sweden imposed tighter border controls this year.

    1. Good luck finding a country to send them to.

      1. There is always Somalia.

        We’ve finally been able to deport criminals there since 2013. Starting in 2005 or so it was impossible to deport Somalis from the US because there was no functioning govt in Somalia to give them to.

      2. Watch the ensuing rioting.

        These ain’t Baboo wagging his finger sort of gents.

        1. Riots can be put down pretty efficiently if the will exists to do so.

          1. Triumph of the will, perhaps.

    2. I keep hearing these stories and it is starting to make me think that open borders may not be the ambrosia of policies that I thought it was.

  21. Police in Chicago deliberately sabotage their recording devices.

    I’m not surprised since they deliberately sabotage their pizzas by adding too much dough!

  22. The Quisling Establishment
    The Republican Party establishment has become one of Donald Trump’s deluded enablers.

    Four, there is a vein of cynicism running through the establishment. Jonathan Martin of The New York Times reported that some Republican professionals think Trump could effectively “rent” the party for four months, win the nomination and then lose the general election. In this scenario, Trump would do the GOP the favor of easing the way for a new Democratic president who would get several Supreme Court appointments and entrench President Barack Obama’s program, leaving GOP pooh-bahs to resume business as usual.

    Finally, after months of Trump leading the polls and defying every expectation, fatalism about him has set in. Nothing can be done to stop him and the sophisticated play is to pre-emptively accept him. Perhaps Trump will sweep all before him in coming weeks. But no one has voted yet, and there are still vastly preferable and more conservative candidates in the field, including Cruz and Marco Rubio.

    In the case of Trump, the pungent phrase Cruz used about the Republican establishment during the government shutdown fight is apt. It is indeed the “surrender caucus.”

    1. So now that we’ve established that I guess we’re just haggling over the price.

  23. The Pentagon is considering “military options” to deal with the rise of the Islamic State in Libya.

    Just whatever you do, don’t release a YouTube video of the pentagon weighing those options.

    1. As long as nobody fights in the war room.

    2. So lets send millions in military aid to the “freedom fighters” in Syria (no, not ISIS, the other guys, right…..), but then try to fight ISIS in LIbya because……….

      At this point, frankly, the only reason I can see for the US to be involved in Syria would be from a strategic standpoint in working with Putin and leveraging this in trying to control Syria and its fucking up in Lebanon.
      If ISIS is so fucking bad that we have to attack them in Libya, in which there really aren’t any strategic benefits, what about Syria???

    3. I wish a journalist would ask Hillary her opinion on what we should do in Libya. And while they’re at it, they could ask her how in the world ISIS gained a stronghold there.

  24. Sorority Activities at Duke Suspended After Hospitalization

    Sorority activities at Duke University have been halted after a new member’s alcohol-related hospitalization.

    Larry Moneta is Duke’s vice president for student affairs. He released a statement Wednesday saying all sorority activity was suspended after the student’s hospitalization and other concerns about the recruitment process, known as “rush.”

    Moneta said the student is expected to recover fully.

  25. President Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism in the United States

    It’s a weird line the presidents walk where all things have never been better and all things are a danger to us.

  26. Spaaace Herpeeees

    Feds spend $80,000 to see what effect spaceflight has on herpes

    The federal space agency has awarded multiple grants and contracts to a researcher at the University of Florida to determine the “Effect of Spaceflight on Herpesvirus Genome Stability and Diversity,” beginning last summer. The project recently received an additional $15,000 in December.

    “The goal of this study will be to determine the changes in the genomic and mutational diversity that is present in the Herpesvirus virome present in astronaut saliva and urine samples collected before, during, and after space flight,” according to NASA’s description of the research. “Ground subjects will serve as the control group providing saliva and urine samples preflight and postflight during the same schedule as the astronauts.”

    The study will involve “deep sequence analysis” of various strains of the herpes virus, including oral herpes, which has been shown to regenerate in space conditions.

    1. +1 Ice Pirate

    2. “deep sequence analysis”. I mean seriously, in a ‘real’ news article about herpes?

      In all fairness, cold sores in space could really suck.

      1. In zero gravity, herpes might become airborne, as skin flakes and droplets remain suspended longer…

  27. Japan’s Economy Minister Amari to Resign Over Graft Scandal

    Japanese Economy Minister Akira Amari resigned after a week fending off allegations he received money in return for favors.

    A tearful Amari apologized for the scandal, saying it had caused embarrassment. He added any cash received by his office was a political donation but he had to take responsibility for what happened on his watch. He said his secretary had also resigned.

    “I decided to resign my cabinet position today in consideration of my responsibility to oversee my secretary as a national lawmaker, my duty as a minister, and my pride as a politician,” Amari, 66, told reporters in Tokyo. Nobuteru Ishihara, a former secretary general of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, will replace him, national broadcaster NHK reported.

  28. Puerto Rican man’s corpse embalmed to allow poker fanatic to play one final hand with loved ones

    A Puerto Rican poker fanatic who died recently enjoyed his favorite game one last time when he was embalmed and dressed to join his friends at the table.

    The family of Henry Rosario Martinez, 31, organized for his wake to be centered around the card game following his sudden death on Jan. 19.

    “I want him to be remembered as a happy person because he was always like that,” mother Sonia Martine, reported UPI.com.

    Martinez was seated at the poker table, as friends and family posed for pictures with the deceased, who was wearing a New York Yankees cap.

    1. He has an unfair advantage with that poker face.

      1. Nice. His friends accused him of slow playing.

        1. Did it say if the guy died in his sleep? I’ve heard that’s the best that you can hope for.

        2. He was all-in and drawing dead.

      2. Maybe he’ll throw down his hand.

      3. +1 Lady Gaga catchy song.

  29. President Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism in the United States and around the world

    Is there? I mean, it wouldn’t completely shock me, but I don’t remember hearing *anything* in the news that would suggest there is a rise, at least in the US.

    1. The media can fix that by writing obsessive articles detailing how it must be the case until The Man in the Pub knows it to be true.

      Same thing, really.

    1. said her teen was found in November 2014 to have gender dysphoria, meaning his gender identity was different from what was assigned at birth.

      That’s a psychological diagnosis, not a medical one. She might have an argument that they should pay for therapy to cope with it, but not for reassignment.

      1. Self-entitlement is Empire.

      2. You are not “assigned” a gender at birth; the doctor simply notes what you actually are biologically.

      3. Erm, psychiatric diagnosis, Lee G. And psychiatrists are real MDs, unlike psychologists.

    2. We really need to stop calling what people are buying “insurance”. What’s a more accurate description…money laundering?

      1. Cost leveraging?

        Agreed. You cannot insure against well-child checkups or the chance that you may need an antibiotic over the course of your life.

  30. The president of a marketing and communications agency is upset her 30 mile UberSUV ride from Virginia to the Reagan National Airport cost her a lot more than what her neighbors told her an UberX ride would’ve cost.

    I really do not get this. Uber tells you how much the ride is likely to cost when you request it. In my experience it has always been dead on accurate.

  31. Ovulation & Dread
    …If the common group-think is that men are egotistical, think they’re “all that” and stupidly believe they’re seeing sexual cues from women because “that’s just how men are”, then we have a pre-established condition in which women can believably deny interest. Thus, should a man not find a woman attractive, or opt for another, this then serves as a rejection buffer as well as a precondition for her own rejection of a man should he make an approach and not be found attractive….


    2. That guy seems wildly unlikeable.

    3. I generally just ignore your ‘red-pill’ nonsense Johnny, because giving this stuff too much attention would only encourage you, but I will say as a general note:

      Holy Christ man. Get a fleshlight. Get a job that gets you enough cash to chill on backpage. Just do whatever, but all christ all mighty does your taking out your inability to get laid on women.

  32. No shockero: The National Review “team” twitter feed has turned to 80% Trump bashing.

    Grandmaster Troll level 99 unlocked!

  33. http://www.foxnews.com/politic…..cmp=hplnws

    Hundreds of DHS badges, guns, cell phones lost or stolen since 2012

    Hundreds of badges, credentials, cell phones and guns belonging to Department of Homeland Security employees have been lost or stolen in recent years — raising serious security concerns about the potential damage these missing items could do in the wrong hands.

    Inventory reports, obtained by the news site Complete Colorado and shared with FoxNews.com, show that over 1,300 badges, 165 firearms and 589 cell phones were lost or stolen over the span of 31 months between 2012 and 2015.

    The majority of the credentials belonged to employees of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), while others belonged to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) employees.

    The lost or stolen guns also mostly belonged to CBP employees, though others were cited as belonging to TSA and ICE workers. The agencies all fall under DHS.

    1. Oh, that’s deliciously embarrasing. And can in no way be blamed on the policies of previous administrations.

      Will be interesting to see how the progs spin this. I suspect that, somehow, it will be used to call for disarming citizens.

    2. I’m more worried about the damage they could do in the right hands.

  34. President Obama warned of rising anti-Semitism in the United States

    Is his mentor, the Very Reverend Jeremiah Wright, on the comeback trail from his previous hypovehiculation?

  35. “Militia leader Ammon Bundy has asked protesters who were still occupying a wildlife refuge center in Oregon to go home.”

    He made this request while in FBI custody?

    Was this request made before or after arraignment?

    Was making this request a condition of setting bail?

    We should take everything he says before bail is set and he’s released on bail with a grain of salt. Right now the FBI (and the court) has a lot of leverage on him.

  36. Scientists open the ‘black box’ of schizophrenia with dramatic genetic discovery

    The researchers, chiefly from the Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, found that a person’s risk of schizophrenia is dramatically increased if they inherit variants of a gene important to “synaptic pruning” — the healthy reduction during adolescence of brain cell connections that are no longer needed.

    In patients with schizophrenia, a variation in a single position in the DNA sequence marks too many synapses for removal and that pruning goes out of control. The result is an abnormal loss of gray matter.

    The genes involved coat the neurons with “eat-me signals,” said study co-author Beth Stevens, a neuroscientist at Children’s Hospital and Broad. “They are tagging too many synapses. And they’re gobbled up.”

    1. Get off HN man. It will kill you. Plus it is my beat. AND did you see the article about YC looking for a researcher to study living wage? Last I saw 800+ derptastic comments. FROM SUPPOSEDLY SMART PEOPLE!

  37. Many NYC students so tech-oriented they can’t even sign their own names

    Is “tech-oriented” the new politically-correct term for “retarded”?

    1. No, “tech-oriented’ means ‘illiterate, candy crush addicted retard’.

      1. “Where’s the button for my electronic signature?”

    2. I don’t know about New York, but Virginia public schools don’t teach cursive anymore. My kid (who is very much a “tech-oriented” STEM prodigy) got pissed about that and taught herself how to sign her name on her own time.

      1. Writing in cursive was a godsend for taking notes in college. Somebody joked that at some point, nursing home residents will be able to pass notes around in cursive and the staff won’t be able to read them.

      2. There’s a reason why I can’t do cursive anymore.

        We had to use a fountain pen back in the day. Problem is, the two retarded lefties in class usually made a mess of it because of the natural left to right flow not giving enough time for the ink to dry. It made a mess of our hands and sleeves. The teacher would often give me a poor grade for all the smudging. I remember trying to write by not resting my hand on the paper so as to “air-write’ but that didn’t bring good results either. I remember my mother asking if it’s possible to use a fast drying ink pen but the teacher refused.

        Moral of the tale? I don’t cursive because of left-hand prejudices.

        1. As a lefty, I thankfully never had to deal with fountain pens. I fucking hated pencils though, for this exact same reason.

          1. They never had left-hand baseball mitts either. I had to catch with my left, take off the glove and throw it.

            Nor were there left-handed scissors.

            Oh the trauma.

            1. And all the desks at college were for right handers.

            2. Was it because of your mom getting too many ultrasounds?

          2. I taught myself how to write right-handed for this reason.

        2. kind of selfish of you to not learn the right way.

        3. That’s sinister.

          1. Dexterously played.

        4. “Moral of the tale? I don’t cursive because of left-hand prejudices.”

          You didn’t use Hebrew? Anti-Semite!!

      3. They don’t teach it in NJ anymore. My wife teaches at one of the best public middle schools in the state – not a single student in her five years has been able to sign their own name.

      4. Yeah, cursive is pretty much worthless. But I think that schoolchildren should still be taught to read cursive. No diploma unless you have demonstrated your ability to read sections of the Declaration and Constitution in their original, handwritten forms.

        However, I know several schoolteachers who are apoplectic that the schools are dropping cursive. Easier to just let them rant…

        1. Meh – it’s a valuable skill. If I’m at a meeting I’m not going to slow down because the not properly-educated millenials I’m talking to can’t print their notes fast enough to keep up.

    3. Fuck cursive, I’ve never used it except for the damn SAT paragraph. My signature is a bloody scribble with an S and a R. No one is actually going to compare the damn thing, and if you forge it, good luck proving it’s mine.

      1. Cosigned.

        I had to write certain letters in that SAT paragraph as print, because i had forgotten to capitalize certain letters in cursive.

      2. I am pretty much over cursive. The fact is that, other than reading old letters, there really is no reason to do it. Other than for fun, or personal choice. You don’t need cursive in pretty much any aspect of modern business. And if taking notes in college is your concern, why not just learn shorthand. That would take even less time to write.
        Cursive is not fundamental. It was a means to an end. Now that so much is done electronically, I just don’t think it is needed.

        1. Old letters and family correspondence is a good point. But, as I said above, there’s a difference between knowing how to read it and knowing how to write it. Easier to read it if you’ve had to write it, though.

      3. Years ago, I got laughed at for taking the typing class in high-school as an elective. I was one of only a couple boys in a class otherwise filled with girls. (The sorts of girls who were just smart enough to know they weren’t going to get by on their looks or their brains and better start getting prepared for secretarial work, so not a score.) I took the class because they had these new things called computers and typing looked like it might someday be a useful skill. I took a pre-test to see what sort of typing skills I was starting out with and I could 1-finger type 14 wpm – after 18 weeks of typing class I could 1-finger type 14 wpm. Even today I still haven’t lost a bit of those typing skills.

  38. If you need a good cry (man mist!) then check out John Moreland – Okie Americana music

    You would never guess that he looks like This

  39. The Pentagon is considering “military options” to deal with the rise of the Islamic State in Libya.

    “We came, we saw, he died” is Thyroid Hillary’s “Mission Accomplished”.

    1. “US intervention in Libya is an example of ‘smart power’ at its best.”

  40. Locked and Loaded: Take a Shot at Our Firearms Quiz

    I suspect most of the bitter-clinging commentariat will do pretty well.

    Um, trigger warning: Some bullshit and esoterica.

      1. 25/30. I feel I should turn in my libertarian card for failing this badly at a gun quiz.

      2. 25/30.

        Some of it is pretty esoteric. It also fails to ask many questions that seem to trip up journalists every time they write a story about firearms. I’d love to see this multiple choice question:

        In 2014, what fraction of murders in the US were committed with automatic rifles:

        A) less than 1.0%
        B) 1.0% to 2.5%
        C) 2.6% to 5.0%
        D) over 5.0%

        I’m pretty sure that the majority of journalists and gun grabbers would fail.

        I’d wager that the answer is A. Though the FBI stats do not distinguish between automatic and other rifles, total murders by rifle only accounted for 2.1% of all murders in 2014. Considering that the vast majority of rifles in private hands (i.e., something like 99%+) are not automatic, it’s unlikely that full autos accounted for anything like half of all murders with a rifle.

        One season of Sons of Anarchy probably portrays more murders with automatic rifles than actually occurred in the entire country.

    1. Ugh, too much history, not enough technicals. 23

    2. 29/30

      What do I win.

      1. “29/30

        What do I win.”

        A class on the use of the question mark as a tool for punctuation.

    3. 17 out of 30. Mostly guessing.

      I will defend to the death your right to bear arms, but I’ll need to borrow one first.

    4. I have issues with the Columbine / Tec9 explanation. The shooting happened 5 years after the assault weapon ban was enacted, yet it makes it sound as if Klebold’s use of one was a primary driver of the gun’s inclusion within it. Is that the case?

      Also, 28 of 30.

    5. 22/30 but only because of my good test-taking skills. I bet most people would score less then 10.

    6. 28/30, but then I’m a trivia weirdo.

    7. You damn liar! There wasn’t a bit of …… oh wait, esoterica. What’s esoterica? I thought that meant something else. Nevermind

    8. That was ridiculously easy.

    9. 29/30… unfortunately I’m not very conversant with 13th century Chinese weaponry.

    10. 25/30. Ah well.

  41. “The FBI made at least three more arrests.”

    Again, it isn’t clear to me that they had arrest warrants–they seemed to be saying they had probable cause to pull Ammon and company over.

    Why did they make an arrest in Arizona? How did someone in Arizona impede officers in Oregon in the discharge of their duties?

    Like I said before, relying on the FBI for information about this is like relying on Baghdad Bob for information about the invasion of Iraq.

    1. From Popehat on Twitter, they did not have warrants.

      1. Then how can they have probable cause on someone in Arizona?

        1. They’re feds. They do what they want. Who’s going to stop them?

        2. Nobody knows at this point, but the answer is probably along the lines of “fuck you, that’s how”.

          1. If the feds are just going around doing whatever the hell they want, you would expect to see some kind of protests over that. People occupying federal buildings and whatnot.

        3. Apparently a lot of militia members around the country have been calling for action/rebellion/violence/revenge etc.

          Someone probably mouthed off in a way that they shouldn’t have.

  42. I suspect that the boys at the Bruce Vento Elementary School in St. Paul, Minnesoda will be in for a rude awakening when they begin dating gals.

    Their principal has decide to pull the plug on celebrating Valentine’s Day (as well as Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving).


    “One of the concerns that I have,” Masini wrote, ” ? is whether or not this practice is encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”

    I am sure the future girlfriends will be supportive and understanding when these boys tell them that they didn’t get any flowers or candy because Valentine’s Day is a threat to tolerance.

    1. “One of the concerns that I have,” Masini wrote, ” ? is whether or not this practice is encroaching on the educational opportunities of others and threatening the culture of tolerance and respect for all.”

      I *assure* you, Masini — It’s *not*.

    2. The A-listers are dating the Middle School guys anyways.

    3. Doesn’t pulling the plug on Valentine’s day and other traditional western holidays threaten and disrespect the traditions of Western culture?

    4. I don’t have any idea what that means and I am pretty sure the principal doesnt either. Fucking useful idiots heads are full of scrambled shit.

  43. Rather than just relying on the FBI’s version of events, here’s Victoria Sharp, an eye witness to the shooting, saying that the FBI shot and killed Lavoy Finicum when his hands were in the air.



    1. “Hands up, don’t shoot”

      1. She’s saying they fired more than a hundred rounds at them–and the people in the vehicle never presented any weapons of any kind. She’s saying that two of them in the vehicle had sidearms, but they were never even taken out of their holsters. They put their hands out the windows to show they were unarmed, apparently, and the FBI started shooting.

        The FBI, apparently, is saying six rounds were fired. I think what they mean is that Lavoy Finicum was shot six times.

        I should say, Victoria Sharp seems very credible in her statements. She seems scatterbrained, like people really are when they’re unrehearsed, and she’s also relating things (Finicum’s “Go ahead and shoot me”) that put Finicum in a negative light–which someone who was lying probably wouldn’t do.

        1. “The FBI, apparently, is saying six rounds were fired. I think what they mean is that Lavoy Finicum was shot six times.”

          Victoria Sharp is saying that the FBI fired more than 100 rounds over the course of five to ten minutes.

    2. Rather, she says that not only did they shoot him with his hands in the air, they also shot him repeatedly on the ground.

      1. Without video we can never know for certain, but based on past experience I am inclined to believe Victoria Sharp’s version of events.

        1. Maybe the FBI should wear video cameras.

  44. The president of a marketing and communications agency is upset her 30 mile UberSUV ride from Virginia to the Reagan National Airport cost her a lot more than what her neighbors told her an UberX ride would’ve cost.

    Seriously, a snow storm is coming, and despite it being relevant to your business you don’t fly out ahead of time. Fair enough, but then a car manages to get through 2 feet of snow in DC (not a place equipped to handle it) and take you 30 miles, and you wanna bitch about the price you pay the guy?

    Why do people act like Uber is the dick when part of that money goes to driver’s… other than because it’s easier in America to blame a faceless corporation than actual human drivers?

    1. Better question: Why do people blame corporations when all their problems are the result of their own gross stupidity and lack of basic life skills?

      1. They’d blame the people they voted for, but they’re the ones who voted for them–and it can’t be their own fault. . . . because that’s against the rules of the blame game.

  45. Sweden expects to reject between 60,000 and 80,000 applicants seeking asylum this year, and when those applicants are rejected, they plan to do the craziest thing.

    They’re going to deport them.


    1. Have fun. Might have trouble deporting 80,000 people who can just hide in majority Muslim neighborhoods without anyone turning them in.

      1. We deport 400,000+ a year, and that’s with local law enforcement playing catch and release.

      2. Sounds like just the sort of people government policy ought to induce to move into the country in the first place.

  46. OK, here’s an interesting scenario that just popped into my mind. Clinton gets indicted, or at least is under investigation. She then announces a medical condition, and resigns from the race. Obama pardons her before trial on the grounds of national unity and sympathy for the sick. The press hints that her lapses in judgement were due to the stress of disease. She vanishes from the public eye.

    1. The Clinton’s are too addicted to power and graft to just quietly vanish. They will go down kicking and screaming and take as many people with them as they think they have to.

      1. Yup.

        She’ll get elected despite the indictment, refuse to resign when impeached, get saved by a cowardly impeachment vote tainted by backroom deals and blame everything on Fox News, the GOP and bimbos.

        1. That’s another possibility. It all hinges on how much they have on her, and how much she has on them. Also, the illness thing.

      2. This will only happen if there is enough evidence to nail her.

        What I described is the public face of this. There will be a private conversation where Clinton is told what they have on her and how that she can take the deal, or take her chances.

    2. “Obama pardons her before trial”

      Can he pardon somebody before they are convicted? I guess I’m asking about the definition of a “pardon”.

      1. Yes. When Pres. Nixon resigned under threat of impeachment Pres. Ford pardoned him pre-emptively. So there is a precedent for that.

        1. GHW Bush also pardoned Cap Weinberger, and pretty much ended the Iran-Contra trials.

  47. Someone had to die in Oregon. Seriously, once the protesters took over that building in the wildlife refuge, there was no way the people in law enforcement could let it end peacefully. Negotiate, be patient, de-escalate ? The gods of government required a blood sacrifice.

    1. This seems to have mostly slaked the blood-lust of the derpbook proggies.

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