Flint Water Crisis

Flint's State Employees Got Clean Water—A Year Before Everyone Else

Government helps government, not people.



Michigan's government installed coolers filled with purified water inside Flint's State Office building so that state employees could drink clean water—more than a year before officials admitted to the common people of Flint that their water was unsafe.

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder did not admit that Flint's water source was contaminated with lead until earlier this year. But government employees who complained about dirty water received aid from Michigan's Department of Technology, Management and Budget on January 7, 2015.

A liberal activist group, Progress Michigan, discovered the state's rank hypocrisy in a review of emails from the Department of Environmental Quality, a state regulatory agency that deserves no small amount of blame for mismanaging Flint's water crisis. According to The Detroit Free Press:

A Jan. 7, 2015, notice from the state Department of Technology, Management and Budget, which oversees state office buildings, references a notice about a violation of drinking water standards that had recently been sent out by the City of Flint.

"While the City of Flint states that corrective actions are not necessary, DTMB is in the process of providing a water cooler on each occupied floor, positioned near the water fountain, so you can choose which water to drink," said the notice.

The coolers will arrive today and will be provided as long as the public water does not meet treatment requirements."

Caleb Buhs, a spokesman for DTMB, said the water coolers were provided in response to the city health notice in late December or early January, which he acknowledged was about a contamination issue the city said had already subsided. The state continued to provide the coolers of purified water, right up to today, because "there were more findings as we went along," Buhs said.

No one can accuse state officials of failing to look out for their own, I suppose. Non-government residents of Flint, on the other hand, were left to consume toxic water for an additional year. What a powerful blow to the idea that government's purpose is to serve the people.

In any case, Flint's non-government class is finally drinking clean water, and they have some private corporations to thank for that.

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  1. EPA destroys a watershed, Stimulus poisons the water supply, and someone this is all the Koch’s fault right?

    1. Stimulus poisons the water supply

      More like Republican applying the Democrat’s economic ideas permits local Democrats to poison the water supply with the help of the EPA.

      1. So… still the Republican’s fault, right?

        1. Absolutely! Both of them.

          1. Check out the commenters. Not a one of them is even peripherally familiar with the details of how badly mismanaged the water supply is, but they’re absolutely certain it’s the fault of Snyder and his austerity/deregulation program. Total loons.

            1. Doesn’t matter how many leftists or Dems are involved as long as there is at least one Rep somewhere they get the blame.

              Remember the Palm Beach ballot problem back during Bush v Gore? The county was run by Dems the ballot was designed by them and most of the poll workers and voters were Dems, yet the ballot design was somehow the fault of the Republicans.

            2. “…it’s the fault of Snyder and his austerity/deregulation program….”

              Yeah, he outlawed the EPA! Didn’t you hear?

        2. The people of Flint are damned lucky their governor is a Republican. Without a designated villain, the media’s narrative filters would’ve kicked in and squelched a boring and pointless local story before it could incite seditious discontent among the peasantry.

  2. I dub this scandal… CoolerGate. Swish.

    1. CulliganManGhazi.

      1. Pfft. The ‘water’ pre-fix is soooo played out.

  3. Post in Dalmia’s 2nd flint article by ManChild. Tulpa sock??? I dont know how to do the quote thing:

    “This article is pure speculation. Your only evidence is circumstantial (an alternative source in Detroit could have been cheaper) and your unnamed “sources.”

    I would like to see some info on how many jobs were created. Weren’t they using an old facility anyway? The big project was the Karengondi line, which was already being built and which Flint would switch to eventually. Sourcing the Flint River was the temporary solution and one which already had some degree of infrastructure, so I doubt much would be invested into it? They certainly didn’t think it important enough to spend enough on the proper pipe protections for the corrosive river water.

    Add actual figures of benefits this brought to the Flint economy and real sources for claiming it was a surplus project and I would be better convinced. At the end of the day, proper funding was still skimped on (i.e. the pipes), so you do realize that it can both be a surplus project and a cost-saving error at the same time? And in any case the governor’s office was responsible for all decisions.”

    1. “And in any case the governor’s office was responsible for all decisions.”

      And here I thought Obo was America’s first king!

    2. I dont know how to do the quote thing:

      Remove spaces:

      < blockquote I dont know how to do the quote thing: < / blockquote

      1. There are “greater than” signs at the end of “blockquote”, but they got swallowed by the comment engine.

  4. I posted about this last article on Flint. My current GF was working at UM Flint and they came through and installed water coolers everywhere and told them not to use the water fountains, and the kitchen want supposed to use the tap water for cooking. Don’t know if they told the students not to drink the tap water or not.

  5. Is there at least some way to blame the Koch Bros for this ?

    1. Argumentum ad Kochtopussius

  6. Something something something, Bush’s fault!

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